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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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well. in the metro we are watching heavy rainfall just to our west and northwest. a little bit of a lull if you will with the light to moderate rain here in washington. going the west, between burke and springfield, southwest of annandale, those showers are booking to the north northwest. you can see them there and they are clipping toward vienna and fairfax, as well. we are watching that. go to montgomery county. you can see from potomac in to western montgomery and central montgomery counties we are watching heavy rain move your way, as well. gaithersburg, out to olney, up to laytonsville and damascus and boyd. it is really coming down. there could be some streams or creeks that are getting high in those areas as well. a lot of hills in that part of the world. in loudoun county, we will check out there, as well. you can see the moisture from leesburg to upperville. gets a little lighter to a moderate rain in winchester down to new market. we have a lot of rain to come. back on the weather computer.
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this is the one-hour storm total and some of those numbers have been in the inch-plus category to give you an idea. two inches even in the heaviest downpours in the last hour alone. back on the weather computer. we will hoe you the system that's coming in. it has been pouring a lot of moisture from the atlantic to the carolinas and through the mid-atlantic. we have several inches of rain, upwards of four or five in the northern neck in some areas and with the rain coming in we have a flood warning, bright green until 10:45. the entire metro from loudoun county down to southern maryland and fredericksburg including the dc metro until 10:45. flood watch until 5:00 and a tornado watch for think dc metro points east and southeast until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we have had doppler indicated warnings earlier. many to southeastern virginia and eastern north carolina. i think we will see more tornado warnings as we go in to mid to late morning ands for a the rain potential, still storm total four to five inches.
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locally eight plus to the south and east. it is 6:02. angie? >> a couple of problems out there. specifically we know that heavy rains caused a lot of issues for tractor-trailer drivers and we have a jackknifed one on the inner loop. and this is what it is causing. a big stackup approaching old georgetown road. that's where the scene is and the stack up starts at river road and it is growing. on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents. from university over to georgia a good amount of congestion is building. take it to the maps. 70 eastbound. another traffic is overturned in this area has all eastbound lanes closed. drivers being forced to use that exit 87 to get on to 29 and from there they can hop on to route 40 or 99 to get around it throughout the morning rush because it looks like officials will be out there until at least 8:00 this morning. taking it to the district. we have fire activity to tell
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you about. it has mown pleasant closed between irving and tenth. this is in northwest. we also know that lamont is closed between 16th and 17th. we also know that 66 is slowing down. we take it outside to virginia. 234 to route 28. a lot of taillights here stacking up. the same approaching route 50 to nutley. 495 in virginia no incidents or accidents out here. but just volume and you are going to want to take it easy as you come off and on those ramps out there. you want to watch for standing water. andrea, over to you. thank you, angie. you know told town alexandria will see flooding in this storm. let's go live to jessica doyle. she's live along king street. how are the conditions now? >> i can tell you the rain has started to taper off a little bit. we have seen it coming down in buckets. of course we are here in old town alexandria, right on king street. where we terminate at the waterfront. let's take a walk and check on this drainpipe we have been
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checking throughout the morning here. we have seen it gushing at points. right now down to a trickle but don't let that fool you. we have a lot of water on the ground. let me take you over here to the street where you can see some of the standing, ponding water that has happened so far in morning. i'm going to kick it an a little bit. you can see how deep it has gotten here. something to be aware of and let me take you to the river. we have a coastal watch in affect for today. we have seen estimates with expectations of the river being as high as five inches above normal levels to as high as two feet. we will have to watch that throughout the day. high tide will come around 1:00 to 1:30. so we will have to watch that particularly for a risk of flooding. back to you. >> jessica side things were tapering off in old town alexandria. we want to know how things are going in loudoun county. goose creek runs under route 7 in loudoun county, virginia.
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and kristin fisher is there watching the creek rise. is the rain tapering off where you are? >> it is tapering off a little bit, but it is coming down enough that you will be soaked if you are out here longer than two or three minutes. as you said i'm standing on a bridge over goose creek in loudoun county, just outside of leesburg, where we have been watching the water rise all morning long. but just over the creek. right over here you will see this is the leesburg pike, route 7 right here. you can see the traffic is moving smoothly along the roadway which is great news for everybody trying to make their way in to work this morning but i have to say we were on the roadway just about two hours ago when the rain was coming down very hard and even though traffic is moving smoothly it was a difficult commute. we had to slow down pretty substantially in order to even see where we were going. certainly drivers, watch out this morning. as for the creek, you can see it's still turning up pretty
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good. all the water is going straight down in to it. but still, as of now, no threat of flooding. right now the river is at 1.26 feet. flood stage doesn't start until 12 feet. so we are nowhere close to that. >> the roadway kristin mentioned is route 7. this drenching rain up and down the east coast will no doubt have an affect on travel. so far, we are not hearing about any delays on amtrak. to the airport, a live look at reagan washington national. so far, among departures just one cancellation there and a few delays. at washington dulles, united cancelled its flight in the 8:00 hour to new york, newark and philadelphia. at last check at bwi marshall all departures are on time, but before you leave you want to call your airline to make sure everything's okay. let's check in now on roads in the district. new at 6:00 a.m. we are joined by 9 news now greg geist live at florida and new york avenue in northeast
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washington. what are the conditions where you are right now. >> it is wet out here. how are you doing this morning. >> good how are you doing. >> well, not too bad. what you are looking at is a live picture of florida avenue and third street in northeast washington. the amtrak trains passed just above it. look at this vehicle. you can see it driving through. i would say about four or five inches of water stopped up drain prevented the right side or sadly for commuters the inbound side of this highway from draining. so, as you can watch some of the vehicles making their way through this relatively deep water it's going to have an affect, this higher water taking out one lane basically of inbound florida avenue. it will have an affect on the morning commute before heading to the acf.
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people heading gown on florida avenue. traffic is getting by but take a look. a free car wash, what do you think. >> exactly. >> hopefully dpw is watching this and maybe can help with the drain. thank you, greg. be safe on the roadways. as howard has been showing us on the radar, all of the rain is coming to our region from the south. they are dealing with flooding conditions in the carolinas. this is what it looked like on wednesday in wilmington, north carolina. a state of emergency was declared there closing schools. this area was hit by heavy rain on monday, as well. and stay with us all morning for continuing coverage of the storm alert. we will be with you for a few more hours bringing you live weather and traffic updates and we want to see how the storm is affecting you. e-mail your pictures to or post them on our facebook page. the address is 9. now, if you are on twitter, hash tag your tweets with dc flood and we'll get them on the air and
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on right now our time is nine after the hour. ahead the latest on yesterday's deadly bus crash on i-270. plus, a look at peer to peer lending. in three minutes how these tiny loans work and how it has become a success. torrential rains move in from the sow. to the south we have tornado warnings from the norfolk area that are creeping closer to us. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd as we go to break. the really heavy stuff across the bay but moderate to heavy rains area wide. the full forecast when we return.
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a consumer alert. you have good credit and the bank won extend you credit when you need it. >> reporter: investors trying to recoop their losses. families working to save their homes and small businesses struggling to ring up sales. many say they could make it if the bank would just give them a loan. >> you go there and get laughed at. >> reporter: joe owns planet depot. his company is thriving after rejected at every turn. >> this deposition is taking place at georgetown university hospital. >> reporter: thanks to lending club he is able to dispatch court reporterrers and cameras an the globe. >> this is a game changer.
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we are out there with a product that allows individuals to get out of debt. >> reporter: john is talking about a peer to peer lending service. lending club brings borrowers with good credit together with thousands who want to make small investments that can have big results. the risk is spread out over many loans so no one investor has to put all of their financial eggs in to one basket. >> the average investor is getting 9% after losses and fees. >> reporter: the key to those returns is that borrowers must have a credit score of at least 660. the site gives each loan a grade. potential investors get to see a snapshot of who you are and you get to sell your story. >> had a very good credit rating are. >> reporter: don burke invested in t hundred loans and there's one he will never forget. >> it was a case where a fella was -- ended up in a wheelchair and needed to make his home wheelchair accessible something i felt happy to do with my money. >> reporter: it is feel good
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investing knowing there is a real person on each an end and a growing way to make money even when the bank says no. lesli foster, 9 news now. it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now, the federal investigation begins today in to wednesday's tour bus crash on 270. one person died and several others were hurt when the bus went off though hov ramp on the 270 spur, falling 45 feet. all of the injured should survive. one person is dead after a late- night shooting in southeast washington. another man was found shot along 22nd and savannah streets. no arrests yet in the case. congress is leaving town but the federal government will stay open. lawmakers sent the president a stop gap budget. that will avert a shut down that could have happened on friday. a new month on friday and hopefully a new forecast that will not have as much rain in it. but today is another matter. >> we have been dealing with drought conditions, extreme drought conditions in torn west
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virginia and this is sort of a drought butting rain that has been moving in. several inches reported already. some impressive storm reports in just a moment. start with the weather computer and show you the scope of the system. the moisture coming from the carolinas a and northern bahamas through the criminals carolinas and it streams in our direction. like a fire hose spitting out the heavy rains. the red box is a turn watch until 1:00 for much of the area, especially the on half. live doppler 9000 hd. we will pinpoint the worst weather right now. you ' the moderate to heavy rains in the northwestern part of he region and to northwestern maryland. rain north side of the metro through montgomery counties up to frederick right now. you can see the action there. south of gaithersburg, northwest of bethesda through potomac, leesburg, western montgomery, up to harpers for ferry, charlestown you are seeing the heavy rains move
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toward you and frederick county. across the bay through calvert county look at the reds here. we are talking rainfall rates two to three inches an hour with accumulation almost two inches an hour in some spots. you can ' the pinks and the green. these are one hour storm totals here and some of the totals two inches here, an inch and three wears. we have had flooding in calvert county. go back to the doppler and talk about what is happening in southern maryland. we have soon some new storms come in from the northern neck. these are coming in to sane maries county and the ones down here, leonardtown out of the northern neck these guys have potential to be rotating. and potential tornado warnings. they have issued some for these down here and southern st. mary's county, saint indigos through sane maries. leonardtown, calvert county,
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any of these storms may go severe or even tornadic. little tornadoes but still over the next few hours. talking an it. we are looking at flood warnings with all of the rain we have had. covering the met tremendous right now until 10:45 a.m. i want to throw it over to devon lucie because we are getting totals in an some are impressive. >> calvert county, the worst of the rain coming in over southern maryland. flash flood warning there several roads are closed in the north beach area and flash flood has close route 17 in parts of northern virginia, spotsylvania county and near belvedere, too. log on to and we have storm reports from you. telling us four plus inches in southern maryland. click on the storm reports if you go the weather tab. submit your report and get it to our in box and keeps us updated on what is coming down where you are.
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>> calvert and sane mary's county, four plus inches already. the tornado watch we are talking about. it covers fairfax, prince william, points east until 1:00. we are watching the storms moving in to southern maryland. it's going to be a mild morning around here and even in to the afternoon as temperatures in the upper 70s with the heavy rainfall expected. the seven-day forecast, we will see rain and showers on the through early friday. especially east of town. friday afternoon 74. saturday 70 and then cooler on sunday with a passing shower 62. angie? >> oh, wait. word of a tornado warning. let's go over to live doppler 9000 hd and look at that real quick. southeastern calvert. eastern st. mary's talking about the storms until 7 a.m. tornado warning southeastern calvert and eastern st. mary's. pax river, lusby, leonardtown over to solomons island, all of these areas. any of these storms are
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potential, we were just talking about it to spit out a short- lived tornado. not a big one but any of these can spin out. ben dick watch out. this is moving to the north. maybe down a here and in to saint mary's city and up to the north. you will have to watch out again. southernen st. mary's and calvert a tornado warning until 7 a.m. for the storms we are watching moving north. these are moving 40 to 50 miles an hour. take precautions now just in case. that means get to the lower level of your home, get to a basement if you can take cover. these are moving very quickly. some of the time on these that we are looking at here, hunga 6:40. these are racing north 40 to 50. that's this cell but we have orcells north of st. mary's city here and dotted about in southern maryland and here in calvert and st. mary's county. a tornado warning until 7 a.m.
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back with more on that in a moment. right now, angie, thank you for waiting no problem. a lot of important information. the capital beltway is where we have a jackknifed tractor- trailer. it is on the inner loop approaching old georgetown road and drivers are able to squeeze by using the left shoulder. meanwhile, causing the stackup that stars here around the river road ex itand that is getting longer. on the outer loop, also more problems. getting word of an accident at the annapolis road exit. and looks like your main congestion is north of the district between university over to georgia avenue. 270, not incident free. we have an accident at falls road in the area. you can see the blinking lights this way. you are losing a right lane. part of the right shoulder and drivers here start to stack up around father hurley. we are thinking an extra ten minutes for that and that is growing. flooding alert. devon talked about this earlier. want you to know we have a lot
6:20 am
of high standing wear in the bethesda area. the road is closed out there. on the inner loop, the ramp from eastbound university also afced because of floodwaters and game preserve road near 355, that's where you want to use caution and watch the speeds. never drive in to standing water. remember that high water covers a lot of those dips in the roadway. 395 northbound. it is a crawl already from the beltway to seminary. no accidents out here. before this on 95, looks like an extra 15 minutes if you are traveling on 95 northbound between the prince william parkway up to the mixing bowl. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. coming up on 6:21. we want to get a look at the roads in the district. john lyle with the dc department of transportation is joining us on the phone. good morning, john. >> good morning, beyond. >> i saw on your twitter page you are advising residents about the heavy rain falling and to please use caution.
6:21 am
are you seeing any problem areas in the city? >> the good news right now it doesn't look like we have major issues. i'm sure there might be pockets of standing water. it is just raining so hard right now as you all have been talking an. that will surely be an issue. and the main thing is we want people to be cautious. you could be driving along thinking the road is just wet and come across standing water and then lose control. so that's obviously a big concern this morning. but the good news is that it doesn't look like, at least inside the limits of the district, that we have major issues or incidents so far this morning. >> that's good to know. john, what precautions or what changes did d dot make last night or in the early-morning hours to prepare to avoid some of the problems that you had in august? >> well, one of the things that we try to do in advance of the storm is to, well, first of all, just ready personnel in case they are needed. we have traffic control
6:22 am
officers who assist, if the traffic lights go out and intersections are dark. so our traffic control officers help in those situations. we also try to assist dc water in making sure the catch basins are clear. so that water won't get backed up and our low-lying roadways and getting tree people ready in case we start to see some downed trees. we are fortunate there isn't a high wind this morning. but still, with the saturated ground we could see some trees that don't can't with stand it and might fall. so we have a tree crews standing by and ready to clear downed trees. but we have our personnel ready to assist as needed, but right now it's more an issue of how much rain is falling. >> all right. good to hear those preparations you have been making for us. john lyle with dc department of transportation. our time is 6:23.
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we'll be back with the continuing coverage of the weather alert. stay with us. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. a tornado warning in calvert county. we will show you on the graphic that you can see it is southern calvert, eastern and southern st. mary's county again physical 7 a.m. and a turn watch covers the entire region. torrential rains are falling one to four inches with a lot more to come. we will have the latest with devon lucie joining me in a few minutes. on the inner loop, a jackknifed tractor-trailer lets the left shoulder of traffic squeeze by. we are stacked starting at river road. more accident an flooding spots to avoid and the late on the heavy rains is next. stay with 9 news now.
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warnings this morning in maryland. now, all of this rain will make a mess of your morning commute. this is a look at the inner loop near old georgetown road. a jackknifed tractor-trailer is causing this mess. angie will have an update for us in just a moment. but i'm in the weather center where howard and devon lucie have been with us and we have been with you since 4:00 this morning. a lot going on. we will be with you for at least a couple more hours. howard will get us started. >> i think we will be here until 10:00 a.m. actually. >> we have a tornado warning across caliver and st. mary's county until 7 a.m. southern calvert, parts of st. mary's and tornado watch covers the metro points east until 1:00 p.m. go to live doppler 9000 hd. we have a lot of rain we are looking at here in southern maryland. the storm between saint leonard an lusby here. this secondary storm in saint mary's city so a couple of area we are watching for rotation
6:32 am
and strong wind and potentially could put down a short lived tornado. heavy rain from benedict, as well. this is moving in to southern and southeastern prince georges county. calvert county. what a mess it's been there this morning with at least four inches of rain reported. flooding in the north beach, chesapeake beach area as well and other areas reporting flooding throw the next few hours, plum point to saint leonard. elsewhere go the metro and show you what is going on. a turn warning is a doppler- indicated tornado. we don't have any confirmation but we are seeing rotation in the storms. is we will be safe and issue the tornado warning and tell you to take precautions and get to the lower levels. heavy rains moved in to frederick county now and across west virginia coming out of jefferson county in to washington county, maryland. hagerstown and martinsburg seeing the heavy rainfall. these storms, by the way, are moving north at 40-plus miles an hour. an unbelievable rate. you can see it on the weather
6:33 am
computer. this big storm drawing in moisture from the northern bahamas. some thunderstorms still in the atlanta metro. a little break there and we are seeing low pressure pull from north carolina to south carolina. it will be eight or eight hours before we start too see things taper off a bit. we are talking six to eight hours of rainfall that could exceed an inch an hour. parts of the eastern shore, metro flood warnings until 10:45. flooding is happening. it is difficult to travel. and our storm totals. you see the yellows to the south and east of washington will be in excess of eight inches. locally ten or more as we have more than four inches and there's plenty more rain to come. flooding will be a big problem today. 33. almost 6:34. >> you know who's having the most difficult time a lot of tractor-trailers on the roadway and that's what the culprit is on the inner loop right now. approaching georgetown road is where we have a jackknifed
6:34 am
tractor-trailer responsibility for this stackup. as a result of this, we are backed up to river road. that's growing and these drivers right here only able to squeeze by the accident sanniesing one lane and that happens to be the left shoulder. let's take it to 270 at falls road. going southbound crash activity is holding steady in the rate lane. to the right shoulder, head lights packing up an father hurley. we are at an extra 15 minutes for these drivers. 495 in virginia. as howard mentioned a lot of flooding is reported out this way. it is near 123 where we see a lot of high water and a reminder, do not try to drive through that standing water. we are getting word out of annandale already that two people had to be rescued at an intersection. they closed off the area because of the standing water and how dangerous it is. something to keep in mind if you have to hit the road this morning. 66 eastbound, a whole lot of taillights here from 234 to 28. an extra 20 minutes is what you
6:35 am
can expect approaching route 50 getting to the capital beltway. that's somewhat a quick look at traffic. back to you. well, the storm will pose a danger to the small creeks and rivers in our region. kristin fisher is live along goose creek in leesburg, virginia. how's it looking now? >> it is actually looking a little bit better. strictly the sense the rain season coming down as hard as it was when we first got here a few hours ago. as for goose creek in loudoun county, just outside of leesburg, let's take a look at it. it is 1.6 feet. flood stage is 12 feet. we have 11 feet to go before we hit flood stage. no immediate concern there. the creek is expected to crest at 5.6 feet tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. no immediate dangers of flooding right here at this portion of the creek but farther downstream there are some lower lying areas, some homeowners and business owners
6:36 am
along the creek are going to want to watch for that if the rain continues to fall at the same rate it has been falling. some people who are excited about the rainfall kayakers. we have seen a kayaker out here who's excited to get on the creek as the water starts to turn more. he will get in the water at 3:00 today and he was out here at 5:00 5:00 a.m. scouting it out and getting excited for what he hopes to be a good kayaking run later today. some people are enjoying the rain. back to you. >> i know you are not so get back in a dry space. in virginia it could be a rough high tide along the potomac. jessica doyle is watching things along king street. still rain showers there? >> i would call it moderate rainfall at this point. we are on king street where it terminates by the potomac. if you look back you can see we have signs of life here in old townen alexandria, people stopping by starbucks and
6:37 am
getting coffee. if you are interested in getting sandbags you can do that today on king and lee street. at that intersection. they are handing out sandbags. proof of residencecy required. i will take you 0 to my thai, a restaurant here in old town alexandria. no sandbags characteristic of what we are seeing on king street this morning. none of the businesses have so far been sandbagged but we have concerns. there is a lot of standing water on the street and a lot of rainfall. the potomac we see high tide around 1:25. in terms of rainfall we are getting obviously a significant amount. there are concerns that the tide could rise five inches higher than normal as much as two to three feet. that's where the flooding concerns come in. so if you want those sandbags they are available. back to you. >> thank you. in annapolis, maryland, some are concerned the flood watch may just be too much for an aging dam.
6:38 am
the 90-year-old dam's foundation is eroding and there are gaping cracks in the walls. state regulators have declared the structure unstay and ordered think city to fix it. city workers drained the dam in anticipation of the floodwaters. the district, public works employees handed out residents sandbags wanting to add protection to their homes an they are reminding residents to bring patio furniture inside to keep it from getting blown an an remember to unplug computers and televisions to avoid any power surges, just in case lightning becomes an issue. stay with us all morning for conning coverage of the storm alert. we will be with you for a few more houring you live weather and traffic updates, and we want to see how the storm is afcing you. e-mail your pictures to or post them on our facebook page. the address is 9. now, if you are on twitter, hash tag
6:39 am
your tweets with dc floods, and we'll get them on the air and on our time is 6:39. a check on other stories in the news is next. including the latest on the deadly tour bus crash on interstate 270. an update on the investigation is four minutes away. howard? >> torrential flooding rains counsel at this hour. especially heavy east of town. tornado warning until 7 a.m. continues for calvert county. starting to see enhancement to the south and west. that's moving to harrisonburg and new mark in the shenandoah valley. i will have the full forecast and we will break down the warnings and watches and have hope for the weekend when 9 news now returns. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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welcome back to 9 news now. it is 6:44 with a storm alert. this is live look at old town alexandria. it's raining there now, and it's going to be raining all
6:44 am
day. and we'll be with you through the morning. howard and devon will have the forecast in just 90 seconds. temporary partitions are up to fly over ramp from the beltway to i-270 is open this morning. federal investigators will be on the scene today after yesterday's deadly tour bus crash. the bus driver was killed and two others are in the hospital with serious injuries. the bus full of students were heading back to pennsylvania after a trip to the national zoo when it plunged off that ramp. >> the crash investigators do not believe the vehicle was airborne so it was not a 45- foot drop through the air. they believe the vehicle was in contact with the ground the entire trip down the amendment bankment. investigators in the district think a tedly apartment fire was internally set. we first brought this tow you as breaking news yesterday
6:45 am
morning. a 38-year-old man died when he jumped out of the building to escape the flames. four other people were hurt escaping the building on 16th street northwest. this november, voters in montgomery county will decide the future of ambulance fees. it's been a back and forth battle. the county wants to raise revenue by charging you. 52,000 people signed a petition for a november referendum but a judge tossed out out over questions about the signatures. on tuesday, the maryland court of appeals reversed the decision and said the november 2nd vote can go on. the rain will be going on as we said most of the day. howard bernstein is here. devon lucie is in the weather center. what is happening? >> it is pouring out there. flood warnings are expanding. a tornado warning for calvert county until 7 a.m. and if you are going to attempt to get to work, a reminder my first is available on wash fm. start with live doppler 9000 hd because it is very, very busy.
6:46 am
east has been hammered this morning. this is where we have been seeing the heaviest rain and tornado warnings east of washington and flood warnings are expanding, as well. we talked about calvert county until 7 a.m. have a tornado warning. sane maries county is no longer in that -- well it was just cancelled in calvert county but looking a heavy storms nonetheless coming up. and you see these off of sane maries and the bay? these are potential to spin a bit. so there could be a water spout or brief lived tornado out of those and these go to the norfolk region. the moisture and heavy rains and potentially turnic storms are streaming north along the west side of the bay. we are watching to charlottesville, heavier rain is coming in and that is moving north. the heavy rains in town -- there's charlottesville and folks in the shenandoah valley. charlie in catlett called in with two inches of rain. devon has much more impressive
6:47 am
reports than just the one from charlie. but widespread flooding is taking over the region. we will be in and out of the heavy torrential downpours throughout much of the morning in to the afternoon. let's go to the weather computer. i want to show you the big pick picture. the storm brings in the moisture from the bahamas. a break in far western virginia, western north carolina but this fire hose of moisture continues pouring across pennsylvania now. parts of new york state, new jersey and the flood warnings, as i said, have been expanding. first thing i i want to talk about are the flood warnings. they have issued them to the north until 12:30. here that is 10:45 an the eastern shore. look at how many counties are lit up in green. anything that is low gets some. can't see how deep the water is, don't even attempt to drive through it. in fact we also, not just the
6:48 am
flooding but a threat of isolated tornadoes, as well. so, from the metro east and southeast tornado watch until 1:00 p.m. with the heavy rain on the way a couple of things to consider. flooding is likely. three to six inches of rain. eight to didn't is possible southeast of town. critical time now to 3:00 with the bull's eye east and southeast. allow extra time and if you can telecommute or take the day off. it is tough going out there. the bus stop forecast this morning heavy rain. temperatures ranging from the 50s to the low 70s south and east of town. through the day we will see temperatures in the 70s with heavy rain off and on. and as we get in toe tonight, things will taper a little bit with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. devon lucie is outside braving the elements to tell you how bad it has been out there. >> a steady rain. it is starting to pick up as
6:49 am
you came to me here. probably a steady to moderate rain coming out. if you are heading to school and you have that going on. science class is an interesting project today. you can get any type of -- probably want a taller container. get a ruler in there and that will measure how much rain has fallen where you are. storm reports log on there and click on storm reports and go to the weather tab and control scroll down. bill in leonard nun says 2 3/4 of an inch of rain and robert in st. mary's county, four inches there. and we have water over in st. mary's county over 244. several routes flooded. also in calvert county. keep the photographs coming in to >> improving conditions tomorrow after morning shower, 74 and the weekend, saturday 70. cooler on sunday with a shower and 62.
6:50 am
angie goff a lot to tell us. >> let's get to the sore spot. the capital beltway on the inner loop in maryland. right now at old georgetown road is where we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer causing a solid jam up that starts around river road and growing. drivers are squeezing by to use the left shoulder past the accident scene. 270, the good news is the accident at falls road has cleared out of the way but a new one at 109 and looks like drivers are looking at a 25- minute commute going from father hurley, making their way to the split. if we take it back to the maps, i want to show you where we have the roads closed. beach drive is closed at franklin and 450 between huntwood drive and saint stevens church road is shut down. we have had a couple of people rescued in the fairfax, virginia area, because of trying to drive through standing wear. don't recommend it, don't try to do it. it is very dangerous. a lot of times it is higher
6:51 am
than what it appears to be. staying in virginia northbound. we are bumper-to-bumper from the beltway to king street and also very slow crossing the 14th street bridge. and 95 northbound, pack a lot of patience because we are looking at a solid crawl among sloppy conditions. dale city to the mixing bowl, that is taking drivers one hour already. back to you. >> my goodness. thank you. it is 6:51. up next a check on other stories in the news now, including an update on the health of foreign ministerrer president carter -- health of former president jimmy carter. now the high school sports play of the day. >> tomorrow is the latest edition of the game night tonight. the campus correspondent play of the day from annabelle russell. this is wolverines linebacker picking off justin and taking it 30-yards to the house. west lake wins the game.
6:52 am
oh, he jumps that. final score 40-12. high schoolers if you would like to be a campus correspondent and get a flip cam and a chan at a $5,000 scholarship, log on to apply.
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here's what is in the news now. we are expecting an update on the condition of former president carter's health. he spent the night at the hospital in cleveland. doctors say his viral infection is clearing up. before leaving town, the house approve money for workers sickened in the cleanup following 9/11. it will give $7.4 billion. facilitied when it came up for a vote in july. tony curtis has died. he's best known for his role as joe in some like it hot. he was nominated for an oscar in the define one. tony curtis the father of jamie lee curtis was 85.
6:56 am
we are watching torrential rains. we are looking at them on live doppler 9000 hd. heaviest is east and southeast of washington. some rainfall rates are two to three inches an hour. flood warnings are expanding. we will have the full forecast and talk about the flooding, the tornadic threat and a look at the weekend when 9 news now returns. it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need
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