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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 30, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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light to moderate rain moving into st. mary's, calvert counties. that is going to be the leading edge of the beginning of really the affected second round. st. mary's city and up towards lusbee. it is all moving south up to the north. i want to go back to that line of thunderstorms that prompted the flash flood warning. you see, this line of very strong storms from dulles to near centerville, down towards manassas. that line of storms will continue a trend off to the north and that is the heaviest of the storms out there right now. i expect the rest of the metro later this weekend. top. >> go back to the computer quickly. round two, this is what it means. 2 to 3 inches in the immediate metro area and our friends to the east, anne arundel cant and parts of prince georges county and southern maryland, an additional 3 to 5 inches of rain tonight. we'll come back and break down exactly what time frame that's going to occur in and what that
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means for your morning commute again tomorrow. lesley. >> well the heavy rain made a mess in the district causing flash floods that left some people stranded and others trapped in their cars. delia has been chasing the storm damage all day. >> reporter: folks in this neighborhood have seen it before. we are at the intersection of nebraska avenue at reno road. as this bus goes by, let's take a look past this street and the two-way traffic. you can see that large tree, simply up rooted. fortunately, see how the tree fell towards the wooded area? that's the good news here. no one was hurt. but many folks here, though they were lucky, the weather did create a lot of tense moments for many other people. traffic slowly creeps by as drivers take a look at mother
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nature's aftermath. a massive tree uprooted, struck by lightning on reno road at nebraska. and on rhode island avenue northeast, tow trucks haul away mud filled cars that got stuck in nearly 4 feet of water. 75-year-old bernice clark feels lucky to be alive. >> oh my gosh. i was in there with all that mess. >> yeah. >> i love this car. >> her great grandson was in the passenger seat. he managed to get out and pull her to safety. by the time he got to her, the water risen up to her neck. >> i knew staying in the car wasn't going to do nothing because we would have drowned in the car. >> with the flooding subsided, street sweepers clear out the mud left behind. this man still in shock that the water rose so high, so fast, even his suv didn't make it. >> you can just see that the whole parking lot was flooded. >> over on capital avenue, the grounds at the baptist church full of mud and debris.
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flood waters left behind. the pastor captured the flooding on his phone. crews rescued some passer byes. people looking for higher ground as the waters began to rise. >> it felt like we were under siege by the water. we thank god for the way things turned out. >> clark agrees, saying it was divine intervention, her church, about 100 feet away from where her car took on water. >> all i want to do is get home and just get the bible, the first thing. how blessed we were. >> and miss clark really echoed a will the of people that it was a close call for a lot of situations that occurred early this morning, certainly for the five people trapped inside of their car on rhode island avenue and for the folks in this neighborhood, lots of damage, but luckily, no one hurt. back to you. >> that's the best news of all, delia, thank you. thousands of people across our area are without power because of today's storm. pepco is reporting over 8700 outages and the bulk of those
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are in montgomery county. bge has over 17,000 customers without electricity. anyonedominiun power has homes without power. threatening homes and businesses in alexandria. people who own low lying shops and businesses piled up sandbags to keep the water out. peggy fox continues our live team coverage. she is in old town with the latest on the flooding there. wow, peggy. >> yeah, anita. this is the last area that remains flooded. it is the last street until you reach the river. and it's still a few inches here. i'm standing in. but earlier today, this entire area right here was covered. >> heavy rain throughout the night and morning sent the patomac river splashing over its banks in old town alexandria. >> comes in sheets and waves. >> where king street meets the river, a barricade floated in the flooded block. a woman who had left her car
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here walked barefoot through the 6 inches to get to it and move it. >> where are you going to put it? >> my basement. >> the city made sandbags available for the taking while most of them just sat untouched on a flat bed truck. a few takers came to get their share. >> i'm getting sandbags. we have flooding in the backyard. already raised up 4 inches and that was just this morning and now we have a couple inches to go and going to come in the house. >> just as the potomac river hit high tide at 1:16, the rain stopped and the wind picked up. it whistled through the bare sailboat mass at bell haven marina, which was empty except for jim who came to secure his boat. >> making sure my boat doesn't turn into a submarine. >> tieing it down? >> yes , ma'am, just making sure the lines are good. >> strong current drove a log toward another boat and the water smothered a few piers.
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park rangers are here at the marina carefully watching the water. they have their sandbags ready, ready to protect the comfort station. throughout the day, people watched and waited. >> when you look at the system coming up the coast, it looks pretty ugly. so good to be safe. >> i kept my shoes dry all day until now. i wanted to show you, we still have a few inches here to go as this recedes the banks. now the thai restaurant and the starbucks are prepared. they have their sandbags ready in case flooding does come up and reach their businesses. reporting live, peggy fox, 9news now. >> thanks for taking us to all those locations, peggy. elsewhere in virginia, a driver tried to make it through high water ended up in need of a big rescue, that despite of a big sign. rescuers rescued two people. police believe the driver simply disregarded the warning. and here's another reason
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not to do that. this car got stuck in some high water this morning in vienna. the water came up 2 feet near the intersection of old courthouse road. the water receded after workers cleared out the storm drain. top. >> you know, southern maryland was a bulls eye for this morning's heavy rain and could be the bulls eye again tonight. many people who live along the chesapeake bay had to pile sandbags along their front doors. and in lusbee, the weather cracked one home's foundation. scott. >> topper, chesapeake ranch estates is where i am. officially down in solomon's, 7.3 inches of rain. a phenomenal amount of rain. it created mud slide conditions in front of this house. pushing water and mud completely through the foundation. >> a house completely undermined by water and mud.
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a disaster that collapsed the concrete block wall that used to be the foundation of this home. a good portion of the front lawn has moved mud slide style into the basement, leaving personal possessions exposed to the weather and the house itself hanging in space with nothing to hold it up. >> it's a horrible thing for these people to go through. >> residents are stunned by what they see and by the 7.3 inches of rain that has fallen so far and still counting. >> you see all their stuff and their whole porch has gone off the side and there isn't a wall there. > it is absolutely like the rapids. up in west virginia. >> the family that lived here has been evacuated to a motel courtesy of the red cross. no one was home when the foundation collapsed, anyone near the basement wall could have been killed. now the place is so dangerous, the house has been condemned. >> you know, a lot of people around the region had flooded
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basements. we talked to a basement expert who was here assessing the situation. he said the warning sign that it's going to get serious and maybe a collapse is the development of large cracks in a basement wall. there should have been warning signs hours before this happened. a crack big enough for you to fit a finger in, it's time for you to get out of the house and seek some help. in chesapeake ranch estates, 9news now, back to you, topper. >> you have been driving around anne arundel county. what have you seen? >> it is just unbelievable. it is a phenomenal amount of rain. i have been in annapolis as well. take a look at pictures up there. they had the title flooding that we expect. the phenomenal amount of rain that fell there, also created a difficult flooding situation for people. a lot of the merchants down at city dock had to sandbag their places up and there were backed up sewage pipes that also flooded some of those
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businesses. so a real rough day and that will continue tonight as you forecast. >> all right, scott broome, thank you. reporting live. we'll come back in a couple minutes and talk about the next round, because we aren't done yet. lesley, back to you. > roads are closed tonight due to all that high water. including this part of the creek parkway near piney branch road in the takoma park, silver spring area. and sections of beach drive and montgomery county and rock creek parkway in the district are also closed. if you have a flight out of any of our area airports, be advised. call ahead. the storm is causing cancellations and delays up and down the east coast. and u.s. airways announced today, if you want to change flights, you won't have to pay any penalty fees. applying to flights to new york city, philadelphia, and boston. we have a lull in the rain and the lull in the rush hour traffic? >> it's only going to get heavier. drivers are dealing with all sorts of problems from flooding to debris on the roads.
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use extra caution. that is definitely good. volume is building here. 395 southbound, jam up pretty good from washington boulevard all the way to duke. no accidents or incidents reported. and montgomery county, we have a problem with traffic lights out in a number of spots, including silver spring, so remember to treat them as four- way stops. >> to get the updated storm alerts, log on to our website, and 9news now will be on bright and early tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m. with the latest weather and traffic conditions. metro says the rainy weather was not a factor in a collision this morning. one bus rear ended another one on university boulevard at burnette avenue. 26 people ended up injured. >> i'm heading back to work to follow up with announcing what happened. the leadership was informed. so i need to inform the student body. >> the injuries to the crash
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victims were not life threatening. one of the bus drivers failed to control vehicle speed. it is looking more and more like that bus driver in that terrible crash yesterday afternoon with the school children on board suffered some kind of seizure or heart attack. maryland state police say they will wait for an autopsy on the 56-year-old bus driver, but bruce leshan talked today with two of the youngsters on the bus and they are pretty sure what caused it. >> bus driver, lookout, and then i heard a smash and we were rolling down the trees and pushed off the hill. >> vincent and riley are back home in carlyle, pennsylvania, with just bumps and bruises from a horrible crash. riley barely remembers rolling down the hill, but he does remember the moments just before that. >> and i look over to the bus driver and all of a sudden, he slumped over on the steering
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wheel. >> he slumped over? >> he slumped over like he was having a heart attack. >> 11-year-old riley says one of the parents tried to grab the steering wheel. >> he was -- the driver was across it and she couldn't handle it properly. >> back here is old georgetown road. the bus was coming down the hov lanes when it tipped right over the guardrail, just about here and then skidded all the way down the embankment coming to rest on the i270 lanes down there. if it had gone just a little bit further down this way, it literally would have launched out into thin air. >> i just remember grabbing on to the seat while hearing all of the windows smashing. >> the bus driver was killed. the woman who tried to grab the wheel hurt badly. but riley remembers seven emma
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walking down the hill after being thrown out the window. >> she was thrown out of the bus and she was walking back down. >> the kids are amazed more people weren't hurt. >> i was really concentrating on protecting my stomach and my face. >> it is a school trip they will never forget. in north bethesda, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the boy says it was a freak accident. they have lots of relatives here in dc and there is no way that devastating crash will keep them from coming back. still ahead tonight on 9news now, hollywood remembers actor and entertainer, tony curtis. but up next, an enormous safety warning for parents. fisher price recalled 10 million toys that could pose a danger to kids. we'll be back.
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the largest toy recall so far this year tops our consumer alert tonight. fisher price is pulling more than 10 million toys and children's products off the market. parents are going to need to be on the lookout because these items are tied to injury and choking risks. >> millions of potentially dangerous products have been taken off store sheferls, but they may still be in your toy box, kitchen, or yard. >> if these toys are in your home, parents should not allow their children to continue to play with them. >> the wide range in recall involves more than 7 million tricycles, 2.9 million toys, nearly 1 million highchairs and 120,000 cars and rampways. >> we have seen that children have had to have stitches and that the products have caused choking hazards. >> the problem with the trikes is this plastic ignition key near the seat. if a child falls or sits on the key, they can get hurt. and the cpsc is aware of 15
5:17 pm
children who needed treatment. and the healthy care highchairs. 3million baby play zones and little people wheelie sets pose a choking risk. fisher price said our actions reflect our continuing commitment to the safety of our products. consumer officials applaud the move, but say toy makers need to do more to fix problems before they reach the store shelves. >> we are vigilant in looking at all products for children to make sure hazards are removed and their children will not be injured. >> if you have any of these items, take them away from your child, but don't toss them, contact fisher price for a free repair. >> we have a link on our website. this is the 27th toy recall this year. >> seems like you have been telling us about a lot of them. the cost of mailing a
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letter won't be going up any time soon. the commission that oversees the postal service said no to a 2-cent price hike. the postal service wanted to increase the cost from 44 to 46 cents in an effort to deal with the financial crisis. they will now have to come up with a new strategy. a large post office in washington could soon bare the name of civil rights leader, dorothy heights. passed in the house of representatives last night. height, the long time president of the national council of negro women died earlier this year and the bill goes to the senate for a vote. we survived round one, but round two is coming. >> just almost biblical. i don't remember this much rain since floyd back in 1999. that hit eastern sections. remember everybody went out and bought a generator. i don't remember it, the remnants of agnus.
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i'm told it happened. anywhere from 12 to 15 inches of rain fell. we have video for you of street flooding. this is a car driving through high water on brown mill road in vienna. i don't want to tell you. how many times have we said, don't do this. i said it seven times yesterday, howard said it, devon said it. it's stuff you shouldn't do. he has no idea how deep it is. there could be a hole. >> and somebody has to come rescue you. >> all right, let's go to the computer. all right, forecast first. for tonight, here comes round two. flash flood watch has been extended. heaviest south and east. 1 to 5 inches additionally. i'm not copping out here. there will be a sharp edge where the precipitation is an inch or less. as you go eastward, it gets heavy quickly. winds out of northwest at 10 to 20. it will turn after midnight. satellite picture, radar combined, here's our first
5:20 pm
batch which is hammering upstate new york. our second batch is now pulling ashore across north carolina and eventually it's going to roll into here later on tonight and tomorrow morning. and this is the batch, right here, that we're worried about later on tonight. rolls in here and produces another round of flooding and unfortunately, our friends of the south and east are in the cross hairs again. now for a look at live doppler, here is devon lucy. >> already there in southern maryland, we are getting the rain back once again where we had upwards of 11 inches of rain. we'll show you first of all, down in southern maryland. st. mary's county, calvert county, getting the moderate to heavy rain starting to move back in. st. leanard, north beach, you had already been hammered from the rain fall this morning. let's go to the storm total rain fall. this is already on the ground. 8 inches here. we have 10 inches plus in some areas between st. mary's city and lusby and you will get more. we will go quickly west of
5:21 pm
washington, d.c. a line of very strong thunderstorms. in fact, that's why all the flash flood warnings have been issued. to over northern virginia, manassas. that line of thunderstorms will continue a northerly movement and that will have heavy rain fall. i don't doubt, 1 to 2-inch rain fall per hour over the next several hours. we will fill in more rain here in washington through the next several hours. topper. >> let's look at the model now. this is our rain potential and again, you see the sharp edge of some pretty significant rain. an inch or so up to 5 inches of rain. that's why we are saying an additional 1 to 5 inches of rain is possible. so round 2, critical time. 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the bulls eye is east and southeast of town unfortunately and allow extra time tomorrow and please, if you can, tell commute, if you are lucky enough to do that. there will be more street flooding tomorrow. we love to have your pictures, e-mail them to photos, go on
5:22 pm
our facebook and dc flood if you would. now in addition to the rain, we have some winds. winds gusting to 28 miles per hour downtown. 32 miles per hour at easten and a 25-mile per hour wind gust over in cambridge. showers ending, windy and cool friday morning. decreasing clouds late in the morning. but still another wet commute. temperatures again on the cool side to start. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. high temperatures between 70 and 75 and winds northwesterly at 10 to 20. we'll talk about the friday breakdown, showers in the morning. should be dry by noon and should be a strong finish to the day with temperatures in the low 70s. all right, next seven days, morning showers on friday and then 70 on saturday. beautiful day for both fall for fairfax. we'll see you out there between noon and 3:00. and kickoff is 6 in college park. we have made some alterations to sunday, monday, and tuesday. a lot of showers and temperatures holding in the low
5:23 pm
to mid 60s. that chilly air is on tap for us. up next, a rutgers student who was video taped having sex jumped off the gw bridge. now that student's roommate faces charges in connection with his death.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help.
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middle class marylanders do. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at former president, jimmy carter has been released from the hospital. he spent two days recovering from a viral infection from a hospital in cleveland. the 85-year-old former president got sick on a flight. he was on a book tour at the time and yesterday's appearance here in washington for that book tour were canceled. two rutgers university students are charged with invasion of privacy in connection with the suicide of an 18-year-old freshman. police say tyler climente jumped off the george washington bridge after his roommate and friends streamed live video of him having sex with another man. his body was pulled yesterday
5:27 pm
from the hudson river. a new jersey gay rights group is calling his death a hate crime and it is a more widespread problem. >> what gay and lesbian kids fear is judgment from their preachers and their teachers. >> studies show nine out of ten gay, lesbian, and bisexual students are bullied in school and four times more likely than heterosexuals to attempt suicide. his roommate and friend face more than five years in prison. 1950s matinee idol, tony curtis has died. the actor was nominated for the 1959 film, the defiant ones, but you'll probably remember him most as playing a woman in high heels opposite marilyn monroe in some like it hot. and curtis was not show about his good looks on the screen. >> he had all that dark hair and blue eyes, a nice figure jumping around kissing girls.
5:28 pm
a lot of energy. hip hop and jump around, how could you not go for me? >> in fact, curtis was married six times. first to actress, janet lee, mother of jamie lee curtis. the only one of six children to enter show business. she released a statement saying quote, my father leaves behind a legacy of great performances and movies. he will be greatly missed. tony curtis died at the age of 85. coming up next, new at 5:30. >> rough weather with torrential downpours and dangerous winds up and down the east coast. i'm randall pinkston in new york, i'll have that story.
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we have more heavy rain moving its way into the region tonight. i'm here with a busy meteorologist, topper shutt, just getting into the weather center. talk about these areas that are going to get hit really bad the second time around. >> it's unbelievable. originally we thought the first round would be it and tapering off now, but now we see a second plume of tropical moisture. it is moving due south and due north. let me show you the live picture. this is live doppler 9,000. we go to titan, we'll show you wider activity in just a minute. this is what we're looking at down to the south. and this is what is going to roll in tonight. our time frame, we are talking
5:32 pm
about probably anywhere from 10:00 until about 6:00 a.m. and this is the activity that we are looking for. right around richmond, that's going to move right up 95 and right into the metro area. yes, the bulls eye is going to be, once again, east of town. but i think everybody from central loudoun county, most of fairfax county, eastward will get 1 to 2 inches. let's go to live doppler 9,000 and show you these -- these just haven't moved. this line of showers and thunderstorms here, right in a line from about ceneca back to great falls. reports of flooding on the dulles access road. some flooding to the west. even though the bulls eye has been off to the east and looking at another round between 10:00 p.m. and about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. now the massive storm is still traveling up the east coast, dumping record amounts of rain in some places and randall joins us from new york city where people are also dealing with high winds and dangerous
5:33 pm
flooding. randall. >> reporter: not here yet, topper. that is going to be arriving in new york city later, but as you indicated. all up and down the east coast, historic rain falls with misery for millions in the path of the storm. >> fast moving flood waters are making driving impossible in parts of virginia. roads are either washed out or shut down. some people have to leave their cars behind while others push their way out. firefighters rescued a woman after her car got stuck in the water. the only road into this henry county community flooded, but some people refuse to stay put. >> i'm going to work and the only way to get there and go through that water. >> on the north carolina coast, the best way to get down the street is by boat. close to 2 feet of water have fallen in carolina beach, shutting down the center of town. >> it's unbelievable. i have never seen anything like this. >> and more rain is on the way as this powerful storm moves up the east coast. >> after an early morning soaking, new york city got a
5:34 pm
break from the rain. but a high wind warning and flood watch are in effect. and meteorologists warn a tornado could hit. >> for farm areas that have been suffering through a drought, the rain is a welcome sight, but some homeowners are getting a sinking feeling as the waters rise. for them, the rain can't stop soon enough. and even as the rains pass, some will have to be on the lookout for flooding, especially in western maryland, which i'm sure topper will be telling you more about that a little later on. back to you. >> yeah, thank you, randall. a scope and the breath of how far this storm has impacted the eastern united states is incredible. it is also typical of the year 2010 where we have so many incredible weather events. we'll come back and talk about exactly what's going to happen for your morning commute and give you the timetable again of round two. anita. >> all right topper. viewers have been helping us. all day long we have been asking you to send in pictures. i'm in the web center with one of our online producers to show us some of what viewers
5:35 pm
contributed. take us away. >> well, anita. we received a loft pictures today from our viewers and it has been so great to see the storm from the perspective of people who watch wusa9. >> different neighborhoods, right? >> right. so if you look here on wusa9, our base website, there's a flooded roadway in fairfax, virginia. this is great because it shows a marker, which clarifies how many feet. >> 2 feet right there. >> 2 feet of water. >> what else do we have? >> and facebook fans in the picture. this is from sharyl who is in the chesapeake area and it shows a car flooded in the middle of the street. >> yup. what else do we have? topper was talking about how dangerous that is. >> here's a pick from old town alexandria and it shows a yard is completely flooded. so again, you know, we appreciate your photos and you know, it's been really exciting to see how the storm has taken
5:36 pm
effect in everyone's neighborhood. >> all right courtney. we want people to contribute from where you live. you can find it on our web page. we want to see how the rain is affecting you. e-mail us photos. post them on our facebook page. the address is or if you are on twitter, dc flood and we'll get them on air on lesley. all right anita and courtney. up next, search and rescue teams look for two american balloonists who disappeared off the coast of italy during a thunderstorm. >> and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] the sweet moments package is baby blue. calming. tranquil like the sky. but look within and you will find exploding baked chocolate indulgence. coated with sinfulness.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. caught on tape, a vicious attack at a long island railroad station and an alert
5:39 pm
cab driver filmed the beating with one hand. police were there within minutes. two men were arrested. investigators say those suspects followed the victim to the station parking lot where they attacked and robbed them. a search is underway for two american balloonists who disappeared off the coast of italy. they were last seen friday. the balloonist drifted over france and italy and into a heavy thunderstorm over the sea. their gps signal, they lost that on wednesday. your peen rescue teams are european rescue teams are scouring the area. jumped to the studio used by the band, hesla. no one was hurt. fire crews helped to salvage guitars, rock memorabilia and computer drives that contain the current recordings. donovan mcnabb returns to philadelphia on saturday. which is better, dc or philly?
5:40 pm
his tail of two cities is coming up. topper. >> that's easy. all right, we stepped outside. right now northwest, it is quiet. very humid out. i want to show you titan. gives you an idea of the wide doppler. look at the moisture entering richmond. it is going to haul northward. we're going to come back. we may update the time frame. stay tuned. but first, maryland's cell phone ban goes into effect tomorrow and retailers in the area can't keep their hands free devices on store shelves. we'll be back. [ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites... in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ]
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5:44 pm
in fact, one retailer tells our angie goff, they see 91% increase in sales over the past month. >> gloria hits up the target in rockville for her headset. she doesn't want to be fined the $40 to $100 if she is caught talking without one. >> i think it's terrific. i think all phone talking should be banned from the roads. i mean, i saw a lady pull out of the parking lot on a red light with two children in her car. >> she's not alone in her search for hands-free options. >> they have been calling to see if we are in stock. we have limited supply left. >> i had two or three times asking myself about it. >> at this verison store, not only are they selling the technology, but also doing a lot of explaning about the new law. >> they are asking about the law. what we are really doing is taking a proactive approach to what the law is. >> maryland's new law is a secondary offense, meaning a police officer has to site you for another driving violation as the primary reason for pulling you over. this customer learned about the
5:45 pm
law through a newspaper ad. >> i think it's going to be a big change for all my friends. we all do a fair amount of talking on the phone. >> old habits die hard. >> i can't use an ear piece, because they only hear out of one ear. something has to come that is not attached to my ear. >> and on top of buying their hands free sets, they also signed the 9news now great hangup pledge. angie goff, 9news now. if you would like to learn more about our great hangup pledge, or if you've been impacted by a distracted driver, we want to hear your story. go to our website, and click on the great hangup icon on the right side of the page. >> our weather team helps us get through round one, now another round of rain. >> a silver lining. >> okay, we'll take it. >> sometimes, the vibrant colors depend on the health of the tree and this water will help the colors. fall foliage will be improved.
5:46 pm
it does seem like famon. we want to talk about this picture. go to or fill out a report. this is courtesy of susan jacob from round hill, virginia. look carefully, this is the bird, almost 5 inches of rain in a rain gauge. we showed you earlier, some video of folks driving through some flooded waters. this is again in bethesda. this is okay. i mean, you can see it's not super, super deep, but it does show you how it slowed the commute today. i don't think it's going to be quite as bad tomorrow morning, but showers will be ending as we go through the commute tomorrow. i think the heaviest rain is going to be overnight. in fact, we have changed the timetable. let's go back to the computer. overnight looks like this. flash flood watch, heaviest south and east. that still is the bulls eye.
5:47 pm
st. mary's county, calvert county, anne arundel county. winds will become northwesterly and gusty. satellite picture, radar combined. this is round one hammering upstate new york. is this round two. hammering eastern carolina and up to richmond, virginia. we got some new information in the weather office and we decided we are going to move the timetable up a little bit with this second batch. now it comes in as early as 9:00 and heavy activity gets out of here as early as 3:00 or 4:00. here is devon. >> if we are moving that time frame up, that could be good news. we want to go to live doppler 9,000. we have an extreme heavy line of thunderstorms. i am talk about these thunderstorms all the way from frederick, maryland, and gaithersburg and in south all the way from manassas and all the way down to west of fredericksburg, virginia. that line right there. if you are west of there, you are really done with all the storms.
5:48 pm
you are going to see light rain to steadier rain later on tonight. if you are going to be from those storms east, that's where the heaviest rain is going to fall later on tonight. the heaviest storms, montgomery county, you are getting nailed down to gaithersburg. even back over to loudoun county, probably dulles, ashburn area. and down -- that's the heaviest storms right now. where the steadier rain is beginning to move in towards the district. steadier and heavier rain over to the eastern shore and you start to see moving in towards the northern neck. that is the real effective beginning of this next round of rain. top. >> here's the computer model. notice the sharp, you know, line. you go east of town, prince georges county, anne arundel county, 3, 4, 5 inches additional. time frame, 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., we moved it up. bulls eye is east and south of
5:49 pm
town. i don't think it will be quite as bad. stay home and telecommute if you can. get on twitter and remember to hash tag it with dc flood. 28-mile per hour wind gusts downtown and winds almost 40 miles per hour over on the del marva. decreasing clouds. by afternoon, actually not a bad afternoon. partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. not that bad at all once we get through the afternoon. we take an umbrella in the morning and shade in the afternoon. all right, next seven days, low to mid 70s tomorrow. nice on saturday for the terps game. between noon and 3:00 and a bit unsettled. showers sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> chilly. >> thank you. >> the city of brotherly love is going to have love for mcnabb this weekend? >> i think they will. there will be people who boo him because they are the same
5:50 pm
people who threw stuff at santa clause and people always act like that. it is more than a football game. it is more than one man returning to the city that rejected him. it's a referendum, really, on two cityings that hated each other. and so, as we have done in the past and as donovan returns this week, we bring you the tail of two cities between dc and philly. two town center. one town leaves. >> first category, the treatment of an outgoing quarterback. dc, jason campbell, who despite being a loyal soldier in five seasons saw the skins try to give his job to jake cutler and finally ship him to oakland. philly, donovan mcnabb. the eagles tossed him out like yesterday's paper and the philly fans said good riddance. philly, eagles nation never
5:51 pm
appreciated mcnabb. the redskins sent campbell to the raiders, where coaches punch each other and the owner makes dan snyder look like the dalai lama. next, philly, the cheese steak. 1 00-year-old tradition of processed meat smothered in cheese whiz. dc, the chili bowl. advantage, dc, perfect for a 2:00 a.m. drunk face jam, even the president knows that it's the best chili east of cincinnati and during the riot, the cops and the protesters ate there. it's like the u.n. of chili over there. best monuments to american history. philly has independence hall, the liberty bell, and the home of benjamin franklin. dc has, really? we are really going to discuss this? dc has everything. let's not embarrass philly by debating this. best fans. in dc, we show our -- in
5:52 pm
philly, they show their passion by throwing snowballs at santa, vomiting on the fans next to you, and misbehaving so regularly, that they had to install a prison inside the stadium. advantage dc. we get drunk and throw up where you're supposed to in the parking lot. not the stadium. big time local corporations, dc has aol. cutting edge internet service provider and prosayer of multiimmediate process. philly has comcast who shows up four hours late, who in a few months will complete their purchase. as a cbs employee, i'm not allowed to say that name, advantage dc. finally, best current quarterback. philly has michael vick, who has risen from the ashes to reclaim his position as the most electrifying quarterback in football. dc has donovan, with border line hall of fame credentials and the arm and leadership
5:53 pm
skills that could push the redskins over the top. advantage? this one is a push. if i were making a super bowl run this year, i would want mcnabb, but vick appears to be limitless. there you have it, philly may be a bigger city and may think they are a better sports town, but in this weekend's showdown, it is advantage dc. because as those guys are about to find out, one town's trash is another town's treasure. >> and sometimes you just don't know what you have until it's gone. and i believe that will be the way -- you're saying it? >> we aren't bias at all. up next, new research on adhd and kids genes. >> and coming up new at 6:00. >> the rapid rising water cause roads to close and drivers to be stuck. you can feel the strong current of this water, which would sweep any driver off the road.
5:54 pm
i'm suray chin. i'll show you the problems in virginia.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it was a down day on wall street. the nasdaq fell 7 points and s & p 500 lost 3 points. in tonight's health alert, a new study that sheds more
5:57 pm
light on adhd. the result could take pressure off parents. >> this latest research finds adhd has a strong genetic component. mirium already knew that. jonathan was diagnosed in kindergarten. >> i cannot control myself that much. and i kind of get in a loft fights and my anger, it pops up. i always try to make it so i don't use it. >> once he got medication to control the disorder, jonathan's young life changed. >> jonathan is -- was medicated going into first grade. and he is academically soaring in school. >> the british study published involves genetic analysis of dna from 366 children with adhd and more than a thousand without the condition. the researchers found kids with adhd were more likely to have small dna segments duplicated or missing. >> we are a long way away from
5:58 pm
a cure. this is one step. >> it affects around 1 in 50 kids and makes them restless, easily distracted. the research shows adhd is not the parents fault and not from giving kids too much sugar. >> the crickets who claim this is something made up by watching too much mtv, they are just wrong. and that's actually harmful. this is rooted in biology. >> researchers say adhd isn't caused by one gene change and they have a lot to learn. speaking of learning, a fitness challenge launched in the public schools for teacher, administrators, and cafeteria and transportation workers. kyeser permanente put up prizes to motivate teams from all the county's elementary schools to exercise more, eat healthy, and lose weight over the next 12 weeks. >> we know there's a lot of stress in teaching. we know there's a lot of energy in teaching and we want them
5:59 pm
both to be recaptured by getting good exercise and on the move. >> it was my privilege to kick it off. that's a plastic replica of a pound of fat that i'm holding. you multiply it out by 10 or 20 and you get the idea. why you should shed pounds your body doesn't need to be carrying around. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> we start tonight with a storm alert from calvert county in southern maryland to vienna, virginia. more rain is on the way. we have team coverage tonight, keeping an eye on the weather and the flooding. scott broome is live in hard hit calvert county. peggy fox is in alexandria. we get things started with meteorologist, topper shutt in the weather center and top, there is anhe


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