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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 11, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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today is monday, october 11th. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. angie goff has the traffic, some issues today an we begin with howard with gorgeous weather. >> this will be one of the last mornings for the year i won't need a jacket in the morning. it's pretty mild out there and that's the key. record warmth this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s and it will be dulles, their record 78. that's going to fall perhaps by midday even. it is in the 60sin many areas. cool spots in the mid-50s. 54 luray, 55 gaithersburg. 62 hagerstown. almost 70 in winchester at this hour. southern maryland park pax river 67 degrees. 50s in manassas and haymarket. and reston 59. 53 columbia and also at andrews air force base and we have a 81 coming in over in alexandria -- a 61 in alexandria.
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mild start will lead to almost hot this afternoon, in the mid 80s. drive home 83. code yellow moderate air quality. a great looking columbus day forecast. >> thank you for that. hello, even. welcome back. i hope it was a nice and restful weekend. we are looking at construction problems out there. 267 traveling eastbound you are not going to be able to access 66 eastbound. hunter mill, you are closed at 267, as well. that should be clearing in the next half hour or so. moving over to 270, good morning, maryland. looks like the southbound trip out of frederick is fine to the split. northbound 39 a, i want to show you -- 395, i want to show you the spot in virginia. near the pentagon, nice and quite making your way to the 14th street bridge. jessica, back to you. on sunday, the redskins
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manage to do something they hadn't done in 20 years they beat the green bay packers. the skins and packers a fedex. green bay on the board early. the hand off and through the line and off to the races. 71-yards to set up an opening touchdown for the packer answer they led 7-0. they led 13-3 in the third quarter until this bomb to anthony armstrong. there it is. you are looking at it right there. the rookie put the skins within three. a late field goal forced overtime. in the extra frame landry came up with a pick on aaron rogers. that set up gan know for a 33- yarder and the win. redskins win 16-13 after it willally trailing the whole game. >> -- after literally trailing the whole game. >> you don't win games like
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that early. >> can't keep a team close fever for four quarters. for us today something happened positive an we were able to come together as a unit and try to win the game. >> reporter: everything is not all perfect, though. mcnabb got sacked five times. the running game was nonexistent and the offensive line did not look good at all. in ornews, two pedestrians are struck and killed while attempting to cross rockville pike. the driver was arrested and charged, but not until-after he left the scene and was returned to -- was advised to return to the incident. >> the impact was so intense it woke the residents of the apartment building a block away. >> i sure didn't hear any brakes. i just heard thump. a big thump. >> reporter: adam and rory
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tried to cross rockville pike at 3:19 in the morning. investigators believe the two men may have just left the last train at the white flint metro stop. >> scares me it could have been us. we are two 20-year-old girls who are ten feet in front of them. >> reporter: the driver briefly stopped. >> the driver and the female passenger appear to be pending to the pedestrian. the driver and passenger got back in to the acura and drove north. >> reporter: they ended up on old georgetown road where a witness said they hit two people and needed to return to the scene in found the car. the car looks like it hit a pole. i didn't know it hit two people. >> reporter: police say the driver was charged with dui and other charges are pending. >> reporter: these are the tenth and 11th pedestrian deaths this year. all but one were the result of pedestrian error.
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the nuclear regulatory commission sits a the intersection where the tragedy occurred. sur rail lance cameras roll on it 24/7. those tapes have been turned over to police. >> it's sad. it's terrible. >> reporter: hours after two men died here, again and again we witness jaywalkers crossing busy rockville pike, putting their lives in the hands of drivers. andrea mccarren. >> reporter: both victims are 26 years old and from silver spring. a montgomery county man accused of trying to hire a man to kill his wife is due in court tomorrow. police say 42-year-old richard boyd junior and his wife were in the process of getting a divorce. a man allegedly told the rockville city police officer that boyd offered him money and also provided him with drugs to kill his wife. boyd is charged with solicitation of murder in the first degree and with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance. with just a little more than three weeks before the
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midterm election, many democrats are in the fight of their political live. the white house is doing everything possible to gain support for the democratic party. >> reporter: with midterm elections about three weeks away the battle for control of congress is getting fierce and ugly. >> they are stealing our democracy. sending millions to secret donors to do their business. >> reporter: a new ad hitting air waves this week accuses the chamber of commerce of using foreign money to secretly back republican candidates. the chamber denied the claim saying the money it received from overseas groups isn't used for political campaigning. >> reporter: david axelrod said he had no proof of wrongdoing but he is skeptical. >> we tens of millions of dollars being spent by the chamber and a number of organizations that just cropped
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up. >> some call it dirty tricks. >> i think it is a desperate, disturbing trend by the president of the united states to tar his political adversaries with an enemies list were with time running out president obama is campaigning hard against republicans. he will stump for fellow democrats in miami, one day after trying to rev up philadelphia. >> are you fired up and ready to go? >> reporter: the obama administration hopes big rally loosic this will reignite the passion that cat bulleted them to victory two years ago. >> on november 2nd, i need you as fired up as you were in 2008. >> reporter: the president will continue to stump for his party in delaware on friday and again in massachusetts on saturday. cbs news, washington. in other campaign news, the candidates for maryland governor will face off in their first debate monday at 7 p.m. you can watch martin o'malley and former republican governor bob ehrlich on wusa 9 digital
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channel 9.2. that is 203 on comcast, 461 on fios and 805 on cox. 33 trapped miners in chile appear to be days away from being rescued. officials say the first test of the rescue capsules which will pull the men to safety will begin on wednesday. the actual rescue could start later that day and is expected to take 48 hours. singer will be song writer solomon burke has died. and coming up wall street is preparing for a big week for earnings. and seniors are forced to endure another year with no cost of living increase. mpty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk?
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closely at the company outlooks for profits and sales. and checking wall street for you -- 15 million social security resip yens will go another year without an increase in benefits. the government said there will be no cost of living adjustment. this is the second week without an increase. social security receive is the primary source of income for seniors in 2008. tunes dropping out of college after one year are costing taxpayers billions of dollars. a new report says states appropriated almost $6.2 billion for four-year colleges and universities between 2003 and 2008. that's to help to pay for the education of students who didn't return for year two. the nonprofit american institute of research says the
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federal government spent $1.5 billion an states spent 1 point billion for grants on students who didn't start their sophomore years. for more "living $mart" headlines, go to and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. a number of metro stations remain closed today because of repair work. and a new study suggests any hit to the head could leave you or your child with brain damage. howard? jessica, going to feel more like june 11th, opposed to october 11th. i will let you know when things will be back to normal with the forecast when we return. 3q
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is the mom, a few tons. >> we don't ask women their weight. >> true true. maybe she will whisper it to you. >> whales can be pregnant for 14 months. i looked it up. >> not so bad. it is all relative proportion. like our weather, relatively warm today. summer like. great weekend out there. and we have one more super day. so those folks lucky enough to be off columbus day, mother nature is a luting you. going to school today, the bus stop forecast, it is clear and it is mild. you might be able to get out without a jacket, even in the cool spots. starts -- starting in the 50s and 60s out there. sunrise 7:13. mid-60s by 9:00. mid if not upper 70s by lunchtime and highs today 85. winds southwest five to ten and the air quality is moderate. not bad but moderate.
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91 martinsburg, 89 baltimore. 90 dc. in 1919 that's the latest 90 we have had. but in 2001 they only started in the early 60s. that's going to be crushed today. we're likely to look at that followed by five to six to eight degrees perhaps. condition rule out a stray shower after midnight. low 58 -- 50s to low 60s. tomorrow not as warm. could be an isolated shower as the front comes through. 75 to 80 and winds northwest at five to ten and that will put an end to these warm temperatures. in fact this morning it is 66 from lou anne in annapolis. 67 down at the naval air station. fredericksburg is 82. an that's cooler than winchester. petersburg 5 t. oakland has you beat by a couple of degrees. 63 leesburg and 55 gaithersburg. national airport right now. a relatively balmy 64. dew points in the upper 50s
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with the winds south at six and the barometer is 29.81. but we are looking for another nice day. our next weather maker, if you will, this guy is spinning in the middle of the country. low pressure spinning here in nebraska. showers and storms in south central and southeastern oklahoma. that will be pushing to the east. while that is coming east, a front will be slipping to the south. you see the green? that's false return from the radar as the late-night echos come back sometimes the atmosphere cools at the surface. the front to the knot now. the -- the north now. this will scoot to the east. by this evening, the front will be in ohio and pennsylvania. this low moving more east than south. tomorrow we will see some showers in the morning across pennsylvania. mainly moving east, but as the front drops out in the afternoon we can't rule out
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here, stopping the clock at 3:00, can't rule out a couple of showers here and there with that front coming through. and then this front will be well south of us wednesday morning. thatly allow cooler air to -- that will allow cooler air to move in. thursday may turn out to be a cool, damp day. 85 today at national. by wednesday we are cooling to the upper 60s. potentially low 60s with rain developing on thursday and the weekend looks decent. here's angie. appreciate it. good morning, everybody. it is monday, monday, monday.
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guess what? what's happening? transformer three will be filming an the national mall. expect parking restrictions. we have the road closures posted for you at let's take you to 95 in virginia. open up the door northbound. no problems to report past kwan coe up to the mixing bowl. we will switch over to 66 eastbound. i will show you can't access 287 if you are -- 267 if you are traveling in hundreder mill in that area. i from 109 to the beltway a nice quiet commute.
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a commuter alert now. two major metro stations remain closed for repair work over the columbus day holiday. the farragut west and mcpherson square metro stations were closed on friday night so workers could install new track switches. normal service is expected to resume tomorrow, at 5:00 a.m., in time for the morning rush. looking at the living well headlines, autism is more common in children whod a jaundice at birth. that's according to a danish schism researchers say there is no evidence that it causes autism. it is possible the children genetically dispore disposed to autism maybe predisposed to june dis. too much screen time could take a toll on your kids '
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mental health. they were more likely to experience psychological difficulties. risks increased if the children were not getting enough exercise also. a warning for everyone who plays on the gridiron, and that's a lot of kids an adults this time of the year. it's not just concussions you have to worry about. as anita brickman tells us about a study shows even blows to the head, which don't result in a concussion could cause brain damage. >> reporter: tyson quarterback colin is testing his brain. >> we had a test where they go through all the words. >> reporter: his football team is part of a purdue university study that shows some athletes are suffering brain injuries even if they aren't receiving a concussion. >> reporter: they use sensor filled helmets to see how many hits they took and then took a test of their cognitive ability.
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in some cases players had brain damage worse than those with concussions. two of the 21 players in the study took 1800 blows to the head during the course of one season. though the typical number is 800. hits to the top front of the head seem to do the most damage. >> it is not a trivial issue to just make the heart work better. what has to come in to play is potentially better strategies from the players on how they tackle colin, who suffered a concussion is happy to be part of the research. >> more information and data we can get on concussions is better for the safety of us. >> reporter: concussions among athletes is a hot topic for professionals and students but this was the first study to show that less severe blows can cause health risks they plan to follow the students beyond high school to see if the damage is permanent. are you having trouble sticking to your workout plan, it may be in your head.
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a study found that exercise dropouts showed greater brain responses during the anticipation and unexpected delivery of punishment compared to reward. in other words they are eager for the rewards but since they don't come right away they are overwhelmed and quit before reaching that phase. many americans are not eating enough whole grains. less than 5% of 19 to 850-year- olds surveyed said they another ate three servings of whole grains a day. consuming plenty of whole grains is proven to slow the progress of even cancer. hundreds of women and man walk for a cure. a sporting legend celebrates the opening of two new listening centers. it is 4:53.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at welcome back to 9 news now. a study finds young adults would you a college education are less likely to get married the study was conducted by the pugh research center. it found 62% of college educated were married compared to 60% without a bachelor's degree. that's a significant shift from the 1890s when young adults who didn't finish college outwide the better educated 75% to 69%. hundreds of people walked 60 miles this weekend for a worthy cause. the three day for the cure raises money in the fight to end breast cancer. participating women and men raise a minimum of $2,300 each
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for the walk and spent several months training for the even. it began on friday at national stadium in southeast washington. the even ended yesterday on the grounds of the washington monument. a prince georges county neighborhood honored the most famous native son ♪ [ music ] ♪ that's hometown legend chuck brown. he was the guest of honor at the maryland family festival. the man dubbed the father of go go arrived two hours after the event started and said he is honored about a are proposal to rename the market circle to chuck brown circle. >> first town we lived in when we first came here to washington living down there on sheriff road and went to the elementary school, which was right here, on this lot right here and then i went to the high school over there.
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>> reporter: he told the crowd he didn't finish high school. he was arrested and sentenced to prison in lorton, virginia. he told fans it was the best thing that happened to him because he finished his diploma in prison and learned how to stay out of prison. tiger woods endured a tough year both professionally and personally but last week he was able toen joy a moment of success. we have more on the learning center in southeast dc. >> reporter: in what has been a bad year for tiger woods, today something good, a chance to promote his learning center. >> we try to make sure they take advantage of it there's so many tunes that present itself because of it. >> reporter: it is designed to advance the education of kids with innovative programs and the latest technology. >> he is helping us and giving us education and better support than he had so that we can be in a place he is now. >> reporter: this good deed has been in the works since 2007,
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when woods brought his at&t national golf tournament to the dc area. tiger's generosity hasn't changed but his image has. his well publicized extramarital affairs tarnished his reputation but not to the members of this school in the only thing that change mid opinion is the pack he showed up at the campus today. >> my perspective does not change at all. i think she an awesome person. >> reporter: he talked about failure and how he was taught to pick yourself up and learn from it. a lesson he's trying to apply to his personal life. >> i'm going day by day. that's all i can do. rebuilding image i don't care about. i care about doing it day by day and trying to get my life better. >> greg toll land, 9 news now. columbus day. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane has


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