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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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by noon. we have dropped down to 44. sun is up at 6:44 and setting just before 5:00. andrea is frowning at me. we have 44 and 50 charlottesville but 30 in the ohio and western pennsylvania and locally 38 t -- 39 gaithersburg and 34 arlington. it is 6:00 a.m. get the time saver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. kicking off the 6:00 hour we want you to be posted on the tieup we were watching earlier. things are looking better. partially taking away the right lane. drivers staying to the left to get by. as we move to the outer loop past route 1 college park. more word of a wreck out that way. the slow go is stretching from university boulevard to georgia avenue. over to our realtime graphics no other problems to report. we will zoom in to 270 and show you the southbound trip. the volume is starting to build
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around germantown road. a little shaky shot there. you are okay to the split. quick check on the travel times in virginia. 66 eastbound, from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 12 minutes and growing. the dulles toll road is okay and 295 is no problems making your way to the 11th street bridge. still ahead in the next report at 6:11, we are going to be traveling the gw parkway. back to you. we bring you a check on the stories happening today. farooque ahmed is due in court this morning in alexandria. he's a northern virginia man accused of plotting a terror attack against metro. he was arrested last month and is held without bail. a memorial set for today for sue ann marcum. she was the american university professor killed in her chevy chase home last month. tonight's memorial service starts at 8:00 at the bender arena at the au campus. the district begins inspections of dozens of bridges and overpasses in the city. the one getting a look today
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the frederick douglas bridge. it carries south capitol street over the anacostia river. expect lane closures between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. also today, we are expecting closures in virginia's congressional election. a week after the election. kristin fisher is live with news that keith fimian is expected to possibly concede today. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. that's absolutely right. both the "washington post" and the "washington examiner "are reporting that not only will keith fimian likely concede later today but he will also likely not be asking for a recouldn't in this case which is somewhat surprising because right now the race is razor close. look at the latest numbers and you can see that connelly currently leads fimian by less than half of one percent. that is 981 votes. that's a small enough margin to qualify for a recount in the state of virginia but still both democrats and republicans
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have been monitoring the election since election day say the numbers hold up and they don't see a bay for fimian to make up the difference in a recouldn't. this would be his second loss to connelly. in 2008 he lost by a much larger margin, 12 points. connelly has claimed victory. he did that at his election night rally. he is gearing up to serve his second term in congress. that makes him one of four democratic lawmakers in the state of virginia to survive the twin midterm elections. now, i know many of you are wondering when and where will this possible concession be taking place? all we know is it will likely take place sometime later today. the fimian camp has said they will be issuing a statement later this morning. mike? >> okay. we know that congressman connelly was hospitalized over the weekend. have we heard about his condition now? >> we have. his campaign actually released a statement yesterday evening. they are saying that late last week, after the election was over, connelly went in for a regular checkup and while he
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was there he experienced some december comfort. they took him to the hospital and while he was there he was treated for a pretty serious condition. he was treated for a blood clot in an artery. he is now reportedly doing just fine. he's been released from the hospital and apparently he even stopped by his campaign's election headquarters before he ever went home. so connelly's campaign is certainly saying that he is recovering and looking forward to getting back to serving the people of virginia. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. kristin is live on captiol hill this morning. so here's a look at the balance of power in the house coming this november. right now the republicans have 239 seats after gaining 60 in the midterm election. democrats with 188, including cram connelly's seat. there are still, though, eight races which have not been called yet. while you slept the white house made a change to the president's overseas trip. >> we learned the president will likely cut short his visit to indonesia because of concern of the possibility of a volcano
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erupting there. >> the announcement was made just before air force one toucheddown in jakarta. they met with indonesia's president. they will hold a press conference in 45 minutes a enthan state dinner. also while you slept, new details op the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. former b.p. boss tony heyward is telling them the company was unprepared they are the disaster and said b.p. was unprepared for the media scrutiny. the spill cost heyward his job, killed 11 people and spewed oil for months in though gulf. police are looking for murderers this morning after a juvenile is shot and killed. we brought you the story last night at 11:00. it happened in a trinidad neighborhood along fox. police found the juvenile and a man with gunshot wounds.
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the man who survived was brought to the hospital and is expected to eventually recover. in silver spring, maryland, someone pulled a gun during a fist fight at springbrook high school. students started to fight and a third drew a pill toll. -- pistol. the 17-year-old with the gun is charged as an adult and police are looking for the sec student now. police are looking -- today president bush will tell his side of the story. his memoir comes out today. he will sign the book today in dallas. this is the line of people waiting more than 12 hours ahead of the signing. president bush spoke with nbc news and matt lauer about the moment he was told the september 11th terror attacks were underway. >> i have video of you sitting there and now we know in hindsight you had just been given that news and you sat there and it was seven minutes. >> that's right. i made the decision not to jump up and create a chaotic scene.
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because people will be watching my reaction. >> the former president received a $7 million advance for the book. the first printing will be 1.5 million copies. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> she is helping us with saving money when it comes to what we drive. >> kiplingers is out with the best ring for ten. best for class in services and products an we are looking a the best cheap to own cars theme are vehicle over a five year period will cost you comparatively less than many peers. an we are starting with compacts, kiplingers pick is the base model of the nissan versa. about $10,800 for the sticker and the five year cost is 24,800. less than 5 thundershower dollars a year. that is calculated by a company
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that ins insurance, maintenance and the like and what they liked is a bigger interior that peers. >> what about the mid size range cars. >> this one won best in class three years running. and it is the honda accord lx. based sticker 21,900. five year ownership cost of 33,300. that works out to be $6,600 a year. kiplingers applauds the accord for reliabling and safety and says it is a really good ride. for mid size to large cross, it goes to the toyota four wheel drive. $7,600 a year. they like the low service and insurance costs and high resale value. >> what if you like the finer appointments in vehicles. >> you want luxury? this one will go to the audi a- 42.0 t. $33,000 on the sticker.
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43,500 over five years and it gets good highway gas mileage, 30 miles a gallon which is great for a sporty luckry car. >> interesting. i think sporty when i see that car but i guess it has more pan actual, as well. >> no american cars. >> no. >> toad bad. here's video you have to see. >> check out this woman's performance on "wheel of fortune "friday night. >> l. >> one l. >> i'd like to solve. >> can i solve? >> okay. >> it is a prize puzzle. >> yeah. >> i've got a good feeling about this. >> that's right. >> now, watch pat say jack's reaction here. look close. look at the guys, the other
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contestant is like, huh? what happened? >> when i saw this i sort of laughed like the person in the audience you overheard here and then after i thought about it, you and i had the same reaction about this. this will be like the $64,000 question how could she have figured it out from an l and an apostrophe. >> the fact that pat was flabbergasted it may be legitimate but make you think. >> maybe the luck of the draw. >> here's a look at what is coming this way. it is time to hoop it up. maryland tips off the home basketball season. and no more guy sundays. which local county will sell alcohol seven days a week. next the secret world of human trafficking right here in our region. find out what is being done to stop it. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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welcome back. the sunshine will come up at 6:44. 48 degrees at the 9:00 hour. and 58 at 5:00 p.m. with a bit of a breeze and highs of 62. angie, how's the time saver traffic. >> looks like drivers are at speed on the gw parkway southbound from the beltway past 123 to the key bridge. still ahead, in the next report
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we will have an update on the outer loop accident in maryland. andrea, it is 6:18 actually. our time is 6:12. arlington county is considering banning plastic bags, the ones you get at the grocery store but needs the statement's permission -- state's permission first. the county will hold a hearing on saturday. it wants to either tax the bags or ban them outright but the decision must be approved by state lawmakers in richmond. we reported this yesterday a probst on monday outside of the u.s. attorneys office. people upset that charges were dropped against five men accused of beating a man to death outside of the dc 9 nightclub. prosecutors said there just wasn't enough evidence. maryland will be the second state to have an off shore wind farm. the federal government approved more than 300 turbines ten miles from ocean city. the turbines will not be visible from the coastline.
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mike? coming up on 6:14 now. it's a horrific crime against children and it is happening here in our area. according to the department of justice, 300,000 children in the united states alone are at risk every year of becoming involved in the child sex trafficking industry. a week ago, prince georges county man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for forcing girls as young as 12 years old in to the sex trade in dc and in maryland. one of his young victims, a teenager we will call bianca spoke exclusively with andrea mccarren about her three-year ordeal. her rivetting story gave us a glimpse in the world of human trafficking that is taking place steps from the white house. how many men have you been with. >> hundreds. >> over the years, yeah.
6:15 am
>> joining us to talk about child sex trafficking and locals here who created a safe house for these children is tonya overton and also bianca's therapist. this is a flabber gassing report that andrea had. is this really widespread the dc area. >> yeah. >> it is? >> the numbers you gave, the 300,000, those are reported, and those are things that need to be considered when thinking about how devastating the problem is and how many people are impacted impacted. socially it goes against every rabel line and economically it can be from urban to suburban residential areas so it is widespread. >> how difficult is it to help someone get over the horrors they have experienced in this young woman's case in a three- year period. >> because of so many facets in which to actually be programmed
6:16 am
to actually live in the game, play the game and survive the game because at every point of the junction from the honeymoon to the profiting of human trafficking, there are psychological, emotional, there's drug abuse, physical abuse. so we deal with a lot of different areas in counseling and in therapy where we deal with the past and bringing it out of their future so they can have a clearing to reinvent and regenerate themselves as, you know, citizens, you know, productive citizens. >> day-to-day life. >> regular people. >> one of the main reasons why you are here is because you are starting a fund-raiser to generate funds to help people through the first step of healing. >> yes. if we could let everyone know on november 20th we are actually having a fund-raiser but doing a documentary that will give a widespread
6:17 am
perspective of both the pimp and the john and the girls. and how it really affects and impacts them and how many people actually get converted. because you can come out of the life or but a lot of people return and that's why the safe house is important and the renewal and therapy that we present because a lot of people are not rehabbed and institutions are missing the actual part that impact human traffic use versus any other youth that maybe in a detention home or arrested for another crime. >> if you would like more information about the fund- raiser for the safe house, go to our wb at andrea mccarren will continue her special special report on child sex trafficking in our area. bianca's mother will share her story searching the streets for her daughter missing more than three years. now check in with howard. we wise a good start to the
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day. cool once again. jackets and maybe gloves out there. the bus stop forecast this morning, clear to partly cloudy. with 37 in the cold spots and 51 in the warm spots. where it is warmer it is breezier. sun is up at 6:44 and setting just before 5:00. we will be sunny and 48 at 9:00. sunny at noon, 57. the northwesterly wind 10 to 15 with gusts over 20 miles an hour and 5:00 p.m., 58 degrees. there we go. we have the sun set by then. annapolis and pack river at 47. look at the difference for the wind and not the wind, culpeper 48 and orange 36. we have 4 omar tinsburg and cumberland 41. wind chills in the 30s and 40s. most areas win not too terrible at this hour. currently 44. feels like 41 with a light knot wind at six miles an hour. by 8:30, 9:00 it will all
6:19 am
change. some cold in the east and west. and in the middle this warmth here. we are trying to tap that. we will tap it a little as we head to the weekend. there's a storm in the northeast which is plaguing new england with the rain. for us nothing to the west so the northernly winds behind the storm will con until we kick this out of here and things are moving slowly. what you see is what you get kind of weather until we head to the end of the week. next three days looks like this. 62 today. 60 tomorrow. breezy tomorrow. veterans day pretty nice and 60 degrees. as we head to friday, 64. we inch up. look at saturday and sound, upper 60s on saturday, mid-60s on sunday and monday is the next chance of rain. hello, we have an update on the outer loop accident live from sky 9. this is the situation at route 1 college park near that
6:20 am
exit. looks like these vehicles have been pushed to the right shoulder and looks like we are still slow between university over to georgia avenue. that delay is growing. in virginia okay the latest on 95 southbound at the car rest area. the accident, happy to report, it is now gone. northbound we are tracking the delays between the prince william parkway up to lorton. just volume. going to the realtime graphics and take a closer look at 395 northbound a little yellow here. looks like a ten minute drive. it is growing from the beltway to seminary. quick check on the travel times. the upper loop from 395 to the toll road. 14 minutes and growing. 66 eastbound, doing fine but that delay is getting a little longer. more on the report of an accident in rockville coming up. now ahead, you can expect out of the ordinary delays on
6:21 am
270 tonight. but next monday night football. wait until you see what randle- el did for the steelers. we'll be right back.
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let's look at what the temperatures will do today along with the cloud an the radar. not much cloud and radar to show you. so go to temperatures, which are in the mid-40s by 8:00. by noon plenty of sunshine and 57 in town and a 60 to the south and west. as we go through the afternoon, highs in the upper 50s to low 60s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 58. in sports the bengals are back to being the bungles. >> they have dropped five in a row falling to 2-6 this year. >> they hosted the steeler last night. former redskin randle-el actually threw a touchdown pass on a trick play in the fourth
6:25 am
quarter. used to be a quarterback. pittsburgh topped cincinnati 24- 21. the ax fell on monday on cowboys head coach wade phillips. the owner canned him after a 1- 7 start. the assist tan head coach garrett will take over in the interpret. here's a sign of the season. college basketball. maryland had the home opener last night hosting seattle university. moseley led terps with 21 points. three starters scored in double- digits. maryland wins. navy opened the season on the road visiting texas. hamilton had 26 points for the long horns. midshipmen lose. still to come, a defend that could help to save your child's life. new details about metro's
6:26 am
escalator problems. next, what the agency reportedly knew before people got hurt. angie has a check on the roads with time saver traffic. we take you to the scene of an accident in rockville, maryland. shady grove and key west area. an accident is taking away the right lane. police are on the scene. oñoñ
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welcome back. there's the overson memorial. traffic is moving as we start the day here in washington. it will be a good day. it is comfortable right now. although i think jacket and gloves with temperatures in the 40s in the northwest. and the day planner for today, some readings with upper 40s by 9:00. upper 50s at 9:00 and 5:00 p.m. sunset 4:59. we have the moon with a couple of clouds. we will see highs in the low 60s. and the breeze will continue because that storm is still spinning off the new england coast and that will take a couple of days before that exits. we will warm up to the end of the week. that at 6:44. here's angie with the time saver traffic. we want to keep you updated op
6:31 am
the tieups we continue to keep an eye on. this is the situation out in rockville. an accident at hey shady grove, drivers are losing the right lane but volume light out in this neck of the woods. on the outer loop at route 1 college park looks like about a 60 minute drive from 95 to georgia. a little impacted because of the earlier crash. definitely in the clearing stages. take you over to 270 southbound as we focus in on traffic up here. going southbound, no incidents or accidents just a good amount of volume. heavy congestion between germantown road and 370. the travel time reports, 56 eastbound, about 14 minutes from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. the dulles toll road is checking out with a green light and dc's 295, no problems approaching the 11th street bridge. nine minutes in the car is what you can expect. up next, your major virginia roads we will focus on that.
6:32 am
back to you weather following breaking news. a murder investigation is underway in hyattsville, many many. this is video just in to 9 news now. a man was found shot to death at the chesapeake landing apartments. that's on buchanan street. so far no arrests in the case and we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. a commuter alert for you right now. one for people driving tonight on 270. expect delays on the northbound side as you approach interstate 370. that's because crews will be installing those big green street signs as part of the ongoing icc project. after midnight the highway will shut down in 15 minister values. all of the work should be gone by 5:00 tomorrow morning. so, will the future metro station ruin the view? the virginia department of historic resources says yes. it beliefs the silver line station will block the vistas of the historic dulles main terminal. the facility has been called
6:33 am
within of the best pieces of ark check churr in the 20th century. plans for an underground station were scrapped in order to save money. metro riders are new concerns over the safety of escalators on the transit system in that's because a report shows that met true knew of the safety issues before the october 30th incident. the fins dent at l'enfant plaza injured sick people. the leak report warned that many needed repairs. and they warned of old brake pads like the ones believed to have failed at l'enfant plaza. riders we spoke to last night weren't happy about this? i don't feel very safe. >> everyone who rides the metro should have the right to know this in advance. >> reporter: 9 news asked metro about the report. it calls this an excerpt from an outdated draft.
6:34 am
they said when a final draft is ready it will plan to make it public. today we expect an fend to the election in the 11th congressional district. >> fimian is expected to concede today. kristin fisher has the story this morning. >> good morning. we still don't know exactly when or where this will happen, but both the "washington post" and the "washington examiner "are reporting this will happen at some point later today. they are also reporting this fimian will not be asking for a recouldn't, sloan though -- look at these numbers and you can see the race still qualifies for a recount in the state of virginia. all that separates them is 981 votes. less than half of one percent. connelly has claimed victory in the race. he did that on election knight. he is gearing up for his second term in congress. this apparent victory would make him the only one of four democratic lawmakers in v.a.
6:35 am
-- virginia to survive the 2010 midterm election. connelly was released yesterday from the hospital from the hospital. his campaign says he is doing fine and recovering at home. as for fimian his campaign is expected to announce a time and location for this news conference where he is expected to concede. they are expected to issue a statement as to when and where that will happen this morning. >> kristin fisher live on captiol hill. thank you. house democrats are gearing up for a leadership fight now. hoyer safes he wants to be the minority win. that is second in command. he will face a challenge from james clyburn. he is the most center black congressman on the hill. he says it is time for a leader of change. one of the defendants charged with killing and robbing a dc high school principal made a plea deal with
6:36 am
prosecutors he agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a modified sentence. he says he and brian betts met op a chat line. lawyers say the robbery was not intended to end with murder. >> he is remorseful for the things that occurred. we believe, and have ever reason to believe, this was an accidental shooting. >> reporter: a judge will sentence saunders later this month. the trial for the other three defendants will begin the next few months. brian betts was the principal of shaw middle school. police in fairfax county trying too find a bank robber. they say he hit the what cove have yaobang in annandale on monday morning. the robber got away with cash but no one was hour in this.
6:37 am
-- jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> one local county will not be dry when it comes to sunday brunch anymore. >> that is correct. montgomery county residents will be able to buy alcohol for the first time on monday. big change here. the washington examiner learned that county executive ike leggett issued an executive order that will open liquor stores on sundays. that is expected to be finalized tomorrow. the plan will introduce as a six-month trial. it would allow the county to capitalize on higher than normal sales on holidays and ensure it produces a profit. happy holidays from google. they are picking up the cost of wi-fi access on certain airlines, airtran, delta and virgin america. it will be available november 20th through january 2nd. wi-fi generally costs between 6
6:38 am
and $13. would you pay thousands of dollars for a depravation vacation? >> apparently a lot of people are about to. a new travel industry forecast picks up the top ten forecast and deposition is in. boot camp style resorts where they starve or work you out and extreme trekking and the emergence of iraq as a destination in the middle east and space tourism. would you do deposition. >> absolutely not. >> i did this a couple of years ago. i did bikini boot camp. it was horrendous. horrendous. >> how many times did you say i'm paying for this. >> we kept 'niquing to the neighboring resort to get real food. we want to make sure everyone has a good holiday. food drive t is underway. an easy way to help people this thanksgiving season. >> a lot of you may have gotten
6:39 am
a plastic bag in the mail. we need you to fill them with nonperishable food items. boy scouts will pick them up on sunday or bring donations to safeway stores and good if you did them in brown paper bags. >> and the donations will go to the capital area food bank. >> thank you in advance for your generosity. >> next, howard has the weather first and a look at the nice week ahead. here's a look ahead on channel 9 tonight. at 8:00, catch ncis the washington version.
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welcome back. howard is here with the forecast. >> winds won't be as strong but gusts over 20 miles an hour. we get going with the mom million bus stop forecast. whether -- whether you are getting the little ones ready orb yourself, sun is up at 6:44. mainly clear and chilly. cold spots in the upper 30s. most of us in the 40s with one or two exceptions that we will climb above 50 in the next hour or so. 48 here in washington. by noon, we are looking at 57, sunny. northwesterly winds today. 10 to 15, but they will gust over 20 miles an hour than they the case at 5:00 p.m. and notice we have lost the sun. the sunset 4:59. 45 easton. tappahannock, 46. lynn in fulton in howard county has 44. steve in cross junction 41. charlie in catlett is 42 and
6:45 am
culpeper is 46. haymarket at 45. baden down to 44 at last check along with andrews and laurel is 44 and college park 46 degrees. so we have sunshine, 44. feels like 41 with the north wind at six and the barometer is steady at 29.94. this storm out west is bringing snow to the rockies and a warm up to the middle of the country and that would normally move in a day or two but this isn't normal. a storm system that pounded new england with 60-mile an hour wind. 75,000 people across new england without power raining 0 the cape and southeast mass today. as long as the storm is there we will have a tough time shaking the breeze. it will be slow to leave through midday sunny and breezy. this evening, breezy. the sunset 4:59. tonight winds are lighter and maybe a cloud early on wednesday and then the storm
6:46 am
slowly pushing out of here. and then high pressure builds in for veterans day and friday we will see lighter winds and the warmup a little bit will start to go up. in the next three days. temperatures in the low 60s today. around 60 tomorrow and veterans day. les of a breeze by thursday. friday looks good, too. 64. should be okay for the football game on friday night and then a decent weekend, upper 60s on saturday and mid-60s on sunday. >> nice for veterans day. love our service members. okay. not loving this, though. live from sky 9. heavy police presence here in prince georges county. this is the scene of an accident going northbound at 410 at route 50. as a result, you can see it is taking away a right lane and taking away a ramp to access 50. as we get more details we will bring them to you on this. moving to the maps, more crash activity has cleared throughout
6:47 am
the area. good news. some yellow and red. slowing down in three spots. taking it out to 234, and a 80 to 123 and putting the brakes on from nutley to the capital beltway. back to the matches. we stay in virginia. inner loop between 286 and up to 66. outside it looks like no incidents or accidents no construction really in the way along the way. a check on the trains, metro, vre and marc trains reveals no incidents out here. everyone is on time. still ahead, we will have the major incidents in the area to avoid. back to you. >> thank you, angie. moms to be get toys, gear, clothes and more. >> but there's something new to add a life saving dvd. in 20 minutes, it could teach you how to save your newborn's life. >> this morning's oh my baby segment, angie gets an important lesson in baby cpr.
6:48 am
peggy has the story. >> she would dick do that, cycle of 30 compressions and two breaths do that five time answer recheck for breathing and a pulse if you do not find it continue. >> she learned what to do if the baby chocks which is on the -- checks, which is on the dvd. >> make sure the head is below the body. and apply five firm back thrusts between the shoulder blades and each attempt you need to try to get the object out 0 of there. he made the dvd when he became cpr certified and realized few other parents took time to learn it also. >> i want to create something practical. you can watch it in 20 minutes but not only that, it is also the reminder and refreshers we include. >> you can watch it anytime to refresh your own skills and have your baby-sitter watch it.
6:49 am
you can also quiz each other with flash cards that come with it. it is a product that received a moms best award. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> all right. so you had a look at it. what do you think. >> i was always intimidated about cpr classes and you hear it takes hours and hours. he showed in a matter of minutes what is most important. of course i learned it but it takes practice to be able to do it under pressure. this is actually a copy of the cd that we got and i know that peggy mentioned the baby-sitter but it comes with a nice sheet where your where you can fill out vital information on the sheet, as well. and there are flash cards as well that make it easier for you to remember all of the steps at a time when you will really need it. frightening actually having to breathe on that baby and hoping that will never be a reality. >> new guidelines just came out about cpr and they changed from
6:50 am
abc to cab, compression airways, breathing and new guidelines while they apply to adults, infant and children do not apply to newborns. get this dvd. it could save your infant newborn's life. we have 44 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a chick of news before you go is next. time to pick the playoff game of the week. here's your selections -- you can cast your vote at the winning game will lead our coverage on friday night.
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noontime temperature 57. sunset 4:59. main lie clear and 58 at 5:00 p.m. here's a check on the news before you go. a live look at jakarta. president obama is holding a news conference with the president of indonesia. he is saying the u.s. is developing a comprehensive partnership with that country. republican keith fimian will reportedly concede his race against democrat connelly. the contest in virginia's 11th congressional district has the incumbent connelly in the lead by just under 1,000 votes. video games, as you may know, are pretty big business. this hopes to be the biggest right now. call of duty could break a single day sales record of $401 million. our time is coming up on
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6:59 am
seminary. extra five for a total drive time of 15 minutes. get the time saver traffic in the car. i have chemod up with the kurt and mike show on the edge, you will get the time saver traffic updates a few times an hour between 5:00 and 8:30 a.m. tune in to 105.9 the edge. a little economic data on the calendar but right now looking higher. >> and the "early show" is up next. they are going to have president obama's visit to indonesia and look at coeen's new show on tbs. >> the next news is at noon. until then get the news, weather and traffic at >> see you tomorrow morning starting bright and early. sun shining at 4:25 a.m. >> if you like what you saw today on the show, check out the morning show tab on the website as well. >> pretty cool. >> just a click away.