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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 10, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, dwindling boundy. a busy local food bank raising the red flag about donations
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and the number of mouths it still has to feed. the prosecution falters. some charges against ingmar guandique are dropped and now it's the defense's turn in the trial. but first the road crew is whacked. drivers wait for an hour to navigate georgetown after a road crew leaves before the job is done. i'm scoot broom in georgetown where an over night road repair job left commuters needing an suv to get to work. >> reporter: cars inching through m. street, scraping bottom at times. >> traffic is horrible. >> reporter: nightmare traffic where gridlock is the norm. >> very, very slow. >> reporter: on the key bridge, half an hour to get across. it was left behind by a crew repairing a water main break. pipe repair was done at 4:00 but nobody cleaned up the all-
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terrain track until hours later. a lot of people wonder whose idea was that? >> that, i don't know. i don't have that information. >> reporter: allen damon of d.c. water said it is his job site. >> we'll have it under control by steel plates or a roadway restoration fairly soon. i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court. a big day in the chandra levy murder trial. the prosecutors wrapped up their case, dropping rape charges against ingmar guandique. apparently there was a hangup with the jail house informant who was expected to testify that guandique confessed to him to raping chandra levy. but even without the sexual assault counts, guandique is still facing charge that could send him to prison for life. robbery, kidnapping and murder. also in the courtroom today we heard again the name gary condit, the former congressman.
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an fbi technician testified that gary condit's dna was found under a stain on underwear found in chandra levy's apartment. but the trouble for prosecutors is that neither gary condit's dna nor ingmar guandique's dna was found with chandra levy's skeletal remains in rock creek park. i'm delia gonsalves at the israel metropolitan cme church in northwest washington where nearly 100 people are being fed. >> we have two different produce for you today. >> reporter: volunteers are serving up food for the soul. >> you treat as you want to be treated yourself. >> we have noticed a lot of new faces. >> reporter: only 5% of people who receive groceries through the capital area food bank are homeless. these stories are more common. this is a full time student who needs part-time help. she said it's all about swallowing your pride.
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>> be of courage, like i am now talking to you, and be wise and believe that god is good to you. well 9 news now is doing what we can to help local feeding programs. especially this holiday season and that is why we're teaming up with the boy scouts for another year of food drive 9. if a bag was delivered to your door this weekend, the scouts will pick it up this saturday. in washington, d.c. they are fanning out to all safeway stores to collect your donations. they need canned tuna, peanut butter, pasta, rice, soups, multi grain cereal and hygiene like soap, toothpaste and diapers. to find out more go to and click on the community tab. giant food has signed on to anchor a development at the corner of third and h.
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northeast and that includes other retail and housing. construction is set to begin in the spring. you can find out more stories like this one from where you live at just choose your community right there at the top of our home page. well by this time tomorrow, that disabled cruise ship ought to be arriving back in port in california. right now the carnival splendor is slowly being towed home by two tugboats. the ship made it back to cell phone range today letting those on board finally call home. one of the stranded people worked for our sister kusa in denver. he called in and described the conditions they're dealing with. >> the scent isn't pleasant. they have all of the facilities working, they got the water running and the food has been sandwiches for the last three days but hopefully it's getting better since they dropped off the supplies from the uss ronald reagan. >> well david and the others
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will dine on spam and pop tarts. that is what what delivered today. the splendor lost it's power when there was a fire in the engine room on monday. metro will now accept credit cards to pay for parking. 22 garages and parking lots will get credit card readers by summer of next year. previously you could only pay with a smartrip card. richard and ray is in the traffic center. how are we looking? >> in downtown silver spring we've improved from the past hour or so. the roads have reopened from the earlier police activity. now it's still heavy and slow for a while but at least all lanes get by and the police have reopened everything. in the beltway, montgomery county inner loop looking at stop-and-go beyond 270 toward new hampshire avenue. nothing to hold you up as far as accidents. just heavy volume. and stop-and-go from the i-270 square past the american legion
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bridge toward the dulles toll road. montgomery county, leftover slowdown northbound 270 to falls road and then speeds pick up toward frederick county. derek. topper, here is the forecast. i'll just queue it up from yesterday. >> absolutely. clear skies tonight and cold. not crazy cold. mid 30s in the burb and mid-40s downtown. winds northeast at 5-10. temperatures right now, grab a light jacket. 59 downtown but 40s in gaithersburg and frederick and 40s toward manassas and 50s in leesberg. we'll come back and tell you how long it will last and have a forecast for veteran's day as well. outrage on the internet about one of the latest self- published books to hit amazon. it is called the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. the book offers advice to abide
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by the law but critics are asking what sort of procedures amazon have in place that self- published authors put up for sale. cheron points this out. and then ben posted anyone who would buy this product is just plain sick. joann responded, so is anyone willing to sell it. epic fail for amazon. but rico points out, this is america folks. while i find it disgusting, it is the way of our world. hopefully it won't sell and this will be the news of the past. and desimons agrees, riding do we real -- writing do we really need sensorship. you're opening a huge can of worms. share your thoughts or send me an e-mail at mail bag at the wish of a terminally hill high school student is
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finally granted but it took activism on the part of her community. i'm peggy fox with the story coming up. but first a real legend heads back to school to talk to students about making a career of being on campus.
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a group of fifth graders at one d.c. school put their green thumbs to work today. 15 students got their school garden ready for winter and planted new bulbs for spring. this is part of a district wide campaign to phytoobesity in kids by focusing on growing healthy gardens. a famous singer song writer tells local college students, when you think about your next move after college, think about coming back into the classroom. today on the campus with no
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music but with a powerful message. >> love, just love john legend's music. >> reporter: but he didn't come to howard to sing or talk about anything quite so glamorous. instead he wondered allowed how many here might choose something more mundane but far more important. becoming a teaching? >> we continue to live in a country where opportunities are not equal and here in america a lot of that perpetuated and institutionalized in our classroom every day. >> reporter: many students did not know that legend graduated from the university of pennsylvania, ivey league. but he said it's sad to know that so many minority students don't have anywhere near that opportunity. >> it's not fair. that's not the way america is supposed to be. but it's happening. >> the u.s. secretary of education arnie duncan seeks to fix that problem. he plans to recruit more minority teachers for our country which needs a million
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new teachers, period. >> there is nothing more than you can do than come in and be part of the solution. >> reporter: and he haddation leaders are working to make sure the best teachers get the best pay. >> we have re ate -- we have to create an environment when we say we want the best people to teach. >> if you choose to become a teacher, we'll be closer to living in a society we should be living in. >> looking into education now after listening to that. >> reporter: and the u.s. secretary of education said those burdened with tuition loans may have added incentive. congress has passed a law for the income based repayment plan where if you teach for ten years that tuition debt is all for given. and topper is back with your full forecast. but first semper fi. honoring those who served as marines for more than 200 years.
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tomorrow we remember the nation's veterans on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. and today one tribute was unveiled at the national museum of the marine corp. uncommon valor is a composite drawing that takes more than 370 smaller pictures and they all form the shape of the historic iwo jima flag raising. and this is the 235th birthday of the u.s. marine corp. and there are a lot of local ceremoniys and parties
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for veterans across the area. you can get a full list at dc.metro a local high school has the same wish as others. get that diploma. but for czarra it's a dying wish. peggy fox shows us how it took a lot of community effort to make it happen. >> reporter: 18-year-old czarra's dream was to work in the fashion industry. but these pictures from a recent photo shoot might be as close as she gets. >> it's a needle in my chest that stays in 24 hours a day and administered my pain medication. >> two years ago at 16, right after transferring into freedom high school, czarra was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of ovarian cancer that kept coming back. >> now i have eight or nine little tumors and one big tumor. there is no more treatment they can do for me because we did all of the chemotherapy we could and your body can only take so much radiation.
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>> reporter: now her community has sprung into action to help her. these women designed and in stalled a brand new room for her that she called her fantasy bedroom. other neighbors are bringing meals and another helped get her an honorary high school diploma. freedom's high school's principal and teaches will present her a diploma here at her home on friday. while that is welcome to czarra what, would bring her more joy would be to see her father once again. >> he would love to come and be with his children if he can in a heartbeat. >> reporter: her mother said his father, who was in the united states army reserves, was deported to pakistan when she was only two because of a fraud conviction. >> getting him from where he is to the states right now seems like an impossible task but it's very important to me and my mom and my brother. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> well czarra does have a piece of advice. if you have a sick friend, she
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said go visit them. she said that is better than any gift. we have an update on the father who yelled at the bus full of school kids for bullying his developmentally disabled daughter. he will spend the next six months on probation and pay $1,000 fine, have ten hours of community service and take an anger management class. >> i wish i could take that back, but at the same time we woke america up. behind the closed doors, we don't know nothing. but now that we're out in the forefront we're on a mission. at least i'm on a mission. i don't know what america will do, but i'm on a mission. >> can't get mad at that man. his 12-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy. she told her dad she was taunted by the other students on the bus. well top, i kind of -- i kind of joked with you, i could
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queue you up from yesterday. >> queue me up. i'll see you on monday. >> we're looking at a nice stretch of november. >> we'll start with your next three days. sunshine tomorrow. 64 today. saying 61 tomorrow for veteran's day. still very nice. low 60s on friday great for high school football. playoff time. and upper 60s on saturday, all pretty much full sunshine. and let's talk about the day planner. chilly to start, upper 30s and 40s, but 50s by noon and temperatures in the evening in the upper 50s. right now looking at temperatures primarily in the 50s. down to 59 at national. 55 in arlington. 55 in volkswagen riel, 50 in college park and 51 up in laurel. 54 in leesberg. now for tonight, clear skies. mid 30s to mid-40s. we're still above freezing. winds oust northeast at 5-10. inside the beltway low to mid- 40s but east of the beltway,
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and outside of the beltway, in the upper 30s again. 38 in rockville, 37 in bowie and 38 in fairfax and 37 in reston. maybe mid 30s toward leesberg, one of the colder spots. veteran's day looks fantastic. sunshine and pleasant and temperatures 61. with a light wind it will feel 61. to start though, sunny with a chilly start. grab shades and a coat. winds northeasterly at 10. by afternoon sunny and pleasant. high temperatures around 60 and winds northeasterly at 10. a fantastic day and about average for this time of year. next seven days, low 60s tomorrow, low 60s on friday and then milder over the weekend. upper 60s to near 70 saturday and sunday. we'll keep the weekend dry. we do have a system out west that will finally cloud us up on monday. rain and showers develop monday afternoon or evening. cooler because of that upper 50s. a cool rain on tuesday, in the low 50s. but then, derek, back to around
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60 with sunshine next wednesday. >> sounds like a great weekend. >> it should be nice. we'll show you tomorrow what sometimes veteran's day can look like around here. >> when we talk 68 in saturday, does that mean in the morning, is it going to be 45? >> it will be cool. and i might put the 70 down before the week is out. >> that's what i'm talking about. let's get to our weird news because there are things you do buy from vending machines and things i personally would think twice about. let's go to japan where they have no trouble eating sauky or a banana from the banana. but now a step too far. crabs, as in the things to crack open and eat. someone keeps them chilled. the sign said they are fresh and they come out living. if one comes out d.o.a., you get three more for free. the fellow who invented it said he's all ready to move if he get offers.
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personally i'm thinking this is about as successful as a vending machine that sells white castle burgers. wait a second, we had one of those in the basement. and if you are hungry, they weren't so bad. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag, the address is mail bag at we'll be right back. a/ño
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. and don't forget you might want to wake up bright and early week day mornings with andrea, mike, howard and angie because they have the news, the
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weather and the traffic you need before you head out the door. it all starts at 4:25 a.m. minute mail bag tonight, rage and some weirdly contrasting e-mails on the exact same subject. last night we told you about that white barber in vermont who turned away a black customer, acknowledging that he's just not so good at cutting african-american hair. the customer charged discrimination. i said yesterday i didn't think so, but rich from d.c. said nonetheless he's never watching us again. and one of the most racially charged cities on the planet you want to try to turn something awkward into something racist. the segregation of barbers and hair cutters is an obvious fact. i walk by six barbershops in my hood that are black run and black used. do white folks call that racist. the mere fact that you frame the question was this racist, was inappropriate all the way
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around. save thible rousing for when it's warranted. well too bad you're not watching us ever again rich because if you were watching tonight, you would see that i'm going to point out that the black customer raised the question. in fact he wrote a letter to the paper saying he wouldn't move to the town because he was a victim of racial bias. and i earned this e-mail from michelle. shame on you derek for being so concealtory about the white racist barber. i studied in vermont and i can assure you there are pretty red neck parts of that state. that barber was not in the least bit interested in providing service and treated that black person like a nonperson. but unlike you i have no idea what that barber was thinking but i'm willing to do something we rarely seem to do any more? it sounds crazy but i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. he said the real issue is he can't cut black hair.
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okay, it's just a hair cut. why not believe him? why not write me an e-mail. the address is mail bag at or join the conversation on our wusa 9 facebook page. that is our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. and now the next generation of farrah khan is trying to take recognition for another reason. have a great night. bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. i knew something was wrong. >> for the first time, marie osmond shares her deep heartbreak over her teenage son's suicide. >> he left a note. can you share what that note said? >> her new oprah interview. >> it said mike, i'm going to be there monday, but depression doesn't wait until monday. >> plus, inside her son's funeral. how all the osmonds are dealing with the tragedy. >> every one of us has been affected. all new celebrity rehab explosion. janice dickinson, rachel uchitel. >> my life has spun out of control. >> the withdrawal. the breakdown. eric roberts in tears. >> in tonight's celebrity gps,