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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  November 14, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this 9 news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this sunday. a search is on for the parents of a newborn baby who was found abandoned in a parking lot of a church in springfield this mong. we report tonight a parishioner found the baby girl just before sunday mass at st. raymond catholic church. >> reporter: just before sunday's 7 a.m. mass a parishioner found the duffle back at the entrance of a church parking lot. >> i would say divine intervention, the hoyle spirit, told that parishioner to stop and look in the bag and they found the crying baby. took the baby inside the church, called 911. >> reporter: the church said the baby, only hours old was wrapped in towels with the umbilical coward still
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attached. her face was blue and the official temperature for washington was 41 degrees at the time. >> the church says the newborn baby girl was found alive and well when she was taken to the hospital. they're glad they found her when they did. they also want to remind people, the church is here for women in crisis. >> we want people to come to us to see an organization that will help them before they reach this moment of despair. >> there were a few oh mys, a few deep breaths. and the priest obviously was a little emotional deliver the news. >> police turn their attention to the health of a mother. >> she clearly did not deliver this baby in a hospital. we need to make sure to find her to make sure she is ok. >> reporter: many states including virginia have a safe haven law that permits a mother to leave their newborn with no questions asked. >> i'm sure the mother understood the catholic church's position on pro life and the sanctity of life. i am sure that's perhaps why she brought it here.
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>> reporter: in springfield, virginia, 9 news now. authorities took tin haven't to a nova fairfax hospital. she is being held for testing and observation for several days. police say the baby appears to be full term and possibly of hispanic accident. they also decent. the they say the child was only exposed to the elements for a few minutes before being found. virginia, maryland and the district have a safe haven policy. it allows a caretaker to drop a baby at a hospital or a rescue squad free of criminal charges. in virginia the child can be as old as 14 days when taken in. in the district, the baby can no hold older than a week and in maryland, the caretaker has three days after the child is born to take that baby to a hospital or rescue center. elsewhere, president barack obama back home at the white house tonight after a 10-day asian trip. >> the president went on this mission because asia is the most vibrant market, growing market in the world. and we want to compete for
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those jobs. and that's why he went. his first stop was in india, a growing power in the world. and we saw american businesses walk away with $10 billion in new deals. >> the that was white house advisor david axle rod talk about president obama's stop in india. the president was also well received in indonesia where he lived as a boy. but president barack obama did not fare as well in south korea where he was unable to get a free trade deal. mr. obama also failed to get the g20 summit leaders to take a tough stand against china's currency policy. mr. obama turns his attention to congress and the possible battle with republicans over extending the bush era tax cuts. tomorrow the house ethics committee begins its trial of charles wrangle. the 84-year-old new york democrat and charged with multiple ethics violations. rang ill says he is confident his name will be cleared. the charges include 13 counts
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of ethics violation, including tax evasions and allegations he paid below market rates for several apartments in harlem. the week ahead could bring more arrests in the corruption investigation involving prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. according to federal prosecutors. johnson and his wife have been charged with illegally destroying or tampering with evidence. investigators are looking into allegations that johnson took bribes from a local developer. the couple is charged with trying to destroy a $100,000 bribery check. concealing almost 80,000 in cash in leslie johnson's underclothes. those who zajac johnson plan -- they zajac johnson plans on the on the job monday morning and his wife is due to be sworn into the county council early next month. both are free on electronic recognizance. he has an electronic ankle bracelet draft the storms the area was plagued by downed power and utility lines. one community in north bethesda
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is trying to prevent a repeat this winter. armando reports the appeals for help have been largely ignored. he is live in locust hill. >> reporter: bruce, this is the entrant to locust hill estates, and this street runs parallel to rockville pike. look at the offending branch right above me. it's hooked on power and utility line. those lines are connected to a series of telephone poles and utility poles. neighbors are afraid if that branch brings that line down it will create a domino effect that would cause chaos, not just on this street but on rockville pike, right next door. these power and utility lines are close to coming down, say concerned neighbors in this quiet corner of north bethesda. >> all it has to do is in a wind storm, give just enough to take out those lines. >> reporter: the tree branch is literally weighs down the wires and the pressure is causing the telephone pole to lien onto the only access road to the locust hill community. >> it could potentially hurt
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someone. the people walk their dogs here. they walk their kids around here constantly. if it came down it could really do damage. ripe the wires run parallel to rockville pike between bellevue drive and cook's hill road. >> i've lived here almost three years and it's nan way since i have been here. >> we've reported the issue to pepco and comcast. and to montgomery county. because it's a public safety concern. >> reporter: and mr. turner tells us just as recently as yesterday he spoke to montgomery county. they said they would send a police officer out here. apparently the police put out this yellow tape all around the area where the dangerous tree and branches are. and they are hoping this is an indication that somebody is going to do something soon. but they aren't going to wait. they're going to call their council member tomorrow and make sure that this is taken care of before it's too late, and it falls down onto rockville pike. live in north bethesda, ar man dah truly. back to you.
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>> thanks, ar mon dough one of the largest cases of random vandalism in prince george's county. police tell 9 news now two people have been driving around in a black honda convertible, shooting out windshields with a beebee gun. the pair has been tied to nearly 100 cases in lake arbor, springdale and bowie. police are having a touch time catching the vandals because there's not a pattern to all of this. still ahead, another tragedy blamed on an alcoholic energy drink. why one state is ban the drink from store shelves. first, bound gagged and held in a basement for days. a young teen found alive. but the family remains missing tonight. stay with us. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. >> we've got a new development tonight in the case of a missing ohio family. a 13-year-old girl was found bound and gagged in the basement of a home just 10 miles from where she lives, near columbus, ohio. teenager sara maynard is
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hospitalized tonight in good condition. her mother and 10-year-old brother and a family friend remain missing. >> in the house with her at the time that she was located was an individual from mount vernon. he is now in the knox county jail, currently charged with kidnapping. >> authoritied arrests 30-year- old matthew hoffman seen here on one count of kidnapping. at this point they're trying to determine whether hoffman even knew the family. the maker of four although coe says it will stop shipments of the caffinated alcoholic drink beverage to new york. that comes after an agreement with the new york state liquor authority. new york's largest beer distributor has agreed to stop sell the drink. the f.d.a. is reviewing the  safety of caffinated alcoholic drinks which have the same amount of alcohol as five to six beers. last week you might recall a maryland woman was killed after drinking at least two cans of four locos. the 21-year-old crashed a pickup truck into a telephone pole. >> she changed that night.
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she was not the same person. she could not remember people's names. she blacked out within 30 minutes of having the alcoholic beverage. >> four loco has been banned in michigan and washington state where nine college students were rushed to the hospital after drinking the beverage. now checking news where you live. the columbia heights area of d.c. is welcoming a new addition to the neighborhood. an international house of pancakes or ihop. it hopped today near 14th and officering streets northwest. the pancake house offered up three stacks to celebrate the opening. got a story or news tip? contact us, be a wart of the team. a warning for motorists this week to buckle up. local police say they are cracking down on drivers who don't wear seat belts. part of the annual click it or ticket campaign. not wearing a seat belt could mean a $25 ticket in maryland, a $50 in d.c. in virginia
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drivers have to be pulled over for another offense first, but then they face a $25 fine if they're cited for not wearing a seat belt. still to come on 9 news now, going green to save the planet, the local community pitching in to help fight waste. just as expected, a few more clouds today but still mid- 60s for highs. i hope you have soaked up the 60s this week. because we're going to see an end to this great weather. talk about the next storm system in the complete forecast. if you live for performance,
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>> a montgomery county resident celebrated america's recycled day with a host of events aimed at curbing waste. they sponsored three paper shreddings today. they collected used clothing and household goods to donate to the good will of greater washington. another good day. >> glad we brought up mid 60s for that. or was it raining and 40. >> and what's ahead? we may have that coming up but not as cold as that. we've soaked up a good week and a half of 60 degree temperatures. mid 60s for november which is really warm. one more day to go before it's going to end with that rain coming in. right now current temperatures are still ok tonight. mixtures of 50s and 40s. see any 60s thereon?
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i'm trying to look for it right now and i don't see any. warmest spot is reagan national at 57. hagerstown the same. a few of us into the 40s like culpepper and even frederick at 46 degrees up there. go ahead and look at what's going on. the satellite radar combined here and the first leading edge of that light vein moving closer to washington. western maryland and west virginia seeing light showers. those should break apart as they move towards washington. this next storm system coming our way. it's still ok tomorrow but the rain will move in here on tuesday. at least it will be done by the time we get in towards wednesday. right into the future cast, the cloud cover coming in, but at least that's the dying showers. tomorrow more sunshine. i'm still saying mild for this time of the year for november, for washington. temperatures we'll see right around 60. the overcast skies as we go overnight tuesday. passing the midnight hour monday into tuesday there might be a sprinkle. through the tuesday morning hours a passing shower sprinkle. best shot of rain starting here by my forecast lines up
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perfectly by the afternoon. 1:00, steady rain throughout the afternoon into the evening hours. and then the rain will be done by the time we get material on wednesday. by the wednesday morning drive that rain is done. gusty winds coming back out with sunshine wednesday make for a beautiful afternoon. let's see our overnight forecast here. not quite as colds a it's been. temperatures in the coolest spots in the upper 30s to 40s and that will be northern parts of montgomery county, fairfax county. upper 30s and towards the lower to mid 40s, the closer we get to downtown you are right around that 40 degree mark, too. mostly sunny skies and cool, but chilly, temperatures pushing through this. a few clouds around in the afternoon, and as we bring that wind from the northeast, our temperatures dropping from the mid-60s to around 60. that is still a fairly nice day. i'll go 61 here. gaithersburg 59. even parts of fairfax county upper 50s out there, too. the forecast calls for a pleasant monday. so soak it in. because again it comes to an end tuesday, where it's 60 in
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washington, cross over the bay going towards the delmarva peninsula there and temperatures upper 50s to around 60 once again. day planner forecast for tomorrow. starting out the 30s to 40s. up to 58 by noon. 55 by the evening hours, and of course, big game going on over at fed ex field. and i think it's going to be just perfect for it. cloud cover builds in but at least we keep the rain. that is coming in more on tuesday. >> big night tomorrow night. tell us about it. michael vick for the 2nd time this year they knocked him out the 1st time. they will have to do something to him this time. donovan beat his old team when they met last month. but that was before the now infamous benching. what's mcnabb's confidence level this time around is this plus guys, maybe the freakiest play of the year in the nfl in jacksonville. see it on sports. next.
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>> it figures the skins play on monday night this week, just one more day for the team to marinate in the chaos of the last 14 days. the truth is donovan mcnabb may actually want to be benched if he can't get some better protection than he has been getting. through eight games mcnabb has been sacked 22 times. that is second most in the league this year. and as much as donovan hasn't had a stellar season, you can't lay it all at his feet when the o line is making like five matadors in a bull ring. to make it worse tomorrow they face a philly defense with the fifth most sacks in the league. >> with their type of defensive scheme, you know, you get behind, you have to catch up. they do a great job putting pressure on the quarterback in sacks, getting turnovers to limit their amount of prejudice you have to make sure you have -- the prejudice you have to balance the attack and not get behind >> today peyton manning and the colts host the bengals. and carson palmer would like that throw back. hayden, 31 yards on the pick 6
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10-0 lead for the colts. three minutes later, manning, the hands of james. three yards there. colts heading for a skunking, but no, palmer play action rolls to his left, where is ochocinco? right there. touchdown but it wasn't enough. colts win 23-17. they're 6-3. from cleveland the battle of the ryans, rex with the jets rob with the browns. final minute, colt mccoy to mow mohammad massaquoi ties the game at 20. go to overtime. we appear to be headed for a tie but with under 30 seconds to go, sanchez to santonio holmes. 37 yard walk off touchdown for the jets. they win 26-20. and improve to 7-2. and you aren't going to believe this anyone jacksonville. jaguars texans tied at 24. three seconds left. hail mary, last play in regulation, david gerard, watch this. tennessee's glover quinn goes to bat the ball down but it goes into the arms of mike thomas. touchdown jacksonville at the gun. they win on perhaps the sickest finish and weirdest play of the
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year in the nfl 31-24. all right. no offense to seattle, the college of charleston, and the university of maine, but the real test for maryland hoops begins this thursday and friday. that's when they head to new york for back-to-back games against pitt and then either texas or illinois, all three of those teams ranked in the top 25 right now. gary and the terps finishing up the gentle portion of their schedule today against maine. terps in white. cliff tucker to jordan williams. another double-double for williams. 20-11. end of the first half year, tucker, pulling the trigger himself instead of passing three of his 16. terps hit the break up 23. and then maryland's bench took over, out scoring maine's bench 38-10. terrell stowing land with the steal, terps improve to 3-o. the maryland soccer team playing for the a.c.c. title today. we show soccer on this program. taking on north carolina. hand ball in the box by carolina. that gives maryland the p.k. and matt cassel, not the
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quarterback, the maryland soccer player, buries the little dribbler. terps win 1-0. they are the a.c.c. champs. capitals in progress as we speak, taking on the atlanta thrashers at the phone booth. watch this shot by alex ovechkin. headed wide but the goalie hits it with his stick and redirects it back into the goal! that's a really bad job 90 seconds into the game. don't need to give ovechkin help like that. 1-0 capps. eight minutes later mike green through traffic. he scores there and the capps and thrashers are tied at 4 in the second intermission. as for college football. as happens every sunday night, the new u.s.a. top 25 coaches poll is just released. here is your first look. >> your u.s.a. today top 25 coaches poll presented by sprint. the now network. >> oregon escapes cal after the bears miss a late field goal. ducks 15 bears 13. the wind win keeps oregon a top the pole. auburn is right behind them after winning over georgia.
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tcu and boise state swift spot. oklahoma state is into the top 10 this week. missouri jumps four spots following their win over kansas state and south carolina is up 5 after beating florida in the swamp. texas a & m leaps six spots after beating bailer and iowa falls 7. the win puts the wildcats in this week's top 25 along with miami, utah barely holding on, dropping nine places to 24th after a loss at notre dame. games to watch this week in the buckeyes and hawk eyes in iowa city muss nebraska travels to texas a & l while virginia tech is looking to wrap up the a.c.c. coastal with a win over miami. >> that is your u.s.a. today top 25 coach's poll presented by sprint. the now network. you thought calling the redskins offensive line five matadors in a bull rick was agents fluff >> now, it's great. right on the money. >> don't look to interview any of those guys. >> i probably won't be getting a christmas card from them. still good tomorrow. rain comes in tuesday.
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60 minutes is next. see you back here at 11.
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