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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 15, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning, thanks for joining us i'm betty nguyen. the post-election congress that gets back to work today may be filled with lame duck legislators but they still have jobs to do and job number one is
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resolving the partisan dispute over tax cuts. preeti arla is in washington with more on this. good morning, preeti. >> good morning, betty. republicans want to keep the tax cuts in place for everybody. the president has said we can't afford to keep them in place for the wealthiest americans. lawmakers have seven weeks to act before taxes go up for millions of americans. temporary tax cuts put in place by the bush administration are set to expire. >> we are in the midst of the greatest recession in the history of this country since the great depression. it is not the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> just about everyone favors extending the cuts for lower and middle-income taxpayers but the obama administration and republicans are at odds about extending them for individuals making more than $200,000 a year. >> we just can't afford to borrow another $700 billion for tax cuts that almost entirely are going to go to millionaires
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and billionaires. >> the president has hinted he may be open to compromise. he meets with democratic and gop leaders this week to see if they can find common ground. as lawmakers return to washington for the lame duck session, more than 100 mostly republican freshmen are in town for orientation as the largest incoming class in the house in more than 60 years. they've been collecting their laptops, checking out their new offices and learning the lay of the land on capitol hill. the lawmakers all know what voters want. >> we just want to talk about the economy and what it takes to get jobs coming back to america. >> both sides will have to work together to get things done. republicans will control the house, while the democrats still have a majority in the senate. the obama administration claims keeping the tax cuts in place for wealthy americans will cost $700 billion and add to our national debt and, betty, those tax cuts are set to expire december 31st.
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>> time is ticking. thank you preeti. an accused kidnapper will appear in court today after a missing teenager was found in his home. but, three more people are still missing and so far the suspect is not cooperating with police. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team swarmed this home and found a missing girl bound and gagged in the basement. >> we have located and rescued 13-year-old sarah maynard. >> reporter: police arrested 30-year-old matthew hoffman and charged him with kidnapping. >> they brought in a bunch of crime labs and vehicles and then they've been here ever since. >> reporter: investigators are still looking for the girl's 10-year-old brother, kody, her mother, tina herrmann and her friend stephanie sprang. all four disappeared wednesday. herrmann was reported when she didn't show up for work at the local dairy queen. police found blood in her home
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and they located her pickup truck near this campus thursday night and closed down the school leading to hoffman's house about ten miles away where they found sarah. >> we don't know whether's connected to the family or whether he connected himself to the fam. >> he the sheriff said hoffman's mother and step-mother's house is within walking distance from the victim's home. he has a prior conviction of arson in colorado and so far is not cooperating with investigators. one neighbor says hoffman threatened her son. >> he is a weirdo, he really was a weirdo. >> sarah maynard is in good condition and is talking to the police. >> we're optimistic. we try to remain optimistic. >> reporter: the community is helping with the search for the three who are still missing. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. in southeast asia the pro democracy leader imprisoned in myanmar is enjoying her second
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day of freedom and urging followers to work for national reconciliation. >> reporter: the opposition leader aung san suu kyi spoke to a huge crowd of supporters hours after being freed from seven years of house arrest, she called for democratic rights in her military-ruled country, once known as burma. if we are to walk the democratic path, we have to walk together, build together, pave together, she told 5,000 supporters. she spent 15 of the last 21 years in detention and near isolation but she's never been forgotten. her father fought for burma's inddprens colonial rule in the 1940s. decades later, she left her husband and sons in england to form a pro-democracy party in myanar, sparking the first of many detentions. it's unclear how the rulers will
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react to her calls if change. she was under house arrest when she won the nobel peace prize in 1991, which was accepted by her family. but her husband, who is dying of cancer in england, she decided to stay, fearing the country's leaders were not let her return if she left. to carry the hope and expectations of the people is a burden, but i'm not afraid of the responsibility, she told the crowd. aung san suu kyi will likely need that freedom from fear in the days and weeks to come. authorities say an explosion that killed sen people at a mexican resort was apparently caused by a gas build-up. the blast sunday at a hotel south of cancun blew out the first floor of the 676-room building. five canadian vacationers were killed along with two mexican hotel workers. at least 20 more people including two u.s. citizens were
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injured. u.s. and nato officials say they hope to begin winding down the war in afghanistan next year with an eye to ending the u.s. combat mission there by 2014. the u.s. is expected to present elements of the plan at a nato summit in lis been later this week. but the fighting is far from over. a taliban attack today left a u.s. base in flames when rocketfire hit a fuel dump no. casualties are reported there, but nato officials say five coalition troops died in a weekend attack in the same area. after more than a year in the hands of somali pirates, a british couple is free this morning. and headed home. grateful to be alive. charlie d'agata with their story. >> reporter: out of the grasp of her captors rachel chandler could only laugh if she was asked if she felt safe. on the flight to kenya, they said they were happy to be alive after being held by smoem pirates more than a year.
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paul chandler said they were rather skinny and boney but, otherwise, fine. the retired british couple were sailing in the indian ocean when they were seized by somali pirates in october 2009. their kidnappers initially threatened to kill them if their demand for the $7 million ransom was not met and released videos to show they were serious. >> just please, plooes help us. >> reporter: despite international efforts to stop them somali pirates have attacked ships in the seas off their coasts for years, usually targeting harnlg cargo vessels hijacking them and demanding millions in ransom to let crew and cargo free. pirates are still holding close to 500 hostages and more than 20 ship british officials would only insist the uk would never award hostage-takers. the couple will spend the night
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at the british high commission in nairobi and one of the first flights back to the uk tomorrow. the family says although they appear in good shape it is hard to tell how the ordeal has affected them physically and emotionally. in london, charlie d'agat, cbs news. another safety scare for qantas airline today the fourth in less than two weeks. this time a qantas boeing 7 4 4 turned back to sydney after an electrical fault was detected. the plane landed safely. just ahead on the morning news, higher prices just in time for the holidays, plus you will not believe who won this face-off between a cat and an alligator. first, though, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> tonight how this man reached for the stars and came up with a way to move heaven and earth right in his own backyard. that's "assignment: america i've "only on the "cbs evening news." p
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a clip on youtube getting a lot of attention, a riveting video showing a cat facing down an alligator. eventually the gator leaves but then comes back with reinforcement. and still, the cat holds his ground and keeps the gators at bay. wow! that's amazing. on the "cbs moneywatch" a mixed day for asian stocks. ashley morrison is in new york with much more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. asian markets saw early gains before a sell-off japan i's nikkei managed to add one percent and hong kong's hang seng fell nearly one percent. on wall street, investors hope for a new start after the market had its biggest weekly drop in three months. last week, the dow was down more than 2%, while the nasdaq also shed more than 2%. the irs has issued new requirements for tax preparers, more than 60% of this year's returns will be put together by
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a tax preparer. those who are not cpas, lawyers or irs enrolled agents will have to pass a competency test and meet annual continuing education requirements. the size of the average house is shrinking. according to the real estate site trulia, the median-size home is now about 2100 square feet, down some 200 square feet from 2007. if you think those reusable grocery bags are environmentally friendly, listen to this. turns out led has been found in some of those bags. new york senator charles schumer is calling for a federal investigation amid fears the toxins could pose a health or environmental danger. megamind remains the biggest draw at the box office. the animated comedy featuring the voice of will ferrell made just over $30 million in its second week in the theaters. it was followed by the denzel washington thriller
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"unstoppable" and "due date" the comedy featuring robert downey jr. i went to see "mega mind" and a got to say it is one funny movie. >> for adults and children alike, huh? >> well, i laughed. >> i bet your son loved it, too. stories from around the country we're hoping to get -- or stores, i should say, were hoping to get consumers to jump-start the holiday shopping season a bit early this year but as prices for some items seemed to go higher and higher, consumers are being extra caution. phil whittiker reports. >> just when we railrs were hoping the coming holidays would get them to spend their shopping dollars rapidly rising prices may make them pinch pennies instead. a gallon of milk can is up nearly 30 cents. in just the last month, coffee has gone up 24 cents a pound. and now, cotton prices are at all-time highs, up 400% in the
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last two years. last week's price was nearly double what it was in july. the cotton cost more so the pockets cost more, which means these all-cotton jeans are going to cost you more. higher prices are a tough sell in this economy, so manufacturers are cutting where they can. using synthetic blends, lowering labor costs, and searching for long-term alternatives. including from an unlikely source, bamboo, which looks like cotton, feels like cotton and at this point is cheaper than cotton. >> shows all the kids styles. >> he says inquiries for his bamboo fabric are up almost 50%. >> more manufacturers and more brands, more designers are looking for alternative fibers and alternative fabrics. >> reporter: tough times can be fertile ground for new ideas. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. straight ahead your monday morning weather and in sports a touchdown that you just have to see to believe.
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moving from texas through the southeast. there are scattered clouds in the northeast and the northwest and northern plains are looking at mostly cloudy skies. now, later today, a chilly air will move through the northern plains. in the southeast, heavy rains along the gulf coast states. and a wintry mix is heading for the northern rocky mountain region. in sports, a power failure for the giants. the lights went out during the third quarter of new york's game with dallas. not once, but twice. the game was delayed a total of 11 minutes by the oujs. but in the game dallas seemed to have found new life under their new head coach. their quarterback passed for three touchdowns, dallas upset new york 33-20. on the final play of the game in jacksonville, houston's defensive back deflected a pass, look at this into the hands of the jaguars' receiver mike thomas. he stepped across the goal line for the winning skoerp.
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can you believe that? in cleveland jets quarterback mark sanchez connected with sanonio spdz holmes with only 16 seconds left in overtime for the winning touchdown. the jets beat the browns 26-20. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories and amazing survival, three fishermen are found after being lost at sea overnight clinging to their boat. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. [ female announcer ] freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. no other pizza tastes like freschetta, because no other pizza is made like freschetta. ♪ [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle.
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here's a look at today's weather. much 'needed rain entering the gulf coast states. the midwest remains quiet with a mixture of sun and clouds. the northwest has more shower activity falling down in the form of rain by the coast and a wintry mix in the mountains. here's another look at this morning's top stories. congress returns to work today
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for a post-election lame duck session. at the top of the agenda, deciding what to do about the income tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year. and o hi o police rescue ad 13-year-old girl from an alleged kidnapper but her mother, brother, and family friend are still missing. three fishermen are back on dry land after surviving 18 hours lost at sea. randy waldrofff was greeted by his family in kansas night, rescued saturday afternoon off clearwater, florida, with two friends. their boat ran into some trouble after big waves. >> when we decided we were going to head back, that we started realizing that the boat was taking on water. >> their boat overturned 25 miles offshore. the three men hung on to the side of the boat through the night before being discovered. he suffered skrdz ellyfish stings and two other men are said to be doing just fine. this morning on "the early show" dave price checks in as he
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getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] good morning. welcome to 9news now. howard, how's the weather? >> it's not going to be nice, but it's going to be decent for this time of year. we had a spectacular weekend. let's get you going with the
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day planner. by 9:00 we're in the low 50s, partly sunny skies through midday. upper 50s at noon. by 5:00 mostly cloudy and around 60 with northeast winds at 5 miles per hour. right now 49. there have been a couple sprinkles overnight north of town for the most part. that is now in pennsylvania. the other story we have is a little fog. andrews air force base, 16th of a mile, also in oakland. everybody else is doing all right with the clouds where the fog did not form, temperatures are in the 40s, annapolis is 52. we are 49, and mid-40s for the shenandoah valley. here's angie with the time saver traffic. monday morning, we are all clear outside. taking a glance at 270, construction northbound at falls road is in the local and through lanes. going southbound you're doing okay. virginia the inner loop, checking outlooking like lanes are wide open from the wilson
4:27 am
bridge to the american legion bridge all the way. 66 we are looking at a 45 minute commute, incident free out of gainesville past 50 to 495. in the next traffic report at 4:31 a check on the beltway in mayor lad and roads north of it. thank you. now, here's some stories we're following. congress returns today for what's known as the lame duck session. lawmakers and the president will be searching for common ground before the temporary tax cuts expire at the end of the yes. the president is now hinting he is willing to compromise somewhat on extending the tax cuts so americans don't have a tax hike during a tough economy. prince george's county executive jack johnson is free from police custody and plans to report for work this morning. even though johnson and his wife are facing up to 20 years in prison. they are accused of witness tampering, as well as destruction, falsification and altering of documents and bribery. got any antiques around the
4:28 am
house? maybe just gathering dust in the attic? you could be sitting on a jackpot. nobody knows better than a brother and sister in britain who became multimillionaires overnight. charlie d'agata reports. >> it's 43 million pounds, sold. >> the auctioneer's gavel came down and smashed records. the 18th century vase fetched $83 million after the british auctioneer's cut. >> the more i looked at it the better it became. that was the point at which i said, if this is real, we're into millions. >> but nobody was more shocked than the brother and sister who brought it to the tiny english auction house. they found it while clearing out their parents' home recently after they died. the vase sat on a shelf for years, nobody had any idea what it was worth.
4:29 am
>> it's the most expensive chinese works that's ever been sold. the previous record was for an 11th century coal, which was 37 million. that's only $50 million. the vase probably originally sat in chinese royal palas in the 1700s. nobody is sure how it ended up in a british suburb. the auctioneer who pocketed $13 million in the surprise sale put it best: it's a fairytale really, the my price reflecting the increased buying power in that. a chinese businessman bought the vase. good morning, welcome to 9news now. today is monday another 15th, i'm andrea roane. it's a chance toe mov r