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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: 38, 39, 40, 42. great. thanks a lot. good night. [cheers and applause]
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a corruption scandal widens in prince george's county. nine new indictments allege drug trafficking, ex torsion and more. and which foods fight cancer. plus the rain is already
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falling. topper issing tracking it. and the scandal it is deepening. tonight three prince george's county cops are accused of conspiring with criminals. . >> and now a federal grand jury has indicted those officers on ex torsion, drug trafficking and firearms charges. they are richard delabrar, shaun kim and sinka simic. they're linked to john jackson and his wife but they'll not say how. >> six others have also been indicted and tonight searchs have moved to the suspects homes and businesses. tiptop liquor tends to be central of the allegations of transporting and selling alcohol and cigarettes. gary nurenberg is there with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. the high profile owner of tiptop liquors at one point hired one of the police officers as an off duty security guard here and who
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is accused of conspiring with police to moved that unpacked liquor and tobacco. federal officers searched the store monday and were still taking boxes from the home into the evening. in 2007 he had paid tens of thousands of dollars to off duty police officers to provide security at his liquor store. authorities had wanted it closed because of crime in the neighborhood. he also actively lobbied in the county for fewer restrictions on liquor sales. the feds alleged he conspired with public officials, known and unknown, in this scheme. >> we saw them and others pay for police officers in exchange for using their official authority to assist in the transport and distribution of untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> reporter: and owner of prestige auto glass in college park was also indicted in the scheme. it too was closed monday. the officers charged in the plan were arrested at the belingtsville police station. so -- beltsville police station.
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so how is this related to jack johnson and his wife, the feds only say it is. >> this case and the case announced on friday are among the series of related investigation. we're not at liberty to talk about what the relationship may be. >> reporter: incoming county executive wants the focus elsewhere. >> we remain focused on kitchen table issues of our residents. >> reporter: he did not directly address corruption and was chased by reporters who wanted to know why. >> why are you walking away from that question? >> what we're focused on is the needs of the people of prince george's county. we want to make sure there's a first rate government in place. we're addressing job opportunities. we're addressing our school systems. >> reporter: baker hinted he might have more to say about the scandal when he formally assumes office next month. and because prosecutors are hinting there more be more indictments, he may have more to talk about then. a quick note, we told you three police officers were charged
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today. a third in a separate charges on weapons and drug trafficking that involve half a kilo of cocaine. >> all right. the chief of police calls this a black eye for his department and he's put his force on notice. >> i think there are some that may not appreciate this. but there is going to be accountable at all levels. everybody is going to be held accountable for the performance of their jobs to show up for work, take care of their employees and provide a proper service for this community. that's the bottom line. >> back to business as usual. well, that is what prince george's county executive jack johnson tried to do today. he reported for work this morning and he vowed to finish the job until his term ends december 6th. now, johnson refused to talk about his arrest on friday for allegedly trying to conceal a $100,000 check from a developer. and the arrest of his wife lesli who allegedly tried to conceal
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nearly $80,000 in cash in her bra. mr. johnson said he would be vindicated. the two-term elected official is wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle and lesli johnson is set to be sworn in. >> we want prince george's county to know i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i started eight years ago. >> lesli johnson is all set to be sworn in as a new prince george's county council member december 6th. right now the rain is falling all across the metro, but how long will this go on. let's get to chief meteorologist topper shutt over in the weather center. >> i wish i had better news. we have to pay the piper at some time. let's go to live doppler 9000. you can access this at any time at it's raining everywhere except this little area just north of baltimore and around frederick. that's about it. everybody else is seeing rain. and the good news is nothing is
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particularly heavy. all of it is just generally light to moderate rain but just enough to wet the roads, and that is going to be the case for tomorrow. light rain in bethesda, vienna. winds easterly at about ten. wakeup weather doesn't get much better. cool at 5:00. temperatures in the 40s. a little bit of rain. rain at 7:00. temps in the 40s. and more rain at 9:00 and temperatures in the 40s. we'll come back and let you know if you have to battle rain on your way home. anita. >> all right, topper. new tonight a maryland family is remembering their loved one killed in action. specialist david luther from maryland died last thursday. he died from his injuries from an explosive device in afghanistan. he was stationed at fort campbell in kentucky and assigned to the air force division. closing arguments in the chandra levy murder trial are
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expected to start tomorrow. the defendant did not take the stand. levy's disappearance created a national investigation when she was released to a governor. a 911 call from a man who found levy's remain a year after she went missing in the park. >> it's 6:30. i haven't heard from you. maybe you're out of the country or something. anyway, give me a call. >> i was walking my dog in the woods this morning and i came across a human skull. >> are you sure? >> absolutely. i don't know anything else that looks like it. >> well, that's true. >> condit was once the main suspect but authorities no longer believe he had anything to do with her disappearance or death. a judge says a former virginia pastor o cued of sexually -- accused of sexually
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molesting two boys 16 years ago should serve time for that. tommy shelton tried to cut a plea deal but the judge declined the request. the alleged abuse happened while he was the head of the community church of god in dunn loring. 9news now spoke to one of the victims. >> i'm prepared to do whatever it takes to stop people from -- from doing stuff like this to people. because it's not right. >> that former pastor faces seven years behind bars. his license was actually revoked back in 1985 after he admitted to inappropriate behavior with young boys in illinois but he continued to serve as a pastor. well, wanted good lawyer for high profile case must be willing to smile for the cameras. charlie wrangler now the target. he ran out of money to pay him. he asked for more time to hire a
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new one. then he stood up and walked out of the room. the panel went on without him. he is looking at charges that he failed to pay taxes. the department of homeland security says it's open to changes in new security procedures that some passengers say go way too far. over the weekend, a traveller in san diego complained an inner thigh pat down amounted to sexual assault. he recorded this exchange with the security agent. >> i don't understand how a sexual assault be made. >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> some travelers say the pat downs are humiliating and the new body scanners reveal far too much under clothing but others say better safe than sorry. >> i would rather you be innocent and get on the plain safely than not. >> with recent car bomb threats,
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they make no apologies. harry potter all abuzz after viewing a sneak peek of a new movie. it's the 7th and last adventure in the series. >> in fact, tonight 800 lucky fans got an exclusive screening. that's where we find brittany morehouse live. did it live up to all of the fancy trailers we've been seeing? >> reporter: i heard it was awesome. scary. suspenseful at times. and those are just the screams for harry potter t-shirts and posters. can you imagine the energy building for the actual movie? >> we're really excited. >> awesome. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: from the giggling children to the adults, fans are. >> excited. >> second only to being at the london premiere. >> i love harry potter when he
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does his thing. >> an escape from reality, i guess. >> why do you live. >> reporter: true fascination swirls around this world where now the school kids are no longer kids and no longer in wizards school. it's been a decade since the 11-year-old made his harry potter debut. growing up with him, people like erin and brian. >> what does harry potter mean to me? that is tough. it means a lot. harry potter made it like fun to read again. >> harry, harry. >> reporter: david with 94.7 fresh fm says this promotion handing out movie tickets has been one of their biggest. >> we have people with lightning bolts on their forehead. there are four girls that i brought from the back of the line to the front of their line. they are into it, dressed up, ready to go. >> reporter: so was it worth it? [ laughing ] >> it was pretty good. >> awesome. >> worth the wait. >> no. i thought there was some really beautiful moments in it. >> i can't wait until the next
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one comes out. >> reporter: already talking about part two to be released this summer. and i'm hearing that uptown theater may get a sneak peek preview for that, so you might want to put in your vacation request right now. >> i have to ask you, brittany, how many little kids were there? because this is a very scary movie. >> reporter: i was surprised. and they talked about how the book was scary at times. so i guess we just roll with the punches. they really trust in that wizards re. still ahead tonight, eat certain foods and prevent cancer. they say it's true. anita revealed the evidence and the foods that should be on ñúñú
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in our health alert tonight, researchers spend millions of dollars to try to
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prevent cancer. there is an easy way to prevent and help slow down malignancy. it's your diet. >> it's important we are overall healthy. that is helping us preventing cancer. >> this doctor is an oncologist who says cancer fighting foods do exist. for example, foods rich in vitamin d like fish, serial and milk should be in your diet because research shows they may help prevent colon and breast cancer cells from forming. >> vitamin d like many other food items have several good things for our body in terms of preventing cancer. it reduces differentiation of the bad cells so it eliminates them. >> other items on her cancer fighting list tomatoes. any time of berry, nuts and soy food. dc residents believe it's not just what you eat but how you prepare it.
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in 2008, she had a test called thermography. it showed hot spots that could be early, cancerous changes. then she switched to lean meats, sushi and vegetables. the hot spots were gone. >> raw foods are supposed to allow your body to heal. >> spicing things up can also be a powerful protector. another doctor says turmeric can be one reason india's cancer rates are 10% lower than the u.s.. they found the spice can actually kill cancer. >> so we have shown a wide variety of tumor cells can be selectively killed by curcumin.
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>> so other spices mentioned as having serious disease fighting properties are ginger, cinnamon, oregno and chilly pepper. >> the rest of the food on the list of things you shouldn't eat are going to be things i really like. >> the one main one that comes up again and again by different researchers is saturated red meat, like high fat red meat. the saturated fat and the way red meat is cooked sometimes on the grill that can add carcinogens. it's okay to have it but it shouldn't be the majority of what you eat. i'm sorry to tell you this, plant based is best. >> plant based is best. it's hard to ignore. >> it really is. there is great evidence for that. >> okay. >> putting some green on your plate. we're going to go back to one of the spices you talked about. if you suffer from acne or dry skin, we'll show you how to whip up a spicy facial some people
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swear by. let's go out to colorado now where a bride-to-be had to make the best of a bad situation. the young woman's wedding was called off at the last minute and it was too late to cancel all of the food for the reception. so what does she do? the young lady and her family contact the salvation army. they bus in 150 homeless folks and gave them a spectacular meal. >> she's a super giving young lady and when it was apparent we weren't going to be able to do anything else, she says, you know, dad, i want to feed the less fortunate. >> we see people stepping up to the plate and doing something like this. but i don't know i have ever seen anything like this before. >> a very, very, very nice woman. now, we don't know why the wedding was called off. but who can doubt this, the young lady deserves nothing less than a prince charming, and he's on the way. >> i sure hope so. >> very nice father because i wouldn't have been available for a sound bite. i would have been tracking the man down. >> a very good gesture. [ laughing ]
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>> i have two daughters. that's the way it is. >> that's a wedding. >> okay. rain is here. rain is here to stay. i would go ahead and just allow some extra time tomorrow morning and allow some extra time tomorrow evening because it's not going to go away. temperature wise we're looking at temps in the low 50s and upper 40s. temps aren't doing a whole lot. they don't do much tomorrow either. 49 in arlington. we're looking at 50 up in bethesda and 51 downtown. 50 in college park and 50 in beltsville. now, satellite picture, radar combined, tremendous amount of moisture heading our way from the gulf of mexico. we have a stationary front just to our south, and the moisture is going to ride up the front tonight and tomorrow. should get out of here either late tomorrow night or very early before anything goes on wednesday morning. a pretty good slug of moisture right now. the good thing is it's just light to moderate activity. nothing really heavy. no flooding coming ou wear. let's look at -- our way. let's look at live doppler. again, pretty much everybody is seeing light rain and showers
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and temperatures, again, pretty much uniform. we'll zoom in a little bit. the beltway is certainly wet. it's not going to be much fun going home from the game and it looks like mr. haber is getting wet. rain up in beltsville and wheaton and rockville and mcclane. and we'll put this into motion over the next hour. nothing really changes. everything is streaming up to the north and it will stay light overnight. we may see a little bit of moderate activity tomorrow. let's go back to the computer. rain and showers on tuesday. no doubt about that. a wet morning commute. unfortunately a wet p.m. commute. that's the bad news. windy but nice on wednesday. we'll salvage a nice day on wednesday, but very, very windy. we can see wind gusts upwards 35 miles an hour. all right. by lunch time tomorrow, well, you got it, more rain and showers. the good news is it's just light activity. by evening just enough to wet the road from gaithersburg, downtown, out towards culpeper by evening and then it goes away pretty quickly. maybe a left overshower just before midnight.
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winds really pick up behind this system. no doubt about that. and some showers linger in the mountain late tomorrow night. that will not be a concern for us. overnight then cloudy and cool. rain and showers. 44 to about 50. winds easterly at ten. here is the deal. the day planner tomorrow, umbrella and a jacket, please. 44-50 by 7:00. 53 by lunch time and 55 by evening. it's going to be cool pretty much across the board. the next three days, again, we'll get through tomorrow. we'll be all right. windy on wednesday. 62. 58 on thursday. a little bit cooler. but 58 is just about average this time of the year. all right. next seven days, even cooler still on friday. 55. but nice for high school football. and look at this, we're in a groove for another nice weekend. nice. 60 on saturday. 60 on sunday. terps are playing saturday night. it should be spectacular. and low 60s next monday. and i'll just say it again, don't be fooled because things are going to change next weekend. >> yes, yes. you said that last week. [ laughing ] >> he was right. >> i was right. >> he was right. just wait until thanksgiving, my
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friend. >> oh. >> okay. now, you know, we are not allowed to show you any redskins highlights of the game that is still going on. >> you don't want to see any. >> i have good news. it's raining at fedex field and that is the only thing slowing down the eagles. [ laughing ] >> the only thing. what a two weeks it's been. if you're a redskins fan, the drama has been out of nowhere today. details of the deal designed to keep mac five in the juicy for a while and then the nightmare of a game
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> well, the monday night game at fedex field is turned into a one sided track meet, folks. we'll get to the particulars on that in a minute. first the big news of the day, though, the redskins tried to squash the mcnabb shanahan controversy by throwing money at it. a five year extension with
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$78 million. 40 of it guaranteed with incentives it could get to about 88 million. to weeks ago he wasn't worthy of a two minute drill. now he's the long-term option. okay. here is his agent before the game. >> we intended to -- intended in the beginning of the season to get it done before the season or at the biweek. he loves dc. loves it here. loves the area. fans have been great. the team has been great. so he was absolutely elated to get it done today. >> he's not loving it tonight. here is the bad news. philly has come into fedex field and taken the heart out of washington. 59-21 right now. it was 28-0 after the first 15 minutes. mike vick has been the difference. six touchdowns. three running -- no. four passing, two running. mcnabb, meanwhile, 263. but three picks. wow. most of the big time hoop frames
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are eating cupcake, after barely getting past on friday, tonight against terrain. had 17 against odu on friday and the former stag lining it up tonight. he was nine of 15 from the field. a little bit later some work to the bucket and scoring it there. a little back door cutting later on. he had 23 points. georgetown staying unbeaten. they win 69-53. jordan williams named 8th dc player of the week. three games. three double-doubles. he's averaging 12 and 14 leading the terps to a 3-0 start. quarterback danny o'brien a big reason why. the freshman trooper nearly 300 yards against virginia saturday and earned conference rookie of the week. okay. it's time for you to pick this week's game of the week.
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here are your choices. lake braddic host inging robinson. hammond at mcdonough. gaithersburg at sherwood. the winning game will lead our coverage on friday night. now, normally when you say washington caps, you're talking about ovechkin. but the other alex leads the team in scoring and was named one of the week's stars after raking up eight points in three games. meanwhile the other alex ovechkin was at a release party. not about hockey. it covers the home life of ov growing up in moscow. sales go on tomorrow. >> doesn't he live with donovan mcnabb?