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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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try to decide if ingmar guandique killed the young intern. bruce leshan is live at d.c. superior court with a look at some intense closing arguments from the defense and the prosecution. bruce? >> reporter: leslie, prosecutors said that this face, ingmar guandique's face, was the last face that chandra levy saw as she lay bound and naked either dead already or left to die in rock creek park. but really this -- almost this entire case rests on the credibility of two former cell mates of ingmar guandique. now one of them was brought on by the prosecutors and he testified that guandique confessed to him, saying i killed that woman, although he used less commit words, but i didn't rape her. and the other former cell mate said that he never heard guandique say any such thing.
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prosecutors hung chandra levy's stained clothes right in front of the jury. the tights knotted as though used to bind someone. the sports bra, the usc t-shirt all found with her skeletal remains eight years ago in rock creek park. ingmar guandique, they say, was stalking young women in the park. he pleaded guilty to attacking holly schilling and christie wiegand on remote trails that match the chandra levy scene precisely. dense woods, a steep ridge, a creek to drown the noise of anyone screaming. prosecutors also pointed to a prison pen pal, a woman guandique was obsessed with. maria mendez, in a taped phone call, talked to him about how scared she was that he had written her about a murdered girl. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: and they pointed to the corroborating testimony from a former land lady who said guandique had scratches on his face the night chandra levy
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disappeared. >> there were scratches on him? >> yes there were. >> reporter: fiction said the defense. all fiction. they said the government has not brought any evidence of how chandra levy died, where or when she died. and they directed juror's attention back to gary condit, whose dna was found on chandra levy's underwear in her apartment. he does things like a guilty man. he doesn't cooperate with the police. he doesn't help when a girl he said he cares about goes missing. a married man, a powerful man, he's the one, they say, that has the motive to engineer chandra levy's disappearance. now jurors due back here at the courthouse -- courtroom 320 at 9:30 tomorrow morning. we will -- if they come up with a verdict and when they come up with a verdict, we'll bring it to you live. lesli. >> bruce, we know you will. you've been covering it the entire time. thank you so much. in a 9 news now update, the case against deandrew hamlin takes a step forward.
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he was linked to last month's murder of an american university professor sue ann marcum. she was found dead in her home. d.c. police found hamlin marking marcum's jeep. today as part of the extradition process prosecutors dismissed the charges against hamlin and that paves the way for a hearing next week that would lead to his transfer to montgomery county. now just a short time ago police there told us they very much consider hamlin a potential suspect in marcum's death. well charlie rang elf new york was close-lipped today after an ethics panel convicted him on 11 counts related to finance and fundraising. >> your reaction to the committee's decision? >> no, i really haven't. >> reporter: rangel said he was deprived of his due process rights and the right to counsel and that he was not even in the room when the panel considered the charges. rangel walked out of his hearing yesterday when his request for a postponement was denied. he said his lawyers abandoned
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him when he ran out of money and he needed time to set up a legal defense fund n. a statement today rangel said he hopes the full committee will recommend his punishment to the house and they will treat him for fairly and to consider his 40 years of service. new information tonight on the growing corruption scandal in prince george's county. today a judge ordered amrick melhi seen here in video from three years ago and his wife to be detained. the couple owns tick tock liquors in langley park. and yesterday agents raided their clarksville mansion where they stashed -- or where they found $400,000 in cash in a closet. agents say they also have phone recordings of the couple talking about paying off county officials. now to the underage drinking crackdown in howard county. police cited five establishments for selling alcohol to miners. they are centennial queue and
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karaoke in ellicott city, friendship liquors in west friendship, mt. pellier liquors and wood vine wine and spirits. volunteers worked with police and separately went into each business to try and buy booze and none of the clerks that sold to them asked for i.d. the district is one of a few jurisdictions in the country where families can stay on welfare past five years. but that could soon change. bruce johnson reports even the so-called progressives on the d.c. counsel are now calling for limits as to how long taxpayers should fund poor families with children. >> you can be on it for a while and you end up getting stuck there and that's not where you want to be. >> reporter: brenda has been on welfare for more than five years. she said that's long enough but she said she needs help to be totally self-sufficient. >> kicking people off of welfare after five years, what do you think? >> well it's a good idea as long as they have the proper training for good paying jobs. >> reporter: unemployment in the city's poorest
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neighborhoods is listing at 30% and that could be a conservative estimate. but the two d.c. council members who represent wards 8 and 7 are among the surprised advocates for putting people off welfare after five years. >> so there needs to be job training, we need to stress education. we need to get those people off the roles. >> reporter: today there are roughly 17,000 families on welfare in the district. 40% of those have been on welfare for more than five years and they are collecting about $370 per month. >> well i don't think it's too early to have the discussion. >> reporter: d.c. mayor elect vincent gray. >> given the economy, it doesn't make sense to have this discussion when there are no jobs out there for people. >> well i think there will be jobs. when you look at the fact that homeland security will be coming here. >> reporter: the welfare doesn't fund resources beyond five years. the city uses $25 million a year to keep people on the roles beyond that time. tommy wells, chairman of human
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services committee is where any changes must start. >> i propose having meaningful programs that can get people to work. marion barry, champion to the city poorest residents, are cosponsoring the bill to limit the term to five years. >> and he called a short time ago and said the current welfare system is a miserable welfare. he said welfare could be ended if more d.c. jobs went to d.c. residents. a study by the university of virginia finds that prince william county controversial immigration policies that cut down on the number of illegal immigrants now in the county. the study also finds that since the policy was implemented, some crime rates have fallen. now under that county policy, police officers must check the immigration status of anyone they arrest. our peggy fox is in prince william county right now. she'll have a full report on this study and some reaction to it coming up on 9 news now at
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7:00. well too close for comfort. that's what some air travelers are saying about new security measures. >> i'm live at dulles airport. coming up, what you need to know about the full body scan. and i'm topper shutt. i still have the umbrella. showers are still in the forecast. we'll show you live doppler. we'll tell you when the showers move out and what that means for your morning commute and when the big winds move in. now gay couples can marry regardless of where they live. we'll explain how coming up after the break.
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the world is all abuzz about prince william's engagement and plenty of you are weighing in with your thoughts on our facebook page. he asked kate middleton last month while they were vacationing in kenya. during the first interview as a
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couple, the prince said it was difficult keeping quiet for so long and they were relieved to make the announcement. they did not say how big or small the wedding would be but they are certain they want a family. >> i think we'll take it one step at a time. we'll get over the marriage thing first and then look at the kids. but obviously we want a family so we'll have to start thinking about that. >> the prince said he's given his fiance the engagement ring once wore by princess diana. it is an oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. he said it was a way of making sure that his mother, quote, didn't miss out. from a royal wedding to a wedding like none other. an e-marriage. a gay couple got married via skype to circumvent safe marriage laws. mark reed and daunte walkup are from texas and they married via skype in a wedding from d.c. now as the law is currently written, it seem that's a couple can file their marriage certificate in d.c. and then get married where ever they want. all they need is for a d.c.
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license official to skype in for the vows. now although they may be married, it doesn't solve the issue that texas does not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. but this could mean that a gay couple can legally by married anywhere in the nation. we want you to join our facebook discussion about this. and lisa says, i don't think any kind of marriage should be recognizable over the internet. patty spencer said, the law needs to be changed that all parties involved need to be in the same room when the ceremony needs to make place. and this is from michelle, over the internet, come on, that's a bit of a stretch. well keep your comments coming at wusa. and we'll have more on the airport security screens coming up.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the new era of security or an invasion of privacy. that is the debate happening right now at the our nation's
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airports. the direct of homeland security said the full body scan is imperative in this age of terrorism. but some are planning to protest. delia gonsalves is live at the airport. what are they planning to do? >> reporter: they say if they are chosen they will opt out and that will create long lines here at the airport. they are staging their protest on one of the busiest travel days, the day before thanksgiving. travelers are selected at random to go through the full body scan where tsa officers look at images of your body. even though a new cbs poll said four out of five americans support the screening, many folks we talk to at the airports say they are uncomfortable with the whole idea. if you don't take the screening, you are subject to a patdown. either way, passengers say it's not a perfect system. >> i don't believe in this them. another way to do it which is much more productive, and until that changes, if you don't want to go through the scran, don't
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get on the plane. >> reporter: here is what you need to know about the full body scans. all body images are viewed in private. assisting officers cannot view the image and the officer viewing the image never sees the passenger. and all pictures are deleted. now if you don't go through that, you have to do the patdown. and i should tell you that when you are going through the patdown, the officer conducting the patdown will be of the same gender as the passenger. we're live at dulles airport, delia gonsalves, 9 news now. it is time to check the evening rush hour on the roads. richard andre is here with your time saver traffic. >> and on the beltway we still notice wet roadways. so back down on the your speeds. we find the slowdowns more than normal. inner loop will be on the slow in prince george's county. a 30-45 minute delay there. slow on new hampshire to 270
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and from river road toward gallows on the outer loop. northbound 395, virginia also looks like stop-and-go from boundary channel at least to the 14th street bridge. southbound 395 on the other side slow, washington boulevard to duke and then southbound 95 continues sluggish from newington, crossing the occuquan toward quantico butal least all lanes are open. southbound 95 local and h.o.v. lanes. back to you. aft ron omers say a supernova spotted 30 years ago appears to be a black hole in the making. but don't worry, it is 50 million light years from earth in a neighboring galaxy. but still this marks its first time scientists have been able to record the exact birth date of a black hole. >> we want to watch how this system evolves and changes in its useful stages from when it was first born to when it goes into a child and teenager and gets older and is more material because that's how we understand the physics of black hole systems. >> giantists believe they can
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be formed in a number of ways. in this case a star 20 times the mass of our own sun going supernova then collapsed into an object so dense it sucks surrounding material into it's core. so translation for the normal people who don't understand all of that. the black hole, nothing can get through it, not even light. nothing can get out. >> right. i can't imagine a teenage black hole. that would be challenging. >> especially when nothing can get out. >> that would be interesting. the showers are on the way out. the wind is on the way in. that will be the big story late tonight and tomorrow. let me start first with what is going on now. satellite picture, radar combined, most of the rain is north of us and heavier amounts fell west of i-95 today. everybody had a soaking rain to some extent, from .30 to pot 90. and heavy rain through pennsylvania and into the ohio valley. and the showers down to the
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south have month move through before we are clear. and live doppler 9000 you can access at we'll pinpoint the activity. everything is light, except over in anne arundel county and not far from shady side and over toward dunkirk and to the east of marlboro. everything is pushing to the north and east. and widening back out, everything else west of the 95 -- whoa, let's go back to doppler. a little activity up toward 270 toward gaithersburg. what happens in the next hour, we'll see another batch of showers develop and move across parts of the metro area. but again, good news is everything is light but the bad news is it will stay wet through the commute. and now we'll talk about temperatures. 61 is the high so far today at national. still 56 in bethesda. 56 in reston. 58 in sterling, and 59 in leesberg. that's as warm as it's been so far today, right now. and hang on to your hat. gusts of 40 mile-per-hour
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possible, 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mountains. breezy and cooler on thursday. sunny and chilly on friday. now for tonight, rain turns to showers. those showers end by midnight. windy and mild, lows in the low 50s. and quite frankly i think that's high. i think we may be in the upper 50s because southwest winds gusty. and tomorrow morning partly cloudy and windy and mild. grab a light jacket. winds could gust to 30 miles per hour in the afternoon. by the afternoon windy and nice. highs low to mid-60s. winds could gust in excess of 25 miles per hour in the afternoon. next three days, windy tomorrow and breezy and cooler on thursday. mostly cloudy on thursday. sunshine returns on friday but cool. mid-50s. weekend looks nice. 60 on saturday, 54 on sunday. we lower temperatures on sunday but still sunshine on saturday and sunday we'll take it. back up to 60 on monday. showers are possible on tuesday. it does not look like a big system. temperatures go back into the
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mid-60s. don't let it fool you. it will turn like winter next week. and last night was like are we there yet? >> after the first quarter they were on pace to lose 112 to nothing. it didn't end up that way but it must have happened. imagine the most heinous performance you can think of and then add 20% more. that's what the redskins did last night. we'll have more reaction to the wreckage on monday night. and why donovan mcnabb's contract isn't what you think it is. details on sports next.
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all right, of all of the sporting events i've been to, it was the first time i saw people heading to the exits in the first quarter. the eagles had 35 points in last night's game before the redskins ever had a first down. in what turned out to be the
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most comprehensive beatdowns in franchise history. it started when vick hit desean jackson on an 88-yard touchdown bomb and it never stopped. the eagles will 600 yards and scored 42-yards by halftime. and the watchword after the game was embarrassment. >> we just never was in the game at all and they just came out and beat us from the first quarter to the last quarter. >> really nothing worked. they just played better than us. and i think we were completely embarrassed. >> they came out and flat out just beat us and it was something we couldn't recover from. >> and if you are wondering why the eagles came out so fired up, perhaps because of the pregame fight that the redskins picked with them. leron landy and deangelo hall in the middle of this rhubarb had to be separated by the refs. desean jackson claims that landry spit at him during the scuffle. landry told me that's not true. of course before the game all
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of the talk was about donovan mcnabb and his contract, but by the time the game was over it was all about the other quarterback and he was the one who looked like he deserved a raise. michael vick was unstoppable in this game. the man who just 18 months ago was set -- sitting in a federal prison, his quarterback rating was nearly perfect at 150 and the redskins couldn't died whether to -- couldn't decide whether to tackle him or give him a standing ovation. >> he scored here and there. he's a special player. >> it's a play maker, game changer and he works hard and you can see he understands football now. >> and speaking of donovan's contract, we heard yesterday it was five years, $78 million, $40 million guaranteed and that's only if they keep him beyond this year. if they cut him at the end of the season, they owe him $3.5 million and the contract would
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be void into tomorrow to pick the d.c. high school sportsnet game of the week. braddock hosting robinson. hanon visiting mcdonough and liberty at briar woods, you can cast your vote for game of the week at dc high school after what happened with stephen strasburg, d.c. fans have already had their fill of headaches and heart aches with number one draft pick this is year. so hearing the words crutches and john wall in the same sentence kind of sent a shiver through our spines today. the wizards rookie will miss tonight's game against toronto with a sprained left foot. he was on crutched today. gilbert arenas slated to make the start in his place tonight. and finally tonight we have a new candidate for the easiest soccer goal ever missed. look at that empty net. seriously, how emptier do you want it to be? >> want to get away?
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>> i imagine he does. >> far, far away. >> that is it for us on 9 news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news with katie curic is next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a good night. take it easy out there.