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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 16, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. >> good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, end of the line. the district could be on the verge of putting limits on how long families can stay on
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welfare. big bucks and booze. prince george's county liquor store is in cop after cops snag -- in court after cops snag hundreds of thousands of dollars from his closet. did he or didn't he? jurors expect to get the case against the man accused of killing chandra levy in the morning. >> i'm bruce leshan and at the chandra levy murder trial at d.c. superior court, closing arguments today. prosecutors asked jurors to think about this face. this face was the last face that chandra levy saw as she lay bound and naked, either dead already or left to die in rock creek park. prosecutors hung chandra levy's stained clothes right in front of the jury. the tights knotted as though used to bind someone. the sports bra, the t-shirt, all found with her skeletal remains eight years ago in rock
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correct park. he was talking young women -- stalking young women in the park. fiction, said the defense, all defense. they said the state hadn't brought evidence of where she died or when she died. they directed jurors attention back to former congressman who's dna was found on her underwear in her apartment. >> reporter: we learn today the ongoing corruption scandal today turned up another $400,000 in cash that was stashed in a closet. the money was confiscated from the howard county home of liquor store owner and his wife. both are accused of conspiring with two prince george's police officers to smuggle and sell untaxed liquor and cigarettes. the money stash was revealed during a detention hearing for the wife. the immigrant from india was
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found to be a flight risk and ordered to be held in federal custody. bruce johnson in the district. this is one of the few places left in the country where people can be on welfare for more than five years. but is that about to change? brenda robinson of southeast washington has been on welfare for more than five years. she says that's long enough, but brenda says she needs help to become totally self- sufficient. >> taking people off welfare after five years, what do you think? >> it's a good idea, as long as they have the proper training for good paying jobs. >> unemployment in the city's poorest neighborhoods is listed at 30%. that could be a conservative estimate. the two d.c. council members who represent the ward 8 and 7 are among the advocates for putting people off welfare after five years. >> there needs to be job training, we need to stress education. >> reporter: d.c. mayor elect, vinson gray. >> given the economy, we
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shouldn't be having the discussion at this point when there aren't a lot of jobs. >> i think there will be jobs when you look at the fact homeland security is coming here, there will be 22,000 jobs. >> reporter: a tough policy against illegal immigrants in principles williams county has been -- prince william's county. today the study was released on the policy. the man behind the measure calls it a slam dunk. >> it's great news. it's affirmed everything we've been saying over the past few years. >> reporter: prince william county chairman pushed through an antiimmigration policy that produced protest and praise. >> reporter: the policy requires police to check the immigration status of everyone arrested and alerts i.c.e. if they're here illegally. today researchers from the university of virginia found it did work in decreasing the numbers of prince william and decreased the number of crimes. >> the drop in violent crimes,
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47% drop in aggravated assault, which the university of virginia has attributed to the implementation of this policy. for all of the grief that our county and the board and the police department department received in 2007, the benefits are now there for everyone to see. >> reporter: but john steinbach with mexicans without borders doesn't see it that way. >> it's been three years of terror. >> reporter: the study found the hispanic population of every county in northern virginia increased over the last three years except prince william county. john steinbach says that's because the policy gives the county a bad reputation. >> this community has been forever changed and torn apart. in a real sense corey stewart and the board of supervisors have brought shame on our community. we've been called the nation's capitol of intolerance. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> corey stewart has been pushing to take the policy
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statewide. steinbach says they will fight that all the way. dave albo plans to introduce an immigration reform measure that would mimic that controversial arizona law. what do you think? should this sort of legislation be undertaken across the area? rain, rain, go away. talks out on the terrace with a check on when the stuff might stop. i see you still have the umbrella. >> reporter: not much. i'm hanging on to it now as it's getting windy. there's still showers off to the south of us. the heaviest rain by far and away to the ease of us and more heavy showers, even a few thunderstorms in the mountains will pull away. now we go into live doppler. you can access this any time at still showers towards fredericksburg. everything is light. showers north up into bethesda and into howard county and showers along i-81. for tonight, here's the deal. we're going to exchange one
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problem for another. rain tapers to showers. the showers end by midnight. then it becomes windy and mild. low temperatures in the 50s. we'll come back and talk about where the wind advisories have been posted and talk about tooler air moving in. a driver has pled guilty toinvoluntary manslaughter in a crash that killed a friend and badly injured a soccer player. it took place last year along the gw park way. the night of the crash, espinoza had an alcohol level well beyond the legal limit. the accident killed ashley roberta. not a nice night out there on the beltway. richard andre is in the traffic center. we know when it rains around here, it pours for folks trying to get home. >> that's true. as a matter of fact we have a serious accident between route
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5. that's because after serious injury that closed it down. it looks like we have all the emergency people there, ambulance, fire, police, so you're being advised not to use that route. use branch avenue or pennsylvania avenue as alternate routes. the beltway quite slow in a general area, montgomery county in a loop from i-270. as you go down the hill from river road into virginia by gallows road, our speeds are slowly coming back up. look out for wet roadways. southbound 85 past the bridge. hov southbound lane i-85 look pretty good right now, derrick. it's been 40 years since a living u.s. soldier has been awarded the medal of honor. it happened today at the white house. i'm joel brown. coming up. first, riding responsibly. riding a motorcycle with a helmet might save your life, new evidence.
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a new push out there for helmet laws, to require motorcycle laws were helmets. studies show motorcycle deaths have jumped in resent years while other traffic fatalities dropped. 4,400 people died in motorcycle accidents last year, and the leading cause, head injuries. after a weekend of grumbling about airport security screenings, tomorrow a senate subcommittee will take it up. oversight of the security administration is the topic of subcommittee on aviation and safety and security hearing. tonight, pilots and crews are expressing their frustrations about the new imaging machine used at airports all over the country, including reagan national, dulles and bwi. we asked you for your opinions on the screenings.
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holly patterson said i would rather go through the scanner than anyone touching me. stephen ward posts i'll say what i have said over and over. it is better to go through a few minutes of perhaps an uncomfortable security check than to realize you were wrong during a free fall from 30,000 feet. and deb asks and while they scan us, what about the cargo? hello, we know that is not being thoroughly checked. deb, today the senate homeland security committee asked that same question in a hearing on air cargo security. the administration and the commissioner of the u.s. customs and border commission were both there to testify. he told the committee in the wake of the attempted bombings from yemen last month they are considering raring air cargo 24 hours in advance. outrage from a new york family about how their loved ones was treated by workers at the city morgue. and it was all caught on tape. we got to warn you, this stuff
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is pretty graphic. two workersers from the coroner's office came to bilk pick up a body on monday, but a video camera in his building catches it being moved. they're drag it out of the elevator and then down the steps to the van. just sort of bumping it along. >> the way that they removed him. >> whether you're alive or deceased, you still have rights. and when you're being treated like that, that means basically you don't really like your job, and you don't like people. >> the coroner's office says the behavior was inappropriate and they've apologized to the family, but the family says that's not enough. they're planning to sue the city for emotional distress. still ahead, back with a look at your full forecast. first, a bull gets away at the rodeo and of course, it's all on tape. we'll have it for you. stay with us.
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caught on tape, a close call in the stands at a canadian rodeo. watch as the bull makes a break for it and ends up in the stands. right in the crowd. at least one person was hit. others david out of the way. a child was pulled out of the bull's path moments before it was about to hit him. four people were hurt, but just one hospitalized. workers were able to pin the bull against the fence before he was able to hurt anybody
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else. an army staff sergeant made history at the white house. he's the first living service member from the wars in iraq and afghanistan to win the medal of honor. joel brown was there when he received this nation's highest military honor. >> reporter: it was a hero's welcome at the white house for an army staff sergeant who insists he's done nothing heroic. the commander-in-chief presented salvador jenta with a medal of honor, the nation's highest military award. he's the first living service member from the iraq and afghanistan wars to receive it. >> you charged forward through extreme enemy fire, embodying the war yore. >> reporter: he was a rifle team leader. in october of 2007, the taliban ambushed his squad. he rushed into enemy fire to pull one soldier back to cover.
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then he rescued sergeant joshua brennan, who was being carried away by two taliban fighters. brennan later died from his injuries. in the days leading up to the ceremony honoring him at the white house, staff sergeant junta told his loved ones that some of them would have to stay home. >> he asked our family members to please understand that he really wants his men there. there's only so many that can fit into the room, and he says i want my guys there. >> two were missing. sergeant joshua brennan and the unit's medics, mendoza, both killed in the ambush. >> although this is so positive, i would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now. >> reporter: now hailed as a hero for his actions, staff sergeant returns to duty at a u.s. army base. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> he will also be inducted into the hall of heros at the
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pentagon tomorrow morning. don't be startled if you hear a lot of gunfire at forttomorrow. they will be doing a little gun salute rehearsal the next couple of days from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the royal wedding's in the works for next spring or summer. prince william announced his engagement today. the prince proposed last month during a trip to kenya, but they kept it under wraps. he gave his fiancee the sapphire and diamond ring his father once gave to princess diana. >> i think it's nice, because she won't be around to share it. this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all. >> i hope i look after it. it's very, very special. >> good to be the king. >> while the prince had no trouble giving his mother's ring to his girlfriend, some of our folks at the facebook page didn't like that idea.
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norman valentini posted, bad idea, his mother's marriage was horrid. another posted i think it's beautiful and a touching way to honor their marriage. however their marriage turned out, he was created from it, and his mother loved him more than anything. aaron asks, what else could he do with it? who cares? it's the family heirloom, not the holy grail. you can join the conversation by becoming a fan on facebook and put your idea up there. >> it was his idea, not his mother passed away or his grandmother. >> that causes problems when the mothers fists -- foists it upon him. >> nice looking ring, too. >> yeah. rain's on the way out and wind on the way in. get ready. if it's a trash night, write your address on your lid. here's your forecast now. we'll start with what's going on now. satellite picture, radar combined. by and large, most of the rain is north. there's a couple of areas of showers to go through. it will take another few hours to get everything out of here. showers to the south between
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fredericksburg and toward richmond. heaviest rain by far across del mar but up into pennsylvania. look at this. this line of showers and storms will move through our mountains in the next hour. it will miss us. let's go to the doppler radar and this will pinpoint everything. everything is light, so that is good in terms of what we see. we see activity at leesburg, route 7. activity toward laurel and baltimore and southern maryland. what's going to happen in the next hour shh we'll put this into motion. most of the showers kind of hug the i-81 corey door between leesburg and winchester. most move northward up i-95. not much will happen. we'll keep showers in the forecast until midnight. let's go back to the commuter. the temperatures are unbelievable. 60 downtown. 56 in arlington. 56 in bellsville. 58 at bwi and 58 in sterling and 59 in leesburg. temps aren't going to fall much tonight thankfully. hang on to your hat.
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wednesday, windy and mild. gusts 30 miles per hour possibly. thursday and breezy and cooler. friday, sunny and chilly. tonight, showers ending by midnight, windy and mild. lows in the 50s. winds southwesterly 25 and gusty. that's a warm wind. by morning, partly cloudy, windy and mild. 50s to around 60. the wind southwest 15 to 30 with higher gusts in the mountains. you can see wind gusts up to 50. a wind advisory posted there. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, nice. highs lose to mid-60s. winds westerly at 15 to 25. if you're playing golf tomorrow, a two, maybe three- club win. next three days, 62 tomorrow, windy. 58, clouds on thursday but dry and then 54 on friday. temps on their way down. next seven days, beautiful on saturday. we go back up to 670. a little chilly on sunday, but still bright but brisk. mid-50s. 60 on monday with sunshine.
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weak system comes next tuesday, at least weak for now. temperatures in the mid-60s. there are still signs of getting sharply colder around turkey day. >> thank you, tom. we'll be back. stay with us.
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don't forget to join andrea, mike and howard and angie for the news, traffic and weather you need before you head out the door. in the mailbag tonight, full body scanners. yesterday we told you about the fellow who made a big fuss about going through an airport scanner and didn't want to be patted down either, claiming it was a sexual assault. well, suzanne from alexandria calls him a self-absorbed jerk and i quote. folks, i've been through the scanner and it's no big whup. i don't want to ride on a plane with other people who haven't been screened. if you choose to fly, comply with safety measures. if you choose not to, take the bus, pal. and as for that opt-out protest reportedly scheduled for the day before thanksgiving, kathy says give me a break. are these complaining people serious? air travel is a privilege, not a right. seriously, wouldn't you rather
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the airport attempt to provide us with safer travel by trying to keep people off the plane who mean to cause harm? if you object, then drive. but judy from maryland asks what about our health? i will be flying next week and will not go through a body scanner and am dreading the full pat down. no one has said anything about the cumulative affect of the radiation from those machines. actually, some people have said some things about the potential for radiation exposure but the airport screening guys, as you might expect, say it is totally safe and give you as much radiation as a few minutes on an airplane at 35,000 feet. finally this, on the decision at potomac high and fair fax to get ride of the great f -- rid of the great f and use i says it's a bad idea. she says some students cheat and have a sense of entitlement. it would be a disgrace to substitute an i for an f. you
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can earn a spot in the mailbag by writing that is our report. i'll be back tonight. we're working on a piece to introduce you to one of the heros from last year's shootings at fort hood, one from right here in maryland. his story tonight. log on any time to that's our report. i'll see you a bit later. bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. william gives kate his mother's ring. >> obviously, we want to have a family, so we'll start thinking about it. >> prince william, the queen to be. their new sitdown interview. "e.t." is in london with the latest news on the royal engagement. >> i turned bright red and very shy. >> the proposal. diana's 18 carat sapphire ring. >> it's my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out. plus, will they marry at westminster abbey? and how this wedding will compare to diana's. >> i'm sure we can count on prince harry being the best man. my red carpet date with cher. >> it's you and it's me and we're going. >> let's do it.