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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EST

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eye no, here you just got an immigrant and some ooh-la-la! [laughter] but -- you do have someone who loves the media. and by medium, i mean someone who can talk to the dead. because that's how you mean be communicating to me after this aye carumba! show. [laughter] [applause] i feel bad for everyone that dressed up and got ready and did the dance. come on out, everybody. come on out. come on. come on, secretariat.
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come on, cast of players. don't you come out. get under there! come on, everybody. [applause] all right. you ready? follow my lead. ♪ why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side tootsy frootsy tootsfrifrootsy ♪ good night, everyone!
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. a corruption in prince george's as many are asking just how can you stuff 80 grand in your bra. we'll try to do just that. plus topper is tracking an end to the rainy weather. no hard evidence, no witnesses, it's up to the jury. could the man accused of killing
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chandra levy beat the rap? this is 9news now. one of the american's longest running crime mysteries could end tomorrow, it is, of course, the chandra levy trial. it became a national obsession because of her affair. did they give the jury enough to convict. it's a good question. here is gary nurenberg. >> reporter: a lot of evidence was destroyed by nature between the time chandra levy disappeared and her body was discovered in rock creek park a year later. evidence that could not be used against the defendant whom prosecutors charged with her murd he. >> they said it was a week case primarily because it was circumstantial. >> reporter: juries want to see more. >> they don't like these types of cases. they want to have hard, physical evidence. they want to see pictures. they want to have dna. they want fingerprints. >> reporter: they want to know
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absolutely that he was there. and the prosecutors can't prove that. and so they have to depend on kind of circumstances. >> reporter: that he admitted attacking two other women in the park. they testified. >> and those circumstances sound remarkably similar to what happened to chandra levy. >> reporter: a jail house snitch testified he confessed but another jail mate said he didn't hear it. no physical evidence. >> translates usually to findings of reasonable doubt and usually an a fitcquit al. >> in a horrible, horrible murder like this, i think it's fair to say that juries want someone who be punished. >> reporter: the jury gets the case in the morning. one way or the other, we should know soon. gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> and that verdict, whatever it turns out to be, will not be the last we hear of this one.
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gary condit, the congressman with whom she was having an affair, is writing a book about this case. after on and off rain for 24 hours straight, are we done with the showers and what a way for the morning computers. let's go topper shutt in the weather center. >> good news, bad news. the showers are moving out. i think we'll have a dry commute because of the wind. the real bad news is we're tracking thunderstorms now. let's go to doppler 9000. look at the storms out in western loudoun county. just west of warrenton and down towards cull pepper. all of these are propagating off to the north and east. right now nothing is severe, but there are severe storms actually south of us. south of richmond. there is a tornado watch. we're going to watch these invest carefully the next hour if they were to become severe it would be in the next four or five hours. all right. let's go to the computer. and we'll talk about tonight. mostly cloudy, windy and mild. shower and a thunderstorm still possible. at least until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. lows only in the 50s. it's kind of crazy.
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winds southwesterly at 15-25 and gusty. all right. wakeup weather. hang on to your hat. we'll be okay in the morning. 50s to start. 50s by 7:00. but windy across the board and 50s by 9:00 as well. so a bright day, light jacket, sunglasses, hang on to your hat. we'll come back and track the thunderstorms and we'll talk about the rest of the week. >> it sounds good, topper. thank you. new at 11:00, right now police in montgomery county need your help to find a missing teen. take a look at this picture. this is 16-year-old rashat harper. we're told he is mentally challenged. he was last seen this afternoon in silver springs. he was wearing a gray jacket, navy blue pants. if you have any information about where he might be, please call police. tonight new details surrounding the corruption scandal in prince george's county. right now a man and his wife are sitting behind bars. they hold tick tock liquors and are accused of hiring police
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officers to help move and sell untaxed liquor and tobacco. they have recorded conversations in which this couple talks about paying off county officials. and a search of their home allegedly uncovered $400,000 cash in a closet. >> their arrests and seven others is just a tip of the iceberg in this scandal. that according to the u.s. attorney. now, so far we know they are connected to the arrest of prince george's county jack johnson and his wife but they will not tell us how. last night we tried to ask the incoming executive about what he plans to do about corruption in the county. he wouldn't answer our questions directly. in fact, we even tried to chase him down and tried to get some information. well, tonight baker made himself available for this interview. good to have us here with you, sir. thanks for coming in. let's get right to this. i think it's safe to say prince george's county wanted to see a hard charging leader say corruption stops at my door. because they didn't get that last night.
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will they get it tonight? >> well, i think what people in prince george's county want to see is that the incoming administration is ready to leave. now, we talked about making sure that the ethics legislation i put in as a candidate and has to be in there. so what they want to see is are we going to -- am i focused on the things we need to do in prince george's county to move it forward. and that is what i'm focused on. >> you talked about a culture of chrone yix in the johnson administration. obviously it's a lot worse from what we're seeing from the u.s. attorney. what are you going to do to to make sure people know it's not going to be happening after december 6th. >> i think one of the things we were doing is we started in putting in legislation. we wanted an inspector general to come in and look at this. but also we want to make sure on december 6th that we tackle the other issues that prince george's county expect. and that is they expect good quality schools. they expect us to grow our commercial base. that as county executive is what
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i plan to do. >> i guess i'm asking where is the passion? where is the fire on this? where is the i'm angry that jack johnson did this. i'm going to make sure that people are not going to be dealing with this. >> no. clearly people in prince george's county were upset of what has happened over the last couple of years. but what they want to see and what they'll see in the incoming administration is we're prepared to lead them to a bright future. we have great opportunities in prince george's county. it's not a stad day. it's unfortunate -- sad day. it's unfortunate what happened and as the incoming county executive i want to make sure we put a government together that is as good as the people deserve in prince george's county. and that is a great government. that's what they'll get from the baker administration. >> all right. we thank you for your time tonight. we appreciate it. one of the most talked about is when the feds reportedly found $80,000 stuffed into lesli johnson's bra and underwear, under garments she was wearing.
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how was she able to do that? so we sent our brittany morehouse to check it out. >> reporter: what does 80 thousand dollars $80,000 look like? if these are $100 bills, that would be it. >> it seems like an unordinary amount of money to have stuffed into a bra. >> how did she fit that in there? that is crazy. >> do you think you could stuff that much money in your under garments? >> no. i think it would be hard. >> reporter: so we decided to do a test run with fake money. if these are $100 bills, each stack is worth $8,000. so you need ten stacks altogether to get to 80. i'm going to try to see how much i can fit in my bra until it looks awkward. one by one, i stuffed the stack until i have left one, two, three, four -- i think i'm going to stop at six. the conclusion. >> honestly i guess she has large bills. that is the only thing i can
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possibly think of. unless she had a special bra that i haven't heard of. >> of course we don't know if lesli johnson was carrying larger bills than the stash, but i can tell you that must have been the case because that did not feel right. >> you know, my only point is show me the money. and after that -- . [ laughing ] >> it is hard to imagine, isn't it. >> yes, it is. all right, brittany, thank you. well, tonight, a study by the university of virginia is sparking some new debate on illegal immigration. the study examined the controversial crackdown in prince williams county. police officers there have to check the immigration status of anyone they arrest. that studies the policy for reducing the illegal immigrants now in prince williams county. since that policy was implemented in april of '08, the crime rates, at least some, are down. well, now to dc where a bill that would place him its on welfare appears to be dead. that legislation would cap a person's welfare benefits at five years, something most
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states already do. council members marion barry sponsored the bill. they say it would break a cycle of dependency. but tommy wells doesn't like the idea. wells chairs the human services committee and he says he will not move the bill forward. it was a hero's welcome at the white house for an army staff sergeant who insists he has done nothing heroic. but today barack obama presented him with a metal of honor. >> it is nation's highest medal and he is the first to get it. he was a rifle team leader in afghanistan when the taliban ambushed his squad. he rushed into enemy fire to pull one soldier back to cover. then he rescued a sergeant who was being carried away by two taliban fighters. he later died from his injuries. >> and although this is so positive, i would give this back in a second to have my friends
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with me right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> that sergeant will be returning to duty at the u.s. army base in italy. the white house has awarded the medal of honor to seven others who fought in iraq and afghanistan. tonight we're talking about another hero as well. let's think back to november 5th, 2009. >> that is when major hussan killed 13 people and wounded 20 others. we all heard about the carnage but the heroes are less well known and one of them is from right around here in maryland. >> reporter: in a virtual city of heroes, what makes one man go above and beyond? >> i didn't have any thought. if i had thought about it, i wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: perhaps it was the tour of duty in iraq or daniel butler's training as an army medic. but when he was conducting his one man jihad against his fellow soldiers, butler, unarmed, rushed out of his building and into the line of fire. >> he was shooting people laying
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down. he was shooting people running. he was shooting people doing anything. he didn't care. >> reporter: the first wounded soldier he could get to was a wounded lieutenant. what did she tell you when she first pulled you to safety. >> she wanted everybody else out first. >> reporter: he followed orders >> i went in and got the first person and dragged themd them out and waited until he was reloading. he wasn't shooting at the time. so i went back out and got another person who was trying to crawl away and got them back to the wall. >> reporter: and then finally back for the colonel. >> i got her on my back and he shot her again while i was running with her. >> reporter: did you feel the bullet hit her? >> i felt a little jolt. >> reporter: he became one of the 13 to die that day. >> definitely shows a lot of character for the soldiers to be. and she was a colonel. that is what they're supposed to do. that's what officers are supposed to do. they're supposed to be leading the way, so she did. >> reporter: specialist daniel butler. [ ch] . [ cheers and applause ]
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>> reporter: and to thank butler, the u.s. army gave him the soldier's medal. >> it's hard to be proud of it. it is. i am -- i'm very proud of what i did. but it's hard to be proud of it and not still have that thought in the back of my mind well, you know, i wish i didn't have to have this. i wish everybody was fine that day and life could have gone on. >> reporter: that last picture you're looking at there, that was daniel with his young son. ironically, daniel had come to ft. hood on his way out of the military on disability for posttraumatic stress. he earned high onnors for his actions that day, though. he is also paying a price. tomorrow morning at 6:15, the toll this took on him and his family. it is hard to imagine the memories that are with him day-to-day. did he ever get a look at his son that day? >> he did get a chance to look him in the eye and he says that was one of the scariest things that still haunt him is looking into the eyes of evil really and seeing that this guy wanted him dead. but he also takes some pride in the fact that in essence he beat him. >> wow. what a story. >> yes. still ahead tonight, on 9
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news now, a bull robert de niro would have been proud of. we'll show you how this raging bull took his show into the crowd. plus, a bus driver gets a sentence for plowing into traffic ñúñú
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long time new york congress member charlie wrangle has been found guilty of breaking rules. wrangle now faces punishment that could include a house vote, a fine and denial of his privileges. the 80-year-old lawmaker says the verdict was unfair. new tonight, the company that makes the controversial drink says it's going to take the caffeine out. this is the food and drug administration reportedly rules that caffeine is an unsafe food additive to alcoholic drinks. several students have been
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hospitalized after drinking it and other beverages. at least four states have banned the drinks. now it says it's taking the caffeine out. caught on tape, a very real raging bull. collect this one out. it leaps out of the ring straight into the crowd at a rodeo in canada. 1300 pounds of bull charges into four people in the front row. three get away. but the 4th suffered a broken jaw and a fractured pelvis. the rodeo association says this bull is no longer welcome. . do you remember this accident? a san antonio bus driver plows into traffic while texting behind the wheel. the driver lost his job. then a judge convicted him of reckless driving. and now that same judge has sentenced him to 30 days in the county jail. this case prompted san antonio to ban all texting behind the wheel. two little kings of the jungle need a little help from you. the national zoo announced a
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contest to name some of the newborn lion cubs. you need to come up for a name for a male and a female cub. then you can submit a 90 second video explaining why your name should win. three finalists will be picked after december 5th. that gives everybody a chance to vote. you can see the complete rules at i'm clicking on 9 news extra for all of the information. i'm thinking maybe something like mcnabb and. [ laughing ] >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure about that right now. >> we saddle that little pup with that. all right. the rain is about out of here. the trouble is look at the thunderstorms now. i'm getting more concerned as the tornado watch south of richmond. i don't think we'll see anything severe. but do not be surprised if you are wowed later with thunderstorms. here is what is happening now. we see a growing area of showers and thunderstorms off to the south and west. it's like a second batch, especially between dc and i81. right in this area. the last little batch. this has to move through before
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we're clear of all of the showers. let's go to live doppler 9000. you a can access this any time. -- you can access this any time. around the beltway up to 70, out 66, kind quiet and out towards annapolis. some of these will produce very heavy rains. we have an e-mail from sue. she has had some pretty heavy rain. look at it, back to phillip mont and then crossing 50 down towards upperville and paris. so, again, you're going to hear the rumble of thunder and have pretty good shot of rains. i don't think we'll see anything severe, but they could have some winds of 30, 40, 50 miles an hour as they move through tonight. i think the storms themselves will be out of here by 4:00 in the morning. no worries for your morning commute in terms of rainy way. where is all of this going to go in the next hour? we'll put this into motion. you'll see everything propagate up to the north and east. another storm and shower coming along the western side of the
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beltway overnight. back to the computer, things are kind of top see turvey temperature wise. it's 64 at national and 62 in bethesda. 61 in reston and 62 in beltsville. so it's a little crazy warm for this time of night. here is the deal. tonight windy and mild. maybe a thunderstorm. windy and mild on wednesday. we're talking winds up to 30, 40 miles an hour. 50-mile an hour winds in the mountain where advisories have been posted. and you need some shades tomorrow and probably a little patience. at least it won't have the wet roads that we had this morning. tonight mostly cloudy, windy and mild. a shower or thunderstorm possible. got to keep it in until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. temperatures for lows in the 50s. winds southwest 15-25 and gusty. by tomorrow morning, windy and mild. partly cloudy. grab a light jacket. 50s to around 60s. now the winds are 15-30 and gusty and tomorrow night partly cloudy, windy, still nice. winds more westerly at 15-25 and
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a little gusty. next three days, nice tomorrow but windy. 62. temps go down 58 with clouds on thursday. 54, kind of cool on friday. next seven days, we go back up to low 50s to mid 50s on friday. back up to 60 on saturday. still a nice weekend, mind you, but just a little chilly on sunday. we're back in the mid 50s. then temps go back up into the 60s on monday and tuesday. maybe some showers late on tuesday. highs in the mid 60s. we'll keep you posted with the thunderstorms overnight. >> thanks, top. you called them the great wall of, i don't know, dc. >> china town. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> see what i did. >> i like that. >> he is human as well. >> they're missing a brick in the great wall. [ laughing ] >> it seems. although it was a familiar face in the starting lineup. gilbert arenas making his first start of the year. plus as the redskins lick their wounds, it turns out donovan's
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> dc has welcomed two number one draft picks this year. steven straths burg lasted 12 games. john wall has made it eight. the rookie guard for the wizards spent today on crushes with a sprained foot. he missed tonight's game and may miss a new more. that meant gilbert arenas started. here is another one from the same exact spot. wizards by seven at the break. then gilbert chasing down the loose ball. going to feed it ahead to booker who lays that in. and then there was nick young. 20 points off the bench for the former usc star. wizards without wall win by 15. gilbert had 20. they're now 3 and 6. college hoops tonight. maryland and georgetown women meeting for the first time since '03. both teams in the top 25.
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that's the freshman spotting the terps to an early lead. but they responded with sugar rogers. insert your sweetness here. she had 21. hoyas take the terps by eight. albert haynesworth said he's never been beaten that badly in his whole life, including grade school. and albert certainly had a prime view lying on the ground as michael vick ran circles around him yesterday in what turned out to be one of the most heinous beat downin head skins history. it started out with the bomb from michael vick and it never stopped. the eagles racked up 42 points by half time and made the redskins defense look like a beer league squad. >> i thought i was in a dream looking up at the score bored and just saw 59 points. >> from the first period to the end of the game we couldn't recover. >> they outplayed us, outcoached
2:03 am
us, all the way around. >> meanwhile you heard about donovan mcnabb's new contract yesterday. $78 million over five years. it turns out the redskins could cut mcnabb at the end of this season and only owe him $3.5 million. that would void the deal so it's not as iron clad as you think. but give the boys credit. even amid their disappointment, several dozen welcomed a group of warriors from walter reid hospital in a part called rehabing with the troops. all right. time for you to pick this week's game of the week. we have five for you to choose from. ten an one lake braddic hosting robinson. gaithersburg heading to sher sherwood. liberty at briarwood and dulles district champions. vote at dchigh school sports.yet. winning game leads the coverage
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on friday. there are two kinds of sports fan in this town. the ones who live and die for the capitals and the ones who couldn't explain what icing is if their lives depended on it. so the caps, are you one frp the ladder, derek, the caps are trying to help. tonight they were specifically helping the ladies with their annual hockeys in heels. john carlson taking female fans in an effort to increase our city's hockey iq. >> it's good to see the young guys out here just enjoying doing it. >> i didn't actually see anybody with heels on the ice. i think that was more of an expression. but it was sold out. the ladies love their hockey. >> i have only one personal question and that is how do i join the beer league? >> really. [ laughing ] >> allow 600 yards against the eagles and you, too, can play like a