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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> news and high definition. this is 9 news now. a prince george's county police officer caught on tape in a half kilo cocaine deal. that is one of the shocking courtroom revelations today, as the court corruption scandal in the county continues to expand. scott broom is at the federal courthouse in green belt with more on the officer and how this drug case ties into the rest of the investigation. >> reporter: the police officer is sinisa symbolic, a police officer that prosecutors claim was caught on videotape making two separate cocaine deals. and who they also allege purchased a high-powered handgun for a coconspirator. >> this is a spin-off of the cigarette smuggling and drugs case focused on the tick took store in langley park, an corporation that entangled two other prince george's county police officers, and which allegedly includes bribes to county officials who have not
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been named yet. prosecutors said symbolic, an immigrant, was using his police powers to run what he called his protection business, running truckloads of contraband headed into maryland, new jersey and new york, along with other officers and an accomplice. wiretaps in that investigation revealed symbolic going a step beyond, proposing cocaine deals, claim. later he is twice caught on video ceiling deals while wearing a badge and guns. investigators also claim they found a 50-caliber desert eagle handgun after symbolic was arrested, a gun they claim he purchased from a coconspirator. his attorney suggested the case is not the main event in a much wider setting. >> what has happened since friday has been a frenzy. everybody needs to realize the process needs to work itself out and go forward in the normal course, what i was asking for today. >> the judge ordered symbolic
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held without bail, saying the only thing more dangerous than a police officer accused of protecting bad guys is an officer who's willing to buy. 9 news now both arrested last week in the corruption investigation. the petitioners say, if johnson does not step down, they will, quote, "protest daily and block her from taking the position." in virginia crews cleaning up after last night's powerful storms. several large trees came crashing down on power lines, and in one case, on top of someone's car in arlington. there were no reports of injuries, but it did cause traffic issues around george mason drive and 16th street,
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where crews had been repairing the lines. some are just thankful the tree didn't fall on to their house. >> i'm very lucky. >> your house could have been demolished. >> yes, it could have, we would have had a lot of damage in northeast dc, two postal workers were hurt during the storm. lindsey mathis brings us the details. lindsey? >> reporter: this entire area hit hard just off of rode island avenue. the homes behind me, some of them had their roofs ripped off, their windows shattered. around the block is the post office, the damage there is just unbelievable. two postal workers were inside the truck when the window was blasted out.
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they had been released from the hospital with minor cuts. 130 of the post office's trucks were damaged. >> looks like somebody had taken a shotgun or a high powered rifle and went at it. off the shopping center, this was also hit very, very hard. the air-conditioning unit, that was ripped off the roof. there were light posts that were toppled down, crews trying to provide place to get put back together again. i'm lindsey mathis, 9 news now. a philadelphia man says he did threaten to kill virginia congressman eric canter in a youtube video. he pled guilty yesterday in
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federal court. prosecutors say he called canter a liar and lucifer in the video, and then vowed to shoot the congressman. laboon faces up to 15 years in prison. . an arms dealer pled not guilty to terrorism charges, including allegations that he conspired to kill americans. a military officer named victor boot. the u.s. prosecutors nicknamed him the merchant of death. they say boot had sold weapons to dictators and war lords around the world, including the taliban. >> victor booth had access and influence, and i think the united states government would be very interested to understand how far and how deep that influence and reach went.
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mcboth's parents say the investigation involves two fellow soldiers. at this point, no one has been charged in the case. a somber service at arlington national cemetery today for a soldier who knew the grounds very well. . testimony dickmeyer had been a member of the army's old guard, a sentinel responsible for guarding the tomb of the unknown. this is video of him from three years as a tomb guard. sergeant dick meyer's parents and his wife of three years received flags at service today. there will be no changing of the enhanced airport security screens. even the head of the tsa will get a pat-down.
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tonight a panel applicant -- he added the government needs to provide the best security for. we'll take a quick break and come back in a couple of minutes.
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ap fan blew his stack. he was really unhappy with bristol palin's distance move. how unhappy? apparently he had been drinking for a while, didn't care for her move. so he shot up his television. then police say, when his wife tried to calm him down, he pointed the loaded shotgun at her. after a 15-hour standoff with police, 66-year-old steven
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cohen surrendered. the wisconsin man is charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. caught on tape, a well rescue. a three-year-old girl fell 98 feet down an irrigation well in be went knows heiress argentina. took hours to pull her out of the hole. we are happy to tell you she was not seriously hurt. in indiana, 60-year-old graceger bill bagged a buck on the opening day of the hunting season. it was her very first, but probably no, not be her last. . >> daddy went turkey hunting, and got a turkey and called it mine, but this is really mine, because i shot it. he shot the turkey, i shot the deer. . >> got that? her father says he held the gun for her, but she pulled the trigger. her father says she is well versed on techniques and safety. more on the e marriage controversy we first told you
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about last night at 6:00. a gay couple found a legal loophole to make their marriage legal circumventing a texas law that prohibits same-sex marriage. the two obtained their marriage license exchanged their vows via skype via an fish i don't want from the district. some gay rights activists are frowning on this saying it does not advance their cause. >> it was gimmickky. >> that was a -- in texas it's illegal, which is an injustice. if one of the two gentlemen was in a car crash, his partner wouldn't have the right to see him or make medical decisions because of that marriage. >> in a 2005 vote, 76% of texans decided that marriage is only between one man and one woman. up next, the jury deliberations in the chandra levy trial. stay with us. lots of lotions promised healing.
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bristol shan is live at the court where jurors spent the first full day delivering the fate of inmar juandika. >> won't be tonight, because the jury went home for the night. went home to restart deliberations. before they went home for the night, ah they asked for a picture of ingmar juandika. we don't know if it was this one in particular. they wanted the picture taken by irish portia, his then girlfriend in rock creek park. one of the key questions in this case has been weather inning march juandike had scratches on his face the night that chandra levy disappeared. the image we're looking at doesn't seem to be taken before or after she disappeared.
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in the courtroom was susan levy, who has suffered through the trial, and the argument against the prosecution that chandra levy might have been alive for days out there in the woods, bound and naked. her mother had to sit and listen to that. the question of whether the prosecution and defense will prevail in the case may come down to the system of two cell mates of inningmar juandika, morales. >> there appears to be tunnel vision on behalf of one person during the stages of the investigation. how did the police go so wrong,
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focus on this congressman? some of the testimony here has suggested that at the very highest levels of the metropolitan police department, there was this obsession with getting gary condit. this investigation went wrong for perhaps an entire year. >> all right. we're all waiting to see what will happen in the case. thank you. switching gears. in our consumer alert tonight, the clothes you buy may be hazardous to your health. consumer reports urges you to wash before you wear, because if not, you could be exposed to formaldehyde or other allergens that are used in the fabrics. to keep irritation at bay, you want to think about a quick trip in the spin cycle before you put on your clothes. we'll be sitting in the spin cycle tonight trying to get home, richard, andre? >> in some places although not too bad a situation on southbound 90 in virginia.
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we still have the bright lights below the beltway, heading beyond the akaquon bridge. the hov lanes look to be a fairly good drive southbound at that same location, although it's a little slower in the hov lanes to make the main line back toward 234. before the brakes on the beltway to past 123, all lanes continue there. that's been one of our slow spots. quite jammed up from the american legion bridge to montgomery county to new hampshire avenue. there are some breaks in that, slow in the construction zone from virginia from 123 going down to 166 toward gallows road. you would not know how windy it was today or how significant the winds were overnight. >> 54 miles per hour wind gust at nashville today. but last night with the storms, we had winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour. let's start with the winds. they are still out there, not
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damaging or wind advisories, a 25 wind gust at nashville, generally in the 20s as opposed to. temperaturewise. comfortable out there. feel the wind. it feels colder. 55 at nashville, low 50s in bethesda and rockville and layton 50. between preston and sterling and low 50s in leesburg as well as me nass sass and middleburg. a look at the future cast. right now clear to partly cloudy skies. that's about it. the winds will still be with us. high-level clouds stay dry in
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the metro area, but we could see a snow shower or a snow flurry west of the divide over in garrett county, west virginia. tonight partly cloudy, breezy, colder. upper 30s to mid 40s, winds west/northwest at 10 to 20. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. grab your shades. a light jacket. 0s and 40s, and winds still there, west/northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, becoming mostly cloudy. the clouds come in, stay dry. winds west/northwest at 10 to 15. a bit cooler than it is. the next three days like this. upper 50s tomorrow, clouds come in, 04. we go down on friday, back in the mid 50s. we go back up to 60 on saturday under partly cloudy skies. next 7 days.
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. >> looks like a travel day. >> it will be really cold. >> change in the air. >> liked albert haynesworth in tennessee. >> did for awhile. but not enough to keep him, not enough to pay him a hundred million dollars like the redskins did. they weren't dumb enough. this weekend -- >> maybe the walk from the gnats to the tigers, and meet papa shot prodigies next.
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after they were done, they set it on fire and made a pact never to speak to the debacle again. what do the redskins do now? they get ready for vince young, and the titans. the club is in a fair amount of disarray amount of. >> a lot of frustration right now inside the locker room. >> we'll see what happens; and i think -- >> the players shouldn't need any extra motivation.
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albert haynesworth. clinton portis practiced today -- portis missed 0 games with the torn groin. terrain missed 1 with the hamstring. the high school sports net game of the week. we have 5 to choose from. 10-1 lake braddock.
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cast your ballot the winning game leads our coverage on friday night. so john wall against the celtics rajon rondo. maybe the two most exciting point guards in the nba. scheduled to happen tonight. but will not. . john wall tweeted he will not play in boston. gilbert arenas played well. >> >> report say the nationals' slugger adam dunn is close to signing a deal with the detroit
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i bet you don't play as well as this lady does. we will save you the trouble of counting. in 60 seconds she hit 114 baskets without a miss. have to do it about 500 more times to get tickets to buy the polar. stays dry this afternoon. breezy, won't be windy. it will be chilly. milder on saturday, and chilly again. milder next week .
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