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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 17, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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today folks cleaning up the mess from the windy weather. prosecutors say they have a tape of a prince george's
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county cop taking part in two drug deals and a gun buy. and the waiting game. jurors now have the case we're just waiting to find out what the verdict will be in the chandra levy murder trial. at dc superior court where the jury in the murder trial has gone home for the night without reaching a verdict; but before they went home, they asked for a photo of inningmar juandike. not sure if it was this photo, but photo is interesting. one of the key questions in this trial has been never inning march had scratches on his face the night after chandra levy disappeared. his girlfriend, iris portio, who took the picture, said he did. but if you look at this shot, it does not appear to show any scratches, but we don't know when the picture was taken. we know it was sometime in the spring of 2001.
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we don't know if it was before or after chandra levy disappeared. the jury again yet to reach a verdict. new revelations in the widening corruption scandal in prince george's county. prosecutors claiming they have a police officer caught on videotape. >> the drug and gun case a spin- off of the corruption case at the liquor store in langley park. prosecutors say a boss any indian incident was using his police powers to run what he called his business, loading truckload of contraband headed into new jersey and new york. wiretaps revealed symbolic going a step behind. later he was twice caught on video ceiling deals while
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wearing a badge and gun investigator found a handgun after he was arrested, a gun they claim he purchased for a coconspirator. >> a powerful storm snapped large trees like this one, bringing down poles and power lines. >> i was asleep. i heard a big bang and flash of light. >> the large tree snapped poles, left hanging and power lines. the busy thoroughfare blocked off for most of the day. the powerful storms caused trees to come down near green briar and this one at and harrison toppled on to the person's car. >> crews were dispatched to repair poles and power lines. at the height of the storm, 25,000 people without power in northern virginia. by this evening, the majority are back online. >> been thinking about what happened last night, and --
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>> in northeast dc, two postal workers had to go to the hospital with minor cuts when the windows sheltered in one of their vehicles. the post office said trucks were damaged, many broken or cracked. even a wall came tumbling down. just down the street, the storm damaged homes homes and cars. >> came downstairs, and saw it in the front yard. i'm like, it wasn't mine. >> the question many are asking today. debbie abilene says she cannot use her front steps, because as you can see her roof is in the way. she expects her insurance company to cover it. today's winds have started to calm down. topper with a look on the forecast. not a long -- >> winds to blame up to 70, 75 miles per hour. they'll not investigate the wind damage around brentwood.
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winds. up around frederick and a gust in winchester. tonight in the 10 to 20 range. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. feels cooler because of the winds. 48 up into frederick and 46 already in manassas. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, colder, lows upper 30s in the bushes and mid 40s downtown. there are the winds west northwest at 10 to 20. come back and talk if the winds pick up tomorrow. a weak system heads our way tomorrow. we'll let you know what that means. this just into 9 news now. documents show out of the court that prosecutors are expecting a second suspect to plead guilty tomorrow in the murder of brian bets. the dc school principal found slain back in april. sharice towel lancaster expected to enter a formal plea tomorrow at 3 p.m. another suspect delonte
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sounders pled guilty last week. nurses at the washington center will not go on strike next wednesday. the report is that the hospital has struck a deal with the nurse's union to prevent the work stoppage. the two at odds other the proposed new wage rules. under the new deal. the rules will not go into effect until next march. wal-mart coming to d.c. the nation's largest retailers announced plans to open four stores and hire 1,200 people in the city by 2012. the fourth at the corner -- the dc city council has 45 days to decide what to do about plans for street cars.
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if the council takes no action by january 4th, the plan will automatically be approved. the initial a bit of a mess downtown tonight. >> we still have the closure along the section of connecticut avenue between l street and kay. a fire earlier. the cleanup continues. use wisconsin or knoll road until it is reopened. shut down between el street. 66, brake lights before the beltway going past 123. the speeds pick up beyond 123 a bit. on the outer loop, the beltway sluggish in the construction zone headed out to gallows road.
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making improvements, montgomery gateway, inner loop beyond the gateway bridge. headed past connecticut avenue to georgia avenue. derek? >> virginiaens looking to hold or fold. they don't have to go out of state to gamble. city council will ask council to allow river boat gambling. the city tried before to get gambling allowed on the ships. still to come -- how the tsa is reacting to criticism -- the latest next.
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specialist morgan mcboth died july 2nd. her parents tell the freelance star in fredericksburg, the army told them the daughter was stabbed. specialist was a medic. the army not commenting on the case. no arrest. after receiving the medal of honor, salvatore ginta inducted this morning. that is where the names of all medal of honor recipient are on display. he received the honor after he risked his life to help soldiers. >> a reminder to america that they live and walk among us. >> the hall is often called the pentagon's most sacred place. next week sergeant gifta on the
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late show with letterman. today the senate will hear testimony on the new security to measures being put into place. a bit of a backlash going on over the new scanners. the pat-downs people have to get if they choose to skip the scam. today the administration said he agrees, but security has to be priority one. >> there's a tipping point with the american public. take off your belt, clothe, shoes, liquids, on and on. does that worry you that we're at a point where this is not a vocal minority, that people just think you've overstepped? >> i know the threats are real. so what it comes down to is how do we balance -- what i believe is that reasonable people can disagree as to ambulance between privacy and security.
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>> he says he is sensitive about the concerns. he says the policies in place will not be changing. still ahead a look at when --
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hundreds of thousands of items included in the promotion. as long as you buy them online, j.c. penney, target offering free shipping. see more deals at the headline of the holiday shopping season at click on "shop ready." fancy big screens at wusa9. so far nothing that compares to the next big thing in tvs, 3- ds. the technology is being pushed in the holiday season. takes a lot to imprez this group of veterans. >> with over a hundred years of television experience between them. the new 3-d technology on the
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market for the holiday season did impress. >> we were looking at it. the only thing we want to do now is watch the nfl on it. >> dr. frank an lg. >> it has two lenses. the same distance the eyes. it records inspection, movies, films, so forth just like we've seen in real life.
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>> . >> the retail price for the 47- inch tv glasses and blue ray player is $4,000. with a few minutes of on lion research, able to take it down more than a grand. hulu plus will not cost as much as advertised. the web site launched its
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premium streaming service today while slash -- this preview launched back in june. current subscribers get a credit for the difference. more episodes and allows users to watch on devices. a new jersey pastor has an edict for its flock, thos shall not facebook. he believes it leads to infidelity. he says married couples should share passwords. he plans to strongly encourage his congregation to give it up altogether. lots of reaction on wusa9 facebook page. one writes: "it isn't the problem. it's the lust that's the
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problem." maggie gagon says, "it seems silly to blame facebook. not hard to use a phonebook." another says, "it's called temptation. . you relist is or don't on the internet or otherwise. who knew we would be talking abouters mails as old school. generally if you don't see a number next to your city under 20 miles per hour, that is the way it will be tonight. gusted to 54 miles per hour at national. 60 in bethesda, upper 40s, out to the west, upper 40s in
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reston, fairfax. 50 sterling. pretty good shape. want to walk the cog. winds making it colder than the temperatures lead you to believe. a few clouds in the mountains. that's about it. by morning, no clouds in good shape. snow showers possible up toward oakland garrett county, west virginia. by afternoon some of the clouds will spread over, a weak system coming our way. staying dry, for the most part clouds on increase. go away into the late evening hours. tonight partly cloudy, breezy and colder, 38 to 34: winds west to northwest 10 to 20. tomorrow morning, chilly. grab the shades and light jacket, winds west/nest at 10 to 15. tomorrow and, increasing clouds. dead on the average.
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winds west . nice on saturday, milder at 60. the next 7 days, speaking of chilly gets colder, 62. then the 60s return 60 on wednesday. rain and showers late. the mid atlantic will be wet. ohio valley wet, get farther north of that, and it will be snow. some folks in the country a.
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some who want the joys of the outdoors. to france where for 400 euros per night camp out in a bubble tent. it is transparent. giving you a 360. some might argue, what's the point of camping out. i'm a strong believer in sleeping under the stars as long as you don't have to be outside.
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the most powerful half ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. that's forty thousand more than ford.
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chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting full- size pickup on the road. use your all-star edition discount for... a total value of six thousand dollars on a 2011 silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer. the incoming executive. baker was making the rounds, trying to reassure residents before, he seemed to run away from the questions of corruption in the county. bill from buoy, maryland, still unconvinced. i would like to have had him give a definitive answer to the questions about the ethics, on
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esti and the lack of corruption. then yes who captured the current spirit of the holidays. do you walk into the mall and see christmas decorations. it's not thanksgiving yet. i know stores are hard-pressed to make sales. there's nothing i can add. one final word on the people stepping up security. security is intrusive, and everybody should be subject to the same security measures. the bad guys will quickly learn where you're not checking. the same people complaining the loudest will be the same ones to complain when -- complaining
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the tsa failed to keep them safe. address is mailbag at back here tonight at 11 with anita. tonight working on a hairstyle some call a miracle. but does it come with too high a price to your health. what you need to know before getting the brazilian blowout. log anytime at wusa9
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. now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. eva longoria parker files for divorce. her surprise split from tony. is there a prenup? inside the just filed papers. then, william and kate, the media frenzy. new wedding details. our royal correspondent katie nicole in london. >> i'm here in buckingham palace with the very latest. >> how will the royals keep kate safe? >> i'm not going to be in my home. >> is kate ready for the kind of attention that tormented diana. >> it's harassment. plus donny and marie's royal connection. >> which wille