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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 18, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EST

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[laughter] craig: there was an evil pussy behind the real one! [laughter] isn't that often the way? [laughter] absolute silence -- everyone is like -- now, my apologies to dr. lisa masterson who was going to be here tonight. she is going to be here on monday. she is an osste -- she's a gyna -- she talks about, you know. the dalek was here and he has
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left and now he has left again. will the dalek be become -- back again? maybe. russell crowe was here talking about -- [applause] hey, he's not here now. what would be the point of that? he's gone. he doesn't care. he is half way to australia by now! [laughter] well, we got to take a break . we'll be back in 23 hours. good night, everybody. xx
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these times i'm in a situation where i'm keeping secrets from my wife can't be good. >> local people share stories on how facebook ruins relationships. the brazilian blowout, the chemicals may be dangerous. a busy met road station
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closes down unexpectedly after concrete collapses. . and tonight those falling chunks of concrete did force a busy dc metro station to shut down. >> right now, crews are doing an emergency inspection down at farragut north metro. that's where we go live. >> reporter: two things right off the top. first, did metro put some of its passengers at risk by failing to notify dc fire and ems about a potentially dangerous situation at the height of rush hour when thousands of people were using this platform. second, no decision will be made about whether to open the farragut north metro station tomorrow morning for rush hour until the overnight hours. check with 9news now in the morning for that. this is where the trouble began. connecticut at l street. there is a ventilation area above the domed ceiling
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loosening concrete that fell. this is called dome relief. standing on a platform for a minute, the train comes rushing into the station pushing ahead of it all that air that blows papers and your hair around. dome relief vents that air up into the street. because it means bringing in heavy equipment, the station is closed for emergency inspection of all six dome reliefs here. inconvenience passengers seemed unsurprised. >> that's what the metro does, right? we're used to it at this point. i'm sure i'll get on a train, have to get off, and have to get on tomorrow and have it stop, the usual. >> reporter: but before the station was closed, rush hour commuters continued to use it. a portion of the station platform was cordoned off. dc fire and ems did not learn of the mishap for more than an hour
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and then closed connecticut avenue to traffic in order to cut down on vibration. >> a big thing was the reduce any kind of additional vibrations. we weren't sure what caused the problems. >> mr. piringer, if the big thing was to reduce the vibration, that didn't half for an hour and a half. >> that's true. i'm told the situation may have occurred in the 3:00 hour. again, we would like to have been notified as soon as possible, which we can get here, assess the situation. >> reporter: it's important to say that dc fire and ems did more than simply close connecticut avenue so there were no veybrations. the question, did that delay put people at risk. it will be asked at a metro board meeting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. this item will be near the top of the agenda. >> thanks. tonight two dc postal workers are recovering after getting hurt during last night's
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storm. they were sitting in a truck when high winds blew out the windows. they suffered minor cuts. it damaged 130 postal trucks and forced a wall to come down. in virginia, folks are glad to see their lights back on after several large trees came crashing down on power lines overnight. in one case a tree came down on somebody's car in arlington. there were no reports of injury. at the height of the storm, 25,000 people lost their power with all the damage many thought a tornado might have touched down. let's go to chief meteorologist with more. >> the national weather service is not going to investigate the wind damage in brentwood. we'll show you what happened. we had strong south southwesterly winds ahead of the cold front this. is 11:30 and 11:45. it produced winds of 45 to 70
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miles an hour which could be a small tornado in terms of wind speed but essentially straight line winds up and down. look at all the wind damage all the ws here represent wind damage. strong winds around the zoo. many trees down at the zoo. the only place the weather service is investigating is up near baltimore where they had large trees down at 1:45 a.m. last night and structural damage at parkville. that's the only place where they'll see if a tornado touched down. with straight line winds they can be hurricane force and be in a straight line and cause brick walls to collapse. we'll come back with weather in a minute. tonight the jury in the chandra levy trial is back home without a verdict. ingmar guandique is facing murder charges. the jury asked for a photo of
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guandique. there was a question as to whether he had scratches on his face on the night after chandra went missing. come tomorrow, another suspect in the murder of beloved dc school principal brian betts is expected to plead guilty. court documents show prosecutors are expecting sharif lancaster to admit his part in the crime. police found betts dead inside his home back in april. another suspect pled guilty last week. tonight a police officer accused of conspiring with criminals will stay behind bars. simek is one of three cops connected to an alcohol and cigarette smuggling operation where prince george's police officer are accused of using their authority to ship untaxed cigarettes and booze across maryland, virginia, and new york state lines. simek was taped buying a half
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kilo of cocaine during their investigation. there is a new push to have prince george's councilwoman step down. she's the wife of jack johnson. the petitioner say if leslie johnson does not step down they will "protest daily and block her from taking that position on council". soldiers with the army's old guard helped bury one of their own today. staff sergeant adam dickmyer served in the old guard at arlington cemetery. he was chosen as a sentinel to guard the tomb of the unknown. he leaves behind a wife of three years who is from arlington. she and his parents received american flags in his honor today. sitting in a new york jail cell tonight a man nicknamed the
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merchant of death. his real name is victor bout. he is a former military officer and bout says now he's a businessman. but prosecutors say his business is selling boat loads of weapons to some of the worst tyrants on the planet and they've charged him with trying to over weapons to terrorists trying to kill americans. bout pleaded not guilty. >> this notorious arms trafficker no longer poses a threat to security. >> bout was ordered held without bond until his next court date in january. thou shalt not facebook. >> a new jersey pastor is ordering all 50 of his married church officials to delete their accounts. we look into the question, does facebook really hurt relationships? >> reporter: from the moment the
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typing fingers wear the bling everything charges. the social site can cause tension in a marriage. >> because you can see everything that your spouse is doing. every person they talk to. it's always, like, if it's jealous relationship anyway it could be an issue. >> reporter: if you ask many therapists those issues sometimes spells the end. >> i don't think it's the site itself that hurts relationships. the site is used to connect people, and so the actions that people take are what hurt their relationships and the attitudes that they have. >> reporter: attitudes and actions like flirting on line. >> they start out thinking it's not going to hurt anybody but sometimes they can take on a life of its own. >> reporter: especially when exs start poking around. >> my college girlfriend contacted my yesterday. i have not told my wife yet. i told her not to contact me again, though. but my wife would have been,
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would have been upset had she known about this. >> and you didn't friend her. >> i did not friend her. >> reporter: so is that a rule we should follow? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> you can friend exs. >> well, i mean if you're going to do something with somebody else, you're going to do it one way or the other. >> reporter: maybe just borrow a page from one married gal who knows the key to avoiding jealousy. >> kind of talk about it if somebody surfaces and somebody new, we swap a story about whatever happened back when and we have a laugh and a drink and call it a day and move forward. >> one out of every five online di versus claim -- divorces claim facebook is a problem. the winds are finally dying down. chilly out here. your wake-up forecast, chilly, upper 30s to mid-40 at 5:00, same at 7:00 and in the 40s by 9:00. sunshine won't last all day. we will a talk about that and take you into the seven-day which takes us to travel day wednesday.
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. still ahead tonight, a consumer alert. it's called the brazilian blowout and it's a hot new trend in hair that some call that ñúñú
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. we're talking about the brazilian blowout, you've heard of this, some women say it literally transforms the hair, smoothing away frizz and straightening it. >> but the critics warn the product could be putting your health at risk. allegations the manufacturer flatly denies. we take a look at product and what it's promising. >> today i'm going to do a touchup. then when you blow dry your hair you will have no frizz and it will be straight. >> reporter: thousands of women beat the elements and rid their hair of its natural curl.
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>> it does maintain a straight look and body. >> this is just that conditioner, it's not a chemical. >> reporter: stylist olympia piano is talking about a product called karotin. it's called brazilian blowout. tested by the occupational health and safety finds a carcinogen is one of the ingredients. >> it's not harmful if you use it properly. >> reporter: it means having the right ventilation in the salon. some like this one shown in the new york times will only apply the product while the stylist and client are wearing gas masks. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: during my visit to shelton salon and spa, they did crank up the ac because of the fumes. >> you're not flat ironing her
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hair. >> reporter: the heat may activate the brazilian blowout but the levels of formaldehyde found in the product are within permissible limits, limits they still warn can reach a danger zone. the ceo of brazilian blowout believes the product is safe and he tells us he stands by it. >> this is the area where the law ... >> reporter: dr. monte hall is founder of the center forever aesthetic modernism. he's talking to people who have lost their hair after the brazilian blowout. >> i haven't been able to give it the overall stamp of approval. there are patients who have gotten a good result pour it and there are pay -- from it and there are patients who have not. >> reporter: my stylist says she has no plans to use the brazilian blowout or any other karotin treatments if her shop.
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>> after the third or fourth time of getting processed i saw damage. the cuticle is flattened and flattened and breakage starts. >> she says she will never get that treatment again. >> some people call it a miracle product. what do you call? >> i call it disaster. >> reporter: tomorrow at 6:40 a.m. you'll hear more about brook's disastrous results. mean time, the ceo of the brazilian blowout has a lawsuit pending against oregon osha. but the company is facing more fallout. last week the state of california sued them and the fda is looking into the product, too. see you at 6:40. leslie foster, 9news now. >> and just in case you are wondering about the price, leslie says the brazilian blowout does not come cheap. it starts in at $300 and go as high as 800 if you have longer hair. . caught on tape, what not to
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do when police pull you over. do not put the prius into reverse, thereby smashing into the officer's cruiser. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. would you like fries and an f bomb with that? at a sacramento burger king a customer says he ordered a double whooper and got a double dosage of profanity. it was written on his receipt. he took the receipt to the manager. >> i showed the guy, and he looks at it and laughs and. >> he didn't say sorry, this will never happen again, or a mistake? >> there was no sorry, i'll fix it. >> okay, so later the manager
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conceded this was unacceptable. at last check, the big cheese is looking into the matter. remember when your grandparents said you wouldn't do it if you knew what was good for you. it seems that message is coming from your uncle sam. in tonight's let's be real, it's not nearly so comforting. >> reporter: years ago i'm watching c span and a caller says he's on social security and lives in a trailer park. but his big problem, get big government off my back. you laughed and so did i. not so much any more. i've come to realize that big government is not just about the big stuff it's the thousand tiny ways it gets in your business. in san fransisco, the city tells mcdonald's how they package happy meals. what about parents? yesterday, ban the four loco caffeine drink, why wasn't anybody screaming at the college kids not to drink so much of the
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stuff. and motorcycle might have to wear helmets. i know, i know, that will save lives. but couldn't you say the same thing about banning sports cars, making you get that colonoscopy you've been putting off and limiting your burger intake to one a week. let's be real. in a free country there's only one reason to eat too much or smoke cigarettes or have a swig of the dreaded four loco. it's because you want to. . >> very well said. i'm still saying yes to the motorcycle helmets, sorry. >> yeah. here's the deal. winds have died down. no advisories any more, no storms heading our way. we are looking at actually just a breezy day tomorrow. let's start with temperatures right now we're looking at temps comfortable. 49 still downtown. that's not bad. that's the low so far today. 46 in college park. low 40s in bethesda.
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43 up in laytonsville. 40 in reston, 43 in fairfax. let's talk about the outside story. thursday we'll have afternoon clouds. start out sunny tomorrow, and then thursday night will be cold. colder than tonight, actually, as winds diminish a little bit. friday will be chilly. in fact, cooler on friday. little bit below average on friday. friday night will be colder, so it will be nice for the high school football game just a little bit on the chilly side. our 9 future cast, look what happens by noon tomorrow. start out clear so grab the shades when you get up to go to work. clouds come in. stays dry, mid-level clouds come in in the afternoon and this is snow out west of the the divide in oakland and garrett county, maryland, as far as we're concerned just clouds with the system. it clears up quickly. by evening we'll be getting the clouds out of here and by 11:00 this time tomorrow night we're be clear again. not a big system, just a few clouds. tonight, clear skies, breezy, colder. upper 30s to mid-40s, winds
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north northeast at 10 to 15. tomorrow, chilly. grab your sun glasses, light jacket, 30s and 40s, winds tomorrow, breezy all day. make these upper 350 -- 50s feel cooler. cooler on friday, 54. then milder again on saturday, 60. so we're in good shape for the high school playoff game and terps game. milder on monday, tuesday, wednesday. wednesday big travel days. it looks wet here in the metro area. it looks like rain and showers, i would say within two or 300 mile radius of the metro area and colder for thanksgiving. john wallet has been here a minute and i'm missing him. >> seeing him walk around with crutches this week did not do my heart good especially of that steven strasberg missed this
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season and next. beating the celtics is hard when you're at full strength it's harder when wall isn't in it. the caps go after revenge on the sabres and big
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. okay. paul pierce, ray allen, kevin garnett, and rondo, and o'neill that's the celtics starting five which means even the wizards were healthy the odds of beating that team were slim. without wall it was kate moss slim. to mcgee, wiz within three in the second quarter but not for long. shaq, no good on that one, but he's just like a freight train. puts it back on the second chance, 13 for the big man.
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18 for kg. wiz fall by 31. they're 0-5 on the road. down a level, au derek hosting maryland eastern shore at bender tonight. 14 for american is moldavaonu. they beat the mets by 7 and i am prove to 3-0. the caps lost to the sabres on saturday night. that's the only game they've lost since three days before hallowe'en. as luck would have it they had another shot at sabres tonight. this one at the phone booth and when you're playing at home, sometimes you get the members' bounce like steckel did here off the post then off ryan miller's skate and into the net. 3-30 caps lead. buffalo got to to 3-2 late in the third. they pulled the goalie and that didn't work. semin, 14th of the year. caps pay back the sabres 4-2.
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from baseball, reports tonight that gnats slugger dunn is close to signing sa deal with the tigers. -- signing a deal with the tigers. he would be a huge loss for the nats if they don't match that deal. hainsworth, they paid 14 million. hainsworth was coached for seven years and had the migraines to prove it. big al and the skins go to vert albert's old teams. in the end, they let hainsworth go and he would like to remind them this sunday what they lost. >> i knew it was going to happen, and all i want to do is go somewhere else and be appreciated and go out there and play hard and show them, you know, that they're missing me. >> i'm sure he wants to go back and play his best game of the season. i know i would if i was in his shoes. >> are we appreciating him here? i don't know if we are.
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portis practiced, terrain didn't. neither man played on monday. time for you to pick this year's dc high school spots game of the week. cast your vote at dchigh finally tonight, all nba players give a cuss marry handshake after the free throw. nerd attack, he can't connect there with johnson. s' going after him and wes is like, ah, forget it. come over here and get me if you want to get some skin. they finally after 30 seconds. >> that looks awkward. >> he thought maybe he's blown his nose