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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 20, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EST

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patdowns and high-tech scanners causing outrage, delays and a national conversation about civil liberties. we're going to show you how to navigate this brave new world of airport security. the royal wait. the excitement builds as the world waits for will and kate to release the time and place. then all that remains, the small matter of planning this wedding. live in london with the very latest. murder in beverly hills, the town's mayor suggests a hollywood publicist was targeted for death. who would want to kill a beloved 64-year-old with no known enemies? that and more this saturday
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enemies? that and more this saturday morning november 20th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone. welcome to "the early show" this saturday morning. how about that for and opening shot. >> beautiful tick tour. >> yes. good morning, i'm chris wragge. >> i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill. >> president obama was on the road again in portugal meeting with nato leaders and we'll have a report from bill plante in moments. >> a new poou poll about marria marriage. today, not so of the case. >> talk about a modern family right now. >> yes. >> a huge travel weekend coming up. >> yes. a huge hassle weekend. >> yes. >> you probably heard a little something about our top story this morning the uproar over increased airport security. the transportation security admin sdreegs's aggressive patdowns and new body scanning
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machines a touchy subject for airline passengers an crew. >> reporter: after weeks of complaints from airline pilots, the tsa gave in friday announcing a pilots government i.d. and company badge would be enough to get them through security and around body-scanning machines and new much more intimate patdowns. >> i find it obtrusive and unnecessary. >> reporter: a recent cbs news poll showed four out of five passengers do not object to more rigorous airport screening. >> anything that would make it easier, that's fine. safer and easier. >> those are your priorities. >> yeah. >> the people performing those checks are another matter. a tsa agent pulled this fright attendant out for a patdown after she went through a body scanner. >> she said was this.
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i said a prosthesis because i had breast cancer. she said you'll need to me is me that, show horrific it blew my mind. >> some airports are considering replacing tsa screeners with private firms hoping they will have more control firing overzealous or insensitive inspectors. >> so far, the problems caused by the new airpt security have been minor but could worsen this week with an online call for passengers to boycott full body scans wednesday that. could mean much longer lines and shorter temperatures during one of the busiest travel days of the year. our travel editor peter he greenberg at laguardia arptd no us this morning with tips for making holiday air travel easier. good morning, peter, how are you gimplts, chris. >> so far, so good everything good at laguardia. >> so far so good. wednesday will be the busiest travel day of the year but only behind tuesday, also a busy travel day a lot of people trying to get out of town earlier. >> who is most upset about the
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new procedures right now, in your estimation. >> the pilots you heard in kelly's piece were appeased with an exemption there but frequent flyers upset about the time it will take to get through and of course parents of small children because of the invasive patdowns there. >> they've loosened the restrictions, right, with children, children under 12 will not get the as invasive a patdown as adults, correct? >> that is correct but they will not be exempt. so people need to know that before they get to the airport. >> the head of the tsa john pistole said these screening methods, i admit, are invasive but it is not going to change. how does tsa strike the balance between privacy and security. >> right after 9/11 we all put our stuff in the kitty litter boxes and go through the metal detaektors. we're used to that now. it will take time for them to get up to speed how do this properly, about o process not policy. >> if there was a big enough
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uproar about these scanners could they possibly go away or are they here to stay. >> the original plan was to install these in 2200 security checkpoints in 450 commercial airports. as i'm speaking to you this morning there, are only 400 of these machines installed in 69 airports. it's coming in but not as fast as people think. most passengers traveling tuesday and wednesday are not going to go through them anyway. >> let me ask you this, with this huge holiday week coming up, as far as delays are concerned, how much more of a delay, the nuisance, do you think it will this be time around than what we, as passengers, have dealt with in years past, post-9/11. >> remember, on the thanksgiving weekend you have a lot of first-time travelers not frequent travelers and that's the delay especially with kids and strollers. you have to allow time for that. the bottom line, you have an airport situation with a combination of the actual scanning machines and mag no tom ters, most people will go end up going through them, taking three or four seconds. the scanning machines take between two and three minutes. >> let's talk about tips you
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have to help people to navigate the lines and nuisance of air right now. you say the first tip is changing carry-on. >> a total change in carry-on, sort of getting totally undressed before you get to the airport. you have to think about that, everything in yurl pockets will have to come out before you go in the scanning machines so why not take them out and put everything in your carry-on bags including your belts, wallets paper money, not just metal. >> the tip you mentioned a second ago the magnetometer. you say opt for it. >> if it you can. some airports you can and some airports it's the luck of the draw but if you get the mag tom ter, it's your lucky day. >> i find this interesting. you say you should count the number of tsa officers at the station you do choose. >> exactly. when you get it a security line or security lines at the airport, don't look how long the line s. look how many tsa officers are watching the monitors by those conveyor belts. one guy or woman, that's the line you want, no matter how long because those bags will move fast. if you see two people it means
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they are training one of them and every single bag will stop. i would love the tsa to tell me why they train them during crunch times but look at the lines and the people watching those monitors >> final tip, if you opt for the patdown, what do you advice for the folks that go that route. >> another 30 minutes ahead of time at the airport because, remember, anytime someone 079s for the patdown, your right as a passenger to do that, they have to pull a tsa agent out of the rotation to do the inspection slowing it down between three and five minutes per passenger so, be aware thereafter. >> on a lighter note have you heard the catch fraes sweeping the nation at airports right now, touch my junk and i'll have you arrested. >> you said that, i didn't. >> been said all around the country all week. thanks so much, good tips. we appreciate it. >> all right. >> now to kendis gibson for this morning's other top stories. good morning, good to have you with us gimplts morning, everybody. we'll start overseas in lisbon, portugal. president obama wraps up up his
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summit with nato allies with a plan on the u.s. war strategy in afghanistan. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante is traveling with the president. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. the president is here meeting with nato he coalition partners to tackle the biggest issue of the summit, which is afghanistan, when and how to begin withdrawing u.s. and nato troops. president obama arrived this morning with a new plan outlining the drawdown of combat operations in afghanistan. the goal, to hand over the security responsibilities from the u.s. -led nato coalition to afghan forces, province by province. >> the direction, starting today, is clear. towards afghan leadership and afghan -- >> reporter: woul of some u.s. troops begins next july as the president promised but the process continues to the end of 2014. and, say the experts, u.s. involvement won't end even then.
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>> i think what you'll hear from the lisbon summit later this week, talk of what are we going to do in 2015? how many trainers will we continue to have on the ground? afghan national security forces may be in the lead by the end of 2014, but they won't be there alone. >> reporter: president obama is also meeting with afghan president karzai who says he supports the u.s. plan. but the suck said of the plan depends on the ability of the afghan government and karzai often seems to be a reluctant partner. >> president karzai's statements recently asking for the end to those night raids, proven to be so effective really isn't helpful in that regard. >> reporter: the summit overshadowed by the battle back home to ratify the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear arms treaty with russian. president obama is doubling down demanding a vote in the lame duck session of congress despite republicans saying it must wait until next year. president obama this morning pushed back invoking a republican president. >> so, those who would block this treaty are breaking
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president reagan's rule. they want to trust but not verify. >> president obama is also lining up for support for the s.t.a.r.t. treaty among other leaders at the summit, the idea to put republicans back home on notice failure to pass the treaty would seriously disrupt relations with russia and the european allies. kendis? >> a busy couple weeks for the president overseas. what's left for the president in lisbon before he heads home? >> reporter: well, there's a meeting with the president and other nato leaders with president medvedev of russia. he's expected to drop russia's objections to a missile defense system in year because we think he wants to send a warning to iran. >> bill plante, thank you. >> a letter containing a white powder was received last night at the los angeles production off of the show "dancing with the stars" suzanne marquez from los angeles reports. >> reporter: dozens of crews respond to cbs's television city
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on beverly boulevard in los angeles on the report of a powdery substance inside a threatening letter received at bungalow one on the studio lot. we confirm it is the mailroom of "dancing with the stars" sources also confirm the threatening letter was set to contestant bristol palin criticizing a recent performance. the fbi says initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances but will be transported to a regional lab for further testing. a joint investigation is continuing. the laapd, city and haz-mat squads were all called out around 5:00 p.m. and several "dancing with the stars" offices were evacuated until the areas were deemed safe. a statement from abc, they say once the envelope was found, they turned it over to security, which then notified the la fire department and police departments, as well, which then determined the substance was talcum powder, this from abc. the fbi has taken in the substance for further testing.
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>> certification of alaska's hotly contested senate race on hold at least for now. republican candidate joe miller is challenging write-in votes for rival republican senator lisa murkowski. the write-in candidate, a.p., has declared the winner a. federal judge granted miller a temporary injunction and referred the matter to alaska's state courts. miller contends many of the write-inin ballots have murkowski's name spelled wrong and, according to alaska law, are invalid. in new zealand dangerous gas levels keeping rescuers from searching for 29 coal miners trapped more than a mile underground. there's been no word from the men since an explosion tore through the pike river mine friday but officials believe the miners, age 17 to 62, are still alive. and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in opryland fireworks lit up the sky friday night to kick off the resort's 27th annual country christmas.
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according to them, the display includes more than two million lights and interactive larger than life-ice sculpture. lonnie quinn joining us at 12 after the hour. those are good pictures to see, that area you might recall buried in about ten feet of water. >> big problems early why err this year. >> any problems like that? >> i'll show you everything, all right. let's get right you to, what i've got for you. the satellite and radar picture shows clear skies on the eastern half of the country, not so clear on the western half of the country. that's a big winter storm. what's going on, those nice clear skies on the eastern half you can attribute to strong high pressure system, this high pressure system, it's like a linebacker, not allowing anything to get through. this storm is just staying put ands it going to sit and spin. that western storm, it goes nowhere. it finally starts to move by tuesday. that means from now until then, the rockies, boy, you are picking up a lot of snow, winter storm warnings out there, how much snow?
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two to three feet. the skiers are loving it. jackson hole, beaver mountain, lake tahoe, all the resorts in the area two to three feet of snow, a skier's delight right now. we'll watch that storm as it pushes east. we'll talk more about that later but right now here's a closer look at weather for your weekend. >> make it a great day wherever you are. speaking of the big storm out west, rebecca, i told you i would [ inaudible ] this one because if it generates winds on thanksgiving, the thanksgiving balloons can't fly as high in the sky and have to be brought to the surface. a very big deal around here we'll watch closely. >> it is a very big deal around here. the big question in britain this
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morning where and when will prince william and kate middleton tie the knot? speculation reached a fever pitch the royal couple has a place, closing in on a date but keeping mum for now. our correspondent mark phillips is live from buckingham palace. great to see you, mark. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. well, at the time the engagement was announced we were told the wedding plans themselves would follow shortly. but if we've learned anything about william and kate over the eight years of their relationship is, they don't rush into things. still, even without an official announcements, some of the details of the discussions of the wedding planning are beginning to emerge. they kept the world waiting for years before they finally announced their engagement and now william and kate are keeping the world waiting about when and where the wedding will be. there are plenty of good reasons. wedding plans, even for normal people, are never easy. for william and kate, they're a nightmare. planning a grand royal wedding like charles and diana's for instance, takes more than
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booking a caterer and florist. the schedules of heads of state and the society who's-who have to be consulted. national and religious holidays have to be consulted to avoid an international incident. more than cousin mildred might be offended if you get the date wrong. westminster abbey is still the favored site for the wedding, where most royal weddings, including the queen's have taken place, not to mention 38 core nations and, of course, where diana's funeral was held and where william, as a 15-year-old, spent perhaps the saddest day of his life. but william has already brought diana's marriage to this marriage by giving her engagement ring to his fiancee. the spectre of diana isn't being avoided in this wedding but embraced. >> this is my way of sort of keeping her clos to it all. >> i just hope i lose after it. it's very, very special. >> reporter: the other major
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issue how big or not the wedding should be. another charles and diana fairy-tale extravaganza is probably not the plan. >> they have to do it differently because the one that went before that's in everybody's minds was such a crash and burn. it may not have been, you know, the bolt from the blue that we all want from the fairy-tale but maybe it's better for them. >> reporter: as for when the wedding will happen, all of the speculation is that william and kate are thinking earlier, rather than later, even as early as march. but, the march weather here can be awfully risky and they're considering that, again. rebecca? >> mark phillips, thank you. yeah, it rain as lot there in march. also at buckingham palace our contributor neil shane with a closer look what we can expect from the very royal wedding g. morning, neil, great to have you with us. >> morning, rebecca. >> we just heard from mark phillips, location could be westminster abbey and also heard rumors friday maybe we would get an answer then but we didn't.
8:18 am
any indication when we'll hear about location? >> well, you know, i know you girls want to know exactly the time -- >> not just us girls, okay? >> we were kind of annoyed, too, we thought all this will be wrapped up in the first week, as it were. but i'm guessing now, you know, it's going to be the early part of next week. yesterday, we had quite a few visitors behind me at buckingham palace, so trying to tie things in and make sure people are available. it's a big event as you say and obviously to get the likes of people like president obama over here we have to make sure his diary is clear. i'm guessing sooner rather than later. >> so much coordination, as far as that date goes, when do you think we'll hear about the date? could it, in your view, be as early as march? >> well, you know, i like the idea. i think everybody likes the idea of march but let's be honest it's cold now it's going to be as cold in march. if you are kate middleton and want to look stunning on your wedding day, why wouldn't you, would you really want to walk down the aisle or leave the
8:19 am
abbey in a freezing sort of temperature? i'd like to think it's going to be more june/july, at least warmer weather and easier to copy the dress for all you girls that want to get married late summer. >> you keep saying all you girls, neil. i don't know what you're talking about but i want to talk to you about the diaries getting checked and calendars getting checked. is there a chance they could make this announcements without knowing for example world leaders like obama could be present or do they really have to vet everything and everyone before they make the announcement? >> well, you know, this is our chance here in england to shine, you know. obviously, prime minister david cameron, a god-send to him, not only is it going to help the economy but put us back on the world stage so we want everybody here that is important to that world stage and president obama is incredibly popular in the united kingdom and obviously would be one of the main guests. so, yes, it's vital we check and make sure people are available. i think -- when you consider if
8:20 am
you look at the entertainment stars, big names there elton john a close connection with his late mother, george michael maybe even james bond, who performed, of course, a big fan of william and kate and they are of his. i'm guessing he might be at the wedding breakfast. >> i understand that's breaking news you've been looking into the blount appearance that. could be a big deal. >> definitely. . he knows them quite well. i interviewed him recent and he got cagey i said obviously when they get married and perhaps provide entertainment? you know when they go red and they go quiet you ket get a feeling that meant something to kate and i'm b betting the spice girls because william had a crush on baby spice -- >> will it be a press release or
8:21 am
a big hoopla like so much has been. >> obviously the way we announce weddings is -- they post on the gates of buckingham palace and of course westminster abbey if that is the place but once those bands go up and the notice goes up of course it will break again and everybody will want to know more. but i just think, please, give us that message now, before we all freeze. >> neil shane, we so appreciate you being with us and bearing the cold. hopefully the wedding will come at a warm time of year and everyone will be outside and loving it. >> real pleasure, thanks rebecca. >> have a great weekend. >> i know he keeps saying you girls but i'm excited about it. >> i think a the lf the people. >> i think kate will look beautiful no matter what month they choose to get married. >> i think you are right about that. >> and i think the spice girls are probably available. coming up, murder in beverly hills, a question remains this morning, was she targeted for
8:22 am
death? we'll have the very latest on some possible leads and a motive. >> then later, we are asking the question is marriage obsolete. a new poll asks that question of a number of question and says the number of people, americans, who think that it is, are growing. we're going to discuss whether it's important to tie the knot. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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welcome back to "the early show" on a saturday morning. one thing we'll talk about the next couple minutes is marriage obsolete? a new study by the pew research institute basically says things are a lot different now than back in the days, the 1950s, the ozzie and harriet generation. things are a more modern family. >> if you look at the statistics, chris, it's very interesting to see, in 1960, 68% of 20-somethings were married,
8:25 am
fast forward more like 26% of them. you can see the numbers going down. obviously a lot of of social things at play the idea of modern family has changed significantly. >> in this study they say four out of ten people surveyed said they actually think marriage is obsole obsolete. you've got these families now the nuclear family on one side of the table and you've got gay couples raising kids, you've got single couples living together not getting married having children out of wedlock so, many elements if you've ever watched "modern family" it is becoming more and more preserve vent. we'll talk to experts and see exactly what the study shows and what you think at home. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "the early show" i'm rebecca jarvis. nice crowd out there the weekend before thanksgiving. >> so far all in the city. a big week around here and everywhere, for that matter. i'm chris wragge, good morning, everybody. coming up, how to avoid packing on the pounds thanksgiving. they say you eat so much thanksgiving you can actually walk out of the house one pound heavier. >> i've seen more than on the scale. >> 3600 calories. one pound doesn't sound that bad to me. six secrets to control your calorie consumption during this holiday feast and the number one mistake dieters will make, i think it has to do with eating everything in sight. >> i don't think that's a
8:31 am
mistake. also is marriage obsolete. in a new poll nearly 40% of americans asked say, yes, it s. we are looking at why more and more couples choose to knot tie the knot. >> tomorrow hollywood mourns the lost of one its own. days after the murder of a respected celebrity publicist motive remain as big mystery today. our correspondents bill whitaker has the latest. >> five major studios come together sunday to celebrate her life. but it is her death that has left everyone stunned. chasen was murdered as she drove home from a premiere of the movie "burlesque" through the million dollar neighborhood of beverly hills. >> there was nothing she did but work. and every client she had re-hired her year after year after year. >> reporter: she was gunned down in her mercedes at this corner around 12:30 tuesday morning. when police arrived they found her slumped in her car, her car
8:32 am
crashed into a pole. chasen was bleeding from multiple shots to her chest. the police say they have no suspects and little evidence. they found no bullet casings. the mayor of beverly hills says it appears to him the shooter was in a car that had pulled up next to her, possibly an suv. >> it looked like it was at a higher angle coming in than someone walking. >> reporter: investigators are searching chasen's computers for clues, amid some speculation this could have been a professional hit. >> it seems to all of us that ronni chasen would be the last person, literally, the last person among all of us to be targeted for a hit. >> reporter: while an autopsy has been completed, it's done little to shed light on this horrific crime. with no motive and very few leads right now police have their work cut out for them. i joining us former nypd detective bill stanton. good to see you gimplts morning. >> what are they doing, basically the procedure with so
8:33 am
few leads and little to go on, where do they stand at this point in the investigation? >> they are going to do an investigation as if it were any homicide investigation. they are going to canvas the area, this regoing to be looking at video, surveillance video for residential and/or commercial, checking phone records, et cetera. >> when you see and hear something like this, doesn't sound random, does it? i think a lot of people say -- the severity and nature sounds a bit more targeted. >> you're correct. what's captured america's curiosity here, this lady did live a privileged life, it happened in beverly hills driving a mercedes and you know there for the grace of god, you know, you don't want it to happen to you. the fact it was five shots to the chest is very curious. >> we talked about video surveillance. you made mention of it a second ago. in this type of area, did -- are there surveillance cameras on the streets, kind of like what we have in new york city or is not as prevalent out there? >> well, it's not like times square, but i've been out there,
8:34 am
residentialally, many, many people of that hair security cameras pointed in their driveways to capture the cars coming in. so, hopefully there will be some leads in that area. >> the mayor speculating he thinks it possibly came from and suv because the shot angle was high to low. is it good for the mayor to be speculating on what happened here when you've got plenty of obviously capable police officers and detectives working on the case. >> chris, you bring up a good point because to say it's an skurve, now everybody is focused on an suv. it could have been a motorcycle someone could have ran across the street, a car in front blocking them in, many different areas to investigate. >> now let's talk some of the conspiracy theorists when she say, okay it has the earmarkings of an organized hit. does it have the earmarkings of an organized hit? you are the professional. >> we could what-if this. we need more information as the police department is looking at now, they are looking at maybe is it is a money issue, a crime of passion, a revenge thing? many areas they are tracking down, i'm sure. >> the police, i'm sure probably
8:35 am
have an idea, is it best for them to sit on kind of divulging any of the information they have until they are able to round it out a little bit more? >> well, it's always a balance. you know, you may want to release some information because you may get leads from it. other times, want to play your cards close to the vest. >> one of those things, i think people especially in hollywood right now with this being a publicist, well-known publicist, people want answers and they want them quickly, i'm sure especially people living in that area tirmsts is not like someone will stand by the lake and throw rocks in the water. they want to go proactive and make this thing happen and solve this case. >> how tough a case like this to solve? >> tough. tough. if there's no leads and they don't have something jumping out soon, the longer time goes on, the longer it, is the harder it is to solve. >> in your estimation, at what point do we get to the point where we're like they must not have anything if they haven't come out yet, is there a point, a week, ten days? >> i'll say two weeks. >> between weeks they are having a hard time getting evidence.
8:36 am
>> i'm say two weeks. >> good to see. now over to lonnie for another check of the weather this morning. >> good morning, everybody. look at all the smiles on people out here. in the milling of it all, we have a hopping piece of corn. come here, sweetheart. what's your name. >> michelle cox. >> why are you a piece of corn? >> because i'm from [ inaudible ]. >> oh. of course their mascot is the corn! >> we have corn husking like our homecoming and all kinds of things. >> give yourself a hand here. here are your headlines for you, this is what i'm looking at as of right now, sunshine for the south, two to three feet of snow out west and canada will be exporting a commodity they have a lot of, cold air coming into the northern plains. look at this temperatures lows will be 10 degrees to 10 degrees below zero.
8:37 am
that's overnight tonight, for shelby, montana, minot, north dakota, sheridan, wyoming. the bigger picture shows if you go anywhere east of the mississippi you have a beautiful looking skwi overhead. to the west you go you find the les than nice weather. we'll keep an eye on that storm as it stays put and tries to move east through the weekend but right now a closer look at the weather for your weekend where you are. all right, everybody. that's going to do it. you are getting the picture during the actual newscast? >> yes. >> good for you. rebecca, in to you. >> thank you. thanksgiving is thursday. if you don't want to stuff yourself like a turkey, we have
8:38 am
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for anyone trying to watch what they eat, thanksgiving is the mother of all diet busters. if fact you could easily pack on a full pound's worth of calories before the plates are cleared. so, dietitian and personal chef diane hendricks has come up with six tips to keep your holiday feasting under control. great to see you, diane. >> you, too, nice to be back. >> i love what you said during the break. you said this doesn't have to be a hobrible day of depriving yourself. >> yeah. i'm not the food police, you know. it is a holiday. shoe really enjoy yourself but who wants to work so hard after the meal to get the weight off, really a mind-set to stay in. >> part of that mind-set getting into it the day before and eating certain things. what do you recommend? >> before you sit down for thanksgiving dinner you should at least an hour before have something. you don't want to go to the table completely famished because you start making really bad food choices.
8:42 am
having fruits or a couple of nuts, obviously not a serving but a handful, natural peanut butter and celery sticks or salad with vin ga receipt to get something going in your stomach so you are not completely starving. >> you sass a fast ars liquids it is good to stay hydrated but you have to watch you stay hydrated with. >> -- go like selzer, we've heard this before with lemon or line or unsweetened iced tea and again, alcohol can really pack on the calories. >> a cup right you have you say is not the right amount. you need to go with less. >> this is what you would think is a typical glass of wine is maybe three or four servings. >> wow; i want to show you the standard serving of wine about 100 calories is. this is about 100 calories of wine right there. >> more like a shot glass. >> yes. these goblets we have i'm sure
8:43 am
that is an eye opener for a lot of people out there but we are talk 100 calories right there. >> the other. >> three hundred calories. that really adds up. again, want to enjoy yourself but take it easy. >> if you would rather eat shf those calories. >> i'd rather eat my calories. >> the pies, a favorite but one of the major gut bombs. what do you think in terms of proportion. >> i've never laid it out like this before. the way you have, i love it. look it, this is more than enough of a serving, a quarter of a cup of each of the sides. if you think about it altogether it's a cup trying the creamed spina spinach, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. go for a cup of the starchy. >> a scoop of each. >> my scoop and everybody else's. >> mine is overthrowing. >> exactly. think of a scoop of each but you don't want to deprive yourself. it is a holiday, it is fun, you want to enjoy yourself but don't
8:44 am
need to over do it. >> we have a couple of plates for the ideal setting. the one on the right is the no-go. >> you've heard your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you go to the buffet or scoop into the dishes and this is what the tip kalg thanksgiving dinner plate looks like, a ton of calories. if you look over here, this is a substantial amount of food here. we are talking this the cup that was over here. this is more than enough of the sides and you have steamed or some broccoli and green beans and turkey and that's really morn enough. >> we have this plate here to sort of give people a sense how it should all be portioned out. if there is any confusion at the table bring your blackberry or tennis ball you say. explain that. >> how times have changed t. used to be the portion should be the size of a deck of cards but now we have a blackberry and everybody probably has them under the table on their laps. it is a good size of portion for protein, can go bigger for white
8:45 am
meat turkey. and the tennis ball, for the starches, again go crazy with the veggies. >> we appreciate it. for more tips go our partner in health and search healthy means. diane, as always, great to see you, hope you have a great thanksgiving with your family of. >> thank you. >> blackberry is also a great way to avoid the family. >> that's horrible. >> up next four out of ten americans in a new survey say marriage is obsolete. are the days of death do us part, 'til death do us part, really a thing of the past? you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh, boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger.
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8:48 am
marriage is obsolete. not my words, that's according to nearly 40% of americans sur sflad a new pew research poll. another telling stat, census data shows only 54% of american adults are married today, down from 72% 50 years ago. so, is marriage a thing of the past. joining us relationship expert and psychotherapist heidi banks. >> good morning.
8:49 am
>> is it safe to say that times have achanged? >> well, i think what hasn't changed is commitment in relationship. but what we're looking at is taking the stigma off of the word "marriage" looking at a new kind of relationship, one where it's not just about walking down the aisle andfy, having the dress, having the cake and not having 'til death do us part. >> drooul a modern family, the family dynamic has changed. >> sort of like general motors, if you started working there you would be there for your life and get your pension. people looking at marriage maybe a great ten years is good enough. >> let's talk about marriage we've been talking about and a marriage about to happen this spring or summer, prince william and kate a. new dynamic, living together, not married. these are some of the statistics of this poll that we saw, 44% of adults do co-hab tate. >> yes. and, unfortunately, the -- how well a relationship does does not match co-habitation, meaning that there is a statistic that
8:50 am
people who do co-hab tate before marriage have less of a chance for that marriage to work out. >> really? >> but again, let's redefine marriage, is it for the rest of your life or for a good 10, 20 years? >> 10, 20 years. >> and look at the change in moray, in england and europe it's always been a little different than the united states. but you head to the east, the midwest, anywhere where you are a church-gooding community, these changes are not happening. >> talk about some couples we know, famous couples brad and and lean nashgs goldie and kukurt, if you want to go back further, couples not married have children together, another route. >> and great example of marriages, people totally committed to each other. we accept brad and angelina and we accept those kind of couples for a very specific reason. they're great parents. they have shown us what a great commitment looks like. they haven't been caught in scandals yet, who knows. there's always room. >> but do some people kind of
8:51 am
look at it negative? still a percentage of people looking look on that negatively. >> absolutely. you know what it is based on? everything from your politics for instance in this study, republicans were much more likely to judge co-habitation as opposed to marriage. economics come into play. where you live. what kind of community you're in, all of those things create stigma around living -- excuse me living together. >> this is was interesting marmg is more common among college graduates. why does education play a role in this. >> it's financial. college graduates make more money. what we're finding right now especially chris, in the times we're in, men don't like to marry unless they're more successful in their lives. when they've hit a certain point financially, they are ready to get married. and so, college graduates tend to make more money and tend to be very committed to their careers, which is also a good statistic for how well a relationship will last. so, you've got to look at it
8:52 am
that way, as well. there's so many factors coming into play here. >> let's quickly talk about the median age of first marriages. >> gone up. >> the highest ever right now looking at men being a little over 28, women 26 right now. are we delaying or people just kind of maybe a bit more hesitant? i mean, why is it now moving further and further back? simplts i'd like to think that we're more committed to what a real relationship is and we're saying when we're 21 or 22, going into a marriage doesn't necessarily work because then you get to be 35 and you change. and in that relationship, you go, wait a minute, i was so young when i got married. so many of us have that story in our lives. so, i think that's part of it. also, again, finances come into play. a lot of men don't want to get married too young right now and there is arrested development. >> yes. >> i work with women dating and let me tell you, they are out there going when, when is he going to commit? still an issue we need to talk about. >> need to be patient, right,
8:53 am
some take a little longer than others. good to talk to you this morning. >> same here. >> why are brides-to-be putting their weddings on hold waiting patiently, they want to know time and date, will will and kate set a date finally? we're living from buckingham palace. this is "the early show" here on cbs. when we all become doers. when our mittens double as work gloves. and we turn every room into a project. but this year, let's trim the budget. get some help from martha stewart that we can't get anywhere else. and spread our money as far as our cheer. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the me depot. we're lowering the cost of bright spirits. now get a 100 count light set for $2.28. yeah, right now during sign then drive, you can take home a volkswagen for just your signature. really? that's great. yeah. plus, it includes scheduled carefree maintenance. huh.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. [ female announcer ] freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. no other pizza tastes like freschetta, because no other pizza is made like freschetta. everyone ready for their holiday shopping? >> oh, god yeah! [ laughter ] >> that wasn't the right answer. >> oh, yeah. >> ready to get started? >> we actually have susan koeppen along to help us get through this. it is kind of a difficult task and can be even more difficult with so many deals you don't know what's what. she has all the answers. >> we need help with everything, who better to have than susan koeppen with tips for. some of you, your local news is next. for the rest of you, stay with us, more chatting here on "the early show" here on cbs.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
royal nod. word is will and kate have found a place and closing in on a date. they've also decided on their first destination abroad as newlyweds. we're live from buckingham palace with the latest. shopping survival guide. want to avoid mall madness this holiday season? well, there's a right way and a wrong way to shop and we've got the best times, the best places, and the path to the best deals. wizards sard's magic, "harry potter" setting records about to become the top-grossing movie series of all time. luke and han, looks like the force is now with the wizard. all that and more as we welcome you to "the early show" this saturday, november 20th, 2010.
9:01 am
>> welcome to "the early show." i don't know if you caught that, there is someone in our audience dressed as a cob of corn. >> i saw that. lonnie was interviewing that cob of corn earlier. >> that's a new one. i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill. >> i'm chris wragge. beautiful fall morning here. >> it is. it feels almost like winter. i have to say, i don't know where your coat s. you said week after week you would have one. >> i told you i would get to thanksgiving without a jacket and i'm there. >> you've done it. hay ree potter, major major breakthrough. >> beaucoup bucks. >> yes. looks like it will overtake the "star wars trilogy" and all the rest in terms of making money. >> who's your favorite character nimplts "star wars" or "harry
9:02 am
potter." >> yes. >> harry potter. >> our musical guest five for fighting is here this morning. that is right. they have got, i tell you a new song, krincredible. i'll tell you this one of my top ten favorites of all year, 100 years. >> they will perform that. >> a great treat. >> but first kendis gibson is at the news desk. >> good morning. president obama expected to ask russia to join a missile defense cheeld to protect europe against an attack from iraq or north korea. mr. obama is in lisbon where he won support for it friday. it would be build over europe to protect every nato country. russia opposes identifying iran as a possible aggressor. a boycould the could disrupt
9:03 am
holiday travel plans for millions of airlines passengers. national opt-out day is a loosely organized internet campaign effort scheduled to start wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. the transportation security administration under fire for its new body-scanning machines and aggressive patdowns. more than 10,000 sickened ground zero workers accepted a legal settlements that will pay out at least $625 million. firefighters, police, and construction workers sued the city of new york over health problems that they say were the result of exposure to toxic dust at the world trade center site. and after three days of deliberations, jurors in the shan dra leave vee murder trial are getting a break for the weekend. they resume deliberations monday. this immigrant ingmar guandique faces two counts in the murder of the disappearance and death of the former intern nine years ago. apparently, levy had a romantic relationship with former congressman gary condit. he was once considered the prime suspect but police say he --
9:04 am
they no longer believe he was actually involved. to england we go and prince charles has callsed a stir suggesting that his second wife, camilla parker bowls, may take the title of queen if he becomes king. now, many british see her as the other woman who broke up charles' first marriage to princess diana. if charles does take the throne, camilla will legally be queen. and when the couple married, though, in 200, 5 the palace said she planned to adopt the title of princess consort. the traditional title is queen consort. so, there you have it. four minutes after the hour now. let's turn to our weather consort, you might say. hey, man. >> that's my new title? >> it is. how do you like it? >> kendis, the news man, i like it. speaking of titles, watch this response. um, moms gone wild skreemz. >> here's the deal, all these ladies right here are all pals from back in boston now you live all over the country and you guys have come together in new
9:05 am
york city to tear up our town. >> we just flew in two hours ago. >> this is why you are the more subdue one of the crowd, on the all-nighter there. let me talk about weather. the hottest spot in the country, naples, florida. 82. the coldest, cutbank, montana will drn down to, get this, 12 degrees below zero. the best weather anywhere macon, georgia, sunshine, 72 nice mild southerly breeze off the gulf of mexico so for places like dallas, little rock, atlanta, orlando, temperatures, 60s and 70s, lots of sunshine through your entire weekend. enjoy it. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
9:06 am
>> announcer: this weather segment sponsored by macy's. >> it is shout out time. this week i am proud it acknowledge the old savanna city mission in savannah, georgia hosting their 13th annual day of great thanksgiving. volunteers seasoning and smoking up more than 600 turkeys since 6:00 a.m. wednesday. the tasty birdies are ready to be provided to over 600 homeless and needy families in that area. we truly have something to be thankful for down there in savannah, thank you to all of you watching "the early show" on wotc in sa vaughn na. that's my shout out to you. now my buddy chris. >> thank you so much. britain's prince william and fidz dz ance kate middleton catherine middleton know where they will say i do but staying
9:07 am
mum for now. our correspondents mark phillips is at buckingham palace with the latest. good morning to you. what do you know now? >> reporter: we think, what we think we know to coin the old phrase we think this will take place at westminster abbey, largely for two reasons, large lg because of a picture published in a newspaper here of kate middleton actually visiting the abbey and we're told she wanted to look around to see where the wedding might be. it's also considered pretty unthinkable they would go back to st. paul's cathedral, the other choice of course where charles and diana were married and we know where that marriage went, all kinds of connotations from that. as to when the wedding would be, the thinking is that kate and william wanted it to be earlier in the spring and summer period they mentioned, even talking about march. march around here can be pretty nippy. it would cause some difficulties. it's also fairly soon, in terms of all the schedules that have to be coordinated. so, they're doing what kate and william do, which is taking
9:08 am
their time to consider these things and it seems that we're going to have to wait until early next week, we're now being guided to find out when and where exactly this will happen. >> mark, are we hearing if this is going to be a traditional type wedding or astra digsal as a royal wedding or a huge pomp and circumstance -- >> well, they are not going to drop by the city hall, we can count on that but there is a sense of balance the grandness between the traditional royal wedding the kind we all associate, of course, with the charles and diana wedding but something a bit more mad rat in these more austere times. there is a groundswell of opinion rising here about who should pay for. this the general public consensus seems to be, even in conservative newspapers, that it's not the public who should pay for it that the royals themselves ought to contribute a huge whack.
9:09 am
>> mark, thank you very much. for royal watchers the wedding for will and kate is only one that matters next year. of course, unless you are a british bride-to-be having one yourself. many putting their plans on hold worried the royal nuptials will land on their date. ingrid seward joins us now from london with more on the big festivities we can't stop talking about. ingrid, good morning. how are you? >> good morning, krils. fine, thank you. what. >> what are these other brides in britain so up in arms right now? >> well, they're worried even if they don't know william and kate it's going to scuttle their wedding plans and they are in the going to be the princess on that day, it's going to be kate. and all their wedding guests will want for to watch the royal oopd wedding and not be concentrating on the wedding they're at. so, there are some very unhappy brides-to-be around here. >> exactly how long are they willing to a wait? i guess if i'm at home right now i'm saying to myself, come on,
9:10 am
it's the royal wedding. you know -- any other wedding in britain at this time will pale in comparison but i guess this is a very big issue for brides-to-be, huh? >> i have some friends, or some -- a son of a friend of mine getting married on may 7th and he actually knows prince william and they have a kind of similar guest list, i guess they have a kind of similar guest list. so, his bride-to-be is very unhappy and just wants this announcement to happen as soon as possible but they've made their date, may 7th. so, there's not much they can do about it. >> let's also talk about logistics on a serious note here you have caterers, a hotel, everything. i mean, i assume, when kate and will do announce a date, everything from hotel rooms to you name it will all be taken, the florists, everything. >> well, i think there are a lot of florists in london. i don't think that needs to be the problem but what is the problem is if you happen to be getting married on the same day
9:11 am
as them, the logistics of possibly getting your guests into the center of london would be a nightmare. then you've got to think about maybe like the queen's caterers, faulkner mason won't have time to make your cake only william and kate's cake. a lot of things. i think the main worry, your guests aren't going to be concentrating on you. >> just so you know here in america flowers are a very, very big deal. let me ask you this, what would your advice be to british couples planning a summer wedding right now? >> just go ahead, make your date and don't worry about it. you can always record the wedding and show it to your guests later. >> make sure there's no television at the bar. >> absolutely. >> ingrid, thank you so much. good talking with you this morning. >> thank you. >> now back to rebecca. >> chris, it's a cheaper wedding if no one shows up, too. that's a plus. coming up next "early show" consumer correspondent susan koeppen is here with your
9:12 am
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indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. long lines, crowded stores, endless lists the holiday shopping season will soon be here, in some cases already is and so will the stress with that. saents may have an army of elv sdedzs but you don't. get ready for five holiday tips from you is soon koeppen. great to see you. >> have you started yet. >> i kind of shop all year around. >> i'm with you. i do the same thing. the experts say shop early or shop late. use those extended hours but here's the best tip of all from the national retail federation, shop the night before a huge
9:16 am
sale, go after 6:00 p.m. the stores will have updated their computers with the sale prices so you can sneak in the night before and get a sale price. >> get the sale price the nice before and if they won't given it to you maybe you can put it on hold and go get it first thing in the morning. >> or ask the manager, i know the sale goes on tomorrow, you've updated your prices, give it to me. >> very good. >> when it comes to best deals what are recommendations? >> i say research apg comparison shop. there is so many ways to do that, take the store flyers with you as you are heading out to the mall and the shops. that way if you are in store a and you know that store b has the product you're looking for at a cheaper price, you can hold it up and say, hey, look store b has it, can i get that price now and they do that for you. >> a lot of people also using mobile phone applications this year and looking at the internet for comparable pricing. so, a number of websites like delio, redlaser is a great
9:17 am
application i've heard you can use to comparison shop while you are out and show that to people, as well at the retailers. >> absolutely, they will absolutely do that for you. >> in terms of your favorite retailers and getting discounts from your very favorite. how do you follow them and what do you recommend? >> experts say this year will be a huge holiday promotional season. what does that mean for you as a consumer? a lot of special deals. how do you find out about them? you need to sign up for the e-mail alerts, go to your favorite stores or to the stores online where your loved ones want their gifts from and sign up to their loyalty program and you'll get e-mail alerts saying 50% off, free shipping or whatever it may be but huge, huge promotional season so you have to sign up to get the deals. >> sometimes you get an e-mail when you sign up for the deals they say for the next three hours you will get 30% off here and online, as well. >> very easy to do, sign up for the e-mail alerts. >> gift cards. a lot of people like them, because of the flexibility.
9:18 am
but what if you get one you don't want. >> the good news, if you plan on giving the gift card, a 7% of americans say they want a gift card. it is the number one requested gift this holiday season. so, that's the good news. okay, so, you get one, you don't like it, there's plenty of sites you can go and actually sell them or swap them. plastic jungle dot com is one site you can go and sell -- or swap. but, also think about there, there about $30 billion worth of unused cards. so, register your card when you get it so, in case you lose it, you can say, whatever happened to that gift card i got? and then you call and say i registered that card and they will issue a new one. >> how about returns? because obviously some of us get those gifts that we didn't want. >> right. right. so, retailers are battling return fraud in a huge way. 3.7 billion dollars in return fraud expected for this holiday
9:19 am
season alone. so, some stores will be cracking down, so things you should keep in mind, you know, always keep that original receipt. when i give gifts, i don't give a gift receipt. i actually give the original. >> which means you can get your money back. >> yeah, and i usually pay cash for the gift so if the person walks in, they can get cash back for it. sounds cheesy but i think my friends and family appreciate it if they don't like the gift. >> a really good tip. >> a lot of stores will probably also be asking you to show i.d. when you're returning something. so, the stores aren't necessarily cracking down on returns -- >> make sure you are not a repeat offender doing it over and over again. >> also, when you go in and buy something, check the return policy. every store is different. have sm have extended their return policies and some have tightened them. >> susan koeppen, thanks so much. for more on how and went wh to save the most on your holiday shopping go to our sister
9:20 am
websi website. >> up next, can "harry potter" work his magic and turn his franchise into the biggest grossing series in history? this is "the early show" on cbs. here, take the card. you go to the shops... i'll meet you at the gate. thanks. please remove all metal objects out of your pockets. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back. fun money from freedom. that's 5% cash back in quarterly categories and an unlimited 1% cash back everywhere else. and this too. does your card do this? i'm going to need a supervisor over here at gate 4. sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to philips sonicare is the number 1 recommended power toothbrush by dental professionals it's no wonder philips sonicare is the toothbrush america loves switch now and if you're not 100% satisfied,
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in 1977 "star wars" kicked off the most lucrative movie franchise in history grossing nearly $5.5 billion. it appears this week luked, han and the gang will lose their title. the seventh film in this series in the theater and the box office force is clearly with the wizard of hogwart. amy, good morning. i cannot believe this has me up in arms. >> i know. you can believe it? >> "star wars," come on. >> dethroned very, very soon probably after thanksgiving by "harry potter," huge and massive. just in one day alone, $24 million. >> this was on the opening night this week, right? >> it was, thursday night wamplts is it about "harry potter" that has everybody just over the moon? >> the universal themes, love, redemption, good versus evil. but let's not forget that these books have sold 400 million copies worldwide. it's a generation so children and parents, they keep coming back to this movie, invegsed in the character. >> "star wars" and that group had the same thing, ja ba the hundred -- >> princess leia, we loved that
9:26 am
but it's a new generation but i think with technology and the internet reaches people in a very different way wamplts is it about "star wars" you and i both talked about it during the commercial break we loved these movies. what is it that keeps bringing you back, the characters? >> it is. you are invested. three movies or more you become involved in their story line. will luke find out darth vader is his father. princess leia's and luke's relationship. you become invested and that's why people flock to these franchises. >> let's talk to james bond an interesting statistic, 20-something and grossed billions of dollars but going back to the 1960s when movie tickets were a lot cheaper. >> yes. but if it was today, it would be worth $11.68 billion. so, i mean, can you imagine? and the franchise thousand with daniel craig is so successful, each of his movies, the two movies grossed half a billion dollars worldwide. so, this is something that's never going to go away. >>alo, "hreks" very hine rht no popular. >> huge. >> parents love taking their kids and parents get the humor, >> now that they follow cuss on "the hobbit'' another book by tollke he in. chris, what you are doing -- >> didn't do well. >> there's great movies. look at the action there and the special effects. it really is absolutely amazing what's going on in movie-making today. >> work on that sequel for "top gun" i'll go see that. >> maybe you should star in it, chris. >> "lord of the rings" will do it for me. quickly before you go, safe to say now with movie tickets be $13 to $15 in new york city, it is a lot easier to make this type of money than -- i mean "star wars". >> i don't think it's easier i think what it, is yes, they are more expensive but people still like a good story and will make people go to the movies. >> amy, thank you so much. good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> stay with us. you're watching "the early show"
9:27 am
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they don't applause for the subway. what's wrong where you people? >> love the snowflake. >> so nice when we get here bright and early at 4:00 in the morning and it's dark out and that snowflake is illuminated and brightens up all -- >> it lights our way to the show. >> 57th and seventh there, or fifth, i should say. that wouldn't be right. welcome back to "the early show" i'm chris wragge. >> i'm rebecca var jis. ahead new music after an inspirational artist.
9:31 am
five five fighting's john an y ondrasi kidz. >> and our ch"chef on a shoestring" melissa d'arabian cooking up a feast all founder $80. >> she can because she makes meals for families of four for $10. >> that's great. first over to lonnie quinn somewhere on the plaza for a final check of the weather. >> three paces away. talking to everybody about this big winter storm brewing out west and this fellow right here, tom, is from killington and you're like, all about new england skiing. you guys are open now, as well. >> we are open, top to bottom this weekend. >> i got to tell you, you are not going to get snow out of this particular system right now but it is moving east. we'll talk about everything but killington is open and out west will get buried in snow. here's how things work out, a
9:32 am
winter storm out there is pushing east. i was talking to tom about that but actually close to new york city by thursday and could, all right, could is the operative word, affect our parade balloons because if it gives us winds at 25 miles per hour or more, then the balloons cannot fly high in the sky and have to be brought closer to the surface. we'll keep you posted on that but the winter storm out west two to three feet of notice for places like jackson hole, beaver mountain and the resorts around lake to hoe. that's your situation through tuesday eventually moving east but in the right now. again, some of the east coast ski resorts are open. good luck to everybody out there, skiers and snow boders, enjoy. here's a closer look at your weather for the weekend.
9:33 am
already. that will do it for the weather section out here. >> having a good time, guys. >> yeah. >> they are having a good time. rebecca? >> everyone is when you are there, lonnie. >> stretch your thanksgiving dollar. our chef will show you how to feed a table of fighting just $10 a plate. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] do your contact lenses feel as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning? air optix® contact lenses have superior deposit resistance for cleaner lenses. air optix®, the lens you can survive a long day in. go to for a free one month trial offer. no calorie sweetener granulated with fiber. sweet! [ female announcer ] tastes like sugar and has 3 grams of fiber per tablespoon. use it almost anywhere you use sugar. even in cooking and baking. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda® granulated with fiber. sweet! lose those lines for up to a year! juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness,
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this thanksgiving expectations are high but budgets as we all know are low so we called in a chef who knows all about feeding a table full of hungry people with a couple of dollars, melissa today arabian, a mom who cooks for four young girls every day. her challenge, whip up a thanksgiving feast for eight with all the trimmings for under $80. >> the thing to remember, the most pont ingredient at your table is you. your family and your friends. you know what, take the stress off a bit and you can have fabulous food for not a lot of money but, you know, what don't stress about it. it's more pont that you be there and available to your guests and you have a really nice time. >> right now you are prepping for this turkey. >> that's exactly right. >> i understand it a garlic-scented turkey. >> that's exactly right. what's great about the roasted
9:37 am
garlic, i'll put garlic cloves inside the turkey. what's great there is i'm going to get a lot of flavor out of just regular old garlic just by treating the ingredient differently. >> okay. >> roasting it is going to make it really nutty. that's going to give me extra flavor for no extra money. >> i see you have a couple other ingredients here. what are we doing with that? >> i'm taking fresh herb bes. fresh herbs for a thanksgiving i place i think you need to splurge. just for a couple of bucks you'll get the main flavors of your turkey. just give a little bit of a chop to some rosemary and to some sage. the good news about rosemary, it grows really well and you can grow it year-around in your backyard for free if you want to. >> adding that to the mayo. >> butter. >> looks like mayo. >> you want it room temperature to rub it all over the turkey. >> that's where we're going with all this. >> headed for the turkey. >> pepper and granulated garlic to have some on the outside to
9:38 am
play off the flavor on the inside of the turkey. you put this altogether and mix it up and start putting it on the oud side. how long before you cook the turkey do you want to put the outside, the exterior together. >> you want to salt and pepper your turkey about an her. >> should i start doing this? >> you can. we won't wait an her. >> talk amongst yourselves we'll be back in an hour. >> if you can bring your turkey up to room temperature, you will get a moister turkey. about and hour an we'll put this on. >> i want to check the oven because i think in the oven we have the finished product. >> oh, do you? well then, what am i even doing. >> this is our finished product. >> perfect. >> you've stuffed it inside it looks like with the lemons and garlic. this is your final look. really nice. >> this is on the inside and then this is what it ends up looking like after it's cooked. >> so we have our turkey. let's go to our sides. >> sides are fab louse. >> this looks amazing by the
9:39 am
way. >> i've taken a two-for-one approach on the yams and mashed potatoes. i get one dish and two items out there and, you know what, at our house no one was eating those yams. i have mostly potatoes then a little bit of yam. so, you can see i just have a little bit of yam but more potatoes. >> you boiled that. >> for about 20 minutes, nice and soft. if there is va, you know, liquid, that's absolutely fine. let me show you a trick. use a wire mesh strainer like this one. and then just press, just press your potatoes through. >> what are we accomplishing by this. >> you are emulating a potato ricer, a piece of kwipt a lot of people don't have. it will give you a perfect textured potato, nice and creamy and not gloppy. that mash meshed potato and yam will har bell then add butter and mill k. i like yogurt. >> interesting. out comes this, our finished
9:40 am
product. >> that's exactly right. >> let's talk stuffing. >> fabulous. all this uproar not putting your stuffing in the turkey for safety reasons. i've got a better reason not to do it, well, two. one is you have to cook the turkey so much longer so you end up drying out the breast meat. the second thing is don't we need our oven space and i have the extra bit that goes on the side? i found a great way of taking the roasted garlic from the cavity of the turkey and putting it into my stuffing and making it on the steve. >> what's our last? i see we have this purple cabbage over here. >> that's sauteed with apples, a nice idea to have acid to break through the richness. over here, i've got a raw kale, salad, by the way a fantastic winter vegetable, it's so cheap. do you know a big thing of kale is like a dollar in the winter. did you know. >> i had no idea.
9:41 am
a dollar. >> finally dessert to your left. >> well, i have home-made apple tart, only take as few dollars to put togethering and i have actually come up with a challenge to make my home-made apple tart, including the crust, in ten minutes. now, that's into the oven. >> we like that. >> an hour in the oven but ten minutes, crust, apples everything. >> love it. all right, guys. you start cutting in. we have to tell them time to decide on the menu for next week. here are your choices for a one-pot fish bag, call: for pasta with sausage and clams, call: remember, you don't have to text but just dial. and chili-glazed steaks, dial. melissa, we so appreciate you being with us. you've done a great job here. you can find all of her recipes an ours online. we are setting our thanksgiving table. >> we should move this over. >> but before we sit down we are very excited about our next
9:42 am
guest five for fightings john ondrasik is up next. we're setting up the table ♪ no cell phones, knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. [children screaming] [growl] i met my husband here. i got to know my grandkids here. we've discovered so much here together. but my doctor told me that during that time my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why i'm fighting my cholesterol... with crestor.
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♪ i thought about saving you ♪ you put the beautiful alive >> we'll talk sports here for a second. the world of professional hockey five for fighting refers to the five minutes players get in the penalty box for brawling on the ice and also the name of our gr friend's grammy nominated. >> one thing he loves more than hockey penning classics. this morning we're very excited to have john back in our "second cup cafe" to perform the title track from his latest c.d.
9:46 am
"slice." ♪ no cell phones ♪ on a saturday night, all right ♪ ♪ can you imagine lifetime, rock 'n roll was young ♪ ♪ people stood in line to hear music into their lives you can carry tuntil the day you die ♪ ♪ we were everyone ♪ we were more than just life ♪ of american pie ♪ have you read my blog today, 300 million in the usa ♪ ♪ your doorstep just a click away, we'll get together one of these days ♪
9:47 am
♪ how can you be as nice as me, you're not from the same as me ♪ ♪ where do we go from here, my friends ♪ ♪ is the way our story ends ♪ hey, sing me a song ♪ when we were everyone ♪ we were more than just a slice ♪ ♪ american pie ♪ i can't stop singin' along ♪ can you join in with more than just a slice, american pie ♪ ♪ we're top-down lovers a saturday night and the band is runnin' and it feels so right ♪ ♪ the moon's dancing, the stars are free ♪ ♪ i caught your heart on a summer breeze ♪ ♪ what's meant to be
9:48 am
♪ melodies are memories ♪ the time a long, long time ago, chevies and levees played on the radio ♪ ♪ no cell phones ♪ swaying on saturday night, all right ♪ when we were everyone ♪ we were more than a slice of american pie ♪ ♪ i can't stop singin' along ♪ can you join in, come on ♪ we're more than just a slice ♪ ♪ american pie ♪ yeah, we're more than a slice ♪ ♪ we're more than a slice
9:49 am
♪ we're more than just a slice, american pie ♪ >> john ondrasik. thank you so much for cupping in. >> great to see you again. >> so fun having you here. >> thank you. >> congratulations on the re-release. i'm wondering the name "slice" how do you come up with a fame like. >> that a play on the "american pie "the great don mclain standard. now more of a niche world. when we grew up it was sports and -- >> that's right when we all grew up. >> there was a day we all used to sing the same songs. >> i love the chevies, levees the homage you do to him. >> yeah. >> let me ask you about "superman" it's become an anthem so, many love it myself included. really an anthem for
9:50 am
firefighters especially after 9/11, was that something did you ever think the song would be adopted in the way it was? >> of course not. you know, when "superman" kinds of attained that status, i had just gotten used to hearing my son on the radio for the first time and no one could imagine. i'm glad songs like that were there and every time i come back to new york city it reminds me of the integrity and courage of the firefighters and bravery for this city so it is an honor to play that song. >> "slice" is great. >> thank you. >> for more, head to our website. >> john will be right back after this and, with that song that'll make you stop and smell the roses "100 years" you're watching "the early show" cbs. >> announcer: this "second cup ca cafe" segment sponsored by
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yeah, sure. ♪ chili's $20 dinner for two. share one appetizer, choose two entrees. all you need is somebody to go with. monday on "the early show" an "early show" exclusive, jessica simpson talks about the
9:54 am
news in her life. >> she's getting married. early next saturday mud baths for the holidays -- everyone knows this but she'll talk about it right here with us. >> before we leave you, we just want to say to everyone at home thanks so much for joining us each and every saturday and during the week we appreciate everyone out there and wish you a very happy thanksgiving and to you, as well at the table with us. you and your family. >> have a wonderful holiday week. if you do have to travel -- >> a lot to give thanks for. >> tremendous. you got it. >> all right, guys. >> we leave you with five for fighting's john ondrasik and his classic "100 years" have a great thanks. >> happy thanksgiving! ♪ i'm just dreamin' ♪ countin' the way where you are ♪ ♪ i'm 22 for a moment
9:55 am
♪ and she feels better than ever ♪ ♪ makin' our way back ♪ time inspired, time to lose ♪ never a wish better than this ♪ ♪ when you only got 100 years ♪ to live ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm 33 for a moment ♪ i'm still the man but you see i'm a dad ♪ ♪ family on my mind ♪ i'm 45 for a moment
9:56 am
♪ headin' into a classic, chasin' the years of oir liur lives ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ never a wish better than this ♪ ♪ when you only got 100 years ♪ to live ♪ how time goes by suddenly ♪ another blink of an eye, 67's gone ♪ ♪ the sun is getting high ♪ we're movin' on ♪ ooh, we're movin' on
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♪ i'm 99 for a moment ♪ i'm fine for just anoth
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