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tv   9 News Now Special Edition  CBS  November 20, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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they've done it in the past, they just don't fumble the ball. they came into the game with 210 straight rushes without a fumble and they've run the ball 32 times in this game. they're closing in on 250 consecutive rushes without a fumble. that's seven games without a fumble. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: they're not going to be able to save tim test test test test test test test les's call to go right down to the end and kick this thing and finish it with a field goal. saw both coaches staring at the clock.
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how about the total yards. >> verne: my goodness. >> gary: at least a close game. >> verne: second and five. jefferson has still got it. inside the 25. that will be another first down. >> verne: josh jasper on the sideline last week in their win over -- he hit a 53-yarder. that equals his career best. >> gary: one of the most accurate kickers in college football. >> verne: 85%, over his career, and he's perfect tonight. >> gary: they can take this clock down really tight. of course, they would like to score, but they're not going to gamble, i don't think.
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>> verne: ford. cuts upfield. cornell, number 51, jones, number 53 with the tackle. >> gary: at some point, now, if they get in there real tight, when it's a chip shot, i wouldn't be surprised if houston nutt doesn't just let them score. it's always in this situation when it's a one-point game, you can get it to eight points and tie it. you don't want the game to end with the other team kicking the last play. >> verne: play clock at 15. they'll let it wind down. l.s.u. with most wins, six points or fewer, in the sec. 1:40 to go. >> verne: ridley. >> gary: houston has to take a time out here, doesn't he? >> verne: he's got one left. >> gary: he does burn it.
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>> verne: now, he has none. 1:29 to go. a year ago we were in oxford and it wound up 25-23. anybody forget that one? final drive of the game, l.s.u. down by two with under a minute remaining, sideline confusion, they ran off 17 seconds, terrence toliver then made this grab with nine seconds to go. it went to the ole miss six yard line. one second to go. the tigers erroneously grounded the ball as time expired. les miles, in the midst of the confusion, and ole miss won that one 25-23. >> gary: l.s.u. and their fans should be used to these close games. this is their seventh.
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north carolina, west virginia, tennessee,a at florida, at auburn, at alabama, one of them they lost but what will this one be? doesn't look like it's going to be much different than six or seven a game. unbelievable. >> verne: ridley. first down, plus. >> gary: if l.s.u. runs another play, i think ole miss should let them score. >> verne: stevan ridley over right guard. it's first and goal with 1:10 to go. >> gary: their only canc is to have an eight-point game. let's see what l.s.u. does. first of all, they're going to
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take all the way down. >> gary: seven seconds in the play clock. first and goal. ridley. at the five. ridley, touchdown, louisiana state university. >> verne: out of natchez, mississippi. he committed to ole miss. when they said, "we want you to play linebacker," he decommitted and signed with l.s.u. >> gary: that's a great run, and that was not a conceded touchdown. that was earned. ole miss will have a chance. how big was that penalty diving into the end zone by markeith
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summers? field position was over the 50 to start this drive. >> verne: they had to kick off from the 15 to patrick peterson, and now l.s.u. will go for two. >> verne: jefferson. got it. >> gary: makes it a seven-point game. still a football game. >> verne: let's take you back a couple minutes ago as the celebration continues. this was markeith summers at the end of a 65-yard touchdown. >> gary: unnecessary, was flagged. remember, that's a one-point game. brought the kickoff back and patrick peterson brings it out
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and out, probably would have got it to the 35. now it gets over the 50 yard line. that makes it easy for l.s.u. they kept it on the ground, they ran the quarterback, they ran the speed sweep and then finished it with the two-point play with jefferson. >> verne: with 44 seconds remaining, 43-36. >> gary: one thing i don't think l.s.u. can do is kick it deep to jeff scott. kick it to anybody but scott. >> verne: scott the sprinter, jasper the senior placekicker. >> verne: bounces right through scott's hands. >> gary: he's coming out. >> verne: oh, dear.
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tyrann mathieu knocked him out of bounds. a reminder that we'll go back to new york -- tim brando, spencer tillman, tony barnhart, "the jeep post game show" on cbs. eric reid is down. this is the second time he's been down. good to see on the touchdown run joseph barksdale back on the field. he was shaken up earlier in the ballgame. >> gary: it's a war in this conference every week, every game. you get about three gimmes. somebody doesn't show up two or three times. most of the time, we knew ole miss was going to show up vs. l.s.u. see if we can see this. right there.
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oh, boy. never saw it coming. >> gary: no. >> verne: ole miss out of time outs. they have the ball at the 16 yard line. >> gary: somehow, some way, they've got to get the ball to the 50 yard line so they can throw. that's their only chance. >> verne: he's hit his last six, seven. >> gary: he did not get a first down. the clock will keep running. >> verne: masoli on will spike it. 22 seconds to go. there is the spike. stops the clock. 14 seconds remaining. >> verne: wow. >> gary: what i mg about this game is everybody performed.
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>> verne: yeah -- >> gary: what i think about this game is everybody performed. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: everybody showed up -- the two offensive lines, quarterbacks, receivers, running backs -- everybody showed up. >> verne: third and one. >> verne: oh. >> gary: wow. >> verne: three seconds left. korvic neat almost caught it. >> gary: his feet got stuck in the ground and just couldn't get it -- masoli was running for his life just to get that one off.
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>> verne: final play. >> verne: intercepted. patrick peterson, appropriately enough, the best football player on the l.s.u. roster. >> verne: we've got the "jeep post game show" coming up back in new york. how about this.
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les miles, houston nutt. >> gary: they got three years out of him but you're probably watching the last play at tiger stadium for patrick peterson, and what a career he has had. >> verne: my gracious. what an afternoon. l.s.u. prevails. they win it over ole miss 43-36. they're 10-1. they're unbeaten at home. for tracy wolfson, gary danielson, our producer craig silver, our director steve milton, our entire crew. verne lundquist. we'll see you friday at the iron bowl.
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>> tim: welcome to "the jeep post game show," tim brando in new york. a reminder. tonight on cbs it's a night of drama and mystery beginning with "ncis: los angeles" followed by "criminal minds" and a new edition of "48 hours mystery." tonight only on cbs. in the game you just saw, l.s.u. beat ole miss 43-36. now let's go out to baton rouge where tracy wolfson was with les miles moments ago. >> tracy: coach, when these two teams get together, it's no surprise it's going to be a 60-minute, hard-fought ballgame. talk about the way your team hung in there with the ups and downs throughout the game. >> congratulations to the houston nutt ole miss team, tremendous game, masoli, what a quarterback. our football team understands tight quarters, i would not want
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to play us. i would not want to get in a competitive game against this football team because they keep playing. >> tracy: how about your quarterback and the job jefferson did today. >> we've asked our team to improve, to take it game by game and continue to do that. i kept saying "we're throwing the ball well in practice. we're taking strides." jefferson is the leader. he's tough, and we're going to enjoy this one. >> tracy: congratulations. >> thanks very much. >> tim: he's right to compliment houston nutt but markeith summers, the swan dive into the end zone which allows for poor field position, you cannot do that in college football. you ruin it for your teammates. >> tony: and it's automatic. there is no wiggle room. i will say, there is one word for l.s.u. and les miles. unflappable. nothing bothers these guys. they find a way to win. >> tim: one of the reasons why les miles is 44-6 when they score first. we should not be surprised. three of the last four decided
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by three points or less. >> tim: i love bo schembechler -- always praising the opposition. stanford and california. talk about losing your composure. jamaal rashard patterson. go sit down, son, you're done for the day. >> tony: taylor's third touchdown of the game. stanford rolls. they win. 10-1, number six in the b.c.s. standings, want a b.c.s. bowl, guys. >> tim: might move up. we'll talk about that a little later. we'll see. into the big ten. you talk about a logjam atop it, monty ball is going to go to work, spencer. >> tim: four-yard touchdown run, his third of the afternoon. >> spencer: tremendous effort. wisconsin is still the highest rated big ten team in the b.c.s., important because we have a three-way tie. >> tim: a good day for scott tolzien, probably the quarterback you hear -- the best quarterback you hear the least
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about. terrelle pryor. this is after devier posey had dropped a 50-yard touchdown pass. they're going to rule this -- they looked at it. they were not going to overturn that. >> tony: that was a very close play. >> tim: dane sensabacher. this iowa team which has lost after today 12 of the last 13 against the buckeyes. stanzi sacked for a loss and the buckeyes hold on to get the victory for the sweater vest, 20-17 the final score in that one. we're not done yet. even more in the big ten. how about michigan state's kirk cousins, spencer. >> spencer: fine job. finding the end zone. recovers the ball. recovered by joel foreman for the touchdown. great job of negotiating himself into the end zone. >> tim: officially cousins was credited with the touchdown. he did cross the plane but foreman was there to pick up the garbage if it had been ruled a fumble. the standings in the big ten. just as spencer mentioned because we have a three-way tie
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the standings come into play which favors wisconsin for the moment. just for the moment. let's go into the big 12. oklahoma state taking on k.u., tony. >> tony: i like this team a lot. weedon's throw to blackmon for the touchdown. that is an oklahoma state record. >> tim: helgeson is doing a nice job, the coordinator. [ male announcer ] rated m for mature. [ explosions ] ♪ [ mortars and airplanes overhead ] ♪ ♪ there's only one vehicle tough enough to play in this world: the 2011 jeep wrangler call of duty black ops edition. with a redesigned interior, the new jeep wrangler
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oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you know all about her. we know all about diamonds. together we can make this holiday one she'll remember. that's why only zales is the diamond store. >> tim: welcome back to "the jeep post game show." let's go back out to tiger stadium. tracy wolfson spoke with l.s.u.'s stevan ridley earlier. >> tracy: let's talk about your performance against your home town team.
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that has to mean something to you. >> it's a blessing for me, i've got to say that first, the offensive line did a great job up front, they played hard but have to give credit to my offensive line and fullback. >> tracy: it seems that ole miss has had your number the last two years. to come out and get this victory today especially for the seniors. >> it's huge. they've come out and played hard no matter the rankings. ole miss and l.s.u. is always a great game, they give it their all and play hard. we're thankful to be on the winning end but the seniors went out with a bang, it came down to the wire but we pulled it off and i'm glad those guys got out of here victorious. >> tracy: enjoy the victory. >> thank you. >> spencer: ridley and bolden had great performances but this was spectacular for l.s.u. at the end of the day, you look at the ground game, i thought it was going to wind up being the difference in this one. ridley did a great job as well as bolden. >> tim: other match-ups today that mean a great deal. in the acc, virginia tech and miami. take a look at this, spencer. >> spencer: juan williams is
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going to go 84 yards for the touchdown, his second touchdown of the day. clincher for the coastal division. consider the way they started, 0-2 start, this was a tremendous turnaround effort for this bunch. >> tim: just after miami seemed to be catching traction for randy shannon, they go down. hard fought win for the hokies. north carolina state and north carolina. t.j. yates rolling out for a two-point conversion. north carolina state a safety. 29-25. they go on to win it. here are the scenarios in the acc. north carolina state wins the acc athletic if it beelts maryland next week, virginia tech has the coastal and, of course, maryland could win out, still have control of their destiny as well. now the b.c.s. top 10. fellows, on on obviously we know boise state strengthened its
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position and will l.s.u. get jumped by stanford? >> tony: i don't think so. i think the toughness of this league, i don't think -- even though stanford rolled against california, i still like l.s.u. in the five hole. >> tim: what about wisconsin? >> spencer: wisconsin is a great position -- those 83 points they hung on indiana is what is bolstering them right now on the subjective side of this b.c.s. equation. don't forget that. >> tim: t.c.u. has to sit and wait and watch. boise state gets nevada next week. that's a top-20 team. if they could blow out them, chances are they would move into number three and that helps if oregon or auburn loses. >> tony: boise state is going to jump over t.c.u. if they win out. >> spencer: you hit it on the head. the close call last week to san diego state hurlts them. >> tim: wehave other action to talk to you about. speaking of teams in the sec, spurrier knows he's in atlanta. he's going to be in the sec championship game, tony. >> tony: marcus lattimore scores a touchdown. marcus only had seven carries, 102 yards, three touchdowns --
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south carolina another nonconference game next week at clemson. >> tim: all points ahead to atlanta and the match-up with auburn. appalachian state taking on florida. this is a pretty good team. jordan reed, pretty good quarterback throwing to a pretty good quarterback if you want him to receive it, john brantley -- 48-10, florida beating the top team in division i-aa if you want to call it f.c.s., feel free to do so, i don't. i can hear harry caray now, "let's look at evan watkins, he fumble its leading to an illini touchdown. 14-0 lead. hey, here is michael lashore. he's going to go 63 yards. it might be, it could be, it is, 330 yards rushing on the day and the zookers get it done on the field they were playing half of. 48-27 illinois gets the win. let's look at the key games tonight.
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i know you're keeping an eye on nebraska and texas a&m. >> tony: nebraska can clinch the big 12 north if they can win tonight. there is going to be a hard crowd at kiel field. >> spencer: oklahoma state, the bedlam soares -- great job they're doing there. >> tim: maryland controls their destiny but florida state has owned them of late, and that's something important. christian ponder is supposed to be healthy for tonight's football game. ed closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioning by captionmax >> tim: there is nfl double header action tomorrow on cbs. many will will see the texans face the jets. all will see the colts and the patriots. beginning at noon eastern with "the nfl today." have a good evening. happy thanksgiving.
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