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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 21, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EST

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a deadly crash that began with a driver and baby fleeing police. fear and sadness spread through a local community after a teen's death is linked to gang activity. >> my first and most important job as president of the united states is to keep the american people safe. >> reporter: plus, president obama sets an end date for the war in afghanistan. this is 9news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night. tonight, a fatal crash where a father of two has been killed. a man with a baby in his van tried to elude police. the crash site is on randolph road. >> reporter: police are being very careful as you say not to call it a chase. they won't say how fast that
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van was going, house fast the police officers following the van were going but that van would end up wrapped around that telephone pole that you see behind me ultimately. three people seriously hurt. one man dead. but the baby that was inside that van miraculously unhurt. the deadly crash happened around 3:30 p.m. saturday afternoon on cherry hill road. >> what did you hear? >> a noise. a loud noise. >> reporter: it involved this green van and a grey suv. the green van flipped several times. >> the pung. i looked. >> reporter: it came to rest on the sidewalk against the phone pole. inside that van, besides the driver, a 1-year-old baby girl in a safety seat. >> they have a baby inside the car. >> what, a baby in the car? >> the van, they have a baby.
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i think it was a little girl. a baby in the car seat. >> reporter: inside the suv, four people. >> i hear somebody inside there. i heard somebody cry. >> reporter: one man dead on the screen, another man and two women injured and transported to nearby hospital. >> one lady. she still okay. she cried. >> reporter: she was crying? >> uh-huh. a lady. >> reporter: police say about half an hour before the accident the van's driver identified as edwin samuel barber had got into an argument with his girlfriend at a nearby restaurant. police were called and when
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they arrived the woman told them that barbara had taken the van without her permission along with the couple's daughter. cruisers were following the van with flashing lights attempting to stop it when it crossed the double line and struck the suv. >> maybe five to six, seven. >> reporter: we are living at a live scene of pepco crews. they are trying to bolster that telephone pole and make sure the wires are not live before they try to do anything with the van that is wrapped around that pole. and we now have learned the identities of the people inside the van, inside the suv. the deceased man in the suv has been identified as a 46-year- old man. also hurt inside that suv, his 23-year-old daughter and 24-
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year-old son. the driver of the suv identified as tiffany lynch. she also is in serious condition. the van's driver, 32-year-old edwin barber samuel barber in serious condition as well. reporting live. bruce back to you. >> thank you for that report. turning now to our washington arch bishop. he is now a cardinal much he was one of 24 men elevated to cardinal today by pope benedict . one of only two americans to get the promotion. lebecome a close advisor to the pope and will have a vote on who will become the next world leader of the catholics. it took place in peter's square with 400 well wishers from here in dc. >> it is something that happens once in a lifetime to very few people. >> he well deserved it and it
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just makes me so happy. so many people follow him. it is so nice to have people really appreciate somebody who is really working. >> he is the fifth bishop to be named in washington, dc, to be named a cardinal. manassas city police are closer to finding out why 15- year-old mcgill hernandez was stabbed to death. tonight authorities arrested this man, 18 years old, and a 17 year old, in connection with the osborne high school student's death. both suspects are charged with murder and gang participation. our surae chinn spoke with the victim's friends who are both stunned and afraid by the violent attack. >> he never deserved that. he didn't do anything wrong to
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nobody. >> he was a nice guy. >> reporter: friends are in shock. too afraid to show their faces and concerned about retaliation. but they bandied together to talk about the 15-year-old hernandez. many knew him as mickey. one of his closest friends with was the osborne high school student in his last moments. >> i looked on the ground and then i saw my friend mickey on the floor. then everybody went crazy. >> reporter: police say the teen was approached by three to five people when he was stabbed at least once in the chest near grant and barto streets minutes after school let out. friends say they would often use this as a cut through walking from osborne high to an after-school program. only this time they say they were met by gang members. >> this was just a nonsense act of violence. it is ran daytona prototype. it is random.
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hernandez had no gang activity . >> the hispanic community is very, very shocked and very afraid. >> reporter: the school superintendent tells me osborne high school will be under crisis management. grievance counselors along with heightened security will be in place. in manassas, surrey surae chinn. >> the school released a statement saying the whole school district mourns in the loss. dc second highest ranked police member was suspended.
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the official statement from the chief said grooms was involved in compromising a test given to members of the department's command staff. diane grooms, a 20-year police veteran, the only comment was to a news organization to say she was sorry. another story we first brought you back in september. more than two months after a gunman held three discovery channel employees hostage the company is reopening a public garden. it is adjacent for the lobby where james lee charged inside the building with starter pistosl and homemade pipe bombs. lee was shot and the hostages were unhurt. since then the garden has been closed because of security reasons. giving a date for when the president's hopes american soldiers will leave afghanistan.
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last call for a popular alcoholic drinks while local leaders are looking to ban the beverage. 66 our high here officially in washington. starting off at 40 degrees. we have got a cooler day ahead of us on sunday starting out cold once again. 30s and 40s depending where you are. talk about some more great weather after a cool down coming u
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benedict saying the use of condoms can be justified in some cases. in a new book the leader of the catholic church says male prostitutes should use it to prevent hiv. could reduce the risk of infection. the catholic church has long opposed condoms since they are a form of artificial
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contraception. the president and other world leaders discussed a treaty with russia over nuclear arms and taking troops out of afghanistan. >> we agreed to deepen our cooperation in several critical areas. on afghanistan, counter narcotics and a range of 21st century security challenges. >> and turning a source of past tension into a source of potential cooperation against a shared threat. the president says he wants to end u.s. combat missions by the ends of 2014. >> the european allies would provide training and support beyond that time. meantime in response of the uproar over the new tsa screening policy. president obama is asking if there is a less intrusive way to screen travelers because the tsa has constantly refined and
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measured how to assure the american people's safety. the passengers have had enough and already planning to boycott the new procedures on the day before thanksgiving. busiest travel day of the year. maryland a step closer to banning the sale of a popular alcohol caffeinated drink. four loko already band in four other states. maryland's attorney general is asking state health authorities to remove all caffeine-infused alcoholic beverage to stores and bars. a can is equivalent of drinking five beers and large cup of coffee. it is blamed for death of a 21- year-old girl. a win for former presidential candidate sarah palin. the book publisher sued after some of palin's book was to be released next week. the website claims it is protected by fair use copy
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right law. the response to her publication, sarah palin asked over twitter, is that legal? san antonio, texas. officers searched for a missing cougar for nearly eight hours. it was caught but not before attacking a neighborhood dog. the cougar escaped from the wildlife animal sanctuary which is having hard times. >> they will have it occasionally scoot out from under them. >> reporter: tonight that cougar is back at the wild animal orphanage and the dog she attacked we are told is going to be okay. coming up on 9news now. the holidays is supposed to bring joy and cheer but what do you do if you are stressed and feeling blue? >> you cannot be depressed when you laugh. laughter is an enemy of depression.
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>> how you can laugh your way to a wonderful holiday. a cold ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies.
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good news for people with kidney disease. a just release the study finds the cholesterol drug reducing risk of heart attack and stroke and need for heart surgery in some people with kidney disease. that study included more as a 9000 patients is being called significant because kidney disease can lead to serious heart problems. now to another type of medicine of the laughter. that's right. might be the best cure for the added stress of the holidays. down side to santa claus coming to town is the stress he sometimes brings. to ease the tensions of the season a local humor therapist suggests letting yourself laugh. people who have tried to laugh therapy say they are grinning from ear to year. >> the laughing today was just a relief. >> let me let go.
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i just gave my permission. according to one study three minutes of laughter has the same cardiac benefits of 15 minutes of rowing. >> not even thanksgiving but santa is already in the area. made an early arrival to the mall. activities for kids of all ages. santa will sit in the mall center court daily throughout the holiday season. >> do you believe that about laughter? >> somewhat. >> why are we out here busting our behinds running, biking. >> all we had to do was laugh for 10 minutes. >> all right. make us at least smile about this forecast. >> actually, it is pretty good.
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temperatures taking a dip down tomorrow but then right back into the 60s to start off this next week. where we are right now mixture of 40s and 50s already. 52 washington still. fredericksburg 55. cool spot manassas 39 degrees. slowly temperatures will continue to fall tonight. a few clouds. not really cold, cold. not ridiculously cold. not 20s and 30s. here is a look at the wide picture. over to the midwest. not a whole lot going on but you first start to see the sign of cloud cover. weak front moving through right now. it will cool us down briefly tomorrow. so what do we need to talk about? >> we need to talk about our next storm. it will come close to thanksgiving. cooler tomorrow then warming back up. let's get right into the forecast. weak front passing through really bringing that cooler air in for tomorrow. still plenty of sunshine back in that forecast but temperatures about 10 degrees cooler from mid-60s today back
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down to the mid-50s tomorrow. sun and cloud right back into the 60s monday. tuesday adding in stronger south to southwest winds. could even say a mild to warm day on tuesday afternoon. 70-degree temperatures starting to show. tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening might see the effects of a weak front coming in. slight bit of a shower. isolated sprinkle. slight chance of that. you see that is 6:15, 5:15 p.m. on tuesday. i really think our best chance of rain will be holding off until wednesday and then overnight as we go into thanksgiving in the forecast. i'll show you the seven-day. overnight it will be cold. few freezing temperatures. montgomery county. lowloudoun and fairfax counties. temperatures slow to rise through the 30s and 40s since we cool off overnight. not quite the 40-degree low we had this morning. some in the 30s.
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then into the lower to mid-50s by the afternoon. and again, that's about 10 degrees cooler from today. 54 washington. some 55s starting to show up arlington, even college park. zone forecast we have got the 50s, blue ridge, appalachians into the upper 40s near oakland, garrett county. 51, 52. then as we crossover the bay, lower 50s going on over there. let's see the seven-day forecast after we get through the day planner. 30s, 40s to 50. here it is. seven-day forecast with everything together. brief cool down then right back into the 60s again. near 70 tuesday. so i'm thinking the best chance of rain wednesday overnight to early thanksgiving. i think a front coming through late thanksgiving allows us to warm back up to a mild day. but if that front is going to come through earlier and we hang on to the clouds and rain. that's a much different story. we are talking temperatures to be all the way down in the mid- 50s but for certain after that cold air bottled up in that front will be chilly. >> big game tonight.
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>> i tell you what florida state still tough to beat. >> virginia tech with an amazing turn around. 60 minutes just wasn't enough they
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terps need to win their final two games but the season finale against nc state doesn't mean squat unless they beat he florida state tonight. going down to the wire.
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under a minute to play. they are trailing. 23-16. under a minute to go. terps with a 4th down situation. you see right now denny o'brian 22 of 37. , 225 yards. a touchdown. the key in the game maryland has had their opportunity but they have had to settle for three field goals. florida state with two touchdowns. florida state leading. maryland with a 4th down play. hopefully they can get it done. taylor and virginia tech in miami. a win. hokies going to the ac c title game. williams busting up the middle. see you. 84-yard touchdown. this would give the hokies a 24-17 lead. seven minutes later it is taylor's turn. good luck bringing him down. 18 yards later another touchdown. after starting 0-2 the hokeys win their 9th straight. the final 31-17. they clinch the coastal division and spot in the
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championship game. on the road facing boston college. in the 3rd quarter eagles knocking on the door. harris takes the hand-off. he scores. up 17-13. last play of the game. who is in bc territory? trying to throw the hail mary. sacked? no, he isn't. two problems. first, the throw is 6 yards short of the end zone and also incomplete. boston college holds on for the 17-13 victory. they drop 1-6 in the acc. in annapolis. history made by navy quarterback ricky dobbs against arkansas state with under 3 minutes to play, dobbs scores his 3rd touchdown of the game. that's the 48th rushing td of his career passing former redskins great and our very own brian mitchell for fourth time among the quarterback. navy cruises to the win. the final 35-19. the capitals are used to playing from behind and on most occasions they find a way to pull out the win.
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but tonight was not one of those nights. caps hosting the flyers. under a minute to play. bruce laich. from the circle. wicked snapshot. game goes to a shootout. danny briere. flyers a one-goal advantage. alexander semin. coming in. hits the cross bar but does not go in. hits the post as well. the flyers come away with the win. the final 5-4. only the second loss for the caps this season. >> it was a tough game. there weren't very many penalties and it probably would have been a 2-1 game. that's the way it started out to be. >> when the redskins take the field tomorrow, half of their starting secondary won't be there. safety landry and cornerback
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rogers did not make the trip to tennessee. rogers has a sprained ankle. while landry has an achilles injury. does a good job against the run. for more on tomorrow's game against the titans here is dave owens reporting from nashville. >> reporter: players don't like to use the term "must win" until they have to but the redskins arrive in nashville currently tied for ninth place in the nfc. and they know they have got to start making up ground now. >> we need to win bad. we haven't won since chicago. going into the bye week and had a whole bye week to uncover. so that could provide pressure. >> reporter: much has been made of the defensive implosion monday night. that was just one game. the offense has been bad most
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of the year. >> this is a difference with keeping the drive going. that's how you get those 75- yard drivers and you've got to recover on 3rd downs and if you don't you won't win. >> reporter: washington will be three games behind either the giants or eagles if they don't win, with just six weeks remaining. simply put, they would be running out of time. in nashville, dave owens, 9sports now. >> thank you, dave. update on the maryland score losing now 30-16. looks like the knolls will have the chances to play in the acc championship game. redskins got to see a way to get it done. >> they are explaining what's wrong. when is he going to explain how he is going to fix it? >> good question. >> what does it look