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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we have breaking news. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. just moments ago the jurors in the chandra levy murder trial returned a verdict. ingmar guandique faced two counts of murder in the death of the former intern at the federal bureau of prisons. bruce lashan has been covering this trial and he joins us now live from outside d.c. superior court. bruce, what is the verdict? >> reporter: we don't know yet, j.c. we know that we have a verdict, about 12 minutes ago a prosecutor came out of the
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courtroom on the phone, on his cell phone, calling the prosecutors who actually tried this case and telling them that the jury had reached a verdict. but we will have to wait until they assemble all the parties to this case, bring up ingmar guandique from the lockup down in the basement here at d.c. superior court and then they will read the verdict. and as soon as they read it, we will get word down here out front of the courthouse, and we're going to share it with you just as quickly as we can. i'll tell ya what, the air is electric down here. as soon as glenn kessler, the prosecutor for this other case came out, they were trying another case at the same time and was on the phone, all the reporters that are in the courthouse sitting around here so far for about 3 1/2 days waiting for this verdict just streamed towards the courtroom. everybody is on the phone screaming at their assignment desks we have a verdict, we have a verdict. the news goes out on the web. the news is flashed around the  world.
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you know, this is a story that has hit so many people in the nine years since chandra levy died. and the original story is kind of old story that we have heard many, halloween times in washington -- many, many times in washington, about the powerful having an affair with a beautiful young woman. that was the story that fascinated people, that congressman gary condit had been having a relationship with intern chandra levy and that he might have had something to do with her disappearance, and the media was absolutely obsessed with that story in 2001. reporters from all around the country, all around the world were following every move of the police as they tried to find out what happened to this young woman. and then some months after that, it was september 11th that finally drove the chandra levy off the front pages, and it was a dead, cold case for a long, long time. in 2002 they finally found chandra levy's remains,
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the story hit the headlines again, and they couldn't figure out what had happened to her even at that point after they found her body in rock creek park. they couldn't even determine for certain how she died. there's a small bone that they found, a bone that is lodged just above your voice box called the hyoid bone, it's a teeny tiny bone and there was some evidence that that bone might have been broken which is sometimes an occasion of -- indication of strangulation, but the medical examiner couldn't determine that for certain. so they had to just speculate. so the other story that's going on is a story of primal fear, of a man out in the woods, a man named ingmar guandique, and he had been attacking young women in rock creek park, but for some reason, the police back then in 2001 and 2002 did not put this story together. chandra levy's disappearance
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and ingmar guandique attacking young women in rock creek park. in fact, ingmar guandique came here to the d.c. superior court and pleaded guilty to attacking palace schilling and kristy wagann in rock creek park, but the prosecutors said at that time it didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of chandra levy. it was only after the washington post some years later went back and looked at this case. it was only after new detectives were assigned to the case, it was only after more word of more confessions, alleged confessions by ingmar guandique came to light that police began to focus on him. and a little bit over a year ago, ingmar guandique was finally charged with the murder of chandra levy. he now faces just two charges, and i have the verdict form here. they're both first-degree felony murder. the first one suggests that ingmar guandique murdered chandra levy in the course of
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kidnapping chandra levy there in rock creek park. there's another first-degree felony murder charge that suggests that ingmar guandique murdered chandra levy in the course of an attempted robbery. so why this complexity, why are these charges associated with kidnapping and attempted robbery? well, that is because it becomes a felony even if it was an accident. so even if ingmar guandique didn't mean to kill chandra levy, but he did it in the course of an attempted kidnapping or an attempted robbery, it still is first-degree felony murder here in d.c. so we're keeping an eye on this. so those are the first two counts that chandra levy -- that ingmar guandique faces. if the jury does not consider it first-degree felony murder, they have a fallback position they can go down to second-degree murder of chandra levy which it
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requires a little bit less proof, a little bit less evidence. on friday, the jury came back, they had a question that they needed resolved at the very end of the day and we suspect that maybe the answer to that question helped them come up with this verdict that we are expecting is being read in the courtroom right now. as soon as we get it, we're going to bring it to you. j.c., back to you. >> we'll get back to you, bruce. thank you very much. meanwhile, there was a strong police presence this morning at a northern virginia high school following a violent weekend. it began friday with the murder of a 15-year-old student. christian fisher reports that students who attend osborn high school in manassas are on edge. >> reporter: there is a real sense of fear here that this weekend's violence could spill over into the school day. many of the parents and family members that i spoke with say they are very concerned about their children's safety despite
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the school's efforts to beef up security. >> it's unbelievable, actually. it's, like, we can't even walk our kids or cousins or anybody we know to school anymore. >> reporter: so you're very concerned about safety. and do you think it's gang related? >> most likely, yes. >> reporter: these concerned parents dropped their kids off at osborn elementary school in manassas on wednesday, this was after the 15-year-old was stabbed to death while walking home from school. a 17-year-old and 18-year-old have already been arrested and charged with his murder and gang participation. then one day later and just one block away, a second stabbing. >> they are connected, they are related. there is a gang connection there, to what extent we're not sure of. >> reporter: this time the victim was a 19-year-old. he survived, but the suspects got away. >> we have several people that we've identified that are probably responsible for the incident. we are looking into it, and if we can come up with their information and their names and more information, we will make arrests in the near future.
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>> reporter: in the meantime, manassas city police say they are increasing security right here at osborn high school until they believe it is safe for students. today, for instance, there are several officers inside the school, while other officers patrol the parking lots and the streets surrounding this school. in manassas, kristin fisher, 9 news now. right now a suspect is in police custody. he is charged with stabbing an off-duty prince george's county police officer. the officer was working security at the sabore latino restaurant in adelleify maryland. he was stabbed saturday night. according to police, millton salvador was being escorted out of the restaurant when he stabbed the officer in the stomach. the unidentified officer suffered minor injuries. right now the suspect is being held on $150,000 bond. we have an update now on that body that was found in a box in fredrick county. police caught up with
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34-year-old marvin palenscia. he's been charged with first-degree murder and the victim has been identified as jacobo vazquez of the district of colombia. police say that valencia shot the victim, stuffed him in a cardboard box and then dumped the box along the side of interstate 70. coming up, millions of turkeys will be on dinner tables across the country on thursday, but there are two birds that are very special. here they are. we'll tell you why coming up a little bit later. but, first, families of 29 miners are watching and they're waiting, hoping for good news. however, hope is fading. we'll explain.
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we are looking at a live picture of d.c. superior court in downtown washington where our bruce lashan is reporting that jurors in the chandra levy murder trial have reached a verdict. however, that verdict has not been read in court. as soon as we find out that -- as soon as we find out that verdict, bruce lashan will bring it to us live. stay with 9 news now. now we're going to new zealand where authorities
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believe that 29 miners who have been trapped since friday may have died. toxic gases have prevented rescuers from entering the mine, and there's been no contact with those missing miners. it is feared that they may have died in the initial explosion. rescue crews are drilling holes in preparation to send the robot into the mine in order to take pictures. there is good news, however, for the miners trapped in china. 22 coal miners and seven rescuers were taken out to safety this morning. they became trapped more than a day earlier when the mine shaft suddenly flooded and the first team of rescuers to reach them also became trapped. all are alive and said to be in stable condition. china's mines are considered the deadliest in the world due to lax safety standards and the
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rush to feed demand from a robust economy. more than 2600 people have died in coal mine accidents in china last year. coming up next, howard and his forecast. j.c., it's nice out here right now. the sun has come out, the fog has burned off and a warm start to the week. it's not going to finish that way. we're looking ahead towards thanksgiving when 9 news now at noon returns.
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again, we are looking right now at a live picture at d.c. superior court where jurors in the chandra levy trial have reached a verdict. however, the verdict has not been read in court. our bruce lashan is live at the courthouse and he's going to bring us that verdict as soon as it is released. shoppers who think turkey and all the trimmings are more expensive this year are right. the food institute says that turkey this year averages $1.05 a pound. that's an increase of nearly 33%. add to that the price of potatoes and sweet potatoes and onions, well, the total cost of thursday's dinner is heading skyward. but there is some good news. frozen carrots, canned apples, green beans and corn are all a lot cheaper. vice president joe biden welcomes wounded soldiers to his home tonight. it's for an early thanksgiving
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dinner, and turkey will be served at 5:00 p.m. two turkeys are heading to the white house for an annual holiday tradition. the national turkey which president obama will pardon and an alternate national turkey as a backup. both will be spared from the dinner table and the pardoned turkeys will live out their lives at mount vernon. howard is here with the holiday forecast. it's going to get a little bit colder, i think. >> yes. especially as we head toward the end of the week and the weekend. turkeys being served by the good folks at food and friends. every year they feed people all the time. they just ramp it up a notch around thanksgiving. they get a full turkey and they serve people at home, people with hiv and aids and mayor will down there on wednesday also helping out with that. want you to know about them. maybe you can help them out as we head towards the christmas holiday as well, but good work for the friends and more info
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at we're getting cold in the next couple of days, but today, tomorrow looking almost springlike on this side of the country. other side of the country, if you're try to go fly out west, there are going to be some issues out there. hey, temperatures will try to get up to 65 in town. they may struggle. we'll have some spots in the mid-60s here this afternoon, low 60s by 6:00, and then look what happens at 9:00 and noon. if you could get that monitor flipped for me, it would be great. we've got partly cloudy skies. we stay in the 50s, south wind at five to 10 or so as we go throughout the afternoon and the evening. we will be in much better shape. here's the satellite and radar. you can see how the low clouds sort of hanging tough a little bit west of the metro. camera, prompter 4, flip it, guys. the clouds are sticking there in northern virginia, but they're breaking up now. we're getting some sunshine and doing a lot better. temps in the 50s here, but where the sun has been out
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middle 60s. 58 in reidville. they never had any fog in reidville. locally still some spots that are struggling. low 50s at fort bedvore, 50 at mason neck. 60 in crofton, 54 reston and fairfax and here in town we've got 55 degrees. national reporting partly cloudy skies, but they're high thin clouds. there's some sunshine coming through and winds now out of the southwest at 10. we're going to make up for a little bit of lost time where we had the clouds this morning, but the fog starting to get another 10 degrees before the day is out. out west the jet stream is taking this big dip here, lots of cold and storminess moving into the northern plains. on the other side of the country where we are it's warm. in between, the frontal boundaries, showers, michigan, ohio, from pennsylvania up through new england, we're eventually going to see this front up here move east.
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until then, we go through this evening with showers in new york state and new england and out in the midwest. overnight tonight, fairly mild for this time of year, 40s and 50s for lows. tomorrow 11:00, here's this front, buffalo, not quite to pittsburgh, passing through cincinnati. we'll see this front later on in the afternoon, maybe 5:00 or so, but not much moisture with it. it's going to get hung up in the mountains, but we will definitely behind the front feel the chill that is headed our way for wednesday, low- to mid-50s, and see the clouds gathering here? they're going to return thanksgiving and maybe by the end of the day on thursday we'll see some showers. so the next three days look okay, at least today and tomorrow. slight chance of a shower with the front, but upper 60s tomorrow. wednesday tomorrow only low to middle 50s, but decent amounts of sunshine. so traveling wednesday, driving should be good. thursday also looks good with clouds and some late showers, more rain friday and then cooler as we head toward the weekend, 40s on saturday. it's monday, that means it's time for your
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update. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox with if you're hosting thanksgiving this year, how do you make sure it's a meaningful one instead of a flop? well, we have amy smith with us with she's a local blogger from maryland. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you have some great ideas on how to make this a winning thanksgiving. first, why did you bring a mixture? >> you have to get the kids involved. >> reporter: instead of letting them go play wii or whatever, let's get them involved with maybe beating the mashed potatoes. >> absolutely. they can sit on the counter when they're little, they can clear when they're older. >> reporter: they is make a centerpiece, right? >> yes. organize the gourds. get involved. >> reporter: you have some tips for us, right? >> planning always pays off. you want to plan in advance, plan some fun family activities, plan to get your kids busy while you're cooking and preparing. >> reporter: share the burden, have other people bring dishes.
12:22 pm
>> absolutely. don't be shy. celebrate the burden. my friend, nicole, had everybody bring recipes and handed it out of the family cookbook. >> reporter: let's move on to the next set of tips we have for you here. they're great as well. teamwork, as we said, get everybody involved and remember, of course, thanksgiving is about giving. have everyone share what you're most thankful for. >> absolutely. it's thanks and giving and you want your kids to capture those memories, maybe do a family video, interview people, relatives. >> reporter: football four? >> i have to give a shoutout to my friend jackie, the kids tailgate in the back of her car. it's great fun. >> reporter: amy smith, thank you very much. have yourself a wonderful thanksgiving. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. we're winging here on 9 news now at noon. everybody loves buffalo wings. i know i do. and if you want the best, then you should meet my next guest. his name is ira levy and owner
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of buffalo wings and beer. he opened his first restaurant back in, what, 19 -- >> 95. >> 1995 in gaitersburg and now you have eight stores, and he brought a sampling of some of his buffalo wings. so if you're having people over for the holidays and you want to have something to go with your beverage, get some of the best buffalo wings, right? >> absolutely. >> what makes yours so great? >> i think first of all we use a perdue wing, and that's the best product on the market, and the sauces i created and manufactured myself that are all now gluten free, the sauces and spices. and our sauce adheres to the wing more than the plate. so if you look at the plate, it's all sauce on the wing and not grease or sauce all over the place unless you want it saucy. >> how many sauces do you have? >> we have 171 different combinations. >> oh, that's impossible. 100 different sauce?
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>> 171 different sauces. >> oh, my goodness! tell me about the ones you've brought here. this is what? >> this is rooster, it's regular hot. >> it's good. i tasted it. >> and we do have six different levels of heat. over here we have spicy barbecue. sweet and tangy, that was the first-place winner in a national buffalo wing festival. >> oh, really? >> yes. there's 500 restaurants trying to compete, only 30 get in, and we won one of the categories. >> you have your sauces for sale. we thank you for coming, ira. ira levy's best buffalo wings. but now we're going live to bruce leshan for a verdict in the chandra levy murder trial. >> reporter: hey, j.c., how are you? so we're still standing by. we're still waiting for the verdict, but i imagine by this point the jurors have been called into the courtroom. it's courtroom 320 and it's just down on this side of the building. they'll be called in, then the
12:27 pm
foreman will stand and he will announce the verdict on the two different murder counts that remain, guilty or not guilty on each of those counts. the jurors have been going very carefully over this testimony, and it was a long and intense trial. initially it was slated to go five to six weeks. it ended up going about three weeks, about 10 full days of testimony. it started with really dramatic testimony from haley schilling. we actually have a little timeline that will run you down through some of this. haley schilling was one of the women attacked by ingmar guandique in rock creek park. she came in here and told jurors that she had never been so scared in her life. she described the scene, she described how ingmar guandique leaped on her back and grabbed her by the throat and tried to knock her down into a ravine. and then the next witness was kristy wygan. she too was attacked by ingmar
12:28 pm
guandique in rock creek park and she described an almost identical m.o. about how ingmar guandique followed her on this remote trail and then leaped on her when she wasn't aware that he was right there and knocked her down into a ravine. and then a woman named amber fitzgerald testified, and she was important because she believed she was attacked on may 1st, 2001, which was the very same day that chandra levy disappeared. take it back, not attacked, but stalked and followed, and she looked behind her on that trail, remote trail in rock creek park, and she saw a man that she swears looked exactly like ingmar guandique. she's convinced it was him. maria mendez, the present pen pal who said that ingmar guandique spoke of a dead girl, and she suspected that he had something to do with it. ar mando morales who was a
12:29 pm
cellmate that said that ingmar guandique confessed to him. that's what we have. no verdict yet. j.c., back to you. >> hey, bruce, it's lesli foster, i'll take it back for j.c. we know we have that verdict, but now we have an attorney debbie hines here, a former prosecutor to talk about what's likely going on behind the scenes. we know there is a verdict. we're still waiting for the verdict and we talked off camera. generally when it takes a longer time to make a decision, it seems as if there could be a conviction in the works. but this has been a case that has had lots of twists and turns, yes? >> yes, absolutely. it could go either way. generally the rule is that if it's a longer time for the verdict, we usually think it's going to be a conviction, it's usually quicker to acquit. however, not everything is game in this case. >> debbie, i know you're going to stand by, we'll be standing by as well. of course, you can continue to follow us here at