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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 22, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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you, all of us in america, need to wake up and stop the violence and make a difference. >> chandra levy's mother speaks out on the day a jury convict a man already behind bars of
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murdering her daughter. that verdict came after three full days of deliberations. the jurors convicted inganamort on two counts of felony murder. our own bruce leshan was in that courtroom nearly every day of the trial. bruce. >> reporter: with this guilty verdict, ingmar guandique is now looking at life without parole. despite the sense that this was a tough case for prosecutors and there was a possibility that ingmar guandique might walk the jury said there was plenty of evidence to convict him in the murder of chandra levy. >> what difference does it make? the statement my daughter used to say to me all the time. >> reporter: susan levy says the verdict does make a difference. nearly a decade after her daughter disappeared, nearly a decade after police and reporters from around the world chased a congressman they suspected might have killed her. a jury has convicted a man who
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lurked in the woods, preying on women alone distracted by their day dreams. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb, missing from our family tree. it's painful. i live with it every day. >> susan levy gasped as the jury foreman read theer of dikt. ingmar guandique at first said nothing, but then he threw down his headphones and shook his head no. for prosecutors who convinced a jury to convict him with no dna, no fingerprints, no fibers, it was a huge verdict. >> today's verdict does send a message that it's never too late for a murder to be held accountable for his crime. it's never too late for justice to be served. >> reporter: defense attorneys insisted the whole case was fiction and tried to steer jurors' suspicions towards
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anyone but guandique. but after 11 days of testimony and three and a half days of deliberation, the jury turned aside the rumors and speculation that had so distracted investigators and the media early in 2001. guandique is already doing time for attacking two other women in rock creek park, but he had been scheduled to get out of prison next july. derek. >> now, bruce, we haven't heard much from the defense after this trial. however, our own legal experts here suggest that perhaps there could be room for an appeal, some of that evidence perhaps too prejudicial. is anybody talking about that? >> reporter: yeah, we haven't talked to the defense at all, but those two women who testified about guandique attacking them in the park, the jurors came out here in front of the courthouse and said that that evidence was very, very powerful to them. the judge said it was similar enough to prove that this was a similar crime and to use pot tent yeal to convict guandique,
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but it is an interesting question about whether some appeals court would see it differently. after three and a half days of deliberations the jurors did talk to reporters about that decision today. they described an emotionally difficult case. >> you're dealing with somebody's life, two people's lives, and i don't take that lightly. i take that very seriously. >> i think she has to take from this what she l. we cannot bring back her daughter. and nobody here can do anything to bring back her daughter. and we did the best we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> we were very careful to evaluate all the evidence, and there was a decision based on the -- on everything that we had. >> and you can see more about the chandra levy case at be sure to read what the viewers like you had to post about it on our wusa 9 facebook page.
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you might want to let know know what you think. do you believe the jurors had enough evidence? the address is also, in your only local news at 7:00, eerily similar. police want to know if a man who attacked a woman in aspen hill is behind two other assaults. community of fear. more than 100 people turn out to remember a manassas teenager underand killed by what neighbors say are gang members. but first, some very tough decisions. d.c.'s incoming mayor gets ready to fate a $190 million budget shortfall. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in the district. outside the seat of d.c. government today, protesters complained about to recent budget cuts to child welfare programs. inside the john wilson building, mayor-elect vincent gray was warning that more bigger cuts are on the way. the projected deficit has now climbed to $187.8 million.
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that figure could soar to 345 million next fiscal year. >> reporter: how do you deal with this without employees losing their job, including teachers and firefighters? >> we're not prepared to say that people will lose their jobs. there's other options like furloughs. >> reporter: only jack evans, chairman of the finance committee would rule out tax increases. >> reporter: you say you won't go for tax increases, so how do you not put people -- keep them on the payroll? >> i'm not saying it is the only option but it is one option. >> reporter: you're saying they're going to have to raise taxes? >> i think. so. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in manassas where more than 100 people showed up for a vigil for 15-year-old boy who was stabbed to death as he walked home from school. moms with strollers came, close friends came. they came to remember 15-year- old miguel hernandez who was jumped by gang members at this spot and held while one stabbed him in the heart.
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numerous teachers and students needed counseling to deal with their grief. >> he was just a precious, sweet boy. >> nice kid, never got into any trouble that i know of. >> reporter: friends say miguel was not 18 gang but police do think there's a gang connection. >> he has family members that are gang participants. however, we're not positive yet of his participation. >> reporter: a retaliation stabbing happened saturday night, and at the vigil, which was heavily guarded by police, a person of interest in the second stabbing was taken into custody. >> reporter: i'm lindsey mastis in aspen hill. a 52-year-old woman was walking alongside georgia avenue when police say she was dragged into the woods and raped. montgomery county police say the man's description is similar to two other attackers. >> he's described as a hispanic male, 5' 5", short, dark hair, medium build. >> reporter: last month a 30- year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the woods across the street from the aspen hill shopping center. police say they got this
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picture of the suspect from a surveillance camera, and in june, police say a 26-year-old woman was raped by two men on aspen hill road. the attacks happened at night and all within about a two-mail radius. but police can't say for sure whether one man is responsible for all three attacks. an update on that fair in a d.c. row house last friday. tonight we're learning that the woman pulled out of the house along luray place in northwest has died. she was 92-year-old ida thompson, and she was seriously burned. she inhaled smoke as well. investigators believe the fire was started accidentally when appear extension cord overheated. another person died today in yet another row house fire this one near 16th and oak in northwest. firefighters that victim inside a top floor bedroom. we don't after name yet and we don't know what caused the fair. a side note, however, one of the closest fire hydrants that
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firefighters were tapping into turned out to have a broken nozzle. you see it right there. they had to go a block away to get the water they needed to fight the fire. that fire closed 16th street in d.c. so let's check in with richard andre in the 9news now traffic center. richard, must have been a rough ride home. >> as a matter of fact, yes. basically 16th street now shut down still in both directions between newton street and arkansas avenue. we understand it will be that way for the rest of think. you could still use a road like 11th street, 13th, or 18th as your detour. also in virginia westbound i-66 still in the brakes. in maryland we have some leftover slowing is on northbound i-270 from just above the beltway going to falls road. derek. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we'll come back, talk about weather for travel day and weather for turkey day. temperatures are still mild.
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we'll talk about how long that's going last. but first, a mayor under fire after putting the kibosh on a holiday tradition. we'll explain next.
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you may think that the old grinch is the one who stole christmas, but tent a suburban atlanta mayor is getting some of the blame as well. one city council member says earn steen pittman is being grinch because she vetoed the budget for the city's tree lighting ceremony. >> this is a feel good gesture on something that is going to get you brownie points but really it's not new at all to the resident. >> the orange nal proposal would have covered the cost of paying for a santa and for refreshments, but mayor pittman says she doesn't mind being called a scrooge if that money
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can go to needy families. is canceling a holiday event like this just being a grinch, or does pittman make a pretty good point? share your thoughts with mcginty's mailbag, an update on a story that had a lot of you talking the on our wusa 9 facebook page. that pastor who was calling often his flock to stop using facebook, he initially said it was because he came to his own decision during marital counsel. he has some issues of his own. over the weekend the reverend said he admitted he had a three- way sexual encounter over a decade ago with his wife and a male church assistant. >> for any pain that my past mistakes have caused you, i again, as i did many years ago, ask for your forgiveness. >> reverend miller did offer to step down from his post during yesterday's sermon. tomorrow church elders will vote on their confidence in his
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ability to continue leading them. still ahead, topper is taking a look at the skies for those of you deciding whether or not to hit the road tomorrow night or wednesday, and heading into some of the busiest days of the year, the latest on the outcry over how passengers are being treated at airport security. [ male announcer ] febreze flameless luminary.
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huh! their fragrances always smell so good. nice! i know, the design just adds the perfect touch. and when you're ready for a new look or scent... just pop on a new shade... and it flickers like a real candle. [ male announcer ] also from the home collection... febreze wooden wick candle. i probably have one of these in every room. they last so long! nice! you can even hear it crackle. [ candle crackle ] [ male announcer ] the febreze home collection. featuring soy blend candles, wood diffusers and flameless luminaries. tonight the american civil libs i don't know says hat received more than 600 complaints in the last three weeks about the new pat-down procedures at the nation's airports. in fact, just this past weekend we heard a pleat era of new
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stories. this cancer survivor says he was absolutely humiliated when his urostomy bag spilled during a rough pat-down. other passengers expressing outrage when they saw a shirtless jung boy resisting a pat-down at the salt lake city airport. and in north carolina a woman said she was forced to remove her prosthetic breast just to get through security. >> she put her full hand on my breast and said what is this, and i said, it's a prosthesis bick eve had breast cancer, and she goes, well, you will need to show me that. >> well, at least one airline is now asking flight attendantses be allowed to by pass this tougher measure. the head of tsa says he is concerned about the stories he's hearing. he says the agency is going to try to strike a balance between comfort and security.
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opening day for the first session some of the intercounty connector is not yet set but planners are now measuring the time in weeks. it is close enough that today icc workers were able to take our own scott broom for a first ever sneak peek of the controversial $2.5 billion road and see what it will be like. the road is paved, the lines are painted, and for now, not a bit of traffic in our way as we cross montgomery county on the first section of the icc. seven miles from shady grove to georgia avenue, 22 minutes on local roads. just seven minutes on the icc. >> we're very close to opening the first section of the intercounty connector. >> reporter: the time is now being measured in weeks as the project closes in on a late december or early january opening. >> there's still a lot of items on our punch list, if you will. >> reporter: this is the most critical of the final preparations. it's the electronic system that will make this maryland's first
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completely cash-free all electronic toll road. radio devices will read e-z- pass tags or cameras will record license plates for billing by mail with an extra charge. it's all fully automated. there will be no tollbooths and no slowing down to pay on the icc. and the road cannot open until this is tested and running. >> if you are going to use it more than two or three times a year, then having the e-z-pass transponder will save money because you won't get charged that $3 fee every single trip that you take on the icc. >> reporter: so now with the road just weeks away from a probable opening, now is the time for you to think about how you might want to pay fort when you start driving on it. on the icc, scott broom, 9news now. speaking of paying, if you've got an e-z-pass already it will cost between $0.60 and $1.45 to travel this first section of tie cc, depending on the time of day. those of us who are from
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the area remember, like in the 'sick -- >> it's been a minute. >> it's been a minute. >> we're looking at a very mailed evening and a mild day tomorrow. take you out where it's not mild, in minnesota. this is snow and ice. this is in hen any pin county -- hennepin county. in fargo it was just kind of snow across the board. there's some pretty good arctic air in the northern plains, northern rockies. for us right now, we're the opposite. we're still 55 in arlington, 54 in bethesda, and generally in the 50s. most folks in the 50s. travel day wednesday, looks like this. showers out in the pacific northwest, and that's a relief for them because they actually have had snow, very cold in the northern rockies and snow new
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as we get into the northern plains states on wednesday. there could be some delays as we get into minneapolis, maybe denver, and showers from chicago down through st. louis is all the way to the gulf coast. some of those could cause some delays but not crazy. and for us, in the east, it's going to be just nice. sunshine on wednesday, cool, and dry. so we're in pretty good shape from raleigh to d.c., boston, back to detroit, over to cincinnati and cleveland as well. all right, the outside story. a nice travel day, mild tomorrow, a few afternoon showers and evening showers. showers end tuesday night. wednesday cooler but nice. turkey day is going to be wet but milder although i think most of the showers will he but in the morning on turkey day. if you are playing some afternoon football i think it will be nice. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and mailed, 46 to 52. winds southwest 10 to 15. those wrindz will keep us from having fog tomorrow morning. lows 46 in gaithersburg. that's the coldest readying we can find tonight.
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52 downtown, 48 in bowie, 48 in sterling. now, tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, showers possible could, be he a wet commute home. temperatures in the mid sit, and that's daily. the next three days will be cooling off on wednesday, warm back up on turkey day, 56. a few showers. the next seven days, cool-down again on friday. kind of a cold rain, then chilly on saturday and sunday. yes, the redskins are in town sunday, 1:00 game against minnesota. temperatures in the low 50s. that's a 1:00 start, so kind of chilly. we'll warm up a little bit as we get into next monday, derek, sunshine and mid-50s. >> i'm thinking some cold mornings, sir. >> yes, sir, you are, correct. >> you might want to stay in touch all the time. if you do, it's easier with the ipad. 9news now wants to help you do that. that is why we are giving an ipad away for free on facebook. all you have to do is go to our wusa 9 facebook page, like us, then click on the sweep stakes tab for your chance to win. you have until december 16th to
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win. the winners will be announced december 20th on 9news now at 11:00. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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don't forget to get up early with 9news now at 4:25 weekday mornings. you get the news, the weather and the traffic you need before you walk out the door. it. in the mailbag tonight our continuing conversation on the tsa and those new airport security scanners and the dreaded pat-dunn. kelly says -- we got similar sentiments from bill.
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and finally, from our good friend named karen in alexandria, an intriguing question. karen, it's a decent question, but you had to figure, at some point folks would say, wait a second, you said take off our shoes, we said okay. you had us dumping out our cologne, we did it. now you get to see me basically naked, and if that's not
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enough, you give me an uninvited intimate rubdown? we all want to be safe, but where does it stop? i'm starting to think that's not so whiney. but your comments, whiney or not, always welcome at mcginty's mailbag or at wusa 9's face because page. and we're helping those of you looking for love tonight at 11:00. log on to have a great evening. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. ♪
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. charlie sheen, the new allegations. >> it wasn't until he put his hands around my neck. >> adult film star tell ace terrifying tale. >> if you don't come out here, i'm going kill you. >> but can she be believed? >> battery, false imprisonment. emotional distress, we investigate the new allegations. >> he threw the lamp against the wall in my direction. >> did she really fear for her life? >> i if i was going to go home and see my dad the next day. >> "dancing with the stars" on lockdown? the threatening letter, the white powder. we have the latest news on the fbi investigation as kate gosselin weighs in. >> did you ever feel in danger at "dancing with the stars"? >> plus bristol, kyle and jennifer. the big finale.