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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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intimate pat downs revealing body scans. not just for air travel. why the psa's top man says it's time to look at train stations. plus signals, are you dateable? find out by taking our quiz. and starting tomorrow, the nation's airports, trains and bus stations will be seeing some of the biggest crowds for the year, just in time for the biggest controversy of the year. >> that is right. have your body scanned, be patted down or perhaps even both. we all know the intrusions you'll be experiencing at the nation's airports. but could bus terminals and train stations be up next? gary nurenberg is up with the look at the concerns. gary. >> reporter: there have been far more attacks on buses than airplanes, a fact that has some of the security officials
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wondering if the kind of intensified security we see should now be on the nation's bus terminals and train stations as well. some rail and bus passengers just want to avoid the airport intrusions. >> it's the whole point of not taking the plane is because you don't have to go through all of the screening. >> reporter: the high profile anger at enhanced security procedures, pat downs, is being fed by stories like hers. >> that's all right. >> reporter: artificial knee prompted greater scrutiny. they spilled this man's colost colostomy bag. >> we hope people will understand the goal, the purpose and the need. >> remember the three simple steps to security. >> reporter: we know that some terrorist groups see rail and subways as being more vulnerable because there is not the type of screening there is in aviation. from my perspective, that is an equally important threat area.
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some subway systems, like new york, do random bag searches and passenger screening as does amtrak and greyhound. but do rail and bus passengers want to see it done. >> you would have to ride much earlier to get on the bus, just like at the airport, i'm assuming, and generally i find it invasive. i mean, i don't want somebody going through my things. i don't want to be patted down. >> reporter: a soldier who fights for freedom home for thanksgiving. >> i don't think it would be too bad as long as you don't get carried away with it. >> they should do more screening. nobody wants to have their trip interrupted by an explosion. >> reporter: no clear decisions yet on whether to impose stricter security precautions at bus stations and rail terminals. but, derek and anita, they're thinking about it. the dc fire department says
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in a city with a long history of fire hydrant problems, it is a major concern for people who live in a neighborhood. brittany morehouse joins us live from a scene of a deadly fire. >> reporter: well, derek, we still don't know the name of the man who died in the fire, but we know five of his family members escaped when the blaze broke out. and now neighbors are questioning that fire hydrant. >> yes. >> reporter: this man is one of many neighbors of a man who died in a fire here, now concerned for their own safety. >> i don't feel very safe here. >> it worries me a lot. and now i want to get more information about it. >> reporter: and information is now more available tonight hours after a two alarm fire took the life of a man on the third floor of this house. firefighters say around 3:30 in the afternoon a person walking by spotted heavy smoke on the top floor. >> when firefighters got here, they came to the nearest fire hydrant. they hadn't even powered it up
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when this nozzle broke off. >> it's terrifying. i thought they were all tested after the georgetown fire. >> reporter: he's right. in 2007, firefighters began testing all of the hydrants twice a year marking bad ones to be fixed by dc water authority crews. this past october, that program was stopped for budget reasons, leaving all of the testing back in dc water's hands. a spokesman tells dc news it was checked in may and august with no problems. and the past september crews flushed out the hydrant but didn't see anything wrong with it. >> i saw some people working on it. >> reporter: it is a small relief knowing this hydrant did not hamper firefighters. but it still doesn't bring back a kind neighbor he knew for over a decade. >> two days ago he was helping to find out the key, my car key that i lost, and he came out and
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was helping me. so it's kind of sad. >> reporter: that man had been working on a renovation on his top floor. and it's still unclear whether that construction had anything to do with the fire cause. investigators are still looking into that. as for the fire hydrant, dc water and authority crews will be back out here tomorrow morning to take a look at it. it has already been flagged in their system. reporting live in northwest, brittany morehouse, 9news now. new at 11:00, dna has helped close a cold case rape investigation. montgomery county police arrested a man yesterday. back in 1984, officers say a woman was walking home fo her job at the -- from her job at a montgomery mall when a man beat and raped her. they have now charged marlin with rape and assault. right now police are looking for a man to be behind a string of attacks in aspen hill. officers think this is a man who grabbed a 52-year-old woman, dragged her into the woods and
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raped her. it all went down near hewitt and georges avenue. the man's description is similar to two other attackers. >> i'm very shocked. i am very shocked. and i really hope they catch the guy that did it. and my condolences to her. i really wish her well. i'm glad she survived it. >> i did get a little creeped out one time because i was walking around. there was piles of beer cans. another pile of beer cans. and then by the creek clothes hung up and things like that so i started getting worried. >> last month a 30-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the woods across the street from the shopping center. police say they got this picture of a suspect from a surveillance camera. and in june police say a 26-year-old woman was raped by two men at aspen hill road. now, out to manassas where more than 100 people turned out for a vigil to honor a teenager stabbed to death while just walking home from osbourne high.
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they gathered on a pathway where the 15-year-old was jumped by gang members last friday. saturday night a re tall yeah torrie stabbing took -- retaliatory stabbing took place. >> we picked up a person of interest we needed to talk to with regards to the stabbing on saturday night. that's what you saw today. we need to get some information and interview him. >> police have charged two teenagers with the murder of hernandez. convicted tonight nine years after the death of chandra levy they found ingmar guandique for the murder. her mother says it helps to know the killer. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> prosecutors obtained a conviction for two counts of
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felony murder without eyewitnesses or dna evidence linking guandique to levy and he never confessed to police. prosecutors hung their case on the testimony of guandique's former cell mate who said he confided in him that he killed levy back in 2001. his sentencing set for february 11th. for three a and a half days, nearly 20 hours of deliberation, the jury pulled over the details of this case. some of the jurors spoke to reporters right after the verdict, including emily who cried uncontrollably in the courtroom as they delivered his fate. >> it's a tremendous amount of responsibility. you're dealing with somebody's life. two people's lives. and i don't take that lightly. i take that very, very seriously. and i'm confident with the decision that we made. but it doesn't mean that i don't, you know, wish that we didn't have to be here today. >> the jury says the testimonies of two women who were attacked by guandique helped them make their decision.
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the women testified they were jogging in rock creek park back in 2001 when guandique approached them from behind but ran off when they fought back. well, tonight the dc's mayor elect is sounding the alarm. brace yourself for more budget cuts. here is vince gray. >> everyone is going to have to take a hit and share in the sacrifice. >> and, in fact, gray says the district's projected deficit this year has climbed to nearly $188 million. and by next fiscal year, it could climb again. this time to 345 million. on the table, layoffs, furloughs and other belt tightening measures. the dc council will hold a public hearing next week on the budget proposals. tonight the road is paved and the lines are painted. crews are finishing up the electronics that will make this, maryland's first ever cash free toll road. no slowing down for any toll
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booths. they have reading devices or else cameras can record license plates which will call for billing by mail, and that will include an ex tral charge. >> if you're going to -- extra charge. >> if you're going to use it more than two or three times a year, then having the easy pass transponder will save you because you won't get the -- money because you won't get the fee. >> now, with an easy pass, it will cost you $0.60 or up to $1.45, depending on what time of day you're driving. with holiday parties on the horizon along with new year's eve, it's already that time to start thinking about it. a lot of singles are looking for love. but is it in all of the wrong places? >> the internet and social media sure have changed the dating landscape. so we turned to an old fashion match maker to learn the dos and don't of dating in 2010. and it was pretty eye opening conversation. >> i wanted to know if you were single. >> i am.
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>> reporter: dc match maker michelle is no shrinking violet. >> if i have a client who wants to meet a certain type of person, if i'm going for a run, i will chase someone down. >> reporter: there may be somehow thousands thousands of unmarried people in the dc area, but it's not always easy for them to meet. so we asked match maker and dating coach to introduce us to six local singles. three men and three women to learn what made the other sex date worthy. >> you don't have to pull out my chair but allow me to order first. i'll always offer to split it with you, but i expect you to pick up the check the first couple of times. >> reporter: and they don't like having the check linger on the table. >> it's very uncomfortable. >> reporter: we chatted with the ladies first and learned they disliked bad tippers. and men who text during the date. >> if you are non-stop facebook and posting status updates, clearly you would rather be with somebody else. >> reporter: they even shared
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some dating disasters. >> very persistent. kept asking me out. asking me out. finally i said yes. and then when the check came, when the bill came, he asked for separate checks. >> reporter: often it comes down to basic manners. >> i have received page long e-mails if i didn't respond to a text that next morning. and to be honest i won't reply to a text because i do think a follow-up phone call is necessary. >> i really want a man that i can look at and respect and that he's a man that i want to be seen with and will make me a better person too. >> reporter: by the way, a key piece of advice from the match maker is directed at women who go out in groups. michelle calls that a dating no-no because she says, and derek is nodding his head, very few men will approach a pack of women to start a conversation. coming up after the break, a candid discussion with single guys. we'll be right back.
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every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ ? dating is a different world in that era of high technology. we've heard from the women, and now we'll listen to the men. in a fun and honest session, they shared some really unusual dating disasters and tell us what they consider deal breakers on a first date that will prevent a second one.
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we met our singles in a cozy restaurant where both sexes described what makes sparks fly and what doesn't. >> somebody with a good sense of humor. doesn't take life too seriously and is just looking to get with a guy that has some value. >> i also like a woman who actually makes you feel like you're the man in the relationship. just makes you feel like you are, you're the one. >> she has to be smart. great sense of humor. beautiful. >> reporter: all three men had some unusual dating stories, including a woman who kept all of her deceased dogs. >> i go into her house and she has nothing but a bunch of urns all over the place. eight or nine of them. >> reporter: another woman wanted to slip into something more comfortable. >> it was on the first date. never met her before. she got her nigthgown on and she actually put on some music and went into the trance. she was on the floor jie rating back and forth and i had to get
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up to leave. >> reporter: stephen went on an activity date. >> she said she was a golfer and liked to have fun and she was horrible. >> reporter: what happened after one much rob's dates was downright creepy. she broke into his house while he was at work to leave him flowers. >> she actually broke into one of the windows. [ laughing ] >> i thought it was kind of freaky. she actually burst out in tears and started crying. >> reporter: these guys always pick up the check on the first date. and it doesn't hurt if a woman laughs at his jokes. >> laughs. not go hysterical. >> yes. >> reporter: some mistakes that are commonly made on a first date, according to the experts, is talking about an ex, speaking negatively about anything and talking about money. >> okay. and putting all this together, did you get the deal breakers from the men and the woman? were they honest about this? >> reporter: i turned to the expert who is the owner of dc match making and for men it's
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often a woman's weight. she says most men want a woman who is trim and fit. for women it's height. >> wow. >> we also want to tell people if you go to our website and click on our extras section, you'll find a quiz that michelle has created for all you singles. it helps to assess your dating skills. you'll learn if you're making all of the right moves, derek, or maybe some wrong ones. and then tomorrow morning at 6:15, michelle will join mike and andrea to talk about holiday dating. the pressure of all these holiday parties. and some of the solutions. so be sure to tune in. >> i have to think that i have a very sheltered life because no one has ever broken into my house [ laughing ] . >> there is still time, right. no deceased dogs. wow. >> nothing. >> wow. >> my life seems -- >> i have been off the market so long. >> i haven't had a date in 20 years. >> actually it's true. you don't have dates with your wife. >> that's true. are you ready for a little
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travel weather and thanksgiving weather? let's start with what is going on right now. temperatures are very mild. it's like october. it's still in the 50s. 56 in bethesda. these are actually average highs for this time of the year. temperatures have fallen into the 40s out in leesburg. but it's only 48. 54 still in rockville. 46 in college park. that is well above average. all right. temperature roller coaster the next tum of days. tuesday will be mild. a few showers tomorrow afternoon. there is not a lot of moisture with this next system. now, wednesday will be cooler, almost chilly. and then for turkey days showers and mild but the showers will be actually in the morning. travel weather, some showers in seattle all the way down to san francisco and very cold all the way down to la. bitterly cold. great falls will barely get above 0. a little bit of snow falls in the rocky. more showers and rain through parts of the midwest and back into the lower plains and showers, even a few thunderstorms on the gulf coast. as far as we're concerned on wednesday, we're great.
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sunshine and cool and chilly. but if you're travel to raleigh over to detroit or cincinnati or columbus up to boston, fine. loths of sunshine. -- lots of sunshine. no worries. cloudy, highs 56. most of the showers will be in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. then it may get pretty nice late in the day. traveling nearby richmond, not bad. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. 60. pittsburgh will have rain and 50. this is now thanksgiving day. new york showers late 45. showers will hold off in boston until thanksgiving night. all right. frost tonight. partly to mostly cloudy. breezy and mild. 46-52. and the winds southwest at 10-15 should keep us from having any kind of fog in the morning. so 7:00 in the morning, mid 40s to 50s. my noon 60s. a few clouds come in and maybe a few sprinkles but 63 by evening. that is a good deal for this time of the year. the next three days, 50 on wednesday. chilly behind the cold front.
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and then fairly mild on thanksgiving. primarily morning showers. temperatures back in the mid #450z which, by the way, is average -- 50s, which, by the way, is average. after that, we get a cold rain on friday. 52. we do have some high school playoffs fry night. and temps around -- friday night. temps around 50 over the weekend. 20s in the suburbs. but bright and brisk for the redskins game. >> bright but brisk. >> all right. thanks, topper. hey, 9news now plans to make a lucky viewer very happy. we're giving an ipad away for free on facebook. all you have to do is go to our facebook page, like us, and click on the sweepstakes tab for your chance to win. you have until december 16th to enter for this. the winner will be announced december 20th on 9 news now at 11:00. >> there is nothing in that box. >> i tried that. >> why did you do that? >> because i didn't -- >> you didn't have to give it
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away. >> because if there was nothing in the box, you didn't have to hold it up. >> all right. i'm caught. >> they were going to give it to me. speaking of emptiness, the capitals. >> struggling. >> tell me about it. 15 goals in three games. that is great if you're scoring them. not so great if you're giving them up. caps defense has taken a sudden turn for the worst. plus the redskins display a little heart just when it seems they were running low. 9 sports will the resuscitation next.
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it's time for 9 sports where brett haber, the best sports in town. >> 44 days ago, the caps met the delves and pounded them -- devils and pounded them 7-2. it was the most lop-sided win for the capitals. they were smacking their lips for a second helping tonight. unfortunately it was payback on the menu. caps losing both of their games over the weekend. not like this. six minutes in they beat mike green to the net. 1-0. later in the first, look at this, caps surrounding them. three of them. and he still wraps around the
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goal. defense getting a little shaky. and then in the second, former cap on the rebound. his third of the year. new jersey crushing the caps 5-0. college hoops tonight gw hosting nevada. tony taylor spotting up for three on the wing. he led the colonials by 14. they hang on to win by two points. admit it, after last week's did he boing debogle against the eagles, then it happened, heart happened. after allowing seven touchdowns to philly the week before, they held the titans yesterday to just one touchdown. mcnabb was back in the saddle and all of this despite losing eight players to injury during the game. the skins showing some character just when fans started to think
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they didn't have any. >> you come back and respond in a way like this an over time win against a very good team, the titans, it just shows how much heart we have. >> we know if we don't get it done, we rally together, we listened to everybody. >> you have to do what derek did, go to costco on the buy week [ laughing ] . >> the vikings will come to town sunday with a new head coach. minnesota's 3-7. that means brett favre will have to start ignoring the interim player. players got together for a late-night scrimmage. kris coolly, fred davis among the bar at northwest squaring off in a showdown as players helped launch the site sports buzz allowing fans to connect
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with them and others. all right, the playoff game of the week, four to choose from. we have broad run looking to. damascus hosting wild lake and hay field and stone bridge. can you cast your vote at finally, if you're setting up a skate board ramp. >> no. >> do seal off the cell ar door. and now we know why they live in their mom's base. >> it's because they can't get out. [ laughing ]. >> i'm just saying. >> that is so long. >> it looks like he was snatched by the aliens. >> it seemed like he was sucked in by a black vor tex. you have to plyboard up the hole.
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tex. you have to plyboard up the hole. and that is our show. >> that's right. letterman is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. have a good one. >> night night.
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