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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> that that resulted in the martyrdom of brother. >> we've got surprisingdevelopments out of libya where the son of embattled moammar gadhafi is confirmed dead. i'm bruce johnson. the embattled leader is still said to be alive but among three of the dead, three of his grandchildren. >> reporter: fireworks lit up the night sky in the been-held city as libyans celebrated the death of gadhafi's youngest son. he was killed by a nato air strike and that gadhafi himself
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survived the attack. >> the leader himself is in good health. he wasn't harmed. his wife also is in good health. >> reporter: three of gadhafi's grandchildren were also reportedly killed in the strike on a one-story house in tripoli. nato's has said that its missions are not targeting gadhafi. they called for a cease-fire and negotiations, but he refused once again to step down. rebel commanders quickly rejected the offer saying the time for compromise has passed. the son killed was his sixth son. in recent years he studied in germany. >> so far tonight, there's been no comment or confirmation from nato. white house spokesman says the president is aware of the situation. they are monitoring all developments tonight. the death toll still rising tonight across the south after
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this week's deadly twisters. at least 341 people were killed across seven states. 250 of those victims were just from alabama. the survivors avowing to rebuild all they lost and come back from the devastation. >> we're taking it one day at a time. >> to be honest with you, i cried like a baby. you know, i just couldn't believe it. i still can't today. but, you know, we've shown we're resilient. we're going to be resilient. we're going to build back. >> this is the largest death toll from a storm since 1925 when 745 people were killed in a storm that raged through missouri, illinois and indiana. tonight, the president is meeting the press. it's the annual white house correspondents dinner. journalists and hollywood heavy weights and the nation's top
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politicians came together to toast and roast president obama. we're live at the reagan building downtown where the after parties are scheduled to begin. >> reporter: the dinner actually happened right up the street. no doubt about it, the white house correspondent association is the biggest event in washington tonight. all the celebrities, politicians and everyone you just mentioned will be headed here to the after party in a couple of minutes for something that's become by now quite the tradition. ♪ [ music ] there was music and lots of mingling at the hilton for the white house core upon dents association din -- correspondent association dinner. celebrities like donald trump as well as others joined in. the comedian cohost for this year's event, seth myers. >> this evening, i'm going to be making a lot of jokes about many of the people in this room, but don't worry. i assure you, no matter how
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harsh the joke, they've all been vetted by the man at the top, chinese president. >> the purpose of the annual dinner, a fill lan thereon high pressure high pressure philanthropic one. aside from that, the dinner's program usually leaves room for a little ribbing or roasting of the president himself. >> this is the change you were talking about? mr. president, look at your hair. if it gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it. [ it was definitely a funny dinner with seth myers. they're going to be coming here. they're expected to back here into the ronald reagan building in the next couple of minutes. donald trump will be here, jeremy piffen, serena williams. we'll keep an eye out for them. >> ken, thanks a lot for that
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report. the district's taxicabs czar has been fired by mayor vincent gray but is not going quietly. the former d.c. taxicab commission chairman tells 9 news now tonight he was placed on 15 days administrative leave and not allowed to return to his office this week. he says in that office, a personal records that deal with his undercover role in helping the fbi arrest more than 40 cab drivers and others on alleged bribery charges. most of those cases are still pending. mayor vincent gray is said to be in our studios tomorrow night at 11:00 for our interview. we plan to ask about the firing of the communications director. the mayor said he wants to move in a different direction. a murder/suicide attempt leaves one person dead. tonight, police officers were called to an apartment in the 400 block of north summit avenue around 11:00 this morning. when they arrived, they found a man and his girlfriend suffering from gunshot wounds.
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the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was taken to the hospital in what police describe as very serious conditions. a dramatic rescue in northwest warrant today after two baby ducklings fall into a drain and become stuck. animal control officers were called to this fountain in downtown washington to rescue those ducks. it wasn't easy. it took 40 minutes to pull the first duck out and reunite it with its mother. that was a relief to the woman who saw the ducks get trapped and called for help. >> it's wonderful. it was great. it made the whole afternoon worth it. we were talking about the fact that we've been standing here for two and a half hours trying to figure out what to do about these baby ducks. one of them's rescued. >> it's not over yet. tonight, animal control officers still trying to get the second duck out of that drain. they're using a device that makes a quacking sound to try to lure the ducks out. still ahead on 9 news now, this saturday is president obama turning his back on a campaign promise he made a year
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ago? why some people are saying yes. but first, we are hours away from the bee at if i occasion -- beatification ceremony of pope john paul. it's chilly out here. the start to your sunday should be a bit cool. make sure you definitely bring a little jacket. here's a look at your wakeup weather for your sunday. by 7:00 in the upper 40s to mid- 50s. near partly cloudy conditions. by 11:00, mid-50s. it will be feeling nice. when we have a chance for showers coming up a little bit later. [ male announcer ] with the most branches and atms
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than 3 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable, super absorbent, super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. well, pope john paul ii will be one step closer to -- pilgrims are holding prayer vigils in the streets tonight to honor the former leader of the world's catholics. charlie has our report. >> reporter: thousands of worshippers filled rome for a vigil honoring pope john paul ii. >> it's a celebration of everything that john paul ii gave to us. >> reporter: the main event is
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sunday, the beatification ceremony when the predecessor is declared blessed john paul, one step away from becoming a saint. a french nun says she prayed to the late pope and he cured her of parkinson'ss disease. vatican officials said it was the miracle needed for the pope to be beatified. her story was the highlight of the evening's vigil. >> reporter: pilgrims came from around the globe to be here. some will keep praying until dawn, visiting churches that remain open all night. >> she was very strong. she had a big heart. and he connect with people so well. >> pope john paul's beatification is the fastest in modern history. some catholics say it's too fast, and that it fails to take into account the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the catholic church during his papacy. but the charismatic pope's overwhelming popularity has the
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vatican preparing for 500,000 people to attend the beatification. his coffin has been taken from the crypt under st. peter's basilica and will be placed in front of the main altar for visitors to pass and pay their respect after the service. charlie dagett, cbs news, rome. >> the wishthe bishop will be there tomorrow, a man he knew well. >> he had a way of reaching and touching people so that they knew that he cared for them personally. >> cardinal wells started working for pope john paul before he was elevated to the papacy. for the world the canonization means for the years john paul led the church he demonstrated his sainthood on a daily basis. still to come, the official wedding photos for the most famous newlyweds on earth. you'll hear from the man on
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camera. up next, pay are folks politics. we're back in a minute.
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nasa engineers should know
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sometime tomorrow whether the spaceship endeavor will attempt a monday launch. if it's not clear then, the launch will be postponed to sometime near mother's day. technicians trying to figure out what went wrong in a heating system that forced the launch to be cancelled yesterday. president obama and the first family were among the thousands of disappointed watchers who gathered for the departure. congress member gabrielle giffords was also there to see her husband command that shuttle. the next presidential election is a year and a half away, but the rates for a campaign contribution is going full throttle. now word that two former aids to president obama are doing the exact opposite of what the president famously railed against, forming a group to raise money from unnamed sources. the organization calls itself priority's usa and wants to raise $100 million for the 2012 elections. their attack ads hope to counter conservative money machines american crossroads. >> most americans would like
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politics that aren't filled with secret cash and big campaign checks, but we have to be realistic. any candidate running for the presidency is going to use the laws they have, not the laws as we wish they were. >> the white house is saying tonight it can't control outside groups. and that the president still believes disclosure in campaign contributions is vitally important. mariah carey and husband, nick cannon, celebrated their fourth anniversary with another milestone. today they became the proud parents of twins. they gave birth to a baby girl and boy this morning at a los angeles hospital. a spokeswoman says no names have been decided for the newborns. she says while she was calm, her husband was so nervous he went to the wrong department at the hospital. they are planning to renew their wedding vows sometime tomorrow. meantime, buckingham palace released the official photos of
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the marriage. the royal newly we said took a morning stroll around buckingham palace before leaving london by helicopter for a secluded weekend alone. official photographer was one of the people to share the royal couple's first personal moment as a married couple. >> i like the jauntiness of the the way one hand's resting on another. they're connected, standing side by side. i think that's something to do with how they are. they're very much a couple. >> prince william has a job. next week, he'll be at work flying as a royal air force search and rescue pilot. they will have to balance the prince's job with his official duties, including a trip to canada in june. there are also reports tonight the royal couple may make a brief stop in the united states. today is national prescription drug take back day. more than 4,700 sites around the country, including this one at the masonic temple in alexandria. residents cleaned out the medicine cabinets and turned in
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unused or expired prescription medications. local governments, community organizations and law enforcement participate advertise paid in -- participated in today's efforts. every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in this country. today hundreds of women turned out to fight the disease. the ninth washington, d.c. walk for breast cancer is part of a national effort to provide breast screening efforts and care. they walked some 39 miles over the two-day journey. they'll wrap up the walk sometime tomorrow on the grounds of the washington monument. they've collected more than 51,000 used bikes right here in the d.c. area over the past several years. today they were at it again. bikes for the world volunteers were outside wusa 9 station locations. they'll be sent oversees where they can be put to good use by people who can't afford them. they'll eventually be sent to
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uganda. >> bikes get reconditioned overseas and the use of the bike gets people to work and school. >> they'll take any kind of bike except for children's tricycles and rust buckets. those are bikes that have been left outside for too long. bikes for the world is based in arlington, virginia. it's a great day. >> great weather wise for all those good things out there. >> this trend will continue tomorrow. that's the good news, bruce. >> very good news. >> we've got clouds moving in tomorrow. if you have stuff to do, do it early in the day tomorrow, where we're looking at partly cloudy conditions for sunday. then clouds move in. we ask to talk about the chance for the showers rolling into our area as well. here's a look at your overnight forecast. partly cloudy conditions. a bit chilly up there. i needed my jacket outside. lows will be from 42 to 52 degrees. winds out of the south, and they are light. currently at 55 degrees outside. it's partly cloudy at reagan national. feels like 55. the winds are south/southwest at around 5 miles per hour.
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here's a look at the national picture. severe weather going through parts of arkansas and texas, including some tornadoes and severe thunderstorm warnings as well. but in our area, you can see the entire east coast generally under high pressure and really seeing nice conditions. for sunday afternoon, we're expecting increase in clouds. that means passing showers possible. they'll be light in nature. then we're cooling down eventually tuesday and really into wednesday. for the middle of your work week. all right, here's a look at your 9 futurecast, show you what's happening, when and where. tomorrow morning there's the clock at 10:00 a.m. we'll be dry. there's no green on the map. we've got clouds out here coming in from the north and west. by 3:30, looks like we'll see showers out for the potomac highlands, shenandoah valley. this kind of clips d.c. a little bit here by the evening hours. by 6:30, frederick and north of baltimore we'll see the
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showers. really light and spotty in nature. monday afternoon, dry for d.c. partly sunny, more showers coming in from the west. then we'll probably see showers possibly thunderstorms monday night, into tuesday. for sunday, morning looking pretty good here. partly cloudy, cool. grab a light jacket, if you're heading out. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds are southeast at 5 miles per hour. by the afternoon, increase in clouds. still pleasant temperaturewise. a chance of showers. highs near 70. about where we should be, it's average. winds are southeast at 10 miles per hour. our sunset is 8:00 right on the hour. highs for tomorrow, generally lower 70s for d.c. 73 in culpepper. mid-60s for hagerstown. here's your next three days. sunday looks pretty good. chance for afternoon evening showers. light and scattered. monday, even a little milder, around 74. partly sunny, chance for showers and thunderstorms. tuesday looks pretty good. partly cloudy conditions and chance for showers once again.
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here's your seven-day outlook. tuesday to wednesday, we get a lot cooler. look at that. 57 degrees. that's the high. we should be around near 70 for this time of year. and you'll need your imumbrella la much of the work week as chance for showers. wednesday looks pretty good, like we'll see rain likely. back in the 70s by friday. >> thank you, annie. nats taking on the best, huh? >> facing the world champions tonight. probably didn't go out the way they wanted. they also got bad news about ryan zimmerman. the nfl draft is over. the redskins take 12 players to fill the holes. here's what the capitals have to say. next in sports.
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some bad news for the nationals. ryan zimmerman expected to miss at least another six weeks. he will have surgery tuesday to fix an abdominal tear. he's been on the d.l. since april 12th. he was clear by nationals doctors to resume baseball-like activities this week. he was trying to work it out. was hoping to come back in a week or so. it never seemed to feel any better. so we end up getting a second opinion from an expert and that's when he got the bad news. >> frustrating and it's good to see them playing well, though. i think we have a very deep team. we have some veteran guys. any time you can't play and can't help the guys, you know, you go to battle with, you go to spring training with, to see them play well makes it a little bit easier.
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>> before the game today, the nats hosting the world series giants. nationals get on the board first. rick singled to center past the shortstop. 1-0. the giants respond in the third. eli whiteside crushes that john lennon pitch to left. that ties the game at 1. giants lead by 1 in the ninth. and that would be enough. brian wilson with a full beard. look at that beauty. strikes out adam. that's got to get hot in the summer. bases loaded in the game. giants win 2-1. george mason is a new basketball coach. paul hewitt has been hired to replace the coach who left for the university of miami. he was fired from georgia tech last month, but while he was there he coached them to a national championship game in '04. he searched a $7.2 million buyout from the hokies which makes him more affordable in the eyes of a team like the patriots. the redskins begin the nfl
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draft with 8 picks. they finish the weekend with 12 new players. it's what they did with the picks that have people scratching their heads a little bit. they didn't pick a quarterback at all. donavan mcnabb on his way out, rex grossman a free agent, all signs point to john beck as their starter. beck was said to be the best qv in his draft class yet he hasn't taken a snap since '07. beck says he's been practicing with superbowl winning quarterbacks drew brees offseason in san diego. that's an interesting scenario we'll have to watch unfold. here's a look at who the redskins selected this year. in the first round, linebacker ryan out of perdue. he was the big 10 player of the year. in the second round they bolstered their defense again with defensive end jenkins out of clemson. third round, they took leonard hangerson from the u. they traded up in the fourth to get running back roy hallu.
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that began a nebraska streak. three in a row. safety and receiver. two others from smu. the final four in the seventh round, brandon thompson, maurice hurt from florida, marcus white, florida state and chris kneels out of west virginia. 12 picks in all. the terrapins played their spring game today. quarterback danny o'brien through 199 yards and twotouchdowns. d.j. adams with 56 yards and a t.d. red went on to win 35-7. sometimes a lot of time off for an athlete is not necessarily a good thing. we saw a lot of that last night in game one between the cavs and the lightning. the capitals haven't played a game in almost a week. the lightning almost 48 hours off of their last game. many thought tampa bay would be tired out but that wasn't the case. they had the momentum. they played hard hitting hockey
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and wanted it more. the turnover, costly penalties and much wasted power plays, not what they were hoping for. >> every time you listen to another coach's press conference that loses, we didn't win the battles, we didn't get the loose pucks. when you don't do that, you're not going to be successful. >> the momentum changed when we stopped playing how we wanted to. we started turning the puck over. the last five minutes of the second, we got away from our game plan. nascar under the lights in richmond tonight. here with 100 laps to go. if you like wrecks, we've got a good one for you. several cars involved, including jeff gordon, bobby labonte and mike kensette. kyle busch wins his third straight race at richmond. he likes that track. a real quick note, the navy women's lacrosse team won the patriot championship. >> georgia tech paid $7 million
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to get rid of a coach. >> right. that was a very attractive offer for him to come to george mason. tomorrow is pretty nice. start out partly cloudy. increasing clouds later. highs near 70. monday a little warmer and 74. chance of showers and rain later in the day. >> thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. bye. oñ
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