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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  May 2, 2011 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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wearing what. >> we were invited, of course, this is a new computer. it's just the... the usual software. don: would you do me a favor and just keep looking? but we decided not to go. >> and i won the best dressed (ringing) don: what's that? male, and this is my stylist, as it's a web call. you can see. how's the food? >> and now the "best dressed" of (alan laughs and grunts) (clears throat) pretty good, thank you. um... the royal wedding. queen elizabeth shines in angela kelly. don: what happened to costa rica? the 85-year-old monarch wins top the banking laws in liechtenstein are a bit more to my liking. honor for her dress with a and the doctors, too. stunning hand-stitched pattern my-my leg is still smarting a bit. can't imagine a couple hundred thousand dollars is going around the neckline. and on her lapel, a little royal to keep a guy like you happy too long. yeah, well, i'm not too worried about picking up some more cash bling. the priceless queen mary diamond broach. somewhere, somehow. pippa middleton, a stunner in -it's never been my problem. -yeah, well, alexander mcqueen. i'll be sure to keep an eye on the bus schedules. kate's sister, the chief oh, that's good. i like that. bridesmaid getting rave reviews. you know, eppes, you and me-- nothing wrong with wearing white. in fact, bridesmaids in the uk under different circumstances, we could have been friends. often wear the same shade as the bride. yeah, sure we could. hey, professor. i'm serious about teaching that class. charlie: oh, yeah? carol middleton carol walker set well, we'll have to do it online, i guess. oh. oh, that's for him.
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off with piping. (laughs) and what could be considered a would you say hello to my friends in california? sentimental gesture, she chose a thanks, heidi. she's a doll. you know, eppes, you and i-- we're like look by the late catherine those cartoon characters, sam and ralph, walker, one of princess diana's the sheepdog and the wolf. famous designers. we just keep going at each other david beckham, in a dark suit because we don't know what else to do. you should take some time off. with a top hat. we could go skiing. mmm. on his lapel, his medal you know what? designating him an officer of the order of the british empire. i'll keep this on ice for you. and on his neck, a tattoo auf wiedersehen. peeking out over his collar. you know, the wolf always gets caught. now the royal wedding's worst if that's what you really want. dressed. first, fergie's daughters hey, i could use a vacation. (laughs) yeah. disastrous toppers. (laughs) beatriz in valentino, but a phillip tracy hat. sister eugene, look as if a bird landed in her hair. princess anne adorned with a
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large flower that matched her coat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> after the ceremony, the cameras didn't stop rolling, but obviously this vicar didn't know that. caught cart wheeling down the red carpet central aisle. now this video has gone viral. what was your favorite moment of the wedding? come on to "e.t.'s" facebook page and let us know. a lifetime full of memories as a dream came true on the world stage for britain's favorite couple. >> chris jacobs and i will be back in
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(gunshot) (gunshot) celebrating an "e.t." weekend birthday on saturday, "big bang theory" johnny galecky is 36. and which actress shared her first on-screen kiss with brad pitt? that was kirsten dunst who turns
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29 on saturday. dissecting kate's gown. was there a secret from diana sewn into the dress? plus, the sister in the shadows. >> what you don't know about pippa. >> does she like prince harry? >> then, if di were alive. >> do you think she would've been able to go out on the balcony with the family? >> james hewitt, what he saw at the ceremony. >> plus, new kirstie alley and hines ward versus the karate kid. >> next. >> that's monday. this is one of my highlights of the career, covering the royal wedding and being here amidst it all. it's been a thrill to be part of history being made. and what a happy, lovely story. >> and what a happy, lovely couple. all right. for more on this story and all of the late-breaking hollywood news, go to >> and we leave you with some of our favorite moments from the royal wedding. take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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cc1 test message i want them gone. let's talk about those hostages first. i got one guy not so good. well, you let him go, and i'll get rid of the snipers. how's that? i'll send him out. yeah, i got a lot of people here.
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they need food and water. done. no cold pizza. i want good stuff. chicken dinners from el pollo guapo. one cop with the delivery guys, that's it. don't try anything. (phone beeps) -dwp is ready to cut the power. -all right, as soon as the hostage is clear, pull the plug. and tell swat to hide the snipers better, all right? man: we've got a visual on the sick hostage. swat's moving in. hostage is coming out. we've got a medical team standing by. just walk forward, sir. just keep walking. (indistinct radio transmission) this way, sir. nikki: charlie and amita were able to work some magic. amita: yeah, we were able to hack back into -the ip security camera network. -mm-hmm. we're sending you the feed right now. all right, good, guys. thanks. and, charlie, i need you down here, buddy, all right?
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okay. what took you so long? we had to make a detour. mmm. don't worry. i got you a little something yourself. i pegged you for a vanilla guy. -yeah, thanks. -fine, more for me. he's got such an attitude. mr. personality i.d.'d our ringleader. name's len maddux. he served time with buckley at terminal island. they shared a cell for six weeks. sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me. yeah, maddux got out four months ago. now, buckley's verbal diarrhea gave him the blueprint for his current crime spree. the bus hijacking, diamond exchange-- i mean, all of it. -you run him? -nikki's got it. all right. what? can't i just sit here and enjoy it? why do you got to ruin my high? oh, come on. be careful with that. there's still some left. nikki: len maddux: a career criminal, convictions for carjacking, assault, armed robbery. a man who's not afraid to use a gun. got himself an early parole in return for ratting out a former partner in crime. you really got your hands full with this one, eppes. buckley, you've got your work cut out for you. cc1 test message
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now, you taught these guys your little bag of tricks. i want to hear what you know. cc1 test message let's go. well, i assume you already got rid cc1 test message of the guy with the bad ticker. -there's usually one. very annoying. -uh-huh. cc1 test message tell me you didn't listen to the bomb squad guys and cut the power. cc1 test message congratulations. you just triggered the fail-safe. david: whoa. you're saying there's no way to disarm the bombs now? yeah, that's exactly what i'm saying. agent eppes, maddux on the line. this is eppes. -(woman sobs) -maddux: i said no tricks, and then you go and cut the power. just take it easy, now, okay? it wasn't us. it was dwp. apparently, there was, uh, an outage. (woman whimpers) do you think i'm an idiot? (gasps) i want the power back on now. (gun cocks, hostages gasp)
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an outage in the area? dwp? you got a building full of innocent people and a wack-job holding a gun to their heads. my stock just went up. better call the da's office. you want me to help you out of this mess? i want a new deal. that will show mom how you really feel. flowers say it better. ftd says it best. visit
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buy one get one half offter. everything during payless bogo. -(sighs) -don: all right, buckley. heads up. here comes your offer. (buckley groaning) liz: you serve two more years. remainder of your sentence gets reduced to probation. this isn't exactly the get-out-of-jail-free card that i asked for. how about you do the full dime? got a pen? (phone rings) eppes. yeah, let him through. it's charlie. ah, the einstein cometh. oh, come on! this isn't an homage.
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it's plagiarism. i-i'm going to sue this guy, maddux. okay, let's focus on catching them first. okay, well, for starters, they are way too familiar with this place. you think they had an inside man? more like an inside chick. someone who works at the exchange. maybe someone who works in security. at least that's how i roll. i look for a beautiful woman, someone who's very dissatisfied with her life, -misunderstood. -buckley. we share each other's secrets. don: buckley, focus! come on. sorry. well, we know how they got in. the question is: how are they going to get out? the art of the con is the art of misdirection. lesson number one: never show your true hand. -they requested a plane, a bus. -no, no, that is... that's all smoke and mirrors. my guess is, maddux is going to send the hostages out the front door, and then him and his crew are going to escape underground. through the sewers. bingo, professor. the best defense -is a good offense. -david: so you're saying
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we should take maddux down before he makes his move. what about the bombs? if they're following my plan, there's always a couple of escape routes in case the cops breach-- exit doors that you can go out of and you know you won't get blown up. okay, so some of the bombs on the doors -are probably dummies. -so, which ones? may i? now, in prison, we play this game on the computer called jeu militaire. each player gets three black dots, and the computer gets one red dot. we take turns moving around on the grid. the object of the game is to trap the red dot so that it has no place to move. now, if you reverse it, and you imagine that maddux is the red dot and we're the black dots, maddux is trying to find the best escape route. what you're talking about is combinatorial game theory. heuristic learning. -sounds incurable. -sounds like an answer. all right, so... you guys should get to work. liz: i'll talk to nikki-- we'll get started looking for an inside chick. hold on.
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el pollo guapo? i love this place. -these are our guys? -yeah, we put lapd in the delivery guys' uniforms. buckley: mmm. fantastic. do me a favor. when you're done feeding the multitudes here, could you get the professor and i two mochaccinos? oh, no, i'm okay. and a, um... chai latte with a hint of cinnamon for the lady and, uh, black coffee for grumpy over there. i've got maddux on the line. buckley: hey, guys, listen! if he lets you buy more time, the airplane is a con. him and his guys are going to be tunneling their way out. this is eppes. where is my food? it's on its way. but we need a little more time for that plane. one hour. and i want that food. all right, you better have swat cover those sewer exits, right? we're talking a lot of manpower. i-i think we know a guy. hey. i heard don gave you a call.
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ready to go spelunking? we going to need miner's lights? no, just an outlet. my, uh, computer is dying. ah. i hope you understand this. it's just an elaboration on the same strategy puzzles that you did in prison. hey, charlie. uh, i'm sending you the traffic flow data you asked for. and you are...? engaged... to me. -really? -yes. -you're a lucky guy. -thank you. buckley: hello. -okay. -nice. all right, we're almost there. you know, i got to say, your, uh, jeu militaire idea was inspired. i don't know if you realize this, but you're kind of a natural at game theory. thank you. math was always my best subject. -i even got a scholarship. -amita: to where? mit. m... mit? i know. go figure. couple weeks before classes started, my buddies convinced me to go down to costa rica to do a little fishing... and drug running. one of those turns you take in life, you know? but, if you guys make it to your honeymoon, i've got two words for you:
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costa rica. the most beautiful place on earth. -trust me. -amita: uh, i got to get going. i'll check in later. nice meeting you. i look forward to going to the wedding. (chuckles) man: uh, sniper two, we've got eyes on the delivery team. they're approaching the building at this point. lunchtime. man (over radio): delivery team is entering. i would have ordered the fries. man (over radio): all units stand by. delivery team has entered the building. okay, they got their food. now let's hope they let them walk out of there.
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woman: sniper one and sniper two, they are coming out. keep them in your sights. man: sniper one, they, uh, seem to be coming out okay. david: we have nikki and your dad on a videoconference. oh, yeah. just put it up here for me. hey, guys. what do you got? alan: uh, you wanted sewers. i'm giving you sewers. we're sending you a feed now. what are we looking at? you know, actually, your friend, mr. buckley, is right. the sewers run right underneath the building. so, i flagged the sewer lines that are the best candidates for escape. nikki: and the exits all surface in alleyways within a few blocks of the exchange. david: probably have a car stashed nearby. right. i mean, we could definitely cover this. get swat moving now. that's good, dad. thanks. dad? how many eppes guys you got in the fbi? oh, actually, i'm an urban planner. but i do have an fbi file. oh. some circus you're running over here. next, you're going to tell me you have another member of the family who's an astronomer sending you satellite images. he's on sabbatical. charlie: hey, don. we got a location -on the dummy bombs. -all right. good.
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see? i told you-- i know what i'm doing. all right, buckley. well done. they're going to be taking you back in about 20 minutes. -oh, come on. -liz: let's go. oh, tough love. hey. what do you say, two years from now, you and me-- dinner, malibu, le coal keel. what do you think? give me two years to think about it. that wasn't a no. eppes, do me a favor. once you bust maddux, you give him a message. what's that? nobody uses my master plan and gets away with it. not even me. au revoir, mademoiselle. (speaking french) don: marcus, get him out of here. keep an eye on him. it's a shame. guy could have been a ceo if he hadn't become a crook. what's the difference? we're ready, don.
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nikki, you got eyes? three bad guys on the main floor of the exchange with the hostages. your brother... he really doesn't like me. well, it takes him a while to warm up to people. is that what it is? no. i cut the initiator wire. it's not hot. bomb's a dummy. david: rear door's clear. we got a dummy bomb on the side door, too. we're clear. all right. here we go. we're going in. hit it. got orders to escort the prisoner
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-back to terminal island. -oh, no, not now. come on. i've given you so much information. all right, well, it was nice working with you, professor. maybe you'll let me teach one of your classes next time, when i get out. oh, yeah, that'll go over with the trustees. what's up with the mirror? (small explosions booming) -fbi! -fbi! -don't shoot! don't shoot! -don't move! don't shoot. don: got anything on you? huh? it's a rubber gun. it's fake. all right, what's going on? oh, we've been had. all right. take it easy. -let's go. get in the truck. -what? -you drive. -hey! hey, what's going on? -shut up, buckley. -you're coming with us. -hey, take it easy! charlie! -(screams) -(gunshot) buckley: professor! professor! what the hell? (indistinct radio transmission)
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help! help! help! you're going to drive. -get in the driver's seat. -i can't drive! -yeah, drive the truck. -(screaming) come on, drive the truck. (siren wailing) put your foot on the gas and drive. i'm trying! my leg. -faster! -(screams) curtis: welcome back to geico it's savings, on the radio. gecko: and the next caller is doug from chico. doug: oh...hey there hey...! gecko: you sound like a happy man. doug: yeah yeah! i saved so much by insuring my motorcycle and rv with geico, i wrote a song about it. gecko: alright, let's hear it! curtis: yeah jam session! doug: one, two... ♪ (singing) i got my motorcycle ♪ ♪ and my rv now i got more money. ♪
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aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. cymbalta can help. these guys had it all planned out. they didn't stop you from triggering the alarm. yeah, well, i paid the price. yeah, how did maddux's guys trade places with you and your employees? um... before the food arrived, they took us to the men's room on a bathroom break. they gave us rubber guns. told you, if you didn't play along, -they'd blow up the building? -yeah. they were waiting for the food delivery guys and the cop in the vestibule. they'd already stripped off their jumpsuits.
3:32 am
they had matching uniforms on underneath. explains why they were so specific about their choice in takeout. and why they only wanted one police escort. and then, the one dressed like the swat guy tasered all of them. knocked them unconscious. liz: and the guys dressed like delivery men finished making the delivery. david: and then, all three of them walked right out the door like nothing even happened. (sighs) what i don't get is... you know, we had eyes on them from the outside. i mean, we saw them going in. ah, but what you saw was a reflection. they took advantage of the existing architecture, the mirrored glass, and then they made some critical additions. threw in more mirrors. and it made it look like our two bad guys walking in from the side were our two delivery guys heading straight in. and, of course, they covered the switch with a little help from mother nature. i remember the sun kicking off the door when it closed. it took my eyes a couple of seconds to adjust. well, yeah. those are the seconds they used
3:33 am
to pull the switch. misdirection. buckley's lesson number one. david: lapd found the mobile command post abandoned in an alley four blocks away. there were tire tracks, so someone took off in a hurry. all right, so they had a car waiting. also, the exchange ran an inventory. so far, nothing is missing. well, they had to take something, right? -yeah. buckley. -you don't really think he cooked this whole thing up just to escape. pretty elaborate. overengineering is the mathematical terminology. it smells like buckley. i say the guy has played us from the get-go. don, he's been cooperating. he's given us information on maddux, i mean, what they've been up to. if it smells like buckley, it might be because they're using his plan. don, the guy got shot. we found blood and the spent shell. also didn't look like he had a lot of choice driving that command vehicle, either. and all the math i've done indicates his innocence. yeah, and how you figure that? game theory. buckley knows it pretty well. the da offered him two years in prison. there's no way he's going to risk getting caught on an attempted escape, only to serve ten more. -you're still not buying it. -no. i ran the phone logs for the exchange's security contractor. maddux made a series of phone calls to a woman
3:34 am
in the department that handles maintenance for the ip camera system. name's lola sacco. miss morro bay, 2005? i didn't realize that you were a fan of pageants. they promote world peace. it could be that, uh, buckley was right again. you know, maybe we found our inside chick. lola sacco. like to ask you a few questions. is this about stealing office supplies? no. do you recognize him? gil, isn't this your boyfriend? you haven't been using my phone again, have you? i had a fling with the guy. a two-week affair two months ago. nikki: must have been some two weeks. david: you're going to prison. now, how long depends on the answers you give us right now, so i suggest that you give it some careful thought. where's maddux?
3:35 am
-i don't know. -see, i don't think careful thought -went into that one. -i swear, i don't know. look, he wanted to know about the ip cameras. their placement, how they're networked, -how to hack the system. -and you gave it to him. he said he was going to kill me. you don't understand. -he's a scary guy. -nikki: what else? he wanted access to the exchange, off-hours, over a weekend. he told me he was going to install some device inside one of the cameras on the trading room floor. -what kind of device? -i don't know. why the trading room floor? i don't know that, either. you recognize this guy? never seen him before in my life. i'm sorry to hear that. you're prolonging the situation. letting me think that i'm in control when the truth is, i am in control! you still think he's in on it. yeah, i know what the facts say. there's a call for you, line one. -who? -didn't get a name. guy's on a cell, keeps breaking up. all i know is he kept yelling at me,
3:36 am
calling me an idiot and telling me to get eppes. (sighs) buckley, what do you want? how'd you know it was me? unlucky guess. where are you? kind of hard to tell at the moment. wait-wait a second. hold-hold on. (sighs) there, that's better. given that my current location is in the trunk of a speeding car, i can't really see much. it looks like i am somewhere in the valley. look, eppes, i know you think i masterminded this whole thing. -nah. -and while i am very flattered, i had nothing to do with this. i got a situation here now, eppes, and i need your help. well, i need a little convincing. -(thump) -ow! the trunk of a speeding car isn't enough? fine! (groans) look, maddux knew that you were getting tipped off somewhere. he grabbed me, and he made me do the driving.
3:37 am
the guy was holding a gun to my head. what was i supposed to do? well, why aren't you dead? 'cause maddux is the kind of guy that tortured small animals when he was a child. fortunately, he never grew up. you have any idea where you're headed? the airport. i'm afraid that he's going to make a quick stop and drop me in a ditch on the side of the road. (coughing): my leg is killing me. do me a favor, eppes. can you get your brother? maybe he can figure out some kind of equation to help get me out of here. (beeping) -all right, how close? -i got a lock. we're running it through the service provider. i'm glad you're on the job, professor. wait a second. now, this doesn't make sense. the i.d. and location-- it's a call coming from gifford kemp. he's on the 12th tee of the rancho segundo country club. (groaning): oh!
3:38 am
maddux is using a cloned phone. the cheap bastard. this is definitely not my day. what do we do? i mean, i-i designed a-a variant on path minimization that, uh... that maps routes that criminals would take, avoiding law enforcement hot spots like police stations and hospitals. don't forget doughnut shops. yeah, i need you to give me some landmarks. well, it's kind of hard to see out of this rat hole, but (groans) i'll do my best. uh, i see a really berry frozen yogurt. really berry... yeah, there's 47 locations. that's not going to work, buckley. we need something else. great. uh... "relax the spine." i need something that's not a chain. it's the valley. what do you expect? um... oh, wait, wait, wait, wait! here's something. mitzvah treatment center. there's 13 mitzvah treatment centers? -you got to be kidding me. -buckley: uh-oh.
3:39 am
uh, eppes, eppes, i'm having a little problem here. buckley, you're breaking up. yeah, that's my problem. -i'm running low on battery. -(phone chirps) we're down to a four-mile radius. -(groans) -buckley? -eppes... -(phone chirps) look, tell your boys... to look for a car with a white flag. buckley? -eppes, whatever happens, -(phone chirps) i know you and your brother were just trying to do your best. -i know... -(phone chirps) buckley! hey! buckley! give me what you've got. i'm going to put units in the area.
3:40 am
(david sighs) -he's alive. -him, too. maddux's boys. guess he sold them out. all right, we've got buckley's phone. where's buckley? that's a lot of blood. -nikki: it's not theirs. -david: buckley said that maddux would dump him by the side of the road when he was done with him. he's been right about everything else. looks like he called it this time, too. ice breakers frost. a great tasting mint core, frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost.
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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choose. brew. enjoy. david: what happened to buckley? what do you think? maddux took him for a walk down by the river. that's the last i saw of him.
3:43 am
he's funny that way. he likes privacy when he does someone. likes to take his time. all right, where's maddux going now? he stopped sharing his plans around the time he threw me in the trunk. what about your plans before that? we know you guys didn't steal any diamonds from the exchange, so what did you steal? access to their accounts. the $16 million we got from the bus hijacking was wired to the caymans. but interpol put a trace on the money, so we needed to launder it. using the diamond exchange. they do million-dollar transfers every day. money laundering takes time. you were only there for a few hours. we had a computer program to run the transactions already set up. we already had all the account numbers and passwords. how? we had a spy. hey. so, the techs just examined the ip security cameras from the exchange. and maddux's inside guy told us that maddux had implanted a device
3:44 am
in one of the cameras on the trading room floor. here it is. looks like a thumb-drive. attached to a laser reader built into the camera. now, this particular camera had a view of the wire-transfer desk, which is how it recorded all the passwords and account numbers. yeah, but you can't see the screens. with a laser reader, you don't have to, because it doesn't read words on the screen. it reads vibrational pulses emitted by keystrokes as it types. it's like reading braille. in braille, each letter or numeral is represented by a pattern of dots, just like keystrokes on a computer are represented by a pattern of pulses and vibrations. for example, the letter "y" emits a different vibrational pulse than the letter "o," which emits a different vibrational pulse than the letter "u." and by reading the keystrokes, capturing them, it can record whatever information that is typed in-- uh, log-ins, passwords, messages. now, here's the beauty of it. maddux has basically given us the rope to hang him with. okay, how? the laser reader, which he used
3:45 am
to steal all the information, also recorded his money laundering program, all on this thumb-drive. so, you can reconstruct the program, use it to trace the money? straight to maddux. shouldn't take more than a couple hours. (computer trilling) amita: you know, i've been thinking about what buckley said. oh, what, about how i'm... i'm a lucky guy? no, about honeymooning in costa rica. depending on the time of year, lots of rain. so, we'll bring umbrellas. scorpions. they have scorpions down there. they sleep in people's shoes. so, we'll wear sandals. a very long flight. not if we take separate planes. don: hey, anything? amita: we're getting close. what do you think about costa rica? uh, i don't know. i mean, i hear they have a lot of scorpions. ah, looks like we followed the money. -yeah? -oh, wait a second. i don't get it. what? maddux bounced $16 million halfway around the globe, only to have it land back where it started? amita: the exchange. looks like maddux converted the money into diamonds. charlie: no, wait a second. there-there's a pickup scheduled for today,
3:46 am
and there's a consignee whose i.d. is listed on the file. don: yeah, yeah. who's that? it's lola sacco. wasn't she miss morro bay? we've got lola. and we got maddux. -hey. -geez. hand it over. (click) (grunting) i got her. whoa. what'd you do with buckley?
3:47 am
do with him? i didn't do anything with him, except get screwed. at least i put a bullet in his leg. it's a little flourish for effect. buckley's not dead? he suckered you, too. (maddux chuckles) one day on the prison yard, he comes, sits down, starts talking. tells me i can make a score hijacking a bus, laundering the money by busting a diamond exchange. $16 million, foolproof. there was just one catch. he needed to be a part of it. hmm. he knew that you'd go to him for help. that got him out the front gate. so, this taking him down to the river... it was all his idea for show. after he convinced me to double-cross the boys, meet back at the exchange. i knew he'd screw me, so i waited for lola to pick up the diamonds. i figured she could lead me back to him. looks like buckley found his inside chick after all.
3:48 am
obviously, there's been a misunderstanding. he set you up. i don't know what you're talking about. buckley tricked you and maddux into pulling off the diamond exchange job. i'm sure he promised, at the end of the day, you two would be the ones walking off with the money, but you had other ideas. found your flight reservation. one ticket, one-way, to s o paulo. you were going to cut buckley out. except buckley knew that there was no way to make off with 16 million bucks. when the cash was converted into diamonds, there was a one and a half percent transaction fee. $240,000. buckley had it wired into an overseas account, where it disappeared, just like him. right, he said he always looks for an inside chick to take advantage of. yeah, and this time, he picked one that he knew would double-cross him, one he knew he could leave holding the bag.
3:49 am
hotel st. eve. room 301. clear. david: clear. david: don. "dinner for the eppes family, on me. on her
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