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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  May 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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1, 2011, will forever be remembered alongside september 11th in u.s. history. >> this was the day u.s. forces killed the man behind the worst attack on u.s. soil. we'll have more on the story and reaction to the news this morning. but first, angie goff is here with your traffic. anny hong gets us started. she's in for howard bernstein with today's forecast. good morning. >> good morning. a little warmer today compared to yesterday when we only made it in the low 60s. the cloudy start out there on your monday morning on the second day of may. may see some areas of fog as well developing. patchy fog for your monday morning commute. we'll talk about visibility in a moment. but first, a look at your day planner. cloudy for the first part of the day. upper 60s by 1:00. may be breezy around the afternoon hours. we have partly cloudy conditions by 3:00 and 5:00. we'll work up to near mid 70 degrees. live doppler 9000 hd, we picked up some light sprinkles.
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around d.c., it is dry you about cloudy. visibility is all right. frederick, won to half a mile at this hour. martinsburg, 2.5. other locations looking good. no problems here in d.c. cumberland also down to 1.75 miles, that's the visibility. plan ahead. currently, it is 54 in arlington. 55 in d.c. here is a look at the next three days. 74 and breezy becoming partly cloudy. then on tuesday, 80 and warmer. here's angie with your traffic. >> good monday morning, everybody. so glad you could join us early on. what we have for you, nice, clear commute across the viewing area which is why the green light stays on. 95 and bw parkway, everyone moving at speed out of laurel all the way down to the capital beltway. speaking of the outer loop and inner loop in maryland, moving it outside. both loops are moving nice and quiet from route one college park to 270 into virginia. hey, virginia, 66 headed eastbound, we're tracking it from haymarket past manassas,
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no complaints. still have the on-going construction at the 14th street bridge. lose the left center lane. inbound new york avenue through northeast, no problems to report. still ahead, a look at 60 headed westbound in maryland. back to you. the hunt for osama bin laden is over! u.s. forces killed the terror leader in a top secret raid in pakistan. >> president obama made the announcement in a late night address from the white house. joel brown has more. >> reporter: it felt like a victory party. hundreds cheering and chanting outside the white house after getting the news osama bin laden was dead. in a late night address, the president said the american military killed the al-qaeda leader during a raid in pakistan. >> the death of bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation'sert to defeat al-qaeda. >> the cia start getting leads on bin laden in august and late last week pinpointed his
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location, a secure compound in an affluent suburb outside of islamabad. sunday, president obama gave the final lure to attack. >> after a fight, they killed bin laden and took custody of his body. >> u.s. officials say three other men in the compound were killed including one of bin laden's adult sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters carrying about two dozen special operatives. one was forced to make a hard landing after mechanical failure but no one was injured. in fact, no members of the military were harmed during the mission. the manhunt for bin laden lasted nearly a decade since he masterminded the worst terror attacks on september 11th, 2001. former president bush who was in office that day said in a statement no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. u.s. officials are concerned about al-qaeda striking back. the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens. but that's not stopping the celebrating in the u.s.
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>> it is one of the few days you get to rejoice. >> the u.s. says bin laden's body has been handled in accordance with islamic tradition. we have just learned according to u.s. officials that osama bin laden has been buried at sea. of course, due to national security, we do not know where that burial took place. >> as joel brown mentioned, the body was supposed to be buried according to islamic law which calls for a body to be buried within 24 hours. the decision for a sea burial was made because they felt finding a country accepting of his body would be difficult. >> the president issued a statement saying that he congratulated president obama. president bush added...
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the fight against terror goes on, however but tonight, america has sent an unmistakable message. no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. as news of bin laden's death spread, a large crowd gathered in front of the white house. many were celebrating and chanting u.s.a., u.s.a.! and waking american flags and hand-made signs. >> the crowds remain in front of the white house for several hours after the president's announcement. surae chinn joins us live from outside the white house with more on the reaction to the news. surae? >> well, good morning. you know, people wanted a place to celebrate. they wanted this historic moment to go somewhere and they chose in front of the white house. there were spontaneous crowds that formed here. things have since quieted down but most likely, formed back throughout the day. here's what it looked like a couple of hours ago as people heard the news after obama spoke. an enormous crowd gathered in front of the white house after
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president obama announcing the leader of al-qaeda was killed by u.s. forces after the global wide manhunt that had gone cold in recent years, thousands gathered chanting u.s.a., u.s.a., waving their flags in jubilation. one of those in the crowd was proud father of a man who was killed in iraq. >> i'm very proud of our military servicemen out there. i really appreciate that. he's buried in arlington. i miss him every day. >> a lot of people put their lives on the line like my husband and this is one of the greatest days of my life. >> i'm proud to be an american. this is a very historic evening. >> this is a night that will define our generation. >> i'm very happy i'm in d.c. when bin laden is finally caught and killed by the americans. >> folks expressing their emotions. right now, there is a heightened security around the
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white house. i'll send it back to you for now. >> surae chinn reporting live from the white house. the the city department has issued a worldwide travel alert saying there is enhanced potential for anti-american violence given recent counterterrorism activity impact. >> the same warning was issued to every u.s. embassy around the world. back here in our region, the warning is also being issued by local leadership. jessica doyle joins us live from pentagon city. the metro station there, she has more on that side of the story. good morning, jess. >> good morning to both of you. yes, we are at the pentagon city metro station. right now, quiet of course. since it is 4:30 in the morning. this will be a bustling hub of activity in just a short while. commuters coming to work may be going to the pentagon right down the street from where i am right now. of course, one of the sights of the 9-11 attacks. in his speech last night to the american people, president obama said there is no doubt al- qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. he warned the country to be
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extra vigilant in the days ahead. analysts are saying that we could, in the short term, see an upswing of violence from al- qaeda. a show of strength from that organization that it is still a force to be reckoned with. that's why domestically, big city police forces are echoing the words of the president to be extra vigilant. in our area, this morning, here is what you may see. extra security at metro. extra security at hotels. extra security at federal buildings. you should plan for a little extra time this morning as security procedures go into place and you have to work around those issues as you go to work. now, military installations are also going to be having extra security precautions in place and, as you were saying, the state department has put u.s. embassies on alert. it is warning americans abroad of possible reprisals. there is a worldwide travel alert in place today. it says americans living or traveling abroad should limit travel outside of their homes. it warns against gathering in
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large groups and that travel alert says embassies will operate as security allows them to. obviously, there is going to be a lot of june lance, a lot of celebration but there is a darker side, the security concerns we want to remind folks about this morning. with that, i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> jessica doyle reporting live from the pentagon city metro station. >> our live team coverage on the death of september 11th will continue in two minutes. >> we leave you with more of last night's reaction from outside the white house.
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>> on your monday morning, some areas of patchy fog to start out the day. otherwise, cloudy this morning and then becoming partly cloudy by late this afternoon. highs will be near mid-70s. here's angie with your traffic. >> thanks, anny. no problems to report if you're travelling 50 westbound from the bay bridge through -- all the way to the beltway. still ahead, a look around the region coming up in my next traffic report in a few minutes. back to you. thank you, angie. once again, our top story, last night, a small team of u.s. forces killed and captured the body of al-qaeda leader osama bin laden. >> u.s. and pakistani officials say bin laden was holed up in a mansion not far north of the pakistani capital of islamabad. now, here are some other stories making news now. >> libya's foreign minister has apologized to the united
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nations for ransacking its offices in tripoli. mobs angry about reports that one of moammar gadhafi's son had been killed in an air strike and ransacked offices. they damaged a british and italian embassy. >> pope john paul ii has moved a step closer to saint hood. 1.5 million pilgrims crowded st. peters square to attend the beatification mass. it was one of the largest masses in history. >> there will be no space shuttle launch today. nasa officials say the "endeavour" probably won't lift off until after may 8th. engineers need to repair a faulty heater system on the shuttle. >> our live team coverage of the death of osama bin laden will continue in two minutes. >> we have more reactions on outside the white house last night.
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>> we're starting out cloudy with areas of fog this morning. points to our north and west of us will see some fog out there. we'll get those visibilities in just a moment. we're talking about cloudy conditions. it will be milder today. maybe bring out the light jacket to start out this morning because it is cool. here is a look at your bus stop forecast. cloudy conditions out there. and maybe some fog, sprinkles and 60s start out your sunrise is at 6:10 on your monday morning. here's a look at the satellite radar picture. we saw light showers go on through. the ground is saturated. in some areas, we're seeing some fog developing. in fact, here is a look at your visibilities. so, d.c. area, no problems. ederdown to a 3/4 mile, martinsburg around 4 miles. cumberland, 2 miles. maybe leave a little early to give yourself plenty of time to get to work. right now, mid-50s in d.c.
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cooler in frederick at 48 degrees. lower 50s for manassas. luray, good morning to you. you're at 59 degrees at this hour. here is your future cast. you can see the showers well out to the north and west of us. and basically, by 9:00 tonight, really, the far northern and western communities, that's where the ridge will see some showers. tomorrow night, things change. tuesday night and into wednesday morning. we're talking about some rain showers and thunderstorms with that. for today, becoming partly cloudy, breezy and warmer. highs will be near 75, southeast winds at 10 to 15. here is your seven-day outlook. we warm things up a little bit today compared to yesterday's low 60s. tomorrow, a little warmer around 80 degrees. we start out pretty good. tuesday night to wednesday, we're talking about showers and rain and some thunderstorms. much cooler by wednesday. look at that. high of only in the low 60s. here's angie with your traffic. >> thank you, anny. we still have the green light on as we're just 13 minutes
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away from the 5:00 hour. everything checking out nice, clean and green on our roadways. 95 in virginia, things are still moving well. we can head out to the cameras, take you outside. open that door. doing well past lorton all the way up to the mixing bowl. beltway in virginia, trip from the wilson bridge past van dorn. no incidents along the way. a check on the clinton brandywine area, route 4, route 5, all clear out here. the inner loop and outer loop in maryland in this part of the area making that trip from route 4 pennsylvania to crossing the wilson bridge. going to find ur lanes wide open. taking it up a little north, 270 headed southbound, still nice and quiet from germantown road down to the lane divide. still ahead, we're taking a look at 267, the dulles toll road, i'll have that at 4:56. as wve been reporting all morning long, the hunt for osama bin laden is finally over! u.s. forces killed the terror
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leader during a top secret raid in pakistan. >> president obama made the announcement at the white house last night. joining us right now is gary nurenberg. he was on a conference call, you learned detainees had something to do with this. >> fascinating how american intelligence has worked year after year building block after building bloc to make this happen. they have been chasing osama bin laden since before the 9-11 attacks. early on, it began trying to learn as much as possible about the people around him. agents questioned detainees as mike said to build a database and learned of one particular courier that bin laden trusted that had been close to for years but information was hard to come by. it was only four years ago that the courier's name was learned. only two years ago that american intelligence determined the general area where he and his brother did most of their work. zeroing in, they learned this courier and his brother had built a million dollar compound in essentially anise llama bad suburb in 2005. this knowledge surfaced in
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august of last year. this was the compound that was raided. in september of last year, intelligence began to focus on that compound and it just looked weird. few windows facing out 12 to 18 foot walls topped by barbed wire. three stories with a terrace that had a 7 foot high privacy wall. the house was eight typings bigger than other houses in the neighborhood. expensive but no phone or internet service. unlike neighbors, they didn't put their trash out, they burned it instead. it seemed obvious that this was built to hide somebody important. as the information came in, analysis determined that in february, analysts determined there was a sound base to take it further and see if that person being hidden was bin laden. in march, president obama personally began chairing national security council meetings, five of them, look at this and on friday, he gave the go ahead that we're all learning about in the last few hours. >> tell us more about how this raid was accomplished.
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>> remember the raid that jimmy carter ordered to try to get the hostages out, the helicopters went down and it was just a disaster. that almost happened during this raid yesterday. we lost a helicopter. because -- a hard landing as a result of this. but it was destroyed by the american military, not by the people we were fighting with. as for the raid itself, a couple of dozen troops, three choppers, one of those choppers downed, destroyed by american troops, not the folks we're fighting with. an intense fire fight. this lasted for 40 minutes. one of the people in the compound used a woman as a shield to protect themselves against american troops. that woman was killed. >> in this intense fire fight, osama bin laden himself was fighting for his life. it was during that fight that he, himself, was shot in the head. other people, as you know, were killed. members of his family, troops grabbed his body and got out of there within about 40 minutes of this thing beginning. >> we destroyed our own helicopter for security reasons? is that right? >> that's my understanding. it was a hard landing when it
4:52 am
came down. they didn't want it to fall into other hands and we apparently destroyed it before we left. >> there's talk of the pakistani government before this knowing maybe that osama bin laden was there, given what you're telling us about the compound. what was their involvement, if anything, in this raid? what's been the reaction after the raid? >> very good question. president obama last night went out of his way to say he had help from pakistan in making this thing happen. as we listened to analysts overnight, there is question about how much help there really was and how long members in the pakistan military and intelligence communities might have actually known that osama bin laden was there. keep in mind compound built in 2005 don't know how long he's been there. question was where was he between 2001 and 2005? >> it will continue to unfold. i think people are starting to think about the fact of proximity to the capital of islam ma bad, how could they not have known and were they actually aiding him or did they help us. i think that will be clear as we move forward.
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>> i think the american government wants us to know some things about what happened and i think they don't want us to know others. >> it may be best. gary nurenberg, thank you very much. gary was on the conference call. thank you for being with us this morning. before we head to break, we're going to take a break from the hard news of the morning. our question of the morning. >> what do you think is the number one thing american people ask for in american restaurants? add your guess to our facebook page and we'll reveal the answer to the survey in a little bit. we'll be right back. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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>> on your monday morning, some areas of patchy fog developing out there. it will start out cloudy skies this morning and we don't really clear out until late this afternoon. highs will be near mid-70s. here's angie with your traffic. >> thank you very much, anny. right now, we're tracking the trip on 267, the dulles toll road. everything still very nice and quiet from the greenway to the beltway. more virginia roads, i'll have that coming up. andrea and mike, back to you. thank you very much, anny. vigilance is how people are supposed to be advised to react now in the hearing of the death of osama bin laden. as jessica mentioned in her earlier report, police departments in new york city and los angeles say bin laden's death will make them more vigilant. >> the state department has told americans abroad especially in areas prone to anti-u.s. violence, avoid
4:57 am
crowds. and travel. embassies have been put on alert around the world. right now, we want to give you a quick look at what some of the top newspapers around the nation and the world are saying about the story. up first, "the washington post." you can see the headline reads osama bin laden killed, justice has been done. that's the headline you'll see a lot this morning. >> next one is the "los angeles times." again, the statement of fact. osama bin laden is dead. >> as far as "the new york times" is concerned this morning, bin laden is dead. you can see a picture there that has a ticker in the foreground. it is difficult to see maybe on the tv screen but those were all firefighters with new york city firefighters with their backs to the ticker board. you can see it right there. bin laden is dead. >> talking about vigilance, you saw an enormous amount of police and fire rolling in the streets of new york last night. here is another headline we have for you. and this is from the daily news. osama bin laden dead. >> it seems to be short and
4:58 am
sweet. >> to the point. >> getting right to it. >> on newspapers throughout the world. >> this is the times out of london. again, the obvious, osama bin laden dead. now, they're claiming this is a shot of the dead body of osama bin laden and the bullets shot right through the head. >> we have learned that special operations forces are the ones who conducted this raid on a compound. it was about 60 miles north of islamabad. apparently, that's the first picture i've seen so far of osama bin laden's face if that is indeed him according to the times in london there., this is an english newspaper in pakistan, we believe. this is their web site right here. it is very difficult to read the print. it is kind of small. a picture of osama bin laden in the left corner on that one. oh, you can see the ticker there in the top center. a ticker of osama bin laden killed obviously that's english right there. the next and final one i
4:59 am
believe is out of israel. >> osama bin laden killed in pakistan by u.s. forces. those headlines will expand as the day goes on as more information about just how the raid was carried out. we thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. on this very historic momentous morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. if you went to bed early last night, you may not have heard osama bin laden, the founder of al-qaeda was killed in a fire fight with u.s. forces in pakistan. the confrontation happened in a home just about 100 yards from a military academy. >> the state department is advising americans abroad to avoid crowds and travel, especially in areas prone to anti-u.s. violence. we'll have much more on this story throughout the morning. >> we'll check on weather and traffic first. angie will have traffic momentarily. anny is in for howard with your weather first. >> grab a light jacket, cool start out there. um


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