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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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only a slight chance for some sprinkles, generally cloudy skies. we do have areas of fog out there this morning. keep that in mind as you're waking up. we have your visibilities map in a moment. first, cloudy conditions out there. here is a look at your day planner. it will stay cloudy for much of the day until later this afternoon. around 1:00, it will be in the upper 60s. probably this afternoon, may see some breezy conditions. by 3:00, we'll start to seat clouds break up. by 5:00, get to partly cloudy conditions. winds around 12 miles per hour out of the southeast. now, here is a look at your doppler radar. we had some light showers go through the area. we'll see temperatures in the mid-70s. visibilities down to one and a half miles in frederick. martinsburg, 4 miles. other locations including d.c. looking just fine. here is a look at your highs for today around 54 in arlington. 56 in d.c. for today, warming up to the mid-70s in d.c. 80s in manassas. here's angie with your traffic.
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[no audio] >> good morning, everybody. want to let you know that everything is nice, clean and green as you take a lot -- a big, wide picture of the area across the region. we're first going to focus on 395 making the northbound trip. things are moving smoothly. when you get to that 14 the street bridge as we take it outside, drivers are running into the on-going construction taking away the left center lane. more drivers past duke street. as you move it on over to a check on 66, making your trip out of haymarket past manassas, we're finding drivers moving at speed outside, no complaints. approaching inside the beltway. over to our travel times we go on the lop from 95 over to 270, you're looking bat 10 minutes. 95 no problems. d.c. 295 still in the clear.
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mike, andrea, a look at the bw parkway up in our next traffic report. stay with us. >> thank you, angie. the hunt for osama bin laden is over. the world's most wanted terrorist is dead. >> such forces dilled the al- qaeda leader yesterday in a fire fight in pakistan. joel brown has more on the announcement from president obama and the reaction. >> reporter: it felt like a victory party. hundreds cheering and chanting outside the white house after getting the news osama bin laden was dead. in a late night address, the president said the american military killed the al-qaeda leader during a raid in pakistan. >> the death of bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation's effort to defeat al- qaeda. >> the cia started getting leads on bin laden in august and late last week, pinpointed his location. a secure compound in an affluent suburb outside of islamabad. sunday, president obama gave the final order to attack. >> after a fire fight, they
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killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> reporter: u.s. officials say three other men in the compound were killed including one of bin laden's adult sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters swooping in carrying about two dozen special operatives. one of the helicopters was forced to make a hard landing after mechanical failure but no one was injured. in fact, no members of the military were harmed during the mission. the manhunt for bin laden lasted nearly a decade. since he masterminded the worst terror attacks on u.s. soil on september 11th, 2001. former president bush who was in office that day said in a statement no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. u.s. officials are concerned about al-qaeda striking back. the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens. but that's not stopping the celebrating in the u.s. >> it is one of the few days we get to rejoice. you know that justice is a real thing. >> the u.s. said bin laden's body is being handled in accordance with islamic
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tradition. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> the news of bin laden's death spread quickly and in the cities hit by the 9-11 terrorists, people came out to celebrate. >> thousands gathered outside the white house and times square. surae chinn is at the white house this morning with some of the reaction from this momentous occasion. surae, good morning. >> for this historic moment, people gathered here at the white house, hundreds and hundreds, this enormous crowd gathered here and the has spontaneity. president obama announcing the leader of al- qaeda was killed by u.s. forces. after the globalwide manhunt that has gone cold in recent years, thousands came here, gathering, chanting u.s.a.! waving their flags in jubilation. one of those in the crowd was proud father of senior airmen sumner cohen, killed in iraq.
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>> i'm very proud of all of our military servicemen out there. i really appreciate that. this is my boy. he was killed. he's buried at arlington and i love him, i miss him every day. >> a lot of people put their lives on the line like my husband. and look at this. this is one of the greatest days of my life. >> i'm proud to be an american. this is a very historic evening. >> this is a night that will define our generation. no doubt whatsoever. >> i'm very happy i'm attending college if d.c. when osama bin laden is finally caught and killed by the americans. >> reporter: there are just a few people still gathered here in front of the white house. amid intense security around the area. what this all means in u.s. forces in the middle east remains to be seen. for right now, people are celebrating as a victory for justice. back to you. >> surae, as we've heard, both from you and the u.s. government that security is going to be tight. what kind of evidence do you see where you are this morning?
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>> right now, we do see we're a bit far from the actual white house but we see in front of lafayette park, there are still officers around on bicycles and cars going back and forth so that's the intensity at least around the white house but of course, things could change as people hear the news, they might trickle in more spontaneous crowds may erupt. that means more intense security will be around. for right now, there are people going back and forth, officers around here on bikes and cars, vehicles, so forth. mike? >> thank you, surae chinn live outside the white house this morning. the 9-11 attack on the pentagon killed more than 180 people. most of them workers inside the building. >> of course, it is the nerve center for the military operations like the one that killed osama bin laden. 9news now reporter jessica doyle is live at the pentagon city metro station with more. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning to you both. good morning, everybody. of course, we're at the
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pentagon city metro station. this will start to be a bustling spot of activity in just a short time. workers coming to work in this area and of course, right down the street from the pentagon. of course, one of the sites of the 9-11 attacks. when the president spoke to the american people last night, he warned the citizenry to be extra vigilant. he said "there is no doubt al- qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us." he warned the country to be extra vigilant in the days and weeks ahead. analysts are saying there could be an upswing of violence from al-qaeda as a show of force that it is still an operational organization despite losing its head in the death of osama bin laden. now, mayor vincent gray appeared on 9news now with bruce johnson and he urged local residents to heed the warnings of the president. >> i think people just need to be vigilant. they need to pay attention. we'll be on high alert. there will be increased police presence. there will be 100%
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identification checks going into our government buildings. this is not something people are preparing for just now. >> he went on to say that there has been a task force in place for years now that has been working with the local municipalities to work on security forces. we know that. we've been a part of that for years now in the washington area. but we need to tell folks this morning what they should be on alert for. at the metro station, they're likely to see enhanced security at hotels, at federal buildings as well as military installations, there will be extra security precautions in place. now, what that can mean, nuts and bolts for folks today, it might take extra time to get to work this morning. that's something you may want to keep in mind. the state department has put u.s. embassies on alert. it is warning americans of possible reprisals. there is a worldwide travel alert in place. that has americans living or traveling abroad should limit travel outside of their homes. they should avoid large gatherings and in terms of u.s.
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embassies, they'll continue to operate as security permits. and with that, i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> jessica, thank you. we have even more coverage on the death of osama bin laden on our web site at there, you'll find photos taken from the celebration outside the white house and more of the president's statement announcing the death of osama bin laden. >> of course, we'll have more on osama bin laden's death right here all morning long. >> a few other stories making news as well, a big step toward saint hood for pope john paul ii. >> washington sports fans have good reason to be worried about the capitals making it through round two of the playoffs. we'll be right back.
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>> 5:11 on your monday morning. grab a light jacket. a cool start out there. cloudy conditions and some areas of fog. for the rest of today though, it will be cloudy for noon at 66 degrees around lunch type. by 5:00, partly cloudy. highs near mid-70s. right now, 56 degrees outside at reagan national. here's angie with your timesaver traffic. >> thank you, anny. right now, we're traveling down the bw parkway, the drive is all good out of baltimore past 197 down to the beltway. still ahead in our next traffic report, another look around the region. mike, that's coming up at 5:10. >> thank you, angie. making news now at 5:11, the death toll from wednesday night's tornadoes now approaching 350 people. 250 of those deaths happened in alabama alone. where they have prayers taking place on sunday. some of those services happened
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on concrete slabs where the churches used to stand. president obama also signed a federal disaster declaration for parts of tennessee as well. >> a major discovery in the investigation of a 2009 air france crash over the atlantic. investigators have recovered the black box from the flight. it was partially buried in sand on the ocean floor. flight 447 went down in a thunderstorm on its way from rio de janeiro to paris killing all 229 on board. more than a million people packed st. peters square in vatican city yesterday for the beatification of pope john paul ii. six years after his death, a ceremony puts the late pope one step closer to saint hood. >> we'll have more on osama bin laden's death just ahead. also in this hour, we start our countdown to the komen global race for the cure with a special buddy check 9 at 5:56. >> the cats find themselves in an 0-2 hole despite forcing game two to overtime.
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angie has your forecast for the entire week. keep it here. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> anny hong is going to tell us this day is going to start off better than yesterday. belated happy birthday to my baby, andrew. his baby was yesterday.
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>> i think we're going to eventually see warmer conditions today compared to yesterday. we're starting out though cloudy. areas of fog on this monday morning. grab a light jacket. may see some little sprinkles out there toward the west of us. along the ridge and the potomac highlands. here around d.c., cloudy skies right now. here is a look at your bus stop forecast. as the kids are getting up and ready to go to school this morning, expecting cloudy conditions out there. some fog, maybe some sprinkles possible. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. sunrise this morning coming up here at 6:10 on this monday morning. here is a look at the satellite and radar picture combined. we saw some light showers go on through yesterday and last night. which is why in some areas, we're going to see some fog developing. here is a look at the visibilities. d.c., no problems. all clear. but up north in frederick, down to 1 and a half miles, martinsburg four miles. cumberland down to 3/4 of a mile. petersburg, 5 miles. so, again, before hagerstown
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and martinsburg and frederick, you may want to get out the door a little sooner. in case you come across some fog this morning. right now at 56 in downtown. 54 in culpepper. martinsburg, 51 degrees at this hour on this monday. here is a look at your future cast. generally, by afternoon, we'll start to clear out a little bit. not worried about showers or rain for most of today really. tonight, again, we're looking at maybe some cloudy conditions. but the showers staying to the north and west of us near parts of pennsylvania and west virginia. but really tomorrow night, i think things will change as we do see by 6:00, showers coming in. maybe some thunderstorms along with some rain. by also wednesday morning, we could see some showery conditions and stormy conditions once again. monday afternoon, for today, becoming partly cloudy. breezy, warmer. highs near mid-70s. here is a look at your seven- day outlook. not too bad. becoming partly cloudy. then by tuesday, near 80
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degrees. we start out good. tuesday to wednesday, rain, showers, thunderstorms possible. really cool things down by wednesday. lower 60s. thursday, still in the 60s close to 70. friday, we finish off the work week in the lower 70s with a chance for some showers. here's angie with your timesaver traffic. >> thank you very much, anny. the time now, 18 minutes after the 5:00 hour. so glad you could join us early on this monday. we take a wide view of the area. nice, clean and green all over the place. specifically, on the outer loop, 95 over to 270, outside, we're find nothing incidents or accidents along the way. back over to the map, this time, we'll shift our focus to 270. we're watching drivers make that southbound trip out of urbana. all the way down it looks like no significant delays as we track the headlights out this way past father hurley all the way down to the lane divide. we're watching the travel times. virginia's 267, the dulles toll road moving at speed from 674
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to the capital beltway. the inner loop doing just fine as well and the outer loop from van dorn to crossing the wilson bridge, no complaints only about a 7 minute commute. a look at the gw parkway. that's still ahead. mike and andrea, that's coming up at 5:25. >> news of osama bin laden's death came as a shock to many including those who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attacks. here's the reaction of one california man whose pregnant wife died on board flight 93 when it crashed in pennsylvania. >> i'm not an advocate for violence. but i do want to thank those who were vigilant on behalf of lauren and our unborn child and all of those who were lost that day and everyone who has been lost to a terrorist act. it is not just ours, it is global. we need to stop it. >> justice? done? >> to some degree. obviously they took care of the man who ultimately decided that innocent people should die.
5:20 am
i hope -- i know a lot of people say it is a symbolic gesture because he was mitigated to what he could do. in the last ten years. but i hope it is also a symbol of hope that you know, this hatred that caused all of this will diminish and that people will come together. the world is getting smaller. >> we'll bring you more on the death of osama bin laden and a subsequent celebration of the news broke. >> a quick break for some sports headlines and bad news for caps fans. >> before we head to break, another look at our question of the day this morning. >> what is the number one thing people ask for at american restaurants? >> post your guess on our facebook page. we'll have come of your comments and the answer coming up in our next half hour. [ male announcer ] with the most branches and atms
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>> here's a look at your day planner. we're starting cloudy conditions. some areas of patchy fog developing. cloudy through noon. 67 degrees. by 3:00 and 6:00, we'll start to clear out a little bit. partly cloudy by 6:00. highs will be around near mid- 70s. maybe breezy at times. here's andrea and mike. back to you guys. >> thank you, anny. we have a couple of sports
5:24 am
headlines this morning. the caps' hopes for a stanley cup championship are in trouble. >> uh-oh. >> last night's game wasn't a must win but it was close. excuse me. [mike sneezes]. >> at the verizon center, they were lookening to tie the series at 1-1. it went to overtime. vincent scores the game winner. tampa bay leads the series 2-0 now. game three is coming up in tampa. >> nationals hosted the defending world champions giants yesterday. it was a one run game in the eighth. even rodriguez gave the nats some breathing room with this two-run single. washington wins 5-2. final game of the series is tonight at 7:05. >> hewitt will be introduced at george mason's new head basketball coach today. before being fired last month. the pacers said they offered hewitt a five-year deal close to what they offered before. he's making about a million a
5:25 am
year plus a buyout from tech. >> our coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues in our next half hour. >> introducing more of the incredible celebrations that erupted outside the white house. in the early morning hours. quick check of traffic now. angie? >> right now, all is a go on the george washington parkway from the beltway past 123. a look at your district drive. that is still to come in traffic. keep it here. we'll be back at 5:30 with more of your roadways. hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health.
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>> if you're just waking up this monday morning, you may be shocked by this news. osama bin laden is dead! >> he was killed in a fire fight with u.s. forces. american troops raided the al- qaeda leader's fortress-like compound just north of pakistan close to the capital of islamabad and not near the remote caves along the border with afghanistan. >> this morning, u.s. officials say bin laden's remains were
5:29 am
handled in accordance with islamic customs. he was buried at sea. good morning, i'm andrea roane. we'll have much more coverage in just a minute. >> i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. we'll get a quick check of traffic in a moment. anny is in for howard with the weather first. >> grab a light jacket. maybe even an umbrella as we could see some sprinkles out toward the west of us. also seeing some areas of patchy fog this morning. as you're waking up. here is a look at our conditions and our day planner for today. by noon, we'll still be mostly cloudy. highs around mid-60s. by 5:00, getting near mid-70s. i think we'll start to clear out a little bit late this afternoon to partly cloudy conditions and also maybe a little bit breezy at times later today. our visibilities, no problems around d.c. but frederick, you're down to two and a half miles. martinsburg, 4 miles. cumberland, two miles. for this monday morning. maybe get out the door a little early if you can. currently, it is 55 degrees in
5:30 am
arlington. springfield, 56. college park at 54 degrees. on this monday morning, here is a look at your highs for today. warming up today compared to yesterday's low 60s. we'll be near mid-70s for d.c. 80 in manassas. culpepper, 82 degrees. as we head up north around 77 for martinsburg and 74 degrees in hagerstown. here is a look at your next three days. a little breezy today becoming partly cloudy by this afternoon. then tuesday, partly cloudy, warmer at 80 degrees. but tuesday night into wednesday, i'm looking at possibly some stormy conditions. showers, rain, thunderstorms and boy, look at tuesday to wednesday. we cool down by wednesday into the lower 60s. here's timesaver traffic with angie. >> halfway through the 5:00 hour, thank you very much, anny. thank you for joining us so early on this monday morning. things checking out really nice and green out there telling us drivers are moving at speed. we want to take you inside the district and open the door, move you outside and show you how things are shaping up out
5:31 am
in southeast. we're live from m street and south capital street. capital out there in the offing. everything clear out here as evident through our live shot. in northwest d.c. using connecticut, no problems. as you make your way near this point at florida avenue, d.c. 295 drivers headed northbound. it looks like you have a nice and quiet commute up toward the bridge. also, we're checking on your trains, metro, vre, marc, all lines are running on-time. still ahead, we're taking a look at the beltway in virginia. that's coming up in my next traffic report at 5:39. andrea and mike, back to you. thank you, angie. the hunt for osama bin laden is over! he is dead. >> the al-qaeda leader was killed during a top secret raid in pakistan. u.s. forces conducted that raid and killed bin laden during a fire fight on what they described as a heavily fortified compound designed to hide someone. bin laden had been wanted since the 1998 attacks on u.s. embassies in africa and sought
5:32 am
by nato forces since 2001. >> the death of bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation'sert to defeat al-qaeda. after a fire fight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> three others inside the compound were also killed including one of bin laden's adult sons. one of the u.s. helicopters involved in the mission went down with a mechanical problem but no american troops were killed. as we know, the pentagon was hit on 9-11, flight 93 was said to be headed for washington before passengers on board took it down in a field in pennsylvania. >> defense department workers are headed in this morning knowing their troops have killed al-qaeda's leaders. 9news now reporter jessica doyle is at the pentagon city metro station with more. good morning, jess. >> good morning to you both. good morning, everybody. obviously the nation excited, jubilant about the death of osama bin laden. we've seen that on the faces and the voices of commuters coming here through the
5:33 am
pentagon city metro station. washington. waking up possibly going to sleep last night to the exciting news for the country which really turned a mental milestone for folks but they're still cautious. we just spoke to one gentleman who talked about how excited he was but at the same time, he is concerned about his own safety. he says he will be extra vigilant. he's never stopped being vigilant after the 9-11 attacks. the president in his speech last night said there is no doubt al-qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. he is warning the american people to be extra vigilant. mayor vincent gray appeared on channel 9 last night with our own bruce johnson. he explained what kind of security procedures folks will likely see in the coming days. >> there will be increased police presence and additional checks and buildings but i don't think there will be anything truly remarkably different than what folks would normally see. >> the district mayor talked about the work, the tireless work that has gone into security plans in place to keep
5:34 am
residents safe. >> there is a terrorism task force that we've been participating in weekly for years. so, now that the sieges that have been worked on and put in place will become effective as of tomorrow. >> now, tomorrow, of course being today since the mayor spoke with bruce johnson last night. i want to give you a sense of what you may see today as you head to work. you may see enhanced security at the metro. at hotels, at federal buildings. at military installations. if you have to go through security clearance to get to your job, expect a little extra time this morning to be put in place to go through the security checks. we also want to tell you that the state department has put u.s. embassies on alert warning americans abroad of possible reprisals. it is saying americans living or traveling abroad should limit their travel outside of their homes and avoid large gatherings. this is part of a worldwide travel alert. the state department also saying embassy operations will
5:35 am
stay as normal as security allows in the situation but of course, the word we're hearing from big city police forces from the d.c. mayor, from the president to be extra vigilant just in case of the possibility of reprisals. and with that, i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> jessica, thank you. one of the most recent casualties in afghanistan is marine sergeant sean callahan of warrenton, virginia. >> he will be buried later this morning at arlington national cemetery. last night at the white house, the father of a soldier who died from his wounds in iraq came up from woodbridge with his son's photo. >> i'm very proud of all of our military servicemen out there and i really appreciate that and this is for my boy. cohen. he's buried at arlington and i love him and i miss him every day. this is what we've been looking for. this is what i fought for and my son took up the fight after me. >> the late night announcement of osama bin laden's death led
5:36 am
to a huge spontaneous celebration outside the white house. >> our surae chinn is there with more and some of the people who came out to be a part of this historic moment. surae, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. celebrations have been happening across the globe and right here in front of the white house. it has quieted down substantially but they were celebrating as a victory for justice. but people cautioned that this will not end terrorist attacks but for the moment, they were able to celebrate as the president announced jubilation. >> u.s.a., u.s.a.! >> reporter: cheering, chanting, flags waving for the historic moment. people had a chance to express their emotions outside ten years after a globalwide manhunt, the president announces a mastermind behind 9- 11 terror attacks has been killed. immediately following a late night announcement from the president, the patriotism trickled and flowed and grew in front of the white house. all sorts of people, young and
5:37 am
old expressed their joy at the news. >> we're over here celebrating with our cia who got them. god bless america. >> this is a big victory, man. this is symbolic. >> proud of our president, proud of our armed forces for going in there. a national moment of pride. >> the spontaneous celebrations will continue. reactions will continue to flow as people digest exactly what this means on the war against terrorism. mike, andrea? >> all right, surae chinn reporting live outside the white house. we have even more coverage of the death of osama bin laden on our web site at >> there, you'll find photos taken from the celebration outside the white house as well as more of president obama's statement announcing the death of al-qaeda's leader. >> we have other stories making news this morning. coming up, problems at a local 911 dispatch center. >> plus, how long repairs to
5:38 am
the shuttle "endeavour" could take before its final mission into space.
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5:40 am
>> some areas of light rain, drizzle developing. here in d.c., it is cloudy conditions. here is a look at your day planner for today. we're expecting partly cloudy conditions by 5:00 p.m. but for the most part, most of the day will be cloudy right now, 56 degrees outside. here is a look at live doppler 9000 hd. we can see some light drizzle, some light rain out toward the west. we do have little chance for showers this morning. very light in nature. here is angie with your traffic. >> thank you, angie. >> we're checking the capital beltway in virginia watching the volume build around the braddock road exit. more of your virginia roads is ahead in the next traffic report. >> a temporary 911 call center in alexandria will remain in
5:41 am
operation for at least another 20 minutes. the city's normal 911 call center was evacuated due to fumes in the city's public safety building. firefighters say the fumes were coming from a contractor applying a chemical sealant to a locker room floor. some workers suffered minor headaches but none required medical assistance. the normal 911 call center should be back up and running by 6:00 a.m. d.c. council chairman kwame brown will be questioned by investigators in the city's office of campaign finance. brown's position will focus on money he used and raised during his 2008 re-election campaign. his deposition is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning in the office of frederick cook who has been hired as brown's lawyer. the auditor of brown's campaign which found widespread irregularities and finances is what led to the investigation. >> we'll have details on our chances for rain this week coming up in the full forecast. >> plus, one expert shares her views on why osama bin laden was able to hide for well over
5:42 am
a decade.
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welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45. monday, may 2nd. anny hong is in for howard. dreary day. cold, damp day yesterday. >> it was. yeah. things are going to start changing this afternoon but still for this morning, we're now seeing some areas of light rain developing, more of a drizzle out toward the west of d.c. not all of it is hitting the ground. here is a look at your bus stop forecast. the kids are going to school on this monday morning. you can expect cloudy conditions. maybe some fog, sprinkles are possible. 50s and 60s this morning. is your sunrise at 6:10 this morning. here is a look at live doppler 9000 hd. you do see the green. this is all really light stuff in nature. not all of it hitting the ground. maybe around winchester, front
5:46 am
royal, warrenton, light drizzle around d.c. right now, in the beltway, it is dry. cloudy out there. so, little chance for some sprinkles as well this morning. visibilities, we are talking about areas of patchy fog this morning. it is improving. frederick, you're now at 3 miles. martinsburg, 4. cumberland, two and a half. around d.c., it is clear. as far as the visibility is concerned. no problems with fog for you. currently, it is 56 degrees in d.c. annapolis, you're at 59 degrees at this hour. fredericksburg, 56. martinsburg in the lower 50s. same thing for hagerstown. here is a look at your future cast. we put this into motion. by afternoon, we'll start to break up the clouds a little bit. sun should be filtering through. generally, the showers are staying to the north and west of us up toward pennsylvania border. by 9:00 tonight. but then i think tomorrow, we'll start to see the changes come through. really tuesday night into wednesday. here you go. tuesday, at 6:00, we'll see the showers coming through.
5:47 am
maybe even some thunderstorms with that as well. tuesday night overnight, wet into wednesday morning as well. i think tuesday night's commute could be wet. same as wednesday morning. for today, we'll become partly cloudy this afternoon. maybe breezy at times and warmer. highs near 75 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. our sunset tonight, 8:01 this evening. here is a look at your next three days. so, a little milder today. and breezy at times. you can see a little drizzle this morning. otherwise, we'll become partly cloudy. highs near mid-70s. tuesday, we're warming up to the lower 80s. we start out pretty good but then tuesday night into wednesday, i think we could see some showers, rain and some thunderstorms. look at tuesday to wednesday, the cold front impacting us by wednesday in the lower 60s. we should be low 70s for this time of year. here is a look at your seven- day forecast. so, we cool down wednesday. we stay cool thursday. close to 70 on thursday. upper 60s. we'll be dry.
5:48 am
mostly sunny conditions. on friday, partly cloudy. high around 72. but friday to saturday, we do see some clouds coming in. a slight chance for some sprinkles and showers. saturday around mid-70s and partly cloudy. sunday, lower 70s. mostly cloudy conditions. here is a look at your traffic with angie. >> all right, i appreciate it, anny. hello, everybody. we're just 12 minutes away from the 6:00 hour, the green light stays on. that's because we have no major incidents or accidents to tell you about. take a look at our wide-screen, a lot of green all over the area. notice the red, the yellow here on 95 making the northbound trip. moving it outside, it looks like we're starting to slow down just a bit. more volume building between the prince william parkway over to 123. we go back to our real time graphics, a lot of green cars out this way. we're watching things slow down just a bit as drivers approach route 50. no incidents along the way. we're tracking your travel times, good morning, maryland.
5:49 am
from 95 over to 270, we're still in the green on the clap tal beltway. d.c -- maryland is 95 from 216 down to the beltway looking fine heading southbound and it looks like your inner loop from route 4 over to the wilson bridge only about 9 minutes. still ahead in our next traffic report, more maryland roadways for you. andrea and mike, back to you. thank you, angie. back to more on our top story, the death of osama bin laden. >> just before midnight, president obama announced the leader of al-qaeda had been killed. a team of americans carried out the attack in pakistan and recovered bin laden's remains. cbs chief foreign affairs correspondent lara logan spoke with bin laden's willingness to sacrifice in order to stay hidden. >> where he came from in yemen is that it really, for him to live with absolutely nothing and stay low and not have any communication around him, not
5:50 am
do anything that could compromise him in any way was -- you know, it was part of the fiber of his being. it was everything to him. and he was prepared to enjoy any kind -- endure any kind of hardship to stay hidden. >> logan added people living in the tribal border areas of afghanistan did not believe the reward for bin laden was real. so, they saw no advantage in giving him up. >> making news now at 5:50, just like here outside the white house, people heard the news in new york city flocked to times square. crowds quickly filled the streets, many people waving american flags. more than 2700 people died in the 9-11 attacks on the world trade center. there is growing tension in tripoli, libya now where british and italian embassies have been attacked. no one was inside the buildings at the time but supporters of moammar gadhafi are upset over the death of his son and grandson. the opponents say the government made up the story to
5:51 am
garner sympathy. >> there will be to space shuttle launch today and probably not until next week. engineers need to repair a faulty heater system on the shuttle "endeavour." the astronauts and their families have been released to go home until those repairs are finished. we're counting down to the august unveiling of the martin luther king memorial. >> as we honor his monumental life, we're hearing from many who heeded king's call. >> backwoods, an african- american male, that would have been craziness and would have gotten us both killed, probably him first and me second. >> a civil rights activist talked about her fears in the dangers for a white woman working in the deep south. tonight, we'll look at the female freedom riders who put themselves at risk. that's in our monumental series on 9news now at 7:00. before we head to break, let's take another look at the question of the day. >> what is the number one thing people ask for at american
5:52 am
restaurants? is it a, water, b, napkins or c, utensils. >> here is a look at some of the responses you posted on our facebook page. >> joan said i'm always asking for water. >> paulette wrote napkins with children i always request extra napkins and paulette is correct. the answer is b, napkins. thank you for participating. >> yeah. >> she's dedicated her life to serving the catholic church. >> a local nun is also sharing her story of breast cancer survival. we'll meet her coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
bree: sis, help me create my oasis.
5:55 am
marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. good morning. time now, 5:55 on your monday morning. here's a look at your day planner for ford. cloudy conditions out there. cloudy through noon. partly cloudy by 5:00. highs near mid-70s. we do see some rain out there. not all of this hitting the ground but we do see some light drizzle, maybe around interstate 66 heading into the beltway. and probably around winchester maybe seeing some light rain developing as well. charlestown, some light rain. really light stuff. most should be out though by late this morning. here is a look at your traffic
5:56 am
with angie. back to the anchors. hey, guys. >> thank you, anny. as we count down for the komen global race for the cure, there is a new study that finds that breast cancer patients who have a strong social support system in the first year after diagnosis are less likely to die from cancer or have a recurrence. >> ann patrick would say amen to that! she credits her sisters and faith in god for making a difference in her survival. but some studies suggest her chosen profession may have put her at greater risk for breast cancer. >> that's my -- my family is wonderful support. >> when ann patrick talked about her sisters, she means the five other patrick girls but she also means these women, her faith sisters of the holy names of jesus and mary. >> i entered the religious life in 1958 after high school and i professed my first vows in august of 1960 when i was 19 years old. >> last year in front of her patrick family and sisters from
5:57 am
her community, ann celebrated her golden jubilee as a nun. >> when someone is celebrating 50 years of an anniversary, you can only be happy that you're together and still alive. >> the william h. laird professor of religion, ann patrick. >> ann, a theologian and retired professor of minnesota didn't expect to be alive to see the day after a shocking stage four breast cancer diagnosis in 2002. >> there were never any breast symptoms. i had had a dozen years of mammograms without any callbacks. >> regular self-checks never detected a lump in the breast because it was under her arm and she didn't know to check there. there were no known risk factors for breast cancer. but sister ann did question whether being childless played a role. >> it used to be said at age 30 or not having a pregnancy increases one's risk. >> but a more likely factor is that center ann was on hormone
5:58 am
replacement therapy into number of years. >> most of the studies that have looked at ten years and more of continuous use of hormone replacement therapy have been associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. >> though she'll be on chemo for the rest of her life, she credits medical research with keeping her alive and able to fulfill her gospel mission as a theologian, author and educator. >> it is a wonderful feeling to be given the medical support to allow me to continue to do some of the work that i love to do. her latest book is called women conscience and the creative process. she's makening an impact. it is your turn to make an inpact in the fight against breast cancer. join the komen race for the cure. to join buddy check, click on features then buddy check at at the top of the hour, we want to get you up to speed on
5:59 am
the breaking news we've been following all night. if you haven't heard, terrorist osama bin laden is dead. >> president obama told the nation just before midnight last night. he said u.s. intelligence was tipped off and the president made the call to take out bin laden in pakistan. >> no americans were hurt. we have been told that bin laden's body was handled in accordance with islamic tradition and has already been buried at sea. >> this morning, the state department is telling our embassies overseas to be on alert. if concerned, there could be revenge attacks from al-qaeda. >> we'll get back to the breaking story in just a moment. >> angie goff will be with us in a moment with your timesaver traffic but we begin 9news now at 6:00 a.m. with your weather first. anny hong is here fo


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