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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 3, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: talked too long. got go. good night, everybody. good night.
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. we know bin laden is gone, but are we safe? what happens to al qaeda now and what are the threats? >> bin laden learned hiding in plain sight is good until you get caught. >> plus how did we do it?
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inside the mission that brought america's greatest threat down. >> president obama will be at ground zero on thursday to mark the death of osama bin laden and to honor the three thousand killed in the attack that osama bin laden set in motion almost ten years ago. >> tonight pakistani officials say they welcome the killing of the mastermind behind the september 11th attacks. the military buried bin laden's body at sea. the family in saudia arabia wanted nothing to do with him. right now americans abroad are being warned about threats from supporters. >> there was a lot of disagreement in the room before the president insisted that the assault goes forward. andrea mccarren has been monitoring the latest develops. andrea. >> reporter: derek and anita, for years osama bin laden had
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been believed to be hiding out in a cave. but they found him in a million dollar compound in a town full of pakistani soldiers. on a moonless night, blackhawk helicopters brought the special operations team. when the navy seals trained for this mission, they were not told who the target was. precision was critical. >> this is why they practice and practice and practice and train and train and train so they know what to do. >> reporter: as the helicopter hovered over the compound, two dozen seals went into action. as the 40-minute raid transpired, the tension was obvious in the white house situation room where president obama and other high ranking government officials monitored its progress. >> usually they use something called a stun grenade so they can create disorientation. they come in and know exactly where to point the weapons and each person has a certain segment of the room they're responsible for. >> reporter: bin laden's
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security detail was no match for the navy seals. >> it sounds like there was fairly minimal security. it was that notion of hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: bin laden was shot two times. once in the head, once in the chest. >> i would love to tell you he knew what was going on. the reality is it will be shock and disbelief and then it's over. >> reporter: five people were killed in the compound, including one of bin laden's sons. there were no american casualties. we're live in the satellite center, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> so he is finally gone. but in this new world without him, where and what are the biggest threats now? gary nurenberg reports it is not a short list. >> reporter: don't be complacent because the fbi's most wanted list has a red banner deceased under bin laden's picture. >> i think al qaeda still is a potent threat to the u.s.. >> we're going to look for the number two of al qaeda. he has been with bin laden for years. he's a dangerous guy. i don't know how much operational control he has, but
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he's a threat. and we're looking after him. >> reporter: but he will likely be challenged from within. >> and those various factions fighting to dominate the terror organization are likely to carry out reprise ales and attacks against -- reprise alz and attacks against americans. >> reporter: 40 responsible for the failed underwear attack in 2009 and the last year's plot hiding explosives in printers. >> it used to be based here in north virginia. it has a lot of followers on the internet. >> reporter: the internet, sites are promising reprisals. >> al qaeda has become much more effective at cyber terrorism. >> reporter: but the images of the american raid may inspire non-organized reprisal. >> we are of great danger of lone wolf attack and they may be reacting in a very visceral way to the reports of bin laden's
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death. and they could occur anywhere. >> reporter: targets? organized or not. >> that can mean u.s. military bases. it can also mean u.s. embassies. it can mean companies like coca-cola and mcdonald's. but the real threat is not to american's lives but to the pocket books and wallets and that's because of oil prices. that is the particularly weak. >> reporter: the likelihood of retribution? h , i think it's pretty high. i think somebody will try to do something. whether they'll be successful or not remains to be seen. but i really don't think so. >> reporter: well, we've been a little al qaeda centric here given the death of bin laden. but there are other real threats out there. the deadly mumba attacks in 2008 has shown to strike unexpected. look for vulnerability and strike. >> let's look at them.
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what are our vulnerabilities? >> reporter: amend it a little bit. take vulnerabilities and then add what can lead to the greatest impact. the oil facilities are not as well protected as they might be. strike there and you can cripple an oil dependent western economy and make $4 gasoline look like a part of history. >> a dreadful plot in deed. meanwhile security has been beefed up. tonight some capitol police officers are patrolsling with automatic weapons. we spoke to the chief to find out what else can be done to increase safety around the district. >> and this fight is not just police and intelligence and the military. we really need our community to step up their game and report anything they see out of the ordinary. >> we can also tell you dc's metro system says it's beefing up its police presence until further notice. that goes for the buses and the rails. metro is asking passengers to
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report anything suspicious, any packages left unattended. but the chief says this is a precautionary measure, not a response to any specific threat at all. we also checked in with our local airports to see if there were any signs of heightened security levels. lines were short. a spokesperson at dwi tells us security is being increased but not in a way that should significantly impact most travelers. well, the death of bin laden dominated newspapers worldwide. justice has been done. and take a look at the baltimore sun. bin laden is dead. at the museum, front pages from california to connecticut all echoing the same stunning words. the new york daily news put the words rot in hell. while the philadelphia print followed that saying we got the [ bleep ] .
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a special afternoon edition on the death of bin laden. arlington firefighters were the first on the scene almost ten years ago right after that airliner slammed into the pentagon. and many of them say they will never forget that horrific crash scene. we spoke to some of them and got their reaction to bin laden's death. >> justice was served on behalf of the american people. and while it doesn't bring an end to anybody's grief and it will never bring back all of the friends and family members, it's got to be a little piece of relief. >> 184 people died that day at the pentagon. [ cheering ] >> usa. who could forget this scene. thousands of people gathered at the white house in a spontaneous celebration. tonight we went back to the streets to find out how people are feeling. delia gongalves is there to see the feeling there tonight.
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>> reporter: even thousand the crowds may have thinned out, the streets are now quiet. i have to tell you the pride and excitement you can imagine still exists throughout the city. especially for some service members that we spoke to earlier tonight who were honored here at the ballpark. a few things seem more american than baseball. >> ♪ oh, say can you see ♪ >> reporter: and at tonight's national's game ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ >> reporter: a very special mention. >> it brought a sense of closure a little bit to the country and, yes, it's really special to be here tonight. >> reporter: the current and retired service members not only got a free ticket to military night at the stadium but a seat of honor at the celebration. one that is more meaningful this day after. >> i was very happy. that's our goal for the last ten
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years. i think all of us owe a huge debt to the intelligence teams and special forces guys who actually performed that operation successfully. >> reporter: navy lieutenant mike hanzel says the capture and killing sends an important message to the world. >> it shows we don't quit. and that's a great message, especially when you're fighting a war on terror that kind of can extend for a long time. we've won one battle. the war is still going on. so it's good to be able to celebrate a victory. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> you still have to understand it's not over. . >> reporter: pretty emotional night inside te ballpark and it was a win for the nationals as well. we heard that sentiment that the last soldier was mentioning.
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throughout the whole day, even civilians say while we should celebrate the achievement that was made yesterday, we should also know that the war is not over. and there is still a lot of work to do. anita. >> delia gongalves, thank you. bruce went to the center in dc hoping to get reaction there. >> reporter: can you talk to me about osama bin laden? what is the reaction? >> nothing to say. >> reporter: just tell me the reaction. >> no comment. >> reporter: a lot of muslim americans feel they have been unfairly targeted since the september 11th attacks. they're not sure if the killing of bin laden will change that. still ahead, new york reacts to the death of osama bin laden. we'll take you to ground zero where emotions ran deep. plus, from twit er to facebook, news of bin laden's death skyrocketed around the globe thanks to social media.
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that's coming up. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. pretty warm outside right now. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather. now, upper 50s, upper 60s by 5:00 with a few clouds. and then turning partly cloudy by 7:00 and 9:00. it's going to be in the 60s and 70s by 9:00. we're talking about a warm day ahead and we'll come back and let you know if hey resolve stain busters.
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the death of bin laden has drawn mixed reaction from around the world. u.s. allies are applauding the news. here are the prime minister of britain and australia. >> i would like to congratulate the u.s. forces who carried out this brave action. >> i welcome the death of osama bin laden. i welcome this news. >> israel's prime minister called it a historic day. in yemen, the death of osama bin laden actually sent some muslims out to dance in the streets. others, however, denounsed his killings and say it will only
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strength kren thoseen those that support him. the mood has been somber at new york's ground zero. people who lost love loved ones on 9/11 say osama bin laden's death will not ease their pain. >> it's a victory for the rest of the world. but for us it's personal. >> there is no closure. my son was killed. he was murdered by evil. and he's never coming home. >> and as we reported earlier, president obama plans to visit ground zero this thursday to honor the victims of 9/11. facebook and twitter played a role in spreading the world even before president obama spoke to the nation, people reportedly posted more than 5,000 tweets about it. and it drew thousands of people to the white house last night upon the news of his death. >> i don't think before things like twitter and facebook you
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would have gotten 5,000 people to the same place so instantly. meantime over in pakistan, one of the neighborings tweeted about the raid as it was going on. a 32-year-old computer programmer tweeted "a huge window shaking in abbotabad. i hope it's not something nasty". let's start with the search for osama bin laden. 20% of americans knew someone hurt or killed at the world trade center. 26, the number of days after the attack that the u.s. started bombing afghanistan. 1,566, the number of u.s. military deaths in afghanistan and pakistan since the beginning of operation enduring freedom. and 116 months between the freedom and the death of the
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mastermind. a young man who allegedly attacked a guard while breaking out of a detention facility. the police arrested that teenager this afternoon. the breakout took place two weeks ago at the facility known as new beginnings. and an update now on a ishl --. and an update now on a terrible car accident. a south carolina man died in the crash. a bmw lost control and crashed into an suv. it caused it to flip over several times and the driver inside died at the scene. the driver of the bmw was not hurt. charges are pending. and a new report says there were more tornadoes in a single day last week than any other day ever in this country. government analysts say there were 362 tornadoes during last week's outbreak, including a record setting 312 of them all
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in one 24-hour period. they say 340 people died in those storms across seven states. well, it looks like space shuttle endeavour will have to wait another week to lift off. managers met today and decided they need more time to replace and test. endeavor will not launch before next tuesday, may 10th. the commander hopes his wife gabrielle giffords will be able to return to watch him take off. the arizona congressman, of course, has been at a houston rehab hospital after getting shot in the head during an attack on her in tucson back in january. >> wow. let's go back to the tornadoes for a minute. >> all right. >> because those numbers are staggering. >> they are. >> and if you go to the website and look at my blog, i put things in historical perspective. those are preliminary numbers. they'll probably be lowered. as far as we're concerned, we is
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do have another cold front approaching tomorrow. we have some clouds tonight but it was a pretty nice night. we had a couple of showers up near hagerstown. now we're watching all of the showers and a few thunderstorms out to the west in the ohio valley and back into kentucky and tennessee. and this is the leading edge what we have to look out for tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. we're going to have a milder start on tuesday. no doubt about that. and a warmer finish. we're looking at mid 80s. now, thunderstorms are possible late. particularly in the late afternoon and early evening hours west of i81. in fact, west of hagerstown they could be severe. much cooler on wednesday with morning rain. prepare for a wet commute on wednesday morning and we're going to lose about 20 degrees in terms of temperatures between tuesday and wednesday. kind of a shock. now, tomorrow morning 6:15, just a few clouds to the north. plenty of sunshine. so grab the shades. especially if you're eastbound on 66 coming into town. by lunch time, lots of sunshine. we see a few showers and
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thunderstorms just forming well to the northwest of garrett county, and they will drop down to the south and east. in fact, by 7:00, this is what we mean. this is the best chance for severe weather tomorrow in cumberland and back into the panhandle of west virginia as well. i think if you're home by 6:00 or 7:00 in the immediate metro area, you'll make two home before the showers roll in. then everybody gets some showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. you run the risk of a thunderstorm until about midnight tomorrow and then stable air rolls in. then we're just looking at rain. and i thought i would stop it here at 7:45. still some rain. that, my friends, is snow again out in garrett county. that gives you an idea how cold it's going to get behind this system and how we're going to lose 20 degrees in a mere span of 20 hours. tomorrow night 56-64. and winds southwesterly at 10-15. now, by morning, partly cloudy, breezy, milder. grab your shades. 50s and 60s to start. but temps will warm up very, very quickly by noon and winds continue southwesterly at 10-15.
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by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and warmer. thunderstorms are possible. primarily around evening time. and, of course, earlier west. high temperatures low 80s. and winds still are southwesterly at 10-15. look at the highs on tuesday. everybody should make 80s. in fact, springfield and arlington it looks like 82. 82, 83 downtown. low 80s in college park and bowie. 82 in waldorf. even out west, fairfax and reston and sterling, low 80s. even middleburg should make 80s tomorrow. we'll break down tomorrow for you. 50s and 60s to start. 70s by noon. very warm by noon actually. upper 70s and low 80s by evening. some thunderstorms possible. but by 5:00, we think west of i81. next three days, there is your morning rain on wednesday. oh, boy. only 60 degrees. we lose 23 degrees. 65 and dry on thursday. next seven days, friday we're still kind of cool. maybe a shower late. 68. and then temperatures rebound a little bit over the weekend.
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we're in the 70s saturday and for mother's day showers possible late saturday. not a washout. and showers possible early sunday. not a washout either. upper 70s by next monday. >> big changes. >> yes. >> big change. so this is just a very odd coincidence out at nats park today. >> military appreciation night. the nats haven't always had great timing. today they had great timing. the defense department showed up in more ways than one. the nats host the military and put on their own show against the giants. plus the caps take off for tampa. and why this bruins player is taking a nap o
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> don't believe me, check that magnetic schedule on your refrigerator. tonight was always going to be
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military appreciation at nationals park. it is especially poignant giving last night's events in pakistan. all branches of the military #re7ed. thousands of tick -- represented. thousands of tickets to service members and their families. eight shutout innings. three hits. struck out four guys. not bad for a number five starter, hay? this was all the nats needed. 7th inning michael morris up the middle. desmond gets the save and the nats win 2-0. they are back to 500. on the south side of chicago is visiting the white sox. that is paul konerko in the 4th and in the 8th. that last one was a 2-run blast. his 7th and 8th of the season. sox takes the birds 6-2. so the only thing worse than losing the first two games of a playoff series is losing the first two games of a playoffs series at home. that is the hole the caps have dug themselves. but there is a way out.
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and we know there is a way out because the caps found it just two years ago. they did this exact same thing in the first round against the new york rangers losing games one and two at home and then proceeding to win four out of the next five to take the series. that job starts again for them tomorrow in tampa. >> we have the confidence to do it. there's not a guy in the room that, you know, doesn't feel like that. we have been through something along these lines during the season. it's just another challenge for our team and we're going to respond tomorrow. >> live coverage from tampa. here at home we're six weeks away from the u.s. open. they unveiled the course to the media today. 7500 yards of sheer terror. defending opener graham mcdowell was there today. he was the first european to win since 1970. and apparently he's been walking around with the trophy for the
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last 12 months. all jim laradig did was take them to the national player. so how do you replace a guy like that? well, with this guy. former georgia tech coach paul hewitt was introduced today. he spent 11 seasons with the yellow jackets. he believed anything less here would be selling mason short. >> at some point whether it's next year, five years, 8 years from now, i would like to see george mason back in the final fourment it's just one of the -- four. it's just one of the goals i have and i think we can do it from here. >> time to pick our game of the week. the montgomery county grudge match between whitman and johnson. also baseball looking for its 19th straight district title. vote right now at finally, you may wonder why the bruins is taking a nap on the


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