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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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cloud cover. currently, 63 in downtown. 57 in manassas. 61 in leesburg. 60 in hagerstown. i don't think you need a jacket outside. feels really good. here is a look at the satellite and radar picture, for the day, we'll be just fine. out toward the west, we have a cold front coming through. showers and storminess but not until later tonight. here is a look at the next three days, breezy, 83 for today. showers coming in tonight through wednesday morning. boy, do we cool down on wednesday. highs around 59 to 60 degrees. here is monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're starting off with a green light. that's because we're good to go around the area. we'll take a look at the beltway. if you're planning to head around town on the beltway and over on to 66, no problems on the inbound side. from route 234, here we go. we're zooming into 66. we'll take a live look. no problems as you head in from manassas right here as you head in through the fairfax area over to the beltway, 395 and 66
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are incident free. we'll go back to the beltway and zoom into 395 and take a live look into the landmark area. no issues or delays right now. a nice ride up to the 14th street bridge with your lanes open. long-standing construction at the bridge span in the left center lane. now, a look at your travel times. heading on the beltway from 95 to 270, 10 minute drive. no problems right now. 95 in from 216, 10 minutes to the beltway. 495, only 9 minutes, we'll take a look at the gw parkway at 6:12. >> the top of the hour, let's get to some of the stories happening today. students at 21 schools in prince george's county will get breakfast for free. and they'll get it in class. as part of a $670,000 grant program sponsored by the walmart foundation. >> the montgomery county council takes up the issue of a plastic and paper bag tax. supporters want to charge you 5 cents for each bag you get at the store. the district has a plastic bag
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tax in place. fresh off his son's wedding, prince charles is coming to washington. he'll make a few stops around the city today and the prince will meet with president obama coming up tomorrow. now to the latest on the killing of terrorist leader osama bin laden. >> we're learning more about what happened in the moments right after the raid. >> we know the u.s. navy seals who carried out the raid found a trow of documents about al- qaeda. the cia is looking over all of it. >> nine women and 23 children were with the terrorist master mind at the time. >> woman identified him as bin laden. >> of course, president obama talked about sunday's mission. >> i want to recognize the heros who carried out this incredibly dangerous mission as well as all of the military and counterterrorism professionals who made the mission possible.
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i also want to thank the officials. >> president obama will travel to ground zero in new york city thursday. there, he'll meet with families of those killed on 9-11. >> of course, the concern shifts to al-qaeda and may seek revenge for the death of its leader. >> that's resulted in a heightened state of alert across our region and around the country. >> surae chinn is live at dupont circle with more on what's being done to keep us all safe. she's by the metro station there. >> good morning to both of you. it means tighter security in many places that you go around the district. here at metro, as more people come through, they'll see more uniformed officers as we saw yesterday. more canines as well. but they're all helping us to keep us safe throughout the district and across the region. we had cameras in key areas such as the pentagon. we saw more uniformed officers there, more than usual carrying
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high-powered weapons. i saw more at the cia, more uniformed officers than usual at langley and at the airport, they have beefed up security and you may be subjected to multiple security checks even at the gates right before you board. well, the fbi cautions government buildings and public transportation are attractive targets for terrorists. d.c.'s metro system is beefing up its police presence until further notice. that goes for both the buses and rails. metro was asking passengers to report anything suspicious including packages left behind but chief michael taborn tells us this increase if security is a precautionary measure, not a response to any specific threat. >> as a result of this increased security, our customers are likely to see an increase in uniform police officers in the system. >> not very nervous or scared about anything that's going to be done in retaliation. >> that's not to say that there couldn't be problems. >> we're from the west coast. i had no hesitation to come
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into the heart of d.c. today because i do feel safe. >> i don't think anything is going to happen but i feel safer back home. >> cia director leon panetta issued a statement he says that al-qaeda would try to avenge bin laden's death. he says though bin laden is dead, al-qaeda is not. he went on to say the terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge him and we must and will remain vigilant and resolute. that again coming from cia director leon panetta. mike, andrea? >> thank you, surae chinn live at metro station. we're learning more today about the security measures on the virginia railway express as well. "the washington examiner" reports vre relies on passengers who are undercover federal agents. vre says its program is similar to that of the air marshal program on the airlines. it gives secret service officers and fbi agents free rides in exchange for them keeping an eye out during their commute. president obama made it
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clear in his speech sunday night that the united states is not at war with muslims. that has been a message leaders have struggled to get across since 9-11. we went to the national islamic center in the district hoping to get some reaction to bin laden's death but not even the imam was willing to talk with us on camera. >> can you talk to me about osama bin laden? what's the reaction? >> nothing to say. >> cab you tell me the reaction? >> some muslims told 9news off- camera, they feel they've been unfairly targeted since 9-11 and they're not sure if the killing of osama bin laden will change that. the demise of osama bin laden is bittersweet for thousands of men and women wounded since fighting in afghanistan and iraq started. retired staff sergeant joe lost his leg when he was in an ied explosion back in iraq. he says he was pleasantly surprised when he heard that u.s. special forces took out
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bin laden. he wonders if the country's leaders have learned something from the costly wars. >> i think that if definitely we would have kept to focusing all of our efforts into finding just this one guy, not get sidetracked with ten years of war in another country, maybe we would have caught him sooner. >> he is now working as a fish and wildlife services. he says he refuses to let his injuries define him. >> at 6:07, a look at how these developments in the war on terror will affect your money. >> jessica is here with a closer look. >> there has been a very real and very large osama bin laden impact on our economy. as the nation has adjusted to the new normal of terrorism in america, we have seen massive amounts of money leaving certain sectors and rushing into others over the last decade. a striking example of this, the seismic changes concerning how we do business right here in washington and what we
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prioritize. this september 11th, the federal government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars with the aim of making a staple within the -- a statement within a week of the attacks. 22 federal agencies consolidated into the department of homeland security. it has spent more than $424 billion since 9-11. cnn reports that next year, it will spend about $72 billion, that is more than the gdp of 132 countries combined. money rushed into national security and out of financial security. after the attacks, u.s. stocks lost $1.2 trillion in value that week alone! stocks of course, were already in the doldrums and while the economy today is still suffering from the effects of our most recent recession, it is surprising to look back and see how far we've come. now on september 10th, 2001, the dow closed above 9600.
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here is another striking change for you. crude oil in september of 2001 cost about $20 a barrel. today, it costs about $112. the world has changed and it is impacting all of us. >> it will probably never go back to $20 a barrel or where we were then. >> probably never. >> wow. that's amazing. thanks, jess. >> "time" magazine is releasing a special edition about the killing of osama bin laden. it features his picture with the red x across it. similar covers have been released after the death of adolf hitler, saddam hussein and terror leader abu musab alzachary. >> for the first time in 30 years, the examiner newspaper put out an evening edition. the headline read we got him! people handed out the special editions last night at the metro stations getting people on their way home from work. it is 9 after the hour. here is a look at what's still ahead on this hour of 9news now. >> in four minutes, waiting for
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liftoff. learn the earliest for the "endeavour" mission. >> the highest paid federal workers. who they are and why they won't be getting cut in the budget. >> your weather first when 9news now returns. [ male announcer ] it's 2011 and everything is different. different jobs... ♪ ...different challenges. ♪ different opportunities. ♪ so why would universities stay the same?
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♪ university of phoenix, because an educated world is a better world.
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good morning. time now, coming up, 6:13 on your tuesday morning. here's a look at your day planner. nice day! lots of sunshine.partly cloudy conditions. 80s by 3:00. we'll be topping out in the low to mid-80s for today. enjoy the warmth and dry conditions because tonight, by tomorrow morning, we're talking showers and thunderstorms. here's monika with your traffic. >> thank you so much, anny. good morning, everybody. we're going to fly southbound on the gw parkway leaving the beltway all the way toward spout run and the 14th street bridge, no real delays to talk about right now. in my next report, we'll take a look at maryland roads at 6:18. back to you. thank you, monika. the final launch of the space shuttle "endeavour" is being pushed back yet again. the earliest it can blast off, may 10th. >> that's one of the stories making news now at 6:1 6:13. >> nasa crews are still trying to repair an electrical problem. the faulty equipment should be removed by today to a replacement can be installed. >> they're blowing up the
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levees along the missouri river to divert the river in order to save the town of cairo, illinois. local officials tried to stop the blast saying it would actually flood farmland nearby. canadian prime minister stephen harper will remain in office. his conservative party won a majority in parliament in monday's election. harper has stayed in office for phi years under a coalition government. we're now learning that a navy seals involved in the raid to kill osama bin laden were based in virginia. >> the mayor of virginia beach wants to honor those seals. the problem is they will remain unknown. >> this morning, andrea mccarren gives us a look at how this whole operation went down. >> on a moonless night, blackhawk helicopters brought the special operations team from an air base in afghanistan. when the navy seals trained for this mission, they were not told who the target was. precision was critical. >> this is why they practice and practice and practice and train and train and train so
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they know what to do instinctively. >> as a helicopter hovered over the compound, two dozen seals rappeled into action. >> you have a rope, you grab it quickly. >> as the 40-minute raid transpired, the tension was obvious in the white house situation room where president obama and high ranking officials monitored its progress. >> usually, they use something called a stun grenade to create disorientation. they know exactly where to point their weapons and each person has a certain segment of the room they're responsible for and then they go room by room until they find the people they're looking for. >> bin laden's security detail was no match for the navy seal. >> it sounds like it was fairly minimal security because he wanted to blend in. it was that notion of hiding in plain sight. >> he was shot two times, once in the head, once in the chest. >> i would love to tell you i think bin laden knew what was going on. the reality is it will be shock and disbelief then it is over. >> five people were killed in the compound including one of bin laden's sons. >> answer: there were no
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american casualties. in the newsroom, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> we told you yesterday that u.s. intelligence was led to bin laden by a courier he had trusted over the years. we now know that courier led u.s. forces to bin laden through an intercepted phone call. the terrorist leader used trusted couriers to get memes to accomplices around the world. >> 6:16 on this tuesday morning. anny hong is in with the latest information. any changes in the forecast for today? >> we're starting out really nice. it will be warm with some sun then later tonight, we've got some changes. temperatures in the 60s this morning and even 70s. warming up to really in the 80s in a lot of locations. here's a look at our current temperatures right now. where check it out, if i was outside, warmer outside than it is here in the studio.
6:17 am
63 downtown. 61 degrees in culpepper. leesburg at 61. frederick, you're at 55 degrees. most areas under partly cloudy conditions. for the rest of today, you're going to see dry. here is the thing. out toward the west of 81, you've got a chance for some thunderstorms late this afternoon. we do have some disturbances coming through, along with it, also a cold front. we could probably see some severe weather as well in some locations. here is a look for today. breezy conditions, partly cloudy. high around 83 degrees. then the showers really come in later tonight and we could see some rain and thunderstorm activity. the best chance for severe thunderstorms will really be on i-81 and west of it. the showers stick around for wednesday morning and we really cool down because that cold front comes through. highs tomorrow only around 59 degrees around low 60s but behind it, we'll be dry under partly cloudy conditions for the rest of wednesday
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afternoon. thursday, we're going to improve temperatures back in the mid-60s, lots of sunshine. looks pretty good. still below average. we should be around lower 70s for this time of year. we'll get to your seven-day forecast in just a bit. first, here's monika with your traffic. >> anny, thank you so much. >> good morning, everybody. >> we have now got the yellow light once again. that is because of an accident on the northbound side of i-95 in springfield. let's take you there live right now. although it is on the left shoulder as you can see when we get there on the northbound side of i-95, it is causing this delay from route 7100 headed northbound into springfield. again, the accident activity is on the shoulder. let's take you over to the maps. the beltway, we'll zoom in. this time to the northside of town. you see the yellow cars. that's a delay. we'll take you to a live picture where it slows from new hampshire avenue headed over to georgia avenue westbound 495, it is incident free. nothing stopping the roadway temperature is your rush hour traffic.
6:19 am
we'll take you back over to the beltway. let's zoom into the other side of town all the way to the other side. clinton, brandywine, everything is fine heading northbound to the beltway and the beltway looks good to the wilson bridge. now, a look at your travel times. looking at the beltway from 395 to the toll road, 14 minutes. toll road coming in from hunter mill to the beltway, 6 minutes. 295 not bad for the 11th street bridge. coming up in nigh next report, more on the 95 accident in springfield at 6:24. andrea, mike? >> it is 6:19. the capitals get ready an important game three against the lightning. >> nationals honor men and whip in uniform with military appreciation. ahead, see how they handle the world champions on the field. we'll be right back. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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>> going to be a nice day. tonight, showers, rain and thunderstorms coming in. along 81 and west of it, you can see severe to strong thunderstorms. around d.c., we'll see the rain coming in by around 11:00 tonight, midnight. then tomorrow morning, maybe impacting the commute with showers as well. that clears out, we'll see partly sunny conditions by tomorrow afternoon but we really will be a lot cooler. we do have a coastal flooding advisory in effect for this day until 10:00 p.m. waves one to two feet above normal. some minor flooding of low- lying areas is a concern for today. so, for the rest of this afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and warmer. thunderstorms possible. generally to the west. highs 80 to 85 degrees south winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. here is your seven-day forecast. so, again, the showers, rain
6:24 am
and storms coming in tonight into overnight through tomorrow morning. highs around 83 then tomorrow morning in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees. on thursday, we still stay cool below average. mid-60s under plenty of sunshine. here's mike and andrea. >> thank you, anny. sports time, not really a must win game for the caps but it is pretty close to it. >> absolutely. game three of their series with the tampa bay lightning. d.c. trails two games to none. the puck drops in tampa tonight at 6:30. >> in the other eastern conference series, the away team won the first two games. bruins beat the flyers in philly, 3-2. game three in that series tomorrow night in boston. in baseball, nationals third baseman ryan zimmerman is scheduled to go under the knife today. he will have surgery on his torn abdomen muscle. zimmerman has been out since april 12th. he's not expected to be back for at least six weeks. last night, it was the
6:25 am
pitcher's duel at nationals park. nats starter tom grudzielanek went eight innings giving up three hits and striking out four. d.c. got all the offense it needed in the seventh. morris hit a two out rbi single. nats blanked the giants 2-0. they begin the series in philadelphia tonight. >> he's in fairfax as george mason's new men's basketball coach. hewitt came here from georgia tech and he replaces george. still ahead, the latest on the killing of osama bin laden. including getting some reaction from capitol hill. >> plus what it means now for the war on terror. we'll hear from one terrorism expert. >> quick check of traffic, monika, over to you. >> mike, we'll take a look northbound on i-95 here in springfield where an earlier accident has gone. you have a two mile back-up from newington to springfield. coming up, a look at district roads at 6:30.
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you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. we're back at 6:29 and this is the place to count on your weather first! take a live look, it is dupont circle in northwest washington.
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66 degrees there just at this hour. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. anny hong is in for howard on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> so mild outside, i was passing dupont circle on my way to work and i saw some guys still playing chess out there at 2:30 a.m. so, basically for this morning, we're starting out mild once again. it does feel very comfortable out here. i don't think you need a jacket. day planner for today, partly cloudy. by noon, near mid-70s, 5:00, 80 degrees. right now, 63 at reagan national under mostly cloudy conditions. take a look at the temperature where you live, luray at 59 degrees. hagerstown, good morning to you. 61. annapolis at 63 degrees. here is a look at the visibilities. we do have some areas of fog. basically, looks like a long 81. maybe around winchester, martinsburg, also cumberland, you've got some fog. frederick, you're down to zero.
6:31 am
be careful if you're going through that or going out the door. leave early. we've got some showers and storms coming through later tonight. for today, enjoy the warmth because tomorrow it is much cooler. here's monika with your traffic. >> thank you so much, anny. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say we're back at the green light and that's because things are looking pretty good out there. we've got one incident to show you. we'll take you to the northbound side of i-395. you've got this delay up to the 14th street bridge because of a disabled vehicle up on the right shoulder but overall, just off and on delays as you leave basically the landmark area up to the 14th street bridge. here's what it looks like on the beltway. not bad. we'll zoom into the district and show what you it looks like live in northwest. first of all, at constitution avenue at 20th street in the northwest corridor, everything is looking fine as you can see, it is nice and light. let's head over to northeast, new york avenue slows down from the times plant to bladensburg road. no big deals right now. no problems heading past the
6:32 am
long-term construction at penn street right now. and now over to the trains, metro, vre and marc, everything is running on time this morning. in my next report, we'll take a look at area roadways at 6:45. back to you. at 6:32, the latest on the killing of terrorist leader osama bin laden. this morning, the white house is trying to decide whether or not to release graphic photos of bin laden's corpse. >> they say the photo shows bin laden was killed by a precision shot above his left eye. there is also a video of his burial at sea. >> we know that the navy seals who carried out the attacks seized hundreds of documents, computers and dvds. experts of the cia are poring over those right now. >> speaking at a bipartisan congressional dinner at the white house last night, the president said he had hoped that feeling of national unity will continue. >> i know that unity that we felt on 9-11 has frayed a
6:33 am
little bit over the years. i have no illusions about the difficulties, the debates that we'll have to be engaged in the weeks and months to come but i also know there have been several moments like this during the course of this year that have brought us together as an american family. whether it was the tragedy in tucson or most recently, our unified response to the terrible storms that have taken place in the south. last night was one of those moments. >> now, president obama will visit ground zero in new york thursday to mark bin laden's death. crowds have been gathering there since the announcement sunday night. the president will also meet with the families of those killed in manhattan during the september 11th attacks. lawmakers from both parties leadership in the house spoke monday about bin laden's death. that included virginia republican eric kantor and maryland democrat hoyer. >> yesterday was a day for
6:34 am
which all freedom loving people had wished since 9-11 of 2001. yesterday as our president indicated was a day when one of the most hapeous mass murderers -- most heinous mass murderers in our lifetime was brought to justice. >> last night, we heard president obama tell a very changed nation that we did not fail. i think what this tells all of us is that success and victory sometimes takes a lot longer than we would like. sometimes it is a lot harder than we would like. >> house leadership was told of bin laden's death just before the president told the nation. >> lawmakers and law enforcement are reminding americans everywhere to remain vigilant. >> that's because there is fear al-qaeda could try to seek
6:35 am
revenge. it has people across the country and in our region on alert. >> surae chinn live at dupont circle near the metro station where it is more on the safety measures now in place. surae, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. increased security is the natural response and with good reason, with the potential of retaliation. so, what you'll find is heightened security everywhere you go. we'll see more people come through the metro and they'll also see more uniformed officers also at government buildings and that's exactly what we found here at the u.s. capitol. we saw beefed up security there. capitol police officers are patrolling with automatic weapons although that's not unusual. you'll see more of them. meanwhile, d.c. police officers are also on guard for any suspicious activity. terrorist experts caution government buildings, public transportation such as metro and airports are attractive targets for terrorists and that the killing of osama bin laden could inspire homegrown terrorists and factions of them to avenge his death.
6:36 am
in response, d.c.'s metro system and airports have beefed up the security. d.c. police chief cathy lanier says a safer district means everyone helping out. >> in this fight, it is not just police and intelligence and the military. homeland security has not issued any new warnings, any specific threats but everybody she says is in a heightened state of vigilance. back to you, mike. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live in dupont circle. >> the crowds that flock to the white house sunday night proved to be a success for capital bike share. that's the bicycle rental system around d.c. and northern virginia. ddot says it had a 500% increase in bike rental sunday night as compared to the week before. >> national security experts say al-qaeda is still a very potent threat.
6:37 am
iyman alozarry is the number two man. many believe he will take over the organization. experts are concerned that osama bin laden's death could make other groups come after the united states. >> we're at a great danger of lone wolf attack. they may be reacting in a visceral way to the reports of bin laden's death. >> officials say american born cleric alomar is on their radar. he's responsible for the failed underwear plane attack in 2009 and last fall's plot hiding explosives in printer cartridges. keep it here with 9news now and cbs news. we, of course, will bring you every new development as we get them. >> coming up on "the early show" at 7:00 a.m., a look at how much the pakistani government knew about bip laden's location. >> we have a special section on on bin laden's death. >> our time is 6:37. we're on our way to a high in the 80s with a chance of rain
6:38 am
by tomorrow. anny has the complete forecast up next. >> here's a live look at 66 west of business 234, eastbound traffic on the right-hand side. boy, it is stacking up. monika's next timesaver traffic report, 7 minutes away. here's what you'll see tonight on channel 9...
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[ male announcer ] before he changed the world... tear down this wall. [ male announcer ] ...or led a nation... i ronald reagan do solemnly swear. [ male announcer ] ...or governed a state... you and i have a rendezvous with destiny.
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[ male announcer ] ...he inspired our company... with his optimism, his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit. [ man ] for general electric, here is ronald reagan. ♪ 6:42. anny hong is in for howard. we have a mixed bag. a little sunshine, maybe a sprinkle or two. >> the sprinkles could turn to storms later tonight. for today, looking really gorgeous. we'll see temperatures even warmer today. in fact, well above the average high. enjoy it. go outside for lunch. take a walk this morning. here is a look at our bus stop
6:43 am
forecast as you're heading out the door. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. mild. 60s and 70s. you don't have any need of a jack. visibilities, we do have some fog. frederick down to zero. you can't see anything. martinsburg, one less than 2 miles. about 1 1/4 mile. whip chester, half a mile visibility. around the beltway, you're fine. look like around d.c., we're clear and no fog. but we're looking at temperatures very mild outside. 60s in most locations, bethesda at 62 degrees. gaithersburg, 59. reston at 60 degrees. good morning to you in college park. 59 degrees. here is a look at the conditions where you can see we're mild but behind it, there is a cold front. see 40s in indianapolis. we'll be that tomorrow. we'll be in the 40s tomorrow morning. enjoy the warmth before the cold front comes through. here is a look at the future cast. the showers and rain come in.
6:44 am
thunderstorms possible. some could be severe along interstate 81. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be clearing out from it. it will be much cooler. we do have a coastal flooding advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. what does this mean? the onshore flow of the winds, waves, one to two feet above normal. what we're worried about is minor flooding of low-lying areas. that's our concern until 10:00 p.m. tonight. so, for the rest of today, partly cloudy. breezy and warmer. thunderstorms possible out toward the west. highs 80 to 85 degrees south winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. 84 for andrews air force base and upper 80s for culpepper. 80 for hagerstown. nice, warm day. here is your seven-day outlook. the showers and thunderstorms will come in this evening. they'll be widespread closer to around midnight including the d.c. area. through tomorrow morning and then tomorrow's high, only in the upper 50s. thursday, we're dry. plenty of sunshine. the weekend looks pretty good. in the lower 70s by saturday.
6:45 am
only a slight chance for passing showers from saturday into sunday. here's monika with your traffic. accident report, just delays, we'll start off on the northbound side of i-95. show what you it looks like live. if you're planning to head northbound, initial delay is from woodbridge up to lorton. newington into springfield heading over to 66 on the inbound side. this since department free as well. on the inbound side, you have got delays from route 234 in manassas to route 28 in centerville then route 50 to 123. on the southbound side of 270, everything is fine until you get to month rose road where it is a slow go. out to the outer loop of the beltway, delay begins at new hampshire avenue. pretty much continuous to georgia avenue. that's going to take you 15 minutes normally it only takes ten. now, let's take you over to your travel times. we'll start off with the inner loop in virginia from 395
6:46 am
springfield to the toll road, 15 minutes. toll road coming in in hunter mill to the beltway is 7 minutes. 95 southbound to the beltway, 9 minutes right now. another look around the area coming up next at 6:58. mike, andrea, back to you. two weeks after he escaped from a detention center in laurel, maryland, a man is back in police custody. >> trevon carey was arrested. he's accused of breaking out of the new beginnings development center and attacking a guard on the way out. carey remains in police custody this morning. prince george's county councilwoman lesli johnson was scheduled to plead guilty to corruption charges tomorrow but wednesday's hearing was canceled. who can forget the federal raid last november of johnson's home in mitchellville. then county executive jack johnson, her husband, was also arrested and charged. federal officials say the couple plotted to destroy evidence from a pay for play scheme. prosecutor and johnson's attorneys aren't saying why
6:47 am
tomorrow's hearing was canceled. virginia state police will resume piecing together what happened in the deadly crash in fairfax county. monday's collision in the westbound lanes of interstate 66 just west of monument drive left debris strewn everywhere. witnesses tell police the driver of a bmw involved in the crash was weaving in and out of traffic and hit an suv and the driver of the suv was not wearing a seat belt and was killed in the wreck. charges against the driver who caused that crash are now pending. jessica doyle is here with your money report. >> she's looking at some of the highest paid federal workers. >> with know federal workers can make a lot of money. which ones take home the biggest paycheck? well, think about the people who make the most money in the private sector? we're talking doctors and lawyers. their tops in federal pay, too. "usa today" reports these jobs have the biggest take home department of affairs doctors,
6:48 am
securities exchange lawyers. a federal employee can make $180,000 or more and this is as of september, 2010. the sony playstation related user breach may be getting bigger. now sony says another hacker attack may have taken personal information from 24.6 million users, passwords, names, addresses and credit card information. the latest stats affect soapy entertainment. the company's multiplayer online gaming service and it's on top of the 77 million accounts hacked on the playstation network. apparently, people don't like paying $5 to take out their own money from an atm. jpmorgan chase has finished testing $4 and $5atm fees for noncustomers in two states. it is going back to the $3 fees it previously charged. $5 is on top of the $3 that your bank will charge you.
6:49 am
for some folks, we're talking $8 to take out your own money. there you go. >> it is hard not to get angry at that stuff. >> grr! >> it is better to say nothing. >> thank you, jessica. >> you're welcome. >> she has a lot say. the national teach he were of the year will be honor at the white house from frederick county, maryland. michelle teaches a. p. chemistry. she's been there 14 years. shearer was named maryland's teacher of the year last october. >> congratulations, miss shearer. >> 63 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is up next. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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>> as you're heading out the door, you can expect partly cloudy conditions this morning and it is mild out there. we'll be in the mid-70s by 1:00. a great day to really be out and enjoy the sunshine and the warmth. highs in the low to mid-80s. 63 in downtown and 57 in winchester. here's mike and andrea. good morning, guys. >> good morning, anny. today is tuesday, may 3rd. now a check of the news before you go this morning. u.s. intelligence was led to osama bin laden by an intercepted phone call placed by one of his most trusted aides. he was killed in a raid. the white house is considering releasing photos of bin laden's body. >> a royal visit to washington
6:54 am
today. prince charles arrives here for a three-day visit. he will meet with british diplomats today and meet with president obama tomorrow. nationals fans could be getting stuck at the stadium soon. the team and metro are fighting over who should fight for train service if games go past midnight. until someone picks up the tab, there will be no extended service. >> it is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. stay with us!
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>> here is a look at your seven- day forecast. most of today will be nice. partly cloudy. highs 83 but then tonight and late tonight into tomorrow morning, we're talking showers, rain, thunderstorms. some could be severe along 81 and west of it. much cooler tomorrow. 59 degrees. here's monika's traffic. >> we'll take a look first of all in virginia, the northbound side of i-395, just stop and go really from the beltway to king street. the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. we'll take you over to the beltway in virginia. northbound inner loop side slow from braddock road up to gallows road. to the outer loop, northside of town, slow beginning at 95 over to georgia avenue. that's a 15 to 20 minute run. >> finally this morning, few would argue that americans are competitive. racing beds is crazy. >> the great bed race, one of the big draws at the kentucky derby festival. it is part of a week-long party. the rules are pretty simple. teams of four push somebody on
6:59 am
a bed around a track. >> the event brings new meaning to the phrases you snooze, you lose and it sounds like a perfect activity for the morning crew! >> let's check out wall street now. jess, over to you. >> waiting on new economic data. right now, we're looking a little bit lower. >> "the early show" is next and of course, they'll have more on the mission to take out osama bin laden plus the tony award nominations will be announced live at 8:30. >> anny and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update. >> get news, weather and traffic while you're at work today by visiting >> thanks for joining us this morning. again, anny says bring an umbrella. we'll get a few sprinkles. we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. >> that's not the worst part. that's the good part. have a great day, everybody.


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