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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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significantly different details are coming out about the u.s. military raid that killed osama bin laden. including the fact that the al- qaeda leader was not armed when he was shot and killed and he apparently did not use a woman as a human shield. our derek mcginty has been following the story and joins us live from the satellite center with the latest on the raid. derek. >> lesli, the white house says it is putting out these new details at quote, record speeds, declassifying them to give us all insight into just what happened. and the details from the defense department, well let's just say there is a difference in what we have been hearing. >> a top white house official now says bin laden may have lived at that compound undetected for as long as six years. navy seals found his family and two other families there when they stormed in on sunday. the terrorist leader was in a room on the second floor and when they burst in, the white house says his wife rushed the field. she was shot in the leg, but not killed. then bin laden was shot and
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killed. the white house insists he resisted, but not armed. >> resistance does not require a firearm. >> the leader was identified by both dna and facial recognition technology. but, some skeptics including the taliban want more evidence that bin laden is actually dead. right now, the white house is deciding whether or not to release some quote gruesome photos of the body or the scene. >> i don't want to get into specifics about what there is and what there isn't. i would urge you to be patient, given how much information has been released and understanding about why we need to review this. >> but with bin laden gone, new questions remain about what happens next for al-qaeda and the war on terror. >> why don't we just pack up and leave afghanistan? so it's even more compelling that we examine carefully. what is at stake, what goals are legitimate and realistic. >> now the white house says
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the united states cannot let its guard down even though the leader of al-qaeda is dead and the white house says the war in afghanistan will continue, however the draw down of troops is scheduled to begin in july will go forward as planned. lesli. thank you. president obama plans to visit new york on thursday to meet with the families of 9/11 victims. he will also appear on 60 minutes this sunday where he will no doubt be asked about the bin laden death photos if they haven't already been released. and there's discussion going on about that very topic on our facebook page. sam king says she would love to see him dead. and jay moore says even with a picture, he does not believe bin laden is dead. you can share your thoughts with us. the discussion is going on at osama bin laden ultimately met his end here. this is video inside the compound. you can see bloodstains on the floor, evidence of the 40 minute fire fight that killed the world's most nay tore yows
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and wanted terrorist. as we reported the compound is near pakistan's prestigious military. the town is described as peaceful and quiet, and bin laden's home was eight times the size of nearby homes. pakistan says its been an essential part in the fight against al-qaeda, and its president is rejecting charges that his government knew where bin laden was hiding or that his security forces sheltered bin laden. meanwhile members of congress from both sides of the aisle are pressing for a probe. senator dianne feinstein says congress might consider cutting 1.3 billion in annual aide to pakistan if their government played a part in hiding out the al-qaeda leader. >> i think we have to know whether they knew. if the pakistanis knew. if they didn't know, why didn't they know? why didn't they pay more attention to it? >> across the border, afghanistan's government is
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cheering the death of al- qaeda's leader who lived there for years. >> officially they don't exist, but we all now know that field team 6, the deadly warriors who shot the most wanted terrorist on earth are based on a quiet road between virginia beach and sand bridge, virginia. bruce leshan has been looking for insight. >> the quiet professionals, commanders are warning seal team six members to maintain even greater operational security after their bin laden mission. the fight not over. >> post 9/11 operations kicked off. the amount of successful operations has been staggering. >> team started after a failure formed after the botched 1980 operation to rescue the hostages in iran. there was no way the team was going to let another broken chopper ruin sunday's mission to get bin laden. >> this was not going to be another desert one. >> this is the same team that
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captured panamanian dictator. the same team that rescued richard phillips from pirates. the seals work so often now with the cia, some call them the agencies pretorian guard. >> they don't do anything that is super special. they just do everything they're supposed to do. the blocking and tackling exceptionally well. >> their training on the other hand. >> seal training is all about heart. >> is about the toughest in the world. >> if there are any nfl football players watching this telecast, seal training is worse. >> while the army focused on iraq, the seals have taken the lead in afghanistan. killing bin laden has given them bragging rights, even if they are unlikely to talk about. >> the operation is a lot more of them to do. >> bruce leshan, 9news now.
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special ops counterterror raids quadrupled. what's unusual about the bin laden raid is that we heard about it. we're monitoring the latest at the white house. is your source for the latest details as they emerge on the death of bin laden. to prince georges county now, council member lesli i don't know son was scheduled to plead guilty tomorrow for charges connected to a corruption operation. that plea hearing was canceled. her husband is former county executive, zach johnson. he pleaded not guilty to related charges of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from developers. are you getting what you pay for? the maryland department of agriculture says probably not. in fact, in some cases they fined two dozen stores for shorting customers. the department found 22 stores, including 18 giant food stores were including the weight of
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packaging of meat. we will do everything to accept a number of violations. >> district leaders are working to extend unemployment benefits. introducing a bill that would extend the benefits through the end of the year beyond the 26 week maximum. 300 weekly checks could prevent people from losing their homes. the federal government reimburses the district for the benefits, which are paid out of an unemployment insurance fund. the immigration debate in montgomery county, some leaders are changing course and they are not fighting a plan to deport illegal citizens. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperature 81 today. big thunderstorms off to the west and northwest of us. franklin county, pennsylvania, under a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. we'll come back and tell you what that means for our area and your morning commute. >> but next, the newest video
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game soon to be released. the fbi's most wanted.
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the death of osama bin laden is forcing one man to change his style a bit. for years after 9/11, retired nypd officer fought with the new york department of motor vehicles to get plates that read, get osama. it finally happened and now that he's gone, her worth has another fight ahead. >> i'll make it got osama in appreciation for what our troops have done for us and hopefully dmv approves. >> he updated the paint john on his van and it reads got osama. it's only been 48 hours since the announcement of bin laden's death. there's already a video game version of the takedown called
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kill bin laden. the maker, its ceo is quoted as saying it was a personal decision to create the game and now people can get a sense of what it was like for the navy seals to take out bin laden. jp morgan chase ending its atm fee experiment. people don't like paying as much as $5 to get their own money. jp morgan chase was charging noncustomers to use their atm's and that was enough to steer people to other tellers. although the experiment is over, it's not a free pass, but it will be slightly cheaper now just $3. ahead, the prince and the garden. it sounds like a fairy tale, but this is a true story. we'll take you to dc's royal reception after the break.
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. montgomery county police will begin sharing fingerprints with immigration officials come this september. scott broom reports that today
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the county council decided it was powerless to enforce the program. maryland and immigrant rights organizations rallied in front of the montgomery county council building disguising its disappointment. >> tens and thousands of people who are honest, hard working residents of the county are too afraid to call police. >> casa and much of the county council are opposed to a new federal program that requires local police departments to send fingerprints of all suspects they handle to immigration authorities. the program is called secure communities and its an ever growing number of illegal immigrants. >> one of those is florinda, a mother of three now threatened with deportation to guatemala after accused of selling phone cards without a license. >> victims come forward and talking and reporting abuses to
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our local law enforcement officials. >> it's an argument most council members agree with. today, rather than making good on a threat to opt out of secure communities, the council voted for a water downed resolution to carefully monitor the program and acknowledgment that it's powerless against the federal government to do much about it. >> other communities like arlington, for instance, which have tried to opt out in the end have been forced to comply. today montgomery county decided not to push it any further. in montgomery county, scott broom, 9news now. >> a nationwide secure community resulted in more than 100,000 deportations and about 30% of those people were classified as noncriminals. the british are coming. actually they are already here. right now britain's prince charles is in dc for a three- day visit and this afternoon he attended a reception. then he got his hands dirty a bit, you might say, visiting a
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vegetable garden that grows food for low income families in the area. there was a big crowd to greet them there, and spent time shake hands. tomorrow he will speak at a georgetown community conference called the future of food and also meet with president obama at the white house. picked a great day to do it, because if he was out there tomorrow, it would be 20 degrees cooler. >> and wet. we have a severe thunderstorm watch to the west. not in the immediate metro area, but in martinsburg and winchester. let's start with the big picture. circled the beltway down to the lower portion of your screen and up to the north. lots of lightning with these storms. flood warnings are out and severe thunderstorm warning out for franklin county until 6:30. but it's quiet in the immediate metro area. everybody gets home in the immediate metro area dry before the showers and some thunderstorms roll in. we'll zoom out to the west and we talked about this yesterday.
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the biggest threat would be west of i-81. we find good storms down the panhandle of west virginia. back toward slainsville. everything is moving off to the north and to the east at about 30 miles an hour. we'll widen out a little bit. where do these storms go in the next hour? everything moves across the border into pennsylvania. this moves through hancock and also just moves to the west of wayns burro. they do weaken a little bit. some more thunderstorms back to the south and west. 79 still downtown after a high of 81. 79 in manassas. it's still 83 in fredericksburg and it's still 80 up in the hagerstown. all right. just remember that, this time tomorrow is going to be way cooler. thunderstorms possible until midnight. some thunderstorms are heavy. some could be severe. the greater threat is west where the watch is. prepare for a wet commute tomorrow morning and prepare for a much cooler day on wednesday.
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we're going to lose 20 degrees between today and tomorrow. now late tonight, showers and maybe a few areas of heavier rain down to the south and west, but i think for the most part by midnight, some thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms will go away. colder air and more stable air moves in. by morning again, we're going to look at light rain, nothing severe in the morning certainly, but the roads are going it be wet. this is cool. that's blue. that's snow. west of the divide. i don't know. i'm a nut. by noon, the left over rain showers line up around i-95 and move across the bay. again going to stay breezy and it's going to stay much cooler tomorrow. so don't be fooled by the sunshine in the afternoon. keep your light jacket handy as we go through the afternoon and tomorrow night. speaking of tonight, mostly cloudy skies, breezy and cooler. thunderstorms go to rain. lows 50 to 55. winds turn northwesterly at 10 to 15.
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so we have a northwesterly wind. by morning, mostly cloudy, breezy, cooler. rain tapering off. temperatures only in the 50s tomorrow. again, a wet commute. by afternoon, partial clearing, breezy, and cooler. a dry commute home. highs only around 60 and winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. we'll break down tomorrow for you. need your umbrella early. 50 to 55. maybe a left over shower by noon, but then returning partly cloudy. temperatures in the low 60s generally. next three days look like this. some clouds on thursday. still cool. upper 60s and then some clouds come back on friday. some showers possible. temperatures still in the upper 60s. next seven days, going to warm up a little bit. we stay uncelted. shower still possible on saturday. for mom on sunday, warmer, yes, that's the good news. but a shower or thunderstorm still possible, but not a washout. and even into next week, storms are possible and by next
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tuesday, we are flirting once again with 80. that will take some of the sting out of the showers. >> you have work to do. >> i'll let you do that. it's a do or die game. dropping the puck in tampa and brett is there live. >> a 3-0 march gin not so much. that march gin for error is gone for the capitals. must win game for them tonight here in tampa and they must get their power play together. plus, the 41-year-old goalie who has been causing them fits. leave in florida after this.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> and welcome back to tampa, everybody. it's a simple equation for a hockey team. you have to score when you have the extra skater. power play penalty kill. they call those special teams in hockey after the caps so far, they have been decidedly unspecial. the caps are 0 for 11 so far in the series on their own power play and they have allowed tampa to score with the advantage in each of their games. that's especially maddening because the caps have the second best penalty kill in all of hockey. they must solve that riddle tonight. >> we have to be better. we have to be the guys and
6:26 pm
accountable and i'm on both teams. >> we've had our chances the entire play. and we haven't capitalized yet, but things are coming. a little better blocking shots and getting the puck down. >> as for the lightning for all the megastars they have on their team, vincent and steven, who would have thought that a 41-year-old goalie would be the difference in this series? that's exactly what the case has been. 41-year-old dwayne has been the mvp for tampa so far. according to the numbers, he's been the best goalie. 26 games in game one. 35 in game two. three goals allowed in seven periods so far. not bad for a guy who is old enough to be michael's father. >> we knew that coming in. he was going be good for them and he hasn't disappointed. so just a matter of us getting more shots and more traffic and not allowing him to see the
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puck. >> you know, have to move on. it's a big series. we still have to win four. >> speaking of michael, he will start for the caps tonight. with the back to back games now. bruce did not rule out bruce for tomorrow. the number one line is back to normal. ovechkin will play tonight. >> other sports tonight and nationals fans, which is more surprising to you? the fact that the team is 500 or the fact they have done that mostly without ryan zimmerman? the all-star third baseman had his surgery today. took place in philly, lasted 25 minutes. he was back in his hotel room by noon. should be playing again in six weeks. the nats are 11-9. meanwhile, the team begins a brutal ten- day road trip today and the first stop is a home.coming for jason worth. making his first return trip to
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his old stadium. after 29 years, brooks will be replacing bill mcgregoire at that school. no doubt you were watching president obama's press conference when he announced the bin laden news. did you see the guy he was watching? how about the camera man at the white house wearing the capitals jersey? you know a lot of people came over to the white house, reporters and staff alike straight from that game two and that guy was rocking the red in the east room of the white house. all right, the caps will be in their white tonight. they have to get a win. if not, this thing could be over in a hurry. we'll have the post game tonight at 11:00. for now, we're live in tampa. back to you. >> a lot of people are hoping they rally again. thank you, brett. >> i got to get back. they are going to drop the puck in a couple minutes. >> i was going say, could you help us finish the show? okay.
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that's it for us, because topper has to see them drop the puck. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. we'll see you at 10:00. have a good night.


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