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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 3, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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still weighing whether or not to release the photos of bin laden after his death. we're told the pictures are quote, gruesome, and could be inflammatory if they are released. do you think we aught to see those pictures? share your thoughts with mcginty's mail bag. or join the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. just one person seriously injured in the attack at the pentagon still actually works there. and tonight john yates says the man who murdered dozens of his friends and coworkers was served justice. peggy fox spoke to yates at the pentagon today. >> i always knew we would find him. >> john yates was watching the coverage. at 9:35, his world changed. >> i remember the explosion, you know, and the noise and the fire coming over me and i remember the tv in front of me just exploding. displt hijacked american
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flights 77 slammed into the pentagon. >> i was thrown through the air. i remember, you know, everything in the room went instantly black. the floor burned my hands. >> all 64 people on board the plane and 125 people in the building were killed. >> i was standing in the middle of five people and i'm the only one that survived. >> somehow he crawled his way through the heat and black smoke to a door that led to the pentagon courtyard. >> and they took me down and put me underneath this tree over here. >> second and third degree burns over 32 pk of his body. you can see the marks on his hands and discoloration on his forearms where he had skin grafts. he spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital, including ten days on a respirator because his lungs were burned. >> even for a couple weeks after i got off the respirator, i was coughing and sneezing black soot. >> john lost 24 friends and coworkers on 9/11 and his
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injuries were so severe he could have retired on corker's comp, but that's the last thing he wanted to do. >> bin laden changed my life for ever. i can never go back to being who i was. i wouldn't let him win, because if i didn't go back to work, he would accomplish what he wanted. >> in arlington, peggy fox, 9news now. >> he also kept working because he didn't want to be a burden on society and he will. talk about physical, those navy seals have got bin laden. now officially seal team 6 doesn't exist, but unofficially, it is based just south of virginia beach on the way to san bridge, virginia. sometimes called the quiet professionals. the fields led the way in counterterror raids in afghanistan. rapper ll cool j is happy to talk about them. >> they don't say cut, you
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know, when a guy is running at you with a bomb strapped on his chest. >> afghanistan have quadrupled and one of the unusual things is we heard about that. president obama will be on 60 minutes in his first interview and he has a lot more on this story at and that's where you can see delia's story on how to talk to your kids about terrorism and reaction to this from around the world. police are not releasing a lot of information tonight about the deaths of three people in central virginia. two men and one woman were found shot on a road right near charlottesville. officers discovered the bodies while investigating a home invasion robbery two miles away. none of the victims lived in that house, but police think those crimes are linked. today marks one year since
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yeardley love was murdered. the lacrosse player's boyfriend is still behind bars waiting for his trial. family and friends did reach out to love, but they did not realize how abusive that relationship had become. tonight some students say that mind set has changed. >> students are more willing to report things prior to this incident wouldn't have reported. >> over the last year, the university says its increased the number of safe rides to drive students home late at night and added hours to the bus schedule. it implemented a safe walk program so no student ever has to walk home alone. the horrific murder at the lumulemon in bethesda has business owners there thinking about security. some are pouring hundreds of dollars into state of the art systems. lindsey mastis shows us some of their tactics. >> the lumulemon murder case, that really got you thinking. >> very much so. it was very disturbing for me and the staff here. >> as soon as she found out
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the murder, tracy started thinking of ways to improve security at her store, creative parties. it's less than a mile from bethesda row. she quickly added a bell to the front door. >> this is the back door and schwartz says it has to stay open during the day because tings the only way someone in a wheelchair can get in. but she says she's going to make a change to this door and make sure it's more secure. >> if i put a doorbell, it allows me to lock it during the day. >> before the murder, there was the discovery channel hostage situation and another murder of an employee. david keller with adt says businesses are spending hundreds of dollars on security. >> probably a dozen businesses we upgraded. right there on bethesda avenue. >> in the lumulemon case, one employee killed another. schwartz says she doesn't have
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enough money. so instead, she asked questions. >> my interviews are longer now because if there are issues, honestly it is amazingly enough that they come out and interview. i'm fascinated by that. >> white plastic now covers the door of lumulemon athletica. security stickers are covering the doors everywhere else. in bethesda, i'm lindsey mastis. >> it's lumulemon, i knew that. the best course of action that businesses can take against outside threats is getting to know the police and having them stop by when the business is going on and when something doesn't seem right. it looks like virginia's governor is getting the last laugh when it comes to funding public radio and tv. governor bob mcdonald vetoed the $424,000 allocated in the budget for artistic and cultural affairs and news programs. the governor's plan targeted pbs stations, but they reinstated that funding, the governor vetoed it.
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there was a perfectly nice day out there, but i sense a change in the horizon. no change yet, top. >> not yet. around the metro area, very nice. temperatures still in the upper 70s. let me show you where the watch is. allegheny county and washington county in maryland and clark and frederick county in virginia and all of west virginia in the panhandle there until 10:00. we talked about this yesterday. the threat really is west of town. in fact, west of i-81. big thunderstorms have occurred. we've had a few severe thunderstorm warnings up in franklin county and pennsylvania. we have storms around, but no warnings right now. these are going to cross 81. if you want to walk the dog or sit outside the cafe, you can for the next couple hours. 79 still. look at that. 79 also in gaithersburg. still 81 in leesburg. for tonight then, mostly cloudy, breezy and cooler. lows 50 to 55. winds northwest. we'll come back and see if we'll have a wet morning commute and talk about a big
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temperature change. >> a local teacher really making the grade. we'll introduce you to the country's teacher of the year. that's coming up. but first, paying the price. find out where asking for a bag for that will soon cost you a bit extra. that's up next.
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back on 9news now with word of another part of our area.
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instituting attacks on disposable bags. montgomery county will start charging a nickel per bag on january 21, 2012. that will apply to paper and plastic bags. the county council expects the measure to generate a million bucks next year for water and litter cleanup. meantime, the dc city council is considering a measure. phil introduced a bill this morning to add the words no taxation without representation to an alternate version of that flag. the phrase appears on dc license plates. pepco customers are about to get a break on their bills. starting june 1, maryland residential customers should see their bills go down by 15%. so, if you use the average 1,000 kilowatts each month, your bill would go from $151 to $129. the decrease stems from a recent reduction in the standard rates by the maryland public service commission.
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pb and j, well it's about to get a little bit pricey. analysts believe peanut butter is about to reach its highest price in 25 years. this year's crop of peanuts isn't looking too gad and the jars and sweeteners are going up as well. it is unclear exactly how much more you may find yourself paying for the jars at your local supermarket. still ahead, topper is tracking a change in the weather. plus, from the field to the anchor desk. hear what scott plans. >> how do you study?
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scott pelley will take the reigns of the cbs evening news when katie couric leaves next month. we asked him what his plans are for his first show. >> we're going to have a lot of great things coming up in the broadcast, but what you will see on june 6, you're going to see the news. that's what we're going to cover. >> scott pelley has been with cbs since 1989. he worked on 60 minutes. he's all set to begin anchoring the evening news on june 6. well the best teacher in the country is right here in our own backyard. today michelle shearer of frederick county's urbana high school was named the 2011 teacher of the year. she got the award from president obama.
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>> the 2011 national teacher of the year. >> michelle shearer's students aren't surprised their teacher is the 2011 national teacher of the year. >> she is honestly the best teacher there could possibly be. >> she taught maryland school for the death and graduated from princeton. i don't know why she's teaching high school, but she's really great at it. >> it's something to see your teacher side by side with the president of the united states. >> i was kind of like amazed because i was like taught by the teacher of the year in america. i mean, it was kind of like, wow. >> my classroom bulletin boards are covered with pictures of students i've taught over the past 14 years. students who are my daily inspiration to continue my commitment to teaching. >> now this is one of the bulletin boards that mrs. shearer was talking about in her speech. it is full of pictures of her former students and at the very center is her formula for success.
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>> michelle's specialty is taking students who are normally under represented in science and helping them discover the scientist within. >> i wanted to drop the class, but she basically wouldn't let me drop it because she knew that if i tried, i could do it. >> if we want really to give education in america the weight it deserves, we need people like mrs. shearers. >> no matter how challenging the question, have confidence and make progress towards solutions. >> in urbana, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> when she started teaching in 2006, she had 11 students enrolled in ap chemistry. this year there are 92 of them. england's prince charles will take his tour of dc to georgetown university tomorrow. today he visited the u.s. supreme court and then got his hands dirty at the vegetable garden. this garden grows food for low income families living in that
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same area and people will hope it will draw attention to their urban farm. >> this used to be a baseball diamond and we transformed it into a productive farm that feeds people in the neighborhood. >> prince charles will also visit with the president at the white house tomorrow. the u.s. postal service is struggling financially, but the way the independent postal regulatory commission is going about getting input from customers may have you scratch your head a bit. people can make their case for keeping their local post offices open, but only via e- mail. really? apparently yes. really. >> that's odd, isn't it? >> a little odd. only snail mail. or maybe both. >> or maybe both. >> they probably don't like that snail mail term. >> no, they don't. all right, what do you have? >> 81 today was the high. it's going to be a distant memory tomorrow night. we're going to lose 20 degrees. let's start with the radar. live doppler, access this on
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our website, we watched storms all evening. eventually they are going to cross over, but by and large, the heaviest storms have been inbetween cumberland and also toward hagerstown and into pennsylvania. franklin county and fulton county in particularly. these are heavy. no warnings just yet, but winchester get ready. some heavy rain and perhaps strong, gusty winds. look at the temperature. 79 downtown. 79 in gaithersburg. 81 in leesburg. 82 in fredericksburg. it was getting cooler to the west. 52 right now in oakland. so the outside story, thunderstorms are possible in the metro area until about midnight and then the cool air comes in and squashes them. some could be heavy. some could be severe. the greater threat by far and away west of town look for a wet commute tomorrow morning. nothing severe, but it's going to be wet and much cooler on wednesday. here's a look at our future cast. a little bit after midnight, we're going to see rain and showers from gaithersburg down to the district and also over
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toward baltimore. that's the yellow indicating moderate rain. by 9:30 in the morning. we see rain beginning to work its way from west to east. with the rain, out of here by lunchtime. in fact, we'll see return to partly cloudy skies by afternoon. you'll remain breezy and still remain rather cool with temperatures struggling to get to 60 and maybe a wet snow flake for our friends out to the west. look at that. that's blue. that's wet snow out in oakland and petersburg. it will be cool for a few days here in the metro area. for tonight, around the metro area the next few hours you're fine. mostly cloudy, thunderstorms turn to rain. 50 to 55. winds go northwest at 10 to 15. by morning, a wet commute. the rain tapers off, but not until late morning or early afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and then by afternoon, partial clearing, breezy and cool. dry commute home. highs only around 60. okay. next seven days. kind of cool on thursday.
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upper 60s, we'll keep it dry. maybe a shower on friday. there's no block buster system coming our way, but we have a shower or thunderstorm in the next few days. saturday we are warmer. for mom we're warmer. back in the mid 70s. perhaps a thunderstorm and near 80 monday and tuesday, but also with a couple storms. >> thank you, sir. from our weird news file, a classic cake of be careful what you promise to do because you may have to keep that promise. to a town called elfrata, washington state. where 50-year-old gary is looking at his chin once more after ten years right after the 9/11 attacks vow to not shave again until they caught osama bin laden. problem was, bin laden is more illusive than he had expected. so he ended up with what you see there. a crazy bit of whiskers. that is mr. weddle. he cried for three minutes when he heard bin laden was dead. he said it was tears of joy.
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he never expected this to go for ten years. i should have given up watermelon, he says. you got a beard like that. not good. >> taste your lunch several days after. hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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don't forget to join howard and angie every morning. they have the news and traffic they need, it all gets started at 3:25 a.m. in the mail bag tonight, osama bin laden, are we safer than we were? now that the terrorist leader is dead? brad says well, i'm really glad he's dead. i may not feel safer because of the death of bin laden because i'm sure there are radicals out there that will try to defend him, but i feel better knowing this country finally stood up and got it done to show the world we are still done. but michael has questions about that muslim burial ceremony at sea that bin laden reportedly got. can you please tell me why osama bin laden -- not only did that monster murder americans, but murdered muslims. he should have suffered the same fate as osama bin laden and the whole world should have been able to watch him hang. no official word on this
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that i could find, but i'm thinking the man is dead. it doesn't make him any deader to desecrate the body. why make supporters madder than they already are? and we got this from john. great coverage. i had to work late and didn't get home in the 7:30. you and channel 9 were still on the air and had great local coverage of the story at that hour. thank you. no thank you, john. i really appreciate that. especially in light of this e- mail from richard in leesburg. i was very upset on sunday when the pieces were starting to come together on csi miami the network took over. monday i turned on channel 9, but again national coverage of the same old story prevailed. why do you folks insist on working the story to death, no pun intended, particularly when facts are limited? please, enough is enough. first of all, we did put the csi on our website. and secondly, the short answer is, it is way better to do too much on a story than for your
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viewers to think you didn't tell them enough. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 iowa long with anita brikman. we'll take you to section 60 at arlington national cemetery, being layed to rest. that's tonight. don't forget you can log on any time at we'll see you later.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> ding dong the witch is dead. >> the stars speak out about the killing of osama bin laden. from back stage at "dancing." >> on to the next one. >> to the met gala in new york. >> i was very happy for president obama. >> plus, the new anchor of the cbs evening news. that is a humbling thought. >> and l.l. on tv. >> my character is a former navy s.e.a.l. >> but who are the real life navy s.e.a.l.s. who took down bin laden. >> the gorgeous gown. >> what the stars thought about the dress. >> i thought it was


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