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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it about 1:00. here is a look at your day planner, as we start wet on this wednesday, the afternoon has promise for partial clearing but a cooler day. yesterday, 81. only around 60. 60. that's tomorrow's temps but today, we'll only be around 60 degrees. look at the rain. moderate to heavy rain south and east of washington going on right now across prince george's county into southern maryland as well. here in the district, we've got light to moderate rain. now in calvert, st. mary's and southern st. mary's, parts of the northern neck seeing lightning and thunder. temperatures all the way down to 48 on the hour here at reagan national. 44 at hagerstown. it is 49 in andrews. 54 at easton. a wet start. a windy and chilly afternoon. 6:00 a.m. straight up. angie goff, rain is not helping things. >> that's always a factor in that it is going to make you want to factor in some extra minutes for your commute. already seeing early morning problems which is why the
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yellow light stays on. let's take a look at the beltway tie-up at route 50. it is still taking away part of the right lane off to the right shoulder as well. lanes getting by. as a result, we're slowing approaching the scene just a bit. let's move it outside to a wide view. checking out incident free. definitely slow. it looks like 95 drivers here out of woodbridge making their way up toward the mixing bowl, they're definitely using the brakes as we move it outside, you can see we have quite an amount of congestion near the prince william parkway. back over to the maps, we'll zoom into 66. we're tracking your eastbound trip. it look like the main slow is from 234 to 28. you'll be using the brakes again approaching route 50. we also have your travel times for you. we'll show you those quick. the outer loop from 95 to 270. let you know it is only looking at about an 11 minute drive. volume building around new hampshire. 95 southbound doing just fine.
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let's get to some of the stories happening today. she is headed to rome to meet with world leaders to talk about libya. she's also meeting with italian leaders. >> this afternoon, democrats will vote for a new chief of the national committee. they picked debbie wasserman schulz. >> the house is holding a hearing to make transit safer. it was planned before osama bin laden's death. hearing starts at 10:00 a.m. >> we go back to breaking news. a house explosion in rockville, maryland. it left two people hurt in a neighborhood basically in disarray early this morning. >> the scene is along ashley drive. that's near you can seeel road and mcgarrett park train station. surae chinn joins us live from there this morning. >> good morning, andrea and mike. this was a massive explosion.
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there is nothing left of this home. wait until you see these pictures. i have steven here whose friend took this picture you're about to see, a ball of fire and you actually ran toward the fire. >> yes, i did. >> tell me about that. >> well,ives in the house and we heard a loud rumble and it sounded like thunder. came down or something. next thing you know, we see a ball of smoke and fire and my thing was to come and see what happened. they said there was two people still inside and everything and upon coming, i noticed they were off to the side. it was a miracle they were out. the explosion blew them away. there was another neighbor over there helping him out. it was fire. you could hear propane. it was just -- it was very intense. it was wreckage all the way down to almost to my house. >> you came before firefighters and first responders got here. you're talking about this neighbor whobd into the home, tried to save the woman who is still trapped inside. >> yes, we both went in. we tried our best to help.
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i went through some of the debris actually. going through the debris. i mean it was quite a scare. i wasn't thinking of my own safety going in. i just thought, you know, these people are still in there. it could be another blast. just to get as far away as possible. >> you were probably a block away. can you describe the noise that you heard that woke you up? >> it sounded like lightning and thunder just struck the ground as hard as it could. it actually shook the house itself. >> all right. thank you, steven, amazing pictures this morning. a huge explosion and of course, firefighters trying to figure out exactly what caused this explosion. they don't know. it is going to take awhile for them to sift through the rubble. it will be expensive. what we do know is two people are in the hospital with burns serious but not life- threatening. mike, andrea? >> that's surae chinn reporting live along ashley drive in rockville, maryland this morning. >> we'll continue to follow the story. >> power is back on for about
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1,000 pepco customers in bethesda. officials aren't saying for sure but it appears an underground explosion may have knocked out power overnight. the explosion and resulting fire shook wisconsin avenue near montgomery avenue around 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. let's get to the latest this morning on the death of osama bin laden. we have learned recently that the president did not actually see the actual killing. cia director leon panetta says there was a good 20 minutes in the situation room where no one was sure what was going on. he calls those moments very, very tense. we're getting a look now inside bin laden's compound. this video was released this morning by pakistani television. the cia is going over thousands of documents recovered there. so far, as far as the photograph is concerned of bin laden, it may be released. >> it could be inflammatory. >> it is simply possible that
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this is an issue that we are taking into consideration is that it could be inflammatory. >> islamic hard liners in indonesia will hold a prayer service today on bin laden's behalf. >> the death of bin laden hasn't given president obama any political boost. a new gallup poll shows the president's approval rating is at 47%. that's up 1%. from the days before bin laden's death. in a "usa today" gallup poll, 978% the military deserves a great deal or at least a moderate amount of credit for the operation. 88% give the same credit to the cia. 71% credit president obama. 52% credit former president george w. bush. >> news that bin laden was unarmed has some people wondering it was wrong to kill him lining that? or did he get what he deserved. leave your thoughts on our facebook page at and we'll share your thoughts at 6:30. for more on bin laden's death and the aftermath, go to
6:07 am special section right at the top of our home page. >> our time is 6:06. just weeks ago, we told you the brim repair work on new york avenue would cause traffic nightmares. instead, it might be a dream. here is a live look at the busy road near florida avenue. now, of course, the rain is complicating things as well. "the washington post" reports traffic congestion is down even though drivers have lost one lane in each direction. commuters are finding other ways around the wet mess. work should last for two years. the prince of wales is meeting with president obama at the white house later today. prince charles is delivering a speech on sustainable agriculture at georgetown university. yesterday, he made stops at the supreme court, visited wounded american troops at walter reed and stopped at an urban farm in northwest washington. jessica doyle is watching your money! >> a lot less of it will be going to pepco soon. >> yes, the story has you
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thinking about summertime. it is beautiful here in washington, d.c. we get the heat waves and obviously the heat waves cost you when it comes to your power bill. this news comes as some welcome relief. pepco customers are about to get a break. starting june 1st, maryland residential customers should see their bills go down by about 15%. so, if you use the average 1,000 kilowatts each month, your bill would go from about $151 down to about $129. this decrease stems from a recent reduction in the standard offer service rates by the maryland public service commission. if you're shopping for smaller car, you have a lot of company on dealer lots with gas prices so high nowadays, more car shoppers are opting to downsize. both general motors and ford saw double digit sales increases in april inside those numbers, the compact chevy cruze accounted for better than 10% of g.m. sales. ford saw a big jump in sales for its new focus compact. pay-per-view could be coming to your flight.
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our partners at "usa today" reports american airlines is working on a system to stream movies to their tablet or computer while in the air. it is working with air cell on the system and it could be introduced later this year. that would make the long haul flights a lot more enjoyable. >> that will be interesting to see if somebody goes ahead and does that because you can play a dvd in your laptop. >> but you know, for business travelers if they're not lugging all of the stuff with them, that could be particularly attractive. >> thanks, jessica. >> as expected, as was sort of announced over the last few weeks, scott pelley will be the new person in the "cbs evening news" anchor chair. the network made the official announcement tuesday. he will make his debut in the chair june 6th. he will still be on "60 minutes" every sunday. he replaces arlington native katie couric leaving cbs after five years as the main anchor. >> here is a look at what's still ahead in this hour of 9news now. >> a rise of emotions at
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arlington national cemetery. see how the death of osama bin laden is affecting the families of fallen troops. >> at 6:23, the capitals are one loss away from the end of their season. hear from them on last night's loss in tampa. >> up next, howard has your wednesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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weather first with meteorologist howard bernstein. >> almost 6:13. we have a wet start to the day. evening lightning and thunder pulling away from the northern neck. by noon, lingering sprinkle or two. much colder than it has been. this afternoon, some clearing and only around 50. angie? >> all right, we're taking a look in maryland at 95 headed southbound. right now, no problems to report as you make your way past jessup through laurel. down to powder mill all the way toward that beltway. still ahead, a look around the region. how the rain is impacting our commuters this wednesday. i'll have that at 6:19. over to you. thank you, angie. right now, fire crews are very busy in a rockville, maryland, neighborhood, following an early morning explosion. >> it is one of the story making news this morning at 6:13. two people were hurt when the home exploded overnight. this is on ashley drive, the video shows basically the home is now nothing but a pile of rubble. two people are in the hospital with injuries not life-
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threatening, the cause remains under investigation. >> this is new video from inside the crippled fukushima nuclear reactor in japan. a plan to flood the plant to keep it cool has been delayed over fears radioactive water could leak out. crews are working around the clock to fix the leaks. a statue of former president gerald ford is now on display in the capitol rotunda. his daughter, susan thanked lawmakers before becoming vice president, mr. ford served as house minority leader. news of osama bin laden's death is also being shared at arlington national cemetery. >> some people are taping newspaper clippings to headstones now. most of the mem ep toes can be found in section 60 where soldiers of today's war are buried. >> brittany morehouse reports it is a symbol of grief that changed one woman's mission. >> reporter: marks every visit. >> i like to leave nine rocks
6:15 am
here just because it represents the people in our family. who miss chris. >> reporter: for amy miller, this morning is different. she's placing at her brother's gravestone, a newspaper headline. >> chris was a history buff. he would have loved the fact that the news of osama bin laden's death was announced on the same day as hitler's death. >> a glance around section 60 and you see similar mementoes. you hear mixed reaction. >> a lot of these people here have the same feelings that he's gone but their lives are changed forever. >> it is a bittersweet thing for us. i'm so proud of my brother but i'm so sad he's gone. >> it is that sadness that inspires amy to help other families at arlington. she worked for taps which stands for tragedy assistant program for survivors. her role with the group opened her up to new friendships. she sees stones, she sees faces. >> i know bradley beard's
6:16 am
mother. i've talked to the mcginnis', their son received the medal of honor. the families here are deeply connected. >> sometimes, the connections are unbearably close. >> one of my best friends actually now, her husband is buried down there. >> sometimes the connections are military families, loved ones still serving. >> my husband is active duty. i would want people to not forget him if he ever had to sacrifice his life. >> a lot of our families today, unlike in the vietnam era, identify themselves as families of the fallen. they might have gold star license plates on their cars or wear a special pin or have a gold star banner hanging on their home. just say thank you. you don't have to do a lot. >> because a little means a lot. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> thank you and welcome back
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to 9news. 6:16. howard bernstein is here with our weather fist. >> a wet start to this wednesday morning. this will be with us. we start with the regional radar. give you an idea about the big picture first before we get to live doppler 9000 hd. the rains have been falling for hours now. some spots, it has been rather heavy with the lightning and thunder that went across the northern neck. now, it is affecting areas in southern maryland toward the eastern shore. other areas light to occasionally moderate rain. and this is what live doppler 9000 hd has lit up most areas even out to the shenandoah valley where there is light rain now. we've got the heavy rains off to our south and especially over toward the east just south of easton. here in washington, even a few breaks in southern prince george's and charles county, southern montgomery county. as we go off to the south and the east, annapolis now across the bay bridge over to the eastern shore, this is where the heavy stuff is from easton down 301 toward cambridge and oxen. southern calvert county out
6:18 am
toward prince frederick, lightning. had some lightning from the stuff that's moved over to the eastern shore. same with jan in reedville. they had some heavy rain and lightning and thunder earlier. back to the south, quantico down through stafford and fredericksburg, see the pockets of yellow showing up. even down here, approaching colonial beach out of northern virginia, central virginia, these areas have moderate rain with that. it will be wet for several more hours. you can imagine with the rain, we've had some lightning as well. especially down south now. you can see it mainly on the eastern shore. your bus stop forecast, breezy. cool, almost chilly and damp this morning. 47 to 57 but with the winds, it is feeling colder than that. you need to bundle up. 81 yesterday. today, we'll be lucky to get to 60 with brisk northwest winds all day by 11:00, lower 50s. by noon, mid-50s with some clearing. partial clearing this
6:19 am
afternoon. temperatures at 3:00, 57 and 5:00, 59 degrees. winds will gust over 20. look at the temperatures already down to 46 in gaithersburg. ladensburg, columbia at 50. sterling is at 46. 50 in crofton. 51 in alexandria. 48 here in washington. the forecast has promise for the afternoon at least in the accepts that we'll see partial clearing. breezy, around 60. winds gusting over 20. 40 tonight with some upper 30s not out of the question north and west with 68 breezy degrees tomorrow. friday, 68 with a late shower or storm looking ok saturday. by mother's day, sorry, mom, can't rule out a shower or two. temperatures back in the lower to middle 70s. it is time for timesaver traffic with angie. >> right now, we're back to green, i'm happy to report. 19 minutes after the 6:00 hour. the accident on the outer loop at route 50 has cleared out of the way. so, some better news out for virginia beltway drivers. let's take a look at the map.
6:20 am
we'll go ahead and switch things over and show. >> wide view of the area. if we can. want to show you there are no incidents and accidents across the viewing region. it looks like closer to 270 as we zoom on up, reveals we have a lot of red on our maps. that shows us drivers definitely using the brakes. dangers stacking up from 85 down to 121 and slowing down again. among slick roads past germantown road. back over to the real time graphic, our focus is on the clinton brandywine area. no incidents or accidents to report on route 4 pennsylvania branch avenue or 301 crane highway. checking your travel times, 66 headed eastbound in the yellow from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. about 17 minutes. usually takes about 12. inner loop checking out ok from 395 over to the toll road. d.c. 295 never quite recovered from the early morning accident. you're slow there approaching the 11th street bridge. still ahead, a look at 395 in virginia with growing delays. andrea and mike, that's at
6:21 am
6:25. over to you. >> ahead in sports, see what kind of reception jayson werth got when he went back to philadelphia. his first game there since joining the nationals. >> the capitals season could end tonight. reaction to the shocking loss in game three.
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>> here is live doppler 9000 hd. you see the heavier rains on the each shore. still pockets of moderate rain toward the shenandoah valley. so, a wet start to the day. and chilly. we're in the 40s in many areas. only around 51. a couple of showers left over at noon. by 5:00, we're up to 59 degrees. mike? >> it all comes down to tonight for the capitals, win game four in tampa or the season is over. >> d.c. lost last night in shocking fashion. the whole thing looked great up to the second period, the caps scored three times.
6:25 am
capped off by owe very much kip's power play goal. 3-2 after 2. then came the third in an instant, the lead was gone. tampa bay scored twice in 24- seconds. capitals lose 4-3 after the game. players were shell-shocked. >> you know, we're not going to go too far. we have to learn to play 60 minutes solid defensively and not give up odd man rushes and back to back goals. when they got a goal, we have to be more prepared to have a big shift after that. >> also in the nhl, cat nucks beat the predators. game three, they went 3-2 in overtime. vancouver leads the nationals two game to one. >> philadelphia fans aren't known for being the most polite bunch but it took one small gesture from the nats jayson werth last night to win them over. the boos went to cheers when he tipped his helmet to the crowd. he siped with the nats last
6:26 am
winter. he went 0-3 in his return to philly. on the mound, hamill shut down washington beating the nats 4- 1. minnesota francisco liriano hit the first no-hitter of the baseball season. twins beat the sox 1-0. ahead, new information from the cia on the death of osama bin laden. >> more on our breaking news, a house explosion in rockville, maryland. we'll get a report from the scene next. >> quick check of traffic from angie. >> right now, 395 headed northbound, we're using the brakes from duke over to seminary. definitely slow crossing the 14th street bridge. a look at district roads when we return at the half hour. stay with 9news now.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> this just in, five schools in anne arundel are closed because of power outages. they are... they are all closed once again because of power outages this morning. if you missed one of those, the full list is on >> thank you for starting your
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day with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. good morning, howard. >> it is chilly out here. i have a rain jacket almost wish i had some gloves on because of the dampness and the breeze and temperatures falling into the upper 40s here. let's go over to the weather graphics. we'll talk about today. it is going to be a lot different than yesterday. we start with -- and chilly and breezy, low 50s at 9:00. by noon, a lingering shower or two. partial clearing with upper 50s to maybe a couple of spots in the low 60s. we'll try to get 50 here in d.c. with winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. so, we've got some challenges for you. here's live doppler 9000 hd, you can see the heavy rains from the eastern shore. still moderate rains coming up from the south there. along the river just along and east of 95. out toward the park in the shenandoah valley, more areas of moderate rainfall. a chill. we've got some mid-40s in the shenandoah valley to around 50
6:32 am
in fredericksburg. bundle up. we'll have the seven-day forecast when we talk next. angie goff has your latest timesaver traffic. >> right now, halfway through the 6:00 hour, we keep the green light on. we want to show you why because there are no major incidents across our viewing region. right now, the focus is on that district drive. we'll move it outside and begin with northeast d.c. now, if you want to avoid the construction on-going on new york avenue, you can always use rhode island avenue as an alternate. this is your live shot where it meets south dakota. no problems. out in southeast, slick roads to contend with. at 14th and independence. that road remains incident free. we've got lanes out here in northwest where pennsylvania avenue meets m street, very nice and quiet. we're also watching your rails, metro, vre, marc. everyone running on time early on this wednesday morning. a look across the region. we'll have your latest traffic at 6:46. >> at 6:32, we want to update you on our breaking news, an
6:33 am
explosion levels a montgomery county home. >> we received word at least two people were hurt. the. >> the scene is in rockville along ashley driver into the garrett park train station. surae chinn joins us now with the latest. >> andrea, mike, this was an enormous explosion. a massive explosion that happened to a single family home just around the bend here on ashley drive in the 11200 block of this street. i want to show you this picture. it is just amazing to think that two people survived this explosion, a ball of fire erupted around 3:00 in the morning. destroyed the home. and now, it is only a pile of rubble. a big massive pile of debris. firefighters now have the enormous task of sifting through that pile to figure out exactly what caused this explosion. this fire. this mess that's happened right on this street. it basically shook this neighborhood and people started waking up.
6:34 am
two neighbors ran toward the fire to rescue the woman still trapped inside. it is going to be an enormous traffic. firefighters were waiting for daybreak and now that has come. they're waiting for the investigation to begin. we see that the heavy equipment has arrived. they're just waiting for the signal to actually go inside to start the investigation. but again, it will take hours and an exhaustive investigation to start exactly what caused this explosion. but we do know that two people are in the hospital with burns, severe injuries to them. but they are expected to survive. but pretty amazing pictures when you actually see all of that combined. back to you. >> absolutely. thank you, surae chinn reporting live along ashley drive in rockville, maryland, this morning. >> we are focusing on the death of osama bin laden now. the head of the cia thinks a photo of the terror leader's body will eventually come out. >> the white house is weighing the release of the picture.
6:35 am
it says the photo is a gruesome one. >> we're getting video from inside bin laden's pakistani hideout. the cia is going through evidence found there and they're trying to break al- qaeda. >> cia director leon panetta told katie couric last night the war on terror is not over. >> the fact that bin laden is dead does not mean that al- qaeda is dead. the president gave me the mission to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-qaeda and while the step we took in the last few days was very damaging to al-qaeda, we have a lot more work to do to truly defeat them. >> now, president obama will be going to ground zero tomorrow in new york city. former president george w. bush declined an invitation to go with him though. >> in last night's let's be real segment at 11:00, derek mcbeginty wondered if it was right to kill an unarmed bin laden as opposed to bringing him to trial. >> it has you talking.
6:36 am
>> amanda says killing him was the best thing we could have done. the terrorists didn't feel remorse when they killed terrorists on 9-11. >> colleen sedley never celebrate the death of anyone in this manner. >> sharon says he had the option of going peacefully but resisted capture. i think he got what he deserved. as i recall, he was wanted dead or alive. leave your thoughts by going to >> for many, it is hard to believe that yeardley love has been gone for a year already. friends of the murdered university of virginia lacrosse player painted this bridge in her honor. love's former boyfriend george huguely of chevy chase is charged with her murder. he's been in custody since love's death. huguely is expected to go to trial next february. well, start stockpiling nickels if you live in montgomery county. starting january 1st, every paper or plastic bag you get at a store or restaurant will cost you a nickel more.
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6:39 am
>> we might have to do some further investigation into this. >> let's try the bacon cupcakes. >> ok. >> thanks, jess. >> some of d.c.'s top chefs and restaurants speaking of cooking, cook for charity last night. the event was called best main dish in d.c. it raised money for kids day and charity for older foster children. more than 300 people tasted and helped out. >> we could actually see some sun this afternoon. high though only around 60. howard looks ahead at the weekend coming up next. >> here is a live look at 270 in germantown. not a lot of cars out there. the ones that are moving on slick roads. angie's next timesaver traffic report, 7 minutes away. >> here's what's on at night on channel 9...
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>> we have a few showers outside. some are on the heavy side. we have thunderstorms outside. slow improvement in the forecast. especially by this afternoon. this morning, slow go with the wet weather. it is a lot colder than yesterday. you will definitely need a jacket. don't do the short sleeve thing today. you'll be sorry. trust me on this one. the back edge though, you start to see the full through most of west virginia. it is clearing garrett county now. so, a few more hours of this and things will be improving later on this morning into the afternoon. live doppler 9000 hd, fairly busy. couple of breaks here around annapolis and up into areas north and west of baltimore. eastern shore, quite busy. quite wet over there. another batch of some moderate
6:45 am
rain now approaching d.c. to the south and also down coming out of parts of virginia into southern maryland as well. we'll focus first though on what's coming up the potomac here in route one over from accokeek to alexandria. this will get over toward nationals park and the east side of the district and toward prince george's county as you're moving north and east. more heavy showers headed your way. a little bit farther off to the south, we'll take knew colonial beach over toward oak grove, for the royal and dahlgren. this is all lifting toward charles and st. mary's county eventually toward calvert and anne arundel. back from fredericksburg and points west, another batch of some moderate to heavy rain see clusters of it toward culpepper and boston. midland, this will head toward prince william county. essentially loudoun and fairfax. might take another 30 minutes before it moves toward you. the lightning, it is well south and east now. don't think we'll see much of
6:46 am
that. your bus stop forecast, it is breezy. it is wet. it is chilly. 47 to 57, maybe even 45 to 55, would be a better range. sun came up at 6:07. it sets after 8:00. noon, 52 with a lingering shower. still mostly cloudy. partial clearing this afternoon. upper 50s to around 60 with northwest winds at times gusting over 20 miles per hour. here is a look at the next three days, today, we start with temperatures which are now in the 40s to around 50. only around 60 with afternoon clearing. 68 tomorrow. after a chilly start. friday, late showers and storms. 68. dry saturday and a few showers possible on moms day. it is 6:46. angie goff has your timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we're cruising close to that 7:00 hour. the green light stays on. what we're dealing with are the slow goes starting to grow across our viewing area. we'll take a camera tour. first in maryland, 270, a whole lot of headlights here.
6:47 am
a sloppy camera there. very wet outside. you'll want to be careful. slow from 85 down to 121. using the brakes as you make your way from montrose to the split. sluggish from 95 over to georgia. tapping on the brakes approaching river road trying to cross the american legion bridge. 66 in virginia, good morning to folks who use this roadway. we're slow. and seeing more congestion building between 50 and route 123. a look at 95 northbound in virginia also reveals drivers below speed from the prince william parkway making their way up toward lorton and approaching the mixing bowl. we have the travel times for you. d.c. 295 drivers never recovered from the early morning accident. still very slow. 24 minutes trying to get to the 11th street bridge. the inner loop is doing just fine though. 395 to the toll road. 95 in maryland moving from 216 to the beltway. your top traffic stories of this wednesday morning, that's ahead at 6:59.
6:48 am
back to you. thank you, angie. we're taking you to the top of the charts this morning. top downloads on itunes. most downloaded song by adele. number two, adele is number one with album 21. number one right now in 12 different countries. >> they don't like it but the montgomery county council will comply with the program. >> they'll begin sharing fingerprints with officials. they believe the program is divisive. they fear it will prevent illegal immigrants from reporting crimes. >> you could call it the gospel of going green. florida avenue baptist church in northwest d.c. is the first african-american church in the district to use solar panels. this was the scene at yesterday's rooftop ribbon cutting ceremony. the 10 kilowatt rooftop solar system should reduce the church's power bill and carbon
6:49 am
footprint. environmental agency lisa jackson hopes more will get on the green bandwagon. >> you're showing the path toward winning our future begins one community at a time. and i actually can't think of a more important community for the african-american population than the faith-based community. >> these solar panels aren't just good for the environment. they're great for the local economy. d.c.-based bolt energy supply the panel for the projects. >> 48 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
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6:53 am
welcome back. 6:53. 48 degrees and it is raining. it is cold. it is damp and it is going to be a chilly start to the day. we will see some afternoon clearing. partial clearing anyway. temperatures struggle to get to 50 with a stiff northwest wind. mike and andrea? >> today, wednesday, may 4th. a check of the news before you go now. two people are hospitalized this morning after a home exploded in rockville, maryland. this is along ashley drive. investigators are trying to determine if this was indeed a natural gas explosion. >> prince charles meets with president obama later today at the white house. he'll also speak at georgetown university this morning. the prince of wales spent about 35 minutes touring an urban farm on tuesday. the capitals have to win tonight or their season is
6:54 am
over. the lightning scored twice in 24-seconds last night. winning game three 4-3. the puck drops this evening 7:00 p.m. in tampa. >> "the early show" begins in just six minutes. >> right now, erica hill tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> just ahead on "the early show," the very latest from the pentagon in the risky raid that killed osama bin laden. among the new details we're learning that bin laden was unarmed when he was found. officials also say growing pressure over whether to release pictures of osama bin laden's body. there are questions surrounding that decision as to whether or not the pictures could lead to more concern of retaliation and terrorist acts. we'll take a look at that. michael bloomberg will join us to talk about the president's visit. he's coming to new york city tomorrow down to ground zero to meet with families of the victims of 9-11. we'll touch base with the mayor on that and also ahead, a look at how facebook is actually saving lives. helping to connect people, patients with potential organ donors. that and much more coming your
6:55 am
way on "the early show" this morning, mike and andrea? >> our time is 6:54. >> one more check on weather and traffic when 9news returns. wo
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[ male announcer ] icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. welcome back. 6:58. we're looking at live doppler 9000 hd. still some moderate and heavy rain in spots over the next few hours. things will get better later this morning. in afternoon, expect partial sunshine. partial clearing. some sunshine. as temperatures will be getting to the 60 degree mark. upper 60s tomorrow. then as we head toward friday,
6:59 am
a chance of some late showers. there could be a couple of showers again on mother's day. angie? >> 395 drivers listen up. we have a big delay from the beltway to seminary. rain, slick roads adding to this congestion, this delay here is definitely growing. d.c. 295, an earlier wreck from the beltway past up capital street up to the 11th street bridge. taking about 25 minutes. inbound new york avenue, delays from the times building to bladensburg road. brakes approaching pennsylvania avenue thanks to the on-going construction there. >> jess? >> we're looking at a huge batch of earnings this morning and right now, futures are looking higher. >> "the early show" is next with more on osama bin laden plus how facebook helped a man in need of a kidney transplant find a donor. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic by visiting >> see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great


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