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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from critics around the world who wanted proof that bin laden is dead. even with no photo release there is concern here in washington and around the world that americans will be targeted in possible revenge attacks. attorney general eric holder briefed senators today promising that the treasure trove recovered will be used to keep americans safe. intelligence analysts are how combing through the computer files, the flash drives, dvds and documents. >> as we glean information from that material we will make appropriate decisions with regard to who might be added to the terrorist watch list. no fly list. all those things. >> at a white house event for wounded warriors president obama paid tribute to the military for tracking bin laden down. >> you've earned your place among the greatest generation of americans. we saw that again this past weekend when thanks to the courage and precision of our forces the terrorists who started this war and took so many innocent lives learned that america does not forget.
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>> reporter: tomorrow the president heads off to new york city to visit with the 9/11 families and first responders and lay a wreath at ground zero. and the president's decision comes as we learn more and more details about that u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s raid. after they killed osama bin laden they found 500 euros in his pockets and couple of phone numbers sewn into his clothes. apparent sign that the man was ready to run at a moment's notice. >> thank you, derek. now bruce leshan with more on this. bruce. >> reporter: those phone numbers, they are going to be interesting. hopefully they provide some leads. i just finished talking to maryland congressman, the ranking democrat on the house permanent select committee on intelligence and he says that the president made the right
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decision at least for now. >> your privileged. you know some of the inside stuff. >> we know a lot of the inside because our job is to really oversee all of the agencies including this operation and that's why we have been briefed. >> and based on all your briefing this was absolutely the right thing to do, with hold that photo? >> i'm not saying it is 100% absolute either way. i think it is a judgment decision and i think the decision is made more to protect american lives throughout the world. just look at what happened when the minister in florida burned the quran. >> is it worse coming out through wikileaks. >> it was a firefight. he was shot in the head from what i understand. i haven't seen them. >> you will see them. >> i hope we will because it is our job to provide the oversight in a classified.
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>> reporter: sarah palin disagrees show photos as warning to others seeking america's destruction. no pussy footing around. no politicking, no drama. it is part of the mission. senator john mccain sees things differently. >> my initial opinion is that it is not necessary to do so. i think there is ample proof that this was osama bin laden. >> and on dc streets everyone we talked to agreed with the president. >> i don't think he has to get into a tit for tat battle. >> i don't believe our president would have told us thing that is not true. >> you don't want anybody to see that kind of picture. come on now. kids. would you want your family to be seeing that if they got killed? >> reporter: we also talked to rachel perry from silver spring. for her, that video from bin laden's bedroom. that was gruesome bloody enough and she says conspiracy theoriorists will spin out all kinds of crazy ideas no matter what kind of photos the white house puts out.
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>> anita. >> bruce leshan, thank you. >> stay with 9news now for the latest developments surrounding the killing of osama bin laden. and you can get the latest revelations about the mission anytime on our website. some rockville residents are still very much shaken up tonight after an explosion that literally shook their neighborhood. two people inside the home on ashley drive were sent to the hospital, one with life threatening individuals. matt has been following the story all day. matt, you're live if rockville. quite a scene? >> reporter: anita, all day long neighbors here have been searching for the right words to describe what they saw and heard early this morning. as investigators have been trying to determine what caused the explosion. >> from the movies. >> reporter: here one minute -- >> boom. >> reporter: gone th next. a massive explosion set off a
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huge fire inside. instantly blasting the house to pieces. >> could you believe what you were seeing? >> no. >> reporter: and left a field of debris on nearby homes and nearby trees. >> really, really loud. >> reporter: this man lives next door and says he ran outside as soon as he heard the explosion and found the two people who live inside the house next door lying amid the rubble. >> shocking. saw them sitting in between the boards. just screaming for help. >> reporter: according to neighbors the young couple that lives here had just moved in on sunday. >> seemed like lovely people. >> reporter: both were home at the time of the explosion. and both were taken to the hospital. the woman now in critical condition. today while cleanup crews removed what was left of the house, investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> investigators believe that the occupant at this time he was working on the gas line
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which fed a drier. >> reporter: investigators believe they now know the cause of the explosion. a leaking gas line inside the house. >> one of the pipes that was being worked on did leak gas throughout the night and eventually this gas leaking into the house eventually found an ignition source at which point the house did explode. >> reporter: captain garcia said he would urge anybody who needs any work done on their gas lines at home to call a licensedded professional. in light of what happened here early this morning that's obviously very good advice. anita. >> hard to believe that explosion. matt, thank you. let's get you up-to-date on some breaking news coming out of portland, oregon. a fiery collision between a lumber train and a tanker train have caused a major explosion. multiple crews are on the scene fighting the fire. you can see the smoke there unfortunately not the flames. the highway has been closed near the flames right there. and we are told that evacuations have been ordered
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for a quarter mile around the blaze. there is a closer look at the after math right. there the train wreck involved logs and overturned tanker cars. this is all according to the oregon department of transportation. but there have been no reports of any injuries. here in our neck of the woods the skies looking a whole lot better. things clearing up? >> they are. but this morning's rush hour has ushered in much cooler temperatures. how is it looking there, topper. >> just a couple of sprinkles. if you have lacrosse or soccer or baseball games this evening you'll have just a couple sprinkles. live doppler 9000 first. we see a couple sprinkles up 270 to the north and west. sprinkles down to the south as well. zoom in a little bit and we see a couple of showers. nothing really heavy. up towards potomac. river road. around bethesda. east/west highway and also up 270. they will be around until the sun sets and then we will be in pretty good shape. temps 60 downtown but plenty of
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50s in gaithersburg and manassas. and leesburg. look at poor oakland. 41 degrees. wow. for tonight then, we will keep the chance of an evening shower and then partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. low temps in the 40s. winds northwest at 10 to 15. we will come back and talk about mother's day and milder air will roll in. prince of wales meeting with president obama right now in the oval office. the heir to the thrown is visiting the u.s. for the first time since 2007. president obama is scheduled to visit the u.k. later this month. prince charles began the day with a key note address on the future of food at georgetown university. it was sponsored by the washington post. told the audience in jackson hall it is time to make the world's food system and environmentally friendly. >> we need to face up to asking whether how we produce food is
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actually fit for purpose. in very challenging circumstances. we simply cannot ignore that question any longer. >> prince charles is scheduled to leave washington tomorrow after wrapping up his three-day visit. >> the washington capitals quest for the stanley cup could come to an abrupt end tonight. down three games to nothing. it is do or die against the tampa bay lightening. >> brett is live from the st. pete's times forum. brett, 1980 winter olympics in lake placade. do you believe in miracles. >> let's call this what it is. a huge disappointment. capitals are allegedly the most talented team in hockey. they are built to win a stanley cup right now. no expense has been spared and yet it appears for the fourth consecutive year they are about to go out of the playoffs with a wimper. and last night is a complete
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microcossism. they produced a brilliant second period with three goals in that frame and led 3-2 with 15 minutes to play. but then they lost their focus and they gave up two goals in 24 seconds and just like that the lead was gone and the caps are now down three games to none. series not officially over but historically speaking it is all but over and now the questions begin and the fingers start to get pointed. most notably at the capitals head coach bruce boudreau. a lot of people believe that if the caps lose this series, his tenure in washington is over. we will get into that a little bit more when we join you back here 40 minutes from now. for now we are live in tampa. i'm brett haber in a big, deep hole, guys. >> let's hope they can claw their way out of it, brett. thank you. >> that would be nice. meantime montgomery county police keeping streets safe cracking down on law breakers on a district line to
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conneticut avenue. >> reporter: these officers will be enforcing both driving laws and pedestrian safety laws. so they are going to be looking for people who fail to yield today, looking for speeders, failing to yield to a traffic signal or light or sign. >> police also plan to ticket pedestrian violators who break the law and don't let people cross. >> get a check on the overall evening rush with monika samtani on a wednesday night. >> thank you so much. we got the yellow light because we have a good news/bad news situation. an accident on the georgetown pike on rivered road. it was there long enough, although it has been cleared up, but i want to warn you there may be extra heavy traffic at springhill road. take you around town live. first of all, we will take you over to the virginia side of things. if you're planning it head over to virginia on the southbound side of 95 slow traffic from
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lorton through woodbridge because there was a long standing accident on the northbound side of 95. that was just cleared to the shoulder but you see the yellow lights there as well. that's an indication of how slow it is. and now we will take you over to 270 on the northbound side of 270 you've got delays from about route 124 up to middlebrook road. nothing steps in the roadway along 270. and 395 just a bit here at this street in landmark, nothing stopped in the road here as well. back to you, guys. >> he died while simply hanging out with his friends. still ahead tonight talking about the freak accident that took his son's life. first, a collision between two school buses sends nearly a dozen elementary school kids to the hospital. we will hear from one of the children on board when it happened.
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it was a plan you heard about first on 9news now. dc officials and metro are launching a pilot program that replaces paper transit passes with electronic student i.d cards that will contain a chip that tracks when students use it. the students would be restricted from using these passes during nonschool hours. the district school without walls will be the first to use the ecard. >> 11 elementary school children were hurt this morning when two school buses they were on collided on a wet curvey
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road. >> it happened in clarksburg right near little bennett elementary. teen coverage tonight. lindsey mastis was with the victims at the hospital but we will start with scott broom at the scene of the accident. >> the buses were going in opposite directions on this narrow hilly two lane road. it was in the rain this morning at about 8:30. it appeared that one bus running empty with no children aboard lost control on a curve and sideswiped a bus coming the other way. that one was carrying 24 students headed to little bennett elementary school. sending the bus careening into the trees. the collision pushed twist the metal and broken glass well into the first two rows of seats where children were sitting. dana is a school spokesman. >> we are very grateful at this point. the fire department is telling us the injuries to the students involved are not serious. >> in all 11 children and two bus drivers were taken to two separate hospitals and that's where my colleague lindsey mastis picks up the store.
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>> five of the children were brought here to shady grove emergency center in germantown with very minor injuries. one of the girls told me what she experienced on the bus. >> i got some glass on my knees and it really hurted. >> reporter: her leg is bandaged up. it was cut by the glass. >> this person was scratching into the glass. it was breaking on the bus. like it just fell out of the sea. i went to the emergency exit and went out. >> all of the children went to the hospital, picked them up an went home. >> thank you, lindsey. early word back at the scene from investigator that the driver of the empty school bus reported she may have had a brake problem as she came into that curve. in clarksburg scott broom, 9news now. >> the driver of the bus carrying the children was a supervisor with 23 years' experience filling in for another operator who was out sick today. the potomac river offers amazing views and a chance for
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adventure but the waters can also be deadly. today park police, the national park service and local fire and rescue officials gathered at the river's edge to address those dangers. >> i have seen more than a dozen tragedies here on the potomac river in the george. gorge. the partners of the potomac task force are committed to doing whatever we can to eliminate these accidental drownings. >> the organizers of today's event say that latinos and vietnamese communities in our area have had the largest number of drowning victims. actor charlie sheen is showing a different side and this one is winning some praise. he is now starting an online campaign to raise money for storm victims in alabama. and the effort comes a few days after he toured the tornado damage in tuscaloosa. he said he wanted to use his
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ability to attract media attention to raise awareness of the area's devestation and is planning to organize a bit of the show for the victims. >> anita and topper. >> we are just laughing a little bit here because it has gotten cooler. don't know if we need that or not. >> i might follow you. >> sort of feels like march out here. >> need to get spring moving again. >> let's start with live doppler because there are some showers out here. sprinkles west and north of town. we will zoom in now. we are looking at a pretty good area of rain quite frankly just on the right side of 28. right around dickerson. chevy chase. a little area of heavy rain right on parts of the beltway. so again, nothing severe but some showers here and there. that's going to be the case until the sun goes down. the sun goes down we are going to be just fine actually. temperature wise, again, little
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bit more like march. look at poor oakland. 39 degrees. i love garrett county but i think i would probably leave in april and may. that's a tough two months. 60 right now downtown. 55 in gaithersburg. 59 in leesburg. and even upper 50s in manassas. 57 also in hagerstown. a bit chilly now. in fact, almost cold tonight. grab a light jacket thursday. yes, the kids will need a jacket at the bus stop. grab your shades too. and showers will return friday. we will have a dry morning commute on friday but there will be some showers friday afternoon. nothing heavy though. all right. for tonight. an evening shower then partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. lows in the 40s. winds northwest at 10 to 15. a windchill later on tonight maybe. oh, joy. lows tonight 42 in rockville. mid-40s downtown. 45 in arlington. and downtown. and 44 over at andrews. low 40s in college park and in bowie. even 45 in waldorf. low 40s in fairfax, reston and sterling. go far enough west, 40 in
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leesburg and 40 in manassas. that could easily be 39. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. 40s and 50s. winds increasing a bit at 10, 20 northwest. highs upper 60s. winds persisting out of the northwest at about 10 to 20. so we will break down tomorrow. 40s to start. 60s by lunchtime. and upper 60s to near 70 by evening. but that's going to be probably our sunniest day for the next few days. next three days. maybe a shower late friday. some clouds coming in. little bit milder back up to 70 and saturday again some showers possible not a washout. we are back into the low 70s. all right, next seven days. for mom, we will be optimistic right now. some showers are possible but there will be some sun as well. temps back up into the mid- 70s. then a little warmer next week. upper 70s monday. mid to upper 70s tuesday. near 80 on wednesday. yes, a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm each day. but, yes, one of those days
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will be completely washouts. it will feel more like may more. >> still have rain drops. >> it looks worse than it is. >> all right. enough of the rain though, really. all right. >> thanks, topper. >> what would you do if you found a $20,000 diamond ring. we are going to tell you what one local area couple did. coming up. landmark study out just this afternoon. doctors hope it will stop the debate over the right approach to treating prostrate cancer in most men.
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screening people as part of asthma day on the hill. it can become harder to control in the asthma season. pollen can be worse. now on to prostrate cancer. the most common form of cancer in men. but there has been a long running debate about how aggressive to be to treat it.
5:25 pm
tonight a vet for more aggressive action. >> reporter: patrick gallagher found out he had prostrate cancer from a biopsy given several treatment options but he wanted to take the most aggressive. >> the ability to go through life afterwards not thinking about it. >> reporter: a new study in the new england journal finds more men should do what gallagher did. one group took a wait and watch approach, the other had surgery to remove the prostrate. >> if you were treated with surgery you had a 25% reduction in your death rate. >> reporter: the study also found those men that had surgery were 60% less likely to have their cancer spread to other parts of the body. the reason some doctors recommend just monitoring the cancer after diagnosis is because prostrate cancer grows slowly and surgery comes with risks. including incontinence and sexual dysfunction.
5:26 pm
>> a landmark study. we can tell those men with great confidence there is significant benefit as far as your overall survival if you choose it. >> reporter: gallagher's cancer was undetectable at his last check up and is looking at his future. >> i have a loving wife. she loves me. she wants to spend time with me. she wants to spend a long time with me. i do too with her. >> great plans. early stage process indicate cancer. 40s and 50s prostrate cancer is fueled by even more testostrone and behaves more aggressively. a teenager killed tragically tragically. find out how he is still having an effect. wo
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right now tragedy for one local family whose son died while simply hanging out with his friends. >> it was a freak skateboarding accident saturday that sent him onto life support. he passed away yesterday. our delia gonclaves spoke to family and friends who said their good-byes. she joins us live in ashburn outside the rec center where his memorial service just wrapped up. delia? >> reporter: anita, sadly this
5:30 pm
situation is really terrible because the 16 year old was not wearing a helmet at the time of this accident. he wasn't even an avid skateboarder we are told. and some people are even using this tragedy to revive the debate about helmet laws. right now though it is just time to grieve and remember for all his friends who came here to the community rec center. >> he was meant to be a thinker in this world. >> reporter: although his son lived a short life he left a lasting impression. >> when he was 5 years old i remember what he used to say was i'm going to be a lawyer some day so that i can sue people that litter on the street. >> reporter: at 16 he was a thoughtful, kind young man with a promising future. one of the state's top debaters leading his team to the state championships.
5:31 pm
a successful student. served as a role model to many. >> he was the best friend that you always wanted to have. >> reporter: even his competitors. >> he was a wonderful debater and i wanted to be like him. >> he was there for him when you needed him. >> monday morning we all sort of knew that he wasn't going to make it. everyone was just crying and hugging each other. and hundreds of his classmates came to say their final good- byes to their friend. his life cut short after he suffered a head injury saturday while skate boarding with friends. >> he has always been special. >> reporter: now the boy who was always there to lend a hand to someone in need is helping others even in his death. his organs donated saving six local lives already. >> he registered as an organ donor when he got his first driver's licence, of course. that was a few months back. but i didn't know his life was
5:32 pm
so short. >> reporter: listen to this. i spoke to his debate coach on the phone. he tells me just today in the mail he received sashaa national forensic award. it is a high honor for some of the top debaters in the country. a young man who had a lot of good things and wonderful young man. he will be missed in this community. back to you. >> so much potential and again to be an organ donor at that age and six lives already affected by him. delia, thank you. just a couple of hours ago president obama welcomed bike riders from the wounded warrior project to the south lawn. the project was founded by veterans in virginia who wanted to help injured service men and women. organizers say they are particularly grateful to the president for pushing for improved benefits for caregivers of severely wounded veterans. they can expect those benefits in hand by the summertime. the mississippi river is on
5:33 pm
the rise and threatening to reach really drastic levels and to protect towns in mississippi, the army corps of engineers has blown out levees. >> reporter: the national guard raced to save a 93-year-old woman when floodwaters washed out this missouri road. one of the guardsmen pulled her out of her sinking car and brought her to safety. residents are evacuating all along the mississippi river in missouri and southern illinois as the water rises. hundreds have gone to local shelters. >> it was a spur of the moment thing. wasn't anybody prepared or ready for this at all. >> reporter: she and her child are from illinois, a town that appears to have been spared after the arm corps of engineers blasted holes on a levee in the river diverting flood waters into farmland. more blasting was done down river. the huge explosions opened up the levees letting mother water escape. the immediate threat in this area is over but the worst
5:34 pm
could be ahead for people living further down stream. arm engineers say move levee blasts may be necessary. days of rain are pushing the mississippi to record levels. towns and cities in tennessee and mississippi are bracing for what could be the worst flooding since the 1930s. residents are loading up sand bags and bringing them to homes in low lying areas. >> prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> reporter: the river is expected to crest in memphis, tennessee, a week from today. cbs news, mississippi county, missouri. >> and the federal government is promising aid to those farmers whose land is now under water after the intentional breech. >> being phrased for how honest a couple are. they found a diamond ring in a parking lot at target. they thought it was a toy at first but later discovered the gem was worth more than $20,000. but it is a $20,000 they will never see.
5:35 pm
they found the ring's rightful owner a young couple to be buried. the bride-to-be and fiance gave the honest couple a $300 reward. let's check on the evening rush hour. kind of a yellow light earlier. how are we doing? >> anita, i decided to change it to green. although you may not feel that when you're sitting in delays it is really not that bad. in fact, i will start off with the good news. metro, ver, mark, everything running on time if you choose to use public transportation. now we will take you outside on the west side of town. american legion bridge. the delay on the outer loop continues to 270 then river road heading southbound to the dulles toll road. on the inner loop of the beltway northbound you've got that delay to 270 spur. let's take you over to 66 on the westbound side. just this slow down leaving beltway then beyond that not until you get to route 50 where there is reports of an accident. back to you.
5:36 pm
>> thank you. how many young children are watching t.v. in daycare. at 6 p.m. a handful of the dc government's most powerful women are taking to the streets tonight to protest restrictions on using local taxpayers on abortions. don't forget we are always on stay with us. we will be right back.
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we are back now with a new study that shows more than two thirds of daycares in the u.s. have televisions. researchers in ohio found children in daycare watch t.v. an average of four times a month. now, the american academy of pediatrics recommends kids under 2 not watch any t.v. at all and kids over 2 no more than once a week. researchers say kids who spend too much time in front of the tube may be missing out on hands-on developmental learning. and for the first time in 20 years fewer americans own a television set. according to neilson. 96.7% of u.s. households have t.v.s down from last year. so what's the reason? well, more people are watching t.v. shows on their laptops, tablets and smartphones instead and neilson also says the economy has a role here.
5:40 pm
some families can't afford to replace broken televisions. the soon to be anchor of cbs's flagship newscast paid a visit. scott pelley made a trip to washington a day after it was announced he would be taking over the anchor chair. we had a good visit. he received a warm reception and outlined his new vision of where the newscast will be heading into the future. >> we are going to cover hard news, be aggressive about that. we will be leaning forward. we will take the broadcast on the road when we can add some reporting to what's going on in the world. and the broadcast is going to be about hard news from beginning to end. the folks at home are telling us that that's what they want to see. we are going to be all about original reporting. unique insights and being fair to everybody involved in a story. it is just that simple. >> scott will take over the anchor chair and managing editor duties for the cbs evening news on june 6th. he will also continue to report
5:41 pm
for "60 minutes." >> his track record there brings so much to the show. >> absolutely. been about 10 years here as well. so he spent some time here in washington and obviously knows the landscape here and is hopeful that people will welcome him back into their homes during the 6:30 p.m. hour. >> absolutely. >> topper is outside. let's go outside and see how the weather is. >> another note on scott. a texan. just saying. we will take you out with the pollen count. breeze is still high. grass is the moderate. everything else in the low range. we will talk about some low temperatures tonight when we come back. but up next when you buy food that says all natural, are you really getting what you're paying for? we will tell you what you need to know the next time you go shopping. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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all you can use broad bands much the internet provider will cap what you can use. dsl users will be capped at 150 giga bytes per month. 250 giga bytes and you will have to fork over $10 for every giga byte of data. you care about eating better but decoding those food labels can be more like reading a foreign language. some of you may tend to look for one simple look on the food label natural but we found that natural is probably not what you think. >> reporter: the natural food label is all over the supermarket but checking the ingredients could make you think twice. >> the second ingredient is corn syrup. >> reporter: cotton seed oil, corn syrup. some of the ingredients listed on the label of some popular
5:46 pm
natural products. the term "natural" has little to do with nature. >> the natural claim is one of the most vague and misleading green claims that we see out on the marketplace. >> reporter: the food and drug administration admits it never defined the term "natural ." it doesn't argue with the label and it leaves room for some pretty unappetizing ingredients. >> ci citriic acid. >> i want to know what's going into my body. >> reporter: nutrition expert saying the natural loophole shows the political power of the billion dollar food industry. >> corporations fund election campaigns and until that changes our federal agencies will be very concerned about corporate health as well as public health. >> reporter: natural may be a marketing magnet but the truth
5:47 pm
is in the find print. >> you're going to pay more for those natural labeled products and reading the ingredient list is really important especially because leading experts say if it is long and reads like a science experiment you may want to consider a better and sometimes cheaper option. the next time you head out to shop in montgomery county bring your own bag. of course that starts in january. but the county council approved a pass on paper and plastic bags. the nickel fee goes into effect january of next year and it is similar to the bag tax legislated by the dc council more than a year ago. but here is what it means for shoppers in montgomery county. you're going to have to fork over that 5 cents bag fee at nearly all retailers. not just grocery and food establishments. and that's the key difference there in montgomery county from the district. and there are some exemptions so these bags you get with your prescription or newspapers or items that you buy at a farmer's market you won't have to pay the 5 cents tax there
5:48 pm
and you won't have to pay any money for those fast food carryout bags or the ones that hold your leftovers from a restaurant. all right, my friends. i've got a bit of a test. a little test. going to give you a test. do you have to pay the bag tax if you carry out food from a lunch room or cafe? >> no. >> very good. no cheating. the revenue collected from the bag fund in montgomery county will be used to fund a cleaner environment, watershed protection activities, litter prevention removal or all the above? >> all of the above. >> very good. it is exactly the same as the dc bag tax? >> no. >> we listened. >> the law only applies at stores that sell food which can also include retail stores if they sell candy or anything
5:49 pm
like that. those little bars and things like that. >> you're saying in montgomery county you mean like a clothing store. >> they add that tax. >> the gap or something? >> everything except those prescription bags, those carry- out bags for food that you take out. newspaper bags. and then anything you get at a farmer's market. >> my car is already a mess. i'll just add some more bags. >> there you go. now you're up to speed on everything. >> thank you, lesli. >> thank you. i'd like to bring us up to may 10th. you can't quite get there. temperatures 10 degrees below average today. let's start with live doppler. and we will show you a couple of showers. just a few sprinkles around. some to the south. some to the north. zoom up to the north 270. nothing is heavy. certainly nothing severe. but you might run into a couple sprinkles. i don't think any games will be canceled. little bit of a shower just south and lighter activity up in loudoun county and as you stretch over the river into
5:50 pm
frederick and montgomery county. potomac. heading away from the town. again, nothing severe but a couple of showers are out there through the evening hours when the sun goes down, the showers will stop. 60 right now. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 in manassas. 64 in fredericksburg. one of the warmer readings. predominantly 50s. hagerstown. martinsburg and leesburg and win chester. a bill chilly now. almost cold tonight. grab a rite jacket on thursday. grab your shades too. make sure the kids have something tomorrow morning at the bus stop. and showers will return on friday. not anything severe. not anything widespread. but we have got showers in the forecast in the afternoon. and evening on friday. for tonight, an evening shower but then just partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. lows in the 40s. winds northwest 10 to 15. look at the lows tonight. even inside the beltway we are talking mid-40s. that's pretty chilly. 42 in rockville. 41 in gaithersburg. 42 out toward bowie. 45 in waldorf, charles county. low 40s in fairfax and reston
5:51 pm
and sterling. you go out to leesburg. 40 tonight. manassas 40. maybe even 39. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy chilly. 40s and 50s. and winds increasing. northwest 10 to 20 actually. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and cool. highs upper 60s and winds continue north westerly at about 10 to 20. we will break down tomorrow. light jacket in the morning. in the 40s. back to the 60s by lunchtime. upper 60s maybe low 70s south and east of town by evening. next three days. we are looking at some clouds on friday. maybe a shower late friday. back up to 70. a few showers on saturday. but not a washout. we are back to the low 70s. next seven days. for mom some showers. but milder. not a washout. mid-70s. then upper 70s next week. in fact, monday and tuesday and wednesday warmer. we have showers and or a thunderstorm in. won't be a washout. looks worse than it will be really. by next wednesday we should be flirting with 80 degrees which will be kind of nice actually.
5:52 pm
>> yahoo. >> we want to rock the red but starting to feel rocky right now. >> starting to feel a little rocky. brett haber is live in tampa with the capitals, lightening game. critical for the players and the coach, right. >> reporter: critical for everybody. the playoff hopes are circling the drain. no, the series is not officially over but the fans know the math. they know that only 2% of teams have ever come back from a deficit like this and so the fans are starting to search for a scape goat for the capitals playoff failures and much as they love him they are starting to point the finger at headcoach bruce boudreau. bruce has been here four years now and while he has led the team to all manner of regular season success and gotten them to the playoffs, once they have arrived there, they have flamed out. some say he hasn't gotten the players to fully buy into his system. others believe he has been too hest tant to bench underperforming stars. it is clear his job is now in jeopardy if he can't orchestrate this miracle comeback while his players say it is not the coach, it is us.
5:53 pm
>> we have to learn 60 minutes solid defensively and not give up odd man rushes and specially back-to-back goals like that. >> we make mistakes. >> we have got to play better and we have got to have more chances. not let them get that many goals like they do. four goals is too much. >> your frustrated because you're giving at the point chances. you keep letting them come back. you don't win doing that. >> of course, anything is possible if the caps can manage a win tonight somehow then the series goes back to dc. and if they win one at home then the series is 3-2 and then maybe the lightening start to get nervous and who knows what can happen from there but still a very steep hill up hill to climb. we will be back at 6 p.m. with key news on one capital star who is out for tonight. right now live in tampa.
5:54 pm
they are playing the smugglers blues here. that's a florida song kind of, isn't it? >> it sure is. >> thank you, brett. >> i'm kristin fisher at habitat for humanity site in arlington where about 30 women are getting their hands dirty as part of national women build week and we are going to take you inside and let you know how these ladies faired when we come back and by the looks of it i think they are doing fine, right? full story is coming up. coming up new at 6 p.m. >> i'm britany morehouse where a whistle blower lawsuit has been settled against fedex. an employee who used to work here says the company was making money off of 9/11. coming up.
5:55 pm
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stocks lost a bit of ground on wall street. dow closing at 12,723. nasdaq down. s&p 500 down 9 points. construction is typically a male dominated industry but today a group of women took over one site in arlington. >> as kristin fisher reports the ladies are giving the guys a run for their money. >> we feel united and strong. we can do anything. >> we are women. >> reporter: susan isn't shy when it comes to recruiting for national women build week. >> come on out and build with the women. >> reporter: but this is actually her first time working
5:58 pm
on a construction site. >> i work in retail. i have to check my ladder first to make sure it is safe. >> reporter: today susan and 30 other women are helping to build affordable housing for low income families as part of habitat for humanities women build program. >> we are putting up insulation today. we are cutting it, measuring it and putting it up. >> it gets in your face and eyes but guess what at the end of the day it washes away and you have done something really well that you're proud of. >> reporter: when this building is complete it will house 12 different families and their pictures are scattered all over this construction site just like this one right here. >> i am happy for this day. many, many women credit me. >> this is really great because the satisfaction that you get from being here knowing that someone is going to benefit from your hard work is just -- it is so exciting. >> reporter: more than 1600 habitat homes have been built
5:59 pm
by partial female construction crews. this one should be complete by the start of the summer. >> people need to know that women can do this too. do it for yourself. do it for your children. >> you're strong and you can get out here and do what any of the guys can do. >> reporter: in arlington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> okay. i'm impressed. habitat for humanity saying they hope to break ground in one year on a new home built entirely by women. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. this is 9news now. >> did you see the pictures? >> yes. >> what was your reaction when you saw them? >> it was him. >> the president has made his decision. the white house will not release any visual evidence of osama bin laden's dead body. the president announced his decision today to in an exclusive interview with 60 minutes that will air this sunday. he told cbs he has seen th


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