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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 4, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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reminds people how they died when discussing osama bin laden's burial at sea. >> the respect that was shown to him and his body was far greater than the respect that osama bin laden showed to the victims on 9/11. or any of his other victims. >> and tonight members of the apache tribe looking for some respect from the obama administration. they want the president to apologize for the fact that bin laden's code name was geronomo. the legendary leader from the 19th century that protected the apache tribe's land. mail bag tonight. we will share responses a bit later in the broadcast. also tonight in your only local news at 7 p.m. we are in montgomery county where two people were injured in a home explosion in florida where the caps are on the road. i'm brett haber in tampa. puck about to drop on game 4 between the capitals and lightening.
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let's call this what it is. a huge disappointment. the capitals are built to win the stanley cup now. they will exit the playoffs it appears with a whimper. a microcossism of why they lost. they led then in the course of 24 seconds in the 3rd period gave up two goals, surrendered the lead, lost the game. now they trail three games to none. and if they should lose there is speculation that this will be the end of bruce boudreau's tenure with the capitals. we will have full post game coverage tonight at 11 p.m. a major explosion and house fire completely destroyed a single family home and sent two people to the hospital. one of them in critical condition. >> reporter: right around 3 a.m. this morning. >> i still can't believe it. >> reporter: when a massive explosion set off a huge fire inside 11200 ashley drive in rockville. >> i never experienced anything
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like this before. >> reporter: i be instantly blasting house to pieces. >> could you believe what you were seeing? >> i still can't. >> and left a field of debris on nearby homes and nearby trees. while they removed what was left of the house investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> the occupant was working on the gas line which fed a drier. >> reporter: late this afternoon captain oscar garcia of montgomery county fire and rescue said investigators believe they now know the cause of the explosion. a leaking gas line inside the house. >> well, the house has voted to limit tax breaks for insurance policies that cover abortions. but that measure has little chance of advancing in the senate and president obama has already threatened to veto it. right now several dc council members are protesting restrictions on using local taxpayer money to fund abortions in dc.
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15 of the 41 people arrested last month during another protest off the budget deal are due back in court tomorrow. the website dcfirst is reporting that they will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly and blocking passage. two and a half years after a deadly home invasion in springfield, a grand jury has indicted one person in connection with that crime. but he is just charged in the robbery and not the murders. >> after surveillance for several days it is alleged mr. cook and others armed themselves with weapons, robbed the victims in their home and then stabbed all three of them to death. >> terrence strop and his 20- year-old brother and a 26-year- old were killed. police say they were dealing marijuana and they believe cook
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and his accomplices were looking to steal money and drugs. hoping you recognize this tattoo. it is on on the wrist of a man that attacked a woman at the ashburn plaza. a baltimore area mother speaking out after video of her child fighting another kid sparked outrage on the internet. >> put your hands up. cut him loose on you buddy. >> kelly white can be seen confronting the boy that she says chased her son back to their home. she says she had encouraged her son to fight back and to stand up for himself because she was tired of seeing him get bullied. >> i didn't want to see my son fight but i was scared that i will be burying my son because of these kids. if i do have to face charges on this then i will because as a parent i was scared for my son not standing up for himself. >> she said she reported the problem to her son's school but they did nothing.
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her son says he has not been bullied since all this happened. baltimore county police say the fight is under investigation. they will see if any charges ought to be brought. what do you think about this? white told her son to stand up for herself which might be what your parents told you and now her boy could be in some trouble. is that advice too old school or are we missing the boat in not trying to get more kids to stick up for themselves and others. what about her reaction when that bullier showed up at her front day. weigh in at 11 elementary school students were sent to the hospital this morning. minor injuries. two school buses sideswiped each other right along a hilly two-lane road. those students were on their way to little bennett elementary in clarksburg. >> this person he was like crashing into the bus and some glass was breaking on the bus. >> we are very grateful at this point. it appears the fire department is telling us the injuries to the students involved are not
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serious. >> one of those bus drivers reported having some problems with her brakes as she approached the curb. time now for a check of the evening are you. monika samtani with your time saver traffic. good evening. >> good evening, derek. everything looking good that's why i have given it the green light. let's take a look outside and tell you what it looks like. on the southbound side of 395 right here past seminary road accident cleanup as you can see along the right side here. not really affecting traffic, it is just a little slow getting by with that. gawker's block. on the south side slowdown typical on the 270 spur. once beyond that the main lines look fine heading up through german town. a map on south side. outer loop at eisenhower avenue long-standing accident on the right shoulder. looks like you will be okay getting by if you're heading for the wilson bridge. back to you, derek. once the rain went away not too bad of a day. what about the night, topper? >> you need a jacket.
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i'm putting one on. you need one if you're headed out after the sun goes down. looking at sunshine here. showers offer to the east. we will show you live doppler. access this anytime on our website summer pushing through parts of prince george's county. some push down to the south in charles county. everything very light. if you're west of that no problem. look at the temperatures 54 downtown. we were 80 this time yesterday. 54 up in gaithersburg. mid-50s in manassas and also leesburg. so for tonight we will keep the chance of an evening shower in but then just partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. lows in the 40s. winds northwest at 10 to 15. we will come back. we will tell you how cold it will be for the kids at the bus stop and look ahead to the weekend. >> thank you, topper. that weather ought to be just fine for the north american aerospace defense demand to do some drills across our area tonight. so do not be startled if you hear low flying jets between 11:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. they conduct these sorts of
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drills most months. the stereotype of the male construction worker whistling at women is getting bumped. we will show you the site manned by women in our area. remember a dark time for racial equality in this country. we do. we will take a look back at the freedom riders. that's up next.
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50 years ago today the first group of freedom riders left the district bound for new orleans. their goal, challenge segregation in the big easy. but their journey came to an abrupt end in alabama. in the most violent outburst more than 1000 white people attacked the third bus injuring more than 20 of the riders. the soon to be anchor of the cbs flagship newscast paid a visit to us right here at channel 9 today. scott pellley made the trip to washington a day after it had been announced he will be taking over the anchor chair for the cbs evening news and we had a pretty nice visit. pelley received a warm reception and outlined his vision of where the newscast will be heading in the future. >> we will cover hard news, we will be aggressive about that, leaning forward and we will take the broadcast on the road when we can add some reporting to what's going on in the world and the broadcast is going to be about hard news from beginning to end. the folks at home are telling
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us that that's what they want to see. we are going to be all about original reporting. unique insight and being fair to everybody involved in a story. it is just that simple. >> scott pelley will take over the anchor chair and managing editing duties starting on june 6th and will keep his job at "60 minutes" too. topper will be back with a check on your full forecast. that's up next. wo
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[ no audio ] a panel of scientists and environmentalists is calling the pan to clean up the chesapeake bay ambitious. the chesapeake bay program asked the national research council to study the environmental protection agencies plan and, well, the nrc came back with a verdict there may be a lot of challenges and it may be overly optimistic. you can learn more about the plan at just click on living green. construction is typically a male dominated industry but
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today a group of women took over one site down in arlington and as kristin fisher tells us, the women are giving those guys a run for their money. >> we feel united and strong. we could do anything. >> we are women. >> susan isn't shy when it comes to recruiting for national women build week. >> come on out and build with the women. >> reporter: but this is actually her first time working on a construction site. >> i work in retail. i have to check my ladder first to make sure it is safe. >> reporter: today susan and 30 other women are helping build affordable housing for low income families as part of habitat for humanities women build programs. >> we are mutting up insulation today. it gets in your face and eyes but at the end of the day it washes away an you've done something really well that you're proud of. >> when this building is complete it will house 12
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different families and their pictures are scattered all over this construction site just like this one right here. >> i am happy for this day. many, many women credit me. >> this is really great because the satisfaction that you get from being here knowing that someone is going to benefit from your hard work is just -- it is so exciting. >> reporter: more than 1600 habitat homes have been built by partial female construction crews. this one should be complete by the start of the summer. >> people need to know that women can do this too. >> do it for yourself. do it for your children. >> you're strong and you can get out here and do what any of the guys can do. >> reporter: in arlington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> habitat for humanity of northern virginia hoping to break ground in one year on a new home which will be entirely built by women. five years ago today crews broke down on what would become national park.
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the nearly $611 million project guided the city in terms of whether or not it was worth that much money. let's take a look. since it opened in 2008 the nats have gone 201 and 313 and they have never had a season over 500. we have been asking people on our facebook page if they think that 600 million bucks was money well spent. you can join the conversation. log on to our facebook accounts and visit our web page. or send me an e-mail. mail bag at governor martin o'malley helped the maryland forest brigade mark a milestone today helping the group plant its 1 millionth tree. that tree is in upper marlboro. the governor announced maryland started back in 2009. the initiative encourages residents and organizations to partner to plant trees all across maryland. >> good thing to do. >> little rain for the trees last night. >> yes. >> it is cool. >> it is a little bit.
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a distance memory distant memory. >> grab a jacket and sweatshirt as you head out tonight. live doppler 9 how. couple showers east of town rolling through pretty fast. heavier activity out to bowie crossing 50 here shortly. lighter activity around davidsonville and on down into north beach. the sun goes down. they will go away. look at the temps. mid-50s now. 54 downtown. 54 at gaithersburg. mid-50s in leesburg. manassas. still 62 in fredericksburg. but look at this. 48 in couple betterland and 39 for our friends out in oakland. so here is the deal. a bit chilly now. in fact, almost cold tonight. grab a light jacket for thursday. that includes the kids at the bus stop. some areas may even sneak in the upper 30s tonight. grab your shades as well and then showers will return on friday. not anything severe, nothing super heavy but looks like friday evening could be a little bit wet. tonight evening shower but then just partly cloudy, breezy and
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chilly. lows in the 40s and winds north westerly at 10 to 15. lows tonight even count and inside the beltway talking mid- 40s. 45 in springfield. 45 downtown but 45 in college park. 42 in bowie. and down to the south probably 44, 45 in waldorf. out to the west low 40s. fairfax, reston, sterling, 41. and again you get out towards leesburg, middleburg and manassas you'll be right on the border of 39 or 40 or 41. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. 40s and 50s. winds actually increase tomorrow northwest at 10 to 20. they will be with us all day. partly cloudy, breezy and cool. highs in the upper 60s. and winds continue out of the northwest at 10 to 20. take away that wind it would feel a little more comfortable but with that wind it will just be a little bit cool. all right. here we go. tomorrow in the morning 40s at 7 p.m. 60s by noon. upper 60s to around 70 with sunshine by evening. a lot of sunshine tomorrow.
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next seven days not so much. 70. a few showers on saturday. low 70s. for mom some showers also and mid-70s. looks worse than it really is, derek. i know it looks worse than it is. everybody calm down. showers and thunderstorms possible. monday, tuesday, wednesday. but just kind of hit or miss. temperatures upper 70s near 80. >> what happened to the sunshine, my brother. >> i thought it was there. we had showers all day in all those periods yesterday. >> okay. >> not super bad. actually, i cleaned mom's day up a bit. an easter bunny who lost his hop or perhaps he never really had any to tucson, arizona, where a family found twin baby bunnies last month and one of them, joe, turns out, well, he was born a quadriplegic. the back legs don't work. he is differently abled. the folks love him regardless. so they design and build a little bunny cart to help little joe get around. some might argue it looks like
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he is moving slower without the share but his parents say without that his hind legs will be rubbed raw and he may get infections and that's not good for anybody. you go, joe. >> pretty good send to mcginty's mail bag at 9news now will be right back.
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breaking news. a dc councilwoman arrested on constitution avenue. she and eight other women were picked up by police for protesting. we will have more on this tonight at 11 p.m. in the mail bag tonight osama bin laden and last night at 11 p.m. in my let's be real commentary i asked if there wouldn't be been some advantage to capturing bin laden alive and interrogating him forcing him to stand trial and facing execution. the answer, a pretty resounding absolutely not. lisa cook butler writes killing bin laden was the best thing ever. now, show the pictures. and shaun hill says are you serious. i still have bad memories of looking out at my old office building and seeing plumes of smoke all over the place. this was the own acceptable outcome. but jenny was a bit more philosophical about it saying there is never a good time to celebrate death. remember on 9/11 when we saw
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pictures of al-qaida dancing in the streets. those that celebrate this death are no better. raymond hill says do not second guess the navy s.e.a.l.s. do you think they have time to analyze if he was armed or not. this was osama bin laden. worldwide terror figure. i'm pretty sure they thought he was a threat. still, i did get this one in mcginty's mail bag from deb in arlington who writes "if they captured him and he went to trial. in no way am i condemning the project but i am just not sure it was the right call." thank you for that, deb. actually, i don't mind one bit that they killed osama bin laden. what i really want us to do though is think about in the midst of all our celebration what does this mean and are there consequences then the government decides to just take someone out? bin laden deserves it, no doubt about that. but, okay, what about the al-
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qaeda second in command? what about gadaffi. he is a bad guy too. people say we are in a new kind of war. the old rules do not apply. okay, i buy that. what rules do apply. that's our report. i'll be right back at 11 p.m. along with anita. tonight we are working on a piece before domestic violence. men account for one third of domestic violence injuries or death. a lot of victims suffering in silence. tonight at 11 p.m. we will see you a bit later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: 'cae we believe that's the way you make hot and juicy hamburgers. the other guys use frozen beef and some of it comes from ... whonoswhere. you won't find any frozen beef at wendy's. so try our bacon mushroom melt with applewood smoked bacon and a cheesy mushroom sauce.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> marie osmond surprise wedding, remarrying her first husband in las vegas today. >> she started crying, i started crying. everybody in the room started crying. >> more than 25 years since they divorced. marie wearing the same gown as the first wedding. >> if i want to live with him i'm going to have him forever, right. >> inside the reception, cutting cake and why they're back together now. >> they belong together. and it feels right. >> then kate's wedding photos, how did they compare to her mother-in-law, diana's? the children, diana alone, charles keeping his distance. >> the bin laden death photo controversy today. plus, was the president watching the mission live on helmet cam


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