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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you. we have winds and temperatures in the low to mid-40s in many areas. our day planner on the positive side. plenty of sunshine expected, clear skies and 47. 52 by 9:00, 60 by noon. good could windy at times winds will cost 25 even 30 miles per hour. a few clouds out there. we have the storm system remember yesterday morning with the rain. new england northern new england getting hit hard. on the back side some showers in pennsylvania bringing clouds here and there. now a mainly clear skies across the region, 43 in culpeper and hagerstown and gaithersburg. cumberland is four, 49 our warm spot in annapolis, andrews 46 with cambridge and 47 in southern maryland. when you factor in the winds, feeling like 42 in d.c., but only 39 on a wind chill for gaithersburg and hagerstown. winchester your wind chill 42. garrett county, wind chills make it feel like 27.
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put the plants outside, give it until the middle of the month, may 15th is usually safe in d.c. perhaps the end of the month in western maryland. it is 5:00 a.m. angie goff, you got trouble already? >> we do. we have been tracking trouble spots on the bw parkway. that's why we keep the yellow light on. i want to begin by letting you know what we're dealing with on the bw parkway is this accident at riverdale road that is taking away all lanes that are going northbound. as a result of this, you will want to use route 50 or 201 as an alternate. still not getting any type of timetable as far as when they plan to have this wrapped up. so as a result, i'm edging you to use 201 or 50 this morning if the bw is what you usually travel in this area. a wide view of the other areas, everyone else checking out okay. north of the district the outer loop is moving from 95 to 270 at speed. the live condition at 29 colesville road. back to the maps we take another
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view of the area, moving this time up to 270. drivers appear to be moving well. right now it doesn't look like any major slow goes out of urbana to 109, 121 a good example, we are very much looking at a light drive. still ahead we are going to look at that police investigation on the bw parkway. back to you. thank you, angie. president obama has decided not to release the photos of osama bin laden's body. >> the president says the photos are too gruesome and could be inflammatory. >> the decision comes just before the president and vice president visit two of the 9/11 attack sites. surae chinn is live in arlington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. vice president joe biden will be visiting the pentagon later on today. he will be meeting privately with 9/11 victims and also participating in a wreath ceremony there. also, at the same time the president will be traveling to new york at ground zero. he will also be meeting with
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9/11 victims and participating in a ceremony. well, this comes after president obama says he will not release pictures of bin laden after he was shot to death by navy seals. he explains why in an interview with steve croft of 60 minutes. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an in sight. to additional violence, as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are. >> reporter: the president says he has seen these photos and the world will not. he said without a shadow of a doubt bin laden is dead. he knows this through dna testing, facial recognition and those on the compound who identified him. meanwhile, there are bogus pictures circulating the internet, but those are doctored pictures that you will see are
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not genuine. mike, andrea? do we think that the president's decision is likely to end the debate over showing the pictures or not showing the pictures? >> reporter: well, certainly not. the debate continues, obviously, but he said -- the president says that even if those pictures were released, some in pakistan will not be convinced that bin laden is dead. in fact they still believe he is alive. back to you, andrea. surae chinn, reporting live from the pentagon site, thank you. we now know more about what caused yesterday morning's big breaking news story, a couple is hospitalized with serious injuries after their rockville home exploded in the 11,200 block of ashley drive. fire officials believe the husband paid a mistake trying to hook a gas line to a clothes dryer which caused a leak. the couple just moved in last weekend. maryland's medical examiner has ruled the death of a north carolina teenager as a
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homicide. 16-year-old phylicia barnes disappeared last december. her body was found in the susquehanna river last month. police are not releasing the exact cause of death while they continue their investigation. barnes family will hold a funeral service this weekend. speed cameras are coming to yet another part of the region. howard county council approved those cameras this week. maryland state law passed in 2009 allows counties to set up some cameras. in howard county police plan to operate a maximum of eight mobile cameras. they say they will only do it in school zones. >> very narrow parameters, they have to be within school zones monday through friday six in the morning to 8:00 at night. the violations are $40 citation, no points. >> i've seen one of those $40 citations before. driver also have wiggle room. the cameras will take photos of cars going more than 12 miles over the posted speed limb. police hope to have the camera running by the start of the school year 2011-2012.
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a tentative agreement between management and nurses at washington's largest hospital. nurses at washington hospital center held a one day strike in march, but they were locked out for an additional four days. the hospital's 1700 nurses have been working without a contract for nearly a year. details of the agreement are not being released. nurses are scheduled to vote tomorrow and saturday on whether to ratify the contract. six minutes after 5:00, the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica doyle has a preview of wall street. it wasn't pretty yesterday. >> no. today jobs, jobs, jobs. yesterday, jobs, jobs. the wall street area is focused on the job market. stocks dropped yesterday after the economy added fewer private sector jobs than expected last month. traders are looking to this morning's weekless job claims report and tomorrow's april unemployment report. for the bigger picture of this job market recovery. the dow stands at 12,723. it dropped 83 points in trading
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yesterday. the nasdaq was down by 13 and the s&p 500 was down by nine points. general motors is recalling about 150,000 of its popular chevy cruz's for the 2011 model year. it wants to verify that the steering shafts were installed properly. more than 2000 cruzs were called back after a driver had the steering wheel break off while driving. gm also plans to inspect about 120,000 cruzs with automatic transmission to make sure the shift linkage was properly install. no crashes or injuries have been attributeed to this issue. gm is putting more muscle into corvettes. the automaker will invest 130,000 -- rather 130 million more dollars into the kentucky plant that makes the classic muscle car. the investment will create 250 new jobs in bowling green and support production of the next generation corvette. i can't stop staring at that vehicle. >> interesting. listening very closely to that
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one, so pretty. >> they really are. >> you have a story coming up that's important for parents i understand. >> absolutely. this is about infant medications. it is going to become more difficult for parents to find certain versions of them. i'll tell you about that in the next half hour. thank you. a possible act of revenge in the middle east for killing osama bin laden. we'll let you know coming up. the house targets abortion in the latest effort by republicans to dismantle president obama's health care reform. and it's time to stop rocking the red unfortunately, put away your jerseys caps' fans, rough night in tampa. highlights after this. wo
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it is 509 tom on 5:09 on
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this morning. upper 30s in some areas at this hour, and 40s. it will be a breezy day, even windy. the day planner sunshine all day as temperatures climb into the lower 50s this morning, getting to 60 degrees by noon. and topping off into the mid to upper 60s, the winds will gust at times 20 to 30 miles per hour. angie goff over to you. thank you, howard. we still have all the northbound lanes of the bw parkway shut down at riverdale road due to the police investigation using route 50 or 201 will be your best bet this morning. still ahead more on this and a look at your virginia roads in my next traffic report at 5:17. back to you. thank you. making news at 5:10, possible revenge attacks for the killing of osama bin laden. five soldiers, three civilians in yemen killed in rocket propelled grenade attacks. authorities believe they may have been carried out by al-qaeda operatives.
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the last known combat veteran from world war one has died in australia. clawed choules was 110 years old. he started training with the british royal navy at the age of 14. he had a 41 year career in the military. his auto biography was published in 2008. the house approved a bill that would limit tax breaks for insurance policies which cover aborings. it's the republicans' latest attempt to chip away at health care overhaul. the bill may not get past the senate. as you know, most construction workers are men, but there is a females only crew putting up a house in our area. that story is coming up at 5:49. at 5:35, changes to infant cold medicines for safety sake. and next at 5:14, we'll see how many rain drops howard has in his seven-day forecast. call or click today.
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hello, welcome to cinco de mayo. >> gracias. >> hola. >> that's all my spanish. >> howard bernstein in english language you will deliver the
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weather. >> tutoring spanish, 101. >> let's go to the bus stop forecast, a little guys, do not wear anything with short sleeves this morning. you will regret it. it's breezy, chilly. that's right, 39 to 51 on the range. most temperatures low to mid-40s, the wind chill upper 30s to low 40s. sunrise 6:06, it sets at just after 8:00, about 8:05. the day planner looking for shine around 51 at 9:00 with a northwest wind at 12. it will make it feel like it's more in the mid to upper 40s. noon, northwest winds at 20. the hour and wind directions northwest at 15 miles per hour. then at 5:00, 65 degrees, northwest at 17. these are sustained winds, gusts could be 25, 28 miles per hour. it's going to be a breezy, cool day. 47 degrees in salisbury, winchester 47, culpeper 41.
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the winds are slack instanton, 45 in gaithersburg with a wind chill of 39. you notice the other wind chills upper 30s to mid-40s. here in washington, it is a chilly start. clear skies northwest winds at ten. dew points in the 30s, it's really dried out and the barometer steady at 30.19. a little breather across much of the lower 48 states here with dry, warm weather in the southwest. a few showers may come on shore in the northwest later on. new england dealing with the storms that gave us our rain yesterday. right here from minnesota back through iowa, kansas, we have an area of showers and thunder toward northern areas of north of minneapolis this morning. that storm system will cut across the northern tier of states, tracking a low pressure area late tomorrow evening, that will give us a better chance for showers around here. today high pressure is in
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control across the region. between the high and low in new england, driving the nobody westerly winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour at times, we get quieter tonight. winds get lighter as well. we'll call it a light breeze. tomorrow clouds increase, start with a few of them in the morning. in the afternoon and evening here comes the showers and rain and maybe a rumble of thunder down south by 8:00. this passes tomorrow night by saturday morning other than a shower lingering in the mountains, saturday turns out to be a fairly decent day. your next three days, today it's going to be windy, but sunny, chilly start, 67 this afternoon. breezy again on friday with some afternoon and nighttime hours, maybe a rumble of thunder, 68. nice on saturday, 72. your mother's day though, you may see a shower or storm, 70. shower possible monday. ramping up temperatures tuesday and wednesday mid to upper 70s. it's 5:17. angie goff has an update with time saver traffic.
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we want to update you on the situation in riverdale. that is giving us the reason to keep the yellow light on. as you can see, as we take a live look at what's going on out on the bw parkway, the roadway is closed. we're talking about all northbound lanes at riverdale road of the bw parkway. you're losing all of them. you'll want to use route 50 or 201 as an alternate. this is all because of a police investigation that we're being told involves a shooting of some sort. no word yet from officials when they expect to open this back up, take down the tape and clear the scene. so until then please use route 50 or 201 as your alternate. the wide view of the maps reveals there are no major problems to tell you about across the viewing area. in virginia 95, drivers moving at speed as they make their way past the prince william parkway toward the mixing bowl. now over to travel times, the outer loop is fine, 95 over to 270 only taking ten minutes.
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southbound 95 not so bad from 216 to the beltway, only nine. same situation if you're traveling the inner loop from route four, pennsylvania over to the wilson bridge. still ahead a closer look at 66 traveling eastbound in virginia. i'll have that at 5:25. now back to you. there are questions about what happens to the caps now that they've been swept out of the playoffs. >> rough year, has come to an end. the nationals try to take one from division leaders in the phillies. >> before we head to break the question of the morning, what do you think are the one mistake 32% of us have made on a computer, visited a an inappropriate website at work; remained log in on a public computer; or forwarded an inappropriate e-mail to the wrong person. >> here's a response on facebook fan page, dana gordon, i think that it could be a, but most companies block websites. i have a feeling that it's b,
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you can be in a rush and forget to log out. >> be sure to log on to our facebook page, leave your response and appropriately log out. we'll have the answer in the next half hour. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] however they come into the world, pampers believes every baby should be swaddled in the comfort and security of our softest diaper ever. ♪ pampers swaddlers. our softest protection for every little miracle. 5:22. it's chilly out there. we have temperatures in the 40s, in fact some low 40s, stanton has dropped to 35. we're in the fours here. as we head toward 9:00, we'll
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barely be above 50 degrees, sunshine midday, around 60. the winds will be up all day out of the northwest, 15, 20 gusting to near 30. during the afternoon, temperatures getting into the mid to upper 60s, might flirt with 70 under sunshine. so sad to say this, the capitals will be cleaning out their lockers today. >> the mood will be gloomy after washington was swept out of the playoffs tonight. brett has more. we don't call them highlights from tampa. >> reporter: good morning, from tampa, everybody. i hope you got a good look at the capitals on ice last night. the odds are next time you see it it will look different. hard to see if that will be players, head coach or some combination. you know some people will pay the price for what happened in this series. caps down one to nothing early, but they got one on the power play. alex ovechkin shooting from the point. sturm whacks it in and the game
5:24 am
is tied at one after one. not for long, five minutes into the second, juicy rebound, bounces off the stick, he buries it to put tampa up two to one. in the third the caps were down a man again, mark andre bergeron with a rival, that was the capper, five to three the final for tampa as the sweep is complete. >> i don't think any of us saw this coming down like it did. probably the last thing on our mind. give them credit, they played well and held their own when they had to. >> it sucks, you play all season for the playoffs, and you know you got a great group of guys that are capable of doing great things and, you know, it just didn't happen that way. >> i was proud of them, the way they worked all year and that they never quit right to the end. and that's all a coach can ask. >> reporter: so the caps get swept out of the playoff series for the first time since the
5:25 am
stanley cup finals in 1998 against the red wings. what does it mean however for the head coach? a lot of people believe his job is in jeopardy. you can believe that will be addressed in the coming days. that is it from here in tampa, have a great thursday, everybody. in other sports news, nats pictures jason marquee did not lose. a solo shot, loaded bases in the sixth. his relief let those batters come home. nats fall seven to four. they wrap up in philly hopefully with a win tonight. maryland basketball is losing one of its stars to the pros. jordan williams has signed with an agent, which means he will we remain in the nba draft and not come back to school. the 6'10" sophomore averaged 17 points and 12 boards last season. with gas over $4 in many
5:26 am
places, changing habits of more and more americans. that story coming up. a little deja vu, a d.c. councilmember is arrested by u.s. capitol police. 66 headed eastbound we're doing okay for 234 past 50 inside the beltway. the latest on the bw parkway police activity and your district roads. that's at 5:30. 9news now will be right back. wo
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. friday eve is here, grab your sweater i'm mike hydeck. angie was traffic in a moment, bw parkway is a concern this morning, my understanding. >> yes. >> mr. bernstein, how are you? >> i'm good. it's chilly out there, you might need a light pair of gloves. >> andrea is making a face. >> angie says -- it's official then it's freezing according to
5:30 am
angie goff. >> it is so cold. this is why people are getting sick, hot to cold, hot to cold, everyone is talking about it. >> we're angry. >> close contact with many people. >> weather wise, lots of sunshine is a positive. winds will be 20, 25, 30 with gusts. but 15 to 20 generally sustained. by noon 59 degrees. by 5:65 degrees, upper 60s for highs. live doppler 9000hd, all quiet, we're not worried about rain today. temperatures, 39 in culpeper, 43 in fredericksburg, naval academy 49 degrees, and lower 40s for hagerstown. and win chills down in the mid-30s in manassas, feeling like 42 here this morning in washington. it's now 5:30. angie goff has more information on the bw parkway. the rest of the time saver
5:31 am
traffic. >> the situation is it looks like we're going to keep the yellow light on throughout the morning rush because we're told by officials that police investigation going on here as we look at the bw parkway higher's actually a live shot from the scene at riverdale road. all of these northbound lanes that tape will remain up. all of it is going to remain blocked throughout the morning rush due to the ongoing investigation. we're being told it involves a shooting. the good news is that you can get around it. there's route 50 or 201 that you can use as your alternate. this will hold steady throughout the entire morning. so consider using that, factor in extra minutes for your commute. more time for 50 and 201 because of the this. >> things are okay on the dc roads, southeast, outside nice and light. same situation in northwest at connecticut and florida. finding the lanes all clear switching the cameras over. we want to show you trains, let
5:32 am
you know all lines are running on time. still ahead a look at 95 in maryland at 5:39. back to you. while you slept a sign of progress as japan tries to get control of a nuclear crisis. >> for the first time since the march 11th earthquake and tsunami, workers have entered one of the damaged reactors at the fukushima power plant. crews went into the reactor number one today. they will only do repair work there for short periods of time to limit the radiation exposure. secretary of state hillary clinton is in rome, italy this morning. she is there to attend a summit on libya. nato allies and other countries are discussing how to start rebuilding nato's economy which has disintegrated during this year's civil war. today president obama will be in new york city. he will attend a memorial at the world trade center site and meet privately with some of the 9/11 attack victims' families. this is after the president decided not to release photographs of osama bin
5:33 am
laden's body. surae chinn joins us live from the pentagon where vice president biden will be today. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. yes, the president has seen these photos, the world will not, at least by way of the white house and the president. he explains all of this in a 60 minutes interview that will air on sunday. while he also says that he does not want graphic photos to insight more violence here and abroad. he says even if the photos were released it would not convince some who believe he is alive. >> these are graphic photographs of someone who was shot in the face -- or the head rather and it is not in our national security interests to allow those images as has been in the past been the case to become icons to rally opinion against the united states.
5:34 am
the president's number one priority is the safety and security of american citizens at home and americans abroad. >> reporter: the white house has moved on and are combing through a mound of intelligence seized from the compound where bin laden was killed. navy seals found 500euros and two phone numbers sown in bin laden's clothing, they have also found computers, papers, files, flash drives, dvds all encrypted. back to you, mike. thank you, surae chinn live near the pentagon this morning. a maryland man has been indicted in a triple murder from two and a half years ago. officers arrested 34-year-old delante cook of carrollton earlier this week. cook is accused of taking part in a planned robbery in springfield, virginia. the two victims, brothers prosecutors say sold marijuana. during the november 8th robbery of 2008 the brothers and a friend were stabbed to death. police say cook and a second
5:35 am
suspect who has since died dis-guyed themselves as police officers during the attack. d.c. police and the fbi have announced a major drug bust. court documents show officers seized nearly 30-kilograms of cocaine last week from a storage locker in hyattsville, maryland. four men have been indicted. the police chief says the bust disrupt the a major pipeline of cocaine. mary tate found herself in handcuffs, she was with protesters who blocked constitution avenue last night. they were demanding greater autonomy for d.c. government to spend federal money as it sees fit. some of the people arrested with d.c. mayor vincent gray last month are scheduled to appear in court. the mayor, a few council members and protesters were taken into custody by u.s. capitol police. that group blocked constitution avenue april 11th during a protest of the federal budget
5:36 am
deal. the deal imposes restrictions that the mayor opposes. the mayor paid a $50 fine so he will not be in court. 5:35, time for another your money report. >> jessica is back with a change of what you can buy for your medicine cabinet. >> that's right. some popular medications for infants will no longer be available on the market. this is over safety concerns. johnson & johnson and other drug makers say they are going to discontinue infant drops of medicines contain acetaminophen, the industry will still sell a single formula for all children under the age of 16, currently companies cell infant formulas with half the amount of acetaminophen that is found in regular children's formulament there will be one dosing standard instead of two, designed to end confusion about how much medication to give to children. acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in the u.s. and sends thousands to the
5:37 am
emergency room every year. we're buying less gasoline as the price at the pump keeps rising the demand for gas in the u.s. is falling and it has been for six straight weeks. reports from government and industry groups shows motorists have been cutting back on the amount of gas they're putting in their tank. this could signal trouble for the economy, since americans usually cut other activities. we are seeing prices in another arena going up, we're talking about rent. usa today reports that apartment rents are rising as their fastest pays in years as the economy creates jobs. rent is expected to climb between four and 5%. tough situation because so many people were forced out of homes because of foreclosure, so you have many people in the rental market that were not there a couple years ago. >> unbelievable, thank you jessica. 5:37. washington is going to lose some royal star power in a few hours. we'll explain that. plus chefs make an enormous
5:38 am
cake in hopes of making a point to government regulators.
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a good thursday morning. cold out here on the weather terrace. i have one of my winter jackets, the lighter one. low to mid-40s outside, a little wind chill. looking at the day planner, we have sunshine and a stiff breeze today. the hours of the wind direction, sustained winds 15, 18, gusting 25, 30. noontime temperature 59. 3:00, 63, highs upper 60s, might flirt with 70 south and west, but it won't feel like it with the winds. seven-day forecast in a few minutes, now here's angie that thank you. 95 southbound from jessup past laurel, lanes are wide open. andrea in my next traffic report at 5:47 a look at the latest on the bw parkway. thank you, angie.
5:41 am
today britain's prince charles will wrap up a three davis it's to washington. the prince met with president obama last night at the white house. the two discussed energy and environmental issues and the president congratulated charles on his son prince william's wedding last friday. hours earlier the prince of wales delivered a speech at georgetown university. chefs constructed the world's largest glue ten free cake the embassy sweets hotel in washington. the organizers are pushing the food and drug a station to set standards for gluten free food labeling. people with celi ac disease must avoid wheat protein in diets. an all female crew putting up a local home, part of the national women build week. and it is the fifth of may, cinco de mayo, let's look at
5:42 am
who is celebrating a birthday. >> nightly news anchor brian williams is 52. family ties child star, tina youthers, and singer adel and chris brown is 22 today. wo [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
5:43 am
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5:45, let's not go back, 5:45. we're going forward. howard bernstein is taking us through the day with weather. >> it will be a windy and sunny day. that's probably good stuff. not too warm yet. infight this morning it's cold. we were talking on the break it's cold in the studio, it's cold outside. you really need to, unless you have a strong constitution grab a good jacket or sweater before you walk out the door this morning. the bus stop forecast, temperatures in a few spots have dipped below 40 degrees. 39 to 51, most temperatures in
5:46 am
the mid to upper 40s at the bus stop. but with the wind, ten to 15 miles per hour, gusty, it will feel 44, 45 out there. 8:00, 48 degrees. northwesterly winds at 11 miles per hour. by noon, 60. northwest winds at 15. it will feel like low to mid 50es. by 4:00, 65 a strong wind out of the northwest 17 miles per hour with a high today 67, 68, but with those winds, it will not feel as good. sunshine and 60 at 8:00. the sunset right about 8:05 this time of year. at 5:45 we see a scatters of showers, brief rain fell out and quickly moved south and east. this morning we have a few clouds passing by. other than calvert county and the eastern shore most of us are clear. 43 for hagerstown, 39 in culpeper, 46 at reagan
5:47 am
national. bill at 47, jan in reidville, 43 degrees. when you factor in the wind chills, upper 30s in gaithersburg, culpeper and hagerstown, our wind chill 41 in washington and in southern maryland and fredericksburg wind chills 40. that's nippy for this time of year. 46, partly cloudy at reagan national with a west-northwest wind at 13. dew points in the 30s. the air has dried out as opposed to yesterday morning when we had rain around. dryer air for today, but already lurking out across the midwest is our next weather maker. low pressure in minnesota with a trailing front. this will turn into a trough of low pressure. it is not a front in the traditional sense. a couple showers in pennsylvania and new york and new england. with high pressure building in and the big difference between this high and the low in new england, that will drive the winds all day. now, tonight that storm gets
5:48 am
further away, the high gets further away. the winds will not be nearly as hardy tonight. then tomorrow we start in the morning with a few clouds early, 8:00 and then become mostly cloudy with showers developing later on in the afternoon for the evening hours. by saturday morning though this will all be to our east and we'll start to see sunshine. as far as rain amounts we're talking about rain amounts which will be maybe a quarter to half inch, the way it looks now. that could cause problems for saturday morning leagues. 67 today, windy. 68 tomorrow with late afternoon showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. saturday 72. mother's day supposed to be a few showers, highs around 70. 5:48, angie goff has your latest time saver traffic. >> thank you howard. we continue to keep the yellow light on because we are still dealing with problems on the baltimore-washington parkway. let's look at the live conditions right now, not much has changed here, just a few
5:49 am
more vehicles, what we have going on is this is the bw parkway at riverdale road. you notice we have the tape in place. we have the roadblocked off. this is impacting all northbound lanes. they are impassable. use 50 or 201 as your alternate. we're being told through officials that this is going to held steady throughout the morning rush. southbound lanes are doing okay. as you move over to the wider view of the region, other places incident free. it's really slow goes that are setting in. focusing on the outer loop 95 to 270, drivers are still moving at speed. more volume building around new hampshire avenue. back over to the real time graphics, the focus takes us 270. we are tracking southbound. more drivers hitting the road out of urbana, notice the yellow. down to 121 you will use brakes. past father hurley to the lane divide still moving at speed. travel times quickly 66 eastbound in the green from the fairfax county parkway to the
5:50 am
beltway, the inner loop okay approaching the toll road. and the the toll road at south no complaints. still ahead the latest on the bw parkway, how to avoid the mess to kickoff the 6:00 hour. thank you, angie. making news now at 5:50, the fbi says agents shot and killed a man wanted in the bombing of a mosque in florida last year. agents were trying to arrest 46-year-old sandlynn smith in oklahoma, when officers shot smith when he pulled a gun. no one was injured in that mosque bombing. massey energy has offered the men of the 29 men killed in the coal mine explosion last week $29 million each. -- $3 million each. at least five miners families have filed wrongful death lawsuits. in arkansas authorities have shut down parts of interstate 40, a cross country route heavily used by truckers. the white river has risen so
5:51 am
far over flood stage it's covering the roadway. westbound lanes are already shut down and eastbound lanes are expected to shut down sometime later today. well, he just recently has been named the new anchor of the cbs evening news. scott pelley stopped by our newsroom. he discussed the goals for the future of the newscast. >> we're going to cover hard news. we're going to be aggressive about that. we're going to be leaning forward, taking the broadcast on the road when we can add some reporting to what's going on in the world. and the broadcast is going to be about hard news from beginning to end. mr. pelley will take over the anchor chair june 6th and continue his reports on 60 minutes. construction, it's typically a male dominated industry, but a group of women has taken over one building site in arlington. as kristin fisher reports, the women are giving the men a run for their money. >> you feel united and strong.
5:52 am
we can do anything. we are women. >> reporter: susan isn't shy when it comes to recruiting for national women build week. >> come on out and build with the women. >> reporter: but this is actually her first time working on a construction site. >> i work in retail. i had to check my ladder first to make sure it was safe. >> reporter: today, susan and 30 other women are helping build affordable housing for low income families as part of habitat for humanity's women build program. >> we're putting up insulation today. so we're cutting it, measuring it, and putting it up. it gets in your face, in your eyes, at the end of the day it washes away and you've done something really well that you're proud of. >> reporter: when this building is complete, it will house 12 different families. and their pictures are scattered all over this construction site, just like this one right here, . >> i am happy for this day, many, many women help -- help
5:53 am
me. >> this is really great because the satisfaction that you get from being here, knowing that someone is going to benefit from your hard work is just -- it's so exciting. >> more than 1600 habitat homes have been built by partial female construction crews, this one should be complete by the start of the summer. >> people need to know that women can do this too. >> do it for yourself, do it for your children, you're strong and you can get out here and do what any of the guys can do. >> reporter: in arlington, kristin fisher, 9news now. habitat for humanity of northern virginia says it hopes to break ground in one year on a new home which will be built entirely by women. it is time to answer the question of the morning, what is the one mistake 32% of us have made on a computer? a, inappropriate websites at work; b, remain logged in on a public computer; or c forward inappropriate e-mails to the wrong person. >> a response on the facebook
5:54 am
fan page, lisa wrote, my answer is definitely c, i've done it twice before. came back to bite me on the you know what. enjoy your day. you too! >> jennifer williams wrote c, names automatically pop up and when you're in a rush, you pick the wrong time and you hit send. >> c is the correct answer. scary. an oscar winning director plans to shoot one of his upcoming projects in virginia. details coming up. >> plus what is old is new again, entertainer marie osmond osmond's love life. we'll explain. jessica? you order flowers online for mom, but the bouquet she receives looks nothing like the picture promised on the website. at 6:07 we'll show you major flower services deliver on their promises. you're watching 9news now. [ male announcer ] it's 2011 and everything is different.
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>> speaker 1: weather first with meteorologist howard bernstein. >> 5:57 on this thursday morning. clear skies, just a few clouds out there, temperatures start in the 40s with upper 30s by 9:00 we're only in the lower 50s, partly to mostly sunny, a good deal of sunshine with
5:58 am
60 degrees give or take around noon. lower 50s to the west. winds will be a factor today, gusting 25, maybe 30, throughout much of the day with the mid afternoon and evening in the mid 60s. thank you howard. oh my goff, marie osmond is getting married with her first husband another try. > the couple first married in 1982, but divorced three years later. they have a 28-year-old son, oz o osmond wore the same wedding dress. charlie sheen has started an online campaign to raise money for storm victims in alabama. sheen toured the tornado damaged area around tuscaloosa a few days ago. sheen says he wants to attract media attention to raise awareness about the area's
5:59 am
devastation. sheen is also promising to organize a benefit show for the victims. hollywood is coming to virginia, governor bob mcdonald says director steven spielberg will shoot his film about abraham in in the commonwealth. daniel day lewis will play lincoln and sally field is cast as his wife. production starts in richmond and petersburg this month. click my blog on the morning show page and send me tips and story ideas on facebook link up the rest of it. >> thank you for watching 9news now. it is 6:00 a.m., i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. we'll go as team. it's 47


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