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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> weather wise, we've got sunshine today and windy and chilly conditions out there. 46 at reagan national with 51 degrees by 9:00. noontime we'll be lucky to be at 60. mid to upper 60s, near 70 west of town this afternoon. the winds will be on the brisk side. we had a few showers yesterday afternoon and evening. they are all gone. a couple clouds lingering offer the eastern shore, mainly clear and chilly. 39 for manassas and culpeper, 43 gaithersburg, 48 the warm spot in annapolis, 46 in southern maryland. wind chills in the upper 30s, andrea over to. >> speaker 1: thank you, howard. right now we have a develop story that will affect the commute. the northbound baltimore-washington parkway is closed north of riverdale road route 410 because police are investigating an early morning shooting there. sergeant david slosher of the u.s. park police says the call
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went out at 2:15 this morning. >> we had a vehicle with two occupants, both sustained gunshot wounds and have been transport today a local hospital. both of these people who have been shot have nonlife threatening injuries. for more on how this is impacting your morning commute, here a season gee golf. >> thank you. this is a story we've been following all morning long. it's the reason why we continue to keep the yellow light on. right now, the situation here is andrea mentioned, northbound lanes of the bw parkway are currently closed at riverdale road. obviously we have investigators still on the scene. we're hearing from them that they plan to be out there throughout the morning rush. so this is what you need to know: there is good news, there is a way to get around. you can use either route 50 or 201 as your alternate. but i am warning you to expect more volume on both of those roads as more people are going to be traveling them due to these lane closures that will
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be with us all morning long. let's move over to the maps and show you other parts of the region. we'll focus on 95 in virginia. if you're making that northbound trip, notice the red and yellow on the scene. what we're dealing with as we move it outside, no incidents, no accidents just volume that is continuing to build between the prince william parkway to route one. slow again approaching the mixing bowl. back to the maps or we can skip them and show you 66 over here. the graphics, drivers moving at a good pace. we are watching the speed start to drop between 234 and 28, using the brakes approaching route 50. quickly we'll look at travel times on the outer loop from 95 to 270 at speed. 95 in d.c., 295 no incidents. still ahead a look at 395 in virginia at 6:13. back to you. thank you, angie. four days after the killing of osama bin laden, president obama heads to new york city today. he will meet with families of those killed on 9/11. we hope to learn more about the
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decision not to release a photo of bin laden's body. surae chinn is live in arlington with more on that and a vip visit to the pept gone today. >> reporter: the vice president will be visiting here meeting privately with 9/11 victims and participating in a wreath playing ceremony. at the same time the president will be traveling to new york, doing the same thing, meeting with 9/11 victim at ground zero. these visits come after the president says he will not release pictures of osama bin laden after he was shot to death by navy seals. he explains all of this in an interview with steve croft of 60 minutes. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement for more violence and a propaganda tool.
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that is not who we are. >> reporter: and photos were taken of osama bin laden's corpse and apparently at the u.s. army base in afghanistan and on the aircraft carrier during the burial at sea. all of those photos will not be released by the white house or the president, but the united states has provided proof of kill photos before including sad dam hussein's sons which brought outrage in the islamic community, something the u.s. does not want repeat again. >> thank you. a few u.s. senators are talking about this decision not to release the photographs of bin laden. republican senators john mccain and kay bailey hutchison are siding with the president. >> that's a judgment that has to be made by the president and taking all things into consideration. my initial -- my initial opinion is that it's not necessary to do so. >> i think that a doubter is
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going to doubt a picture as much as they doubt dna evidence and every other verification that we have given. >> now they spoke after a closed door meeting wednesday with cia directorially on pay net director. the navy seals who reportedly took out bin laden are back in the u.s. we do not know the names of the seals involved in the raid but we know they are based near virginia beach. for more on all the developments of this story, go to there we have a special section at the top of our home page. at 6:30, some of your facebook comments on the president's decision not to release the photo of bin laden's body. in other news, this morning a rockville couple is waking up in the hospital after an explosion leveled their home. we first told you about the explosion on ashley drive yesterday morning. fire investigators say the
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explosion happened shortly after the husband was working on a dryer in the home. >> one of the pipes that is being worked on did leak gas throughout the night. eventually this gas leaking into the house eventually found an ignition source at which point the house did explode. neighbors say the couple just moved into the home a few days ago. police in anne arundel county want to remind you pepco workers do not make unannounced house calls. a glen burnie woman didn't know that and a man came to her home posing as a pepco worker he showed her a gun and robbed her. pepco does not serve that area, nor does it check on gas leaks. after six weeks now gas prices have basically crept up every single day. aaa says the average in d.c., the metro area regular gas $4.01 per gallon. that's a jump of 33 cents in the last month. this morning, we found four
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places you can fill up for under $4 a gallon. let's start in the district sunoco sherman avenue harvard street, 3.99, upper marlboro maryland wawa on central avenue 3.93. and arlington gas, 3.99 at bar croft center on route 50. in wood bridge virginia we found gas 3.97 at the seven, 11 on route one,. cheaper places to fill up where you live, visit 6:07. jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> talking about getting your money's worth as it comes to mother's day. >> buyer beware if you're planning on sending flowers on mother's day that you order online. the reason why, with so many people ordering online and never seeing the flowers in person, there is a lot of room for error. consumer reports visited three major retailers to see if the
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bouquets deliver looked like online photos. >> ftd, one-800-flowers, and pro flowers. the flowers tulips and a mix aide raining., 800-flowers, was the winner, the tulip, the promised flowers look like what was delivered. >> the service received the most satisfied grade. >> fairly satisfied went to roses from 800-flowers, the size matched and the flowers included white which were not in the promised bouquet. >> consumer fairly satisfied with orchids, brighter pink, a lot of boss somes, the one on the right was fewer blossoms and a much lighter shade. finally least satisfied went to a mixed bouquet from ftd, look at that, the flowers don't look like the pictures, size, colors, very, very different. if you wants to make sure mom gets the right flowers when you
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order on line, make sure that you take a photo of the flowers if they're wrong, have mom take a photo, keep your receipt and call the florist if there is a major problem, the florist will probably give you all your money back. >> good. >> that is great advice. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day, mom. one gift you can't get for mom for mother's day, a chance to see the caps in the playoffs because the team got bounced last night by the lightning. the final five to three. washington gets swept away from the southeast division rival. coming up in 15 minutes hear from some of the players on this quick exit from the second round. i'm sorry. still ahead on this hour of 9news now, in four minutes hear from the man whose trailer parked a security scare on the national mall. a story you will only see on 9. and 6:35, d.c. lawmaker arrested learn why mary shay was led away in handcuffs. >> howard has the weather first when 9news now returns.
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6:12 on this chilly thursday morning. our day planner lots of sunshine, but lots of winds too. it's going to be a breezy day. sustained winds out of the northwest, ten, 15, 20 miles per hour. gusts 25 to 30.
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this afternoon as temperatures climb into the mid-60s, mid to upper 60s near 70. angie now has time saver traffic. thank you. no problems on 395 northbound in virginia. just slow here, stacking up from duke over to seminary. that is just volume. still ahead, the latest on the bw parkway police investigation at 6:19. how it's impacting drivers, now back to you. for the first time in nearly six weeks workers are actually inside one of the failing nuclear reactors at the fukushima plant in japan. it's one of the stories making news at 6:13. the workers went in just a few hours ago but they'll only be allowed in for ten minute periods. the reactor was rocked by an explosion days after the earthquake and tsunami, which hit japan in march. at least two deadly bombings this morning in and around baghdad. a suicide bomber crashed his car into a police building, killing 13 there. and one person died in a separate roadside bombing. officials there are on high alert in the wake of osama bin
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laden's death. the man believed to be the last living world war one combat veteran as died. clawed choules was 110 years old. he lived in australia. frank buckles the last surviving american veteran of world war one died in february. terrorist or tourist, an arizona man says he was visiting the nation's capital when a misunderstanding snowballed into a national security event. >> in a story you will see only on 9, we spoke with that man staying at a hotel in fairfax. >> reporter: you might remember this image, it was november 3rd, 2010, and the national mall was practically shut down while the bomb squad was brought in to search a trailer parked near the smithsonian's air and space museum. there was no bomb, but there were guns. >> there were two 22 caliber
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rivals, and a 357 magnum smith and wes son revolve. >> this is james pad dock, he owns the trailer and gun. >> it's my home, the firearms are legal. >> reporter: this is the catcher parked at the hotel he is staying at. he says it was thoroughly searched that day, so much so that the inside is trashed. >> this was my dog food container. >> according to the charging documents, he did not have a license to carry any of the firearms or ammunition in the district. he says he spent 45 days in jail without bond and lost custody of his dog. he plead guilty to two misdemeanor gun charges and got suspended sentences with probation, but he is most upset with the comment made by a neighbor in arizona. >> one of my neighbors decided to tell a reporter that i had threatened president obama. >> pad dock says that is untrue.
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>> what do you want? >> i want to get my dog back. i want to get my reputation back. >> reporter: i contacted park police but a spokesman declined to comment because paddock has filed an appeal. >> well, today is cinco de mayo, a mexican holiday celebrating a military victory and the federal commission will call for a new museum dedicated it it latino american history. the museum site with be on the national mall near the capitol refract necking pool. no cause of con-- reflecting pool: lots of sunshine, but it will not be providing a lot of warmth at least not in the early part of the day. here's howard. q. the brightest thing you will see is your shirt this morning. the winds will be blowing ten, 15 miles per hour. we'll have gusts 25 to 30. bundle up as you head out this
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morning. your bus stop forecast temperatures ranging from the upper 30s to the lower 50s in the warmer spots. big range i know, but we've got the range on the maps with wind chills as well. sunrise ten minutes ago sets at 8:05. the day planner calling for sunshine, 51 at 9:00. noontime temperature 59. northwest winds gusting 20, 25. 65 around 3:00. a high of 67 degrees this afternoon. this morning a chilly start. grab your jacket and shades as well. by tomorrow afternoon showers will be returning probably mid to late afternoon is what we're looking at around here. should be gone by saturday morning. 42 in york, pennsylvania, hagerstown is 44. 39 culpeper, 36 out in stanton. frost advisories in the far western mountains of maryland and west virginia. 44 for fredericksburg with wind
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chill upper 30s, low 40s. a very cool start. at national the wind chill is down to 41 degrees. the next system showing up on our satellite and radar, as you look at this spinning across minnesota with showers through iowa, missouri and kansas. this will track eastward across the great lakes into new york state. but that trough of low pressure with us, that will pull through us later tomorrow, tomorrow night with showers. in the short term, high pressure, a sunny day today, although with the low in new england and the high in southern west virginia that pressure gradient will drive the northwest winds. tonight, the winds calm down. tomorrow the clouds build and in the afternoon and evening hours we have showers that develop. this will be scooting east and should be gone by the time you wake up saturday morning. that will be half of the weekend looks okay, mother's day may
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have a shower or two. >> tomorrow breezy a late shower, maybe a rumble of thunder, 68. saturday nice, 72 degrees. for sunday, mother's day. a rumble of thunder can't be ruled out, shower possible monday and wednesday. maybe warmer as we head toward tuesday and wednesday. it is now 6:19. angie goff, how is the bw parkway? >> it remains our top traffic story of the morning howard. that's because the roadways remain blocked, we're talking about northbound on that trip. that's why we keep the yellow light on. a live look from sky 9 the view from above maps it out. notice this is the intersection of bw parkway at riverdale road. the police are obviously still there. a heavy police presence on the scene blocking all northbound lanes of the parkway. as a result of this, throughout the morning rush we are hoping this will open up afterwards, throughout the morning rush use route 50 or 201 as your alternate. of course, expect more volume on both of those roads. let's move it over to our
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maps and show you how drivers out on 270 are doing as we take a look at that southbound trip. it looks like we're definitely slow from 80 to 121 and definitely using brakes again as drivers make their way approaching i370. moving back over to the real time graphics, we're going to move to travel times, 66 in virginia, moving okay from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. there is volume around 234. the inner loop is okay from 395 to the toll road, 13 minutes and growing. no issues approaching d.c. 295. a much different story than yesterday about this time. still ahead a look at the beltway in virginia, the inner loop to be specific at 6:25. now back to you. thank you, angie. next in sports hear from the capitals on last night's season ending loss in tampa. the nationals manager got tossed in the fourth inning arguing balls and strikes. wo
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it is 6:24 on this thursday morning. bundle up, it is chilly outside. we have 40s, even 30s route now. as we head toward 9:00 hour, 50 degrees with partly sunny skies. breezy conditions, almost windsy gusts 25 even 30. temperatures this afternoon with sunshine get into the upper 60s, mike and andrea? thank you. two years as the eastern conference top seed and two quick exits for the washington capitals. >> didn't think this would happen. now the blame game begins after the caps are swept by the lightning. it looked good in the first period. strum had a power play goal. tampa scored twice in the
6:25 am
second period to give the lightning a commanding lead. the caps lose five to three. the season is over. >> our players pushed it and we're proud of them and the guys tried, just didn't get the result. >> it's unbelievable, we support each other and i hope everything will be different next year. >> the bruins are one win away from sweeping the other eastern conference series. they beat the flyers five to one. out west san jose topped detroit. the nationals wrap up their series with the phillies tonight. first much at philadelphia 7:05. jason marquis suffered his first loss of the second, a single made it four to one phillies in the sixth. espinoza espinoza made the loss respectable, final score seven
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to four. d.c. united losing streak is over, davis and wolf scored last night. united topped the sounders, final score two to one. our time is 6:26. still to come new evidence that high pressure liposuction doesn't do that much in the end. later the rising cost of driving the dulles toll road. i'll explain that in a bit. a one way trip might actually cost $20. angie goff has the check on the morning drive. >> the inner loop in virginia we are slowing down from braddock rode to gallows, doing okay across the american legion bridge. in my next traffic report a focus on d.c. roads. good thursday morning everybody. you're watching 9news now.
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11 years in a row. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back, howard bernstein with you for your weather first on this thursday morning, chilly thursday morning. the sun is shining brightly but it is cold out there. temperatures in the mid-40s, some spots in the upper 30s west of washington. noon 59 and 5:00 p.m. 65. it will be a breezy day with highs 65 to 70 west of washington. the clouds we had yesterday with a few showers now across the
6:31 am
delmar. mid-30s from stanton, 46 in washington with lower 40s in frederick, gaithersburg, manassas and culpeper, 41. pax river naval air station 46. upper 30s to low 40s wind chills. it will be a breezy day but the sun will shine. thank you, howard. two parts of a developing story this morning, a sooting along the bw parkway. the northbound side inside the beltway. around 2:15 park police found two men shot inside a car. the police investigation now has the road closed. angie goff has more on that part of the story with the time saver traffic report. >> thank you, very much mike. it's the reason all morning long since the beginning we kept the yellow light on because we wanted to have drivers factor in extra time, bw parkway northbound. this is why, live from sky
6:32 am
9 this is the scene on the bw parkway where it meets riverdale road. we have a heavy police presence. three or four cars are blocking lanes. drivers right now traveling northbound are jammed back to route 50. the way to get around this this morning, you can use 201 or route 50 as an alternate. we want to warn you, we're experiencing more volume on both of those roads as you would expect. we are hearing from officials they don't expect this to be cleared and the lanes back open until after the morning rush sometime. let's move over to the maps and take a focus on our d.c. roads. driving the district overall has remained incident free. we'll take you there with a camera tour. inbound new york avenue in northeast looks like we have that volume that stretches from the times building to bladensburg road past florida avenue. things start to open a little despite ongoing construction affecting lanes in both directions. in northwest d.c., same situation, constitution and 20th we have construction off
6:33 am
to the side, but obviously not impacting this very nice and quiet drive. metro, marc, all lines are running on time. still ahead in our next traffic report, the latest on the bw parkway police investigation. now back to you. thank you, angie. in just a few hours president obama will head to new york city. he will meet with the families of victims of the september 11th attacks. >> the meeting comes four days after navy seals killed osama bin laden and one day after the white house announced a photo of osama bin laden would not be released. we go live to surae chinn near the spent gone in arlington, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the president says he has seen these photos and he says without a shadow of a doubt it is osama bin laden and he is dead. but the world will not be able to see these photos, at least by way of the white house. the president said he does not want to do this and he explains it in the 60 minutes interview which will air this sunday.
6:34 am
he says they don't want graphic photos to incite more violence here and abroad. he he's even if the photos were released it wouldn't convince some who believe he is alive. jay carney. >> these are graphic photographs of someone who was shot in the face -- head rather, it is not in our national security interest to allow those images as has been in the past been the case to become icons to rally opinion against the united states. the president's number one priority is the safety and security of americans citizens at home and americans abroad. >> reporter: the decision also applies to the burial, which press secretary jay carney says u.s. forces went to considerable measures and respect to give the al-qaeda leader an islamic
6:35 am
burial. he says the respect something the leader did not give to 9/11 victims. you can watch the president's interview on 60 minutes here on cbs this sunday. back to you, mike. thank you, surae chinn live from arlington, virginia this morning. the decision not to release an official photo has you talking. >> here are some of the samples of dozens of comments on facebook. >> terry writes i think that's the way it should be. the only thing the usa needs to know is that he is gone. releasing photos is wrong. >> carolyn says good it isn't necessary. the navy seals have integrity and wouldn't lie. >> joe says let a couple representatives examine the photos in private and make a statement on whether they believe they're genuine. >> it doesn't matter if i see them. leave your thoughts on facebook,. in other news at 6:35, d.c. council woman mary cheh and several other women were led
6:36 am
away in handcuffs after a protest on capitol hill. house republicans passed a bill that would ban the use of federal funds for abortion for low income women. advocates for d.c. voting rights say such decisions should be made at the local level. both president obama and senate democrats oppose the bill. later this morning, 15 protesters arrested alongside mayor vincent gray will appear in court. this happened last month. they too were outraged about the federal budget deal. most of the protesters including gray paid $50 to get out of jail and have charges against them dropped. the 15 heading to courted to opted for a hearing instead. after a long legal battle voters in anne arundel county approved a plan for a slots parlor there. now that project is being delayed. the developer behind the anne arundel mills project wanted to open by the end of this year. instead the slots facility will not open until june 2012 now. that will be just a part. all 4700 machines will not be available until october 2012.
6:37 am
the move will end up costing the state $70 million in expected revenue. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> and getting good news from wall street. >> that's right. if you're watching your portfolio, you're probably liking what you're seeing, the results are in, u.s. companies are reporting earnings that are 17% higher compared to this quarter last year. this quarter is the sixth in a row to show profit growth. that's a surprise to some analysts they've been bracing for bad profit news, because of economic problems by the crisis in middle east, japan and oil prices. the happy surprise surprise has been sending stocks to new one year highs lately. the higher profits have not led to a big jump in hiring. the obama administration may be putting up the fore-sale sign on a lot of properties. do you know the federal government is the country's biggest property owner? the white house is looking to unload 14,000 federal
6:38 am
buildings. the government would create a civilian property realignment board. properties with minimal commercial value would be destroyed. the effort is aimed at saving an estimated $125 billion over the next three years. and you may want to think twice of spending your money on liposuction. you may be better off spending it at the gym. a new study from the university of colorado shows after a year all of the fat suctioned out actually came back, but it came back in a different place. now, for example if thighs were lypod, fat in the upper tummy or shoulders and triceps was redistributed. liposuction destroys the area's fat structure but the body creates new fat cells to replace those lost. lipo has been around since 1974. some in the new york times article question why it took so long, 37 years to come up with this exhaustive study. interesting. interesting finding. >> doesn't work in the end. for the thighs or arms.
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>> the women in the study were pleased with the results because i guess if you live your whole life you hate your thighs, you get rid of them you don't care if you have a little tummy after that, you know. just something to think about. >> think about it. moving right along prince charles capped off his three davis it's to washington with a stop at the white house last night. he and president obama talked about a wide range of issues from the fighting in libya to environmental issues. the prince was the keynote speaker at georgetown university's conference. he leaves town later today. 6:39. we are on the way to a high in the mid-60s under sunny skies. howard tells us about a weekend warm upcoming up. northbound bw parkway, this is the problem area of the morning, closed between 410 and the beltway because of a police investigation. angie has ways around this coming up in seven minutes. thank you for choosing channel 9 here's what's on tonight at 8:00, the big bang theory and 8:30 rules of engagement, at 9:00csi followed
6:40 am
by the mentalist. and 9news now at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news now. 6:44. we were talking about mother's day. our good friends at the mccormick and schmick, the truffle streets, thank you so much. they are all gone. >> you didn't save me some? >> no we did not. you know who your friends are when you're away, something good happens and they don't save you any. >> they were good. >> it's going to be a sunny day, a little windy and chilly to start this thursday with temperatures down in the 40s and even some upper 30s in some spots. the bus stop forecast, mostly sunny, it's breezy and chilly. 39 to 51 our sun rose at 6:06. it will get at 8:05. sunshine all day but windy too.
6:45 am
northwest winds, the wind direction, 13, 15, 18 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds gusts 25 to 30. the 3:00 temperature of 63, 6:00 p.m. 64. in between we'll top off at 67 for your high. it's 43 in gaithersburg, 45 down in southern maryland. 46 from richmond, steven called in with 41 hagerstown and baltimore 44. national is 46 degrees. sunny skies, feeling like 41 though. we've got a wind chill in some spots, wind chills are actually in the upper 30s in some spots. a sunny day today of clouds and showers return tomorrow afternoon thanks to what we're looking at here across minnesota this morning, toward kansas city with showers trailing the system as it skirts across the great lakes and the winds, they're driving because of the storm and the northeast and maine and high pressure in the ohio valley. a big pressure difference over a short area creates wind.
6:46 am
that's what we have going on. through tonight, the low and high get further away. the winds will lessen somewhat and the clouds increase tomorrow morning. by afternoon, i stopped at here at 3:00, showers developing mid afternoon, being with us for the evening rush hour. should pull out, but a good day on saturday. another system will bring a chance of showers by mother's day. today 67, breezy, sunny. breezy tomorrow a rumble of thunder, 72. mother's day a returning chance of showers, with a temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. angie, you have been a very busy lady today. a lot going on on this thursday. thank you so much, howard. so glad you could join us 14 away from 7:00. yellow light stays on. we follow the latest on the baltimore-washington parkway. this is a live look at what's going on from the skies.
6:47 am
sky 9 showing us that the parkway is still closed off all northbound lanes at riverdale road. as a result of this we are hearing that drivers are stuck in a backup that starts around route 50. use route 50 or 201 as an alternate as we have just learned that it's going to be at least one, maybe two hours before they're able to clear the scene. the scene of a police investigation involving a shooting. >> let's move it over to another shot for you, the outer loop where this remains incident free. obviously the main factor this drive north of the, the problem is the sun. 95 to georgia, 21 minutes. a shaky shot the wind on 270 southbound from father hurley to the split, you are tapping on the brakes. 66 drivers eastbound from 234 to 29, they're slow and 50 to 123 a good amount of congestion as well. travel times 395 to 267 on the
6:48 am
inner loop, still moving at a good pace. the toll roads article actually doing okay this morning. and 95 sow bounds from 216 to the beltway no complaints. your top traffic stories of the morning, mike and andrea i'll have that for you two minutes before 7:00. angie, 6:48. right now $2 to drive from route 28 to the beltway on the dulles toll road. >> it could be $20 by 2040. that's according to the airport authority. the extra toll money would pay off expanding metro to dulles. tolls on the toll road will pick up 75% of the cost for metro. it says it needs a special federal loan which would help keep the toll rates lower. by lower we mean $15 for that drive one way instead of 20 in 2040. howard county maryland the latest jurisdiction jumping on the speed camera bandwagon. county counselors approved them for the school zone. if you go 12 miles per hour over the speed limit you will get a
6:49 am
$40 ticket. the locations have not been picked yet. today marks an anniversary for the united states. it was 50 years ago today the first american went into orbit. alan shepard went 115 miles up in the mercury capsule named freedom seven. it hit a maximum speed of 5100 miles per hour. the mission los angelesed 15 minutes. the capsule is on display at the naval academy museum in annapolis. wednesday the postal service unveiled a stamp in shepard's honor. it's heather the producer, we'll get become to her. 6:49: a check on the news before you go is up next. >> good morning again, the high school sports game of the week. two lacrosse, two baseball, the montgomery match between whitman and johnson. you can cast your vote right
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and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. 6:53, thursday morning. bundle up, people. 46 right now with wind chills in spots in the upper 30s. 51 at 9:00, winds will be up all day, gusting. and a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 65. your highs today 65 to 70. mike and andrea. today is thursday, may 5th, here is a check on the news. 16-year-old phylicia barnes was murdered. that's the finding from maryland's chief medical examiner. her body was found last week. a school bus driver has been cited in this collision between two buses.
6:54 am
it strapped in clarksburg maryland yesterday morning. mostly children were checked for bumps and bruises. a tough off season for caps fans and players. the team lost to the lightning last night, five to three and tampa bay beat d.c. out of the second round in four gains. the early show begins in six minutes. erica hill has a preview from ground zero in new york. >> good morning shall, from ground zero. the president tells 60 minutes he will not release photos of osama bin laden's body over concerns that could lead to more violence against americans. we'll have reaction. we'll bring you the latest from the pentagon on that deadly raid. there is no information on how it was carried out and the secrete materials found inside the compound where bin laden was killed. of course in a few hours president obama will be here at ground zero to honor the 9/11 victims. the parents of two victims will join us this morning to tell us what they plan to say when they meet with the president this afternoon. all that and much more on the early show. mike and andrea back to you.
6:55 am
thank you, erica. still to come here, one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns. stay with us. wo ow
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at 6358 6:58, wiped chills in the 30s, upper 60s today and tomorrow. mother's day may feature showers and storms, temperatures around 70. live from sky 9 the situation hasn't changed much, northbound bw parkway remains closed at riverdale road and
6:59 am
drivers are backed up to route 50. use 50 or 201 as your alternate. it will be one to two hours more. 395 is stuck from the beltway to seminary and from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge, just volume. 95 from lauren to the mixing bowl, now over to mike. finally this morning something to satisfy your sweet tooth. a record breaking cake it's the world's largest gluten free cake put together at wednesday in northwest. it looks to be at least 15 feet high and build to raise awareness of gluten sensitivity. we are looking lower on wall street but we're waiting on new earnings reports. more on the president saying no to a osama bin laden photo. angie and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on


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