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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm hey hey. the f -- j.c. hayward. the fbi is investigating more suspicious letters delivered to d. c. public schools. police say at least 10 more letters have been discovered. officials intercepted four of them before they reached the schools and that's on top of
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the 29 received yesterday. surae chinn reports from northwest washington. >> reporter: students and faculty hoping for a calmer day today as new letters arrive at different d. c. public schools. >> they may have been some letters in the pipeline that hadn't been opened yesterday that may have been in the mail. >> reporter: a subdued response at bancroft elementary, one of a handful of schools this morning that received suspicious letters with powder on it consistent with corn starch. >> knew nothing about it. >> reporter: the d. c. fire chief says there will be little class disruption and in some case, no one but the front office will know anything is wrong. no evacuations? >> not that i was aware of. >> reporter: a very different response yesterday when they were evacuated. >> we were running and all the teachers were like this isn't a drill. this isn't a drill. go, go. go. >> reporter: duke ellington school of the arts among 30 schools cleared out after receiving the letters yesterday which reportedly had the words
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fbi, al-qaeda and usa on them. >> to do something to this nature for children? that's really an individual that needs help. >> i know it's up to the public schools, but do you think that's the right call of the school open today knowing there could be more letters out there? >> we think that's the right call. we want to operate as business as usual. >> it was really a concern to everyone. we wouldn't have been here. i think we'll be great today. >> reporter: the fbi says letters have been sent to other schools across the country in recent days and now the hunt is on for the person responsible for sending them. in northwest, surae chinn, 9news now. >> no one has been injured in any of the incidents and the crime is a federal offense. we have learned that the killing of osama bin laden has netted thousands of documents on al-qaeda's operation. the documents suggest that al- qaeda was considering a terror attack against our nation's
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rail system. the plan date for the attacked was september 11th of this year. now among the targets considered, washington, d.c., new york, chicago, and los angeles. counterterrorism officials with the government say the planning never got beyond the first steps and there's no way imminent net. however -- threat. however, that's no relief to some d. c. area commuters. >> that's not reassuring at all. i'm already nervous about flying and living in d. c. and working near capitol hill, not good news. >> officials are stressing this was in the planning stages. calling it even wishful thinking on al-qaeda's part. and they also add there is no evidence of any active terror plot. well, we're learning more about the raid that killed osama bin laden. only one of the five people killed in the rate was actually armed. -- raid was actually armed.
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navy s.e.a.l.s shot and killed him after he fired on them. but it was not a total fire fight. congressman mike rogers, the republican from michigan was briefed on the raid and he said no one in the home tried to surrender. today al-qaeda acknowledged that their leader, osama bin laden, is in fact dead. the group made announcement as president obama heads to kentucky. he's going there to meet with troops involved in the raid. that killed the terrorist leader. danielle nottingham explains how u.s. special forces were able to track down and take out bin laden. >> reporter: al-qaeda now confirms that osama bin laden is dead. in an internet statement titled you lived as a good man, you died as a martyr, the network warns that the group will retaliate against americans saying quote -- new video released by the white house show the moments before
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and after president obama announced bin laden's death sunday night. after his speech, the president congratulated his national security team. >> you guys did a great job. >> reporter: today, president obama travels to kentucky to thank the u.s. service members responsible for taking down al- qaeda's leader. he's meeting privately with them at fort campbell, where he is also addressing soldiers just back from afghanistan. new details are still emerging. the cia reportedly kept a safe house near the compound in pakistan where a small team of agents kept a watchful eye for months. al chi da was considering attacks on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. it listed major cities like new york and los angeles for targets and suggested that al- qaeda might strike on a holiday. >> july 4th and new year's eve
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and new year's day as targets. that's interesting. >> reporter: but officials stress that the idea was only in the planning stagings and was not -- stages and was not operational. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the al-qaeda statement says that bin laden recorded an audio message last week and that message will be posted online. a big announcement from cbs news this morning. erica hill and bob schaffer are hosting an economic town hall that will be featuring president obama next week at the museum and you are encouraged to submit questions. >> you can actually submit questions ahead of time. rebecca is going to be handling those. find the information on the website. you can send it through twitter and facebook, there's going to be a youtube component to this. we really want these to be questions from you, this is the american people, asking the president questions about what is for most folks in the
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country the number one issue and that is of course the economy. >> you can watch the town hall thursday morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. right here on channel 9. many eyes were focusing on college park this afternoon where the maryland head basketball coach gary williams is about to host a news conference on the decision to retire. our kristin berset is there. >> reporter: they just opened the doors, fans are starting to come in. the stage is set. the announcement of gary williams' retirement yesterday came as a shock to media, the fans and some of the players. some of them met with him yesterday. not knowing the news that was about to break. now gary has coached d 1 ball for the last 33 years, 22 of those spent here at his alma mater taking the program for the ranks of despair to
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national prominence. 14 ncaa tournament appearances in the last 18 seasons including seven trips to the sweet 16 and of course that magical national championship in 2002. and he did it all while running a clean program. now williams released a statement yesterday saying -- >> reporter: now gary made such an impact on sports in maryland, even the governor took some time-out last night to give him a big thank you. >> gary williams has been such a force and such a -- really iconic figure and iconic face for the terps and terps' basketball for 20 years. what a tremendous run. we're very grateful to him for everything he's done for the university, and for the terps. >> reporter: now, of course the podium is all set for gary williams expected to come around 1:00.
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all the trophies there, you can see the national championship trophy. the acc conference championship trophy and we also expect to hear from the athletic director kern wanterson and the university president -- seven anderson and -- kevin anderson and the university president. if you want to watch the press conference live, go to the website, and we'll have complete coverage coming up tonight at 5:00. j. c.? back to you. >> kristin, thank you very much. gary williams will certainly be he ised. up next on 9news now at noon, we're going take you to a ribbon cutting ceremony honoring the legacy of the civil rights pioneer. the economy adds more jobs than expected last month. the i'm alexis christoforous with reaction from wall street.
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officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony about an hour ago to rename a d. c. library in honor of dr. dorothy iheight. dr. height was a civil rights leader who died last year. the library is on benning road near minnesota avenue in northeast. a grand jury has indicted the woman accused of killing her co-worker inside a bethesda store. investigators say 28-year-old brittany norwood hatched an elaborate plot to cover up her role in killing jayna murray.
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she was found inside the lululemon athletic store in march. according to police, norwood made up a story about robbers. they now believe that the two women had a fight. the japanese government is calling for the suspension of operations of all three reactors at a nuclear power plant west of tokyo. this is because of safety concerns. japan's prime minister says he wants to make sure damage from another major earthquake or tsunami does not cause a second nuclear accident. experts have forecast a 90% probability of another major earthquake within 30 years. coming up next, howard and the forecast. j. c., we're enjoying some fine weather this midday. friday, but some changes to the weekend. some showers are going to be fueling. i'll -- falling. i'll relate you know when the best chance of that is going to happen. and once again, the tree pollen is in the high category.
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you can thank the birch, the oak trees, hickory and sycamore in there as well. the grass poll season moderate. -- pollen is moderate. i'll have your weekend forecast when 9news now returns. wo
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better in the labor market. the economy added well over 200,000 jobs in april. more than expected, and the biggest increase in nearly a year. alexis christoforous reports it is a hopeful sign for the millions of unemployed still desperately looking for work. >> reporter: big crowds packed this job fair in new york looking for work and support. >> when you see a lot of people in this same situation, it just makes you feel a little bit -- a little consolation inside that you're not alone in this situation. >> reporter: for the unemployed, there are finally signs that situation is improving. the economy added 244,000 new jobs in april. companies are now on the biggest hiring spree in five years. >> i think things are getting a little better. it's going to take a while. we have a lot of people still out there. but at least going in the right direction. >> reporter: even with the increase in jobs, the overall inemployment rate edged higher to 9% which doesn't surprise economists.
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it's a sign that more people are entering the labor market encouraged. here on wall street, traders are grateful for some upbeat news especially since the so- called flash crash happened exactly one year ago. that was the day the dow dropped nearly 1,000 points in a matter of minutes. >> we put a lot of safeguards in. the whole crash took place in five minutes i believe. you won't see that again. we prevented that. >> reporter: april's jobs report showed gains across the private sector especially in the retail business. the economy has now added about 1.5 million positions over past year, but with 13.5 million people out of work, there's still a long way to go. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. >> the number of long-term unemployed is close to six million people. these are people who've been out of work for six months or longer. mother's day brunches at the georgetown waterfront should be okay because
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restaurants that were closed by last month's flooding reportedly will be open. flood walls were not put up at the washington harbour and the potomac river washed out restaurants like tony and joe's, nick's river side grill and sequoia. the website reports sequoia reopened yesterday and the other two will be open today for outdoor seating. goodness. >> howard will tell us how the weather is going to be. whether we'll be able to eat outside. >> i think mother's day is looking better and tomorrow afternoon is looking a little bit worse. things have changed a little bit sing you were this me -- since this morning and you were with me on 9news now this morning. a little flip-flop. saturday afternoon -- not either day is going to be bad, but just a few more showers tomorrow. hey check this out. i want to share this picture. this is from annapolis, maryland, actually east port. we got some viewers down in there and julian e-mailed that
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to me. was i treated to this in my inbox and i'm sharing it with you. there's a nice looking start to the day. that birch pollen is doing a number of on me. this afternoon, still some sunshine here mid-afternoon. but the clouds are going to start to thicken up and later this afternoon, i think toward the 4:00, 5:00 hour, we'll start to see showers break out western areas first. and then there'll be scattered showers for the -- oh, mid and latter parts of the afternoon commute here. even into 9:00 tonight, still can't rule out a few showers as temperatures top out near 70 but fall to 61 by 9:00 p.m.ment you can see the high clouds moving in? now we've got clouds and sunshine here which showers out -- well, to the west. southwest of roanoke there over to the fort chiswell and i-81. over toward columbus and points north in ohio as welt. another area of showers and
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that whole mess is moving east. it's 71 this hour in? fredericksburg. southern maryland enjoying a nice midday temperature of 678 degrees -- 68 degrees and we were talking about the winds yesterday? well, today we got a little bit of wind especially in places like easton, gusting up to 23. but a southerly winds, not too bad. 10, 15, 20 miles an hour gusts. your temperature at reagan national officially 65. they're reporting cloudy skies, but it's a thin overcast and still plenty of sunshine out there and a south-southwest wind at 14. your barometer, it is falling, 29.96 as weak areas of low pressure sort of head this way. on shore flow in the northwest, little disturbances and this becomes a little tricky as a meteorologist. we have a big storm, it's easier to track, but with the little pieces of energy like there in h and -- this in ohio and timing and location make all the differences. things have shifted just enough
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to where the disturbance in pennsylvania? that's slipping out and sunday slips south as well. 7:00 tonight, notice the green on the map from d. c. north and west. overnight, that stuff pulls away froms and we start saturday -- us and we start saturday morning relativity quiet. you saturday morning softball, little leaguing soccer, should be fine. but saturday afternoon, here comes this disturbance out of pennsylvania. midday in pennsylvania, it's raining starting again in maryland and then the afternoon, we're deeming with this -- dealing with the showers and the next disturbance on sunday now slides south and west of us. so that mother's day is looking a little bit better. here we go for you. this afternoon, there will be a few showers developing later on. still around 70 in town. some low 70s west. it will be breezy. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, 72. mother's day now looks mild with only the isolated shower chance, better chance of that south and southwest of washington. for monday, we're looking at a low 70s and a couple of showers still possible next week. we're going into the kitchen.
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it's mother's day weekend. 9news now at noon returns right after this.
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tgif. thank goodstness friday. have you ever -- goodness it's friday. have you ever been to a t.g.i.friday's restaurant on the weekend? it's always crowded and we have one of the chefs with us. his name is scott deluke and he's going to make one of your famous salads. >> it's the chipotle yucatan chicken salads. got a little bit of a kick to it. >> does it?
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>> yep. we're going to start with romaine lettuce and the next thing we're going to add is mixed cheese. >> okay. >> after that -- we've got red cabbage. red onions. those are tostada chips. >> oh, yeah? mmm. >> good? >> uh-huh. >> good. now what we have here -- >> a little parsley? >> cilantro, close. >> cilantro, cilantro. >> a little bit more of a kick to it what we're going to do is mix all the ingredients up. >> you have the blue gloves on and very clean. >> yes, food safety. friday's is all about food safety. and next thing i'm going to do is grab a nice chilled bowl. >> oh, all right. >> mound that salad. >> now, this is one serving? >> this is one serving. >> wow, big. >> try to make it look nice and big. >> put a little tomatoes on top? little guacamole and then the best start. >> the chicken. >> uh-huh. >> and we need dressing though
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too. we've got chipotle. whoops. >> you giving us this recipe, it's going to be on the website? >> it absolutely is going to be on the website. >> >> then we have the avocado vinaigrette. after that, put some avocado around the edges. >> uh-huh. doesn't that look nice? mmmm and it smells good too. that's this chicken. that is a nice salad. >> and the last thing to finish the salad off is a little bit of blackening spice. kick it up another notch to steal something from somebody else. >> okay. be a piece of -- >> lime. >> lime. >> all done. >> doesn't that look nice? that looks tasty. and what is this over here? guinness stout shake? >> again, it just came out. >> the recipe is on here's a finished product. it has beer, chocolate syrup
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and vanilla ice cream. howard? how about that? he's going to make one up for you. >> happy mother's day to everybody out there. looks like there may be an isolated shower sunday, but a few more showers saturday and i'll see you tomorrow. i'm going to be here tomorrow. >> all right, have a wonderful weekend and join us at 5:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] wo
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