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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 7, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> [meow] [laughter] craig: wasn't it nice of will ferrell to give me this to give to my son. what a lovely present. i'm going to teach my kids one of these because i used one of these when i was a kid. here's how --
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♪ [cheers and applause] good night, cleveland! [cheers and applause]
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9news now brought to you by verizon fiooos verizon. folks are asking did a cop follow procedure. >> tonight prince george's county police are standing by.
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our ken molestino is joining us live where it was all caught on tape. >> reporter: it was back on april 26th, a 21-year-old, university of maryland student was arrested outside of the cornerstone grill and was arrested for becoming combative against the bouncers and police. now, police are standing by the images you're about to see. this video shows him arguing. then the bouncer clearly throws a drink in her face. that's when she becomes extremely combative. police were called and according to them she was drunk and refusing to go down without a fight. now the questions have come up surrounding police protocol during her arrest, police are providing answers. the first one as to why she was put in front of the patrol car in the first place. this vehicle did not have a cage. that's why that officer placed miss lang in the front seat. >> reporter: then after emily lang was put in front of the
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front seat she managed to get out of the handcuffs. it. >> she slid off the out of the cuffs. that is something we also take a look at. is it a training issue. did she or anyone maneuver the cuffs. >> reporter: then the police returned to restrain her once again. they tied her feet this time. >> the second officer wrapped her feet. so she could stop assaulting the officer as well as to keep her from escaping. >> reporter: lang was finally subdued and taken away and is now facing several charges surrounding this incident. >> those officers followed procedures. they were called there, they were in a position where they had to restrain a disorderly individual. >> reporter: and earlier tonight i did have an opportunity to speak to mrs. lang, the 21-year-old's mother over the phone. emily, the 21-year-old, was not made available for comment on this issue but her mother says she is regretful of her behavior and she is app sorry.
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live tonight in college park, 9news now. >> thank you, ken. quite a scene. new at 11 p.m. metro crews are working on the red, orange and blue lines. all of those are performing track work and upgrading station platforms. several trains will be single tracking or terminating before the end of the line. still riders should expect trains to be running less freakly than usual. the work is scheduled to be wrapped up by sunday night. those navy s.e.a.l.s came back with an intelligence mother load already lead to go other al-qaida leaders. gary neurenberg is here to report that intel is already being put to work. >> reporter: derek, cbs news confirmed the united states was trying to target another al- qaida leader yesterday with a drone strike in yemen. the drone attack similar to this one killed two aide but
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the cleric escaped. navy s.e.a.l.s stripped the bin laden compound with anything of intel value providing analysts with positive intelligence helping the united states narrow down potential locations for al-qaida leaders. analysis of raw information is providing numerous new leads according to cbs news which reports that information shows bin laden to have been playing an active role in al-qaida with notes in his hands. the s.e.a.l.s grabbed 2.7 terra bytes of information. 600 million pages of computer text. it was also learned today that the c.i.a. had a nearby safehouse that it used for months to spy on the compound. >> hello, fort campbell. >> reporter: the president met privately with the troops who conducted the bin laden raid
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and said -- >> these americans deserve credit for one of the greatest intelligence military operations in our nation's history. >> reporter: and now with the new intel they are planning for the next one. derek? >> thank you, gary. well, tonight the term "bullet train" just may be taking on a whole new meaning. security on the rails has been tightened in light of documents that show al-qaida was considering plans to target trains in this country. down at union station a big show of force officers in full gear and familiar bomb sniffing dog along for the ride. passengers noticed -- >> actually, today was the first time that i saw any policemen at all on amtrak. >> it made us feel safe to see so many police officers. >> amtrak amtrak has conducted random bag checks and no word yet on whether that policy will undergo tightening as well. a brother stationed in iraq clings to the last gift he will
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ever get from his sister. jayna murray sent her brother hugh a package just days before she was killed at the lululemon athletica store in bethesda. lesli foster has the story. >> it was really a strange feeling and i think i described it like traveling back in time. >> reporter: a couple weekends before police say her life ended at the hands of her coworker britney norwood jayna and her friend put together a care package to send to her brother in the middle east. >> she just told me she didn't know if jayna had had time to mail it but that she wanted me to know. >> reporter: to know how much his little sister loved him. and this week he was finally able to track down that sacred parcel. >> it is not like she was dying of cancer or had some terminal condition where she is writing me a note her last thoughts or anything. she had no idea that these were
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her final words to me. >> can you show me what she sent you? >> reporter: hugh shows off the card from his sister and reads the last thoughts she shared with him. >> it will be even better once you're back telling the stories and showing pictures in person. love you and miss you. >> what was it like to get that package? >> when you read the note inside and you're holding the package, she is not aware of what is in front of her. like what's going to happen in a week. and so that's really hard for me to kind of get my mind around. >> reporter: jayna also sent her brother a hat. just another way she showed her lasting love. one last parting gift her brother will hold close. >> it just kind of confirmed she was thinking about me and that she really cared and not that i had any question in that. >> reporter: lesli foster,
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9news now. >> lululemon plans to renovate the store where jayna was killed. just yesterday britney norwood was charged with jayna murder. tonight, the fbi is trying to figure out who sent more than three dozen white powder filled letters to dc schools. postal inspectors were able to grab four more letters. six others had to be picked up all around the town. the district went into a bit of a panic after the letter senior first popped up with a total of 29 of them being found by the end of the night. law enforcement sources believe that the suspect may be the same guy who has been mailing out similar frightening but apparently harmless letters going all the way back to 2008. >> they want to insight fear and targeting schools is a very good way of doing that. >> you have someone who is disturbed like this and they send these letters after to schools and as you were saying to hospitals and governors. it is just a very disturbing thought and i hope they go out and find that person. >> the police believe the suspect has mailed hundreds of
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letters to governors, hospitals, schools, federal agencies all around the country. postal inspectors say their ability to trace letters back through the mail stream has improved considerablely since the anthrax attacks of 2001. three restaurants are back open tonight three weeks after being flooded out with water from the potomac. >> kristin fisher was there the day it happened and is back there tonight. how does it look night? >> reporter: well, it looks a lot better than it did but there is still a lot of work left to be done here. i mean, remember just 18 days ago right here the water was as high as this table almost and then just behind these posts behind me the water was standing 8 feet high. i'm about 5'6" so you can get a good idea of what water 2.5 higher than my head would look like. but for the most part here the feeling tonight is that things are starting to get back to
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normal. that is, of course, once you get past a few glaring reminders. a charcoal grill is about as high tech as it gets outside nick's riverside grill. >> we are really basically doing just a simple hamburger. it will be like an outside grill like your barbecue, backyard barbecue. only a little bit nicer and certainly really, really delicious stuff. >> reporter: gregory is one of the owners. >> an enormous amount of work just to get the patios open. never mind the rest of the restaurant. it is even a bigger amount of work. >> reporter: the inside has been gutted. construction is set to start on monday. but outside it is a different story. people packed in for friday happy hour at nick's tony and joes. >> we thought we would be down for the entire summer but we got word it was opened back up. and we came back out to check everything out. >> not as crowded as usual. definitely a little slim choices. only making burgers right now
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but they are definitely excited to be back. >> reporter: but other restaurants are boarded up. some won't be open for several months and we still don't know why these flood walls were not in place during that devastating high tide. the management company responsible for those flood walls mrp reality still hasn't explained what happened. leaving many people wondering if these businesses will sue. >> we haven't really discussed it. i mean, to be honest with you it has been a lot of work. and it is still a lot of work ahead of us and really that's what i'm trying to focus on is getting ourselves back to where we were. >> reporter: now even though gregory captain says he hasn't thought about doing it, other people certainly have. in fact, a dc law firm has filed a $5 million lawsuit against mrp reality and that suit was actually filed on behalf of a bartender here but so far restaurants have not signed onto that lawsuit.
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>> thank you, kristin. good to see them back open again. for a look what we can expect tomorrow night let's go out to topper on the weather terrace. >> certainly for march for babies, 8:30 a.m., 9 a.m. the walk starts. temps on the cool side to start. not that bad. 46 to 56 at 6 a.m. 8:00 a.m. you're in the 50s. by 10 a.m. you're in the 50s and 60s. golf, anyone? we will come back and talk about mom and where the showers are going to end up on mother's day. still ahead, too sexy for the prom? why this year's dos and don'ts will have students taking sides at one local high school. plus a local holocaust survivor shares her diary of survival with us. survival with us. the powerful [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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stafford county, virginia.
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take a look at him. weaving in and out of traffic making his moves and not all that smoothly. he loses control. he spins out. then the man jumps out and tries to get away on foot. you know that never works. cops have an eye in the sky that helps the police eventually get to him and they take him down. police say the suspect's name is william monopoly on theft for grand theft auto chasing him this time for armed robbery. kevin bacon may be time to dust over those dancing shoes. freedom high school in loudoun county is putting strict limits this year on how girls can address and couples can dance. remember no sexually suggestive grind on the dance floor. no dresses with your open backs or plunging necklines. before the students can come into the prom they will have to sign a form agreeing to these rules. we spoke with the senior class rep who supports all of this and a parent who doesn't like it. >> it is uncomfortable
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especially for people who don't dance like that it is uncomfortable for us to watch. >> the dancing gets a little ridiculous but, again, that's what the chapperons are for to tap them on the shoulder and say knock that off. >> some students have decided to hold on alternative prom. dozens of students are already behind that idea and they have even got some parents on their side. with mother's day just around the corner a local family is honoring marianne myer. she has been here since 1959. she had it make it through the holocaust. she shared her childhood diary sharing her story about what happened to her and her parents. >> my parents were sent away and they wanted me too by my father told them i was on vacation. i wasn't there. and i was sleeping on the top
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floor. they just put them in the gas chamber. >> meyer's survived by escaping into switzerland before that. she taught french at the university of maryland and she is now retired monday lately derek has been giving that question a whole lot of thought. >> it is almost mother's day again and once again i am short one very good mother. i guess i could be angry or bitter that mom passed away six years ago but the reality is we had an amazing run. she joyfully raised the three of us with help from dad and people still stop me on the streets to tell me they took a class from my mom, dr. mack as they called her and i feel so
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proud and frankly blessed because she taught us so much more. still, there is this sunday thing and while i admit it is a bit of a relief to ignore all the commercials and not have to search around for just the right gift there is really no substitute for that hug from a woman who just loves you more than you'll ever know. now as many of you have sadly learned mother's day is not the best without mom. still, i figure i am one very lucky man because even though i'm not buying cards or flowers, i have a whole heck of a lot to celebrate. happy mother's day. >> thank you, derek. she would be proud. all right. for the most part it will be okay. some showers in the forecast but not going to be a washout. it will be mild. it will be nice tomorrow morning. >> okay. >> walk for babies. >> walk for babies. >> 9 a.m. about a block away on the green line. start with the satellite picture, radar combined. we have the showers, a couple thunderstorms rolled through.
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pretty good rainfall. reports of hail across either side of 97. pushing up into new jersey. we are in pretty good shape. the rest of the night and tomorrow. a system comes out tomorrow afternoon. but the good news is the systems are not exactly blockbusters. all right, outside story. we have got the march for babies tomorrow. 8:30 a.m. walk starts at 9 a.m. nats park. saturday dry in the morning and very, very nice. i mean, a spectacular day. there will be a few showers more mom. good news. most of which will be south of town. better chance for showers in fredericksburg and less of a chance up in frederick. so keep that in mind depending where you live. silver lining across the board. it will be mild all weekend everywhere. here is our futurecast. tomorrow morning at 6:15 a.m., hopefully you're still sleeping but we will take you through to about noon. still have lots of sunshine. a few clouds showing up in cumberland. clouds come in.
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showers possible. nothing super heavy. 86. race has been going out on the plains. may see showers before the races are over. temps around 70. then by tomorrow night a lot of showers but notice it is all light green so it is not heavy activity. notice how it is setting up more south of town. then by 7:45 a.m. in the morning on sunday, not bad. a few showers to the east. few showers well to the south. just some leftover clouds. maybe a sprinkle throughout the day for mom. but for the most part things will be improving as it should. overnight, partly cloudy, pleasant. had to add patchy fog particularly those areas that received a shower earlier this evening. lows 46 to about 54. tomorrow morning partly cloudy and pleasant. grab your shades. 40s and 50s. winds light. northwest. west-northwest at about 10. by afternoon, kind of like today. clouds will be on the increase. mild. a sprinkle or a shower. that's it. nothing super heavy. high temperatures low 70s. and winds out of the northwest at 10. we are talking 70 in fairfax. 72 downtown. 71 in college park.
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and 71 in bowie. we will break it down for you. tomorrow morning, mid-40s to mid-50s. nice at noon. 60s. clouds will come in by evening and again couple of sprinkles or showers possible. 69 to about 74 at 5 p.m. next four days. some showers for mom but not a huge deal. temperatures around 70. a great day on monday. temperatures back into the mid- 70s. next seven days. starts warming up next week i'll tell you that. tuesday we are in pretty good shape. sunshine and 76. with the warmth chance for an afternoon shower on wednesday and thursday. look at that. 84 both wednesday and thursday. more like june really. then by next friday. a better chance for thunderstorms kind of scattered about all day and temperatures will be back into the mid-70s. >> very nice. >> thanks. >> don't forget mom. >> yes. >> we saw a bit of the softer side of coach williams today, didn't we? >> he shed a little tear and i can tell you he was not the only one in that room who was shedding a tear.
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very emotional. a lot of people will miss gary including me. he got to leave on his own terms. his thoughts as he says goodbye. plus, the nats with some 10th inning heroics tonight and the tow job that went horribly spspsports announcer♪
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[announcer] eric has always been different. ever since he was a child friends and family have had to deal with what's wrong with him.
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and as much as ucp has done to help eric lead a more independent life, he'll always fall under the same label. [eric] "touchdown! 28 zip, baby!" [announcer] he's a cowboys fan. [man] "a little humility wouldn't hurt." [announcer] help change attitudes. help change lives. it is time for 9sports. brett haber. >> gary williams. only coaches with more wins in the history of the acc are dean smith and mike sheshefsky. he was a wide eyed fresh point guard. coming from the student section. more than once during his press conference he welled up with tears and had to stop but he gathered this to say this about
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his 22 years about being the head terp. >> went through the whole spectrum of what can happen when i came here. it wasn't very good. we had to work really hard to get it good. we went from there to being able to win a national championship. >> a good friend and always had your back. no matter what kind of criticism you get from the media or from anybody he is always there for you. >> it was just so motivating to see a coach genuinely believe that we were going to beat whoever stepped on the court. >> and names are already being floated as possible successors. arizona's sean miller will meet with maryland officials as early as this weekend. notre dame coach mike bray is also on the list. bray was born in bethesda and played his college ball at gw. colonials named a new head coach in the next 24 hours arriving. he was an assistant at maryland under gary for a year. led dc's catholic university to a division 3 title in 2001. he grew up in bowie, maryland. last year's nats would have
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blown tonight's game. they scored a run in the top of the 10th to go up 3-2 but then the marlins led off the bottom of the 10th with two hits and had a runner on third with nobody out. a runner on third with nobody out is like an automatic run in major league baseball. look what they did. tying run like we said on third base. right back. holds the runner at 3rd. throws to 1st. that's one batter out. wees helms. two outs. which point sean burnett replaces him and on one pitch gets chris coughlan to go out. >> tonight we only had to go about half a mile down nebraska avenue for wilson hosting cooligde. wilson is real good. they don't need this kind of help. nate knocks in three on the
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error. we won't name that name. yes, doing the pitching for wilson. shutout tonight. wilson opened a can on coolidge. albert haynesworth and now rumblings that vince young is coming to dc. it is reported skins are front runners to pick up the former titans qb a two-time pro bowler. finally tonight old joe drove his car into that pond there so he and his buddies pulled the car out which was good but they forgot to put the break on. going right where it came from. only this time it is going in. >> no. >> you've got to think these things through before you execute these things and old joe didn't think of that. >> old joe. >> got a couple years older. >> wo


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