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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now presenting washington's fastest growing newscast. 9news now. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." osama bin laden behind the scenes. tonight we are getting a glimpse of what it was like for the terrorist leader in hiding. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night much the pentagon has released five pieces of video seized in the deadly raid on bin laden's compound in pakistan. ken molestino with more. >> reporter: today a former pakistani ambassador to the u.k. is giving us his perspective on the videos, the videos that have the world talking. the videos released saturday gives us an inside look at what osama bin laden was doing while
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hiding inside his compound in abbottabad, pakistan, hoping to provide more prove that bin laden was, in fact, killed. a former pakistani ambassador says the videos are not conclusive. >> we don't have the point of contact between the navy s.e.a.l.s and osama bin laden. we don't have that pick moment. there is a huge question mark people all over the world saying do we have proof he is actually dead? >> reporter: the man believed to be bin laden is seen sitting in front of a television set watching television clips of himself. it is believed bin laden may have been rehearsing for terrorist propaganda. for many it also shows how vane bin laden was. >> we are left with debating bin laden. he remains as controversial in death as he does in his life. >> reporter: aside from debates surrounding the content of the videos more questions are now surfacing over how much pakistani officials had that the world's most hunted man was
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hiding in their country rather than in the caves of afghanistan as was previously thought. the answer to that question according to ahmed needs to be looked at carefully from both the u.s. side and pakistani side to avoid a fallout in international relations. >> it is not in the interests of either america or pakistan to lose each other. it will only be in the interests of those people who want more violence. it is osama bin laden. the man who has dominated in terms of pure terror this last decade. >> reporter: the videos that were released are being described tonight as just a snippet of one of the largest collection of terrorist material ever seized. we are live tonight outside the white house. 9news now. >> thanks, ken. information seizeed from bin laden's compound indicated that trains could be on al-qaida's list of potential targets and that has police taking no
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chances tonight. improvised explosive device was discovered in chester, pennsylvania, today. about a half hour outside of philadelphia. the device contained two bottles with a yellow liquid. wires and timer were attached to one of the bottles. and tonight authorities are investigating whether the device is actually an explosive and who may have planted it. closer to home. local muslims inviting the public in for a look see. they say bin laden's killing is providing them with a teaching moment. they held a open house today in a mosque. the american-born clearic is now considered the leader of al-qaida in yemen. he wanted to open the center to the community today to prove to his neighbors they are not teaching radical interpretations of islam. cbs newses learned that a missile strike in yemen was targeting him. he was not hit but two other suspected militants were killed. that came four days after bin
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laden was killed. president obama is speaking exclusively with 60 minutes with his decision to authorize the bin laden raid. he talked about sending the navy seals in. >> my number 1 concern was if i send them in can we get them in. how do we make sure there is backup and redunancs built into the plan so we have the best chance of getting our guys out. >> you can see the rest of that exclusive interview tomorrow night at 7 p.m. on "60 minutes." then at 11 p.m. we will have reaction to the interview from a local family that lost a loved one. a christening of the new navy warship today on behalf of a navy seal that died back in
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1995. his mother maureen murphy christened the vessel. a unique cheer before starting every single game. why they choose to chant one, two, three, body parts. >> reporter: players on this team take to their field of dreams. >> one, two, three. body parts. >> reporter: t thousan ds of miles from the battle field. with wounds that seem to heal right in front of the fans. >> this is a great group of guys. very resilient to come out here suffering losses like we have and to get back out on the ball field it is amazing. >> reporter: this is the wounded warrior amputee softball team. >> when i was in the hospital i just basically wanted to get out of there as fast as i could. >> reporter: some arms and legs may be artificial but the guts
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and spirit is genuine. >> we were injured but we are coming back after it. we are still active guys. >> reporter: especia lly their pride in the work of their navy seal commrads. >> a lot of these guys joined the surface pose 9/11 and they are over there searching for this guy and now that he has been found assassinated and put to rest, there is a little more of a peaceful feeling in their minds. >> on this afternoon the team of veterans was out classed by the base team from the walter reed medical center. the score not really important. >> they want the competition. they are going to get it. >> reporter: in silver spring maryland, 9news now. >> greg says members of the team come from all across the country including centerville, virginia. tomorrow they will take the
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field in annapolis. memorial today to remember the fallen. 20th annual wreath laying ceremony paid tribute to officers across the country who made the ultimate sacrifice. today's ceremony wraps up national correctional officer week. we know you have a lot planned for mother's day tomorrow. the weather could be a factor. howard is in for anny tonight on the weather terrace to check on the forecast. >> looking okay for the most part, bruce. one or two little flies in the ointment so to speak. today a pretty nice start but in the afternoon we had showers pop up mainly west of us and they pass to the south and tonight at least here in the immediate metro we are in good shape. if you have to head out over the next several hours it will be die. live doppler 9000. see south of us. well south of us. points east through the middle peninsula you've got light showers down there. but all in all we are done for the showers for the overnight.
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but tomorrow morning and even tomorrow another disturbance will pass. basically west and south of us. do have an isolated shower threat for mother's day. could be one in the morning. maybe another one in the afternoon. i think most of the time it will be dry and high temperatures pretty comfortable. right about that 70-degree mark. bruce, back to you. >> got it. leaving college may be a bit scary in this economy but still ahead why some local grads are feeling optimistic. but first, some good news on the horizon when it comes to gas prices. why prices may be actually dropping. next.
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some good news tonight on prices at the pumps. according to aaaa the cost went down a penny today bringing the national average to $3.97. in this area the average dropped from $4.17 to $4.14 and might be the start of something great. several analysts came out predicting that gas prices will drop about 50 cents by next month. they are citing falling demand and a 50-cent drop would translate to nearly 198 million in savings for u.s. drivers. that's every day. you can always finds the best gas prices at
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just click on pump patrol. across the country today thousands of people participated in national train day. annual free event is a celebration of train travel. here in washington hundreds gathered downtown at union station to see luxury train cars and an exhibit of train equipment. model train displays. and live entertain. train day national spokesperson singer gladies knight. >> it was submit need plane to houston. a midnight plane to houston. no, that didn't work. so he said it was okay if we changed the title and the pips said, okay, since we are changing the train, we live in georgia. atlanta, georgia. so we say, midnight train to georgia. >> apparently the name change was a good move back in 1973. midnight train to georgia
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today was a great day for soaking in a little culture. more than two dozen embassies in washington opened their doors to the public as part of a shortcut to europe event sponsored by the european union embassies featuring a day of family-oriented activities and entertainment including traditional dances and food and exhibits displaying each embassies culture. the president and first lady hit the town for a date night tonight. the obamas left the white house to have dinner at an italian restaurant. the first lady has a leather jacket on. no word on the menu but looks like the first couple had a good time. some graduating students in maryland university are feeling pretty good about their job prospects tonight. cbs correspondent talking to the grads at the school of
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communication about optimism. his words follow news that more than 200,000 jobs were added to the economy just last month. britany morehouse reports tonight on how the young men and women responded to the news and to bob's speech. >> reporter: walking across a campus with vibe and blue robes everywhere. crystal taylor talks about going back to school. >> going to school full time wasn't an option. >> reporter: they have classes on the weekend. >> this is the 19th group that graduated. we started this weekend program in 199 # and the reason was so many people couldn't go to evening graduate school -- in 1992 and the reason was so many people couldn't go to evening graduate school. >> reporter: the class also attracts parents. >> the economy is what made me go back to school. >> reporter: and she is not alone. >> the majority of the people that are here, the reason that they are here is to kind of
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insulate themselves and inoculate themselves from times like this. so it is kind of fitting that people are here getting their graduate degrees and trying to get a step up. >> reporter: they think about a step up as they step down the stairs for the last time as a student. >> i'm comfortable at thinking i will get a job and decent one at that. >> i got a new job when i was in this program. >> reporter: they are realistic. >> when it comes to the graduation we are still paying for our under grad. a little scary. >> my last name is ma of communication. >> reporter: laughter that dissolves into an aspiring salute. >> the world needs you, god bless you. >> britany morehouse, 9news now. >> april's labor market report marks the third straight month in which 200,000 jobs were created. this week marked the anniversary of the start of the freedom rides and tomorrow some 40 college students are
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planning to retrace the roots of the 1961 bus rides from dc to new orleans. the original riders aimed to challenge segregation in the big easy but their journey came to an an abrupt end. several of the freedom ride, plan to join the celebration. residents near the mississippi river have never seen so much flooding. piling on the sand bags tonight. whole neighborhoods and cars already underwater. thousands of people have been forced to seek safety elsewhere and authorities say the worst may be yet to come. >> our tributaries are beginning to back up west to east. the mississippi is rising as has been forecast and so it just looks like tentacles
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wrapping itself around the county. >> could rise to 48 feet in memphis. governor considering an appeal of fema's decision not to give the commonwealth any assistance after two dozen twitter destroyed 200 homes. >> we are doing okay right now. >> all the tornadic weather we had not just for that one day. all the heavy rain now seeing the end result of that being the massive flooding that is going on. when you look at us a couple of sprinkles here and every day and maybe on mother's day. we are not doing that bad at all. day planner or night planner if you like. 5 a.m. 56. 8 p.m. 57. winds general northwest 4 miles an hour, 5 miles an hour and just a slight chance we will see a sprinkle or two. mainly west and south of town.
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in the afternoon a few showers could pop up. during most of the day i think we will be dry. a batch of rain moved off to our south down across southern maryland. a few sprinkles here. then tonight by southern ohio. into southern west virginia. now moving into southern virginia. this is where the rain is and looks like it will stay generally west of us. that should remain mainly dry. 64 in washington right now. with mid-50s to hagerstown and winchester. mid-40s in garrett county while still still 60. you'll probably dip into the upper 40s in columbia for your low. 63 for leesburg and reston and
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fairfax at 60. crofton this evening 57 degrees. reagan national cloudy skies. just a little bit of a chill out there. jet stream. coming onshore on the west coast. a little rise there in the northern plains then here is that northwesterly flow. tracked to our south and west and i think that will be the case for the overnight batch of showers and tomorrow we will have to watch to see what pops up here. here we go in the morning. a few sprinkles there. 9:15. we are okay. then in the afternoon a couple more showers do start to pop up. your next few day break down. 70 degrees. really nice monday and tuesday. where in the low 70s. make it mid-70s by thursday with a slight chance of a shower then unfortunately friday and saturday looks like the shower thunderstorm chance
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increases. temperatures still comfy in the low 70s. terps seem to know what they want, right? >> they know what they want. no offer has been given yet but i think it will be his to turn down they are going after shawn miller. search for gary williams' replacement if full swing. we will tell you who they are eyeing as the new terrapins head coach. a long shot wins the kentucky derby. it was an exciting race. it was fate that brought those two together. that and more coming up in sports. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ 9news now is brought to you in part by the cayman islands. far from home closer than
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expected. >> you even look at the maryland athletic director. already replaced ralph. now he has to replace gary williams. seems to be doing pretty well with his choices. we will see. another big coach search for the new athletic director anderson. someone to replace gary williams. you've got to be quick at a time like this because you have two star recruits that are possibly starting to look elsewhere. anderson and ravens owner already in las vegas supposedly meeting with this guy, university of arizona shawn miller. he did wonders at arizona this season taking them to the elite 8 plus an east coast guy. pittsburgh. played point guard for panthers. in seven seasons at head coach. five at xavier then last two at arizona miller has an overall record of 136 wins. he led two elite appearances and pac-10 coach of the year this season. very good recruiter which is something gary williams was
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somewhat constantly criticized for you. you know the saying something happens for a reason. well, that could be one way to describe what happened at the kentucky derby today. the jockey was supposed to ride derby favorite uncle mo until that horse became ill last week. he eventually ended up on a long shot horse and, well, the rest is history. here is the call down the stretch. >> animal kingdom. wins the derby. >> new announcer on the track today. animal kingdom entered the derby at 20-1 odds and started nearby the outside in gate 16. the two stayed in the back of the pack until that final turn when they sergei head. get this, he had never even ridden animal kingdom in a race before. this was their first race together and the colt had only run a handful of races and none
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of them were underred. >> it is a dream come true for all of us. obviously as a jockey, as a trainer, as the owner. it is definitely one of those things that you have. now i can put a check mark on that one. i have that one. sad news to report. the sporting world lost a golfing legend. seve ballesteros died early this morning at his home in spain surrounded by family from complications of a brain tumor. he was just 54 years old. he retired in 2007 after several back injuries hampered his game a bit but the five time major winner was considered an icon in spanish golf. quote saying he did for european golf what tiger woods did for world golf. he won the british open three times. >> he was loved and admired everywhere in the world. not only in europe but in
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japan, here in the u.s. everywhere he went. >> he was wonderful and he had a strength that you don't often see in a player but combined with a grace that i don't think has been seen before or since. >> golf action today. golfers paying tribute to him wearing black ribbons on their hat. felloww spaniard sergio garcia. at seven under. phil mickelson had an up and down round so far. birdie at the 10th. he is at 10 under par. and tennis today in madrid. they also honored the legendary golfer. and then raphael nad el. latest road trip for the nationals started off with three miserable days in philadelphia. now they are down in south florida. they flexed some defensive
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muscle last night. tonight maybe they could get some offense going. nats taking on the fish in south florida. washington would get three straight hits to open the game. it was a wish for them. loaded the bases. adam doing the rest. 2-0. in the 9th a weird play. matt stairs with the grounder. check out wes helms. he gets in his way. he scored. nats win 5-2. orioles hosting the rays at camden yards this afternoon. top of the 3rd. rays up 1-0. evan longorria getting his first of the season. a three run homer. rays win this one easily 8-2. special day in toronto for tigers pitcher justin verlander. almost four years after his first no hitter he gets a second. he struck out rajai davis to
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get the no hitter. and kevin garnet and celtics trying to get back in their series against the heat. rajon rondo. goes the distance for the flush. with a dislocated elbow. celtics avoid falling in 0-3. game 4 is set for monday in boston. >> did he see that with elbow? dislocated elbow came back to play. >> thanks allot. have a good night everybody. see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolo ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system.
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