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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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9news now brought to you in hd by verizon fios. a network ahead. this is 9news now. >> the one thing i didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin laden down. >> president obama in his first interview. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this sunday night. i concluded it was worth it. president obama said at the end of the day it was still a 65 to 45 decision with serious consequences if navy seals had gone into that pakistani compound and not found osama bin laden. >> had he not been there there would have been significant consequences.
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obviously we are going into the sovereign territory of another country. >> they had intelligence but that did not include a single photograph that placed osama bin laden inside the abbottabad compound. >> if it turns out that it is a wealthy prince from dubai who is in this compound and we have sent special forces in, we've got problems. >> his most revealing comments since the raid killing osama bin laden he said there had been sharp disagreement among his security team over the mission. >> the fact that there were some who voiced doubts about this approach was invaluable because it meant the plan was sharper, it meant that we had thought through all of our options. >> the decision was made thursday. he informed some but not all of his team on friday. >> i didn't tell my whole family. it was bad enough to maintain operational security. >> but you were carrying out
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this operation in pakistan. >> yes. >> if i'm not revealing to some of my closest aids what we are doing, then i sure as heck am not going to be revealing it to folks i don't know. >> reporter: as the mission unfolded details were monitored from the situation room and the white house basement. >> it was a very tense situation. >> were you nervous? >> yes. there was a point before folks had left before we had got everybody back on the helicopter and were flying back to base where they said jeronomo has been killed. and jeronomo was the code name for bin laden. >> the reason i'm calling you to tell you we killed -- >> good job, national security team. >> president obama won't accuse the pakistani government of
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helping harbor bin laden but he is convinced he had some help from inside pakistan. >> we don't know whether there might have been some people inside of government. people outside of government. and that's something that we have to investigate and more importantly the pakistani government has to investigate. >> the decision to bury bin laden at sea was made after consultation with people considered authorities on the islamic faith said the president. his decision not to release pictures of the dead bin laden seemed to be an easy decision for the president. he said to do so would insight others and risk national security here and be used as propaganda elsewhere. two new york city congress members say the bounty money from osama bin laden's money should go first to responders, survivors and victims' families. $25 million to help bring the world's most wanted man to
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justice. congress later increased that to $50 million. the accolades continue to pour in for navy seals. on a page dedicated to the special ops team anybody can leave a message and then senator warner will deliver them to seal commanders later this week. if you would like to send your appreciation we posted the link on our website families whose loved ones died on september 11th have been closely monitoring president obama's actions in the wake of bin laden's death. our andrea mccarren watched tonight's 60 minutes interview with a man whose fiancee died in the 747 when it hit the pentagon. >> a well worn paper bag holds what john milton wesley has left of his fiancee sarah miller clark. personal belongings retrieved from the wreckage. >> when all of the remains of flight 77 were scooped up at
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the pentagon and taken to dover, delaware, we had to sort among the ashes of thieves and murders for our loved ones. >> wesley was moved by president obama's concern for the safety of the navy seals and his ability to keep quiet a mission in the works since august of last year. >> i was most impressed with the protection of the intelligence that made it possible to do this. >> reporter: wesley agrees with the president that bin laden death photos should not be released. >> we have too many people in the world theater who remain vulnerable. >> reporter: on september 11th of 2001 wesley says he and his fiance were closer than they ever were. >> she saw the same old world with new eyes and her
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compassion never blinked. >> nine years after the september 11th attack shattered his life wesley has recently found love again. he told us it takes a special person to understand his ongoing grief and we found that in a lovely woman who did not want to appear on camera. >> good for him. >> very good for him. and her. >> absolutely. thank you. coming up on 9 news later tonight we sit council with an expert on terrorism and talk about the impact that bin laden's death will have on al- qaida and also terrorism. you can log on to for continuing coverage. turning elsewhere. prince george's county police are tonight investigating a shooting in brentwood maryland involving one of their own. officers were called to the 3800 block of cottage terrace around 5 p.m. this evening for report of a domestic related shooting and when they arrived they say they
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were confronted with a man. tonight we have got a good idea of what went wrong during a brutal home invasion and robbery of three georgetown university students. three men broke into the home on s street northwest early saturday morning. britany morehouse talked with a roommate who says the victims were beaten and tied up. >> they threw them down, tied them up. punched the girl and threw her to the ground. they were kicking my roommates. >> reporter: the story gives ryan carter chills. >> my roommate called me and said we just got robbed. burglars came with guns. >> that's when the master man with guns came in. >> reporter: he shows us a room where two of his friends were tied up. he says the robbers left with lap tops and cell phones but not what they were there for. >> apparently they were looking for one of the roommates that kind of left suddenly on thursday. he was like i can't pay the
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rent so i'm going to head home. sorry guys. >> he wasn't going to school. >> reporter: he shows us the room of that roommate who skipped town. he was the only nonstudent in the house. a craigslist find. >> actually, they led him to the house at gun point. >> they made him show them? >> yes. this is his room. >> reporter: the incident happened at the home around midnight on saturday. and a police car has been parked ever since. but ryan and his roommates say they are still too nervous to stay here overnight. >> none of them really want to sleep in the house. i'm not even really sure if i'm going to or not. last night i slept at my cousin's house in fairfax. so, yes, we are pretty shaken up about it. >> reporter: booth mri, 9news now. residents back in business on the georgetown waterfront three weeks after being flood and owners were relieved to see the big crowds for mother's day. some regular customers expressed concern for familiar servers that were thrown out of
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work for the closing and they were surprised how quickly the businesses were able to recover from the damage. here is what some moms said in between on brunch on their special day. >> my husband is traveling for work right now so he gave us $100 and said go to bunk. snoop perfect. >> perfect, yeah. >> the crab cakes. and the water. it is just really nice. >> the first of the three flag ship restaurants to open on thursday. it was followed by nick's and tony and joe's on friday. today moms took center stage for a day of brunches, lunches and a lot of special attention. one mom's special gift was a diploma. >> three years ago i didn't think i would be here. i actually dropped out of nursing school. we lived in michigan. worked for the automotive industry. both lost our jobs. lost our home. i had to dropout of nursing
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school. so, no, i never thought i would make it here. >> but she did make it. today megan graduated with a degree in nursing. she is the mother of two boys ages 7 and 12. >> it has been a long journey. >> this is something she wanted to do and i'm very proud of her. >> she said she is optimistic about receiving a job in nursing. her husband is now studying to become an art teacher. good for them. still ahead on 9news now. fear of flooding spills over the south tonight as the mississippi river rises to nowr new levels. would some of the terrorism die with the death of osama bin laden? we will ask a security expert live. anny, what do you have. >> scattered and brief showers. we are overall draw right now.
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waking up tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. lows 47 to 55 degrees by 7 p.m. then by 9 p.m. looks nice partly cloudy in the 60s. we will talk about your seven- day forecast a little bit later. at wendy's we grill fresh beef only from north america 'cause we believe that's the way you make hot and juicy hamburgers. like wendy's bacon mushroom melt with applewood smoked bacon and cheesy mushroom sauce. try one today. ♪ you know when it's real ♪ a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country,
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[ no audio ] what did you think of it? >> me too. here you have the president talking about hoy close a call was. should we do it, should we not. is it going to work or not. shows how thin the margin is for success on something like this. >> are you never ever totally sure? >> never. you're talking about all the different pieces that have to fall into place. the satellite intelligence, having the right equipment on the ground. as we saw they lost the helicopter. that was an important piece of the puzzle. remember in 1980 a rescue. helicopter problems ended up killing a project. it makes a big difference. >> president also talked about quite honestly the division among the team. some people saying we don't want to put troops on the ground. let's take him out with a missile. >> right. >> oh, look, anytime you have
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three people talking about going for lunch you have three agreements. here you're taking about taking out the world's most prominent terrorist. >> steve croft never asked the president was the plan all along to kill him or capture him? >> the intent was to? >> kill him. >> absolutely. look at all the head aches if you had him out of there alive. where do you keep him? look at all the problems we have with guantanamo. >> no problems justifying killing him certainly on this side of the world. >> no. i've got to ask you this. they had to -- at least somebody high up in the pakistani government had to have known sam bin was inside that -- had to have known that
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bin laden was inside that compound. >> there are some people that would have sounded the alarm. has to be somebody pretty high up with influence. >> i would think so. that's why we tread very lightly when we deal with the pakistani government. >> we may never know who this person is. why would it become public? >> someone rats him out. there is a change in the government and that's what happens. >> a couple other questions here. what happens to terrorism, al- qaida. >> they are still out there. it is more than one person. you have a number 2. he egyptian born radical. he is still there. he is now probably the number 1 target. the u.s.-born clearic who used to be a preacher here in new jersey. he is big based in yemen. any-- they already tried to take him out. >> they will continue that. >> absolutely. >> what happens to the $50
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million award? who gets that? >> some people in new york say some of the first responder should get it. we probably won't know. maybe some rich person will show up in the south of france mysteriously and that may be the person ho got the reward. >> if there was that piece of evidence we may never know about that evidence. >> my pleasure. 10 people dead from more than two dozen tornadoes and the federal government is not calling the storm damage in virginia severe. coming up next, what the state's governor may do about it. wonderful weather in the state's capitol. is it going to be around. anny hong will be back to tell us what our forecast will make. president obama will hold a town hall meeting on the economy this week at the museum downtown. you can watch the entire events right on wusa at 8:00 a.m. on thursday. we are back in a minute. if you want less, you can always have less.
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free breakfast, more room. flood waters are expected to crest on the mississippi river at 48 feet. tonight many are hoping now not to have to leave their homes. officials went door-to-door today warning some 240 people
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to seek higher ground. thus far residents of 1300 homes have been told to go. tourists are also worried. >> we are very concerned because we realize it is all unpredictable and we do not want to be stuck here in memphis and we don't want to have to flee in a hurry. >> some 400 memphis residents are staying in shelters tonight. the current flooding is just shy of the record 47.9 feet devastating floods of 1937. damage in southwest virginia after more than two dozen tornadoes struck is not severe enough for the area to get financial help. that's what the federal government is saying tonight. fema denied virginia's request for federal disaster assistance. state officials are disappointed because the money is needed to rebuild and repair thousands that were damaged. the governor may just appeal that decision. great mother's day weather. i'm sure all the moms out there
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are glad. already in bed. >> yes, having brunch with my mom today here in the district and it was really nice weather. felt nice being in that sun. saw stray passing showers this evening. really like sprinkles but nothing major overall. as you're sleeping and expecting the clouds to break up a little bit for partly cloudy conditions. here is a look at doppler radar to show you really not a whole lot going on tonight. high pressure building in from the south. that will keep us dry. currently it is 60 degrees outside. it is mostly cloudy at reagan national. the department 58 degrees. so expecting the clouds to really clear out tomorrow night for tomorrow making way for sunshine. the satellite picture showing us lots of sun here. high pressure building in from the south so we will see some grey conditions. the next few days. enjoy it. get outside if you can. so a nice dry stretch is in store. it will be pleasant and dry
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through thursday. friday. unsettled weather pattern possibly showers and thunderstorms over the weekend. monday morning expect partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions and it will be pleasant. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. by the afternoon mostly sunny and nice. so you want your sunglasses an sun screen. highs 71 to 76 degrees. north winds about 10 miles per hour and your sunsets at 808. highs for tomorrow. for dc we will be right on par with average. we should be right at 73 and tomorrow that's our forecast high. annapolis. a little cooler at 71 degrees. manassas mid-70s at 76. culpeper 77 degrees. harristown. martinsburg 73. 74 cumberland. look at these temperatures and conditions. 70s for tuesday. mid-70s by wednesday under
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partly cloudy skies. so really this is great weather. here is your seven-day outlook. by thursday warming up into the upper 70s. i think we will get 80s though by friday. we do see the clouds moving in though for friday to the ends of your workweek and a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. then we cool down from the 80s to 70s on saturday. 72 on saturday. then on sunday 76 degrees. looks like the weekend will be wet and a chance of showers and thunderstorms. as far as the models are saying right now it looks pretty good. so, bruce, i think the story here is if you've got some gardening to do this week you've got the next four, five days almost to do it. get your run in, take the dogs out, take the kids out and enjoy this really nice spring weather. >> this is what we have been asking for. consecutive weather with great weather. appreciate it. now when we bring you stories about kids shooting each other at school it is hard to imagine but that futures but
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tonight meet a couple of young ladies and an organization that may give you cause for renewed hope. >> i don't know what just clicked in my head but i'm like it is time to step up. >> reporter: the two both 13 years old and both now claiming to be better people because of an after school program for teenage girls known as girls inc. >> when i see something wrong happening then i can be the bigger person and step up and say well that's not funny or that's not cool to do this or to do that. >> do you think you would have done that before? >> no. i would have just stood there and laughed at it. >> i was actually more of the bully myself back in middle school but now i'm going to see if i can try and break that habit. i'm going to see if i can help people out now. >> they have only been here a few days for the girls inc. spring program. >> i didn't expect this much out of it. i love it. >> when a girl comes here we really begin to help her understand who she is in her
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current state, in her neighborhood, in her school community, who she might want to be five years from now, ten years from now. >> just how do they do it. the executive director points to a combination of mentoring, education and empower empowerment. >> we don't have to worry about another gender doing ignorant things like they do. >> boys you're talking about? >> yes. >> i can just come here, relax, have fun. hang with high girls and just be myself most of the time. >> she told you to say that? >> no. >> derek mcginty 9news now. if you would like more information on this program go to our website for a link to girls inc. coming up next this sunday night on 9news now. who will fill the shoes of
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and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus the highest in customer satisfaction. no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row. see your lexus dealer. job has to be more than a million dollars and they are having problems getting a coach? >> yes, they are. all the other candidates are wanting to stay where they are. acc school. you would think they would want to come here. university of maryland athletics director kevin anderson has been busy his first 10 moncks on the job. first finding a replacement for the football coach now he is replacing a legend on the court. he thought he had his man to replace gary williams.
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anderson even flew out to las vegas to meet with the university of arizona coach shawn miller at a coach's clinic but after midnight eastern miller decided to stay in tucson and even signed an extension there. we will break down who is now rumored to be in the running. and friday was a sad day for terrapin nation. saying good-bye to his # 3-year coaching career. school sent him out in style. gave one last fist pump to the crowd. brett haber caught up with gary who talked afterwards about his greatest accomplishment at maryland. >> we built a program up from one that was really in trouble. it was probably the lowest position a program could be in at the major college level and we brought that back to win a national championship. so i think that is a thing that stays with me. >> after getting swept by philadelphia the current road trip they are poised to get a sweep of their own after taking
11:31 pm
their first two from florida. sanchez would have none of that. struck out a career higher batters. highlights and post game reaction coming up. >> seems like they don't really have any good players in maryland? >> at the school? yeah. to keep the good players they need a coach. they have got three good recruits that are about to jump ship. >> all right. >> what does it look like tomorrow? >> 70s. lots of sunshine for the next few days. >> have a great week. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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