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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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about steamy photos and texts. while a dc councilman is accused of stealing city money from a charity. we start with dc councilman, harry thomas. he's accused of using hundreds and thousands of dollars of public money and donations to charities for his own personal use. dc's attorney general is making the allegations if a million dollar civil suit. peggy fox joins us live from the wilson building with more on the story. > lesli, the lawsuit appears to outline what seems like a shell game. it says that thomas intervened in a major grant that was supposed to go to baseball to inner city kids and goes to this organization that thomas nose and that sends it back to thomas' group. instead of using that money for the kids, thomas uses it to buy a luxury car and go on golfing vacations. >> allegations are allegations. fact is fact. >> a defie i can't want
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defiant allegation. he bought this oudi with public money. it alleges the nonprofit thomas set up collected donations from businesses, the likes of children's national medical center and $5,000 from med star to be used to teach at risk kids golf and baseball. it was used for lavish trips to las vegas and pebble beach, california. >> i have to say that we are extremely disappointed in this violation of public service by mr. thomas and we will pursue this matter vigorously. >> attorney general irvin nathan says his office's probe started with questions about charitable donations and broadened to the misuse of public grants. it alleges thomas intervened with the children and youth investment trust corps, directing funds to another organization, which directed $300,000 back to two groups
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controlled by thomas. >> did you use public money for yourself instead of going to kids programs? >> absolutely not. the body of work that my life represents will defend that and secondly, the body of work in which i personally perform those clinics are and other things that were involved with this was done and no misdirecting of funds. >> now the attorney general is seeking a million dollars from thomas to pay back to the district. it is also seeking an injunction to keep thomas from soliciting further charitable donations. but thomas' real trouble, more trouble could come in possible charges because the u.s. attorney's office is investigating, lesli. >> all right peggy fox, thanks for that report. and while thomas was on the front steps, sulaimon brown was upstairs telling a council committee about his accusations of payoffs by mayor vincent gray and his campaign. the former dark horse candidate
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brought along receipts of money orders that were given to him by gray's top campaign aids so he would keep up his verbal attacks of then mayor adrian fenty. >> right here if you would like to see them. and these were given to us for our campaign, by the gray campaign. now when they purchased them, i don't know. don't even care. i just know when i received them. >> brown had testy exchanges with just about every council member on the committee. he suggested david would be a witness at trial. and catanya accused brown of delusions and fantasies. he kept listing anyway. mayor gray's office would say it's awaiting the results of three different investigation of brown's allegations. >> now to congressman anthony weiner who is facing a possible investigation of his own tonight. after coming clean about his twitter photo scandal. in a late afternoon news conference, the democrat admitted to sending lewd
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pictures to multiple women and he says he is deeply ashamed for his actions. >> i don't know what i was thinking. this was destructive things to do. i'm apologetic for doing it. it was deeply, deeply hurtful to the people i care about the most. >> congressman weiner says that some of his communications with women happened after he married his wife. despite admitting to this, the teary eyed new york representative said he will not resign his seat and house speaker nancy pelosi called for an ethics investigation into the matter. a metropolitan police officer is now charged with killing two people. richmond phillips was arrested last week for murdering his former girlfriend. this afternoon, he was charged with killing his girlfriend's baby as well. matt joins us now live from the prince georges county courthouse in upper marlboro. matt, where a horrible story seems to get worse. >> reporter: lesli, no emotion today in richmond phillips when he appeared in court, but
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plenty of emotion from the state's attorney who described phillip's alleged crime as horrific. richmond phillips was charged today with killing 20-year-old wynetta wright and wright's 11 month old daughter, jaylin. the day before the hearing, phillips allegedly shot wright in the head in a prince georges county car and left jaylin alone in a car nearby. >> we look forward to prosecuting the case and to seeking justice for this family. >> the state's attorney today said she has not yet decided whether or not to seek the death penalty against phillips. a judge meanwhile, today ordered phillips held without bond pending his trial. lesli. >> all right matt, thanks for that reporting. now to a bizarre story out of sterling, arizona, lure a 16-
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year-old boy into his car. jose, this is a suspect here was dressed up as a woman during the crime. now a deputy responded after someone said that a woman was trying to get a teen into the car during this alleged traffic stop, the officer discovered that the driver was in fact a man in women's clothing. he faces charges related to these ackizations and being held on bond. former imf leader is back in his luxury townhouse in new york city tonight. the french politician was in court today pleading not guilty to trying to rape a maid at a manhattan hotel. his lawyers say they believe forensic evidence will not support claims of a forcible encounter. the 62-year-old is on house arrest under armed guard. >> the republican ring growing biggerevery day. made it official that he is going to make a run for the white house. following in the footsteps of
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his republican rivals and he immediately attacked president obama. >> who are you mr. president? to say that you and your administration should take 40 cents out of every dollar and borrow it from future generations. >> a social conservative who opposes abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research. >> there is a lot of excitement already out there. if you get palin or michele bachmann in. the person who is going to suffer the most is rick santorum. with mitt romney who many consider the gop front runner, the race is considered wide open. one of the most famous planes in recent history is making its way down i-95. it's the so-called miracle on the hudson plane. a truck is taking it to a museum in charlotte, north
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carolina. the plane was headed to charlotte back in 2009 when the engines cut out after takeoff from new york. captain sully sullenberger safely brought that plane down in the hudson river. and monica, let's hope that plane isn't causing too many rush hour headaches. some could be gawking. >> very interesting to look at and good news as well. and unfortunately, i have the yellow light. i don't have the best news for you. i'm going to start off with a graphic right here on the southbound side of the gw parkway. two separate accidents. one at the key bridge and another one down at the lane. both causing a bit of a slowdown. let's take you over to a live shot of 270. earlier this afternoon, it was an overturned cement truck at father hurley boulevard. happened at 2:30 and slowing down in both directions. let me take you over to another map. two accidents in the same area
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in arlington on route 50 westbound at north irving street for you to watch out for as well. also a head's up about lane closures on i-95 in woodbridge, virginia. you can expect delays during the overnight hours between exit 160 and 161 at the river. now two northbound lanes are scheduled to be closed from 9:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tonight through thursday night. this is all part of a widening project on i-95. lesli, back to you. >> monica, thanks. more wild fires rip through arizona tonight and there is not much relief in sight for the firefighters there trying to battle that blaze. >> the first part of this recession, people thought it would be -- it has become a womansession. >> plus, gender and the recession. why some say the recession is sexist. annie. >> and get outside tonight if you can. we have heat and humidity back on the rise. official high today was 88
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degrees. the low 66. no rain today. i have the latest on the heat wave coming up.
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a wild fire burning for a week scorched 200 square miles in arizona and it's still burning. 2500 firefighters are battling these flames. they have to thank -- they have the thanks of the folks forced to evacuate mountain communities in eastern arizona. >> those men and women are risking their lives every minute of it. they are here to save us and thank god for that. >> so far, flames destroyed only a handful of buildings, but the smoke is becoming a health hazard for folks living hundreds of miles away. with strong winds and low humidity in the forecast,
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firefighters fear things are going to get worse before they get better. >> china is getting into a war of words with google. country's communist party is lashing out. the people's daily newspaper says the complaints could hurt the country's economy. hack attacks were traced to an eastern chinese city. >> maybe they need some more room for all those wedding gifts. whatever the reason, the duke and duchess of cambridge are moving into some pricey new digs. straight ahead, we're going to show you the couple's new home. >> and a new era starts tonight with scott pele taking over as the anchor of tonight's evening news. here's a preview. >> tonight we'll have mandy clark with u.s. forces fighting in afghanistan. plus, fresh information on how the president is planning to withdraw troops from there and iraq on the cbs evening news.
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this stuff really works. when it comes to recession, men and women are affected differently. 82% of jobs cut over the last four years were an industry dominated by men, like construction and manufacturing. and as men were littered with pink slips, women grew to be the breadwinners in almost half of american homes. now the worse could be over for men, but their female counterparts need to be ready. >> women are being affected is because of the measures our government is taking to address the recession. we are cutting jobs in the sectors where women are not employed. social services, health and education. >> there are steps that women can take to ease the pain of a layoff. first, start saving. next, when you are getting a paycheck, try to erase any credit card or loan debts and finally supplement your retire by contributing to an ira or 401k. the world's most famous
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newlyweds are getting new digs fit for a king and queen. they are picking up to move into kensington palace. they currently live in an island where william is an air force pilot. the move is expected to take place sometime this summer. >> i love hearing about them, but i get so royaled out sometimes. >> are you royaled out? >> you are royaled out already? this is just the beginning. we could say we are tired of this overwelming heat, but we have to get used to that, because it's coming back? >> yeah, it's coming back. i would say if you have to go outside, do some gardening, get to it tonight because we see the heat really increasing over the next couple of days and the humidity. that's where it can get you. right now it's 86 degrees in downtown. official high was 88 degrees today. manassas 84. 86 degrees in frederick, hagerstown 83. the average high is in the
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lower 80s. so a few degrees above that. our satellite radar picture has been pretty quiet. dry, lots of sunshine with the high pressure in place, but the bermuda high is going to make things feel uncomfortable. the heat wave does return. nice and dry tonight. get outside if you can. get that run or bike ride in. tuesday morning, maybe some patchy fog. generally around the central shanendoa valley. and the heat and humidity on the rise. here's your future cast. dc, we're not worried about any shower and thunderstorms over the next 24 hours. maybe some clouds coming in by late afternoon tomorrow. i think we can see some spotty activity in the mountains tomorrow afternoon. also we're picking up storms to the far northeast of us. more toward baltimore tomorrow night, but the immediate dc area looks good. it will be a nice warm day. tonight clear to partly cloudy and mild. open the windows, lows will be 60 to 68 degrees.
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winds will be light. sunset at 8:30 tonight. lows tonight, generally mid 60s. around dc, 67. fredericksburg, cooler at 60. i think it's going to feel nice as you are heading out the door. we'll have partly to mostly cloudy. grab the sunglasses because we'll have lots of sun. temperatures 60s and 70s. we may see a few clouds. but warm once again. the air quality is code orange, which means unhealthy for sensitive groups. that includes little children, the elderly, and people with lung disease and asthma. highs 86 and 91 degrees. southwest wind will bring up the dew points. so yeah a little more humid tomorrow. highs close to 90 here in dc. 91 for manassas. winchester at 90. here's your seven-day outlook. we talked about that warmup and heat wave. that's happening wednesday, thursday hot and humid.
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we're talking heat index values around 100 degrees once again. but the good news here, this is not lasting a long time. just a couple days. back into the lower 90s with the celebrate fairfax kicking off on friday. we see thunderstorms friday and into the weekend. >> thank you annie. burriss out of jail. >> could he be a redskin in they could use a guy his size, but they certainly taken a guy in the past. but he is out. what will his reentry be like and could the burgundy and gold -- and this golf cart unintended test nation. 9sports next.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> you know, there is an upside to stinking. their names are steven strosburg and bryce. being the worst team in baseball and tonight, they get to swing again. this year the nats have the number six pick and a number of mock drafts have them using it tonight on uva pitcher and bethesda native. the grad is second in the nation in strikeouts and i say the nats have done pretty well. i have ryan zimmerman with the fourth pick in 2005. speaking of ryan zimmerman,
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old face of franchise began his rehab assignment last night in hagerstown. did well, two for two with a triple. he got to play half an inning. it's been six weeks since that surgery and he says he is getting closer. >> that felt good. everything felt great. i think obviously throwing was the thing that hurt the most before and that's the last thing that is coming back. running feels great, and i think we're right on schedule. >> continues his rehab tonight with the patomac nationals. their second look this year at tim lincecum. if it wasn't so tragically stupid, it would be funny. burriss' second chance started today.
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released from prison in upstate new york after 20 months and if and when football gets back at it, he will be a free agent. the redskins, eagles, jets, and rams are potential suiters. here's what he says. >> i thank all my fans for the thousands of letters, for the unwaiverring support and as far as football is concerned, if and when, you know, everything gets settled and when they get back on the field, i'll be ready. >> down a level, you know how ufc won the title, the bcs stripped usc of that crown. record books will show no champion for that season. >> this is supposed to be a dream day for josh, got an invite to work out for the wizards. had he wound up doing this all day. sitting. the guard was unable to play after tweaking his hamstring.
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the freshman at kansas and got busted for himself accepting illegal gifts. he will be fined overall. time to stop calling the miami heat 2 1/2 men. chris bosh hit that shot to give miami the lead. heat hung up to a two games to one lead. 29 for wade, 17 for lebron. game four tomorrow. finally, this is at the women's turkish open yesterday. the tour official comes over to make a ruling near the cart path. somebody needs to make a ruling on his driving. he takes off, nearly plows into three people and slams into the tree. or as john daly likes to call it. tuesday, i don't know what his rush was, maybe his foot got stuck on the accelerator or he was two mar tinies to the wind. >> we'll go with the foot getting stuck. that sounds better. >> that's what they'll tell the insurance claims adjustor. hot coming up. >> hot and very humid.
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