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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 6, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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prove that phillips is jaylin's father. the day before the hearing, phillips allegedly shot wright in the head in oxon run valley park and left jaylin in the car nearby. today phillips was charged with first-degree murder and manslaughter for leaving little jaylin to die in the car. >> we look forward to seeking justice for this family. i'm kristin fisher in washington along the bike trail where four people have been attacked in less than a month. the latest attack happened last wednesday when a group of kids tried to taser a bicyclist. dc police say they think they caught those kids, but they don't know if they're the ones responsible for the other attacks. >> i was apprehensive about that myself before knowing about this. that makes it a little bit more scary. >> police now say they are stepping up patrols along the 8-
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mile trail which runs from silver spring to union station. many people say the solution is simply more traffic. >> it's up so us in the community to get out and walk the trails because that's what will change the whole culture of this place. >> i'm peggy fox in the district where dc's attorney general files a lawsuit against one of the city's own councilmen. >> allegations are allegations. fact is fact. >> a defiant harry thomas denied the accusations against him. the civil suit alleges he bought this $60,000oudi suv with public money. >> the oudi was purchased through my business. >> it alleges that the nonprofit thomas set up, team thomas, collected donations from businesses, the likes of children's national medical center and $5,000 from med star to be used to teach at risk kids golf and baseball.
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but instead, it was used for lavish trips to las vegas and pebble beach, california. >> i have to say that we are extremely disappointed in this violation of public service. >> harry thomas out front, sulaimon brown upstairs. under court order, the dark horse mayoral candidate is finally talking. detailing to a committee his allegations of payoff and patronage. now brown brought along some copies of receipts and many orders that say gray's top campaign aids gave him to vote gray, any color but fenty against the forme incumbent mayor. >> had you not been fired, would any of this come to light? >> i don't appreciate your annal analogy that i turned on anyone. i was very loyal for a long time. >> for money. loyal for money. >> no, no, that's your
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interpretation. >> of course it's my interpretation. because it is consistent. >> you are facing off the wall stuff. >> everyone can think i'm crazy. i have two jobs, mr. brown, and you have none. >> okay then, brown with some testy exchanges. in fact, he had those exchanges. but david at one point called brown delusional and immersed in fantasy. one big question though, even if he is telling the truth, does brown have any credibility left? democratic congressional leaders are calling for an ethics probe into one of their own tonight. new york congressman anthony weiner came clean this afternoon about his exchanges with women through his twitter account. we get the rest of that story from randall pinkstone. >> anthony weiner addressed reporters. >> i have not been honest with myself, my family, my constituents, my friends, and supporters and the media. >> he admitted he lied last
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week when he denied tweeting a lewd photo to a college student. >> the picture was of me and i sent it. >> weiner says he meant for it to be a joke, but once it was posted on his twitter account, he panicked and took it down. he admitted the photo was not a first. >> i exchanged photos and messages of the explicit nature to six women. >> to an aid to secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> my wife is a remarkable woman. she is not responsible for any of this. >> weiner's confession came after he initially gave a round of interviews claiming his twitter account was hacked. one blogger continued to push the story. >> that blogger showed up at weiner's news conference before weiner did. >> i would like an apology for him being a come comply sit.
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> he has another x-rated image of the congressman. new york. and congressman weiner says he never met personally with those women that he corresponded with and not sure how old they were. he never had sex outside of his marriage. here's thoughts from you a little later on in mcginty's mail bag. virginia's mark warner and jim webb are two of six senators calling for stricter driving standards in the bus industry. they sent a message to ray lahood. this less than a week after the bus crash in virginia. that letter comes on a day with two more bus crashes. the first early this morning on interstate 10 in alabama. more than 20 people were injured when a bus there hit a tractor trailer around 12:30 a.m. and more than three dozen people injured when a bus carrying members of a youth marching band crashed in western iowa this morning. that bus blew a tire along i-80
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just before 8:00 a.m. well let's take a look at our own evening rush hour. monica with your time saving traffic. the yellow light is still there. >> we have some incidents to show you. first of all, start off south of town on the eisenhower connector. an accident with the center lane getting thru. you can see the slow traffic because of it. let's take you over to the west side of town. on the outer loop of the beltway, you'll have to trust me on this one. things are looking good at river road. it's a little bit slow at the dulles toll road. now to another map. the bw parkway is not looking too good. an accident affecting nasa with authorities on the scene. it's two vehicles involved there. now a commuter alert for you tonight about some work along i- 95 in virginia. crews will be doing some milling and paving in the northbound lanes in woodbridge and that will be between exits
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160 and 161. two lanes will be closed between 9:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. that's tonight. the work will continue through thursday night. so head's up there. derek, back to you. >> thank you so much, monica. our good friend would call this chamber of commerce weather. nice, sunny, not too humid, but all good things must end. >> yeah, this is a really great night to get outside, have that barbecue, have dinner outside or maybe even work on the garden and get a run in. things are changing as we do see the humidity and the heat turn things up a notch. here's a look at live doppler 9,000 tonight. it's quiet, no green on here, which means we have clear skies, lots of sunshine. right now in the mid 80s in downtown. manassas 84. frederick 84 degrees also. so for tonight, what can you expect? we're going to expect clear to partly cloudy skies and mild. open the windows if you want. lows will be 60 to 68 degrees. winds will be light. generally temperatures around
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67 in downtown. 61 for manassas. 60 in frederick. it will be a cool start tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that heat wave and how long it lasts coming up a little later. derek. >> thank you annie. they are bringing in the heavy machinery. we'll tell you about that. but first, church and state may need to be separate, but should they be equal? we'll be taking a look at that question a little later on in our show. stay with us.
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back now with a look at the fields in the center of a lawsuit in arlington county. earlier this year when the county rejected a request by the washington archdiocese to install lights at the high school. now the archdiocese is suing. it says since the county did allow lights at other high schools, the archdiocese believes that decision was descrim story. the civil liberty's union is challenging a new law that lets the state drug test welfare recipients. governor rick scott says it's about not wasting taxpayer dollars. >> our taxpayers are not interested in subsidizing drug addiction. it's no different if you apply for a job, they aren't saying you use drugs, in that work environment, they don't want
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you to use drugs. in this case, we don't want to subsidize drug addiction. we give increased -- it's better for our families and it doesn't waste taxpayer money. >> welfare recipients will have to pay for their own testing. is this the kind of testing that the violation of civil liberties or a viable way to keep costs down? and what about the children of welfare recipients who may or may not test positive? should they be held accountable for their parent's actions? share your thoughts, that's or join our conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. coming up, annie has a look at your forecast. but first, decades after the fight for civil rights was waged and won, a new struggle brewing for african americans to push from civil rights to silver rights. that's up next.
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the fright for african americans to obtain equal rights in this country was a turbulent and violent journey. the laws has been won, but another movement still brewing. that would be the push for economic empowerment and lesli foster brings us the story how one local architect's family broke down barriers along the path to prosperity. >> but i started with $1,000. a really good business plan and a lot of passion. >> gerald heads one of the
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leading women and minority owned firms in america. her company is the architect of record for the memorial that bares dr. martin luther king, jr.'s name and likeness on the national mall. >> i am actually living the dream that he talked about. >> but that dream was about more than just civil rights. >> america has given the people a bad check. a check which has come back marked insufficient funds. >> dr. king was also a drum major for silver rights. >> dr. king's dream was not as the big house, with a big mortgage or the big car. it was about having a business that you could pass on to your family. it was about creating wealth. > gerald's family built their business from scratch. five generations later, building is still in their blood. darryl and her twin sister own a $30 million company making
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its mark across dc and beyond. >> she never thought the foundation her family layed in 1905 would leave her to one day own the doors that were once so hard to walk through. she credits dr. king for helping make that possible. >> we restored the stone where dr. king stood when he was giving the i have a dream speech. >> more than 40 years since that address, there aren't nearly enough stories like darryl's, according to the institute on assets and social policy, the wealth gap between whites and african americans increased more than four times over the course of a generation. in a study released last year, middle income white households had greater gains in wealth than high income african americans. >> you can't be a capitalist in this nation and survive unless you have some silver. unless you have some economic power. >> it's easier, but there's
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still definitely some challenges. >> lesli foster, 9news now. >> and darryl says being able to play a part in the construction of the mlk memorial has been a milestone. the dedication for the memorial is scheduled for august of '28 and a quarter million people are expected to be there. that ceremony will be held near the national mall. ash from a chile chilean volcano. it started erupting on saturday and a cloud of ash 6 miles high made its way to the atlantic ocean and it's still out there. crews are using heavy construction. some pictures of lightning with volcano erupting. >> around here, we had tough stuff to talk about. very nice weather. >> it's coming this way. so tonight you can get out and do it because you know, we have the humidity on the rise and the heat on the rise. so we're going to expect that
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bermuda high to influence our weather pattern. tonight, get outside if you can. do some gardening. take a walk in the park if you can. or get your bikes out. here's a look at our current conditions right now where it's 83 in arlington. 85 in dc and 80 degrees in reston. so it's a nice night out there. satellite radar picture, we've got basically this high pressure in place. bermuda high will be off in the coast over the next couple of days. we have lots of sunshine. high level clouds and dry today. the heat wave does return. nice and dry tonight. patchy fog tomorrow morning. isolated storms to the mountains and the heat and humidity on the rise. here's your future cast. dc, we're going to be just fine. sunshine and a few clouds late afternoon. most of the showers and thunderstorms can be out toward the mountain and north of the baltimore area of the mason dixon line. i think around dc it's going to be nice and warm out there once again. tonight, clear to partly cloudy
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and mild. so open the windows. lows will be 60 to 68 degrees. winds are going to be light and our sunset at 8:30. tonight around dc, 67 degrees. 64 for gaithersburg. leesburg around 65 degrees. and by the morning, partly to mostly cloudy and pleasant. grab the sunglasses. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. in the afternoon, partly cloudy and very warm. air quality is code orange. includes the elderly, children, and people with asthma. highs tomorrow, a little warmer compared to today. 86 to 91 degrees and notice the winds will be out of the southwest at 5 to 10. that means more humidity coming in tomorrow. it will be uncomfortable by thursday. by wednesday and thursday rather. all right, here's your forecast. cumberland 85 and around gaithersburg, around upper 80s, 90s for frederick. dc around 89 degrees. you are warming up to 87
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degrees under partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. here's your seven-day outlook. the heat and humidity, wednesday and thursday, it is on for those two days. in the mid to upper 90s. friday we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. the good news is, the heat wave not lasting long. that is when also celebrate fairfax kicks off. a lot of us will be there throughout the three days on the weekend. saturday and sunday, a chance for showers and thunderstorms. not a washout as of now, but getting ready for that. i was up today getting my summer clothes out, so get ready for that the next couple of days. >> thank you, annie. you know how in the mid afternoon, an hour or two after lunch, but a while before you go home, it gets sleepy. your head starts bobbing a bit. we have a solution, it's called the ostrich. a combination pillow, cushion, and bed. and take a nap right at your
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desk. you put your hands and head inside there. not so good from hiding this from the boss. on the other hand, it does allow you to carry it over your shoulder and handle that afternoon sleepy time. >> can you breathe? >> that's a good question. the other question, where can i get one? we'll be back. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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and don't forget, you can get the news, weather, and traffic every morning. join mike, andrea, howard, and angie weekdays. it all gets started at 4:25 a.m. and in the mail bag tonight, our facebook page going off the scale with comments about the congressman anthony weiner's rather shocking admissions earlier this evening. yes, he did send that picture of himself in his underwear to a young lady and yes, he's been having online sexual relations with as many as six different women and some of this was going on since he's been married. terri sums up many of your thoughts. what is wrong with these men? they have been doing this stuff for ages. it's just in cyber space now
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for all to see. but katherine weiner had a bit of a dissent take. she says such news because politicians are not human at all and boohoo. he happens to be in the public eye. and similar sentiments from jeff. he says why are we wasting time on this? as long as no laws were broken, the recipients consented to receiving the picks and a hypocrite, who cares who he shows it to? keep attention focused on the real problems, not gossip. well i think it probably is a big news story because weiner is a congressman and he did initially lie to the american people, not to mention the fact they are investigating whether or not any laws were broken. and i have to say, you can argue all of that does go to character and voters do care about that. would it have still been news, for example, if he had been a single man or not been these
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internet photos? in an age where few things are still secret just because we know something salacious about a public figure, does that mean we have to put it on tv? perhaps you have some answers to us. the address, well that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman and tonight we are working on an ancient practice. the lowdown on leeches tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then.
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now, "entertainment tonight" -- the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. maria in malibu. her new interview. >> anything that promotes peace is terrific. >> and all new arnold, out and about. >> how is single life, arnold? >> as hollywood takes aim at the ex-governor. >> the first time in the history of the mtv movie awards, the entire balcony isn't fathered by arnold schwarzenegger. >> all the highlights from the award show weekend. cameron and a-rod. sean penn with charlotte. and this kiss between pattinson. plus the best and worst dress. >> prince william in a top hat. a decked out kate. their big date. plus, pippa in running shorts. and harry horsing around. it's a


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