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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tactfully by circulating the company's dress code policy. thanks for joining us, 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. this is 9news now. >> corruption and scandal surrounds the dc city council and now the fate of councilman harry thomas hangs in the balance. just one day after the attorney general filed a damaging lawsuit against the city councilman, he's back on the job, but for how long? delia takes us to the wilson building. >> the purpose of this meeting is to discuss yesterday's events related to a member of the council. >> a simple statement, then the media is kicked out of the room. called for a closed door meeting to discuss promotions or demotions. earlier in the day, the council tried to conduct business as usual during a redistricting hearing, but the tension was mounting. councilman harry thomas jr. is accused of stealing $300,000 from his own foundation, now his chairmanship of the
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committee is at risk. >> we talk to my colleagues and do what is best for the institution. >> one can't help but look at the council and count down the scandal. councilman at large. councilman brown and his former chief of staff today is in court in a corruption trial. councilman marion barry's car troubles for giving a city contract to an exgirlfriend. the chairman who misused taxpayer's money for his own luxury ride. and now thomas. his lawyer says dc residents don't need to worry. >> one of the things that people often confuse is whether the behavior, the personal behavior of a council member or an elected official really affects their ability to deliver their public responsibility. >> and speaking of jobs, will councilman thomas keep his job? >> so no decision today by the council chairman who himself has been a subject of some controversy after using taxpayer dollars to purchase
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two luxury suv's. he has since returned them. outside the wilson building, 9news now. we have breaking news out of southeast d.c. part of south capital street is closed in both directions because of a smell that could be natural gas. d.c. fire and washington gas are on the scene. they are looking for a possible leak. all of this is happening in the 4700 block of south capital street. now people are allowed to walk through that area, but traffic and vehicles is being diverted and there's still no word right now on when that street may reopen. now we have an update on the 12-year-old girl murdered in gaithersburg last week. montgomery county police now say jessica nguyen was stabbed to death. we do not know if nguyen was killed by a stranger or by someone she knew. she was found dead last tuesday evening in the basement of a town home on raven avenue where
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she lives with her family. police have towed away a minivan. they searched the home. so far no one has been arrested in this case. to howard county where police released surveillance video of a beating and robbery in a bar and police hope it will lead to a suspect. this happened on may 29. the video shows a woman just being punched by another in the face, being knocked down to the ground and a woman takes the other one's purse. police are offering a $500 reward for information leading to a suspect. >> a gang of alleged graverobbers is busted in prince georges county. prosecutors say four men have been charged with stealing from three different cemeteries. matt has the disturbing details. >> lesli, police and prosecutors said it was a two- yearlong investigation. stealing urns and grave markers
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worth an estimated $500,000. this guy was the alleged ring leader. 38-year-old porter, a former employee at resurrection cemetery in clinton who allegedly led a band of three other graverobbers. also former cemetery workers. >> having your loved ones stolen is traumatic. >> according to prosecutors, the men stole bronze and brass urns and grave markers from the cemeteries where they worked. and then tried selling the items to scrap metal dealers. >> sometimes they do sell them, but we are able to recover them. >> police say many of the scrap metal dealers who were approached declined to buy the items and that one called police which is how the two yearlong investigation got started. >> this is a disturbing and disgusting trend. >> state's attorney, angela said she is hoping the 13 count indictment sends the unmistakable message that robbing from sacred sites like cemeteries will not be tolerated. >> gave yard markers and urns
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are off limits. they really are. we hope we send that message. >> each of the four suspects could face up to 15 years in prison. lesli. >> thanks matt. arrest warrants have been issued for all four suspects, as of late this afternoon, none of them were in custody. a group opposed to giving in state tuition rates to illegal immigrants in maryland is one step closer to getting that issue put to a public vote. the state board of elections validated 21,000 signatures on the group's petition to repeal that law today. organizers now have until the end of june to get 56,000 people to sign on. if they do, maryland's dream act would be suspended and put on the ballot in 2012. congressman anthony weiner wants to save his political career, but that is going to be tough. now that he has admitted that he sent lewd photos to young women over the internet. now members of his own party are not even coming to the new york democrat's defense. today senate democratic leader,
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harry reid told reporters he is staying out of the fallout from his confession. >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him, but i can't. >> whether you thought congressman weiner -- >> i'm not here to defend weiner. >> what do you think he should do? >> that's all i'm going to say. >> weiner is facing an ethics investigation called to by nancy pelosi. >> anyway toe's most punishing air strikes yet. the headquarters of moammar gadhafi and what is his response? hear it for yourself. >> the defiant gadhafi speaking on phone. the state run media and denounces anyway toe and vows to fight to the death. he abruptly ended that call when more nato jets flew overhead. the air strikes damaged several buildings in gadhafi's
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compound. one person was killed. >> next week, the u.s. open tees off at congressional country club. one of golf's biggest stars will not be here. brett haber is here with the big news on tiger woods today. brett. >> lesli, tiger was hoping to end his nearly two year winless drought, but it will not have happened not here, not next week. tiger's body betrayed him and for the first time in his procareer, he will miss the u.s. open. what it means for the rest of his season and how bummed we should be as the citizens of washington that he is not coming here. annie. >> not bad golfing weather for tonight. a little humid, but not too bad. here's a look at our almanac. 90 degrees. average high is 92. speaking of records, i think tomorrow a chance to beat some records or even also tie some records. your full forecast when i come back. >> all right annie. a week after that deadly bus crash on i-95. officials kick off an effort to
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make sure other buses and trucks follow the rules.
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drivers share the road with buses and trucks every day, but local inspectors are trying to make sure those extra large vehicles are safe company. today is the start of road check 2011. it's a 72 hour campaign where safety inspectors are conducting roughly 70,000 random vehicle checks in mexico, canada, and here in the u.s. >> check your equipment. obey the rules and regulations. follow the rules of the road. don't speed. watch your behavior. make sure you're not fatigued when you drive. >> of course that has profound meaning just one week after four people were killed and more than 50 others were injured in a bus crash on i-95.
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police say the driver fatigue caused that crash. all right, are you still waiting for somebody tonight? monica has the time saver traffic update and things are looking yellow now. >> yeah, that's because we had a couple incidents around town. i'm going to start off with south capital street. we have been telling you about this street just north of southern avenue. i am just told within the last few minutes, police did open up the lanes there. so you should be okay through that southwest corridor on south capital street. let's take you over to a map now. there was an accident on the inner loop of the beltway right down here at pennsylvania avenue. as you can see, that's been cleared. the red cars indicate there's a 20 minute ride heading southbound from central avenue to get down to pennsylvania avenue. now look on the west side. both loops of the beltway slow from the dulles toll road with nothing stopped in the roadway. by the way, an accident or crash just reported. southbound on route 355 at
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grovener lane. back to you lesli. coming up, the woman who was nearly crushed by a boulder dropped from an i-95 overpass. she wants justice. and she and her mom say they know who did it. we're going to have that story when we come back. but first, here is a quick preview of tonight's cbs evening news with scott pele. >> fresh evidence of trouble ahead as the president weighs in on whether we are headed for a recession. tonight on the cbs evening news.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it's been eight years since someone dropped a boulder off the i-95 overpass. no one has been charged and daphne wants justice. peggy fox talked with her today and she brings us the story. >> it happened here when daphne gibson and her new husband drove home from their honeymoon eight years ago as they drove under the overpass, someone or a group of people
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dropped a 70-pound boulder off the bridge. this is the boulder that was dropped off the bridge and this is the car it crashed into. asleep in the passenger seat was daphne gibson on her way home from her honeymoon. the marriage fell apart and eight years later she is undergoing surgeries. 13 so far. she and her mom are speaking out saying they believe four 11th graders from the nearby high school did it. they have names and want to see justice. >> they have children just like i have children. they have family just like i have a family. they need to think about what they did and pay the price. this could have been your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, anybody related to you. you are doing something to harm them, why would you want to do something like that? >> a life changed by a careless and dangerous act, yet no one has been charged eight years later. virginia state police will only say that an on going investigation is underway. i'm peggy fox, back to you. >> for the third straight
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year, montgomery county public schools have the best graduation rate in the nation. among the nation's 50 largest districts, montgomery county graduated the most students, more than 85%. that is a full 14 points higher than the national average and 9 points higher than the maryland average. the annual diplomas report show it has the second best graduation rate. anne arundel county came in sixth. prince william 17th and prince georges county 20th. >> for the first time this year, maryland's two state casinos saw a drop in the amount of money they brought in. the casino and the hollywood casino took in a combined $13 $13.29 million in may. they are focused on the long- term results. of course we are focused on today, but not just today, the next couple of days because of what is on the way. >> we have a heat wave coming this way. the dew point there tonight
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really not too bad. but it's really tomorrow and into thursday where we will feel the heat and humidity. so get those ready, we'll hang out. our heat alert is in effect. we have heat advisory in effect from wednesday tomorrow at noon until 8:00 p.m. this is the areas you see in orange. look out to the areas in northeast. that's the excessive heat warning in effect. so you know, we don't have it as bad as they do. heat index values expected at 100, 105 for tomorrow. avoid being outside during those hours. heat advisory, it means we are seeing heat index values from 100 to 105. exercise in the morning, earlier in the day and the heat index is the temperature we feel combined with the relative humidity. right now temperatures in the upper 80s in downtown. 82 in gaithersburg. 83 for martinsburg. 88 degrees. very warm out there. hot and humid the next couple of days. mild and a bit muggy tonight.
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heat advisory until wednesday 8:00 p.m. thursday hot and humid again. very similar like tomorrow. and then thursday evening, it could be unsettled in some spots. all right, so to beat the heat, what should you do? stay hydrated, eat light meals, limit your time outside. especially in the direct sunlight and don't forget your pets. do not, do not leave them in the car, please. all right, here's your future cast. so we've got clear skies. bermuda high is up on the coast, which is why we will see the heat go up and the humidity go up. now wednesday around the dc district area, we are looking good. it's out toward the west where we see a chance of isolated thunderstorms popping up. tonight looks good here. looking at clear to partly cloudy conditions. mild and muggy. lows 64 to 73 degrees. and winds will be light. now tomorrow morning as you are heading out the door going to work, what can you expect? partly cloudy and warm? wear light colored clothes, loose fitting. temperatures in the 60s and
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70s. winds will be light. and in the afternoon, lots of sunshine. hot and humid. air quality is code orange, which means unhealthy for sensitive groups. highs tomorrow 94 to 98 degrees. in downtown around 97, but check out culpeper. 101 is our forecast high for tomorrow. and 97 in martinsburg. it's going to be a hot one tomorrow. day planner breaks down like this. 60s and 70s in the morning. by noon, already warming up into the 90s. here's your seven-day outlook. all right, hot and humid through tomorrow through thursday. chance for some isolated storms. friday, we have a cold front coming through. it will cool down a little bit into the lower 90s. chance for some showers and thunderstorms through the weekend. cooler yet, upper 80s on saturday for celebrate fairfax and on sunday and then on monday, a little more seasonal in the lower 80s. partly cloudy a chance for showers. and just in case you are curious, the record high for
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tomorrow at reagan national is 98 degrees. we are going with 97. maybe we'll come close to flirting with it. so we'll keep our eyes on that. >> definitely got to stay hydrated. thank you annie. tiger isn't coming? >> yeah. >> just not coming. >> would you not go just because tiger is not going? you wouldn't go to a golf tournament. >> i think i would go. >> especially because he's not that good anymore, at least not for the moment. he is still the biggest draw in golf, so we're told, and he will be missing. tiger talked about his decision to skip the open next week here in town. plus the kiss from bryce harper making waves. and did his tv sports caster advise a maryland player to leave school for the nba? 9sports next.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> last time tiger woods missed the u.s. open was 1994. that's the year he graduated high school. since then, he played it 16 times, won it three times, but number four will not be this year and not be in this town. tiger announcing this afternoon he will skip the u.s. open. he continues to recover from the knee and injuries he suffered earlier this spring. those issues limited him to just nine holes of golf since the masters in april. and while he loathed to skip a
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major, he apparently has no choice. tiger releasing this statement on his website today. quote, i'm extremely disappointed i won't be playing in the u.s. open, it's time for me to focus on the future. i hope to be ready the next two majors and the rest of the year. >> if the nationals had one hesitation about giving bryce harper $10 million, it wasn't his hitting or defense, television the fact he is 18 years old and like most 18-year- olds, he's capable of being a knuckle head. harper hit his 13th home run against greensboro. as you can see, he show boats it that he is leaving home plate, showing up the pitcher there. takes eight steps and starts rounding the bases and as he is heading for home. it's hard to see, but he stops and blows a kiss to the pitcher as he was about to touch home plate. that is going to get you and your teammates beamed in the head. harper is being killed in the national media today and sources say the event might
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delay his promotion to aa, which was rumored to be days away. meanwhile a year after harper was drafted first overall, the nats got their latest first round stud last night. they used the sixth pick on anthony out of rice. the 21-year-old slugger was the national player of the year in 2010. he's a third bisman, but given ryan zimmerman, he says he is willing to play elsewhere. wise choice. as for the big club, the nats -- in san francisco, they touched him up for four runs in five innings, including that by michael morris. the bullpen squandered a three- run lead in the 7th and then in the bottom of the 13th at nearly 3:00 a.m. eastern time, freddy sanchez provided the walkoff win. if you're going to leave college for the nba as a sophomore, you better be darn sure you're going to make it. maryland's jordan williams left last month. many believe he's no better than the second round pick.
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today as williams showed up at verison center for the wizards, he said that espn anchor and maryland alumni was a quote, big factor in his decision to leave college park. tweeted tonight that the story is not accurate. williams averaged 17 for the terps last season. >> if you thought this hit was ouch, so did the nhl. they suspended him for knocking nathan unconscious. it was dirty because rome left his feet and horton didn't have the puck anymore. horton spent the night in the hospital. he has a severe concussion. >> you heard terrill owens use the expression, get your popcorn ready. one fan took that advice literally. watch him go for this foul ball. it almost came out the bottom of the popcorn. he said the ball tasted delicious. >> i bet it did. >> he never took off his shades.
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>> thanks. the cbs evening news with scott pele is next. have a good night.


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