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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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60s. check this out. your day planner. temperature still going to be on the warm side. we'll be around 84 at noon. 78 at 9:00. do you see the little thunderstorm there at 5:00 with a front pushing through the region. that will give us that little kick to touch off a couple of thunderstorms. we had a couple overnight pass well to our north and west near winchester. near winchester here at 2:30 up toward washington and frederick counties. out into pennsylvania. we're done with that. for the time being. our temperature, 69 martinsburg. winchester. 73 fredericksburg. lou ann in annapolis, 76. here in washington, 75 going up to 89. angie goff is in this friday morning. timesaver traffic. >> hello, everyone. hope you're having a terrific morning. the roadway is looking a-ok. green light stays on. we take it over to the map. take a closer look at our outer
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loop this morning. looks like all of the construction has cleared out of the way from 95 to 270 moving it outside, everyone appears to be moving at speed. this is your live condition near the university boulevard exit. back over to the maps, this time, the focus will be on 270. we're tracking that southbound trip in. right now, no problems as drivers make their way out of frederick continuing on toward 109 making their way past 118 germantown road down to the split. this is what you can expect, smooth sailing. as far as your travel times are concerned, 66. we're in the clear from fairfax to the beltway about 10 minutes. inner loop is moving smoothly as well. the dulles toll road drivers, looks like you should be able to access the inner loop. the ramp is back open. still ahead, a look at 95 in maryland. i'll have that coming up in my next traffic report at 5:09. back to you. thank you, angie. this morning, a bethesda store will reopen more than three months after it became a crime scene. >> back in march, an employee was found murdered inside the
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lululemon athletica store. police arrested one of her coworkers a week later. surae chinn joins us outside the store with their efforts to remember and recover. surae, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. good morning, andrea. this is a new beginning, a new chapter for the lululemon athletica store. a new facade greets you and also a new stained glass window with the word love in honor of 30-year-old jayna murray, the life lost here at the store. you'll remember back in march where people lived in fear before the arrest and now, folks seem to be glad that the store is reopening. >> no concerns. i'm glad they reopened it. i think it was the right thing to do. >> back in march, the horrifying murder of 30-year- old jayna murray who lived in arlington. police say this was no random act. they say her coworker tried to make people believe that both were sexually assaulted by two masked men, police say it was norwood who bound her coworker,
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beat her so badly, she crushed her skull and severed her spinal cord. jayna murray's parents talked with good morning america back in march. >> whether she knew you for two seconds or years, those were her greetings. and she wanted people to feel comfortable and happy. >> one of the most fearless people i've ever known in my life. that's as objective as a father can get. >> jayna murray was a graduate of johns hopkins university and a student at gw. friends remember her as a free spirit who loved life and most likely people will have her in their minds as they open the store today. mike, andrea? >> surae, aside from the beautiful stained glass window over the top there, are they going to be honoring jayna murray in other ways as well? >> reporter: they will. the word love obviously honors jayna but they'll also have a moment of silence tomorrow at 9:00 and just across the street here, they will be holding a yoga class open to the public,
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all levels, beginning to experienced, they'll have people sitting out here doing yoga class and they say bring your own mat and they'll hopefully have a good time remembering jayna murray. while you slept, authorities ordered more evacuations in north dakota. >> the souris river is expected to crest in minot sunday but projections for how high it will get keep rising. the crest is expected to exceed all previous records so more people are being told to hit for higher ground. the water level is higher because of releases from some dams further upstream. the man accused of causing last friday's pentagon scare is facing charges in a series of shootings. federal officials have charged yonathan melaku with a shooting at the pentagon and a couple of military recruiting stations. they happened last fall. the fbi says when melaku was taken into custody at arlington national cemetery last week,
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the items in his backpack included ammonium nitrate which, as you may know, can be used to make bombs. a delaware pediatrician will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of child sex charges. a judge found dr. earl bradley guilty of assaulting young patients. prosecutors had videos of 86 victims being abused. their average age was only 3 years old. police arrested bradley in 2009 after a 2-year-old girl told her mother the doctor hurt her. an update on the latest corruption scandal in the district. there has been a few. david hooper, the vice-chairman of the advisory neighborhood commission for 5b has stepped down. this comes after 9news now broke a story for alleged misuse of $30,000 by the anc chair william shelton. many members of the anc want the d.c. city council to hold a hearing about that alleged theft. time for your latest money
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report of the morning. jessica is off today. investors are hoping for a better end to the week on wall street after plunging nearly 200 points yesterday, the dow managed to rebound and finish only 59 points down at 12,050. this morning, asian markets closed higher. one thing that surprised investors, president obama's decision to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve. the white house says it is because of supply disruptions in libya and the middle east. but critics say it is a move to bolster the economy heading into an election year. meanwhile, drivers who use their personal vehicles while on the job will soon be able to deduct even more from their taxable income. in a rare mid-year move, the i.r.s. is increasing the deductions of 55.5 cents a mile, that's a four and a half increase from the current rate. this takes effect july 1st. the average price for a gallon of gas is up 83 cents since
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last year. the recent pain at the pump is driving up demand for the toyota prius. the japanese car company has promised to get more of the priuses into dealer showrooms by the end of this year. a parts supply shortage in japan since the earthquake and tsunami has slowed production of the prius. tensions are heating up between board of bethesda hospital and its neighbors. montgomery county judge has ruled in favor of expanding suburban hospital and denying an appeal by the hunters and terrace citizens association. they're worried that expansion is going to encroach on their neighborhood. >> we have been asking the hospital for many months now to sit down and work with us in a good faith dialogue. so far, the hospital has stiffed us. >> i think the neighborhood is absolutely incorrect. i think we've worked very hard to put forward the type of programs that addresses the needs, that is as sensitive to the community as it can be but that it meets standards for care in the future. >> the hospital still needs
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approval from the montgomery county council. a hearing on that is set for mid-july. >> "the new york times" is reporting ties between osama bin laden and pakistani intelligence officials. details coming up. >> plus, the fbi is revealing some of the details about what they found in mobster whitey bulger's hideout. ahead in sports, despite an impressive winning streak by the nationals, we'll have more on why manager jim riggleman quit after yesterday's game. we'll be back.
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we've got a warm and muggy start. not as warm and muggy as yesterday and the trent over
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the weekend will be for lower humidity levels and much more pleasant temperatures. sunshine. today, partly sunny. going to be a couple of storms here and there this afternoon. highs seem to be upper 80s. winds southwest to west. a little bit breezy at 10 to 15. i'll have the weekend details in four or five minutes. angie is in with our friday traffic. >> thank you, howard. we're looking at 95 in maryland. it appears construction is gone between 198 and powder mill looking at a clear commute all the way down to the beltway. still ahead, a look around the region coming back at 5:18. back to you. making news now at 5:10, "the new york times" is reporting a new connection between osama bin laden and officials in pakistan. the times article posted overnight says a cell phone recovered in last month's raid connected contacts to a militant group that's a long- time asset of pakistan's intelligence agency. that cell phone belonged to bin laden's courier who was also killed in the raid. two men are in custody now, accused of plotting a
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possibility of carrying out a fort hood-style attack in washington state. the fbi says the man planned to attack a military recruiting station in seattle. detention hearings are set for next wednesday. we're learning more about the arrest of whitey bulger. fbi agents say they seized $800,000 in cash from bulger's home in southern california along with more than 30 guns. prosecutors say the alleged mob boss is tied to at least 19 murders. bulger will be extradited to massachusetts. so are you looking for a job? we'll have more coming up on which emergency agency is hiring. >> at 5:23, meet the player the wizards selected with the sixth overall pick in the nba draft. next at 5:14, howard is taking away a little humidity, just in time for the weekend! is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:14. it has been a miserable week. hot, humid, hazy. but the payoff is coming later today, in fact. we'll see a little bit of a drop. >> a smidge this morning. mentally, they'll feel better. >> the weekend, you'll definitely notice it.
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some of will you will be able to open your windows. save on the ac bill. at least we get a break for the weekend. so much going on. this upcoming weekend. perhaps going down to the barbecue battle. heritage days in montgomery county. got the caribbean festival. i'm sure i'm missing a lot of what's going on this weekend. partly sunny and muggy this morning. we're in the 70s. nothing showing up on live doppler 9000 hd yet. sun is coming up at 5:44. should be a decent sunrise. there are a few high clouds out there. day planner, we're ok this morning. 78 at 9:00. 82 at 11:00. increasing in that 10 to 15 range for the afternoon. also this afternoon, there will be some isolated or spotty thunderstorms developing with that cold front headed our way. you'll notice by late in the day as winds go from southwest to westerly, the sign of the front pushing through. eventually tonight, the winds go northwesterly and a northwesterly breeze is a drier breeze around here bringing in that much more comfortable air
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for the weekend. this morning, we've been wamping the thunderstorms. you can see the lightning with it as it has been moving off north of baltimore as well. now, on to pennsylvania. it will be phillies problem over toward york and lancaster if you're headed up there early. otherwise, we'll watch for the storms this afternoon. your temperatures, they're 70 degrees for gaithersburg and laytonsville. 72 in rockville and great falls. leesburg and haymarket are 70. lower 70s with fort belvoir and alexandria and college park at 73. up in columbia this morning, 72 degrees. on the water, 75. a light westerly wind and the dew point is way up there at 69 but last few days, it has been in the lower 70s. it is trending down. we want to push that thing down in the 50s which i think is where it is going to end up. right now, we're watching on the bigger picture. storm system spinning over the great lakes. this is the one that early in the week brought the tornadoes to nebraska. brought the rains andel coot
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weerl. for us, there is a front that will be coming through. through ohio and kentucky now. this is the front as it pushes through, we'll be doing a whole lot better as we head into the afternoon hours tomorrow especially. today, the future cast, we're look at those showers which are leaving. we're fine midday. this afternoon, some pop-up thunderstorms here and there. not that much. that will be a sign of the front coming through. look what happens as we head toward tonight. a few showers in the mountains. a few clouds here and there and then front comes through. we got nothing going on weatherwise tomorrow. nice. at the beach this weekend, going over there, saturday and sunday looking real good. we're in the mid-80s with a chance for a storm back here on monday. pretty much the same story. upper 80s to near 90. isolated storms. middle 80s. 60s at night. real nice. next week, we'll start to warm up again. monday, 88. could be a storm. tuesday, hot.
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should be back in the low 90s. angie, it is 5:17. >> not so bad, howard. i'm pretty pleased with our report this morning. we begin with the green light. no major incidents or accidents to tell you about. let's take it over to our graphics and zoom on in to virginia's 95. outside, it appears everyone is moving well from the dumfries area past lorton all the way over toward the mixing bowl. back over to the graphics, this time, we'll move the focus over to 66. we're tracking that eastbound trip outside, there's no construction to report out of manassas making the way past route 50. no real volume approaching the capital beltway. to the travel times on the outer loop from 95 to 270, still looking at about 10 minutes. 95, no problems. inner loop is moving smoothly from route 4 pennsylvania over to the wilson bridge. still ahead, a look at 395 in virginia. that's coming up at 5:24. back to you. coming up, both sides talk about jim riggleman's abrupt
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departure in the middle of a nats winning streak. >> still can't believe it. >> we're also going to meet the wizards first draft pick of 2011. >> before we head to break, it is time to look at the question of the morning. >> i think somebody has. >> the majority of us learned how to do this in grade school but 89% of us can't do it. what is it? name every state capital. b, name the sparts of speech or c, read roman numerals. >> here is a response you posted on, she said i wouldn't be surprised if it is all of the above. log on to and we'll read your comments and reveal the answer in the next half hour.
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>> it is warm and muggy again. a little less than yesterday as we go through the midday, temperatures will be back in the 80s by lunchtime. still should be all right. this afternoon, isolated storms will start to pop with the daytime heat ahead of a cold front. 87 by 3:00. by 4:30, notice a few storms that are here and there. nothing too widespread. temperatures upper 80s to near 90 for a high. it gets better over the weekend. mike and andrea, over to you. thank you, howard. many national fans, i raise my hand among them, pretty happy yesterday. we saw they're on a winning streak. they had a walk-off win against
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seattle. they just completed a sweep. >> then came the stunner. manager jim riggleman quit after the game. brett haber has reaction in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. some people are calling it brave. some people are calling it self-destructive. whatever you call it, it is not the way the nationals figured yesterday would end. that was supposed to be with jim riggleman on the team plane to chicago. instead it ended with him unemployed. the nats manager resigned suddenly thursday, fed up apparently with the team's refusal to extend his contract. riggleman who is the lowest paid manager in all of baseball at $600,000 per year and whose contract expires this october, gave g.m. mike rizzo an ultimatum before thursday's game. he said either extend my contract before this game is over or i'm leaving. rizzo refuse and rigellman walked. >> i just wanted to have a conversation when we got to chicago about it. and mike said he's not ready to have that conversation. i respect his decision and so i said well, you know, i can't --
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i gotta give it up then. i'm obviously not the person that you all want to go down the road with. >> we can't make that decision in a knee-jerk reaction. it is too big of a decision. it was a decision jim was prepared to make and i was not. >> pretty cut and dry. >> the nba draft was last night. the wizards used the sixth overall pick getting a smooch from his girlfriend. that's the 6'11" forward, 240 pounds, vezly. he can shoot, rebound. some people say he reminds them of dirk nowitzki. the third nba player ever out of the czech republic. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great friday, everybody. >> one more sports note. virginia's baseball team is still alive in the college world series. playing an elimination game last night. california's highly-touted starter derek campbell give up the first run. jared king scored on a wild pitch. they only allowed one run.
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virginia wins 8-1 and advances to weekend play. they play south carolina. they lost to them. so, get back. >> a little revenge. >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier gives pretty spirited testimony when it comes to questions about police escorts. that's coming up. >> plus, the top republican negotiator from virginia walked out of crucial talks on the debt ceiling. here's angie. >> a look at 395 reveals no accidents. we're slow approaching the 13th street bridge where we have construction taking away the right center lane of traffic. a check on your d.c. roads. keep it here on 9news now.
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>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. >> we've got weather. >> this weekend, kind of going
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to step it back a little bit. we'll put a lid on the high heat and a lid on the humidity. we'll enjoy it. it sounds nice. >> mow the lawn today. >> no problem. >> i gotta fix the self- propelled part. >> good exercise for you. >> i don't have that much property. i would have no place to put it. i have less than a quarter acre, ang. give me a break there. not even. 78 at 9:00. noon, 84. it is clean, mike. we have a chance of a thunderstorm as a front comes through. we won't have that much action today. isolated to spotty storms. upper 80s to near 90. looking at the radar overnight, there were some rumbles of thunder which came north of winchester here through the northern shenandoah valley pass through frederick and carroll and baltimore counties and now most of that is up into pennsylvania leaving just a few clouds behind. temperatures at the moment near
5:30 am
70 in the shenandoah valley. also, leesburg, gaithersburg, frederick, manassas at 70 degrees. 71 at andrews. 74 at pax river. in town, we've got 75 headed to near 90. here's angie with your friday morning timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. things are looking nice out there. no major problems to report. green light, it is on. it looks like our check on d.c. roads reveals everybody is pretty much dealing with a smooth sailing commute out in constitution avenue and 20th. we do have the on-going construction as we go to our live cameras, it is not affecting traffic in both directions. we're pretty much free flowing moving at a good pace. over to the heart of the city, 14th and new york avenue, very nice and quiet right now. no delays just yet obviously through this picture. in southeast d.c., pennsylvania avenue and 8th street, our last stop. same situation. hardly anybody out early on this friday morning. we're also keeping an eye on your rails. metro, vre, marc, all trains are running on time. still ahead, a look at the gw
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parkway coming up at 5:38. andrea and mike, back to you. thanks, angie. an agreement on raising the nation's debt ceiling is even more out of reach this morning. >> virginia republican eric kantor, the house majority leader walked out of negotiations with vice president joe biden and other lawmakers. it appears the bipartisan group meetings were making progress but both sides are now refusing to budge on certain issues. >> it appears they're giving up. we can't give up. >> democrat members continue to want to bring tax hikes into this conversation. >> while the g.o.p. doesn't want to talk about raising taxes, democrats don't want to consider reducing medicare benefits. if the debt ceiling isn't raised, the government will default on its loans in early august and that could trigger another recession. more than three months after a murder inside their store, a bethesda business is going to reopen today. the owners of lululemon athletica are also planning some tributes for jayna murray.
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police have charged murray's coworker, brittany norwood with her death. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live outside the store with the beginning of the healing process. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. this is a brand new store. of course, remembering the loved one lost here at the store. a new stained glass window, beautiful with the word love in memory of 30-year-old jayna murray. the store is opening three months after this tragedy. a tragedy for what police say was over stolen clothing. they say brittany norwood told jayna murray she left her wallet in the store, the two returned and police say that's when norwood bound and beat her own coworker to death. police say norwood lied and covered it up by saying two masked men bound and sexually assaulted them. the victim turned suspect has been charged with the murder of 30-year-old jayna murray. folks in this bethesda row upscale shopping district had lived in fear for days at the time before norwood was
5:33 am
arrested. it seems now people are ready to move on as the store reopens. >> i'm happy it is reopening. i think it is a good thing. >> so, the web site of lululemon athletica store says it is with warm and grateful hearts that we're announcing the reopening of our newly renovated bethesda store on friday. the reopening will embrace the theme of love in honor of jayna murray. more than ever, we remain committed to the people of bethesda and look forward to continuing to share with this community the same love, passion and grace with which jayna lived her life. there will be a moment of silence tomorrow and a yoga class for folks to come here -- come hear live music. streets will be closed in an event to honor jayna murray. >> thank you, surae. the fbi is teaming up with businesses around washington in an effort to prevent a terrorist attack on so-called
5:34 am
soft targets. the best known soft target attack is the assault in mumbai november 2008. about 170 people died when terrorists bombed hotels and opened fire on people in nearby restaurants. threats made by al-qaeda after osama bin laden's death add to that alert status. >> so, the hotels, the restaurants, places of accommodation, everybody needs to keep their eyes open during these types of periods to make sure there is nothing suspicious going on. >> some antiterror experts say with the disruption to al- qaeda's operational structure, we're less likely to be attacked. but the fbi says they're not taking any chances. d.c. police chief cathy lanier is disputing claims made by some of her own employees. at a city council hearing commander hilton burton called the practice of giving police escorts to celebrities standard operating procedure. chief lanier vehemently denied that. >> you violate the general orders. it is like ignorance of the law.
5:35 am
we give them to you. we ask you to be familiar with them. if you don't read them and you don't know what the contents of them are, sooner or later, you're going to get in trouble. >> chief lanier admitted celebrity escorts are provided when they're in the interest of public safety but they must be approved in advance. this hearing stems from the escort given to actor charlie sheen two months ago. time for another your money segment. jessica is off today. if you are interested in public safety, the city of manassas is looking for you! the city fire and rescue department is looking to hire a dozen new workers and "the washington post" reports the city council is using a federal grant of over $1 million to cover those positions. council members say the grant will bring the department in line with the national staffing standards. new car dealerships could be coming to the fairland section of silver spring. it would allow cars to expand and other dealerships to relocate. at the intersection of route 29 and cherry hill road. montgomery county committee will consider the
5:36 am
recommendation during a meeting next month. a final decision is expected by the end of the summer. sandwich board signs could be making a comeback in arlington. the county board chair chris zimmerman is pushing for their return. in order to help struggling businesses. up until now, county has banned the a frame signs and there has been restrictions on umbrellas at the outdoor cafes as well. all of that could change under a new small business initiative there. >> there is a new place to get dinner in d.c. one of washington's most famed chefs, top chef contestant mike isabella opened a new restaurant in chinatown. it is called graftiato. he used to be executive chef. for now, graffiata is just open for dinner. >> arlington residents have a new place to buy groceries. a giant grocery store opens on columbia pike. a select few patrons got to tour the new facility last night.
5:37 am
the new store is part of giant's plan to replace or remodel more than 100 stores throughout our region. the weekend could be a hassle for metro riders. >> a couple of america's first astronauts make a stop in washington. right now, time for united airlines travel cast. dulles the big hub in washington. 71 degrees. mostly cloudy with a light south wind. pretty good-looking takeoff weather this morning. but if you're going up toward chicago, grab the jacket and the rain gear. there will be some showers. some showers and relatively cool, only 69 degrees. that source still spinning around the great lakes. 82 for kansas city. denver, sunny. hot, right around 90. phoenix is 110. vegas, 105. los angeles, sunny and 70. san francisco, 68 with the sunshine. some showers and cool in seattle.
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5:39. out on the weather terrace, it is a little muggy out here. a little less muggy than yesterday morning and the trend for drier air will continue for the weekend. enjoy it. get out early before it gets too warm this afternoon. you like to exercise, it is always better early. air quality is better also. 86 at 5:00. there will be some isolated to spotty thunderstorms. your weekend forecast, that you're going to love coming up in a few. angie has a look at the roads. >> thanks, hb. we're looking at the george washington parkway headed southbound in real time. everything appears to be on a go past the scenic overlook all the way to the key bridge. still ahead, a look at the maryland roads.
5:40 am
i'll have that at 5:47. back to you. we have a commuter alert for metro riders. the green line is the only one escaping work crews this weekend. all other lines have work starting after tonight's rush hour and lasting through closing on sunday. red line trains will single track between the grosvenor, staff more and then trains will share one-track. on the yellow line, trains will single track. customers are asked to allow for 20 extra minutes in order to reach their destinations. two of america's seven original mercury astronauts reunited at the air and space museum. john glenn and scott carpenter attended an event honoring the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight. both men look back on their time as some of the best times in their lives. they said they're sorry to see the end of the space shuttle
5:41 am
program at this point. the last shuttle flight is expected to go up next month when shuttle "atlantis" blasts off from cape canaveral. >> we'll answer our question of the morning coming up. >> plus veterinarians step in to help a penguin who swam 2,000 miles away from antarctica. >> let's see who's celebrating a birthday this friday. former new york governor george pataki is 66. mick fleetwood is 64. actor and history channel show host peter weller is 64. friday night actress kelly is 31. beyonce's little sister turns 25. if it is your birthday, happy friday! we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into.
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>> we'll love the forecast howard has to deliver. >> the humidity is going down. just going to be good. >> get outside. whether you're going to the beach or staying around here, going to the mountains, i think our weather will be doing fine this weekend. >> we start with the allergy update. i'm still sniffling. it seems to be 365 a year kind of thing. andrea concurs. she's nodding. they put the slides out there. hats off to you guys over there. here is our bus stop forecast. got two more times this morning. that's it for the season. arlington, you're done today. this morning, partly sunny. it is muggy. maybe not as muggy as it was yesterday. temps in the 70s. 5:44 this morning. as you look at the day planner, sunshine. 76 at 8:00.
5:46 am
by midday, we could pop a shower or thunderstorm here or there. i don't think it will be very widespread but there could be a storm that gets you this afternoon if you're not too fortunate. i think most of us probably won't see it. 87 at 4:00. southwest winds picking up 10 to 15 this afternoon. 81 degrees. sunset tonight at about 8:37. overnight, showers and storms. you can see how they pass north and west of d.c. now they're pushing into pennsylvania for the most part south of lancaster headed toward the north and west of philly. we're quiet and warm. it is 73 in easton. 74 at pax river. 69 at delaware and georgetown, delaware. not too far from lewis and cape may. in the mountains, 60s. 59 in oakland. that's a sign of the drier air starting to come on in. here in washington, 75 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. winds still not kicking up yet. we've got the big system here.
5:47 am
flooding going on in north dakota. minot, they've evacuated 10,000 people. here, sporadic showers, isolated showers, the cold front, it is coming. behind the front, drier air. that front is going to come through later this afternoon. winds will turn west to northwesterly tonight. that will bring drier air around here and a nice weekend. 68 at the ocean city inlet. 72 offshore. around 70 on average looking pretty good this weekend. sunday, 84. by monday, there could be a storm also by the beach if you've got a long weekend, temperature then 83. around here for the next -- up the beach we go. 86 saturday. monday, 82. also that threat for the storm. around here, the next three days, got upper 80s to near 90 again. again, the spotty storm. mid-80s saturday and sunday looks good for the safeway
5:48 am
barbecue battle. both derek mcginty and topper shutt will be emceeing events. monday, 88. tuesday, hot. 93 by then. it is 5:47. angie has some very important traffic information. >> we're working our way through this 5:00 hour. managing to keep that green light on. always some great news and remember it is friday, folks! outside it looks like everyone is doing fine as we take a closer look at the outer loop. show you our cameras were 95 over to 270, no problems to report. still moving at a great pace past 29 colesville road. back over to the maps, this time, we'll focus on 270. if you plan on making the southbound trip, we are starting to see a good amount of volume on our cameras approaching 109. overall, smooth sailing past the germantown road exit as drivers make their way down toward the lane divide. over to the travel times we go, on the inner loop...
5:49 am
d.c. 295 approaching the 11th street bridge, no complaints. still ahead, more virginia roads for you coming up at 6:00. for now, back to andrea and mike. >> tomorrow, the newseum is holding a special remembrance of the september 11th attacks. this year marks the 10th anniversary of the attacks at the world trade center and the pentagon. the newseum is looking back at the events through the perspective of the journalists who covered the events. i'm be recounting my experience reporting on the attacks along with my former 9news colleague mike walter who saw the plane fly into the pentagon. remembering 9-11 is tomorrow, saturday, june 25th at 2:30 at the newseum. the wars that came after 9- 11 have a renewed focus when it comes to medical care for veterans as well as their mental health. some of those emotional wounds don't ever fully heal. many suffer in silence with illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder. surae chinn has the story of a vietnam nurse, jane mccarthy. >> i worked in the triage area
5:50 am
with the soldiers. >> reporter: it was 1970 when jane mccarthy was a nurse in vietnam but little did she know her darkest days would be when she returned home. >> i couldn't sleep. i would sleep every other night. when i did sleep, i would have nightmares. i would have nightmares about -- i was back there and in the same situation taking care of these dying, wounded men. >> like many who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, she hid her emotions. >> no, no, nurses don't have that. let's take care of the soldiers. and so the way we dealt with -- i did was you just stuffed it. just stuffed it, went on with your life. i went on with my life. >> she buried herself in her career, received her doctorate and worked for the federal drug administration. 20 years later in 1991 during the gulf war, the nightmares came flooding back. >> i had flashbacks.
5:51 am
>> she couldn't ignore the problem anymore. >> it is a wall of silence. >> thomas knows all too well what mccarthy is going through. he was in vietnam, too. his brother-in-law took his own life. >> i lost my two little -- i watched my two little nephews grow up without a dad. i saw what it did to my sister. she's not here today. she can't deal with this. >> he says talking about the problem is a first step. mccarthy says after suppressing her emotions and years of therapy -- >> i realized that i'm really doing well. >> surae chinn, 9news now. >> mccarthy denied pain for 20 years and hid the fact she was going to therapy. now, she's become a success story for overcoming ptsd. mccarthy believes in therapy and not in drugs, she says. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., at upper senate park, a rally will take place to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder. the event is called visible honor for invisible wounds. it is to honor the first anniversary of ptsd awareness
5:52 am
day and the public is invited. >> making news at 5:51, hundreds of north dakota flood owners built floodwalls around their homes to no avail. the earth and levees and homes gave way to that force of the floodwater. the water is expected to crest at some point this weekend. >> the supreme court has ruled generic drugmakers will not be held accountable if they fail to warn consumer will possible side effects. federal law says generic brands must copy the washing labels on the brand name equivalents. it could affect millions of americans since 75% of prescriptions filled in the u.s. are for generic drugs. >> after swimming 2,000 miles from his home in antarctica, a wayward penguin is spending time in the new zealand zoo. he spent a couple of days on the beach there and wasn't eating well. so, veterinarians moved him to the zoo for care. they're hoping to release him into the wild once his
5:53 am
condition improves. it is time to answer the question of the morning. >> this one is fun. the majority of us learned how to do this in grade school yet 89% of us as adults can't do it anymore. is it... >> here's a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. >> the answer is all of the above. >> i would agree. >> lynn mullins james wrote at my age, i would have to say a, b and c but then i think the majority of people will answer c and she is right. the answer is c. read roman numerals although based on responses from our facebook page, most of us have forgotten just about all of them. >> i look at the movies especially if it is an old movie, look at the mcml -- >> you can do it? >> i can still do that. >> parts of speech, the english teacher? >> digital only magazine making
5:54 am
its debut in washington. >> we'll take a look at cameron diaz's latest movie and the other new film in theatres this weekend. teachers, brace yourself for that one. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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>> by 9:00, upper 70s. we'll head toward midday. we're pushing mid to upper 80s. still a mix of sun and clouds out there. this afternoon, ahead of a front. you've got afternoon plans. there may be a spotty to scattered thunderstorm. that will be the case through 4:30, 5:00, 6:00. drier for your weekend. angie? >> thank you, howard. oh my goff, it is finally friday. of course, time to look at some of the new movies in theatres this weekend. cameron diaz is back on the big screen in bad teacher. she plays a gold digging teacher who cares little about teaching her students until she learns there is a reward offered for the best grade. and then she needs the money to pay for a boob job which she thinks is going to land her a rich man. a better life shows the streets of los angeles and the lives of
5:58 am
some of its residents. it focuses on a gardner who is trying to keep his son away from the gang life and trouble that comes with it. and for the kids, there's cars 2. this time, lightning and mater -- they're headed to europe where they'll compete in the first ever world grand prix but mater gets tangled up in another mission while trying to help lightning win the race. in arlington, there is a new boss in town. pro golfer nick watney and the golf channel helps celebrate the opening of the new boss store at the fashion center at pentagon city. the store carries luxury men's wear along with ties and shoes. in addition to shopping, they got a chance to do a little q&a with watney. were you there? >> no. the golfer? the retail, i can't get the whole connection. >> they partied in the dark for a new microsoft magazine shedding light on technology and how it is changing government. the digital only magazine
5:59 am
called publicyte said it is about cutting edge technology happening in the public and civic sectors. >> things like government, politics, education, healthcare. >> we caught our reporter lindsey mastis jamming out using only two ipads. very cool. for more local buzz, visit my blog, oh my goff. you'll find a link at you can always send me your story ideas on facebook. >> perhaps he's sponsored by hugo. >> move past the lime green pants. >> by the way, he's good- looking. a police escort -- i'm sorry. all right. thank you for watching 9news now. it is now 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here. angie will be back with traffic in just a moment in her


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