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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. they put it safe. it took some narcotics. >> a new attack reveals how piles of illegal narcotics are hitting our streets and the local pharmacies are the battle grounds. we'll explain. plus, severe weather in our region tonight. topper takes a look at your
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morning commute. also, dc cops under investigation. a gruesome beating outside a nightclub cost a victim an eye and police might be suspects. this is 9news now. yet again, more dc cops may be in hot water tonight. >> this time a source telling 9news the officers are being investigated for a savage beating of a man outside of the lotus lounge, a popular dc nightclub. ken molestina is there. we have more on the story. >> reporter: derek and anita, dc police are staying very tight lipped about this entire thing. the only thing they will confirm is that the investigation is under way and to an assault that took place outside of the club and they are also saying that the police officers being investigated have not been arrested. now, that's what they're saying. however, a source within the department saying a whole lot more. here is what we know according to the source. three officers in total are being investigated. the officers are believed to
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have been off duty. a third officer may be involved for failure to intervene. the beating, according to the source, resulted in a man losing his eye. we're told dc police officers are ban from working any off duty detail at any business that sells alcohol unless it's organized through the department. at this point it's unclear if the officers were there as patrons or moonlighting. >> reporter: back out live here, the source also telling us that the officers going to be charged with felony mayhem. not just assault. the charge refers to some sort of an assault that leaves a permanent physical impact on someone. in this case, that would be the man losing his eye. certainly a lot more to be learned from this story. we'll stay on top of things and bring you the latest details as we get them. i'm ken molestina. >> thank you. the mishandling of remains at arlington cemetery. they're looking for evidence of
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possible contracting fraud and falsification of records. last year the army discovered the cemetery had a dysfunctional management system. had wasted millions on information technology contracts that produced useless results and worse of all misidentified. 6,000 soldiers remains. earlier this month, 69 boxes of burial records were found in an abandoned storage unit in northern virginia. the records contain grave cards with social security numbers and other sensitive information. tonight police are looking for the men who stole thousands of oxycodone from a pharmacy. >> in recent years, the growing recreational use of the drug has created a booming black market. we have details on this story. >> reporter: two burglaries in 30 days and one attempted burglary, where somebody tried breaking into the rockville pharmacy through this now boarded up plate glass window. tonight police are trying to
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figure out who is responsible. >> they call me from a company that someone broke in. >> reporter: the owner says that 25 years as a pharmacist, it had never happened to him before. now it has happened twice in the past month. >> they broke into the safe. >> reporter: this surveillance video taken on sunday night shows two masked men stealing about $6,000 worth of prescription drugs. mostly oxycodone from the store, rockville pharmacy. >> they wipe me out on oxycodone. >> reporter: almost exactly one month earlier at rockville pharmacy back on may 26th, about $10,000 worth of prescription drugs were stolen. again, mostly oxo co don. and, again, while -- oxycodone. and, again, while it was closed and empty. all told, the thieves have believed to have taken about 1500 oxycodone pills during the two burglaries. in a pharmacy, it costs about $0.60 a pill but on the street
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they can go for as much as $80 a pill. police say all across the country, oxycodone's high street price and the growing number of recreational users who buy the drug illegally has led to an increasing number of oxycodone related crimes. >> it is a concern. >> reporter: nine days ago, four people were shot to death inside a pharmacy during an oxycodone robbery gone disturbingly wrong. >> it's pretty bad stuff. >> reporter: with that in mind, they're hoping to find the suspects in the rockville burglaries as quickly as possible. >> it can be a violent crime which is why it's important we catch the individuals involved. >> reporter: more than anything, they need the public's help to solve the case. so if you have any information about either of the burglaries here at the rockville pharmacy or the attempted burglary, you're asked to call montgomery county crime solvers at 240-773-tips. derek and anita. >> all right. thank you for that one. well, new tonight, a father
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stabbed multiple times left to die on the streets. now police need your help to find out who did it. officers found the body of the man early sunday morning in the 7100-block of hastings drive. emergency crews took the 26-year-old to the hospital but they couldn't save him. he died there. he leaves behind a daughter. if you have any information on what happened to him, call the prince george's county police. the best known cancer drug in the world is coming under u.s. federal scrutiny and sparking outrage tonight. >> don't take our medicine away. >> breast cancer patients and their family rallied outside the drug headquarters. they're upset that the agency recommended pulling avastin approval for breast cancer. it says follow-up studies does not have significant -- >> this decision cannot be driven by anecdotes. it must be driven by science.
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she apparently has not listed to the many women who are standing here today and have benefitted from avastin. >> now, without fda approval, insurers may not cover avastin and that means patients could be looking at more than $100,000 a year in out-of-pocket expenses. the panel makes its recommendation tomorrow, but it's up to the commissioner of the fda to make the final decision. and that probably will happen rarely do you see these kind of protests outside of a drug meeting, derek. but there were women in tears begging the panel not to take it away. >> so if there are so many women that want that stuff, why take it away? >> this is tough. the agency only gave it approval for late stage breast cancer if they do follow-up studies, and they just didn't pan out to show significant survival rates going up. but what some women do get are slow growing tumors, so they have more good time before the disease goes really bad in the end stages. today a cancer society official tweeted what do we say to all of
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the patients and families who testify this morning. it's a tough one. >> it is a tough question. thanks, anita. we have a 9news now update for you. the marine corps has watched its hands of the -- washed its hands of the man charged with shooting up military sites. he was a reservist but now they kicked him out. they arrested him earlier this month and later on they charged him with shootings last fall that damaged the pentagon, the marine corps museum and a couple of recruiting sites. well, new tonight, a standoff inside a hotel in afghanistan is over now, but ten people have been killed and at least eight others are hurt. suicide bombers and heavily armed taliban insurgents attacked the hotel today. they fired rockets at the gunman on the roof and that allowed afghan security forces to storm the top of the building. the attack came the night before the start of a conference that was to discuss the transition of
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civil and military responsibility from foreign forces to the afghans themselves. in greece, nearly two dozen people are in jail tonight after violent protests in athens. it was just day one of a two-day strike over government measures or cut backs. demonstrators set fire to a communications truck near the parliament. police had to fire more tear gas than any time in the past. back here at home in the race for president, iowa is apparently the place to be right now. president obama today made his first stop in iowa since announcing his reelection campaign at a factory in davenport. he defended his record on saving the economy. >> the problems that we developed didn't happen overnight. we're not going to solve them overnight either. but we will solve them. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to be hearing much more from the president tomorrow. he's scheduled a morning news conference to take questions from reporters. and it will be his first formal
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white house news conference in three months. meantime, sarah palin says she is still considering whether or not to make a run for the white house. and while she's thinking it over, she's spending a little time in iowa as well. not for a campaign, but for a movie debut. she's promoting the first public screenings of a documentary called "the undefeated". it's all about her sudden rise up the political food chain. still ahead, with all of the stress and strains of life, sometimes you just need a hug. and we found the right person for the job. >> hi. how are you. >> meet a woman who has embraced the duty of putting a smile on your face. the power of a simple hug. that's coming up. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 95 today with some big thunderstorms. wake up weather pretty quiet. you don't need your umbrella. you need your sunday glazs. mid 60s to -- sunglasses. mid 60s to low 70s. we'll come back. we have a few left over storms on the radar. we'll talk about that and look ahead to the holiday weekend.
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new tonight, the man who served as chief of staff could serve time behind bars. this is all according to the
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washington post. ted lowser was sentenced today to eight months in prison. he pled guilty from accepting bribes. in exchange, he was supposed to get legislation passed that favored the taxi cab industry. so far to good for maryland crab season. the vendors are worried it may not be the case by the end of the week. the baltimore sun is reporting that it could be thrashed by a demand. the maryland waterman's association says crabs become scarce around the 4th of july. if you spent even one summer around here, you know that crabs are a major big deal in this part of the country. they're darn good. derek is trying to figure out why. >> the significant other and i rolled out to the local crab shack recently and one hour and 15 minutes on the way home she's asking if we can stop for a bur ger. and it hits me. we didn't roll out of the crab
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joint because she was full. girlfriend was just tired. all that breaking and cracking and pulling and no full stomach to show for it. do you know what, i don't get it. never have. to me a crab feast is like going to dinner with a tool box. at steak places is i hope you brought your appetite. at the crab house, you have to work it up after you get there. it's all about the meat, they tell me. really? crab cakes got plenty of meat, an here is the only tool you need for them. around here, though, crabs are like a religion. and folks do not play. anita and topper told me in no uncertain terms, yes, it's about the meat, but it's also the ritual and the whole social experience. plus it's real special because you only get to do it a few months out of the year. okay. okay. so if you're getting all of that out of it, i guess it's okay if you've got to stop by mickey d's on the way home. as you listen to derek talk
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about his ongoing struggles with his daily life, you may say here is a man that needs a hug. gary nurenberg has the story about a woman from bethesda that might be just the person to give it to him. >> reporter: everyone in this conga line of affection is a stranger. it's part of laurie's hug tour. >> i want people to know that hugs are very simple. they just mean i care about you. >> reporter: she tweets where she's going to be. the shirt gets a reaction. >> it's actually pretty noticeable. >> reporter: walking up massachusetts avenue, she gets noticed by the four people in front of the office building. strangers. eye contact. >> i am, you know, offering basically. >> hi. how are you. >> hi. thank you. >> good. how are you. thanks for the hug. >> do you need a hug? >> do you want hugs too? >> no. awesome. awesome. >> here's a hug for work. >> talking to people like hugging them like they mean it. >> thank you tyou guys are
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really good huggers. >> yes. my god. amazing. i've started the hug tour in april. here in dc. and right now it's on twitter when i'm going to leave my apartment and where i'm headed and if friends are nearby i stop in and hug them. >> and what are you doing? >> to teach people there are people in their lives that care about them. >> hi. hey, you look beautiful. good to see you. >> oh. >> you're a great hugger. . it's actually changed my life a lot. i realize that people wanted this more than i knew. >> hi. >> reporter: it seems to work. is your day better now than three minutes ago? >> so much better. on a scale of 1-10, it's 100 times better. >> reporter: well, that woman is obviously a great deal happier than derek. i don't know how to eat a grab mcginty who anita describes as being a man in need of a hug. [ laughing ]. [ hug ] . [ laughing ] >> i
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can always use a hug. always. >> it's supposed to be a big surprise. >> i didn't see it coming, but i heard you talking over here, gary, and i thought you needed a hug. >> yes, you do. you do need a hug. [ laughing ] >> thank you. >> the newscast is infinitely happier and huggier. >> we didn't get any hugs. >> now i feel lonely. >> i feel a little better [ laughing ] . all right. mostly showers and thunderstorms are gone. and a couple of very nice days in the wake of the cold front. and then get ready for some serious, serious heat. temperatures flirting with the 100 mark. we'll start with live doppler. you can access this on our website we have a couple of storms -- well, most of the activity is south and east of us, but we have one storm to the west of 95 down to the south and west. and it's not particularly heavy. but quick downpour. it will cross 95 here towards don free --
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now, this is all light. the heaviest activity is now across the bay. and in this area, st. mary's city had some light showers now. down towards sandy point some light showers. and i thu you may end up with a -- think you may end up with a few clouds. you'll clear out, but you may have a few clouds early. this will move across the delmarva over towards the ocean resort within the next hour. so we said most of the showers should be out of here by midnight, and that should be the deal. sunglasses for the morning commute. especially i66 eastbound. here is the deal, warm but low humidity. very, very comfortable. cool night. thursday is -- >> it's less now. >> thank you. we appreciate that. [ laughing ] >> thursday it's still beautiful. and that was a beautiful thing. here is the deal though. by weekend, holiday, it's going to be some kind of hot. maybe 100 degrees. we'll keep you posted on that. all right. tomorrow morning some residual clouds again perhaps south of
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town. very early. they'll clear out. the rest of the day looks fantastic. lots of sunshine and a refreshing northwest breeze. we'll take you all the way through this time tomorrow. we have clear skies. be able to give the ac a rest tomorrow night and thursday night and you ought to because it's going to be working over time over the weekend. overnight showers and thunderstormsending. breezy with partial clearing. 65-72 and winds northwesterly at 10-15. once the winds kick in, we're in good shape. mostly sunny in the morning. breezy and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds northwest at 10-15. and by afternoon, a beautiful day. mostly sunny. breezy. highs around 85. but not humid. winds continue northwest 10-15. heck, even the air quality is code green. that is good air quality. we don't get a lot of good days in summer. highs then 83 in gaithersburg. 84 in rockville. 85 downtown. 84 in bowie. down to the south 85 in waldorf and 84 in westin. let's break it down.
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65-72 to start. 75-80 by lunch time. and 81 to 86 by evening under mostly sunny skies. just a fantastic day. and we're going to copy it again on thursday. 85 with sunshine. now, it will be hotter on friday. it will not be humid, though, on friday. next seven days, remember the heat we talked about. check this out. 98 on saturday. 98 on sunday. maybe 99 for the 4th. just isolated thunderstorms and tuesday we're well into the 90s but we do have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening. so get ready. enjoy tomorrow. >> we definitely will. >> uh-huh. you know, if there is one job where you have to hit the ground running it's when you become manager in the middle of the season. >> especially if you haven't been a manager for 17 years. if only jim riggleman and mike rizzo could have hugged it out. we might not have had the drama. the pitcher tonight was the guy that clashed with jim riggleman
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the most. see how marquis did. plus the caps resign one of their big stars. and the mating dance of the motorcycles. 9 sports next. [ laughing ]. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> they say the nationals clubhouse was filled with some haters and some lovers of jim riggleman. marquis pitching tonight. game two for davie johnson as riggleman's replacement. he threw eight shutouts on thursday. he was at it again tonight. no runs through three for marquis. not so for the nats, though. ryan zimmerman. nats and angels tied at one in the fifth. at camden yards, o's and cards. look at what look scott does to matt holliday. grand larceny over the wall. unfortunately he could not rob this homerun. kobe with a master blast to
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right. they beat the o's 6-2. in 2004, the caps traded for a center that played one game in the nhl in his life. the name of that no name center brooks like. and he will now play here longer than bondra did. they signed him for six year, $20 million extension today. the 28-year-old center was fourth on the caps with 48 points. great player. even greater leader. >> he certainly has attributes that you like in terms of size and speed and talent. real valuable player for this club. >> a year from today, he will be doing this back at congressional. today tiger woods held his annual at&t press conference in philly. tiger will not play this week due to the leg injury. he would not commit on his plans for the british open. in germany today, women's world cup opening up with the united states taking on north korea.
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54th minute. lauren cheney will use her melon to guide that ball into the onion bag. u.s. wins 2-0. they'll play columbia on saturday. if you're sick of the nfl lockout, imagine how sick you're going to be for two lockouts. the nbas dead light is thursday. wizards introduced their other two draft picks. butler sheldon mack and florida state chris singleton who was the last guy left in the green room on draft night in new york. he fell from a projected top ten to number 18 because of the broken foot last year. >> i'm just going to use the teams that missed out on me. i'm going to use this as a building opportunity. i'm just going to show the world what i'm capable of doing. >> tennis, women's quarter finals at wimbeldon today.
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we have people that say wimbelton. it's a d. laseke and kavitika is the other finalists. derek is now very disappointed. finally tonight we've seen the european motorcycle wrecks before. but look at what happens to this one in france. both of these bikes here get tangled up. and with the throttle stuck open, they engage in the most bizarre motor rized mating dance as the one rider there tries to jump in and cut in but he can't find a way in. the two throttles are locked together. and it goes on and they do the dance and that went on for about a half an hour. >> come on. >> no. . it went on for about 60 seconds. i don't really find motorcycle races that entertaining. but now i think motorcycle races are entertaining.
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>> do you know what i love is how brett handles the female tennis players names effortlessly. >> i'm a professional. this is what i do. >> and you are very good. >> but you said shara played nicely. i think maybe you said her name before. maybe in her sleep. >> boys. [ laughing ] what makes the sleep number store different?
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experience the sleep number difference. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. you have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> hug somebody, right.
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