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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 16, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>>♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] craig: ♪ it's my birthday so i'm singing a song which is not in any way copyrighted and i am
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now leaving to go and have dinner with my family but even though it's the middle of the night ♪ [laughter] craig: ♪ i wish you all a merry christmas and a -- ♪ i said i would do this really quickly and i've gone on too long already. sorry. i just can't say good night to you. not you. you. good night, everybody, remember, things. geoff: balls. experts from a leading consumer publication
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recently tested stain treatments. they rated resolve laundry number one. beating shout. try resolve laundry for amazing stain removal. satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. instead of returning it, gave him parking tickets. >> and also tonight, a health alert for you on dealing with depression.
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and a new treatment for those people that are running out of options. plus new at 11:00, we are live on the river where hazmat crews are working around the clock. talk about a major mess tonight. hazmat crews, firefighters, and the coast guard are desperately looking work right to contain that substance. that starts at the 11th street bridge going all the way to the avenue. we have a live look near the spill with the latest on this mess. >> reporter: anita, we are talking two miles on the river here that is affected by this spill. we are live here at kingman island, off the road northeast, where crews have been here for about five hours at this point, trying to contain this spill and get this situation under control here to give us the rundown, telling us what we are dealing with is the dc fire chief. now, tell me, what do we have going on happening in the water right now? >> we are not sure what type of products we have. we can say that it is petroleum
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based. we've got booms, for the southern end of the incident and they are still trying to determine how -- how far north you can get. >> reporter: and we're looking at videos of this that was shot earlier today of some of the u.s. coast guard votes in -- boats in the water, trying to contain that situation. what is now happening in the general area with the u.s. coast guard and the other crews here? >> well, it is dark right now, but we are working with the coast guard and we are also working with the department of the environment and the director out here who has contacted the state of maryland right now. >> reporter: and at this point, still a lot of questions. we don't know what this is and where it came from. >> we don't know what the source is. we are hoping to determine that tomorrow morning. we don't know what it is, but we do know that it is petroleum based. >> reporter: all right, any words of advice for the people in this general area? >> well, to be at ease and just let us do our work. we will determine what it is and let the public know as soon as we know. >> reporter: all right, we
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appreciate your time. it will be a long night for the a lot of the crews here. >> yes, it will be a long night. thank you for all the work you are doing. >> reporter: thank you, we will remain here on the scene and the fire crews as well as the u.s. coast guard that will remain on the scene until they get that situation under control. a traffic advisory for folks that are traveling inbound on new york avenue here, about two lanes there that will be shut down. crews are headed that way to place booms in that area to contain the spill down here on that. and we are talking two miles of the river out here, some kind of spill at this point. and the crews believe that it is petroleum based, anita? >> all right, hopefully we have learned a lot more as you say is daylight. thank you. tonight, a string of sexual assaults has prompted an alert in arlington. police think that one guy is responsible and he is assaulting not only women, but girls as young as 13. they believe that the suspect often hides himself and then pounces on women as they walk down the street. but some of these assaults are taking place at a pool, where the victims are eastern
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europeans working as life guards for the summer. >> this man has a very specific memo that he is going for. he is approaching women that are going to work, or you know going to work at the pool and he comes up from behind them grabbing their breasts. >> oh gosh, you know, it's scary. it is just creepy. >> reporter: police say that the attacks started in june, the most recent case was last tuesday. and they say that if you are walking along here, stay alert, avoid texting or talking on your cell phones, even listening to music. so if you have your car stolen in dc, why do parking enforcement officers keep putting tickets on it when it ends up parked in the street and another part of town? well, we talked to a northeast man who dealt with $300 worth of tickets on his stolen car. he wants to know why dc cops and ticket riders don't seem to be talking to each other. >> i got my car stolen about, well, a month and a half ago.
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>> reporter: he ended up parked in the no parking zone in front of the school out here getting $300 worth of price -- parking tickets. there's not a way to put that on television. >> excuse me, no one seems to give a care out there but me. i went up there several times to look at it and the trunk was open. i called the police. police said that it would be towed away soon. >> reporter: it wasn't. when they phoned the owner on
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saturday, saying that they found the car in front of the school, he had to pay to have it towed to a repair shop, upset that ticket riders and cops don't communicate better. >> you will have a lot of expenses here and a headache to get off of work and all this other garbage that you really shouldn't have to deal with because you know, these to parties should be talking to each other to recover stolen cars. this is designed to protect them from being the potential target or involved in the case in any way, which means that the parking officer will continue to give citations for as long as the vehicle is parked illegally as they normally would. here is how he describes this event. >> she has lost that. she is a female monster that lives on this block. >> reporter: wow. if you can document the theft with the police report and break hands, then the tickets
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will be exponged. we wanted to ask you more about parking enforcement officers and police communications about stolen cars, but they could not provide someone on short notice to do that. >> gary, thank you. and news on the case of robyn gardner missing in aruba today. the man suspected in her disappearance, he is 50-year- old gary gary. >> and to keep him in custody for a period of time. >> the dc homicide detectives are investigating the death of the 91-year-old georgetown woman. her body was found on friday in her home. despite her age, the autopsy did not suggest that she died from natural causes.
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so far no arrests and police are not calling her husband a suspect or even a person of interest in the case. and the court records do show a history of trouble in the home. but we spoke to neighbors who had different takes on the matter. i witnessed at least several three or four incidents when the police had come for some sort of domestic disturbance. >> i have never heard anything going out there, except for the occasional parties, that is very controlled. >> and tonight, no comment from her address. relatives have asked for privacy. a laundry list of traffic violations managed to get a job. and that is the question for you tonight. after a passenger died while riding in his van this morning. he was behind the wheel when the super shuttle crashed on the eastbound lanes of the dulles airport access road. and the victim died after getting thrown from the van after it crashed into a jersey wall. two other people on board, they also got hurt, but hoffman, he
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was just fine. the 59-year-old has now been charged of wreckless driving, getting another wreckless driving charge last december and before that, he had five other violations, including speeding and failure to pay full attention while driving. it seemed to have happened in a blink of an eye. a stage comes crashing down at the indiana state fair, killing five people. the country duo sugarland may have also died in that accident. if their manager had not decided to keep them backstage just a bitting longer because of the gust -- a bit longer because of the gust of wind. today, hundreds of people came out to remember those killed during this incident. >> it is just something that we have to go on. >> 25 other people hurt in the accident, they are still in the hospital, just before the collapse, an announcement was made, warning fans that severe
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weather is coming and advising them on how and where to seek shelter, but no mandatory evacuations would have been given. the indiana state fair officials have not said whether or not the stage and the rigging were inspected prior to saturday's show. this weekend's stage collapse has local fair organizers making sure that they stay on top of safety. they know when severe weather might be headed for the area. no need to wonder anymore when president obama will kick off his reelection campaign for all intense purposes, it's on. today, he took direct aim at the presidential candidates after launching a three-day bus tour through the midwest.
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the candidates ruled out taxes under any circumstances. he is working hard to sure up the u.s. economy. >> now is the time for all of us to pull together and to do what it will take to put people back to work. >> reporter: he has more stops for tomorrow on wednesday in iowa and illinois. he is hoping that they do approve the lower rating. and still ahead tonight, a new mood altering therapy that backs up depression and gives struggling patients a new zest for life. >> i hope that will happen now. it has helped tremendously. >> desperate to beat depression. that's coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 86 today. we got a break out here on your wake up weather. we'll get a break tomorrow. it's in the 60s to start if you are up early. 68 to 74 by 7:00 and in the 70s
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by 9:00. it looks like a dry commute. the evening commute will be dry. we'll talk about that and what if you had up to 28 days of beautiful ?
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best skin forward with veet. veet. what beauty feels like. also try new veet face wax strips. caught on tape. montgomery county police are investigating a mass robbery, perhaps what is called a flash mob, which happened early saturday at the 7-eleven in german town. more than two dozen young people hit the store all at once and started stealing stuff off the shelves. >> the teenagers involved in the incident think that it is a joke. police will be investigating these incidents that if these are the activities that they choose to engage in, then the detectives are identifying the people out here that are on the surveillance camera and once they are positively identified, the detectives will pursue charges against them. >> and so in other words, if you are a teen and you recognize yourself in this video, you can expect a visit from the police. well imagine depression
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that shuts down your life. ruining relationships with family and friends. now imagine talking to one specialist after another one hits another and nothing helps. those are the type of patients that are being rescued by tms, essentially zapping depression out of the brain. >> the smile on his face says it all. that's his passion and he's gotten back his zest for the game and life in general thanks to this. >> reporter: david turney is the first in northern virginia to offer tms. he says that the small magnetic coil on the scalp targets a part of the cortex that controls mood. no anesthesia, just about 40 minutes of this. >> the first couple of days was
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something that you needed to adjust to. but after a couple of days, i really enjoyed it. >> i enjoyed it because he said this is the first therapy that has been able to dent the depression that plagued him for more than 10 years. he eventually suffered a nervous breakdown. >> and i have been down-right dramatic, seeing improvements in people for many years that simply was stuck and they were unable to get going, despite the use of our advanced medication. and that is the thing that tipped all of the system out here and saw what was a recovery. it helped tremendously. i cannot see into the future.
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>> all right, cost and time commitment. each session runs about $400. he says that it cost so much because of the disposable pads and other parts of the device. to really get that reprogrammed 20 to 30 sessions are recommended. and insurance may or may not cover this substantial cost. they described this as life changing and in some cases, life saving. >> well, an 11-year-old made an incredible hockey shop. but he might keep the cash. here is what happened. last thursday during half time at the hockey game, the arena pulled the game of nick smith to make the shot. a little boy ran out, down to the ice, took a swing, and then the unbelievable happened. it was going straight down the net and this thing has a chance.
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the crowd is going nuts. there's only one problem. it was not little nick that made the amazing shot. it was the identical twin brother, nate. he said he was outside when they called his name, so he just stepped in his place. and now the prize money is in the hands of the insurance carrier on the $50,000 shot. come on now, really? >> yes, the same dna. >> i think that they should give it to him. it's not my money though. >> yes, that's true. >> speaking of money and winning things, go to our facebook page and like us. you need to like us and you can also see how to win a $50 gas card topping off. >> yes, just let me have it. >> i really can't. they are watching very carefully. all right, we have showers and thunderstorms tonight. and maybe a shower tomorrow, and then they will be drying out, especially dry out on wednesday. now, we'll start with temperatures. pretty nice after the high of 86. and the temperatures are very manageable. 76 downtown, but 70 in gaithersburg and leesburg and
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up in frederick and down towards culpepper at 70. look at fredericksburg checking in at 68. that's a good deal. 68 up in hagerstown. satellite picture, radar combined. we got the tropical storm missing now. and there is another wave behind gert. in the meantime, you'll see a lot of showers and thunderstorms through much of the east. you'll notice how they are rotating back around. we'll keep a chance of the isolated shower tomorrow. we're pretty much done tonight, except for a couple leftover showers in the mountains, but that's it. we are in pretty good shape before things get unsettled again. a dry morning commute. grab your shades. an isolated shower is possible in the afternoon. unsettling again on thursday. that will be one of the days where the showers will occur in the morning or the afternoon and the evening. that will not be confined. all right, overnight, partly to
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mostly cloudy, temperatures in the low 60s. and winds are out of the northeast at 10 to 15. now by morning, partly sunny, breezy, comfortable. 60s and 70s. winds are northwest, 10 to 15. even air quality is code green. that's good quality. you don't see that too often. by the afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. isolated showers are possible. high temperatures are around 85, a shade below average. winds will turn, actually northeasterly at 10. and that is by tomorrow afternoon. now, your own forecast, a much better chance for the showers, west of i-81. only 76 hereby in oakland. 82 at cumberland. low to mid-80s for hagerstown, winchester, 87 at culpepper. the mid-80s for leesburg and for warrenton, manassas, probably 84, 85 for fairfax. downtown we're talking about in the 80s. again, breezy in the morning, but nothing on tuesday. we'll break it down. 60s to start.
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72 to 82 by noon. that's great. and then 82 by 5:00. a slight chance of an isolated shower out here, don't change your plans. the next three days, probably the best day of the week on wednesday, warmer. notice on thursday we have the symbol right in the middle of the sunshine? well, the storms will be occurring both in the morning and the afternoon. because of that, only 84. the next seven days, pretty much the same deal on friday, back in the upper 80s with storms that are possible both in the morning and night. the good news, we will be drying out over the weekend. maybe a shower on saturday. upper 80s to near 90s. and then more thunderstorms are possible on monday with temperatures in the upper 80s. and i hate to mention this for you, but on saturday we were out here and that finally hit me. i tweeted that if anyone knows that the winds were out there. >> you are still trying to contain this thing, right? >> yes. and take a look at what will when more pleasant. >> yes, certainly a little more pleasant. >> that is so sad.
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i'm going to go out on a limb and say that they are pretty psyched about the redskins. >> they are so pumped. i've been talking to a lot of fans on twitter as well and they are talking about playoffs. >> please. >> is that easy? easy. i'll tell you what the good news for the friday tempered by some troubling news for the popular redskins. we'll explain why chris cooley needed to see one of the most renown orthopedic surgeons. i'll explain that on the top of the depth charts, what that means and how it upset folks about the hurl again. 9sport
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well mike san ann sayses to get -- shanahan says to get back to me on wednesday. that's when he had decide who had be playing against the colts on wednesday. that will be an interesting viewing. he set the bar high on wednesday night. 19 out of 26, 207 yards and a you have itdown -- and a touchdown.
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beck is number zero. i'm sure he is not crying, getting plenty of reps on friday. if you listen to the wide receiver, santana moss, the offense should be putting up huge numbers regardless of who is squeezing the trigger. >> and just knowing that this is our second year for the offense and knowing how productive they were in the past gain, last year not being out here all the time. they are giving them the confidence knowing that as long as they get together and they are doing what they need to do when it comes to next season that we should be on a roll. >> topper is not buying it. he said to expect him back soon. he has been on the physically unabled to perform list, recovering from an injury last season. but he is thinking that wednesday could be the day he makes his return, planning on playing against the ravens on august the 25. he has had fluid drained from his knee and now he needs rest off of it. the tight end had surgery during the offseason and it is continued to bother him to the point last week where he visited dr. james andrew, the
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reknown orthopedic surgeon. and coach shanahan doesn't believe that the knee requires surgery and cooley expects to be ready for the opener. here is an interesting story, the runningback james davis did not see any action on friday night, appearing he's a little unhappy. davis skipped today's workout. coach shanahan says if you see him, let me know. he is mia. that's the military term for missing in action, an unexcused absence. hagers town, here comes -- hagerstown, here comes steve. he will be pitching on wednesday, expect him to go about four innings or 60 pitches. now the plan has been going well thus far. august 7, 31 pitches, three strikeouts, giving up a home run. on friday he threw 33 pitches, five strikeouts, only allowing two in-field singles. and the full story tonight. it's an exclusive club and he is now on it. he clubbed his 600th home run tonight, including two against the tigers. check this list out.
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barry bonds, hank aaron, babe ruth, ken griffey jr.. finally they call nationwide racing the jv of nascar, this is why. look out guys, the gas guys are too slow, whoa, slow down. that was jimmie johnson. a little later, he gives his guy a ride. this is the worse one of all. his gas guy is going to kiss the concrete. i can go with a whole bunch of jokes on stuff there, but i'm not going to do it. it is just rough. >> right. >> rough. >> we'll


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