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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. and this is wa we're going to have to -- what we're going to have to deal with for the last few days. rain and lots of it. flash flooding already taking place. what does this mean for the morning commute. anny hong joins us. >> it does not look good tomorrow morning. already flash flood warnings are in effect. carroll county maryland until 2:15 this morning. howard county maryland and culpeper county in virginia until 2:30. this is part of the big massive
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system. we have a frontal body that is slow to move. and also the remnants of lee providing a lot of gulf moisture. here is a look at the current doppler radar right now where we still have a lot of rain. a lot of it's fairly light where you see some of the yellows. that's where we see some of the more moderate intense moderate rainfall for this evening. and i'm going to zoom in to show you it's out around maybe the west and north we're still seeing some pretty good rain coming down. seeing some pretty good rainfall. here is a look at our flood alerts. the entire area is under a flood watch. i would not be surprised if this is extended. and here is a look at some of the warnings including culpeper and montgomery county around 2:00 and 2:30 this morning. expecting cloudy and breezy conditions with rain. some of the rain will be heavy. definitely grab the umbrellas
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for tomorrow morning before you go to school and pack up the kids. we're looking at cool conditions all through the morning. 9:00 staying in the 60s. you will want your coat. it's going to feel quite chilly as you start the day. we will not warm up a whole lot. we've got days and days of rain. we'll talk about how long the rain lasts and how much rain we can get in the next 48 hours. anita, back to you. >> okay, anny. thank you. the day after labor day is notorious for being one of the busiest on the roads and the rain is going to make it tougher. couple that with kids headed back to school and you've got a recipe for potential gridlock. matt jablow joins us to tell us why it can get work. >> reporter: anita, anybody that thinks tomos commute will be easy should think again. it could be a long day on the road. a riddle. what do you get when you combine
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nearly 3 million workers, three quarters of a million students and 5600 school buses? the answer? a difficult day on the roads in the washington area. which is exactly what we're expecting on terrible tuesday, the day after labor day. one of the worst traffic days of the year according to triple a. >> it slaps you up side the head. it punches you in the nose. because you've been away from it. >> reporter: drivers we spoke with like limo drivers say they're bracing themselves for a long day behind the wheel. >> starting tomorrow when everybody is back from vacation and schools are open, the traffic is back to bumper to bumper. >> reporter: and if things weren't going to be bad enough already, triple a says this year's terrible tuesday could be even more terrible than usual. the military base realignments are expected to add another
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40,000 cars to washington area roads. >> terrible. terrible. not only tuesday, but for wednesday and tragic thursday and fright full friday. >> reporter: one piece of advice that could help terrible tuesday a little less terrible before heading out be sure to have an alternate route in case the roads get really bad. and be sure to tune into 9news tomorrow morning. anita. >> absolutely. good advice. new developments in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba. the lawyer for jerry giordano filed an appeal that keeping him locked up for 60 more days while police investigate. giordano is accused of killing robyn gardner but they have yet to find her body. a panel of three judges are yet to make a decision this wednesday. meanwhile, police surveillance have a picture of this white car. they believe the driver might be able to help them solve this
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case. speaking out tonight, washington's transgender community are alarmed by a resent string of attacks, worried about an ongoing threat and frustrated with a police department they say is doing very little to help. delia gongalves explains. >> reporter: this brutal beating captures on tape the violence against members of the transgender community that activists say have been happening for years and is only getting worse. >> how many people have to die? how many have to be attacked and assaulted for it to become news worthy? >> reporter: here in dc, there are a number of unsolved murders of transgender people. these women say they're many mistaken for street workers. >> i don't want these areas to be seen as purely sexual areas. so if someone is hanging out
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there with friends, then they get attacked or murdered, the first report isn't this is a sexual worker and gets a mug shot. >> our glu, our gay lesbian unit. >> reporter: last week the police chief says the department is working with activists to improve the gay and lesbian liaison unit. >> most of the concerns are the way in which our glu members communicate and keep them informed of things that are going on. so we've made a lot of changes based on the meetings to keep them more informed. >> it calls in the question why we even have this unit if when we need them they're not there. >> reporter: so they're in a tough position. they want the unit but they're not there all the time. the gay, lesbian and transgender community continue to have ongoing meetings with the police chief about the liaison unit
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and, anita, i did mention they're very frustrated because they're at a cross road. >> right. >> reporter: but they believe every officer, not only the officers in the unit, need some more sensitivity training. >> wasn't there some positive change that they welcomed that the police chief made. >> reporter: absolutely. the chief appointed a man that is going back to the unit and he was really popular and they're hoping the community members and the activists are hoping that reinstating him will lead to better communication. >> thank you. it's a story that is becoming too common. a teacher facing child sex charges. tonight a school band director is behind bars for allegedly trying to solicit a child against sex. michael keith cook used his computer to solicit a child under the age of 15. they arrested him back on august 31st. cook is now on unpaid administrative leave from
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robinson secondary school. the alleged victim is not a student at that school or under cook's supervision. >> it just goes to show no matter where you live, it doesn't matter. these things can always happen, i guess. it's scary. it's reality, unfortunately. >> fairfax schools confirm all employees are fingerprinted before they're hired. this just in, a top candidate for the race for president has just lost her campaign manager. we're talking about michelle bachmann. ed rolands says he can't take the 14-hour days anymore. the race is now between rick perry and mitt romney. president obama spent his labor day talking about jobs and making more of them in detroit. he spoke before a crowd of union workers in a city now struggling with 14% unemployment. >> now is the not time for the
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people you sent to washington to worry about their job. now is the time for them to worry about your job. we've got roads and bridges across this country that need rebuilt. we've got private companies with the equipment and the manpower to do the building. >> the president delivers his job's creation plan to voters and congress this thursday. the outline is expected to include extensions of the payroll tax cut and jobless cuts and a certain rejection from house republicans and the candidates now vying for his job. on the home front, labor day celebrations had people talking about the current state of the economy and unemployment. not in terms of republicans versus democrats but in terms of paychecks and making ends meet. a case in point, today's parade in kensington. >> we have to get people back to work. public work projects, we need to do it. >> fortunately i am still
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gainfully employed. my husband was affected by this. and we're struggling through it. >> in general, tough times are not as tough here as in many other places across the nation. unemployment in this region hovers near 6%. nationwide it's 9.1%. two big reasons for that, the federal government and all the private contractors it employs. but big financial trouble at the postal service could put some of those jobs at risk. gary nurenberg reports residents of capitol heights may have just gotten a taste of what the rest of us could expect if the postal service runs out of money. >> reporter: customers here knew something ws wrong when some of their mail was missing. and it was. a federal judge sentenced a mail carrier to a year in prison for burning and failing to deliver mail. capitol height may be ahead of the rest of the company. the postal service is so broke it may go out of business by the end of the year if congress
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doesn't help. the second guy we asked. >> i don't use the mail to be quite honest. i use e-mail and stuff. >> reporter: exactly the problem. >> unbelievable. i mean, the internet is really destroying it. >> reporter: no kidding. in the last ten years, first class mail has dropped by 50%. mail has dropped by 43.1 visits. postal retail sales down by 2 hundred billion. monday's new york times article brought the issue into focus. hoey employment costs contribute -- high employment costs contribute. they suggest closing 3700 post offices. laying off workers and stopping saturday deliveries. it has already saved 12 billion by reducing work hours and it's eliminated 130,000 jobs, even so it might not have enough money this winter to do things like put gas in its delivery vehicles and could potentially shut down changing lives. >> i used usps on a frequent
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basis. it would affect me. >> reporter: the postal service is locked into some huge pension contributions each year. some of the postal service final plans mean getting -- financial plans mean getting out of the approval which is not guaranteed by any means. >> thank you, gary. after fighting for weeks for the title, the redskins finally pick their guy. who it is coming up later in sports. but first caught on camera what looks like a scene from the wizard of oz but it's very, very real. and next remembering 9/11. how this tragic day in history has another meaning for one local family. stay with us.
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for many americans, 9/11 seemed like the end of the world we knew with our sense of security forever shaken. so you can imagine how difficult it must have been for one woman trying to bring a new life into this world on september 11th, 2001. lindsey mastis spoke with mom and son today. >> i felt guilty having to bring
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my son into this world. >> reporter: being happy on the day she gave birth seemed inappropriate to kim parsons. that is until riley was born. >> i got to see riley and actually 9/11 at that point became just a distant memory for me. >> reporter: nearly ten years later, he's known as smiley riley. his mother has kept the box of keepsakes and in time riley will know more about his unique birthday. >> i wonder if one of their family members died. >> reporter: he has questions. >> why the people did it and who were they, how did they get other people to do it with them? >> reporter: one day he'll understand more. and so will people that meet him. >> i want them to see him as a sign of hope. i feel like his generation can maybe change the world. >> reporter: it's a challenge riley has
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accepted. >> i like my birthday? i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> in the meantime this boy has sent his entire weekend shooting hoops in the driveway. not for kids. this young man has been on a mission. will thomas set a mission to make 17,000 baskets for the navy seals that were killed last month. we're happy to report will reached his goal this afternoon and then some. he kept right on shooting. >> a lot of people said they were going to double what they were pledging if i made more. >> so he did. we contacted will late tonight and after shooting in the rain this evening, he finished with 20,317 baskets. and he raised more than $25,000 for those military families. caught on tape.
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an amateur storm chaser captures what she's hunting for. she records this tornado as it crosses the highway last night in upstate new york. the national weather service estimates the funnel cloud was half a mile wide. the tornado tore off roofs, broke windows and upreceipted trees but fortunately nobody was hurt. >> you see that kind of power and it makes you stop every time. >> yes. and speaking of tornadoes to the south of us in virginia and the carolinas, they have tornado watches in effect through tomorrow morning. already saw several. 9 or 10 tornadoes being reported. in our area, not too concerned about tornadoes but just the heavy rain coming down. we already see here on live doppler 9000 you can see the green which is moderate rain. i'm going to show you where we're going to see some of the more heavier rainfall taking place right no and it's going to be 1-3 inches in the next 24 hours in the dc area. here is a look at places where
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we do have pretty good rain right around interstate 66 down to the red south of manassas. also just west of town into part of bowie, you're looking at some really good rain as well. this is all part of a larger system that is basically drawing in moisture from the remnants of tropical storm lee. and then also a stalled front that is just very slowly moving through. so those two mechanisms drawing in a lot of moisture. and we're going to see this pattern for the next few days. not just tonight, tomorrow and the next day, also you see these areas in red. those are the tornado watches in effect to the south of us through tomorrow morning. all right. right now temperatures are pretty cool out there in the lower 70s around downtown. but look at the 60s in martinsburg. 59 in cumberland at this hour. also coastal flood advisory in effect until tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. these low lying areas you see highlighted in green which means tides 1-1 and a half feet are
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normal. watch for some minor flooding. here is the big swath of showers and storms going through the entire east coast. also affected for the next couple of days and we're worried because irene just went through last weekend. so it's adding even more rain. flash flood watch goes through, again, tuesday night. could be extended. that means wet morning and evening commute. it will be damp and chilly the next few days. and, guess what, folks, it's going to be wet all week. so watch the gutters and make sure you don't cross a flooded street by a car or foot. here is your future cast, though. we have heavy bands of rain that could still come through over nate and through tomorrow as well and we're going to stay wet for much of tomorrow and through tomorrow night as well. some moderate to heavy rainfall expected with some of the storms. wednesday still looking wet. not getting a big break at all. how much rain can we get? some of these expectations are
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really impressive. maybe five inches by wednesday night. up to three inches around dc. so, yes, flash flooding a huge concern the next 48 hours. overnight mostly cloudy and some showers and storms in the morning. cloudy, wet and breezy. heavy rain at times. west winds at 10-15. in the afternoon, more showers. it will be cool with maybe a couple of thunderstorms. highs will be upper 60s to lower 70s. and it will be breezy around 68 for downtown. 63 in winchester and hagerstown 62. we should be mid 80s around this time. here is your seven day out looks. we've got several days of rain and storms. also those flood warnings are on the bottom of your screen. we'll continue to update you on that and go to for the latest. i'll give you an update over the next few hours until howard gets back. >> all right. thank you for that. question have a quarterback. >> we have a quarterback for week one. >> okay. >> if he's a quarterback for week 16 without something happening in the middle, i would
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be surprised. why did mike shanahan pick rex grossman over beck? we'll hear the coach about that. a dramatic start and the american beat the women role. the number one man not so much. 9 sports next the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ fele announcer ] coca-cola glasses are at mcdonald's. one free with every large extra value meal... like the one-of-a-kind big mac. the simple joy of seeing things in a whole new light. ♪
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> we learned something about mike shanahan today. he is flexible enough to allow his mind to be changed. the redskins coach entered this training camp under the assumption that john beck would be the starting quarterback but six weeks later that is not how it shook out. shanahan confirming that rex grossman will be the week one starter for the skins. the eight-year veteran will say nothing of the fact that he started a super bowl and that this will be his third season in the kyle shanahan offense. it was close but rex is their guy. >> it was close. very competetive. and as i said, i've got a confidence in both guys. after watching the camp. >> i'm pretty sure both of those guys know what is going on. >> beck fought hard. he'll be ready to go if
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something happened. rex deserved it and he earned it and we're going to roll with him. >> landry did practice. the university of maryland opened their football season tonight or as they've come to be known in the national press this week, that other team playing the out laws from miami. the first game from randy etzel and first game for the maryland pride uniforms. you like them? kind of mixed reviews on twitter tonight. although as long as the terps keep doing this. maryland touchdown. with three minutes left in the game, maryland down one. look at o'brien the bomb. 57 yards. perfectly thrown. that would set up nick ferara. just sneaks it through the left side. so the terps lead by two. miami tries to drive for two but
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cameron chism steps in front of that pass but takes it to the house -- i never want to say that. the interception. nothing wrong with saying that. maryland wins the openers. quarterbacks like to use the clichi taking it one game at a time but how could the nationals not look ahead. tomorrow strasburg returns. we'll talk about this after the show. right now the nationals are happy based on what they did to the dodgers this afternoon. all these homeruns. desmond, morse. jayson werth. all of these in the first inning and john lannan did his part. struck out four. nats take it 7-2. meanwhile, the o's in the bronx wishing that montero had taken a day off. he hits the go ahead homerun in the 5th and then another one in the 7th. that one would be the winner as the o's fall to the bombers. day eight at the u.s. open and
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if serena williams isn't the toughest, i don't know who it is. she dismantles the number one. the top seed jokavik also wins. finally tonight, how tough are us guys in the tennis media. we're so growling we can make a guy -- gruelling we can make a guy cramp. they had to clear the room and he laid down on the floor for a while. if you've ever had a leg cramp while you're sleeping, you know the pain. he was fine ten minutes later and he was able to stand up. >> what brought that on there. >> he was just played a match and he was dehydrated. they rarely cramp in the press conference. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. and here is your seven day out look one more time. damp, wet and cool the next few days. almost all week. and we have flash flooding probably tomorrow morning for that commute. right now at montgomery county is one of the counties that is under a flash flood warning. >> all right. howard will fill us is in the morning as well. that is 9news for tonight. enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe.
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