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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. topper is tracking which areas are in the most danger of flood and the impact on your morning commute. also tonight, tea party zombies. dirty politics take on a new twist with a video game where you kill the politician. my sister was angry. >> plus he stabbed her 65 times. it was a gruesome infamous murder and now the victim's sister breaks her silence. this is 9news now. flooding is still a big
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concern for our entire area. >> so what does it mean for your morning commute? topper shutt with more on the flood watch tonight. top. >> yes, i would probably go ahead and add an extra time to your morning commute tomorrow. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms and then they're going to get heavier as we go out throughout the day. let's start with the flood watch. we do have some highlighted counties. montgomery county is highlighted in lighter green. that indicates a flood warning. this is issued because of seneca creek near dawsonville is causing problems. and all of the ones lit up there out towards hagerstown, those are simply flood warnings because of rivers. and that does not bowed well for the potomac river later this week. live doppler 9000, well, we're looking at some activity down to the south now. it's beginning to kind of develop a little bit and intensify. it's moving noerd wards and across -- northwards and across 66. right now some light activity up in frederick and some more activity getting a little heavier down towards the northern neck. we'll come back and track that and tell you what that means and
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we'll tell you when we think the potomac river will flood because it is going to flood. >> all right, thank you, top. to a river rescue you will see only on channel nine. take a look at this. you can see that man right in the middle of the river just off i95 in virginia. kurt brooks heard the rescuer calls go out. he headed to the scene. this is what he called on camera. the fire department doesn't know why that 26-year-old man was in the water but they knew they had to get him out fast. fire crews made two passes before they grabbed him, snagged him into the boat safely. >> if he slipped, he would go under. >> absolutely. you go underneath the i95 bridge and then there is another set of rapids and then it's deep water. and at that point it's not a rescue. it's a body recovery >> the most likely scenario, this fellow walked out into the shallow river to go fishing but then with all of the rain we had it pushed the river to dangerous and deadly levels quicker than
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he had expected. anita. justice delayed but not denied for the family of a largo woman murdered four years ago. as matt jablow tells us, the case was finally solved and the accused killer finally convicted thanks to dna. >> oh, lord. >> reporter: shayla graham says she remembers it like yesterday. >> it just devastated me to the bone. >> reporter: august 31st, 2007, the day her sister, 53-year-old vanessa riddick was stabbed to death in her largo apartment. >> without dna, this case would not have closed. >> reporter: today four years after she was murdered and two years after police connected dna to the crime scene to troy nash. >> we had a match. >> reporter: nash was convicted of murder. the lnted of the -- the lieutenant of the prince george's police department says he is still not certain of the
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motive but he's pretty sure it was a robbery gone bad that became extremely violent when she tried protecting herself. >> the victim had been stabbed and/or slashed 69 times. >> reporter: her sister says she can't believe a woman as loving as her sister owe -- >> she was always an angel. >> reporter: -- died such a bad death. she is not sure she'll ever be able to forgive troy nash. >> i have very bad, evil thoughts towards him right now. and i don't like to hold grudges and stuff like that. so i have to keep praying on him. >> reporter: troy nash will be sentenced for first degree murder on november 18th. he's facing a maximum of life in prison without the possibility of parole. anita. >> thank you, matted. caught on tape, trouble
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aboard the bus. this video was posted to the website itune. it shows a metro bus driver shoving a passenger out on the door and into the ground where he lands with a thud. metro calls the driver's actions completely unacceptable and it plans to take actions. if drivers have a problem, they're supposed to call police and let them handle it. well, you spoke, we listened. now folks are promising to take action. the director of a local housing complex tells us he will send out inspectors by tomorrow to deal with some of the problems residents told us about. mold. mildew. not to mention the crime. >> i've been assaulted in this building four times. i was almost raped. i've been robbed about 11 times. sewage backed up in my kitchen sink. >> the apartment she's talking about, 1100 owens road in ox en hill. that is public housing for senior citizens and people with disabilities. and despite the conditions there, many residents were scared to talk.
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they were afraid of being kicked out because they're on fixed income and they can't afford to go any place else. >> many of those senior citizens probably remember a time when the country's politics were more civil than they are this year. >> yes. well, sometimes as it shrivels, we can get close to violence. gary nurenberg has the most recent example. >> reporter: tea parties zombies must die . take a look at them. shoot up the lobby at fox news. how funny is that nine months after congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot. remember a rifle scope over a congressional district she was aiming at. does this encourage real life violence? >> there is studies that show ma maybe that's a way of -- that show that maybe that's a way of getting aggression out. if they do it on a video game they won't do it in real life. we have seen too many examples
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of violence in the real world. >> reporter: images of president obama as a bamboo. bush as a chimp. a labor leader over the weekend. >> let's take these [ bleep ] out and give america back. >> reporter: more words posted on the video site the left is godless, no class, no morals, imagine the outrage if there was a murder of the liberal game. that would be a reaction for folks like you. could you get anymore low class. you racist republicans are the idiots here. uh-oh, you better stop criticizing obama's policies. i will either be labeled a racist. we could end up looking like taiwan's legislature. remember john mccain in 2008 after a podium speaker disparjd hillary clinton and then barack obama. >> we have strong philosophical
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differences and so i want to dissociate with my -- myself from any disparaging remarks that may have been said about them. >> reporter: that was and is described as admirable. he lost. anita. >> food for thought, gary. thank you. on the brink of default. that is how postmaster general donahue described the postal service on the hill today. he told a congressional hearing the service may lose $10 billion this fiscal year which ends september 30th and could default sometime next year. the postal service does not receive federal funding and is not seeking such. instead postal officials want to change the way they can operate. super steve is back. the nationals fheno phenom did pitch. >> 12 games is all he pitched last year. in those 12 games last year, he
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made us believe that washington has a baseball future. and tonight that future resumed. 12 and a half months after the tommy johns surgery, the fire bawling righty was back. the rain stopping just long enough for steve to do his work and the work was good. nats set a pitch limit of 60 for strazburg. ended up tossing 56. 40 of them were strikes. he went five complete innings. gave up just two hits. no runs. walked nobody. struck out four. his fast ball hit 99 on the gun. mixed in some curve balls and changeups as well. not sure what you had in mind for steven's return, but it could not have gone much better than this. much more on strasburg 's return when dave owens joins me live. we hope to hear from steven in this program. that is coming up in about 12 minutes. derek, are you happy? >> i am happy. we turn now to something unhappy. deadly wildfires over in texas. at least four people have died in the outbreak of blazes over
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the past week. those wildfires have also destroyed more than a thousand homes and burned more than 100,000 acres. that massive drought out there in texas is feeding the flames and forecasters warn that unlike around here, there is no rain in sight. well, breakfast turned into a hail of deadly gunfire in nevada this morning. and tonight police believe mental illness was part of the problem. officers say 32-year-old eduardo sencion opened fire at a ihop. he killed four people and injured 11 more. >> what he did to those people, he didn't stand a chance. they were just there for breakfast. >> you can't believe the rounds coming out of that gun. >> after the rampage, sencion turned the gun on himself and he died later at the hospital. two of the victims killed and three of the wounded were members of the nevada national guard but sencion did not know the victims nor did he have any military affiliation. still ahead tonight. >> violence. can't talk to policeman.
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can't talk to rescue workers. people die. >> the chaos of 9/11 exposed. a fatal flaw in emergency communication. >> so are we safer now? an inside look at how far one county has come over the last ten years. that is coming up. hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight?
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first responders cry for help unheard. it was one of the biggest criticisms in the 9/11 report that examined the flaws in emergency response on that dark day now nearly ten years ago. >> our ken molestina visited with fairfax county rescuers who showed us how far emergency communication has come in nearly a decade. >> violence. can't talk to policeman. can't talk to rescue workers and medical personnel. people die. >> reporter: that finding has forced emergeny responders to figure out a way to talk to one another despite the department or jurisdiction they work for. recently those efforts on a nationwide level have fallen short, according to the members of the 9/11 commission. >> ten years we still can't talk to each other when disaster strikes. >> reporter: but one group of first responders here in our area said that tough talk
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doesn't apply to them. >> global command 430 to incident command. how do you copy? >> i copy loud and clear. >> reporter: first responders have come a long way in a decade. >> the command units were less -- had less capabilities. they had radios, but they didn't have some of the other functionality we have today. >> reporter: james wadsworth says fairfax county has achieved radio systems already in place that allow police officers, firefighters and ems personnel in and outside of fairfax county to talk to one another. they have even purchased a catch of more than 1200 radios, a resource they didn't have on 9/11. >> we can respond quicker to incidents in the region because of that. >> reporter: technology has also approved the use of computers that help dispatch resources in between jurisdictions. they've also got their hands on gadgets to increase the ability to assess a disaster. >> and this is a good example of how far the technology has come. right now you're watching me from a helicopter camera high above the ground. but these images are being
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transferred. they're being beamed right back down to the ground and arrive real time. >> reporter: but the changes don't end there. a recently built state of the art 911 call center houses dispatchers for fairfax county, virginia state police and vdot. >> we have capitalized on the ability that has ensued in the last ten years and we are much, much better prepared community to deal with whatever the future may bring. >> reporter: fairfax county, ken molestina, 9news now. >> it was back in 1982 following the crash of air florida i-90 that the idea first took shape. common painkillers in the risk of using an unborn child. in tonight's health alert, they find the risk of miscarriage doubles if a woman takes non-stroird alan tie
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inflammatory -- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. that includes ibuprofen and naproxen. women need to know about it so they can choose alternative medication. the u.s. postal service on the brink of going belly up. and for those of you that say you won't notice the mail, derek has a special delivery for you. >> it appears are the internet can do what rain nor sleet nor snow can do. that is stop your local mail carrier from keeping his appointed rounds. now, ben franklin may have been the first postmaster but now it really is about the benjamins and the post office says soon it will not be able to pay its bills much less deliver yours. i know, you pay your bills online. you send your e-mail and most of what shows up in your mailbox is junk. you say you wouldn't miss. i get that. but i guarantee you, you would miss that first class stamp and
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the 140 million or so addresses still served by old mr. zip here. so what to do? well, the usps is a quasi government organization. it has to make enough money to pay the freight but can't make the changes in how the operates like eliminating saturday delivery without the permission of congress. what business can run that way? the postmaster told the government he doesn't want any federal money. he wants enough flexibility to survive. the white house says it is sending a plan to do that, and i hope they know it absolutely positively should have been there yesterday. >> you know, i have to say, stop by the post office saturday before labor day and i'm shocked and appalled it's closed. the one day i need it but i haven't been there in months. >> okay. it's all right. >> i know. lesson learned. thank you, derek. okay. what is going on? >> we're going to have river flooding. there is no doubt about it. a different scenario with irene.
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all of the rain with irene is east. i 95. the heavy rain is in the mountains and that does not bowed well for the potomac river. we have closed the trail for tomorrow morning and also the potomac falls overlook. so if you see something in the parks that are kind of walled off, they're walled off for a reason. here is a look at live doppler 9000. you can access this on our website or you can check out our interactive radar. this is what i'm watching south of 66. a little area of showers and a couple embedded areas of heavier rainfall kind of in between 66 and the west of 95. everything is moving pretty much due north. we do have a tropical connection all the way down to the gulf of mexico. so this is just going to race northward across 66. in fact, we'll put this into motion over the next hour. we're going to see it move north 66, out 15 and over 50 and really eventually across route seven as well. so the heaviest activity i really feel is going to be tomorrow night and thursday. but we're still going to have bouts with showers and
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thunderstorms and rain until then. so flash flood watch until wednesday afternoon. i think that is going to be extended certainly west of town it should be extended. wet tomorrow morning. wet tomorrow evening. both commutes allow some extra time. even heavier rain on thursday. and also if that weren't enough, severe thunderstorms are possible thursday as we get into what is called the warm sector of air. the warm front goes a little north of us. so here is the potential. this is just potential of rainfall now. we'll stop at 1:00 tomorrow. not much. notice 18 hundredths of an inch. but notice to the west over an inch in hagerstown and over in winchester. and watch out to the west how all of the bright colors kind of stay there and we still stay in the green with just light to moderate activity. we'll take it all the way through now thursday. thursday morning still less than an inch here. but almost five inches in winchester. that is dangerous flooding in the mountains. and we'll take it to about 1:00 on thursday. now we're over an inch. almost two inches up in gaiters burg. so we're going to -- gaithersburg. so we're going to get rain but i think it's going to take most of
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thursday to get to the 1 to 2 to 3-inch level. back to the west we're talking four, five, almost six inches of rain. that's where it's setting up right now. and i think that's why we're going to see the watch extended. we have to talk about katia. 105-mile per hour winds. located southwest of bermuda. it will pass but it will kick up some big time surf and some big time riptides along our coast it looks like tomorrow right on through the upcoming weekend in case you have plans and trying to extend the summer weekend. overnight it looks like this, cloudy, cool, rain and shower. thunderstorm possible south and east. low temperatures in the east. tomorrow morning some showers and maybe a thunderstorm. nothing crazy heavy in the morning. 60s and 70s. and then by afternoon showers again, maybe a thunderstorm. temperatures 75 to about 80. now, the next seven days, i did tweak a couple of things. i did bring the temps down into
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the mid 70s. that is going to be the heaviest rain day. thunderstorms still possible on friday but at least sunshine. and then finally the remnants of lee lets go of us on the weekend. >> time to kick it out of here. >> really. >> really. >> yes. thanks, top. well, for the folks that braved the rain and went out to nats park today, kind of a treat, huh? >> you know, we know that you can come back from tommy john surgery. but until we saw strasburg with our own eyes, we weren't sure. we saw it with our own eyes. washington. we can exhale. for a year we wondered if steven strasburg would be the same. he certainly looked the same to me and he looked the same to opposing hitters which is bad news for them. a live report from the ballpark. strasburg is back and good. 9 sports next. ♪
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> be right back. steven strasburg didn't say that when he left to have his surgery, but he might as well have. it's been 12 months since he
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mounted a mound and except for the zipper of a scar, it doesn't seem like much has changed. huge ovation for strasburg. first batter in more than a year was the dodgers d gordon and d doubled. and you could hear the crowd murmuring wondering if he still had the good stuff. oh, yes, he still had the good stuff. in the second whips the first and second batters. strasburg scoreless through two. he couldn't throw much during spring training but he did do his drills. laid that down perfectly. horrible throws. strasburg gets to second. he would later score. but this is what fans came to see. two batters later we're scoreless through four. so davey says let's let him pitch into the 5th. no problem. five shutout innings, two hits, four ks, no walks. steven strasburg is back.
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dave owens is live at nationals park tonight. dave, we wondered what kind of command steve would have. how about first pitch strikes to 14 of the 17 batters he faced. not bad. >> reporter: yes, brett. and he only got to a three-ball count once. now, we're right outside of the clubhouse because the game just ended and the players have yet to come off the field. we're going to get in there in just a second. i tell you his second inning steven strasburg's might have been his best. 99, 97, 98, 97, 97 miles per hour. it was certainly impressive from my vantage point. here is what his manager had to say. >> oh, he is outstanding. he was totally relaxed. totally in control. had all his pitches working. he made it look easy. >> reporter: he certainly made it look easy. 29,092 the announced attendance. of course, there was a lot less
11:27 pm
than that. the weather playing a major factor. but the brave fans that braved the elements, they saw quite a show. >> it was pretty good. >> reporter: yes? >> yes. a lot. that's whati expect him to be like. he's a number one overall pick. >> i think he did really well. i would have like to see him staying in a little bit. >> i would like to see a full game. i was looking forward to another great game. >> you got it. >> i got it. >> he was right on track. >> reporter: yes, right on track. now, he'll pitch again on sunday. we're going to head into the locker room because, again, the game just ended. we're going to hear from steven strasburg and we'll have that for the viewers tomorrow. >> all right. a lot of fans wanted to see more from him tonight. i was happy they got through five innings. i saw him pitch through four and i left to get back here never thinking he would pitch five but he did. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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coming up tomorrow morning, you think it's hard trying to get one kid off to school. try doing it with 11 of them. >> no thank you. >> no. i can't even. >> no. >> i got to see that tomorrow on our morning show. good night.
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