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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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when their attention turned to casey, he left the building, they followed him outside. >> his friend was being shoved, and pat stepped up, and his intention was to stop a confrontation. >> reporter: and then one of them punched him flat out cold on the cement. >> hopefully by the funeral they've identified people. >> reporter: hours before they leave for new york to go plan a funeral, they wait for detectives to pick up this picture of their son so that it can be put on a reward poster. family members wonder why the poster is needed when there's surveillance video out there. >> since the video existed at that time time of tint, it's taken awhile for it to get to that point. >> reporter: now, as you saw, all of those veteran pictures, this is an afghanistan war veteran who saved many lives. his organs, most of his organs were donate. his parents checked yes on every box.
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and because of that, hat taken all day for his body to be taken to the medical examiners. because of that, we are unable to get any information from police. we're live in dupont. >> all right, thank you so much, britney. >> leslie. >> a consumer website tried to make a funny joke today but nobody laughed. at 10:34 this morning this went out on twitter. breaking, witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside the capitol building. what went unnoticed was the tweet came from the onion, which is a satire news website. 10 minutes later, capitol building being evacuated, 12 children held hostage by a group of armed congressmen. that should have been a big tip- off. a few minutes after that another tweet with a link to a story on the onion website.
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the onion responded by saying this is satire, that's how it works. then there's this guy that's been accused of using remote controlled airplanes to target the capitol building. >> reporter: classmates say that rezwan ferdaus refused to face the flag during the pledge of allegiance. a suspected lone wolf who grew up in ashland, massachusetts. rezwan ferdaus thought he was plotting with al-qaida operatives, but they were undercover agents. >> he thinks he's al-qaida,
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wanted to try. >> reporter: the feds say ferdaus bout a small drone aircraft like this and planned to fill them with explosives and fly them into the caply toll. >> i think in many ways this individual was probably looking for some type of psychological victory. >> reporter: he rented a storage unit and bought from undercover agents what he believed to be 25 pounds of plastic explosives, three grenades, and six automatic assault rifles. he told them he was driven to kill americans. "i just can't stop," he said. "there is no other choice for me." >> sometimes you get this information from sources abroad and you can prevent it, but most of the time you develop the information here, internal to the states. >> reporter: ironically, he signed his high school yearbook with a peace sign and a quote
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from gandhi. >> reporter: federal agents say ferdaus expressed excitement at the thought of killing members of congress who might be fleeing the capitol. "it would be nice," he said," to gun down some congressmen." >> andrea, thanks so much. well, it was grueling day of testimony in the ongoing murder trial of carmela de la rosa. >> peggy fox is live outside the courthouse to tell us what happened today. >> reporter: ly well, today's testimony was all about the mental health of carmela de la rosa. there's no question she's been suffering from depression for years and that it escalated last year, but did she know what she was doing the night she picked up her grandchild
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and tossed her off the bridge. a woman told the jury that her cousin was a deem spiritual woman. she was shocked when de la rosa told her she wanted to kill herself. i asked her, why would you want to take your life? and she said, i want to spare my family the pain and suffering i'm bringing to them. one woman told me, if she's pregnant, i think i'm going to kill myself, and i said, no, carmel larks you have to go see a doctor. last november, carmela de la rosa's brother died and her depression resurfaced. susan called her a few days before the baby was killed and said de la rosa was erratic and strange on the telephone. several doctors took the stand. some had seen her after one of her four suicide attempts. the doctors testified they had
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diagnosed her with major depressive disorder. she was prescribed several antidepressants but none of them said she was psychotic or hallucinating. to convince the jury de la rosa was insane at the time she threw her child off the bridge won't be easy. >> if you're depressed, you can kill somebody. the law says -- the law doesn't say that. the law says you've got to be depressed to the point where you don't know right from wrong. you don't know the nature of what it is you're doing. >> reporter: now, the last witness to take the stand was dr. colleen martin, a clinical psychologist who interviewed carmela de la rosa in jail after the incident. she says that de la rosa didn't seem to have a clear understanding of why she was there or what was going on around her. the trial resumes on monday.
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back to you, anita. >> peggy fox, thank you for that. i know you've been following the trial all week. two people hit by cars today are fighting for their lives at this hour. a woman was struck in front of the omni hotel in northwest washington. the driver of the suv did stay on the scene after the accident. the woman was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. another pedestrian was hit near the 14th street bridge. police describe the injuries as very serious as well. well, now the trial of dr. conrad murray, the personal physician to the late michael jackson. we had some surprising testimony today from jackson's former bodyguard.
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kendis gibson is covering the story from los angeles. >> reporter: jackson's bodyguard testified today as to what dr. murray told him to do. alberto alvarez was the first security guard to see michael jackson after the singer's doctor, conrad murray, called for help. alvarez says jackson was laying unresponsive on the bed as his children watched from nearby. >> paris screamed out "daddy." >> reporter: alvarez said he ushered the children out of the room, then murray told him to hide jackson's medication. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials, then he reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> in court the security guard identified the drug as propofol, the powerful anesthetic. prosecutors say the doctor's negligence caused jackson's
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death. alvarez said after stashing the propofol murray told him to call 911. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help. he's stopped breathing. >> reporter: alvarez testified that when he gave jackson cpr, he did it with just one hand. >> he said this is the first time i do mouth to mouth, but i have to he's my friend. >> reporter: the defense insists murray is not responsible for the pop star's death. and jackson family members were once again inside the court today, and it's starting to seem as if this trial, only in its third day, is taking a toll on them. janet jackson looked fairly stress and in pin as she walked into the courthouse earlier today, but yet the family plans to be here every day throughout the five to six-week trial. reporting in los angeles, i'm kendis gibson, derek, back to you. >> we should note the testimony is expected to focus on the science of exactly what did
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kill michael jackson and what role dr. murray might have played in the. >> what weighs 10 pounds, is the size of a dictionary, and won't have the chance to borveg you on the head? the answer, a genuine chunk of washington monument marble. inspectors safely removed them, and they will spend the next few days searching for any more earthquake damage. >> some of the tools they are using are rubber mallets, and they're hitting -- tapping is probably a better word, the stones in order to listen whether it sounds as though there's a hollowness to the sound or whether it sounds very firm and solid. >> it sounds like pain staking work. one worker said this assignment is like disney world.
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>> maybe just some great views, you do have that. >> speaking of cold, i think that's what's headed our way. >> definitely cooler. topper on the terrace with the forecast looking ahead. >> it is some kind of nice now. sunshine, a little bit of a breeze, but it's still warm, which is good news. yes, there are some big changes on the way. right now 77 downtown, 73 in gaithersburg, low 70s in hagerstown. look at oakland. 55 degrees. but look at fredericksburg, 79. we'll come back, talk about big changes, and maybe seeing some of the first snowflakes of the season in parts of the metro. still ahead on 9news now, waiting for a verdict in the amanda knox appeal. when the american in italy should learn if her conviction will be overturned. and also ahead, maryland's governor hailing prince george's county for cracking down on crime. and the consumer alert about the debit card that could
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be in your wallet. find out how much bank of america wants to charge customers to use their debit card.
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now to a consumer alert that is sure to have you talking and angry. bank of america reportedly plans to charge you $5 a month just to bay things with your debit card. it will not matter if you use it one time or 100 times. the wall street journal cites an internal memo saying you will not be charged if you only use the card at an atm. a spokesperson tells cnn the reason is those new regulations on the fees that are capped that banks can charge retailers. she adds that customers will be given a 30-day heads did you know on the new fee which will take effect next year. the threat of a government shutdown is over. at least until tuesday.
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the house today approved a stop- gap spending measure, and it funds uncle sam past the friday deadline and now heads to president obama. it includes $230eu billion in disaster aid that is less than both sides wanted but they couldn't decide how to pay fort. the stop gap measure funds the government through and they vote on another funding bill. assuming congress does keep paying the bill there will be federal dollars on hand to help people in alexandria, those neighbors hit hard bihurricane irene. fema has just added alexandria to the list of jurisdictions approved for disaster relief. lesli, the results is a month-long warrant sweep are out tonight. those findings. it appears to be a direct result of these tweets. the crime rate continues to
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drop here in prince george's county. today governor o'malley said he thinks one reason why is the clearance of a backlog of old warrants. law enforcement teamed up to target the most dangerous offenders. 39 officers were split into eight teams fanning out across the county. they tried to serve more than 400 warrants and locked up at least 818 offenders. >> that's a lot of work in the middle of the night by a lot of dedicated law enforcement people going out and knocking on the right doors in order to protect the public from repeat violent offenders it, we are preventing, most likely, that person engaging in future crime. >> reporter: violent crime is
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down 12% in the first nine months of 2011 in prince george's county, at its lowest rate since 1975 but still with a long way to go. the warrant initiative in part was paid for by a quarter nmd. it's money local officials fear may dry up. >> as we've told you, violent crime in prince george's is down a whopping 12% this year, and that's despite an uptick in murders this year. overall ad. >> if it wasn't for the wind, i would just hang out here. if i didn't have to go back in and do the news. >> it is gorgeous. tomorrow, more clouds, but still warm before the big changes. >> big changes. >> let's start with temperatures. if you're headed out now, it's great. temperatures in the upper 70s downtown, low to mid-70s even in the suburbs we're earn, 73
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out toward leesburg and middleburg, so pretty comfortable. this is about average. we need to remember that, because as saturday rolls around we're going to be far from average. here's the satellite and radar combined. we just have generally fart. these showers will roll into our mountains tomorrow. so pattern change for the weekend, no doubt. , friday, dry commute morning and evening. that's nice. windy on friday but still warm. the weekend breezy and chilly, almost cold. tonight, walk the dog, no problem, no clouds. bide. haggers burg, martinsburg,
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winchester, west. echt. notice by 12:00 we are going to see some clouds push through. we're going to be dry in immediate metro area. showers will linger and persist out in the mountains and maybe some showers late in the day in southern maryland before everything rolls out. then on saturday, this is early in the morning, a lot of showers in cumberland and oakland. we could see the first flakes of the season in places like oakland and grant county, mineral county saturday night. it's going to he will feel like early november as oppose. winds out of the south at 10 to 15. lows tonight inside the beltway and downtown, low to mid-60s. plenty of 50s, though. 57 in gaithersburg, 57 in fairfax. tomorrow molg. and then by afternoon, partly sunny, windy, still warm.
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dry for high school. showers will roll inas we go through the day. 78 in arlington, 77. maybe 0 he 0 -- maybe 75 to 79 degrees. now, the weekend is going to be chilly. showers scattered throughout the afternoon. take a sweat shirt and umbrella if you are a spectator. temperatures will rebound next week. mid-60s, sunshine on monday, then we're back in the 70s. 75 on tuesday. low 70s wednesday. temperatures in the mid-70s
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also with sunshine on thursday. so october is going to roll in. >> you know what else is going on saturday is light the night, the leukemia and lymphoma walk. i will be out there saturday. >> in reston? >> yeah, in reston. >> yes, a sweat shirt, though, but quiet. this is a great shot. >> yes, it is. >> this is a sunrise from ernie wood in edgewater, maryland. ernie did everything right. like that. thank you. to mitt. we need your name and location and a description. >> all right, top. still ahead, several cases of hate-filled vandalism in montgomery county. >> they shocked people in several communities. now police have new information on who might be behind it all. she was the first female firefighter in montgomery county, but today she began her
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last shift. i'm lindsey mastis. that story is coming up. >> but right now, a look at the highest paid actresses in hollywood. number one is tina fey. reports she earned $13 million last year. mp p. top paid actresses in tv. we'll be right back. state farm. this is jessica.
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were you crying? yeah. were you crying? your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at check out this fiery scene caught on tape. whoa! that, my friends, is, or was, an ambulance. the fire literally blowing the roof off the sucker. it happened yesterday at 38th and rhode island in maryland. nobody was anywhere near there.
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i guess that's why nobody was hurt. >> now to a woman who has been a firefighter for 32 years. the first woman to hold such a position in montgomery county. >> and she's retiring. >> today lindsey mass ties talked with her, the trailblazer. >> when i started, people were taking double looks. >> reporter: the year was 1979. she wasn't trying to do anything new. she had no idea she would be the first woman in montgomery county to hold this job. >> i had no clue until somebody said, you realize what you just, did right? and i said, did i get a job? >> reporter: it was after she started that others made it clear, she was different, not necessarily welcome. >> we don't want you here, we're going to burn you. >> reporter: despite all that she won them over. >> the boots, the pants, the coat, even the helmet. this was all made for men. it was all too big.
5:27 pm
today our gear, my gear is tailored to me. >> reporter: at the time, they even had to share a bathroom. today there are private stalls, but the sleeping arrangements are the say. everyone is in one room. >> i sleep down here next to the captain. >> she's not just retiring. >> i'm leaving my family. >> reporter: but they'll never forget her. >> you are such an example to all us women. >> reporter: lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> literally changing the face of firefighters. >> exactly. we've got a lot more coming your way this thursday evening. suv's, less of a danger to you in your car on the road. we're going to tell you the two things making your drive safer. a gop presidential hopeful tries to revive his campaign. i'm danielle nottingham. coming up, how newt gingrich is trying to prove he's still in the race. but up next, a man accused of impersonating an nfl
5:28 pm
quarterback makes a court appearance. a live report from northwest washington when 9news now returns.
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new at 5:30, a date in court for the man police say is pretending to be an nfl start. we've been waiting for steven pittman to go before the judge. >> scott broom is live outside the courthouse. has he made the appearance,
5:31 pm
scott? >> reporter: it just happened about 20 minutes ago. it's a little complicated because now there are a lot of people who want a piece of this guy, stephan pittman. a judge decided this alleged imposter is going to stay locked up here in washington at least until next wednesday. that gives now the state of texas, yes, texas, a chance to come get him. today the lone star state issued a probation violation warrant for stephan pittman because this man who is accused of pretending to be quarterback vince young here in the d.c. area is a sex offender from denton county, texas, still serving his probation. he could now face two to 20 years for violating his probation by allegedly defrauding women up here of tens of thousands of dollars in this alleged scheme. one of the victims showed up in court here this afternoon. >> i wanted to jump up and
5:32 pm
attack him. i did. i think you saw me fudge eting next to you. it was hard to sit still. >> reporter: could you believe that that's the guy that talked you out of $25,000? >> yes, kai. >> reporter: she is really angry, because she says pittman talked her out of that money by posing as nfl quarterback vince young from the eagles and claiming that he was willing to invest with her in buying a health spa. he said he was in the health spa business already in texas in addition to beg an nfl quarterback. she's among the victims who is also worried that if texas doesn't come get pittman that the judge today did set some conditions for his release next week, but we've got to get over this hurdle as to whether or not texas is going to come get him first. live at d.c. subpoena peer your court, scott broom. lesli, back to you. a verdict in the highly anticipated case of amanda knox is expected monday. the seattle native has spent more than 1,000 days in an
5:33 pm
italian prison for the murder of her roommate. during closing arguments at the appeals hearing today, defense attorneys argue that knox was an innocent girl who was, quote, crucified in the media. they also argue that there's no case after court experts deemed dna evidence unreliable. knox is expected to address the jurors herself before they decide her fate. remember all that hubbub about d.c. police giving charlie sheen that escort? the case got one officer demoted. now he wants his promotion back. last april police led sheen with the flashing lights from dulles down to constitution hall. captain hilton burton's division provided the escort, and later on he was demoted. today he said in court that he got demoted because he admitted that celebrities often get escorts like. that chief cathy lanier said burton had been underperforming, but she did not provide details.
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the 2012 campaign trail is already winding its way through montgomery county. at the top of the hour, republican candidate mitt romney will be holding a fund- raiser so expect to see plenty of traffic around the white flint mall. the latest poll puts romney in first place with 23% of prospective voters. texas governor rick perry comes in second at 19%. while fellow republican newt gingrich is hitting the reset button on his campaign hoping to shake things up. many eyes in the gop seem to be on new jersey governor chris christie. danielle nottingham has more on whether he'll run or not. >> reporter: newt gingrich is in iowa looking to use the new contract with america to jump- start his presidential campaign. the former speak of the house is unveiling a revised version of the plan that helped republicans win the house back in 1994 to try and break out of the gop field. >> we can get back to a balanced budget if we have the
5:35 pm
right reforms, and government will be smaller, leaner, and more effective. >> gingrich says he believes his campaign is gaining traction. a new poll puts him in front of romney and perry. >> i think the idea, the solution, the positive approach is beginning to work. >> reporter: republicans are looking for a candidate who can beat president obama in 2012 but dissatisfaction with the field is fueling the idea that others could jump into the race. republican insiders say there's a 50/50 chance governor chris christie will run. if does he, he will get a strong look from voters. >> i like his straightforwardness and the way he speaks to people. >> but campaign watchers say if chris tees is going to get in, he will have to do it soon.
5:36 pm
the primaries kick off in a few short months, and it will take both time and money to seize the nomination from an already crowded field. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> and the jockeying between states for the dates on the primary calendar, that's already heating up. florida is expected to announce it will hold its primary on january 31st of next year, and that could trigger plans for other states moving up there' own votes even sooner. vice president joe biden was in alexandria talking with first responders from across the nation. he said president obama's $450 -- $450 billion jobs plan will save their jobs, the jobs of police and firefighters. it has taken more than two months but police are now connecting the dots, tieing together some especially nasty acts of vandalism, and now they believe the same person or people did all of it. it started in mid-july.
5:37 pm
three separate nights all in montgomery county. tires slashed and some cars covered in graffiti so graphic we can't even show it to you. more vicious graffiti at herbert hoover and north bethesda middle schools. a solid tip could be worth a reward of $1,000. still ahead, the redskins get some intel on this sunday's opponent. find out how a player's wife is involved in scouting the rams. next, letters of hope. children in virginia writing to those hit hard by last month's earthquake. and we are always on at
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a live look at inspectors at the top of the washington monument checking out the damage. you can see them getting lower and lower. earlier today the team rappeling down the side pulled off two chunks of marble, each about the size of a dictionary. those were a lot bigger than what they expected. >> at the epicenter of the quake, life is nowhere near back to normal. >> especially in the schools of luisa county. schools are even holding classes on saturdays. >> students from the neighboring county became pen pals and they sent handwritten notes, just saying hi, along with new school supplies. >> the messages were simply that of caring, that we're thinking about them, kind of our version of a group hug. >> it means a lot to get something from somebody who,
5:41 pm
you know, does my job, just a different location, and they understand the challenges, or they have an idea of what the challenges are like. adding to the challenges, schools in luisa county are using dozens of trailers for make-shift classrooms. extreme makeover frederick maryland style. a brand-new look for an old restaurant. >> coming up, the canal bar and grill gets that look. find out how you can join the celebration. hey, top. >> got some sunshine. we did not get a break, however, on the pollen count. we'll come back and talk about if the dry air is going to lower the mold spore count and look ahead to what's going to be a blustery weekend. up next, a consumer alert. a disappointing review for one model of a popular suv. and learn why consumer reports isn't a fan of the new hyundai sonata hybrid.
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suv's are less of a danger to cars in crashes. that's the latest finding of a new study by the institute for highway safety. the insurance institute for highway safety, i should say. the nonprofit compared crashes over an eight-year period and deaths from those crashes went down. the study credits improved crash protection and cars and minivans and redesigned front ends on suv's. but the study still says small cars will fair worse in a crash with a larger, heavier vehicle. although the economy is stagnant, hyundai cars have been selling pretty well. several models have received top ratings from consumer reports. but in its latest test the sonata hybrid scores nowhere near its fuel powered name sake. the gas-powered hyundai sonata has responsive handling and delivers a comfortable ride. it earned top scores in consumer reports tests. but the sonata hybrid is a
5:46 pm
different story. braking distances are considerably longer. and it doesn't do as well in emergency handling. >> the hybrid's low rolling resistance tires help improve fuel economy but don't provide as much grip. >> 33 miles per hour is the fuel economy versus 27 for the regular sonata, but the hybrid doesn't transition smoothly between gas and electric power. >> the sonata hybrid is a disappointment, but it's also an exception. overall we've seen real improvement with new hyundais. they generally perform well and provide good value for the money knew. the hyundai elantra is the top rated small car. it had nimble handling and a good ride. and the genesis is the top rated upscale is he dan. it provides most of the benefits of a luxury car for $10,000 less than its
5:47 pm
competitors. auto experts say there's another benefit to owning one of those top rated hyundais. the manufacturer has one of the longest war ran he tees and covers the repair or replacement of many parts for either 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. >> i remember when you used to say, yugo and hyundai in the same breath, and now hyundai is big time, and what's yugo? >> yugo is gone. we had a high in the upper 70s. >> very nice. >> you were really high the other night. >> i'm actually the fifth member of that elite team. >> there he is. >> thanks to some studio magic. they say awesome, top. >> a little caulking, some duct tape, it worked out okay. there were some big cracks. i fixed a couple of them.
5:48 pm
i'm a little further down than the elite team. >> the difficult access team. >> this is the shot i love. i don't know how you guys got that. >> i'm dangling, let's put that it way. not dangerously high. >> a little bit off the ground. >> now we're looking at that time live picture. >> this is the real deal. >> i'm not going to do. that. >> they don't seem to be dangling so much. they're kind of work. >> someone told me, these guys, they had to get like a 500 foot rope. you tonight want to tie two ropes together. who knew they made 500 foot ropes. upper 70s across the board, low 70s in the burbs, 72 in frederick, 73 leesburg, 77 down in fredericksburg. for the most part we're going to see he a repeat performance of these temperatures tomorrow before the big change comes in. more showers in the great lakes. you think we've had a bad two weeks? they had an awful two-week stretch of weather. this is actually going to be the next system to replace the
5:49 pm
storm that stalled for ten days. now we have this storm that's going to roll through the northeast. that's going to usher in the coldest air of the season for us. right now we have just partly cloudy skies, no showers, a couple sprinkles earlier. they are now pushing north. so we're looking at a big pattern change. tonight breezy and cooler. friday, dry commutes both going and coming home from work. friday windy and still warm, then the weekend, breezy and down right chilly. for tonight, we'll say partly to mostly clily, lows 54 to 64 downtown, winds southwest at 10 to 15. so if you're inside the beltway tonight we're talking low to mid-60s. in the 50s in the bush, 59 in bowie, 57 in fairfax. tomorrow morning, partly sunny, breezy and cool. dust off the sunglasses. 50s and 60s, winds southwest 10 to 15. by afternoon some clouds will return. partly sunny, windy but warm, dry for high school football.
5:50 pm
highs 75 to 79. next seven days, we're looking at showers possible or sprinkles possible saturday and sunday. highs will struggle to get to 60 both saturday and sunday. we could see some wet snowflakes west of the divide saturday night near garrett county, mineral county. we do see a warming trend next week, because to the 70s on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. coming your way, weeks after our storms and problems with downed trees, a viewer contacts us and we get some action for them. but up next, meet the spy girls. there was some serious cloak and dagger action in world war ii, and now decades later they are sharing their story with us.
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[ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing,
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aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ when they were in their 20s they thought germans, japanese, and prejudice against women -- they fought germans, and prejudice. >> now their fight is with heart disease and reporters who want them to spill the beans. our gary nurenberg got what he could from the spy girls. >> reporter: at 19, doris was pretty, and pretty tough. >> i felt like it was my war, too. >> reporter: at 88, she still
5:54 pm
is. >> all the guys were going and getting shot up and everything, and i wanted to do. that. >> reporter: at 25, betty mcintosh was pretty and pretty tough. >> i had a .3 2, and i would crawl through the sand. >> reporter: at 96, she still. >> if i had a gun, maybe i would have shot him. >> reporter: they both worked during world war ii for the cia. >> not bragging. >> reporter: but there is much to brag about. >> i went to italy. >> reporter: an expert in aerial surveillance targeting -- >> see that? that's an oil tank. >> reporter: and damage assessment after a bombing raid. >> what they hit what they didn't hit, did we get the bridge today. that we followed every train. >> reporter: to concentration camps. >> we knew that trains were going into these places. we didn't know exactly what they were doing there.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: betty was in hawaii on december 7th. >> the ship turned over up side down and all those men were in there. >> reporter: months later, undercover, she slipped a piece of coal to a man about to board a coal-powered he boat. >> this piece of coal had dynamite in it. it exploded with all of the soldiers in it. >> reporter: in burma -- >> the japanese soldier would never surrender, because if he, did he would be disloyal. sonchts a japanese courier was killed. >> it worked. >> reporter: par tie sen women wearing ammunition belts inspired doris to get even with co workers who dismissed her as a girl. she took a fake grenade to lunch and pulled the pin. >> i sat it down in front of them, and they went out the windows and doors. i'm sitting there laughing my head o. >> reporter: they both ended up
5:56 pm
in the cia, but that's about all will you get. >> reporter: what did you do for them? >> i'm afraid i can't talk about it. >> reporter: the 96-year-old woman still flies the flag that i know expired the girl she still is. i'm so proud of it. i just want it to be there. it's sad for everybody i've known, worked with loved, and it's part of my life. >> reporter: the only stories more interesting than the stories they tell, are the stories that they won't. gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> i wish we could hear those, gary, but that was a great one. betty mcintosh has written two books and was editor in chief of the osi journal until last year when she quit. doris did ground breaking work and got the photos to prove that germany had jet war planes in world war ii. anita. we all know d.c. is the nation's capitol. better know that. but you could argue it's also
5:57 pm
the international capitol of the united states. according to new data from the census 17.3% of people in montgomery county are not 0 u.s. citizens. that is the highest in our area. alexandria topped the list with just over 16% of the population there that are not american citizens. both are more than double the national average of 7.3%. in all, seven counties in our area and the district topped the national average. despite their heartbreaking loss to dallas on monday night, the redskins have good reason to be optimistic about their defense. sports director brett haber is here to tell us why. >> lesli, the redskins appeared to have the most dominant young safety tandem in the league two years ago. laron landry on one side, sean taylor on the other. sadly that tandem only got to play together for three months as landry was drafted and taylor was tragically killed just three months later. in the four seasons since then the redskins have been searching for safeties to fill that void, searching with only limited success, but as kristin
5:58 pm
reports tonight, that search may now be over. >> reporter: redskins safeties seem to be settling in just fine. as this one gets ready to face his former team in st. louis, he knows there's more work to be done. >> i feel like i'm getting comfortable in the system, comfortable with the players around me. as we continue to grow as a defense, i know my play will excel. >> reporter: he and the defense got a big boost monday night with the return of laron landry. >> we don't have any other players like him on our team. he's our most dynamic football player. >> reporter: the two safeties formed a tight bond while injured during training camp but had yet to showcase it on the field. >> the chemistry was there. we thought, okay, you know, the practices we had together, we went out there and communicated well. the more repetition, the better we're going to get. >> reporter: they couldn't be more different in terms of personality. you've got calm o.j.
5:59 pm
and high-strung laron. but it's that combination that makes them a dangerous duo. >> you've got laron and oj at the same time. as they get more time on the grass they're going to get more comfortable together, and as a whole we'll be a lot better. >> reporter: another good test sunday against a st. louis team hungry for their first win. >> kristin, thanks for that. coming up at 6:00, did you stay up to see the end of the baseball season last night? if you're a red sox fan, you wish you hadn't. the ridiculous, too bizarre for hollywood ending coming up in 30 minutes. >> a lot of people sad about tending. thanks, brett j. an historic watering hole. frederick's good time since 1948. 1948 was a long time ago so a restaurant makeover of sorts made a lot of sense. a renovated interior with hoys cal photos from


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