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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 30, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: cbs would like to apologize for my suggestive banter that was on the show tonight. in no way did we wish to upset
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. this is 9news now. >> road block. a plan that would have helped a neighborhood from flooding. >> scott said he was ready to clear out the mobile home park
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for free but red tape is keeping them from happening. >> reporter: it was almost three weeks ago that family living at the holly acre mobile home park had their entire lives washed out. many volunteers came forward to help. now one do gooders efforts are being denied. talk to us a little bit about the plan. you're a contractor yourself. as we continue to watch the images, talk to me about what you were planning to do. >> our initial efforts were to go in there with a group of 25 volunteers and sift through the remains of everybody's home. find pictures, personal items, memorable silverware, family heirlooms and save them. put them into a trailer and then let the families know what we were able to recover. >> reporter: you were going to clean it up. what happened next? why can't you go forward? >> we went through all of the necessary protocols with the owner of the park and everything. got all of the waivers signed. and when i went to the county to get a permit, they said that they couldn't issue one because
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i was not a designated class c builder. >> reporter: right. >> or class c heavy highway contractor. >> reporter: important to point out here some of the things that you were looking to salvage may no longer be there in the next coming days. why is that? >> i visited the park four times since my initial visit and i noticed more and more people there every day loading their trucks, loading trailers full of stuff. and i spoke with one the other day and he said he was taking it to the scrap yard. he was one of the residents. his wife was staying with friends, his daughter was staying with relatives and he was staying with relatives. >> reporter: quickly here, what would you like to happen now? what would you like prince williams county to do. should they give you leeway and allow you to go about your work. >> i'm not asking for my leeway. i'm asking for leeway for the situation at home to allow these families to be -- make some gain out of this devastation. >> reporter: sounds good. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> anita. >> thank you so much, ken. in the meantime, a family on
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pins and needles as they await answers surrounding the death of their son. army sergeant patrick casey died tuesday after lying in a coma for four days. on friday, casey was at a mcdonald's in northwest when his friends -- with his friends when three men started a fight with all of them. now, they say casey tried to break it up when one of the men punched him knocking him unconscious to the ground. today police showed surveillance video to some of the witnesses hoping that will lead to an arrest. >> pat's friend that these guys you could tell by the look in their eyes that they were out looking for trouble. since the videotape existed at the time of the incident, it seems like it's taken awhile for it to get to that point. >> casey did a tour of duty in afghan tan before coming to dc -- afghanistan before coming to dc to work on his graduate degree. he was the oldest child and a beloved brother of who older siblings. tonight a lot of angry and disgusting tweeting out there from people that would like to
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slice and dice as the newspaper called the onion. you see the paper sent out a tweet today describing screens and gunfire in the capitol building and at first the onion gave no sign that they were just kidding. that only became clear after further tweets and stories linked to them and u.s. capitol police were not amused and neither are the folks peeling a part the onion for what they consider all of the poor taste. and nonsense like that could diminish the impact of real threats. like the guy accused of plotting an airplane bomb attack on washington. they describe the attack as serious and the attacker highly determined. the massachusetts man was indicted for plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol and the pentagon. the 26-year-old grew up in a boston neighborhood where his anti-american leanings may have emerged as herly as high school. he refused to face the american flag and later on they suspected
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he burned a flag at school. >> he stood for the cause big time. i think he's al qaeda. wanted to try in afghanistan. >> federal agents say he bought a small aircraft, about like that one, and planned to buy others, fill them with explosives and then use a remote control to fly them into the capitol and the pentagon. but they caution he never had sole control of any explosives or weapons and the fbi was watching him very closely over the last year. herman cane who is african-american says many black voters think the republican party is poisoned because they have been brain washed into not being open minded. gary nurenberg has this story. >> herman cane in 2012. >> reporter: after his surprise win in last week's federal poll, herman cane has seen his numbers grown. a third now behind mitt romney and rick perry.
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but can an african-american republican realistically expect support from african-american voters? 96% of whom volted for barack obama in -- voted for barack obama in 2008. >> why is the republican party basically poisoned for so many african-americans? >> because many african-americans have been brain washed into not being open minded. >> mr. cane knows better than that. african-americans are no more brain watched than any other constituency in america. >> reporter: anita bonds chairs the district of columbia democratic party. >> the republican party is the party of the rich. i mean, let's face it, look at what they're saying about the economy. cut first and then we'll talk about human misery. human misery doesn't go away as the republicans would have us to believe. >> reporter: an argument that doesn't carry much weight with armstrong williams. >> the government does not owe you a living. the government does not owe you health care. >> reporter:
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williams says there is an argument to be made against president obama. unemployment, for example. >> the slight of american blacks under his leadership has worsened. >> reporter: but republicans chasing black voters. >> it's an important investment. why spend all of the money and you have very little on the return. many american blacks in this country have their allegiance to race. they have sol tarity. and they'll feel a betrayal to themselves not to vote for him. >> reporter: racial politics is always a mind fill with broad generalities but in the end it comes down to vote. you have to ask this real poll tick question. how do you convince voters to vote for you after you've told them they're brain washed. anita. >> gary, thank you. now, how could anyone in their right mind throw a child to her death? that was the focus of today's murder trial against carmela dela rosa.
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she was legally insane when she threw her granddaughter. today several doctors and psychologists were on stand. the doctors all testified that they had diagnose dela rosa with psychology problems. they believe she was motivated by anger at her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. as if he almost vanished into thin air. tonight alexandria police are hoping some new photographs will help them find missing community activist lenny harris. harris disappeared last wednesday night and just hours later whomever was in that van tried to use his credit card at an atm in prince george's county. they also say the van is a white dodge caravan. no front tag. multiple people inside. and police are still trying to find out who this man is. they say he was trying to use harris's credit card at a king
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street atm at 1:00 a.m. last tuesday. we heard the saying no such thing as a free lunch. apparently that goes for dinner too. >> it seems ward eight residents hoping for free turkeys are going to have to earn them. matt jablow explains. >> reporter: the turkey give away at the 8th ward is a tradition. if you needed a turkey, you got one. no questions asked. >> here you are. >> reporter: now that's about to change. >> we give a hand up, not a hand out? in order to get more residents involved in the community, this year councilman barry is requiring them to do two things. those with school age children have to attend every parent teacher conference and every pta meeting in october and november while people without kids, except senior citizens, have to go to three community meetings. >> people are not willing to come out and participate they can't get the benefits. >> reporter: the changes to the
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turkey give away have so far received an overwhelmly positive response. >> i think it's a different strategy. >> reporter: and ward eight residents he spoke to tonight said he thought for the most part it was a very good idea. >> you go to these meetings and you see the same people there. and if you have kids in the system, you want to encourage them some way to get involved in their local pta. so if this is a way to get it done, i like it. >> reporter: councilman barry says he's expes to give away 4,000 turkeys this way. the give away will be held on tuesday, november 22nd at the union temple church. derek. >> thanks, matt. caught on tape, a fire in maybe the very last place you would want one. an ambulance. yes. that caught me by surprise too. the explosion, probably an oxygen tank bursting. this private ambulance caught fire yesterday along rhode island avenue in maryland. fortunately, though, nobody hurt. no word yet on how the fire
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exactly started in the ambulance. topper. >> all right. i'm firmly planted on the weather terrace. we'll come back and show you how we did the repelling down the monument. grab a jacket in the morning and sunglasses. mid 50s-60s at 5:00 and at 7:00 upper 50s and 60s. we'll come back. big, big changes for the weekend. still ahead tonight. >> i'm going to exercise out of the question. >> women spend hours under these things to get their hair just right. so why mess it up at the gym? why some choose their hair over their health. that's coming up.
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back on 9 news now with a question. was the good doctor trying to hide the incriminating evidence. we're talking about the doctor accused of keling michael jackson. -- killing michael jackson. at his trial today, some of the most damning evidence.
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on the stand the security car described the scene as jackson lay unresponsive on the bed. he said that murray told him to hide jackson's medication before calling 911. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials. and then he reached over and said put them in the bag. >> they described the drug that ended up killing jackson. murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter for overloading jackson with the drug. defense attorneys say jackson himself administered the drugs that killed him. it is a tough economy. we know that. and families have to make every dollar count. it looks like the first family does too. under the baseball cap behind the sunglasses, that is michelle obama shopping at the target store in alexandria. apparently not too many people recognized her there. we're told the press photographer who snapped these pictures had been tipped off. and even the secret service
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agents were dressed casually for the visit. the historic lincoln theater is uncertain tonight. the theater says it cannot stay open without support from the city. and when we say support, we're talking about a half a million dollars. the theater board says it doesn't have the funds to pay for operating costs. they've already appealed to dc mayor vincent gray to provide funding from the city's surplus tax revenue. the u.s. surgeon general raised some eyebrows recently when she suggested that one of the reasons some women don't exercise more is that sweating in the gym can sweat out your hair. this resig nated with a lot of african-american women in particular who will tell you their hair is not always wash and wear. then again, as you'll see, it is all about your priorities. your hair or your health. >> this is like the best hair wash in town. >> reporter: mimi johnson goes to the beauty shop like some people work out.
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religiously. >> i'm thinking about doing something curly today. >> reporter: and even when she doesn't feel like it. >> the difference is when i leave here, i look cute. when i leave the gym, i look a hot mess. >> reporter: so she just doesn't go to the gym where an hour of sweat takes an ugly toll on her beloved curls. >> when i exercise, my hair gets just as wet as when i was in the bowl. it will take me probably at least an hour to get it halfway decent. >> you could go to some easy natural hair style. >> just not her style. even though her doctor warns. >> he told me i was at risk to become a diabetic. >> reporter: mimi says she is 40 something admits that was pretty scary. >> i'm not a vane person. but when it comes to my hair. >> hey. >> reporter: whatever you think about her priority, she certainly is not unique among women, particularly black women.
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according to one study, one-third of african-american women surveyed cited concerns about hair for not working out as much as they ought to. but adrian sellers is not one of those women. >> i'm 51 and i would like to live 51 more years. >> reporter: she is all about the exercise. at least three times a week. and for women like mimi, she offers this. >> they need to do what i do. braid your hair and wear the wig. if i feel really, really cute, i wear one with colors in them. because i have several. and i like to switch up. that's another reason that i do wear them. >> reporter: after all, good looking hair is only a part of looking good. >> if your hair is looking fabulous and your body is falling apart, what's the point? >> reporter: yes. what is the point. now, to be fair. mimi says she does watch what she eats and she does do some exercise. walking as long as it's not too humid for her curls. >> i've heard this from a lot of
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women. and not just black women. if they've spent the money and they go week to week to have it all done, they don't want to mess it up. >> absolutely. and it's not just black women that deal with this. but the fact is because of the chemicals and the styling and the things that black women go through for their hair, as they say, it's not wash and wear. you heard mimi say it can take her an hour to get her hair ready. and look what a dree yin goes through a -- adrian goes through. she is willing to pay the price. >> it's not easy. >> thanks, derek. last night we decided to use a little tv magic and put topper shutt on top of the washington monument. >> we got a lot of response from viewers and facebook fan. many of those that thought it was real. [ laughing ] >> i like that. >> so tonight what we decided to show you what it took to have it all come together. take a look. >> well, you ask and here is how we did it. yes, i was actually suspended last night. these two gentleman tom and scott are holding me. they said they are.
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i think they are. i'm actually able to bounce off the green screen. this is what i do every night with the weather map. but this is the biggest wall we have. so this was a better wall to do it on. it always stays green. electronically you put video, or in my case every night. weather maps behind me. and you can pull up some pretty cool things. as you add the right video, it looks like i'm on the monument and you can make me small and then make me bigger and that's how it appears i was on the top and then on the pyramid will. so you all -- peer middle. you all asked. that's how we did it. >> that is cool. >> i always knew you had magical powers. [ laughing ] >> i like to think it. all right. we are looking at another very warm day tomorrow. but it's going to kind of signal some of the changes with clouds in the afternoon. big time changes over the weekend. let's start with the weather maps. and here is what we're going to talk about. here is the satellite picture.
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and scott, you can go ahead and take the effect out. i have another green screen over here. some people think i'm kind of crazy because i talk through a green screen every day. all right. that's the least of my problems. put it back in. [ laughing ] >> it really is. showers will get very close to garrett county late tonight and tomorrow morning. the showers, however, will stay in the mountains as the next system goes through. the clouds, however, will not. dry commutes to and from work. that is good news. get your sunglasses. breezy and still warm tomorrow. and then much colder. i did pick the word colder for saturday and sunday. ift going to be more like -- it's going to be more like early november weather. tomorrow morning lots of sunshine. some clouds beginning to infiltrate northern and western sections. we go through the morning. clouds kind of thicken. these are high clouds. notice no green blobs so no showers with these. all of the showers stay out west of the divide. but the clouds will thicken up a little bit towards evening. and towards late evening, 10:00,
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this time tomorrow, some showers are possible in southern maryland and across the bay. then the clouds go away and then the clouds come back with showers on saturday. it's all light. but this is why we're not so optimistic about saturday at all. the little league games will be played. it will be raining hard enough to watch them out. tonight breezy and cooler. 54 to about 64. winds southwest 10-15. by morning mostly sunny early. high clouds will come in late. breezy and cool. dust off the sunglasses. 50s and 60s and winds southwest at about 10-15. by afternoon, increasing cloudiness. windy and still warm. it will stay dry for high school football. most of the football games generally in the 60s. but low 60s by the time the games end. so highs tomorrow enjoy. 78 in arlington. 76 in rockville. 77 in college park and 76 in reston and also into fairfax. so we will break it down for you. tomorrow morning 54-64. just a few clouds. by lunch time, the clouds coming
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in. 70s. and then by evening, some clouds lingering. 75-79 but still dry. next seven days, we added showers for sunday. i don't think they'll be as numerous as saturday. we'll see you there at fall for fairfax. and then nice weather next week. temperatures go back in the mid 60s on sunday and we propel ourselves back into the 70s on wednesday, thursday and friday. >> good stuff to look forward to. >> good deal. i'm looking forward to sunday, because the redskins better beat the rams. >> yes. the rams are not good. 3-1 we still feel good about the skins. 2-2 we start to get a little shaky. >> like last year. >> cowboys are one thing. the rams definitely another. the skins trying to avoid what seems like their annual loss to some bad opponent. plus this skin's rookie getting recognized. that is not a skin's rookie. the guy that stripped the ball is got recognized today. and take two o ñññ
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for all the praise and support the redskins got for starting 2-1, watch how the praise goes if they lose. those will be the 0-3 rams to be more specific. they allowed 32 points per game. they do have a talented yungs quarterback. on -- young quarterback. the rams have been dreadful this year. a team the redskins must beat if they want to be taken seriously. >> you want to fight something and not lose. we're looking forward to it. >> they're a good team. they're an nfl team. they're off to a little bit of a slow start. but if we don't show up and play, they'll definitely beat us. >> meanwhile high honors for skins linebacker today. 13 tackles, two sacs, a forced fumble in the first three games. it's hard to do the sports when
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you're full of bris kits. if he succeeds and adds those pieces to zimmerman and strasburg and harper, the 2012 could be scary. this year's team had 80 wins. but the thing that is encouraging since mike rizzo took over is the trajectory. take a look at this. two years ago 59 wins among the feeders in the league. last year 59 wins. this year 80 wins. third place in the east. if they keep improving by ten victories a year, we're getting close to the playoffs. dc united playing tonight. they need to make a run. this didn't help. look at farfan. left boots it into the onion bag. union beats united 3-2.
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now 6th in the east. time to reveal your dc high school sports. blare up in silver spring. the blazers still looking for their first game. that's the team that will lead the coverage tomorrow. finally here is the pr event. these ladies are doing a demo for a shoe in sole you can put them in high heels and run on a treadmill or. >> oh. >> not. these things are called the jacks. that's what the in sole is called. it's fitting because she got jacked up. >> jacked up. >>. [ laughing ] >> trying to steal that from the cnn


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