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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bring out the sunglasses. here is a look at your day planner. temperatures in the mid 60s by 9:00. it feels cool out there. drier air, lower humidity by noon, 73. we've got clouds moving in by 5:00. temperatures around 37. here is your satellite and radar. upper level low still spinning. we don't really see unsettled weather for us today. maybe though for tomorrow. for the most part, you can probably leave your umbrella at home. temperatures around 63 in downtown. mid-50s in leesburg. 58 degrees in hagerstown. highs for today, mid-70s in downtown. 75 in fredericksburg. 70 in winchester and so we talked about today being nice. breezy but still warm. upper 70s now. on saturday, big changes. 60 degrees. chilly through the weekend. a chance for some light showers or maybe a sprinkle. definitely, you want to bring out the umbrella for the weekend. most little league games should be fine. they'll still be played. you'll definitely need a good blanket or a good sweater to
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keep you warm. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. it is friday. that means traffic still pretty light out there getting a late start this morning. should be ok. here's what it looks like on the beltway. we'll zoom in all the way to 66. you see the yellow cars because of a bit of construction. otherwise, things are looking fine on 66. here's what it looks like live out of centreville as you head toward route 50, 123 and nutley. you'll be ok. back to the maps and this time zooming in south of town on 95 coming out of richmond, fredericksburg, all the way up the line to springfield. you're ok on 95. we'll take a live look at 395 at washington boulevard. not too bad for the 14th street bridge and into downtown. metro, vre and marc, everything starting off on time this morning. in my next report, we'll look into the district at 5:10. andrea and mike? as we bid good-bye to this month, there are new laws taking effect in maryland in less than 24 hours. >> if you've been in the gray
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area when it comes to text and driving, a lot of the loopholes are now being closed. surae chinn is live in silver spring probably with a cell phone in hand. good morning. >> i do have my cell phone. good morning to both of you. yeah, no gray areas with this law in place. starting at midnight. starting tomorrow. so, listen up, maryland. cracking down on texting while driving. not just texting while driving, it is while texting while you're stopped at a light. we have lon anderson to talk about the loopholes that have been closed because this is a really tough law on texting. >> it really is. but to maryland legislature's credit, they've passed a law that really closes the loophole. so, what this means, starting tomorrow, if you're driving in maryland and you're reading or playing with your blackberry or you're texting on your smart phone, whatever, police are going to be looking for you. there's no more ambivalence in the law. the language that was put in
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makes it very clear. reading or writing, texting, you know, e-mailing, while you're driving is illegal and it should be. i mean you really have to understand how dangerous this is. >> basically, before the initial law was you can't text and you can't send. now, you cannot read or receive even at a stoplight. >> well, that's right. but only attorneys would have been confused by the original law. oh, texting that, means sending. that doesn't mean reading. well, come on. anyway, now there's no ambivalence. no matter what you're doing with your blackberry behind the wheel, it is illegal or your cell phone. don't do it. >> reporter: it also becomes a primary offense. >> absolutely. so, if the police see you doing it, they pull you over, they picture you. that's great news bus that will make maryland's roads safer. important law. >> really quickly, there are a couple of other laws you wanted to talk about when it comes to driving. the manslaughter is also tightened up and also another law. talk about that.
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>> absolutely. drunk driving, they've got a law that's going to increase requirements for interlock devices. that's very good, too. they're estimating another 5,000 marylanders will have to use interlock devices if they're caught drinking and driving. that's helping to get drunk drivers off the road which makes us all safer. lastly, maryland has had a tough standard to prove vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide. they've changed those requirements and it will be easier to convict people who are driving outrageously on the road and kill somebody. now instead of getting a traffic ticket for that, they're probably going to have to do time. that's fair. >> reporter: thank you, lon anderson with aaa. always a great spokesperson for safe driving. so, remember the texting law has tightened up. beware starting tonight in maryland. back to you. thank you, surae. good advice. no wishy-washy now. you know what you have to do.
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alexandria police are hoping new photos will help them find a missing community activist lennie harris. harris disappeared nine days ago last wednesday night. just hours later, police say whoever was in this man, tried to use harris' atm card. the van is a white dodge caravan with no front tags and there are several people inside. police are trying to figure out who the man is. he was attempting again to use harris' credit card at the king street atm at 1:00 a.m. last thursday. an effort is underway to help two stafford county virginia families forced out of their homes by a huge sinkhole. the sinkhole could actually swallow up two homes on brush everett court the next time it starts to expand. inspectors have deemed the homes uninhabitable. the families have to stay elsewhere. what's even worse is the insurance is refusing to pay for any of this. >> i asked the question that if the home in the next week falls
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into the -- just like everything else has fallen into the hole does that mean there is no coverage and the answer is that's correct, there is no coverage on that. is there some liability that we can focus at the developer? >> the homeowners say they now know of two previous incident where is small sinkholes formed and the developer filled them in. charities are collecting money to help out the two families. >> the engineers inspecting the washington monument found problems near the top. they removed a couple of chunks of marble loosened by last month's earthquake. each chunk is the size of a dictionary, weighing about ten pounds. the inspection team plans to spend a few more days going stone by stone checking for anymore earthquake damage. it is 5:05. time for another "your money" report. >> facebook has been making big changes. jessica doyle walks you through them. >> number one, this ticker over
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here. it is isn't revealing anything new but it is probably telling your friends things they wouldn't have seen otherwise and it isn't reviewing anything that isn't public. number two, any post that you make on a public fan page shows up here. that's because fan pages are public to everyone. number three, check the security level of a post before you comment on it. you can just click that little icon under the item. something tricky for number four. your own activity doesn't show up in this ticker. you might not realize what everyone else is seeing. now, facebook is going to assume you know what you're doing. now, on to that new time line feature, the really big part of facebook makeover. >> the heart of your facebook experience completely rethought from the ground up. >> number five is that time line. it isn't available for everyone yet but you can try to enable it now. if you google the instructions on how to do it. number six, once you enable
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time line, you'll have time to clean it up. our partners at "usa today" say you might be surprised about what information pops up. the number seven thing to know, any post that shows up on your time line can be hidden, deleted or changed so only some of your friends can see it. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is praising the apps to share with your friends what articles you read and what music you're listening to on sites like spotfy. >> your radio stations, the albums you listen to and you get this nice, big story of what it is going to look like. >> number eight, a lot of the apps will ask you your privacy settings once and never again. so, it gets tricky to remember which one is sharing things you might not want to share. finally, number nine, an awkward one. if you defriend someone who subscribes to what you post, they'll still see the posts. you'll have to block them to completely get rid of them. jessica doyle, 9news now.
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ok. it has been a month since hurricane irene caused all of that damage. >> but despite a massive repair effort, it appears that storm will cost new england millions in tourist dollars. more on that story next. >> ahead in sports, why the redskins are expected to win sunday's game, despite facing a strong, young quarterback. we'll be back.
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dust off the sun glass. you'll need them as you're heading into work. lots of sunshine. we're not too concerned about fog this morning. it is also cooler out there. here is a look at your day planner. sunny start to this day. we see maybe some clouds moving
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in this afternoon. but not a lot of moisture with this cold front moving through. so, i don't really expect any showers for today but this weekend, might be cooler. here's a look at your traffic with monika. good morning. >> good morning, anny. >> we'll take a live look on eastern avenue at kenilworth avenue. coming out of prince george's county, bladensburg, landover and that entire area, everything is fine heading in toward the district. i'll have more on district roads coming up in my next report. mike, back to you. thanks, monika. we have more now on the breaking news we've been following. u.s. born terror mastermind anwar al-awlaki has been killed. this is according to yemeni defense ministry. >> the 40-year-old radical islamic preacher who was born in new mexico was linked to the 2009 christmas underwear bomber plot. also linked to the failed times square bomb in may last year and the 2009 fort hood army base shooting which left 13 people dead. the u.s. has had alky on a kill or capture list.
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we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. ok, we're making -- here's what's making news at 5:12. police in california are trying to close in on a suspected killer. someone fired at officers combing through a redwood forest. no officers were hit. they're looking for 35-year-old aaron bassler who is suspected of killing a constitute count sillman and one other person. >> there are no plans to recall the u.s. ambassador from syria. bashar assad pelted the convoy with rocks, tomatoes and eggs on thursday. ambassador ford and his staff weren't injured but several embassy vehicles were badly damaged. it could be a rough tourist season this year in vermont and surrounding states. they usually pore in to see the changing colors but visitors aren't coming as much as they used to the small towns along route 100 which was temporarily cut off after hurricane irene. some of the roads have been
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repaired but concerns about the damage still seem to be keeping visitors away now. the beginning of october is going to feel a lot like late fall. anny hong will join us with details in the seven-day forecast at 5:14. at 5:31, perhaps one of the nonpresidential candidates is ready to change his mind about running. >> ahead at 5:49, cool schools goes weightless. zero gravity. wait until you see this! targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch.
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only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. 5:16. it is friday. we're happy to say that. happy to welcome anny hong here who is in for howard. we'll be at fall for fairfax tomorrow and fall is definitely going to be in the air. >> it will feel like fall if not maybe like a hint of winter in the sense it is going to really feel cold for a lot of us. not used to the 60s. bring out the sweaters, the boots. cute leather boots. >> there is one report of possible dusting of snow this weekend in western north carolina. so, we're doing fine. >> well, west of the divide in the highest peaks might see some dust -- a few flakes falling this weekend. it will definitely see the changes of pretty much
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everywhere you go this weekend. here is a look at your forecast. we start with a bus stop forecast as kids are getting ready for school. it will feel cooler this morning. also, the humidity has decreased. mostly sunny start. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. for the rest of today, lots of sunshine. we do see some clouds moving in. high clouds late this afternoon. temperatures will be topping out in the mid to upper 70s late this afternoon. here's a look at the satellite radar picture. we got another front coming through. we can see losing strength as far as precipitation is concerned. not expecting unsettled weather for much of today. bring out the sunglasses for the morning commute. you can see on doppler radar, we're seeing clear skies out there. it will be a nice, sunny start. coastal flood advisory also in effect has been extended until saturday 2:00 a.m. we're concerned about some minor flooding for the low- lying areas because tides being about one to two feet above normal. all right, so, dry commutes for your morning and evening. you'll need your sunglasses, especially this morning.
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breezy today. but still warm. then this weekend, big changes come this way. much colder. currently, it is 59 degrees in arlington. college park, good morning to you. 55 degrees. sterling, 56 degrees. centreville, good morning to you at 57. here is a look at the current conditions at reagan national. 63 degrees. clear skies out there. fog not a major concern today. we have southwest winds at 8 miles per hour. dew points 58. yep, it feels a lot -- you can feel the drier air that's moved in. here is a look at the future cast. the clouds moving in this afternoon, sunshine earlier today. showers way out to the east. out toward the bay and delmarva. really after midnight tonight. potentially. then tomorrow, we could see some light showers and maybe a sprinkle or two. this looks scary but we're talking really light amounts for the weekend. and then probably we'll stay mostly cloudy for saturday. i don't expect the little league games impacted. highs mid-70s for downtown.
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leesburg, 72 degrees. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. talking about temperatures cooling down to the 60s for saturday and sunday. come and say hi to us at four for fairfax. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we're starting off nice and light this morning. no big issues to report at least so far. if you're headed out the door, that's good news for you. here's what it looks like on the beltway. we'll zoom in this time into the district. no problems on 295, route four, route five. this is pennsylvania avenue headed across the sousa bridge into southeast d.c. no problems. let's scootch over to the 14th street bridge. the stretch on 95 from fredericksburg all the way up to springfield on to 395 past landmark and the pentagon, this is what you should expect right now. we'll wind a live look here at the roosevelt bridge headed into downtown. no problems on 66 inside the beltway. remember though if you're on the inner loop at left exit ramp of 66 is now closed. stay right to get on to 66. coming up in my next report, we'll fly the bw parkway at
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5:25. >> will the redskins rebound from their first loss of the season? we preview sunday's game coming up. >> a public relations person is doing a figurative face plant after their running in high heels on a treadmill event didn't go so well. before we take a break, it is time to look at the question of the morning. >> ouch! >> what's the number one trait we inherit from our parents? what do you think? >> here's a response posted on the page from debra davis cook. a, in my family, all of the women stand their ground, fight to the end and always have the last word. >> log on to our page and leave your responses and we'll reveal the answer coming up at 9news now at 6:00 a.m. this morning. [ mom ] hey guys.
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lot of sunshine to start off this day. temperatures in the mid-60s by 9:00. at noon, low to mid-70s. 3:00, 75 degrees. clouds moving in late this afternoon and for this evening for partly to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures at 6:00 in the lower 70s. here is a look at sports with mike and andrea. >> d.c. united slips in its efforts for a run at the post-
5:24 am
season. >> the redskins have what should be an easier task this sunday in the st. louis rams. brett haber has the details in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. for all of the praise and support the redskins got for beating the giants and then the cardinals and starting 2-0, watch how quickly the bandwagon clears out if they post back-to- back losses against the cowboys and the rams. those would be the 0-3 rams, the ones allowing 426 yards and 32 points per game this year. both dead last in the nfc. they do have a talented quarterback, sam bradford but on the whole, the rams have been a mess. a team the redskins must beat if they want to be taken seriously. >> we don't want to fight someone who has nothing to lose. they'll come out swinging. great thing is so are we. >> they're a good team. they're an nfl team. they're off to a little bit of a slow start. if we don't show up and play, they'll beat us. >> high honors for 'skins
5:25 am
linebacker kerrigan named the rookie of the month. 13 tackles, a force fumble and a pick six all in the first three games. >> d.c. united up in philly. six games left needing to make a run to reach the playoffs. this is michael for philly. look at the footwork from him. then deposits the left boot into the onion bag. union beats united. d.c. now sixth in the east. finally, it is a p.r. event that did not go according to the script. these ladies are doing a demo for a shoe insole supposed to be so supportive you can put them in high heels. no, i guess you can't and run on a treadmill. the insoles are called jacks and that's fitting because she got jacked up. don't mean to laugh but i suppose we did that. quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. >> i think her little bum hurts there. ooh, wow! how high were the heels? >> a noncandidate in the presidential race may be changing his mind about running. that story is coming up. >> the video is hysterical.
5:26 am
>> plus, this weekend, maryland is closing some loopholes when it comes on the ban on texting and driving. traffic now, monika? >> mike, thank you so much. we'll fly the bw parkway leaving the airport. everything is fine. coming in on the bw parkway. coming up, we'll take a look at maryland roads at 5:30. you're watching 9news now.
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you don't know what you're missing. welcome back to 9news now. thank you for joining us. good morning, it is friday. welcome back. >> we're so happy it is friday. had a few cups of coffee. serving going just smoothly. >> here's monika samtani. we'll have traffic in just a moment. the lovely anny hong is in for howard. >> good morning, guys. we'll see some sunshine today. especially this morning. take it on, take all you can get because we've got some clouds moving in once again.
5:30 am
boy, some big changes this weekend. here is a look at your forecast for today. we're starting out with lots of sunshine. clouds are moving in this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. one more warm day. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s by later today. here's a look at doppler radar around town, the d.c. metro area, we're looking at clear skies, fog not a big concern. you can see there is a cold front coming through this way but not a whole lot of moisture really left in the atmosphere. i'm not too concerned about showers for today. tomorrow though, different story. currently, temperatures 63 in downtown. 55 in leesburg. it is cooler compared to yesterday. highs though for today. another nice day. mid 70s around downtown. 70 in martinsburg. 68 for hagerstown. enjoy the warmth today. temperatures cooling down to the 60s with a passing shower or sprinkle. here's monika with your traffic. >> thank you so much, anny. good morning, everybody. enjoy the morning because it looks good out there. if you're headed out the door.
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we'll take a look at the beltway. let's zoom in first to 270. no problems here out of gaithersburg. no problems on the icc or route 355. here's what it looks like in clarksburg coming out of frederick, all lanes are open. not too many cars out right now. moving at speed. back out to the beltway, this time let's zoom into the northside of town. outer loop through silver spring out of college park past georgia avenue to 270, you will be ok. we'll take a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. this is always kind of full. no problems here across the potomac river leaving virginia and maryland, you'll be ok. if you're one of those who takes the trains in the morning, metro, vre and marc are all on time. if you can stick around at 5:39, i'll take a look at virginia roads. >> florida is expected to move its presidential primary up to january 31st. >> republicans are trying to move new jersey governor chris christie into changing his mind about running for the nation's
5:32 am
top job. and g.o.p. insiders tell cbs news christie is starting to listen. he may be deciding to get into the race. they say now it is about 50/50. christie spoke at a rally in louisiana for governor bobby jindal yesterday. >> i've had a slow week. i've been very low-key. haven't seen me around at all. >> if you are prepared to go through the level of change, we'll get to a balanced bawjtd pay down the debt. >> newt unveiled his new contract with america hoping it will help his dismal poll numbers. herman cain has jumped to third place after his upset win in a florida straw poll. >> maryland has made it illegal to text and drive but lawmakers discovered some loopholes in their original law. those gaps will be closed with some new laws that take effect tomorrow. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live in silver spring with details. good morning, surae. >> good morning, andrea. we're so distracted these days
5:33 am
with everything. we're fiddling with the radio. we're dealing with the heater in the next couple of days that, will be something we'll be fiddling with. there is, of course, the gps. the last thing we should be doing is holding and touching our phone in any way while we are driving. and that's really what maryland's law is focusing on starting tomorrow. before, you couldn't text and send messages but now, the new law says you can't read or receive the messages and this applies while you're stopped at a light or while you're driving. this now becomes a primary offense. instead traffic violations or police officers looking for something else to pull you over. now, it can be a primary offense and they'll find you. also, some of these numbers that are very disturbing, distracted driving accidents in maryland in 2008, the latest numbers here for the motor vehicle administration. more than 23,000 accidents
5:34 am
because of distracted driving. up 35 of them were killed. more than 11,000 resulted in injuries and you can see the numbers also in "the washington examiner." the new law really focusing on texting while driving or while you're stopped and really, they want to reduce all of those numbers and crashes. so, it is something to keep in mind, the new law starts tomorrow morning. back to you. >> all right, surae, thank you for the update. >> the driver charged in a deadly tour bus crash in virginia is scheduled to be in court later this morning. police say kim chung admitted he fell asleep at the wheel may 31st. the sky express bus crashed on i-95 in caroline county killing four female passengers. chung is set to go on trial in january on four felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. his attorneys have called the crash a tragic accident. marion barry's annual thanksgiving turkey give away is a ward eight tradition. you're probably aware of that. the tradition is about to change. in an effort to get more ward
5:35 am
eight residents involved in the community, councilman barry is requiring people to do one of two things before they get their turkeys this year. people with school age children have to attend every parent teacher conference and every pta meeting in october and november. people without kids except for senior citizens have to go to three community meetings. >> time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica is here with a preview of the day on wall street. friday is here. hopefully going to end on an up side. >> we're hoping to see some green arrows like the color of andrea's blouse, that would be great. so far, we've seen red arrows overseas today. stocks also heading today for the worst quarterly performance in three years. the quarter ends today. investors of course, have been concerned about the debt crisis triggering a global recession. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 11,153, finished the day up 143 points but it was up as much as 260 earlier in the session. gave back a lot of the gains. the nasdaq fell by 11 and the
5:36 am
s&p 500 was up by 9. ok, bank of america customers, listen up. say good-bye to free debit card transactions. b of a plans to start charging customers a $5 monthly debit card fee. customers will only be charged if they use the debit cards to make purchases, not to use the atm. chase and wells fargo have been thinking about this. they've been testing $3 monthly debit card fees. the changes come as banks adjust to new regulations that limit how much they can make from the cards. sometimes you're browsing at target and sometimes you find yourself shopping next to none other than the first lady. that's first lady michelle obama under that baseball hat and sunglasses. the shot was taken at a target store in alexandria. we're told the press photographer snapped a picture. had been tipped off apparently the only person who recognized her was the cash register worker. and the white house is saying
5:37 am
she does this sometimes. go shopping. >> nike could not be happier. >> absolutely. >> i like her sunglasses, too. >> jessica doyle wears the nike hat. >> if you're taking metro this weekend, there are plenty of closures we want to tell you about. that's coming up. >> one county is giving away free treats to residents. find out how you can get one. >> cool schools goes weightless. you can't believe this! whoa!
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good morning, everyone. time is 5:39 on your friday morning. boy, you can feel the drier air. not as humid this morning compared to yesterday. also, a little cooler. here's a look at your day planner for today. lots of sunshine. but some clouds moving in this afternoon. temperatures warming up into
5:40 am
the mid to upper 70s by late this afternoon. right now, it is clear skies. fog not a big concern. temperatures 63 degrees. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. good morning, everybody. we'll fly south on the gw parkway. leaving the beltway past your view of georgetown university. over to the bridges and the airports. everything is fine on the gw parkway. coming up, we'll take a closer look at virginia roads at 5:48. mike, back to you. let's get an update on this morning's breaking news. top government officials in yemen say al-qaeda cleric anwar al-awlaki has been killed in an air strike. the 40-year-old al-awlaki was born in the united states. he's believed to have inspired, plotted and possibly helped coordinate some of the recent attacks on the united states including a failed christmas day 2009 bombing on an airliner headed toward detroit. now, the united states, it is not confirming the death and yemen has previously reported the deaths of terrorists who actually turned out to be alive so we'll continue to follow the
5:41 am
story this morning and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. now, we have a commuter alert from metro riders this weekend. metro is planning a full weekend of track work which is expected to add some time to your commute. beginning at 10:00 tonight, crews will begin work on various sections of the red, blue, orange and green lines. trains on all four lines will be forced to share a single track between certain stops. customers are advised to allow at least 20 minutes of additional travel time. how about a free tree. residents in arlington are getting that offer. arlington county park natural resources division is handing out one free sapling to any resident. groups in condominium and homeowner associations or churches can get five trees. if you're interested, it is best to make a reservation on the county's web site however. a variety of saplings will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the weekend of october 15th and 16th. go to the county nursery which
5:42 am
is at 4200 south four mile run drive. mike pretends he's an astronaut in today's cool schools. that's coming up. >> and speaking of cool schools, biologists figure out that fish are smarter than we thought. >> at 5:42, let's see who's celebrating a birthday this last day of september. nobel peace prize winner is 83. he played greg on the brady bunch. barry williams is 57. fran drescher is 54. jenna elfman is 40. >> oscar winning actress marion cotillard is 36. a special happy birthday to 9news now photographer greg guise! have a great birthday if today is your day.
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it's a new totino's pizza stuffer. [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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5:46 this friday morning. we're saying good-bye to september. hello to october. october, of course, breast cancer awareness month. call your buddies every day. say hi it is also fall for fairfax. anny will be there. i'll be there. topper, delia. peggy. >> it will be fun. >> bring a sweater tomorrow as you're getting ready because you're going to feel the chill in the air. some big changes coming this way. today though, another day of warmth and i think we should be shower-free for your friday. so, enjoy this before the november-like weather comes for october. this morning, mostly sunny and cooler. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it definitely doesn't feel cooler. bring in a sweater or scarf. day planner, sunny start then some clouds moving in late this afternoon. temperatures near mid 70s by 4:00. and we'll still be breezy this afternoon. just like yesterday. kind of a blustery day today
5:47 am
and even tomorrow. here is your doppler radar. we're not looking at showers in the area right now. clear good sweaters and blankets as you're sleeping this weekend. currently, temperatures, 63 in downtown. 64 in annapolis. 55 in orange, luray. you're at 58 degrees. dew point, 58. it doesn't feel as humid outside. clear skies out there. winds are out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. winds aren't bad this morning. they'll start to pick up once again this afternoon. continuing to usher in the drier, cooler air. here's a look at your future
5:48 am
cast. the clouds move in. maybe a chance for a sprinkle, some light showers. generally out through the east toward the bay and delmarva late tonight. but then tomorrow, i think we'll stay cloudy conditions for the most part. light showers, light rain possible tomorrow. i don't think it will really impact the little league games too badly. they should still be able to play but bring an umbrella just in case and a sweater to keep you warm. temperatures mid 70s today. pretty nice. 75 in culpepper. 70 in martinsburg and 75 for andrews air force base. we should be around 74 for this time of year. enjoy the warmth today but saturday, mostly cloudy. chance for some passing showers. temperature only 60 degrees is our high. here is your seven-day outlook. again, sunday, very chilly. 60 degrees with a passing shower possible. gradually warm back up into the 70s with lots of sunshine. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. good morning, everybody. we've got the green light because it is still looking
5:49 am
good out there. no problems to report. in fact, let's take a look at the beltway and zoom into the west side of town. if you're one of those travelers out of leesburg on route 15, 267 the toll road, no problems to report all the way inbound. in fact, let's take a look at route 123 in tysons corner, international drive. normally very busy. early in the morning it is looking great. we'll go back out to the maps. we'll zoom into the southside of town. no problems on 395. 95 out of fredericksburg into springfield, a little bit slow out of newington into springfield. no big deal. we'll take a last live look at the wilson bridge crossing the river on the southside of town. good through oxon hill and alexandria. now, your travel times on 95, southbound, you'll be ok leaving 216 to the beltway. no problems on the beltway. metro, vre and marc, everything is running on time. we'll take a look at maryland roads at 6:00. back to you guys. >> making news now at 5:49, rescuers have found a man alive nearly a week after his car
5:50 am
plunged 200 feet off a cliff in southern california. the 67-year-old man's children found him while conducting their own search for the wreckage. fire officials say he survived by eating leaves and drinking water from a small stream. today is the retirement ceremony for chairman of the joint chiefs of staff at fort myer in arlington. navy admiral mike mullen has served the post for four years. he's a 1968 graduate of the naval academy and previously commanded u.s.s. george washington carrier strike group. maybe fish aren't as dumb as you think. marine biologists on the california coast have video proof that fish use tools. their footage shows the fish banging a rock against a clamshell to break it open. it has only been 50 years since james goodall discovered humans were alone in using tools that, chimps do it, too. >> friday is here. that means it is time for cool schools report. every time we find something cool in a local school, i get a lift being able to share it with you. this week, the lift went to a
5:51 am
whole new level. in fact, it felt like outer space. teachers from all over the country got to experience zero gravity. hold on! it is time for liftoff! for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. you've heard newton's law of motion. have you ever felt them? like this! 30 teachers got the opportunity of a lifetime experiencing zero gravity. and their students are pumped. >> they're excited for me. they want to see me do flips and crawl across the walls. they're fired up. >> reporter: to inspire the next generation of scientists, inspire those who teach them. that's the motivation behind north group grumman foundation sponsoring weightless flight of discovery. [ applause ] >> you're truly the heart beat of this nation. you take the time-out for our young people every day and we're just very excited to be able to offer this opportunity.
5:52 am
>> this boeing 727 is exactly like the one you would fly on to go on vacation. so, how can it simulate zero gravity? well, it has something to do with a parabola. >> they'll push over and just as they start to push over, they're going to float and then as they come over the other side, you'll float for about 27 to 30 seconds. >> reporter: and so will the experiment the teachers bring on board. >> i'm going to try to put this in a small ball and see if i can move some water and move some things in the zero gravity element. >> we'll see how weightlessness affects the speed of it falling. >> reporter: then there's the fun part! whoa, now that is cool. >> teachers get 12 chances to feel weightless during the 90- minute flight. and when they get back on earth, getting back to the classroom is the first thing
5:53 am
they think about it. doesn't get much cooler than that. one moment you feel helpless and the next minute, it is an adrenaline rush. everything is awesome. >> i want them to be excited about science and see that it is cool and they really should consider science as a career. if you have a cool school, e-mail me at coolschools at maybe we'll be featuring your school next year. that was an absolute blast! you're up there and for 28 or 30 seconds, you're completely weightless then you hear over the loudspeaker, feet down because as soon as you get past that parabola, you come crashing to the floor. >> a nine minute retreat for the morning news team. don't you think that would be great? i would like that. yeah! >> let's all do it. >> there are a bunch of new driving laws taking effect this weekend. that story is coming up. >> we'll take a look at some of the new movies you'll see in
5:54 am
theatres as well. before we head to break? >> when you want to buy a house, you tend to call a real estate agent. what you might not realize, the profession can be very dangerous. coming up at 6:07, we'll tell you just how dangerous it is. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning, everyone. 5:56 on your friday morning. here is a look at your future cast. cooler spot this morning compared to yesterday. we're looking at temperatures near 70 by 10:30 this morning. slight chance for showers out in the mountains to the west of us. around d.c., may see some clouds moving in. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s. for the weekend, get out your sweaters, make sure the heaters and furnaces are working. here's mike. >> good advice. michael jackson's former bodyguard delivered perhaps the most damaging testimony yet against dr. conrad murray. murray is on trial for manslaughter in the pop star's death. bodyguard alberto alvarez testified that murray asked him to put vials of medicine into a bag. prosecutors tried to show dr. murray delayed getting help and wanted to conceal evidence that he had given jackson the
5:58 am
powerful anesthetic propofol. murray's defense says jackson himself administered the fatal dose. the state of washington's historic lincoln theatre is still up in the air at this point. the theatre says it cannot stay open without serious financial support from the city. the theatre -- ford says it needs about half a million dollars to cover operating costs and they've already appealed the d.c. mayor vincent gray to provide the funding from the city's surplus tax revenue. >> now, it is time to look at some of the new movies in theatres this weekend. anna farris stars in what's your number. her character reads a magazine article that implies she'll be alone for the rest of her life so she begins a wild search for her best ex. she had lots of them, too. the movie is rated one star -- the movie is started r. and maybe one star. who knows. the stars of dream house, daniel craig and rachel weiss got married in real life. the suspense thriller is about
5:59 am
a familiar i who unknowingly moves into a new england home where grizzly murders are committed only to find themselves the killer's next target. >> seth rogan stars in 50/50. how two friends hand alcancer diagnosis with a good dose of humor. and courage us so a film that was made by a baptist church in georgia. it follows the lives of four police officers who are more comfortable with their duties and uniform than they are at tackling the challenges of fatherhood. a tragedy inspired the officers to work harder on becoming the best dads they can be. that's courageous. sounds like a family film. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. guess what! it is friday. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. >> all in unison! >> what a great day it is. i'm andrea roane. anny hong is here with our weather first and a change of seasons. >> one more nice day. a little


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