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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and we should be shower-free in the immediate d.c. metro area for today. but yes, changes this weekend. so, time to get out the fall clothes and it looks like we'll see probably some changes by saturday and sunday. day planner is looking at lots of sunshine to start off your morning. we've got some clouds moving in this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures topping in the mid to upper 70s today. will be breezy once again. doppler radar, we've got basically clear skies this morning. fog not a big concern. we've got a cold front though moving through today in the mid- atlantic which will leave behind some much cooler air tomorrow. currently, 62 in downtown. gaithersburg, good morning to you at 57 degrees. martinsburg, 62. hagerstown cool at 59 degrees. not as humid today. highs for the afternoon, mid- 70s around downtown. 75 in annapolis. tappahannock, you might get to 80 degrees. manassas, you're warming up to 76. here is a look at the next
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three days. enjoy today's warmth because tomorrow, mostly cloudy. chilly, 60 degrees. a couple of passing showers, sprinkles possible tomorrow. sunday, partly sunny. chilly once again. temperatures again only in the lower 60s. it is going to be chilly, monika. how are the roads looking? >> the roads are looking pretty good. thank you, anny. good morning, everybody. i'm still starting off with the green light because on this friday morning, everything is looking fine. if you're headed out the door right now, here's what it looks like on the beltway. let's zoom in first to the northside of town. no problems to report as you travel on the beltway past new hampshire avenue. it is just that bit of volume but no problems in toward silver spring, 270 and the american legion bridge. back out to the maps, this time, we'll zoom into 95 and the bw parkway. looking good through baltimore to the beltway. a live look at route 50 east of the bay bridge. we're looking good here as well across the bridge span in toward the beltway and on to route 50 through cheverly. travel times now, we'll start off with 95 coming in from 216.
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295 north to the 11th street bridge, 7 minutes. beltway, 10 minutes right now. a look into the district at 6:12. mike, back to you. we're learning more now about how an american born islamic anwar al-awlaki was killed. a statement released from yemen easy al-awlaki was killed along with his companions. the american bosh cleric was killed during an air strike. the 40-year-old was born in new mexico and has been implicated in the u.s. army based killings in fort hood, texas and a 2009 attempted airline bombing in detroit. now, the united states put al- awlaki on a kill or capture list back in 2007. the united states has not confirmed his death so far and note, yemen has reported the death of terrorists before and they later turned out to be alive. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more as soon as we get it. >> at 6:02, a look at some of
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the other stories happening today. the federal investigation into the reporting of the satirical newspaper, the onion resumes this morning. the paper falsely reported that members of congress had taken a group of school children hostage in exchange for $12 trillion in cash. we have a heads up to drivers about a big change coming to the beltway in virginia. these are live pictures right now from sky 9 starting today, the left exit on the inner loop of the beltway to i-66 west is going to close for good. now, that is exit 49c. the ramp is being shut down because of the new hot lanes. drivers wanted to take 66 west will have to use 49a. that is the right one. 49c closed. use 49a. and if you text and drive in maryland, consider this your warning. >> starting tomorrow, if you're caught reading or sending a text message while behind the wheel, you could be get pulled over by police. surae chinn joins us from route 29 and 495 in silver spring with more.
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good morning, surae. >> good morning, andrea. good morning, mike. listen up, everyone. maryland is really cracking down on texting while driving and they mean business. no more holding your phone and doing anything with this, texting other otherwise. it really closes this loophole. no gray areas. no walking a fine line here. before, the language in the law said you couldn't text and you couldn't send messages. now, it is very specific, adding that you cannot send. you cannot receive and you cannot read these messages and of course, you can't text while driving. this means at all times. whether you are driving or at a stoplight. but if you do, it will cost you! the fines reach about $70 and one point on your driver's license and if police determine that texting caused an accident, that fine jumps $110 and 3 points on your record.
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>> really? when you get right down to it, texting and driving is just stupid. it is begging to be in a crash. and you know, maryland has tightened up that law. beginning tomorrow, if police see you playing with your cell phone, texting, sending, reading, whatever, they can pull you over and ticket you on the spot. >> reporter: ok, so not only are there stiffer fines but stiffer penalties because this now becomes a primary offense. police officers no longer have to find a secondary or another traffic violation to stop you and say and fine you for texting. now, if they see you, they'll give you that fine. also, you can be criminally responsible. if you get into an accident and it results in a death, it can be a criminal offense now. before it was a misdemeanor but now they can hold you criminally responsible. so, take that as a warning. this new law takes effect at midnight tonight. back to you.
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thank you for that heads up, surae. this morning, a family is on pins and needles as they anxiously wait for answers surrounding the death of their son. patrick casey died tuesday after lying in a coma for two days. casey was at a mcdonald's in northwest d.c. when three men started a fight with them. one of the men punched him knocking him unconscious. on thursday, d.c. police showed surveillance video to some of the witnesses hoping it will lead to an arrest. >> pat's friends said that these guys, you could just tell by the look in their eyes, that they were out looking for trouble. videotape existed at the time of the incident, it seems like it has taken awhile for it to get to that point. >> casey did a tour of duty in afghanistan before coming to washington to work on his graduate degree at george washington. a new york state native, the oldest child and beloved brother of two younger siblings. as if he had almost vanished into thin air, alexandria police are hoping
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new photos will help them find missing community activist lennie harris. harris disappeared last wednesday night just hours later, police say whomever was in this van tried to use his credit card at an atm in prince george's county. they say the van is a white dodge caravan with no front tags and multiple people inside. now, police say they're trying to find out who this man is and they say he was trying to use harris' credit card around 1:00 a.m. last thursday. carmen della rosa's attorney say the 50-year-old was legally insane when she threw her granddaughter from a skywalk in tysons corner. several medical doctors and psychologists took the stand yesterday. some had seen her. one of four after suicide attempts. doctors all testified they had diagnosed della rosa with major depression disorder and
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prescribed several antidepressants. none said she was psychotic or has use nateing. they believe he was motivated by anger at her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. the fate of the lincoln theatre, the washington's historic site is still uncertain. >> the theatre says it can't stay open without financial support from the city and when we say support, we're talking about half a million dollars. the theatre board says it doesn't have the funds to pay for the operating costs. they've already appealed to the mayor. mayor vincent gray to help with funding from the city's tax revenue surplus. september is realtor safety month. you probably didn't realize this but showing houses can come with some pretty extreme personal safety risks. joining us now to talk about this troubling trend is john highhouse of mris. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> a realtor goes to show a house or maybe it is a vacant house and comes upon trouble. can find burglaries, can even face a rape. what is going on here?
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>> well, experts really say this is the worst it has been in about 25 years, jessica. economic conditions have a lot to do with it. but the realtors who are coming upon a lot of surprise. vacant property inspections, they're finding squatters. the situations where they arrange for house showings which are set up for a robbery, for instance. they're finding themselves literally on the other end of a gun and need to really, really use their survival and their business instincts combined together. >> some shocking statistics. 30% of attacks are happening to male real estate agents? >> considering that most real estate agents are female, that statistic is even higher. just shows that really crime isn't really gender specific. it is opportunity specific and the challenge with real estate is a vacant property presents a fertile environment for something bad to occur in some cases. >> let's look at some of the means that real estate agents are taking to protect themselves. they're actually carrying weapons. tell us about what you found.
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>> realtor safety month, they're finding mace is a common deal to carry in their purse. even males in their pocket. very high percentage surprisingly also have pistol permits and they carry guns. so, in terms of physical protection, those are main things. but more common sense things are really what's advisable. >> let's talk about the common sense things. what are some things that real estate agents can do to keep themselves safe? >> good thing about real estate agents and i love them for this professionally, they have really, really great instinks. they have a good radar. it is a god-given skill. they need to listen to that. if something is too good to be true, it probably is. if something feels fishy, it probably is, too. the number one tool is to follow your instincts and don't put it in the back of your head and say i'm imagining things. to really act on it. prevent sieve a big deal. another thing we're finding is a buddy system.
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we've got a tool with a company called moby which is a phone- based tool where you can kind of like four square where you can check into a property and your buddy sees that you're there and if they don't hear from you in 20 minutes or half an hour, it gives off an alert. the tool allows you to send an alert if you suspect something is wrong. >> great technology. john, thanks so much for coming in and opening our eyes to this. mike and andrea? >> thank you, jessica. later in sports, a preview of sunday's redskins slm rams game. >> plus highlights from last night's d.c. united game in philly. anny hong is up first with your weekend first.
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good morning. time is 6:14 on your friday. bring out the sunglasses for the morning commute. lots of sunshine to kick off the day. we have some clouds moving in this afternoon. temperatures in the lower 60s under mostly clear conditions. but by this afternoon, temperatures warming up into the mid and upper 70s. one more day of warmth before a big cooldown this weekend. i've got your seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. first, here's a look at your traffic with monika. >> thank you, anny. we'll take a live look from sky 9 down on 66 bunching up on route 50 headed for the beltway. in my next report, we'll take a look from sky 9 at the hot lane construction closing the ramp from the beltway to 66 coming
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up next. and right now, we'll toss it to mike. >> taste of d.c. isn't until next weekend but the organizers are giving back one day in advance with a one-day charity bomb. i'm joined by martin from the taste of d.c. he's been here before. how much money can this thing raise in one day? >> we're hoping a lot. today, our goal is to get $100,000 for our four local charities. d.c. central kitchen, american red cross, bread for the city, all great organizations involved in the hospitality industry and our one military charity. hoping we can do $100,000 today and more from today through the event. >> how do people contribute? where do they do that? >> go on line to the taste of they can purchase tickets for our event and 50% of everything they buy today goes right to charity. >> it is trying to raise the money today but then again, the event as you brought us a poster is coming up -- >> october 8-10th next weekend
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on pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets. tell us about the taste of d.c. a lot of restaurants involved. you can buy lower priced tickets up to a better experience. >> we've got restaurants. we've got a beer pavilion, and a wine pavilion. our headlining groupon experience which is an 8,000 person concert venue. we have big and rich on saturday night. styx on sunday night. ed on sunday also and rusted root on monday. >> oh, fantastic. the web site for today for the quick $100,000. >> the taste of >> we'll link that to andrea, anny, over to you. thank you very much, mike. anny and i, look for us at fall for fairfax. you'll be there about when? >> about noon and 2:00 before coming in for the weekend shift. >> it will be warmer when you see anny but definitely wear a jacket or something, right? >> this weekend, get out the fall clothes because we're look
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at big changes temperaturewise coming this way. but today, still looking really nice. one more day warrants more sunshine. here's your bus stop forecast as the kids are getting ready. put a sweater or jacket on them this morning. it does feel a lot cooler outside. the humidity has dropped quite a bit. mostly sunny. temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start off your day. here is a look at the day planner for the rest of today. we start out sunny. bring the sunglasses for the morning commute. clouds are moving in by the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures mid-70s also it will be blustery this afternoon. here's a look at your doppler radar where we're look at clear skies this morning. the d.c. metro area. out to the west, we got this band of showers. but because the air is drier now, we don't think much can be produced as far as the moisture is concerned in the immediate d.c. metro area. western maryland, you may get a little sprinkle. otherwise, dry commutes this morning and this evening. for the morning commute, you need your sunglasses.
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breezy this afternoon. and still warm. but much colder for saturday and sunday. right now, it is 62 in downtown. 59 in la plata. tappahannock, 63. fredericksburg near 60. 59 near hagerstown. right now, reagan national, 62, the dew point 57. that's why it doesn't feel as sticky out there. and we're looking at mostly clear skies to start off your friday morning. here's a look at your future cast. so, we'll look at the clouds to increase this afternoon. the showers really maybe start to produce showers out to the east of d.c. i'm talking late tonight, more like overnight. and again, this is light stuff. now, saturday we're looking at mostly cloudy conditions. a couple of showers, maybe some sprinkles are possible. and it kind of looks scary for saturday morning. we're expecting fairly light activity as of now. and i think for little league games, should be ok tomorrow. just make sure you bring out an umbrella just in case and a
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sweater. temperatures today, mid-70s in downtown. 75 for fredericksburg. 69 in winchester. mid-60s for cumberland. gaithersburg around 75 degrees. we should be in the 74 degrees for this time of year. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. the cooldown this weekend, 64 tomorrow with a passing shower or some sprinkles. sunday, 60 as well. warming up through next week. here's monika with your traffic. >> thank you so much, anny. we'll start off with a live look of sky 9. here's what it looks like inbound on 66 at route 50. lots of delays right now heading toward vienna and the beltway. now, we'll take a look at a map and tell you what's going to happen later in the day. if you plan on traveling on the inner loop and you're used to exiting on to 66 from the northbound side of the beltway using the left exit to get on to 66, that later in the day will be closed. stick to the right side, use 49a and you'll be able to access 66 in both directions. i hope that explains that for
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you. let's take a look at 395 on the northbound side. no problems here at washington boulevard. headed up to the 14th street bridge. and with a live look at the wilson bridge. south of town, we're looking good through alexandria and oxon hill. more in my next report coming up at 6:18. back to you, mike. well, before we take a break, here is another look at the question of the morning. >> what do you think is the number one trait we inherit from our parents? is it a, stubbornness. b, temper. or c, a sense of well-being. >> she thinks it is c but it is a. that's what she says. >> it is friday. log on to and leave your response and i still can't figure it out. >> the politically correct one is c. >> ok. we'll be right back. [ speaking french ]
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were you crying?
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6:24 on your friday morning. grab the sunglasses for the morning commute. lots of sunshine to kick off your day. we'll see clouds rolling. here's a look at your day planner. clouds rolling in this afternoon. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s for today. and also it will be breezy so keep that in mind. the humidity does continue to drop. >> announcer: it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town! good morning, everybody. you know, for all of the praise and support the redskins got for beating the giants and the cardinals starting 2-0, watch how quickly the bandwagon clears out if they post back- to-back losses against the cowboys and rams. the 0-3 rams. the ones who have been allowing 426 yards and 32 points per game this year. both dead last in the nfc. they do have a talented quarterback that, guy, sam bradford. on the whole, the rams have been a mess this year. a team the redskins must beat if they want to be taken
6:25 am
seriously. you don't want to fight someone who has nothing to lose. they're going to come out swinging but the great thing about that is so are we. >> they're a good team. they're an nfl team. they're off to a little bit of a slow start but if we don't show up and play, they'll definitely beat us. >> high honors for 'skins linebacker ryan kerrigan. 13 tackles, two sacks, a force fumble and a pick six all in the first three games. d.c. united up in philly, six games left needing to make a run to make the playoffs. this is michael far fan for philly. deposits the boot. union beats united. d.c. now sixth in the east. finally, it is a p.r. event that did not go according to the script. these ladies are doing a demo for a shoe insole supposed to be so supportive you can put them in high heels. no, i guess you can't. the insoles are called jacks and that's fitting because she
6:26 am
got jacked up. >> don't mean to laugh but i suppose we did that. quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great friday. >> i'm monika samtani in the traffic center. here is a look live at the beltway. delays on the outer loop from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. no problems on 95 or the bw parkway. in my next report, we'll have more on maryland roads coming up next. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ screaming ]
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm andrea roane. >> happy friday. 6:30. look at the capitol! beautiful this morning. 62 degrees. we'll have a nice day today. things are a changin'. thanks for joining us. happy friday. i'm mike hydeck. anny hong is out on the weather terrace. no jacket but it will get cool soon. >> i wish i had a little scarf at least because you definitely feel with the drier air, the lower humidity, it is a cooler start this morning compared to the last several mornings. here is a look at your day planner for today. temperatures warming up to low to mid-70s by noon. got clouds moving in this afternoon. right now, we've got partly cloudy skies. temperature 62 degrees. now, take a look at doppler radar. we aren't looking at rain -- west through maryland, maybe a little sprinkle. for the most part, we'll stay
6:31 am
dry this morning. and a nice, sunny start to the day. highs for today. mid-70s. enjoy the warmth. 75 in culpepper. tappahannock, you may get to 80. pax river near 80 degrees. annapolis, mid-70s. enjoy the warmth today. here's why. look at saturday. 60 degrees. mostly cloudy, chilly. some showers and sprinkles possible. sunday, not warming up either. after that, we've got more details on the seven-day forecast a little bit later. first, here's monika with your traffic. >> anny, i just changed to yellow because we have one incident and some slow traffic now headed outdoors. we'll go over to the beltway. this time, let's zoom in first to route 50 where i just got word of the accident on the westbound side at route 197. be aware of that especially if you're heading in toward bowie. let's go back out to the maps. this time, we're going to zoom into the other side of town on 270. no problems as you head southbound right now out of gaithersburg down toward falls road into the point where the
6:32 am
lanes divide across the american legion bridge, you should be ok as well this morning. if you're planning to use public transportation, metro and marc are running on time. vre, minor delays. ten minutes on train 302. in my next report, we'll take a look at 66 and the hot lane construction at 6:46. thanks, monika. starting tomorrow, you can get pulled over or slapped with a ticket for texting while driving. if you're in maryland. >> new laws go into effect giving police officers license to cite drivers for reading or sending texts while behind the wheel. surae chinn joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. good morning to both of you. i've got my hands, both hands on the wheel this morning. but really aren't we all very distracted these days while on the road? we're changing stations, dealing with the radio and wanting to hear what we want to listen to. oh, and it is getting colder by the way. we're turning up the heat and then don't forget we're
6:33 am
fiddling with the gps. i feel like that state farm commercial. so, we're doing everything except actually driving the car and being good defensive drivers so the last thing we want to do is make a call or text on your phone. but that's exactly what we're all concerned about. every other driver on the road. police officers are concerned. motor vehicle administration and aaa, they're all really concerned about this problem. and so lawmakers have really fought hard for this law and it now goes into effect starting october 1st, tomorrow. tonight at midnight. so, they're closing this loophole. no gray areas. no fine lines here. before the law said you couldn't read your texts or send messages. now, they've really been specific on this law, adding you can't read those text messages or receive them. this applies to all of the time. while you're driving and at a stoplight. it now becomes a primary offense. no longer does an officer have to find some other traffic violations to get caught.
6:34 am
so, the distracted driving accidents have really been startling too, in maryland in 2008. some of the latest data here. more than 23,000 accidents because of distracted drivers. 35 of which were killed. more than 11,000 injuries because of distracted driving. that's coming from the motor vehicle administration and you can see that in "the washington examiner" but really, focusing on texting and driving and just dealing with everything that distracts you while you're on the phone. back to you. >> thank you, surae. >> terrorism experts describe rezwan ferdaus highly educated and determined. the massachusetts man indicted thursday for allegedly plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol and the pentagon. the 26-year-old grew up in an affluent suburban boston neighborhood where his anti- american leadings may have emerged as early as high school. classmates say they remember he refused to face the american flag during the pledge of
6:35 am
allegiance and is later suspected of burning a flag at the school. thinks he's al-qaeda. wanted to train in afghanistan. >> federal agents safir dos bought a small aircraft like this one and planned to buy others filling them with explosives and using a remote control to fly them into the capitol and the pentagon. he never had sole control of explosive material or weapons, the fbi had been closely monitoring him since last year. 17 years ago, newt beginning rfp created the contract with america to help republicans win the house. he unveiled a revised campaign for the white house yesterday. the former republican congressman and house speaker announced his 21st century contract with america in iowa. the new contract calls for a balanced budget and smaller, more effective federal governments. gingrich hopes it will help him stand out from the other
6:36 am
candidates. >> solutions, the positive approach we're taking is actually beginning to work. >> gingrich's 10-point plan calls for repealing the healthcare reform law and giving taxpayers the option of a flat at tax. a new poll puts him in fourth place behind romney and perry. "the washington post" reports today, the service is expected to announce it lost up to $10 billion this fiscal year and some have suggested a number of things to get back in the black like laying off thousands of workers and eliminating saturday service. joining us now to talk about these proposals is cliff, president of the american postal workers union. thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> glad to be here. >> you told congress that some of these proposals are outrageous, illegal and despicable. explain that statement because it is a big statement. >> well, the postal problems are created by the fact that the postal service puts into the federal government $13 billion a year and they have
6:37 am
overfunded many of the accounts they put the money into and an additional $5.5 billion has been required to be put into the federal government by the congress in 2006. and in this same law, they would not allow the post office to raise its rates. so, if they're already running your rates below inflation and you have to pay an additional $5.5 billion, of course, you're going to go down $5.5 billion a year. the reason i say it is despicable, their answer is to not allow them to use the postal funds but their answer is to lay off people. some of the requirements are oh, if you've hit age 55 and you're eligible to retire, you must retire whether you're underwater in your house, whether you can afford to retire. oh, you're old. you're gone. get out of here. that's despicable. now, a lot of those things are also illegal because it breaks our contract with the postal service. so, yes, i think the things they're proposing, some of the
6:38 am
things they're proposing are deplorable. >> now, 120,000 layoffs is one of the proposals, eliminating saturday service. you've been rallying the workers to let folks though what's been going on. how has that been going? >> we had over 500 rallies this last week. and an average of 100 people. some 60. some with 1500 people. we were trying to emphasize if you lay off 120,000 people in the postal service, 25,000 of those will be veterans. we have about 160,000 veterans in the postal service. when you close a post office or a plant, everyone is gone. the veterans may be the last to go but they go, too. >> you told me something that surprised me because we hear about postal budget problems all the time. the postal service is bringing in $65 billion a year. that's a shocking figure. >> it is an astounding amount of money when you consider what 44 cents apiece or down to 20 something cents apiece. there is a lot of revenue. there are a lot of people who would like to break up the post
6:39 am
office and take the profitable parts. i say profitable just for one reason. the post office itself cannot run a profit. it has to be run on revenue -- revenue neutral. but a company who can come in and say strip out the big city where they could make money and make a lot of noun pay the workers less, that would be their solution. in a lot of cases but then who would deliver in the nonprofit? that's where the taxpayers come in. if they do what they're trying to do, it would break the post office up. you could not have universal service without the federal government taking over the delivery in the rural areas which then would be paid for by tax dollars. >> cliff, thanks for coming in and explaining this complicated budget situation. >> andrea and mike? >> our time right now is 6:39. anny hong is up next with your weather first and monika is checking the roads. >> we'll also have some of the responses and the correct answer to the question of the morning. stay with us.
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welcome back. it is 6:44. hope you're enjoying the morning because we are, too. glad you're with us. one last sunny day says anny. >> not forever. >> just for the next -- in the next few. >> not the last forever. >> we're not whining, are we? >> i'm excited about it being fall. >> i like the changes definitely in the season. we're looking at another warm, sunny day. couple of clouds moving in this afternoon. most of us should be dry for this friday. we've got big changes for the weekend. here is a look at your bus stop forecast as you kidding are getting ready for school. it is friday. time to get out of bed and get moving here. mostly sunny this morning. cooler and the humidity yes, it has dropping, 50s and 60s. i would bring out a jacket for the kids because it does feel cooler. i wish i had a scarf when i was on the terrace this morning. here's a look at your day
6:45 am
planner. so, sunny start but some is clouds moving in this afternoon. it will be breezy once again and temperatures reaching into the mid and upper 70s by around 4:00. and then temperatures at 8:00, 67. still breezy. and we're looking at partly cloudy conditions. here is your doppler radar. around the d.c. metro area, we're not looking at showers and rain right now. but we are looking at some activity out to the far west. a lot of it is dying down. so, i think maybe the mountains might get a sprinkle today and speaking of mountains, they may get some snow this weekend. the really high elevations. dry commute for this morning and this evening. need your sunglasses especially for the morning. breezy this afternoon and still warm but much colder for the weekend saturday and sunday. currently, temperatures in college park, 55 degrees. bowie, good morning to you at 60 degrees. fairfax, 57. sterling also 57. leesburg, you're in the mid-50s on this friday morning. at reagan national, 62 degrees. the dew point is 57. yep, it is definitely not as
6:46 am
muggy out there. we've got mostly clear skies to start off the morning. the future cast showing us those clouds moving in this afternoon. maybe some late showers overnight tonight. generally maybe including the district out toward the east toward the bay and delmarva. only a chance. a 20% to 30% chance. saturday though looking mostly cloudy. a couple of showers are possible. some sprinkles. this kind of looks scary for tomorrow but again, we're expecting very light amounts so flooding not a concern for tomorrow. again, we're talking light amounts i think for most of the little league games tomorrow. should be fine. even the terps may be chilly but not a total washout. highs today mid-70s around downtown. 75 in annapolis. 74 for orange. luray in the lower 70s. cumberland warming up to 65 degrees. we'll be around average for this time of year. here is your seven-day outlook. so, windy today. mid-70s. saturday, boy, look at that. 60 degrees.
6:47 am
also come and say hi to us. a lot of us will be at fall for fairfax. mostly cloudy light shower sprinkle possible. sunday, i put a drop there. mainly north of town. i think for most people. it should be a pretty nice day as far as the sun is concerned but still chilly. 60 degrees. 40s, overnight lows, some suburbs to the upper 30s this weekend. more sunshine for monday, tuesday, next week and warming back up to near average by tuesday, in the 70s. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. i want to start off by letting everybody know about the hot lane construction. later on today, if you're one of those that uses the inner loop, northbound 495, you see the yellow cars, the left exit to westbound 66. that is now going to be closed. stick to 49a which will take you to the right side and on to either direction of 66. just keep that in mind later in the day for your travel plans. right now, 66 is incident-free.
6:48 am
heavy out of manassas and centreville and out of route 50 approaching the beltway. just fyi. westbound route 50 here in maryland, an accident at 197. no lane information yet. we'll take you to a live picture. good news here is there are no delays all the way up toward king street. just a little congested up at the 14th street bridge here. we'll wind a live look at the wilson bridge. no problems across the bridge span leaving alexandria and oxon hill. coming up, a look at the big problems at 6:58. andrea and mike? >> before we take a break, time to get the answer to this morning's question, right? >> the question was what is the number one trait we inherit from our parents? it was... it may be true, the correct answer is a, stubbornness, the number one trait you get from your parents. >> not me.
6:49 am
>> it is funny, too, because if you admit it and you're stubborn, i got it from you, they'll be like not me. i don't know what you're talking about! we'll be right back.
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time is 6:52 on your friday morning. bring out the sunglasses. it will be a sunny commute as you're heading to work or to school this morning. temperatures warming up into the mid-70s by 3:00 this afternoon. we've got some clouds rolling in. will you also notice the air not as humid today. it will also be breezy this afternoon. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. we're out to the west. we've got a cold front coming through this area. a couple of showers far out to the west. we don't think the showers will really be impacting our region today. but it looks like tomorrow we could see some clouds and maybe some passing showers.
6:53 am
here's mike and andrea. >> just shy of 6:53. here is a look at the news before you go. new jersey governor chris christie continues to dodge questions about whether he'll run for the g.o.p. presidential nomination. some republican insiders tell cbs news now there is a 50/50 chance the first term governor will jump into the presidential race. the white house says there are no plans to recall u.s. ambassador from syria following an attack there. supporters of syrian president assad pelted robert ford's convoy with rocks, tomatoes and eggs as he arrived for a meeting thursday. ford and his staff were not injured but several armored embassy vehicles were badly damaged. my money and i need it now but bank of america is planning to start charging you $5 monthly fee for using your debit card to make purchases. the fee will be rolled out starting early next year. other banks including wells fargo and chase are also testing the idea in select markets. bank of america says it won't charge customers for only using the cards at its atms.
6:54 am
cash. >> "the early show" begins in just six minutes. >> erica hill standing by. >> just ahead on "the early show," breaking news this morning. this man, an american and a key recruiter for al-qaeda has been killed. bobber will join us for the very latest on anwar al-awlaki and why he's been a top target. plus all eyes on amanda knox. a verdict could come in a matter of days. that verdict could potentially set her free. we'll check in this morning with her attorney and her mother on their hopes for her release. when your spouse doesn't give you the answers you want, is it ok to spy? ooh, that's a loaded question. we'll throw it out to our he said, she said panel all ahead on "the early show." have a great day, guys. >> it is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. if you've got pain?
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. did you know that october is vegetarian awareness month? >> i had no idea. we're finding that out from tiffany who is looking beautiful and smiling here. our friends at the counter restaurant. they dropped off, look at this. they dropped off these tasty vegetarian burgers. they smell delicious because tomorrow, they're giving away mini veggie burgers with a purchase of a regular burger on the first vegetarian awareness day of the month. >> today is also hug a vegetarian day. >> are you a vegetarian? >> you are now!
6:59 am
>> you can go to farragut square between 4:00 and 6:00 and there will be a bunch of students doing what there? hugging vegetarians. >> there you go. >> ok. weather time now. >> all right. here's a look at your forecast. get outside today. a bit windy. we'll see clouds. we should be dry. we'll start out sunny at least. this weekend, chilly. 60s. traffic. >> we'll take a live look from sky 9 on 66 inbound side. it is very heavy and slow out of manassas. don't forget that exit lane from the inner loop to the left exit ramp of 66 will be closed. >> as for wall street, we're looking lower. last day of the third quarter. >> think green! >> "the early show" is next with more on the american born cleric killed today. >> and you and anny will be back -- >> at 7:25. stay with us. >> have a great weekend! >> see you back here monday at 4:25. >> see you at fall far fairfax. >>


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