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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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long weekend for some. we do have some clouds around today. not going to be as warm as yesterday. tomorrow, we've got some rains moving in. we'll have on and off showers, not just tomorrow but again thursday into friday morning and then the weekend looks good. here's go with a look at today's day planner. upper 60s to around 70 at noon. by 5:00, there could be a shower developing. temperature still upper 60s to around 70. highs today only around 69 to 74 with a northeast wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. lots of clouds coming in from the south. moisture across the carolinas. right now moving more toward tennessee, kentucky. see if any of the rain could sneak up toward us a little bit ahead of schedule. models are just models. remember that. 48 in york. 52 in winchester and frederick. 62 at andrews air force base. bill in newland checking in
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with 60. also from bowie this morning, and in leesburg and visibility, if you're north up toward 70 or western maryland or in martinsburg, you've got issues here with visibilities down a quarter mile with the fog there and not so bad in frederick but even up in northern frederick county, perhaps thurmont and westminster, watch out for the fog as well. monika samtani, we're now in the 5:00 hour. how is traffic? >> not too bad for a tuesday morning. we're looking good. we're going to show what you it looks like on the beltway. you see all of the yellow cars up here. the overnight construction being picked up, causing a little bit of slow traffic through the silver spring area. no big deals there. let's zoom into 270 from frederick all the way down to the point where is the lanes divide. let's take a live look at the spur, democracy boulevard heading for tysons corner across the american legion bridge, you'll be ok as well. on the outer loop going back over to the maps, this time, let's zoom into southern maryland. no problems to report as you come in from route 5, route 4,
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route 301 all the way to the beltway through oxon hill down to the wilson bridge. let's take a live look at branch avenue. northbound over toward 95, college park is pretty much looks like this. if you're going to commute by trains and you're heading out the door, they're all checking out ok. we'll go into virginia at 5:09. thank you, monika. dozens of people are waking up in unfamiliar surroundings this morning. an apartment fire forced them out of their homes last night. >> which is adding to growing frustration of residents there. surae chinn is live in langley park, maryland with more on why this is the case. good morning, surae. >> good morning to both of you. this is what it looks like the morning after the fire that destroyed 11 units. you can see some of the boarded out places and the front door as the windows there, it is a little bit dark but still, it is burned out, 11 units here at the bedford station apartment at 14th avenue and university
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boulevard. 50 people are now without a home. everyone got out safely. fast moving fire tore through a third story apartment. by the time firefighters arrived, the fire was well advanced, shooting through the roof and a big challenge for firefighters facing all of this with multiple rooms on top of this apartment, there is at least one layer that's flat and the second one is not. >> we had firefighters on the roof that had to be pulled off. it is a tenuous situation for about 20 minutes until we were able to get water on the foam. >> the red cross has been helping some of these families get to another home and we're also hearing from the fire chief that management is trying to find them a place inside, within this complex in a vacant unit. we'll see if that has worked. we haven't seen a lot of people out. we've seen security out here, too. right now, we don't know exactly what situation.
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we've had a hard time getting in touch with management here. back to you. >> surae, we said earlier as we threw to you in the story that there were issues before this fire happened. what's that all about? >> well, the tenants have said they've complained long ago about roaches and bedbugs and the management company not doing much about it. the fight has been going on. so, they're saying when this happens, that the management turned their back on them when they had no place to go. we'll hear from an advocacy group talking with some of the tenants and in fact, we'll hear from them in the next half hour and see what they've come up with. mike? >> thanks, surae live in langley park, maryland. >> the government's investigation into the 2001 anthrax attack is once again coming underfire. this time, the heat is being applied by an expert on disease at lsu. letters containing anthrax killed five people including two d.c. workers at the brentwood mail facility. the fbi said a researcher at fort detrick was the likely
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culprit. that researcher, dr. bruce ivans, died of an apparent suicide before investigators could file any charges. disease expert martin hughes jones said the anthrax was manipulated in a way that was probably beyond ivan's capability involving chemicals that the fort detrick lab probably didn't even have. federal investigators stand by their earlier findings. >> a virginia man could be facing decades in prison bigamy charges. prosecutors are putting together more cases against ivan castillo. he's accused of marrying four women in the state over the last 11 years without divorcing any of them. he could get up to ten years in prison for each bigamy count. he'll be sentenced on one of the charges today and critics say this case points out that there is no active database to verify whether or not people are applying for a marriage license and they're actually eligible for one because they're not married to someone else already. >> organizers of the stop the machine protest can stay in freedom plaza.
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u.s. park police offered to extend their permit to demonstrate by four months. protestors will declared they would stay even if their permit was allowed to expire today. they started camping out at freedom plaza last thursday to protest the tenth anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. it is 5:06. time for the latest "your money" report. jessica doyle is off today but the markets, they're cruising! >> absolutely on fire. asian markets posted huge gains after a banner day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average soared 330 points to close at 11,433. that's almost a 3% jump. nasdaq and the s&p 500 posted solid gains. the strong gains came after french and german leaders promised to deal with the rure row's own debt crisis. >> people in prince william and fairfax county have had flooding damage from tropical storm lee could be getting help soon. bob mcdonnell has now asked for federal disaster aid for those
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areas. mcdonnell says the rain and flooding destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes or businesses in those two counties. >> netflix has abandoned plans to split its dvd and internet streaming services. a few weeks ago, the company said it would rename its dvd by mail service quickster while netflix would focus on internet streaming. the decision comes after customers complained they did not want to manage two accounts. netflix's shares rose after the reversal was announced. >> civilians are diving for cover as fighting escalates in moammar gadhafi's hometown. >> more than a month after hurricane irene, one of the main eye ways on the north carolina coast has reopened. >> wizards fans, you might want to start thinking about what you're going to do this winter instead of going to games at verizon center. we'll be right back.
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you might need a little jacket later today for some rain which could be developing before the day is out. but certainly by tomorrow, and later on tonight, you're going to need the rain gear for sure. here's a look at today's day planner. temperatures not so bad. mid-60s at 9:00. upper 60s to around 70 at noon. still at 5:00, still looking at 69 with a chance of a shower mainly south of town. but rain is on the way. more on that coming up. monika is in. timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge on the northbound side of 395 between the beltway and this point across the potomac river. no problems on 66 inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. coming up, we'll take a live look around virginia again at
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5:16. andrea, back to you. making news now at 9 after the hour, rebel forces in libya are closing in on the last significant number of forces still loyal to deposed leader moammar gadhafi. fighters have captured a convention center in gadhafi's hometown from loyalist forces. many civilians are trapped in the middle of this combat. opening statements scheduled for today in the trial of the huge underwear bomber. mutallab is charged with attempting to bomb a jet headed to detroit back on christmas day in 2009. he's acting as his own lawyer in the case. the road that links north carolina's main land to the outer banks has reopened. it has been more than six weeks since hurricane irene washed out parts of highway 12. crews have finished installing a temporary bridge that is 650 feet long, a permanent bridge could take another five years to complete. the rain is a comin'! it is coming today.
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howard will let us know when. he's got the seven-day forecast. >> also, more late game drama for the capitals. highlights at 5:22. >> at 5:33, we'll take a look at a prospect for getting a job during the holiday season. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. keep hair healthy.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 on this tuesday morning. it was nice while it lasted. all good things come to an end. >> we've got some rain coming. the weekend will be decent. >> ok. >> not as warm but decent. 60s for saturday. low 70s on sunday. that's looking pretty good around here. the middle of the week will turn wet around here. in fact, kind of cloudy today. our bus stop forecast this morning calling for mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. take a look at it. temperatures, they're cool but comfortable. low 50s to low 60s right now. it has become a little bit more muggy over the last couple of days. sunrise at 7:12. today, we're looking at lots of clouds. by 11:00, 68. slow rise toward 70. winds not too bad. by 3:00, 71. then as we head to 5:00 p.m.,
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69 degrees with a chance for a couple of showers especially south of washington. where the moisture continues to stream up from the north. see the rains here into north carolina getting into southern virginia now. around here, plenty of clouds. this is ground clutter in and around the metro. when you look at the dew points, you can see how the he will level moisture is returning. the green areas were dew points upper 50s to 65 at norfolk. more browner, the dew points into the 40s and low 50s. more humid air is starting to replace the nice dry air we had for the last few days. temperatures down to 53 in lovettsville and centreville at 58 along with laytonsville. you go south. low 60s down to fort belvoir. baden has dipped to 58. columbia, 60. college park at 59. rockville, you're holding at an even 60 with 63 at national. dew points, 59. humidity is up at 87%.
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it will continue to climb thanks to low pressure coming out of florida. gave florida all sorts of rain and problems yesterday. some tropical moisture coming in off the atlantic feeding into this system. some of the rain over the next day, day and a half are going to be locally heavy. especially up toward the appalachians. we're potentially some of the extra lift from that easterly component will aid in the rainfall. our future cast, plenty of clouds today. through noon, we're looking cloudy with the showers staying well south of us through the afternoon and evening hours. again, we may see a couple of showers closer to the southern suburbs here this evening. tonight, that moisture starts to move in and by tomorrow morning, light showers around here. heavier stuff toward roanoke out into west virginia. this will be feeding toward us during the afternoon on wednesday. some of the rain tomorrow could be locally on the heavy side and then just more showers here after that. mild today. 72. rain late tonight, tomorrow. 67. for thursday, 72 with a few
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more showers. by friday, early showers and 70. look at your weekend. saturday looks good at 64. sunday looks real good. sunny and 72. monday, even warmer. 77. monika is coming in, smiling. she must have something good to tell us. >> it is the green light. it is tuesday. things are looking up. no problems to report right now. good morning, everybody. here's what it looks like on the beltway. you can see that things are looking better on the northside of town where the overnight construction was cleared up and actually, the pace is improving. we'll zoom in first to virginia. 395, 66 inside the beltway to the potomac river crossings are fine. no problems on 295 across the anacostia river here. let's take a live look at 95 northbound in newington at the fairfax county parkway from fredericksburg right up the line to this point into springfield. you'll be ok early this morning. we'll take a look back at the beltway. this time, let's zoom into the west side of town. if you're one of those that travels the dulles toll road
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from reston, georgetown pike and 123 through tysons corner, no problems all along the west side of town. we're going to take a live look here at the american legion bridge coming in from bethesda across the bridge span into tysons corner and down to annandale, you'll be ok. travel times... coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at the district at 5:24. >> thank you, monika. the first part of the nba regular season canceled. we'll have an update on the lockout coming up. >> plus, one game was a blowout and the other one, wow. went to extra innings. wait until you see the finish in this one. >> here's a look at our
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clouds are thicken. by 9:00, cloudy skies. 65 degrees. we should be dry much of the day. if you've got outdoor plans, not as warm as yesterday. middle of the afternoon, still only in the low 70s. that will be about the case for the rest of the day. looks like we've got some rain moving in tonight and wednesday. andrea and mike? >> thanks, howard. in sports, the national league championship series is tied up. >> after losing game one to the brewers, the cardinals wasted no time in making game two a laugher. pujols kicked it off. then in the third, former national and he was a favorite, morgan mislaced a pujols hit allowing two more runs. st. louis downs milwaukee 12-3. >> game two of the alcs was played after getting rained out sunday. it went into the bottom of the 11th when boom!
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rangers nelson cruz walk-off grand slam. texas wins 7-3. takes two games to none lead over detroit. here's dave owens with the rest of your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. it was humiliating, i'm talking about tampa bay's four game sweep in the playoffs. it sparked a good debate as in are these caps capable of getting over the top? let's check it out. lightning back for a rematch. ov to tickle -- always good to be hanging around. brett clark on the doorstep beat tomas. three minutes to go. jason chimera. he knocks his 100 and 101st career goals. caps win 6-5. let's hear from our hero, jason chimera. >> used to play a solid game.
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it was nice. lawson came back. it was nice to get the win. >> well, bad news for the nba commissioner david stern canceling the first two weeks of the season after players and owners could not create a framework for a new collective bargaining agreement. two sides have been seeking resolution on revenue sharing and salary cap. stern saying the gap is so significant, we can't bridge it at this time. derek fisher responded saying we're not at a place where a fair deal can be reached with the nba. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm dave owens. have a great tuesday, everybody. >> thank you, dave. redskins player chris cooley hosts a special event to fight breast cancer. plus, local farmers say you may not want to -- >> may not find what you want if you wait too long to boy your halloween pumpkins. i'll get it right. monika, over to you. >> i've bought mine. new york avenue at bladensburg road as you come in from
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cheverly through northeast to gallaudet university, no problems on the anacostia freeway as well. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look into maryland at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. it is tuesday morning. thanks for being with us. >> terrific tuesday. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani with traffic. >> i'm ok with that positive spin. >> it is my friday. >> howard has your weather first. >> don't gloat don't gloat! i'm happy for you but don't gloat. yes, i am. we have a decent day. not as great as yesterday.
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we'll get some rain this week. the weekend, we'll put a positive spin on it. the rains will be done. there you have it. here's a look at today's day planner with plenty of clouds. maybe even a shower developing here south of town by later this afternoon. temperatures will struggle to get toward the low 70s. 69 at noon. high today right about 72 or so. you'll see the moisture, the green, the yellow. this is rain. some of this moderate across the carolinas lifting northward. looks like this is going to go more southwest than north. get a little anxious, we could get some of the stuff in here this afternoon. if the trends continue. we're at 63. 52 frederick. 61 in cambridge. in the mountains, 50 in cumberland. visibilities down to one quarter mile. giving it the green light once again and that's because all around town, things are looking pretty good. good morning, everybody. here's what it looks like on the beltway. we're going to zoom in. if you're planning to head on
5:30 am
the northside of town, i've been telling you they were a little late in clearing the construction on the northside of town in silver spring. you have the yellow vehicles. everything is cleared. everything is open. live look at 270, no problems in clarksburg heading down toward rockville. you'll be ok if you're heading to the america legion bridge. a look again at the beltway. this time, let's zoom into the other side of town. we're looking good route four, route five, route 301, everything heading up toward the beltway is fine. we'll take a live look at the bw parkway and we're looking good here as we head in toward cheverly. and quick look at your trains. no problems to report on metro, vre or marc. we'll go into virginia 5:39. >> at former marine accused of firing shots at military buildings is scheduled to plead guilty in an unrelated case. >> jonathan malaku has been jailed on larceny charges.
5:31 am
he's accused in a series of vehicle break-ins however he faces federal charges of shooting at military-related targets in northern virginia including the pentagon and the marine corps museum. he was arrested in june when police spotted him in arlington cemetery in the middle of the night. organizers of the stop the machine protest can stay in freedom plaza. u.s. park police offered to extend their permit to demonstrate by four months. protestors had declared they would stay put even if the permit were allowed to expire yesterday. they started camping out at freedom plaza last thursday to protest on the tenth anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. >> this morning, 50 people are out of their homes after an apartment fire in langley park, maryland. they were already having problems with complex management before last night's fire. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at the scene with more on the details on that part of the story. good morning, surae. >> good morning, mike. first, i want to tell you this fire was huge. we're talking about three
5:32 am
buildings together destroyed. three that are attached. there is one, two, and three and you can see them boarded up. it is a little bit hard in the dark but i just talked with security here on site. they say there are, in fact, 36 units destroyed, not 11. so, the question is where did all of these people go to who were forced out of their homes. we know the red cross was helping out. we know that management has placed them in vacant apartments within the complex. well, dozens of people who ran out of their apartments as the fire raced through but there was a lot of confusion after the fact and some of the tenants here said that they were told by management that they were on their own to try to find another place to live and that's when the advocacy group stepped in to help. >> the management company told the police to get us out of this apartment -- out of this property. why? because they don't want us to talk to the tenants who were
5:33 am
affected by this and tenants are very upset. they don't know what to do. where are they going to go? >> we don't have anyplace to go tonight. [ speaking spanish ] we need a place to stay. >> reporter: you know, of course, when you have a situation like this, you have high emotions, you don't know where to go. you've lost everything. but talking with security, management has been working very hard. they just, in fact, left a couple of hours ago to help these folks get placed into other apartments that were vacant. they're getting ready to rent those out but they have been given to some of the tenants who are forced out of their homes from last night's fire that started around 7:00. we don't know the cause yet but right now, that is the situation here in terms of where the tenants have gone to. back to you, mike. >> fortunately, no one was injured in that. >> today, a bill will be introduced before the montgomery county council which
5:34 am
could require a new big box store in the county to enter into partnerships with three or more civic organizations. the stores would have to contribute to community programs and contribute some money to provide affordable housing for their employees. if approved, the bill would apply to any store occupying at least 75,000 square feet. >> we're less than three weeks away from halloween. with the holiday after that, pumpkins will be in high demand but you may want to get yours early. >> here at this farm, we had a total of 38 for the month of september. alone. and that's bad for pumpkins. pumpkins only require about 12 inches of rain during the entire growing season. >> carl brady grows produce in mitchellville, maryland. all of that rain so late in the season caused fungal problems and other diseases in pumpkins. he says some varieties he grows are a total loss while he was able to salvage about 75% of
5:35 am
certain hybrid breeds of pumpkins. time for another "your money" report this morning. jessica doyle is off today. u.s. jobs figures rose in september, just enough to temper fears about a new recession. now, the national retail federation is forecasting a hiring boom in the next couple of months. derek mcginty has more on how retailers could have quite a few jobs to fill for the upcoming holiday season. >> business has picked up at christie finney's gift shop. >> i expect things are going to continue to improve and i do expect that this christmas will be better than last year's. >> finney will add four temporary workers over the holiday rush when her clientele triples. >> have more people in the store. people who need help out on the floor. i want to make sure the customer service is what they expect. and they get the attention that they deserve. >> the retail industry has outperformed others adding jobs at a time when many sectors are struggling. holiday sales are expected to rise about 3% this year and
5:36 am
retailers plan to hire up to 500,000 seasonal workers. that's roughly the same amount as last year, even though the economy still faces tough headwinds. >> unemployment, consumer confidence, the stock market, the housing market, the debt crisis, all of those factors are continuing to swirl as the holiday season unfolds and that's going to dampen spending. >> the nrf says stores will use strong sale promotions and keep inventory levels low in the face of this consumer uncertainty. macy's plans to hire 78,000 temporary workers, a 4% increase over last year. kohl's says its holiday hire should top 40%, that's up 5%. toys "r" us plans to hire at least 40,000 extra employees just like previous years and best buy will add just 18,000 workers. that's a 38% drop from last year's hires. holiday sales, keep in mind, are important not just for hiring but for the overall economy. >> our industry supports 42
5:37 am
million american jobs. we send trillions of dollars into the economy throughout the year and $466 billion of that just in november and december. >> christine finney is hopeful. >> i think personally, my store, we've turned the corner. i feel optimistic it will continue to improve. >> derek mcginty, 9news now. >> the national retail federation says brick and mortar and online sales will grow 2.8% compared to last year. >> do you remember the miracle that happened one year ago today? the world watched and cheered as 33 chilean miners were pulled out alive more than two months after being trapped in a tunnel collapse. later this morning, two of the miners will be at the chilean embassy here in northwest washington to tell their story and then the museum of natural history will host programs on the crisis and rescue starting at 4:30 p.m. thatel toes on the heels of the -- that follows on the heels of the disaster in west virginia where they lost all of those
5:38 am
men. it was touching to see these 33 men walk out of there alive. >> the capsule that saved them is here in d.c. you can see it in the museum. so, how would you like to text or even play a video game during your morning commute? coming up, a new high tech car that doesn't even need your brain when it comes to driving safely. >> wow, is that distracted or what? >> one u.s. city celebrates its lazy reputation with is a sedentary parade. we'll be right back.
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5:40 on this tuesday morning. very comfortable out here on the weather terrace in northwest washington d.c. with our temps in the low 60s and light winds. looking ahead toward today, not nearly as warm as yesterday when we managed to make it to 83. today, we'll be lucky to get to 73. noontime temp at 69.
5:41 am
there could be a couple of showers south of town but a better chance at rain tonight and wednesday. more on that in about four minutes. right now, monika is in with timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. we'll take a live look here at pennsylvania avenue across the sousa bridge. if you're coming in from suitland across the district line into southeast, you'll be fine. same story on branch avenue this morning. we'll take a look at virginia roads coming up at about 5:45. back to you, andrea. >> thank you, monika. >> british researchers think they're closer to letting the cars take charge from drivers. engineers at oxford university are adding a robotic brain to vehicle in addition to standard gps so the vehicle learns more about its surroundings. the engineers say their event goal is to allow the vehicle to make and execute decisions if the driver is otherwise occupied. >> otherwise occupied? yeah, not these people. there are some mixed messages coming out of lexington, kentucky. it is all over a "men's health"
5:42 am
magazine article that names the city as the most sedentary city in the country. so, hundreds of people said hey, we'll take that and run with it. have a sedentary parade. feature people on floats sitting on their coaches. however, others participated in some fit activities like zumba and aerobics and kick boxing but the couches sort of seem to the take the center stage. >> easy way to walk a parade, right? >> today, first lady michelle obama will try to become a world record holder. that story is coming up. >> plus a salvage company says direct ship it discovered a mile and a half below the sea is full of treasures.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now.
5:46 am
howard bernstein is here with your weather first. >> good morning. we're looking ok today. not as good as yesterday because it will be cooler unless you like it cooler. rain moves in for late tonight -- overnight i should say into tomorrow and then again thursday, friday, a couple of showers. and good news though, it will all be gone by the weekend. our day planner, bus stop forecast, and the day planner, one of these days i'll actually remember what we're doing here. >> coffee? >> i'm not a coffee drinker. >> i know. >> dark chocolate, maybe that will help. mostly cloudy and cool. temps running from the low 50s to low 60s. it is fairly isolated. sunrise not until 7:12. now, the day planner. 65 degrees with cloudy skies. noon, 69. winds will be northeasterly. late this afternoon, still around 70 with a chance for a shower especially south of washington as we've got moisture coming in from the carolinas northward. we've got the clouds. some yesterday.
5:47 am
this morning, the clouds are thicker and the rain is now making it into southern virginia. so, if this trend continues, it doesn't get eaten up by high pressure, this stuff could be in here in the afternoon. right now, it will hold off until after dark. 63 in washington. low 50s at hagerstown, cumberland, winchester is 54. 61 in fredericksburg. pax river looking at one of the warm spots. 63. some fog reported leonardtown, cumberland. petersburg and martinsburg, watch out for some of the fog. cloudy skies at reagan national. dew point 59 giving us the relative humidity at 87%. while we're watching some showers out on the northwest moving into the rockies, few showers here in the upper mississippi valley, our weather is coming from the south. mississippi valley storm will give us a chance for something later thursday, friday. but for tonight, tomorrow, this storm system bringing all of this rain to the southeast. through tropical moisture being pulled in off the atlantic. some of this rain tomorrow
5:48 am
could be on the locally heavy side and you're seeing the moisture moving toward virginia and southwestern virginia. our future cast, i think this is underdoing the moisture a little bit. i think it will be more toward richmond by noon. it is trying to keep it all south and west of us for the afternoon. the evening hours. tonight is when it starts to bring the rain in here by tomorrow morning and during the day on wednesday. showers, rumbles of thunder later on in the afternoon and evening before we see some clearing by thursday morning. for another piece of energy brings us some showers later thursday into friday. so, today, 72. cloudy skies. can't rule out a shower or two in the afternoon, especially south. rain pretty good bet tomorrow. 67, maybe some thunder mixed in a few spots. for thursday, a few more showers which may go into friday morning. thursday, 72. we start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. saturday, sunny. sunday, delightful. 72. 'skins are home. should be perfect weather for
5:49 am
that. monday, 77 with a little bit of clouds here and there. monika? >> need to get through the next couple of days then we're good to go. >> green light and we're good to go on the roads as well. here's the beltway if you're planning to head around town, no big problems, little bit of slow traffic on the west side here. zooming into 66. it will take you about 5 minutes from route 234 in manassas through the car rest area and then the pace does improvement let's take a live look inside the beltway on 66 here at leesburg pike. no problems as you head for the roosevelt bridge. back over to the map. this time, they'll zoom in on i-95 on the northbound side. initially, your delays are the prince william parkway up toward the occoquan river. up ahead at route 644, about 23 miles per hour trying to get through there because of a disabled vehicle in the right lane. we'll take a live look on 395 at edsall road. still looking good up toward the 14th street bridge. travel times, outer loop of the
5:50 am
beltway, 95 to 270, 295. 66 in from 7100. 12 minutes right now. in my next report, a look into maryland. back to you, mike and andrea? >> president obama's $447 billion jobs plan is facing its first critical test today. the senate will hold a procedural vote on it. >> but the plan which would provide billions in infrastructure spending is already facing stiff opposition from lawmakers. susan mcginnis has more. >> what do you want? >> more jobs. >> when do you want it? >> now. >> protestors stood along a couple belling bridge in downtown los angeles demanding congress pass president obama's jobs plan. >> my dad is unemployed. my brother is unemployed. my sister's unemployed. >> reporter: demonstrating into the night, they called on lawmakers to put americans back to work, rebuilding the nation's roads and bridges. >> people are losing their homes and we need jobs. >> today, the senate holds a vote, a key early test to decide whether to move the bill
5:51 am
forward. democrats need 60 votes to beat a republican filibuster. >> this is not a time to squabble. it is a time to get together and pass a jobs bill. >> but some democrats say they won't vote for the measure because of a proposed tax increase on millionaires. republicans are against any tax increases and what they call job-killing spending measures. this bill is the same wasteful spinding, the same burdensome union giveaways and the same temporary tax policies that has failed the american people in the last two years. if the republicans in congress think they have a better plan for creating jobs right now, they should prove it. >> later this morning, the president heads to pittsburgh to urge americans to keep the pressure on lawmakers. he'll visit a union training center before meeting with his jobs council. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. making news now at 5:51, tonight the republicans are hoping to unseat president obama next november will be debating in new hampshire. the forum is at dartmouth
5:52 am
college. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has a comfortable lead in the new hampshire polls. 38% of the registered voters. >> first lady michelle obama will try to set a world record as part of her let's move campaign. this is video of the first lady hosting soccer players at the white house. today, she'll lead hundreds of local children to try to set a new mark for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24- hour period. an american salvage company has released video it says shows the wreckage of a british ship full of silver. it sank after being torpedoed by a german submarine in world war i. it is believed to be at least $19 million of worth of silver is on board. salvage operations are expected to start in the spring. as the redskins get back to work after their bye week, players turned out to support a teammate's charity. chris cooley held his third annual cooley's rally for the cure held at clyde's willow
5:53 am
creek farm. attend es paid $65 for their food and drink and a chance to bid on items. it was in honor of cooley's mother, a breast cancer survivor. i couldn't be more pleased with the way this community has turned out and supported me, not just the community but my teammates, my family, everyone that cares about me has been so supportive and it makes it so much more fun. more important. for me to be a part of this. >> no word yet on just how much money they raised but chris cooley is emotional over the turnout. to learn more about how you can help in the fight for breast cancer, log on to and click on the buddy check page. >> protestors in freedom plaza reach a deal with the national parks service to stay put for a long time. wait until you hear how long coming up. >> plus today's hero central report looks at a mobile
5:54 am
medical unit bringing healthcare to one of the neediest parts of the district. we'll be back. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. 5:56 on this tuesday morning. we're, look at clouds today. a couple of breaks this morning
5:57 am
north of town where there is a little bit of fog. clouds definitely win out today. cloudy. 65 degrees. by noontime, clouds, 69 in town. a few spots into the low 70s. this afternoon, still plenty of clouds and low 70s. late this afternoon, south of town. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw showers or light rain developing. highs today in the low 70s. andrea and mike, over to you. thank you, howard. residents in southeast washington are able to get healthcare that are foyer children by visiting a mobile van. >> each tuesday, children's national medical center sees patients in ward eight. in this hero central report, j.c. hayward met some of the patients and the doctors, too. >> this mobile medical unit has offered physicals and checkups, dental care and the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses for almost 20 years. southeast residents like michelle say they can't imagine being without the van.
5:58 am
>> my middle daughter, she had asthma real bad. i came to the mobile. they prescribed medicine for her. she's doing great. the van visits 11 site weekly.the staff provides care and and refer for children with special needs. but most importantly, families without insurance are not turned away. there weren't other dentist in the neighborhood, our vans would go. we provide a health home for our families. >> this state-of-the-art medical unit is providing high quality services to approximately 1500 youngsters each year. and it is also giving them a brighter future. >> when you leave here today, you make your dental appointment, ok? we're seeing the services we
5:59 am
provide are uniquely -- they're great for our families because we're making sure the family, as a whole, is getting the best benefit of healthcare. >> once the children's mobile pulled up, it was on. i love them. they greeted us. they're wonderful. my kids, healthcare is up to date. they're all just fine. i have my grandson going on the mobile. what more could you ask for? >> i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> the foundation has donated $5,000 to the mobile health van. doctors say the money will come in handy to help maintain it with the cost. for more information on this story and more, go to j.c. you're watching 9news now. we're glad for that. it is tuesday. good morning, smo. >> you're almost on vacation, mike. >> so close. >> we're very glad you're here. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here


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